Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e09 Episode Script


1 Pathetic.
Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic! I can't even stand to look at you anymore! This is the height of stupidity, Emiya Shirou! You'll become a hero of justice? I was right, but nothing more? Given what you now know, why can't you see that you're wrong? Justice is a representation of order.
Saving all and saving the individual are two different things.
They are mutually exclusive! The more you strive for proper salvation, the more you'll be consumed by your own contradiction.
You'll end up a simple killer for hire! If you're unable to see that, then die.
Be smashed to pieces, along with your ideals.
Burn out before you're able to achieve anything! Yes, if that happened, a mistake like me would vanish like mist.
I'll wipe out any trace that you ever existed! They're beginning to think on one wavelength.
If this keeps up, Shirou is certain to catch up to him.
However You little Why am I even bothering to fight him fairly? If I took a few steps back, this would all be over.
But something tells me that if I took a step back, it would mean my defeat in another, crucial aspect! No, this is all but over.
He's already dead on his feet.
This is the final How could I be so foolish? How many times will this appear to be the final blow? He won't stop.
He won't reach his limit.
He's long since gone past it.
The reason is that the thing he's attempting to slay stopped being me long ago.
I know it I know that haggard look all too well! His spirit can't be broken.
I know all too well the man who was never defeated, who never gave up.
I know too well how ugly justice looks as it struggles for an ideal shared by no one: to save everyone! That if one could be saved, perhaps he may be capable of saving all who suffer.
I know that sinful manner of living too well! What Shirou is trying to slay is the self that stands in his way.
To remain true to what he's believed in, what he will continue believing in.
What Archer is trying to kill is the self that gave rise to him.
To wipe out the mistakes he is doomed to repeat in the future.
Once, I had a dream.
Both were correct.
Both of them were correct.
However, the outcome was not what I wished for.
Even if nothing but regrets remained, if I was able to achieve many of my ideals in the process, then That figure, knowing he cannot win, knowing it is meaningless, yet remaining defiant all the same That is the very mistake I made.
So why? No, the end will be the same.
You'll lose all hope, just as I have! How ironic.
Your mana gave out before your spirit did? That is the only weapon left to you.
In any event, Emiya Shirou's battle ends here! Yeah, you're right My wish is a fake.
But I sensed a beauty in it.
I understand that putting others before myself is hypocritical.
But even so Even so, I admired it, thinking, "If I could live like that, how great would that be?" Even if my life is a sham, the wish for others to be happy must be beautiful.
I won't lose it.
Even if it's foolish, I won't turn back.
I know my dream isn't Even if I'm a fraud, I know my dream isn't wrong! Die! It's not It's not My dream is not wrong! I'll become one for you.
Just leave your dream to me.
That's a cruel thing.
I'm being made to look into an old mirror.
There really was such a man once, wasn't there? I've won, Archer.
Yes, and I've lost.
Shirou! Archer! Shirou, are you okay? Archer, how did you get hurt like that? I'm sentimental to the core.
If she'd just been a bit more callous, I never would have reverted to my old self.
In any case, the matter's been settled.
Now that I've accepted you, the hero Emiya can no longer stay here.
The defeated should take their leave at once.
Hey Archer! That was most entertaining.
A truly pointless fight between two fakes.
It can't be! You're What has it been, Saber? Ten years? Then you comprehend it now? Such is the genuine article's heft.
No matter how you imitate the shape or power, it is still nothing but an imitation.
The sight of fakes crafted by fakes offends me.
Shams that are naught but copies should be swiftly disposed of like the trash they are.
It's up to you to defeat him.
Archer! I'm surprised he had it in him to save another Why, you Who gave you permission to lay a hand on my Archer? I had intended to start with that walking dead man, but I see the order has changed, woman.
Rin, stand back.
What are you doing here, Archer? Is it not obvious? After the previous war's end, I remained in this world instead of disappearing.
That's impossible.
I am the only Servant who bathed in the Grail.
I took physical form in this era ten years ago.
Yes, I have you to thank, Saber.
I know its true nature better than anyone.
As its innards poured out upon me, I saw what lay within it.
In that instant, I made a decision: that none but I would wield it.
Wield the Grail? You? But of course.
The ritual to summon the Grail is a twisted joke.
A life-or-death struggle among seven Masters? A ritual wherein only the last Master standing wins the Grail? That is but a pretext.
The Grail has been here the whole time.
Each time, once the Grail is prepared, they summon seven Servants.
Do you see, King of Knights? What they require is not the Grail, but its contents.
Those mages did, indeed, create the Grail.
But they were unable to provide what is meant to fill it.
And so, they summoned the contents, deceiving the Servants, as well as their Masters, who were blind to the truth.
I see that you understand, Tohsaka wench.
You are correct.
Mana of the highest purity, with which to fill the Grail.
What they sought for its contents were humanity's mightiest souls.
Its guardians, one might say! That's not That's not possible! The more sacrifices, the better.
If the souls of six Servants were fed into it, it would be nigh omnipotent.
To the mages, it would be a source of inexhaustible mana.
But then Then only a Master can wield the Grail.
If, as you say, the Grail is a repository of pure mana, only a mage could use it.
But I have no interest in such things.
Only in the Grail's ability to act as a hole.
The Grail is a hole? Think back ten years, Saber.
When I was but a step away from claiming the Grail, I was stopped by you.
The Grail was cut in two by a holy sword.
No way Saber, you destroyed the Grail? What spilled forth became a great flame that burned the city.
I was directly beneath it, so naturally, my body was doused in the torrent.
In that moment, I learned the Grail's true nature.
It is truly rubbish.
Rubbish, but it has its uses.
Of my many weapons, I have none so perfectly tailored to killing.
A weapon? You say that the Grail, something brought into being by Servants, is a weapon, Archer? By our nature, we ourselves are weapons.
The Grail merely takes that nature to its logical end.
The Holy Grail is a gateway to Hell.
When opened, billions of curses will pour out.
Did Kotomine not tell you? That it was a Grail that had already been corrupted? A chalice of greed that you humans let fall to Earth? That it is one of humanity's great evils, tailored to cursing and killing humans? Then, what you are after is humanity's Yes, the eradication of all humans in this era.
This world is enjoyable, but also beyond redemption.
A plenitude of mongrels enjoying life is an affront to the king.
Wh-What do you mean, an affront to the king? If you eradicate humanity, what's the point of being king? If they die out, so be it.
If they vanish as a consequence of their own sin, surely their lives have no value.
It is not mongrels that I desire.
It is those who survive amidst that Hell who will be worthy of my rule.
In that respect, those who died last time were failures.
If a little fire like that suffices to kill them, the humans of this time are far too frail.
I do not know what those who created the Grail intended, but it is a convenient tool.
A death sentence that will fall equally on all humans.
A fathomless darkness, created by man, that kills only man.
A hound worthy of entrusting with a task I ought to do myself.
So let us pick up where we left off ten years ago.
Back then, a filthy mongrel interrupted us, but now, there is no such mongrel present.
Admittedly, an even more inferior fake is in our presence.
It's up to you to defeat him.
Why did he say that? Well, no matter.
I have slain my true target.
I shall call it a day.
Anyway, I'm getting soot all over me.
This means your lives are worth less to me than soot.
You have no time to waste, though.
I shall produce the Grail right away, and open a hole leading to Hell.
Saber, if you wish to recover it, act swiftly.
This time, the Grail is a hasty affair, riddled with defects.
Be quick about it, or its contents will drain out completely.
Crap Everyone keeps getting in my way! You! You are injured.
I see that you have taken an active role, Shinji.
Whose fault do you think that is? I got stabbed by Lancer because you're such a useless dumbass! So that is why that girl was still alive.
What of Kotomine? Dead and gone! Tohsaka slipped through my fingers because you and that priest are both worthless scum! I see.
That is a pity.
You bet your ass it is! Didn't you say that we couldn't get the Grail without Tohsaka? Calm yourself.
I can produce the Grail.
Produce it how? The priest said that, even if you have the Grail, you need a vessel.
He said it wouldn't work unless you had someone for a sacrifice! That is not an issue.
We have another Master right here who can serve as an anchor, correct? You desire the Grail, don't you? Then I shall give it to you.
When something is important, never let it out of your grasp.
How unsightly Still, ugly things tend to be all the more delicious.
What matters is that someone like you will belch forth fine mud indeed.
Right, Shinji? It hurts It hurts.
It hurts It's spreading It's spreading! Help me Help me! I'm going to avenge Archer.
You're going to create a connection between you and me, to share mana? You have shown me the way.
This is my most important fight, so I have to commit my most important possession, right? Next Time Winter Days, A Long Way Home