Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e11 Episode Script


1 It's a bit late to ask, but how are you feeling? I'm fine.
Honestly, it's almost more than I can handle.
Like this, I think I could pull off ten, or even twenty, projections.
I'm just glad it worked.
Okay, now's our chance.
Let's go.
Shirou and I will sneak into Ryuudou Temple from the rear, then give you the signal, Saber.
When you see it, storm the temple through the front entrance, and keep his attention on you.
While you're doing that, we'll find Shinji and the Holy Grail, and shut it down.
Once that's done, all that'll be left is for you to destroy the Grail.
Look, about that Shirou, there is something I must tell you first.
Saber? I shall only be able to employ my holy sword once.
She doesn't have enough mana.
The instant she uses her sword, she'll vanish from this world.
What? Why? Isn't that obvious? I'm supplying mana to two people.
Hang on You expect Saber to keep him busy with her trump card locked away? Shirou This is my decision.
There's no other choice.
This is the only way to be sure.
Saber is my Servant.
Do you think I'd let her sacrifice herself for no reason? What the hell is that? #23 Incarnation The mana is taking physical form.
The air It feels just like it did ten years ago.
Which means that that is the Holy Grail.
The vessel must have been too small.
What's inside is starting to break the vessel and leak out.
Break the vessel? By which I mean breaking Shinji.
He ought to be somewhere in there, linked to it as its core.
Could that be him up there? I see something that looks like a person at the top.
This time, it seems the Holy Grail is using a human body to power itself.
But if this continues, the vessel will be shattered because it's incompatible.
If that happens, there won't be a Holy Grail anymore.
There'll just be that strange muck, oozing out of the hole opened by the Grail.
Then we have to pull Shinji out of there fast! Wait! You're just walking up to it unprepared? That muck is curses incarnated! We can't know if we don't try! We have to hurry! Saber's already fighting that guy.
We don't have time for indecision.
What a surprise this is.
To think I should look upon your misshapen faces a third time, mongrels.
Gilgamesh! No way! If you're here, who is Saber fighting?! I have been waiting.
I am glad that you arrived in time, Saber.
Assassin? Impossible.
With Caster gone, you should not still be here! I am a unique case, you see.
I am a false Servant, summoned here, with this location as my anchor.
As a result, I am a gatekeeper that may only appear at this main gate.
Of course, with that vixen gone, I shan't survive the night.
That I have managed to last this long is naught but good fortune.
It appears that both you and Saber have been forsaken by fate.
Were you unaware that a Servant who has yet to vanish is still at the main gate? Assassin No way He's still here? Now, then Simply killing you would be dull.
So I shall grant you a brief reprieve.
A reprieve? I would feel sorry for Shinji if none but I were there at the end.
Bearing witness to how this ends will give even your lives meaning.
Then you're really planning to commit genocide against the human race? To dare question me so, you must be willing to die This world has become far too kind to humans.
And therein lies your answer, little girl.
This era, in which the rabble have bred to excess, is far too cruel.
What? In the past, in my world, none were extraneous.
Even if one were a slave, one had purpose.
No matter whom one was, one's life had significance.
But what of this era's world? There are more people than there are purpose and significance.
Surely you, yourselves, also believe that you have allowed your numbers to grow too great.
So I propose to personally cull the herd of mongrels.
The culling ten years ago took fewer than five hundred.
But this time, disaster will rain down upon the entire world.
After their numbers have been thinned, one can but guess how many will remain.
Is that not exciting? Only a sicko like you would get his kicks from that! I was a fool to expect a straight answer.
I'll put an end to your Holy Grail right now! Tohsaka? I'll pull Shinji out.
Whatever else he is, he's still Sakura's brother.
Besides, isn't it your credo to save anyone if it's possible to save them? You mean to walk through those curses? Do you think a lowly human could walk through that? Don't underestimate me.
I can handle curses like these as if they were nothing.
Stubborn resolve in the face of death? How very charming.
However, who gave you permission to leave my presence? Tohsaka! See to Shinji! On it! Keep your hands off Tohsaka! I'm the one you're going to fight! This was to be a bit of sport before I welcomed Saber, but it's proven most tedious.
You filthy sham, learn firsthand the difference between counterfeits and the real thing! Stand aside, Assassin.
Surely guarding this gate no longer has any meaning.
Meaning, you say? My fighting has never had any meaning.
For I have neither the pride of a Heroic Spirit nor any wish to be granted.
After all, I am not even Sasaki Kojirou.
You need not be so astonished.
At some point, a man named Sasaki Kojirou likely existed.
There was also likely a warrior who wielded a nodachi named Monohoshizao.
However, those two are not the same individual.
Sasaki Kojirou is a fictional entity who never existed, a tall tale to supply a renowned swordsman with a nemesis.
A fictional Heroic Spirit Indeed.
Sasaki Kojirou is a mantle.
I was merely the swordsman deemed most suitable to wearing it.
I have no name.
I am only a ghost, able to perform techniques records attribute to Sasaki Kojirou.
That is the sole reason for my summoning.
As you see, there was never any meaning to it.
I am empty, so all things are meaningless for me.
However If one thing could be said to give my existence meaning, it would be this moment.
That is, if a man who went to his death in obscurity had such a thing as a wish.
Assassin Come on This is just too gross! Crap.
Learn your place, mongrel.
After all this trouble, you will spoil the festivities.
Oh, it's finally happening.
Do you know what that is? Those are wishes being drawn up by the Holy Grail.
The true nature of you mongrels.
The malevolence of humanity.
To be able to grant any and all wishes That is, to transcend the limitations of life, resulting in the production of some transformation.
Why is a wish not granted? That is because humans are inherently limited.
Equality, peace, happiness They are all the same.
You, who are prisoners of your flesh, will never be satisfied.
That is why you humans constructed that Holy Grail.
Not to be released from all suffering, but rather to conquer all suffering.
But this is that ideal's end result.
No desire to change the world is more powerful than human malevolence.
But because it is fueled by malevolence, it uses self-annihilation as its means.
That is your true nature.
And a wish-granter perfectly adapted to this age.
It will be vastly different in scope than ten years ago.
The curses will stream forth without end.
Now, what will you do, boy? Good.
That is what will provide me some sport.
Shinji Come on, time to get out of this awful place.
What, this misshapen shell doesn't want to let you go? I shouldn't be surprised that yanking out its heart angered it.
Down we go, Shinji.
The title of "king" is so constrictive.
The instant I take a mongrel like you seriously, that is defeat in my eyes.
And so Rejoice.
I shall not go all-out against you.
Trace on! Trace on! What's the matter? Your quality seems to be slipping.
Is your tongue the only thing of substance about you, faker? It's up to you to defeat him.
That bastard How am I supposed to do that? With my sword skills, I can't get past his Noble Phantasm.
There's only one thing I can do.
My only hope is to neutralize the Noble Phantasms he fires by firing back the exact same items.
So Trace I'll copy them all.
Every last one! on! Possession experience, assimilation complete! Production, complete All projections, stand by! Oh, you're producing several this time.
I see, you have duplicated all of my Noble Phantasms in your field of view.
Then let us score your efforts.
Of course, no matter how faithful the reproductions, I shan't allow a single one to remain.
Release freeze All projections, successive fire! Quite durable, for glasswork.
But if you don't copy faster, you'll be cut to pieces.
Trace on! What an utterly foolish notion Knowing that you cannot defeat me, dismantling the Holy Grail is the correct decision.
But if that is your thinking, simply killing that man would be better.
If you wish to stop the Holy Grail, the most effective way is to eliminate Shinji.
To try to save him nonetheless is hypocrisy.
An act which sums up you mongrels perfectly.
What? It's lost its core, and now desires me as its replacement? Tohsaka What the hell is that? I can't get a read on it.
I can't get a read on that weapon's construction at all! Exterminate it, Ea.
I thought I was going easy on you But at this rate, sparing Archer would have afforded me more amusement, boy.
That shockwave just now Our positions Assassin, are you If I disengage from this man, he will use it.
His sword technique Is it wise to pull your blows? In this position, I could send you flying.
Is that why you deliberately entered my range? I have come to force an end to our contest, of course.
When in a duel, do not let your mind wander to what comes after.
If I move out of striking range, it leaves me vulnerable to Assassin's technique.
Why do you hesitate? Just as I guard this gate, you guard something of your own.
So there is no room for doubt.
Besides, Saber You are not the only one running out of time.
I have done you a discourtesy.
As you say, we are both out of time.
Concealed Sword! Swallow Reversal! Go.
I'd thought you to be a lovely little bird, but in fact, you were some kind of lion.
And I considered myself a fair judge of women I suppose my training in that art is equally wanting.
Only the supreme ruler may wield that blade.
If a summoning is performed incorrectly, a Servant can be twisted this badly? But if I don't get there in time, make sure you do.
Let's do this, King of Heroes.
Next Time Unlimited Blade Works Do you have enough weapons stored up?