Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e12 Episode Script

Unlimited Blade Works

1 #24 Unlimited Blade Works Is that all you have? As I thought, you were a fake.
You are incapable of saving anything.
That shabby Archer said as much, did he not? That your ideals were not your own.
A man who has created nothing of his own is trying to accomplish something? Your arrogance is astonishing.
"Hero of justice"? "A world where no one is hurt"? Don't be absurd.
"Humanity" is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice.
The pretty lie that is "equality" is nonsense spouted by weaklings who cannot look upon the darkness.
Nothing but an excuse to cover up life's ugliness.
Yeah, he's exactly right.
My feelings are borrowed.
A pretense I put on, copied from someone I once saw saving another.
When it happened, I was empty inside.
Everyone was dying indiscriminately, and I couldn't save a single one.
If I hadn't resigned myself to the idea that that's how people are, I never would have survived.
That's why That's precisely why I admired his ideal.
Was that so wrong? Are these feelings fake just because they aren't my own? I mustn't achieve that ideal, just because it's fake? That's not true.
I know that's not true.
It doesn't matter if it's fake.
Or an unattainable wish.
I know that I can't save everyone.
I know that no one can be saved without sacrifice! Even knowing that it was nothing but an ideal, I only kept chasing after it even harder.
Even if I hurt one to save the many, I'll keep pursuing a happy future, where no one will be hurt.
And at the end of everything, this is where he ended up.
A man once told me, "What you believe in, what you believed in It's all hypocrisy.
" But in spite of that, the man who said those words stayed true to that same hypocrisy to the end.
Which means that I can do it.
Even if it's borrowed, even if it's fake, I don't care.
I'm okay with that.
Emiya Shirou can keep this dream going! Even if he doesn't find a single thing he was searching for! Come on That's all there was to it? I was reluctant to use it, but I imagine you felt the blast of wind from Ea.
If you have all those weapons, why would you be reluctant to use just one? Only the supreme ruler may wield that blade.
You haven't the right to so much as look upon it.
Saber Are you unharmed, Shirou? I shall take over from here.
No, you go help Tohsaka.
I can handle Gilgamesh by myself.
What are you saying, Shirou? A mage is no match for a Servant.
Yeah, but he and I are exceptions to the rules.
Trust me.
I know I can beat this guy! Good luck.
I shall keep Rin safe.
Saber I wasn't able to save you.
I think this Grail isn't what you were hoping for.
So take a good look.
To make sure that you get it right next time.
Shirou? Sorry, it's hard to explain.
I guess I was never cut out to be your Master.
So That is untrue.
You are my Master, Shirou.
I shall go fulfill my duty as a Servant.
Let us continue our discussion afterward.
Are you mad, boy? You choose to sacrifice yourself, rather than use Saber? You fool.
The act of self-sacrifice is naught but a lie.
Being unable to see that, even now, marks you as an inveterate hypocrite.
A fraud and a hypocrite, huh? It's probably because I am a fake.
But I was mistaken all along.
My sword-making doesn't actually create them.
There's only one thing that I can do.
And that's to give form to what's in my mind.
My body is made of swords! My blood is steel, my heart is glass.
I have emerged unvanquished from many battles.
Never have I been put to flight, but neither have I stood victorious.
Its bearer stands here alone, forging steel atop a hill of blades.
For that reason, my life has never needed meaning.
My body has been made of infinite swords! That's right, I don't create swords.
I create a world that contains an infinite number of swords.
That is the only magic allowed to Emiya Shirou.
A Reality Marble, eh? What of it? What can you do with this wretched mental landscape? Don't be so surprised.
Everything here is a fake.
However, there's nothing that says a fake can't rival the real thing.
If you say you're the genuine article, then I'll just surpass everything about you and take you down.
Let's do this, King of Heroes.
Do you have enough weapons stored up? You think too highly of yourself, mongrel.
What in the world is that? Can being summoned incorrectly change a Servant so drastically? Rin! Where are you, Rin? Saber? Rin! No, Saber! But Trust me, just don't.
This muck is similar to a Servant.
If you touched it, there's no telling what would happen.
I understand.
Then hurry to this side, Rin.
If you can get clear, I shall see to the rest.
Yeah Okay, I'll leave it to you.
But if I don't get there in time, do what has to be done.
I cannot, Rin! If that is the alternative, I shall rescue you now! These curses are Rin! You used a Command Seal? Of course I did.
I can't let the one person who can destroy the Grail throw her life away.
Besides, don't worry about me.
I can get out of this, no problem.
So don't worry about that.
Just ready your holy sword.
Rin Yeah, right.
That's definitely easier said than done.
I wonder if this thing would release me if I returned Shinji What's happening? That is Rin! Oh, no.
Why are this mongrel's blades giving me trouble? Don't you get it? You may be ranked the highest of all Heroic Spirits because you possess over a thousand Noble Phantasms.
But you're a king, not a warrior.
You didn't choose the path of taking a single Noble Phantasm to its ultimate limit.
You're a one-trick pony, just like me! When I'm done with you, there won't be a single bone shard left of your counterfeiting cranium! What a crappy situation I can't even tell which way to go to get out of here.
That jerk's really guzzling my mana.
This is it, I guess But I won't let it end like this.
By Command Seal, I order you Saber, destroy the Holy Grail right now! What? Impossible! Rin! Get out of there! Sorry, Saber.
You probably wouldn't obey me, so I have to force you.
And I guess I should apologize to you, too.
Sorry I couldn't save you, Shinji I refuse to listen to such pathetic whining.
Now go, Rin.
Hurry, Rin! Saber! I'm feeding you the last of my mana! So blast that Holy Grail so hard, there won't be a single piece left! Ex calibur! Wow Our pact is concluded.
Victory is yours, Rin.
Were it allowed, I should have liked to have remained to the end, to see what becomes of you two However, that is not my role.
After all, Shirou has you, Rin.
Impossible! I'm being forced back? By a fraud like you? Against any other Servant, creating a world like this wouldn't let me hold my own.
Having an infinite number of swords wouldn't let me stand up to a Servant who had mastered one! But against you, my swords are ready and waiting, so I'm always one step ahead! D-Damn you Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! To think that I must go all-out against the likes of you! Rho Aias.
I shall grant you this At this moment, you are powerful! You aren't getting away! Running out of mana is a pathetic ending.
Victory is yours.
Die with that satisfaction, faker.
What? Swallowing me accomplishes nothing Wait! A hole left by the Holy Grail? That malformed abomination! Does it not know that a fellow Servant cannot be made its core? Damn You're trying to take me with you? Fool! I haven't the least intention of dying! Stay where you are, ruffian! At least until I climb back to where you are! As if! I'll rip off my own arm, if that's what it takes! Do so if you wish, but step to the right first.
You— Archer That guy Always showing off.
Archer! Archer It's unfortunate, but that's how it is.
Give up on the Grail this time, Rin.
What's with that? This is hardly the time to be laughing! My apologies.
I couldn't help it, given your state.
I was amused that you and I cut such sorry figures.
Archer Make a pact with me again? I can't do that.
I doubt I have that right.
Besides, I no longer have a goal.
My battle ends here.
But But this means you'll No matter how much time passes, you'll never be saved.
Oh, man Rin Look after me.
As you know, I'm a bit hopeless.
Give me a shoulder to lean on.
Archer Yeah, I know.
I'll do my best.
I'll try my hardest to make sure he doesn't end up a twisted jerk like you.
I'm pretty sure he'll try to learn to like himself! So you do the same.
I have my answer.
Don't worry, Tohsaka.
I'll try my best from now on, too.
Damn, I didn't get the chance to tear him a new one.
Let's go home, Tohsaka.
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