Father and Son (2009) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Oh, no! We don't want to know yet whether it's a boy or a girl.
What about Vincent? Or Michael? - No.
- Michael Junior.
No, no! No way.
A little girl would be good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I give to you the new commandment that you love one another.
You don't have to learn it by heart.
It's a reading.
But if I don't learn the words, they start swimming while I try to read at the altar.
That you love one another.
And by this, all men shall know that you are my disciples.
If you have love for one another.
Get lmani straight to bed after her bath.
No staying up, you hear me? You on every night this week? Sorry, love.
How's Grandad? Yeah, he's all right.
City won.
Imani! Oisin.
- Luke! - No.
What about Fifi Trixibelle? If it is a boy and he turns out to be half the man you are l'll be very proud.
Lmani, come on, love.
I'll get it.
Bang! Jesus, man.
Christ, man, are you crazy? Put it away.
- What are you doing strapped? - What are you doing, taking it out? - Why's he walking round strapped? - He's carrying it for somebody.
What, do you think you're Tony Montana? You all right, Connie? Stacey, Maurice.
Half an hour television, straight to bed.
I'll make sure he does.
That's what I'm worried about.
You're responsible.
Imani, inside.
I swear, your Aunt Connie, number one MILF, you know.
She's not my mum.
You're not bringing that in here.
Look, someone asked him.
Someone asks you to hold a gun, you don't say no.
Who? Pussy.
What? Shut up, man.
What did you call me? Man, I'm freezing out here.
Not with a gun.
Let's go.
Go down the park and stash it there.
Stacey, come back.
Come here.
You know why I can't.
I wouldn't ask you, but What are you doing? I know you! You're Jacob King.
We were at school together! Come on, man.
Give him it.
Not here.
We'll get him later.
They know who you are! Think about it! Man! Get an ambulance! Sean, get an ambulance! You could have just let us in! Please God! Don't let him die.
You wanna talk to Maurice? You'd better be beautiful.
Tell me what happened.
Two shots, a small gun.
I don't know that type.
Get that out of here! Bwoi dem.
Don't leave it! - Stacey, come on.
- No, you can't! We've got to get out of here.
Look, I can't go to jail! He was gonna kill you, man.
Give it to me.
Halt! Police! Get down! Get down! Calm down! Everybody calm down! What's your name, son? Tell me your name.
Sean O'Connor.
Take it easy, Sean.
You know what these kids need? A little vaccination.
A 22 in the arse for their tenth birthday.
See how much they like it.
Tony, this a full moon? Two shootings within half an hour? Connie, can I have a word? Yeah? Your nephew, Sean.
He's in custody.
He appears to be one of the shooters.
Where's lmani? Lmani's fine.
We sent a car.
Now, obviously, you can't see him right now, cos he's a suspect.
The first shooting was outside your house.
Motorway Crew member Maurice Foley.
Sean appears to have shot a Young South in retaliation.
Victim's on life support.
Is there any possibility of a mistake? He had the gun in his hand.
All right.
Connie, is this your daughter's? Yeah? Michael.
It's Connie.
Connie? Is Sean all right? He's in custody.
He's accused of a shooting.
The victim's on life support.
I'll come straight over.
Let's see what happens.
I'll be on the first flight.
- Michael - He's my son.
He's only 15.
It's Manchester.
Michael Be careful.
I've got to go back.
The apple doesn't fall far from t'tree, though, does it? O'Connor and a man called Barrington Smith set up the Motorway Crew.
Into drugs, guns, armed robbery.
He had all the proceeds.
Flash car, a big house in Cheshire, the lot.
O'Connor gets lifted in Ireland.
He's out of the picture for three days.
The Young South shoot dead his wife up at their big house.
This is Connie's sister, yeah? Yeah.
I was at the scene when Sean came home from school.
At first, we weren't sure it was Young South.
It was a single gunshot, not the usual spray job.
But then, 48 hours later, two Young South were executed.
Wrapped up in bales of chicken wire and tortured.
We can't prove it, but O'Connor ordered that hit from prison in Ireland.
He appears to have gone straight since his release a year ago.
He's shacked up with some new bird over there.
Be nice to think that Connie could put Sean on the right path.
But that's the O'Connor way.
That is your basic O'Connor DNA.
Sean capped him.
He had to.
Sean had to shoot him.
Elijah was aiming right at us.
It was self-defence.
Sean saved our lives, yeah? He saved my life.
I love you, Elijah.
I should see Sean.
I'm his legal guardian.
Maybe after he's been charged, appeared.
You know we can't compromise the investigation.
Sean isn't in a gang.
How often have you heard that? There's no gang members living on your street.
Sean's never been on our radar.
No-one jumps from being unknown to being a killer.
It's not like that.
We'll get the full story.
Exactly what happened.
You know we will.
Jacob and Elijah King came to the hospital, hunting Sean down.
Connie, go home.
Take some leave.
Go and look after lmani.
We can talk about how all this affects your position on the squad.
Elijah King was pronounced dead ten minutes ago.
I'm sorry, Connie.
All right, everybody.
Elijah King is dead.
We've got both gangs seeking revenge.
His brother, Jacob King, is first in line to kill again.
Or be killed.
My son is in custody.
Sean O'Connor.
My name's Michael O'Connor.
Guess who's outside.
Who? Michael O'Connor.
Over from Ireland.
He can't do anything.
Sean's made a full statement, admitting the shooting, the works.
Michael won't like that.
Let's give him the news.
Sean, Elijah King passed away a little while ago.
Now, you've read and signed a statement admitting that shooting.
That means we're going to have to formally charge you with murder.
Murder? Erm can I speak to my Auntie Connie, please? You can't talk to her right now.
But your dad's here from Ireland.
You can't make me see him.
- No.
No-one's gonna make you.
- I won't see him.
No, it's fine.
That's not a problem.
When did you last see Michael? Was it before your mum was killed? Do you remember me? Remember I was in your house that day when you came home from school? Remember I looked after you? Good lad.
Sean's been charged with murder.
He's on his way to court.
It's a children's hearing with a closed court.
What about bail? We're opposing bail.
It's murder and it's a firearms offence.
You can go and see him in jail.
Jail? What are you talking about? He's 15.
Once it's firearms - An adult prison? - Don't look at us.
You lot changed the rules.
So, that's the celebrity gangster? Yeah.
Mum? I don't believe Sean shot anyone.
My boy's dead.
Because of people like you.
So, who's Stacey? Sean's girlfriend.
She was a year ahead of him at school.
They've only been going out a few weeks.
What about this Maurice? He was more Stacey's friend.
It's not your fault, Connie.
Oh, I know that.
No-one in our family had ever seen drugs or guns.
Till Lynn met you.
Your dad's been ringing.
He wants to visit Sean.
I can take him.
I can't.
I can't be seen to pull strings, do anything.
I'm not even sure I can go back to work.
Can I see his room? Why? I don't know, I just I just wanna see his room.
You've been out of jail a year.
I tried to come over.
You didn't try hard.
He won't talk to me on the phone.
How's Anna? We're having a baby.
I should take some clothes up for Sean, yeah? Yeah, I've got some clean stuff downstairs.
Do you like my outfit? Yeah.
Very sexy.
Wicked witch of the west.
Is that your costume, Michael? It is.
What's that? Oh, you gave me a heart attack! Who's that? Oh, it's only Sean.
Sean! Shooter! Shooter! Who's Daddy? Look at his costume.
Who are you? Who have you come as? What are you meant to be? Hang about.
Hold up.
Sean, right? Sean O'Connor? Welcome to the pleasure dome.
The whole place is talking about last night.
Are you Barrington? You were this high last time I saw you.
Me and Mikey, we wet your head, I can tell you.
Three days.
When we got home, I thought Lynn were going to kill me.
Into the playpen.
I don't believe you lot.
Shooting up the infirmary.
That's my hospital, you know.
I go there three days a week.
I'm on dialysis.
If you'd hurt one of my doctors They're my lifeline.
You done good, icing that Young South bastard.
Your father's son.
Mikey know? Come over for you? That's Mikey.
Mikey's cool.
He'll look after you.
Sit down.
You're at your granny's.
You got a woman? You wanna ring her? All right.
Thanks, Barrington.
He had no choice.
It was us or him.
I told the police that.
Sean saved my life.
Do you like this, do you? Boyfriend up for murder.
Of course not.
Oh, it's exciting, yeah? Sean's scored himself a big reputation.
You got yourself a player.
This gun.
What are you doing with guns? Maurice had it.
He was fooling about with it.
Sean told him to go away.
I've never seen Maurice with a gun before.
Stacey, you need to tell the truth.
That is the truth.
So, where did he get it? I don't know.
It's not hard, not round here.
You know that.
I told Sean he should call you in Ireland.
Talk to you.
You know he still talks to his mum? Kind of prays to her.
All right.
Look, I know Connie is 5-0 and you don't want to say too much in front of her, what Maurice was up to.
I swear I don't know.
Look, I know you think it, but I don't even like gang boys.
They're always talking about who's strapped, who capped who.
They want to get capped, cos it bigs them up, innit? But Sean No.
He's deep.
Who's your old man? You know Danny Cox? Big Danny.
He went back home.
Three years ago.
Him and my mum.
You all right? Yeah.
All right, Dad? Well, what do you think? He'll never recover from this shock.
I mean, what chance had he, after Lynn? But you You had no excuse.
Bloody gangs.
But to shoot each other in a hospital Your mother did her midwife training in that infirmary.
Just left home.
God forgive me, look what I brought into her life.
Even on her deathbed, "Michael, make sure Michael's good suit is pressed for the funeral.
" Jeez.
Michael's good suit? You were out robbing post offices.
You all right? Walking too far.
What'll happen to him? Depends.
Get him a good brief, withdraws his statement, pleads accidental shooting, self-defence, who knows? Knock a few years off, anyway.
If he doesn't withdraw, he'll get mandatory life.
- Life? - Yeah.
He'll do eight, nine years.
In this place? Sure, then his life's over.
Come on.
He won't have known anything else.
No way.
Come here.
Hey, mate.
Mikey the pikey.
Sean, let me talk to you.
Get him out of here.
We got a problem? It's cool.
It's cool.
Sean, calm down, son.
Come over.
We left clothes for you outside.
I can help you with this.
Sorry, Grandad.
Mikey, come on, chill.
I'm looking after him.
He's banged up with me.
The infirmary, four o'clock, the renal unit.
What? I'm on dialysis.
Four o'clock.
The screw's cool.
He wasn't having any of it.
Wouldn't even look at me.
It's hard for him.
Of course it is.
He was a child when Lynn was killed.
And you weren't there for him.
It's going to take some time for him to forgive you.
I'm not looking to be forgiven.
I can help him.
Michael you of all people know that if Sean wants to go down that road there's little you can do to stop him.
He's still my son.
Look, I've got to go.
- Lord, have mercy.
- Lord, have mercy.
- Christ, have mercy.
- Christ, have mercy.
- Lord, have mercy.
- Lord, have mercy.
- Holy Mary.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Michael.
- Pray for him.
- Saint John the Baptist.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Peter.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Paul.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Andrew.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Stephen.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Joseph.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Catherine.
- Pray for him.
- Saint Francis.
- Pray for him.
All holy men and women.
Pray for him.
I want to talk to you.
I don't have time.
I've got to go.
You were there.
You know what happened.
Is there anything you can tell me at all? I made a statement.
You want me to change my statement? No, of course not.
Look, you know that Sean's not a gang boy.
So, who did it, then, me? Are you trying to make out it was me? I never said it was you.
You want to blame other people? I'm not on the investigation.
Then leave me alone.
You don't want it to be Sean, cos it makes you look bad.
I'm asking you as Sean's aunt.
Community leader? Some leader, putting the blame on other people.
Just cos Sean isn't your Mr.
Good Example, Mr.
Bible Man.
20 minutes.
Get a cup of tea, George.
Take a pew.
Half these guys have their legs open.
Private firms, paid peanuts.
Wifey wants a little house.
Sean's a chip off the old block, eh? He's not even in a gang.
He is now.
Big time.
They all want to kill him.
I'll look after him as long as I can, but if I don't get a transplant, I'll be dead in six months.
This is what's keeping me alive.
Here they have a waiting list for transplants.
Kiddies with cancer come first.
Guy like me? I'm not even in the line-up.
But in China China? China.
It's McKidneys.
Execution to order.
I've one booked.
But I've got to get there first.
Oh, fucking hell.
No way, man.
- Mikey! - Bust you out of jail? You must be fucking kidding.
Here, not the jail.
You've seen what it's like.
Sick guy in pyjamas.
We can walk out.
Private plane, I can be in France in two hours.
- Bar - I'm not dying in a pool of piss in prison.
- There's lots of other guys.
- Not like you, Mikey.
I need someone I can trust.
I need someone cool.
Old school cool.
You're it, Mikey.
I've got five million to take with me.
Only the Builder can shift that type of money.
- Augustine? - Augustine won't entertain me, but he'll listen to you.
- I can call him.
- Call him? He's in Dublin.
He's a legitimate guy over there.
I told you nice.
Now I'll tell you not nice.
You want to open the paper, "Boy hangs himself in jail"? Easy to organise Mikey, easier than ever.
Promise, Mikey.
You don't get me on that plane, I get too sick to make it out.
Sean gets licked.
You bastard! You set this up, didn't you? You set it up.
You set Sean up to bring me back.
Not the shooting, just the gun.
Maurice was to leave the shooter at Sean's.
Quick call to Crimestoppers and I'd have him in with me.
I do, anyway, now.
I have him back in the cell with me.
We were kids together, me and you.
I want a new life too, Mikey.
Sun, pool Chicks.
Why not? You're swanning about Ireland, making babies.
There's a set of wheels in the car park.
Green BMW.
Cash in the glove compartment.
Walking-around money.
You don't fool me, Mikey.
You're still a bad man.
Gobshite of the highest order.
A Michael O'Connor called earlier.
And one of the servants took fright and went and buried his talent in the ground.
Oh? What was that? Parable of the talents.
Michael O'Connor.
Am I still going to Manchester this week? Tomorrow.
Mother of all gobshites.
Is this the guy O'Connor was buying guns from in Ireland? Augustine Conlon.
I live in one of his apartments.
It's what you get for being a yuppie.
Augustine blew up half of Manchester, and then made a fortune building it up again.
He was a big wheel in the IRA, and then the peace process.
That's when him and O'Connor got involved.
People offloading weapons.
Any word from Ireland about Michael? Not yet, no.
Barrington? Are you all right? Barrington, are you okay? Barrington! Help! Someone's sick in here! Help! Here.
You forgot these.
I don't care what they say.
Elijah was a good boy.
We'll miss your brother.
I'm going to lick every one of them.
The O'Connors and the Motorway Crew.
Yeah? Hello? Sean? All right? Sean.
I'll find you a way out of this.
You've got to withdraw that statement.
You've never even been to Mum's grave.
We're looking for Jacob King, wanted for the murder of Maurice Foley.
Get Augustine to do a dry run.
A million.
I love you.
That's all that matters.
It's always a wonder A new life.
- I can't take this call.
- Connie, please.
What about Lynn? I love you.
Are you sure you want to play this straight? I want my boy safe.