Father and Son (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Give it to me.
Your nephew, Sean, he's in custody.
He appears to be one of the shooters.
- I'll get the first flight.
- Michael.
- He's my son.
- Into the playpen.
- Be careful.
O'Connor was arrested seven years ago.
He's out of the picture three days and the Young South shoot dead his wife at their house.
When did you last see Michael? Was it before your Mum was killed? - No.
No way, no.
- Mum? - I don't believe Sean shot anyone.
- You don't want it to be Sean - cos it makes you look bad.
- I'm asking you as Sean's aunt.
Promise, Mikey, you don't get me on that plane, Sean gets licked.
Bastard! You set this up to bring me back.
I've got five million to take with me.
Only the builder can shift that type of money, Augustine.
I'm going to lick every one of them.
The O'Connors, and the Motorway Crew.
Son, I'll find you a way out of this.
We've not just got a warrant for Barbara King's house but for the 20 houses and gardens on either side.
We're locking down this section of the estate.
One of her sons, Elijah King, has been murdered so a level of sensitivity is required.
On the other hand, we're looking for his brother, Jacob King, wanted for the murder of Maurice Foley.
He's likely to be armed and extremely violent.
The murder weapon has been used in three shootings of Motorway Crew members.
So it's an absolute priority we recover this weapon before it's used to avenge the murder of Elijah King.
Mum! Mum! Mum! Armed police! Get down! Don't move! All right? Some squad, huh? The only way you're getting out I rang you because Barrington's your mate and he's sick.
I thought you might want to know, but that's it.
Sean you've got to withdraw that statement.
Get the hell out of here.
You could come to Ireland.
You're so white.
- White? - You swan in here, playing the white man.
Sort this, do that.
You've never even been to mum's grave, have you? What? Tell the truth.
Who says that? You haven't.
Grandad? Have you? No.
A grave is just - A piece of ground.
- No, it's not.
Say your Stacey gets shot and you're all banged up in here.
No funeral, no goodbye.
You think you'll go stand by a piece of ground in three years time? You think you'll find herthere? Her voice? Her Her smile? Your mum's not in the cemetery.
MAN: Pussy.
He'll be hitting the phones.
Watch yourself on the way out.
When I got out, I didn't come back to Manchester because - I don't care.
- I didn't come to see you I just told you I don't give a fuck.
You go visit mum to remember she's gone.
Pay respects to her life.
What are you looking here for? My boy's been murdered! Where's Jacob? - I don't know! - We need to interview him.
- Come on, get up.
- Come on! We want these shootings to stop.
I'm sure you do, too.
Jacob never tells me nothing.
(PHONE RINGING) Yeah? That's nice.
I've just been to see Sean, right.
He won't budge, he won't even see a proper lawyer.
I know you've a lot to deal with, I know that, but you do have a family here, too.
Of course.
I'll be home in a few days.
You got everything? Got your crisps? Is he able for school with Elijah and everything? He's a brave boy.
Don't forget to tell your teacher why you're late.
Good boy.
My little man.
TEACHER: Good work.
- What's going on over here, then? - I'm drawing a flock of birds.
It's a really big flock of birds, isn't it, lmani? Benjamin, are you with us? Benjamin? What have you got in your hand, Benjamin? Nothing, miss.
Stand up, so I can see.
Benjamin, what have you got in your hand? Nothing, miss.
(GASPS) Ben, what are you doing? Benjamin, give that to me.
Don't be so silly now.
Come on! Come on, Benjamin.
Benjamin, come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- Augustine.
- Michael.
Barrington's a loon.
No offence, Michael, but he's Jamaican.
Maybe it's all those spliffs but those Jammos are coco loco, shooting up the place, letting off machine guns in housing estates.
You know he got shot, lost a kidney? Afight in a club.
The man's a fucking dongo.
That's what you're dealing with.
- Dongo? - I just made that up.
(BOTH GIGGLE) He'll pay the going rate to clean up five million and the damage on a private plane to France.
Does he have any idea what the damage is? It's Sean.
This is about Sean? Barrington has him in his cell.
That's not funny.
We'll sort something out, Michael, course we will.
Goes without saying.
That's what Sean needs.
Did I ever tell you I've a brother a priest? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Well, I'll tell you something you didn't know.
He doesn't believe in God.
He's a good priest, a genuine one.
He wants to believe.
That's what gets him up in the morning.
A greater reality, Michael.
One that makes sense.
What if it doesn't make sense? A partial revelation That's all we're granted.
We grope around in the dark, trying to do the right thing.
We'll do the right thing by Sean.
Thanks, Augustine.
Are you sure want to play this straight, Michael? I want my boy safe.
The weapon's a.
38, loaded.
Social services are taking Benny into care.
He just strolled out of the house under my nose.
Just It was all so familiar.
The uniform, the school bag.
- He could have been my lad at home.
- Any number of lads.
It's like Chechnya, child soldiers fighting over a couple a streets.
- You'll have to move now.
- No.
- No way! I've lived here all my life.
- Connie, you're a target.
No more than a lot of families.
- You've got to let me back to work.
- But lmani - Is my responsibility.
- I can't have you walking around - If you move me now the message you're sending out is that targeting local cops works.
What about police protection on the house? Guarding each other to go to work? You can't touch this case.
With any of the cases connected to Sean, Jacob, anyone.
Course not.
- Hey, babes.
- All right? - You been thinking about me? - I miss you so much.
I miss you, too.
You'll see me this afternoon.
- No? - Michael had today's visit.
Your Dad, he's still here? - I thought you didn't have anything to do with him.
- It's just a visit.
Stacey, I didn't mean it like that.
Just call me.
The damage, as ever 10% for moving the money, 2% for changlng Into euros, plus a 40% fee for Augustine.
- 40? - Arranger's fee.
For each million you get 470.
We got to speed this up.
Hang on, he hasn't even agreed yet.
I collapsed again.
I'm at end stage kidney failure.
We've still go to plan.
Do you want this to work? Course.
And we need a dry run with the money.
We need to be on top of the routines, hospital, the screws, cops.
Mikey, don't stall it.
You know what I'm like.
If I die, Sean's coming with me.
That's all sorted, even if he's on protection.
You need more shooters? Maybe.
There's two screws.
I've one in my pocket George.
Pay him a visit.
You can get guns from the old place.
Ask for Suliman, he'll sort you out.
Extra pair of hands.
Guns or mortars, Suliman's your man.
Tell Augustine a dry run, pronto.
A million.
You got two cards for your hotel room? I'll have the money delivered.
(KNOCKING) It's all right, it's only John.
- Is she all right? - She's all right.
Everyone's talking about a gun at school! I didn't want to upset you.
Hello, darling.
You all right? Give me a hug.
We were just settling down, John.
Imani's going to help me make a curry, aren't you, pet? And this boy I mean, he definitely intended? No, I don't think he meant anything by it.
He was just showing off.
No, Mum, he wasn't.
Go on, pet, get in the kitchen.
Get everything out for the curry.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello? Auntie Connie? Sean? Yeah.
Where are you ringing from? What phone is this? A mobile.
Sorry, love - I can't take this call.
- Connie, please.
It's an illegal phone call.
I just want to talk to you.
All right? Top hole.
How was hospital? Cool.
- I was just - Talking to Tracy? Stacey.
Miss Cronin? - Yes.
- Detective Norman McGinty.
This is my colleague, Detective Declan Henderson.
- Yes? - It's about Michael.
Michael O'Connor.
I believe he's travelled over to Manchester.
To see his son, yes.
A family visit? His son is in some sort of trouble with the police.
Well And Michael's gone back to help? That's right.
Find a good lawyer, that sort of thing.
Well, he'll know plenty of them, I'm sure.
What's he been living on since he got out? He's been farming.
Jesus, you wouldn't learn about farming in Manchester, would you? Or maybe you taught him farming in prison, like, with window boxes.
He's not been up to anything, has he? You know he hasn't.
Your parents must be delighted (!) Have they met Michael? All right, George? Six minutes from the renal unit to the car park.
That's where the van will be.
Four or five if he's in a wheelchair or if it's not too busy.
This is the side entrance to the car park? Hmm? - Is all the CCTV up here? - That's right, pointing that way.
If you can't get rid of your partner, then it's a tie up.
You understand that? He's fond of the bookies.
This is a new Pay As You Go.
Text me once to say go and then destroy it, sim card, everything.
And burn that.
You'll get your money later.
You people You got a problem? You put a rapist in my daughter's bedroom.
I didn't put anyone in your house.
Maybe you didn't, no, but your big pal did.
Sent him over here, all smiling, telling me what time she gets home from school at, telling me what he'll do to her if I No, I'll do what I'm told, all right.
Just got the forensics back on the gun Sean was holding.
It definitely killed Elijah King, but it's got no forensic history, - it's never been used before.
- So? Kids buy guns used in robberies, drug shootings, guns organised criminals want rid of.
But this one's clean.
- It's an organised crime gun.
- Possibly.
- How could Maurice get his hands on a gun like that? - And why? Have you seen much of Michael? Right, Barrington's dry run.
The first step is getting the money out of Britain and into euros.
You bring the money here.
It's a mini market.
They'll be expecting you.
Indian people, - very polite, very nice.
- Do you not use your own people? Never hurts to make friends, Michael.
Give these people the money, they'll give you a code, a piece of paper.
Whatever you do, don't lose it.
God knows what it says, it's in Urdu.
I walk in there with a million and walk out with a code? If they were ripping people off, do you think they'd still be in business? The type of people who use them? You bring this little piece of script over to Dublin, to here.
It's an Internet cafe in town.
North African fellas.
Give these boys the code, they'll give you the money in euros.
Barrington's money is transferred out of Britain and into euros.
But it's in cash, and you don't want bags of cash.
That's where I come in again.
This is an account in Barrington's name in the Cayman Islands.
I'll flow the euros through a construction company and into the account.
Give Barrington the access codes, he'll check it online.
Once he changes the codes, we're locked out, he controls his own money.
Yeah, I don't know whether it's a tummy bug or the baby but Oh.
Yeah, I'll only be a day or two, I imagine.
Oh, thanks so much.
Bye-bye-bye! (DIALLING TONE) (PHONE RINGING) Can I call you back? I'm on my way to the airport.
What? I'm coming over to see you.
Or should I say we're coming over to see you? Let me call you back.
That it? You tell me, tell me to my face you shot him.
I know what you want me to stay.
You want me to stick Stacey in.
I know you don't like her I want you to tell the truth.
It's not that simple.
Why not? To Young South, I'm a killer, right? I shot Elijah King and that's never going to change.
In or out of jail, they're going to keep trying to cap me.
The only people to protect me is the Motorway Crew.
That's not true! If I grass Stacey, they'll ice me straight away.
And it doesn't matter if I say I'm not ganged up, because everybody else says I am, so I am.
You've got a choice Sean, yeah? You've always had a choice.
Everyone says I'm a killer.
The police will protect you.
I will make sure.
You're not where I am, Connie.
You can't see.
Why are the police interested in you now? Because of what happened to Sean? They're just sniffing about.
I've missed you so much.
I missed you, too.
Argh! (CAR ALARM) It's all right.
What are you doing?! Stop it, stop it, stop it.
Nothing? No.
As I say, it was just a blur.
(LAUGHS) Nothing? Very nearly a repeat of what happened to Lynn and that's all you've got to say, 'Nothing.
'? As long as you're still in Manchester, these kids will keep on coming.
Why don't you go back to Ireland? Look after your new family, eh? He's right.
Of course he's right.
It's obvious.
Sean's a kid.
He can't handle prison.
No, it's you.
You can't handle him being there.
It's your own guilt.
Do you want me to be a father, a proper father? Of course I do.
How can I be if I walk away from Sean? Maybe now you'll be cool with it but later you'll look at me and you'll know.
I'll look at our baby and I'll hear Sean in my head.
If you come back to Ireland, you're not abandoning him.
I stood in Dublin airport the day that I got out, and I turned around and I came back to you.
Best thing Best fucking thing I ever did, but when I did that, I turned my back on Sean.
And I'm not doing that again.
(SIGHS) So, what are you going to do? I'm going to stay here, do the money run.
And if you do this, if you pick up this money, that's it? Sean will be all right? There's nothing else? You don't have to do anything else? Yeah, no.
That's it.
What about Lynn? Lynn? How do you feel about her? Because it's one thing you writing about what happened in some English class in prison but you're back here now, in your old places.
Lynn's dead.
- Do you still lover her? - Oh, God, Anna! You know, Lynn was another time, another world, and I love you.
I love you.
You've hardly rung me the whole time you've been here.
I haven't a clue what you've been up to.
- I've had police coming to my door.
- Jobsworths.
- I've been shot at! All right! All right! In the jail Anna, I'd wake up, say "lt's all right, Michael.
It's all right.
Today is just a dream, and it doesn't matter.
" (SIGHS) Well, I come back here and it's not a dream.
I've changed, but the past is real.
It's still going on and on, and Sean Sean is paying the price for who I was.
And if I don't do right by him, then I haven't changed at all, and I'm still looking after number one.
I'm going to take this - And I'm going to pick up the money in Dublin.
- What? You just have to tell me where to pick up the money - and where to take it.
- No, no, no! You're not getting involved.
You've already had the law at your door.
No, no, no! I want you back home with us! Every day here, you could be killed.
(WOLF WHISTLES) - Hiya! - You all right? You look like Tupac.
Every minute I'm thinking about you, every second.
I went to your mum's grave, I brought her some flowers.
And I told her what you're doing for me.
At the hospital, Sean, you were trying to protect me and I know you still are.
That's still true, right? Yeah, course it is.
I love you.
Well, that's all that matters.
- Michael? - Connie.
All right? Looking for me? There's something I want to ask.
I went to see Sean after all.
I don't believe he shot Elijah King.
I tried talking to Stacey but Stacey's a tough nut.
She knows all she has to do is keep her trap shut and she's fine.
Forensics connect both of them to the gun discharge, so it's Sean's word against hers.
And he's my son.
You gonna lift Stacey again? Not at the moment, there's no point.
But this gun, the one that Maurice brought to the house It's got no history.
It's completely clean.
That's not a normal gang weapon.
It's an organised crime gun.
Why would they have a gun like that? You've no idea? It's not my world, Connie, not any more.
But I'm just want to help Sean.
I want find something, anything to explain.
Wrong place wrong time.
You're not going home? Not whilst I can do anything.
Anna has gone back.
I'm here to see Suliman.
Visitor! Mikey.
You're the man, Mikey.
The original G.
How cool is this? Sails through customs.
We've got Young South and Motorway Crew queuing up.
Got to watch the diary.
Don't want to double those lads.
Two or three semi-automatics on the day, I reckon.
- It's an hospital, not Alcatraz.
- Got to get tooled up.
- What you scared of, nurses? - You talking to me? No? I don't see anyone else here.
- What else you got? - What else you want? On the day, we're going to need a shooter each.
- One of the screws is playing for us.
- George.
- Do you know him? - I've met the plank.
You been round his place? - The other screw's a tie up.
- Cool.
- Done anything like this before? - Loads.
Loads of jump-overs, cash vans.
Then you know to shut your cake hole and do what you're fucking told.
Isn't Michael a lucky man? I hope he's looking after you.
I'll take that.
Would you like a drink? No.
May I? It's always a wonder A new life.
I will never, ever do anything like that again.
Promise you won't ever have to.
The money arrived in Dublin, it's on it's way out.
The builder's looking after it.
Nice one, Mikey.
See you the day after tomorrow.
Bring the paperwork.
Mikey you heard it here.
That kid who tried to cap you, he's in a B and B on Cheetham Hill.
Do you want the number? Babes.
We're on our way.
St Lucia, here we come.
I think Sean's auntie's sussed.
So what? She's Five-0.
He's a killer.
I need credit for my phone.
I'll get you credit.
Please, man! This is where it always ends.
Tears, snotters, a gun in your face with some psycho at the other end.
Please! It's two grand.
Take the train to London and don't come back.
For six months, you don't even fucking phone.
- No-one.
Not even your mum.
- Right! Six months! You'll have a new life.
- Right! - You come back and you're dead.
I owe you, man.
I owe you! Jesus, break my fall.
- I want a walk out for Sean.
- It can't be undone.
It's murder.
I just want to put my arms around you, take all your troubles away.
- I'm not ripping Barrington off.
- He kidnapped your son! They begged.
Begged for mercy.
We can't tell Sean.
If this is true, it's gonna break his heart.
That's why Lynn was murdered.
Lonely out here.
I want the truth about John O'Connor.
How much did you know?!