Father and Son (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You've got to withdraw that statement.
You've never been to Mum's grave, have you? He'll never recover from this.
What chance had he after Lynn? - Are you all right? - Walking too far.
Michael O'Connor was arrested seven years ago.
He's out the picture three days.
A Young South shoots dead his wife Lynn up at their big house.
If I die, Sean's coming with me.
That's all sorted.
Tell Augustine, "The dry run, pronto.
A million.
" - You've got to let me back to work.
- You can't touch this case.
- He's not been up to anything, has he? - No, he hasn't.
Two or three of these semi-automatics on the day, I reckon.
- It's an hospital, not Alcatraz.
- Argh! What are you doing? - I love you.
- Well, that's all that matters.
- I'm gonna pick up the money in Dublin.
- What? You just have to tell me where to take it.
It's always a wonder A new life.
You know where I am, Connie.
You can't see.
- Are you sure you wanna play this straight? - I want my boy safe.
lmani, I asked you to put your blazer on.
- I don't want to go to school.
- You're all right.
No-one'll sit beside me.
They're all too scared.
Look, you don't have to be scared.
What if Benny King comes back to school? He's not coming back, love.
There's a policeman at school every day now.
- Michael.
- Connie.
Look, lmani's got breakfast club.
We're late already.
Sure she should be going to school? If I wanted parenting advice, I'd ask.
Your boss, Conroy, will you tell him I wanna talk to him about Sean? - Have you heard something? - No.
But I've got a proposition for him.
A deal for Sean.
- What sort of deal? - He says he'll tell you.
To benefit Sean? We can't do that, can we? Receive information from one person, if it is information, to benefit another.
- Maybe he means a bribe.
- Oh, that'll be good! There must be ways.
If he's offering valuable information, there must be a way to accommodate him.
He's hardly Mr.
Concerned Citizen, is he? The politics of this isn't simple either.
We can't accommodate your nephew and your brother-in-law.
Michael O'Connor is a highly manipulative career criminal.
He's already got you thinking along his lines.
Yeah, but if anyone's got the goods on gun crime, it's him.
Just go and meet him.
I'll see what he's got to say.
All right? Okay.
Look, I haven't got a lot of time.
Trophy, is he? Michael O'Connor's son.
Gives you a shine.
Connie says you've got something to offer.
Sean's a no-mark, gangwise.
He doesn't know anything worth anything.
He's got nothing to bargain with.
But I do.
I can give you names, gun stashes, supply routes.
Not just gang names, organised crime faces.
I want a walk-out for Sean.
No way a walk-out's gonna happen.
This can't be undone, Michael.
He's related to a serving officer.
It's gun crime, murder.
I don't believe he shot anyone.
He had the gun in his hand.
The victim was next to him.
I'm offering you 20-30 guns off the streets.
That's a lot of shootings, a lot of murder.
I can give you the guy bringing 'em.
It's not like the old days, Michael.
There's a lot of legislation now about informants.
Check the pillar.
Curry? It's not even ten o'clock.
You're assuming this is breakfast.
Viagra has a lot to answer for.
Viagra and Coke, it's like the Yanks going into Iraq.
Shock and awe.
- What about our friend with the plumbing problem? - Keen to move on.
- With the big money? - Four million.
Very good, very good.
This is the flight permission.
What time does his dialysis finish? Sometime in the afternoon.
I'll get you the details.
The flight's at six to Paris.
He can be on the midnight flight to Beijing.
Shame he's gonna piss it all away.
I mean it, that's what his kind do.
He's nothing.
A thief.
A petty criminal.
But you, Mikey You Come here, I wanna show you somethin'.
See there? All my companies are BVI registered.
British Virgin Islands.
They don't require records.
You're anonymous.
Forget the bling-bling boys, Mickey.
This is what you want.
Bland, invisible, proper crime.
Put that money in a BVI-registered company.
- I'm not ripping Barrington off.
- He kidnapped your son! When Sean's safe, Augustine, I'm getting him out and I'm giving you the money.
You must have been teacher's pet, were you? Were you, son? Yeah, you are now.
You're teacher's pet now.
Jesus, Michael, you're some boy.
Miss Bossy.
Ah, Sean, Sean! - Good to see you.
- Good to see you, son.
Were you watching last night? No? Good win.
Two great goals.
How do you stand this place? You're a good lad, Sean.
I don't believe you shot anyone.
I knew it.
I knew it! It's this girl, isn't it? Stacey? I'm so sorry, Granddad.
Connie, the courts, they'll sort it out.
I mean, the police aren't stupid.
They know that Stacey's a bad lot.
They'll look into our family.
Michael's the only bad apple.
He always was.
If Michael and me was in this place, you wouldn't be Granddad! Granddad! Somebody help him, quick! Okay, come on! Slowly, take it nice and easy.
Take a look at this.
Tell Forensics I want the history on this right away.
- You got this from O'Connor? - Can you believe it? We raid 40 houses with not so much as a firework and O'Connor waltzes in with a Beretta 92F.
- I'm on it.
- That's just the ice-breaker.
O'Connor's talking about an arms cache here in Manchester and a major importer.
We need to talk to the crown but I want to look on reduced charges for Sean Manslaughter, maybe even self-defence, and an agreement on sentencing.
We'll have to make Sean the source of the information.
Wait a minute.
Sean's a 15-year-old boy.
You want him to inform on organised crime? We can look out for Sean.
These are adult criminals, not some teenagers.
He's a child! I'm his legal guardian.
We can protect Sean, okay? If we can take 20 guns off the streets, just think of the lives it'll save.
His granddad.
He's had a heart attack.
- John? - He's in hospital.
Well, you'd better go, then.
They're taking you for an angiogram, okay? You'll be all right.
It's very important we know what medication Mr.
O'Connor's actually been taking.
- I've no idea.
- Can you check at home? His medicine cabinet? - Sure.
- Otherwise his bloods won't tell us a great deal.
Granddad's dying.
I know he is.
And it's my fault - Calm down, son.
He's an old man.
- But me being in jail.
I mean, first of all, it's lmani.
And now it's Granddad.
I never even shot anyone.
Stacey did.
King was gonna cut me in, then Stacey licked him.
I need to get out of here, speak to Stacey.
Sean, Sean, he had you.
- He was aiming right at us.
- And she took him out.
You owe her, man.
You're doing the right thing.
Come on, son! You're only 15.
You'll do a little bit of time in Young Offenders.
That's all right.
I was in YO with Mikey.
He says I should withdraw my statement, try and get bail.
- That means sticking Stacey in.
- I know.
She saved your life.
Sean Your dad's all right for a white guy but he's Irish.
With them lot, it's all angles and politics.
"Look at it this way, look at it that.
Just talkin'.
" They'll steal the shite out of your hole and sell it back to you.
You know he's got a bird over there now in Ireland? She's having a baby.
That's his family now.
They don't want your ugly mush.
Those Young South bastards who capped your mum, Mikey wanted them iced.
But who did the job for him? I did right by your mum and you're doing right by Stacey.
You? They begged.
Begged for mercy.
I'm not Barrington the Merciful.
Your call, Sean.
You're like a son to me.
- Yeah? - I've been to John's house.
Michael, I don't know what you're talking about.
- This.
Conroy, the bastard! - That's his card.
Yeah, his old card from way back in the Organised Crime Unit.
John had it and a list with all my mobile numbers.
He had my life there, my business.
- What would John want with all this? - He's grassing me, Connie! My dad, my own father! Can you believe that? - Have you spoken to John? - No.
But he was in and out of the house.
He used to baby-sit Sean.
It all fits.
You lot were making in-roads, we were getting paranoid, and then I got lifted in Ireland.
How much did you know, Connie? - How much did you fucking know? - Hey! I didn't have anything to do with the investigation.
I deliberately chose not to open the file.
You can't ever tell Sean.
He worships his granddad, you know that.
Promise me, Michael.
If this is true, it's gonna break his heart.
Not half.
Because that's why Lynn was murdered.
A Young South killed Lynn.
No, no, it's what we thought The chicken wire killings were revenge against Young South.
That was a mistake! I thought it was Young South.
But no, it all fits.
The timing, the single shot.
Someone sussed there were a grass, thought it were Lynn and panicked, cos they thought they were next.
She were killed in our house, There must have been someone who knew, someone she trusted.
Do you know who? Maybe.
Lynn's dead.
She's gone.
The Crown are offering Sean a good deal.
- Well, they can forget that.
- You can't think about Lynn right now.
- Sean's whole life is at stake.
- Exactly.
Would you trust him to this clown, his safety, after Lynn? Would you? Can I help you, officers? You're fully recovered? You took a sickie.
Off work.
To go to Manchester? You're very well informed.
It's nobody's business, but I was over there to lend support.
With a stop-off in Dublin? Who was that lending support to? I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you not, no? Do you know much about your fella Michael at all? Or his associates? I know Michael.
Of course you do.
So, when are you expecting him back? Any day now.
That's nice.
I mean, you must miss him.
It's lonely out here.
We'll call in when he gets back.
- Does he eat well? Exercise? - Doubt it.
Looking at his file, his health has worsened a great deal in the last few years.
- We're keeping him sedated while we do more tests.
- Yeah? Hi, it's me.
Just a sec.
- Dad's had a heart attack.
- Heart attack? - Is he all right? - I'm at the hospital.
- The police were here again.
- What did they want? To know about Manchester, what I was doing there.
- And Dublin.
- What phone are you on? - What? - Not on this phone.
How dare you! Shit! It's not good on this line either.
You really need to get out to a phone.
Michael, the nearest phone is three miles away.
I don't wanna live like this.
It's not cool on this line, Anna.
Michael, I have a baby to think about.
Look what happened to Lynn.
I'm sorry.
But she wasn't involved with what you're up to either.
Nothing like that is gonna happen.
It's not gonna happen! Why are you still in Manchester? What are you doing there? You promised me you'd come home.
Have you heard anything from Michael? I want the truth about John O'Connor.
John told us everything.
We put together a map of Michael's life.
He was into Ireland, buying guns from post-ceasefire IRA.
A man named Augustine Conlon.
MI6 got involved.
I wasn't in control any longer.
We were sharing intelligence between countries.
- The Irish lot buggered it up.
- The Irish? The Garda pulled Michael.
Three days later, Lynn was murdered.
Then we got word from the highest level, "Drop it, walk away.
Mark Lynn's murder down to drug dealers falling out in Manchester.
" No-one wanted the intelligence on Conlon.
He was vital to the peace process.
Was it him? Conlon? Did he kill my sister? You know, Michael's more than likely right.
Probably one of his lot put two and two together and came up with Lynn.
Maybe Barrington Smith.
We pulled him at the time, but we got nothing.
How can I trust you with Sean? Connie, I lost control of the information.
I promise you, that will never happen with Sean.
That will never happen again.
Yeah, he had a heart attack.
I didn't understand.
It just happened right in front of me.
Yeah, I know, Barrington said.
Barrington? Why were you talking to Barrington? No, you must have said he said.
He's the guy in the cell with you, right? So, is he dead, your granddad? No.
No, he's not.
Do you want me to go and visit him in the hospital for you? Maybe.
Maybe Connie can get me out so I can go myself.
I just wanna put my arms around you, babe.
Give you some good loving.
Yeah? Take all your troubles away.
You need to sleep.
You've gotta go back to bed.
Would you like to live somewhere else? So Tell us about Conroy.
Tell us about being a grass.
Don't get upset.
Take it easy.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Why do you think Lynn was murdered? I'm sorry, Michael.
Michael, I never intended I know you didn't.
You just wanted me in jail.
Not like that.
I thought maybe you'll come to your senses.
I was frightened for Sean.
I swear, Michael, not a single day has passed since, not a hour I know.
I've begged God to turn the clock back.
I've not been a good son.
I went wrong.
I'm looking out for Sean now.
Did you give Conroy my mobile numbers? What else? Credit cards.
Credit card numbers? The names you used, the people you were getting involved with.
Killers, ruthless killers.
When I went to Ireland, that was a last-minute thing.
And you passed that on? Barrington had rung Lynn with a message, you were to go over.
That's who killed her.
All right? Tickety.
- Your account's up and running.
- Check online.
All you've got to do now is change the code and you're cool.
Man, Mikey! Flight permission.
You land in Paris.
Like old times.
Dialysis finishes at two o'clock tomorrow.
The custody van arrives at 2:15.
- You got 15 minutes to get me out.
- I'll text Suliman to score a car.
If there is a tie-up, Suliman will do it.
I will get you out.
Have the rest of the money dropped off later.
- It'll have to be tomorrow.
- That's D-Day.
You can manage.
We're not on till two.
Suliman's got to sort the place, the guns, show up.
Suliman won't be delivering the money.
I'll get you out, but I want paid.
Half a million quid.
I knew it.
Like I told you, Mikey, you're still a bad man.
Two fifty.
Never mind a kidney, that's an arm and a leg.
Hire a rickshaw.
The Crown are offering Sean bail, immediate bail, if you give them everything you promised.
We can't trust them.
What if he was on witness protection? The three of us, we become a different family in a different part of the country.
Sean does a year or two in YO under a new name.
What about lmani? She's young enough to start a new life.
You'd do that? For Sean? If God asks me to, of course.
How can we trust Conroy? I don't trust him.
But I don't think it's his fault Lynn died.
You have to meet him again.
Michael, if we do this, Sean has a chance at a normal life.
Not only Sean.
Hi, this is Anna.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Thank you, bye.
Termination? I need to know all my options.
It would be illegal for a start.
Even if you go to Britain, Anna.
- You're over 24 weeks.
- I know.
I know.
I just I need to think.
What about Michael? Where does he stand? Oh, I don't know where he stands, that's just the I'm responsible for this baby.
I'm just frightened, I suppose.
He's not going to come, is he? Connie has explained.
You messed up and Lynn got murdered.
Are we going to talk about Sean? You've got a fucking nerve.
Are we going to do this or what? The Crown won't look at Sean gaining advantage from information you've given us.
He has to give us the information himself.
- Sean? - It doesn't matter that we all know it comes from you.
That works, because we know it's quality intelligence.
But Sean has to make the statement.
He has to cooperate.
He has to cooperate with you.
If you want to go ahead, we can bring you in to see Sean first thing tomorrow.
We'll ghost him off the wing and you two can meet.
If this goes wrong It's not all on your shoulders.
Do you want to go ahead? Yeah.
I think it's the right thing to do.
Sean's got to trust me.
You're trying to take some good from Lynn's death.
I can see that.
I loved her.
I'd better move.
What time's Conroy coming to the jail? Stay here.
It'll be so early, so you can sleep up in Sean's room.
Imani might be up during the night.
I'd better go up.
Good night, Connie.
I hate Lynn sometimes.
Both of you, the way you lived.
Anything you wanted, you just took it.
You didn't care what damage you did.
And Lynn just went along with you.
All the mess that you left behind.
Homes broken into, people in jail, addicted, shootings.
None of it seemed to matter.
All the people that you hurt.
Did you even think about other people? No.
Hey, boy! I remember you when you had hair.
There's four million in that bag.
What were you thinking of? I love you, no matter what you tell me.
Good night, Mikey the Pikey.
God is good.
But the devil's better when you get to know him.