Father and Son (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You know what I'm like.
If I die, Sean's coming with me.
We've still got to plan.
Do you want it to work? Six minutes from the renal unit to the car park, where the van will be.
Two or three of these on the day, I reckon.
It's an hospital, not Alcatraz.
I'm gonna lick every one of 'em, the O'Connors and the Motorway crew.
Your fella Michael, you must miss him.
It's lonely out here.
I want a walk-out for Sean.
I'm offering you 20, 30 guns off the streets.
That's a lot of shootings, a lot of murder.
I can give you the guy bringing them.
I'm not Barrington the merciful.
He's kidnapped your son! I want Sean safe.
I'm getting him out and giving you the money.
Barrington had rung Lynn with a message you were to go over.
That's who killed her.
Lynn's dead.
You can't think about Lynn right now.
Sean's whole life is at stake.
- Granddad's had a heart attack.
- Yeah I know, Barrington said.
Barrington? How were you talking to Barrington? What if he was on witness protection, become a different family in a different part of the country? - He has to give us the information himself.
- Sean? It doesn't matter that we all know it comes from you.
I remember you when you had hair.
Tony's on his way.
(ALARM BELL RINGS) (GROANS) Mum, where are we going to live? I'm not sure yet, it's not certain.
Exciting though, isn't it? We'll know more after school.
(KEYS JANGLE) - Your lawyer's here.
- Early as this? Maybe he wants the over time.
Come on! Don't listen to all them.
You owe Stacey big style.
See you tonight.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Yeah? Mikey, are we rockin' an' rollin'? What do you think? Mikey, you're not gonna mess me about? Would I do that? - Hospital! - Later.
- You alright, Sean? - What's going on? Someone to see you.
I'll be outside.
Is it Granddad? No.
He's all right, he's getting better.
I want to talk to you.
What's "Five 0" doing here? - I've got nothing to say to them.
- I've a deal with them.
- What sort of deal? - I give them information.
You grassing? I give "Five 0" guns, a face or two, and the Crown will drop your murder charge to manslaughter.
CPS lawyers will have a word with the judge, you'll be out with minimum sentencing.
All that is signed and sealed, if you co-operate.
Don't say no to spite me.
Why are you doing all this? You're my son.
No, no, I don't mean it like that.
You're in here because you're my son.
You were set up to bring me back to Manchester.
Maurice shows up with the gun, yeah? What does he want, what does he say? To stash it.
In my pad.
How well do you know him? And he asks you to look after a gun? (SIGHS) It was Barrington, wasn't it? He wanted you in here so I'd do something for him.
What? Doesn't matter.
The way this deal works is that I give you the knowledge.
It wasn't just Maurice with the gun.
Stacey kept saying put it inside the house take it in, just for a bit.
She kept pushing.
She said she loved me.
But all along I guess she was just Sean I'm sorry I didn't come to see you sooner.
I'm sorry for the life that I gave you and Lynn.
And um how it killed her.
When I got out I used to say I didn't come see you for your sake.
I'd only bring trouble.
I mean it were true, but it were a lie.
I didn't want to.
When I walked in here and saw you, I saw Lynn looking back at me.
I see you now l'm looking into your mum's eyes.
Can I go now, please? Huh? I want to go back on the wing.
I'm being honest with you! Officer? I'm offering you a way out! What's it to you? You're looking at six, seven years.
So? It's my life.
You think you can cope with that? Look at you.
What's the matter? I'm giving them Barrington, Sean! Barrington killed Mum! No, he didn't! What do you mean? Nothing.
What is it, Sean? You don't understand.
Sean, tell me.
What's he said to you? What's Barrington done? Tell me! Look l'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you no matter what you tell me.
Eh? I found your gun.
It was me.
I killed Mum.
(SOBS) But I was just playing.
I didn't know it was loaded.
I wasn't aiming at Mum, it just went off.
She fell to the floor.
She was bleeding.
There was blood everywhere.
I tried saving her, but she didn't say anything.
You didn't mean it.
It was an accident.
It's my fault she died.
I left her.
You were a kid.
I mean, Jesus, you were ten years old.
I thought you would come home, and everything would be all right.
And that Mum wouldn't be Sean, it was my gun.
It shouldn't have been there in the first place.
You were a boy.
You were playing a game.
I was pretending to be you.
Oh, Sean.
I used to think you were Superman, you could do anything.
Sean, Sean.
It wasn't your fault.
It were mine.
It was my fault.
Sometimes Sometimes things happen to you And you walk away from yourself And leave yourself behind, back there.
And you watch yourself doing things talking to people, and then you're this other guy, who doesn't feel any of it.
And then one day you realise it's crawling across broken glass to get back to who you were.
We've got Crown lawyers waiting for us, Sean.
Once you've made your statement you'll go straight to court for the bail hearing.
It'll be a closed court.
- And he definitely gets bail? - That's the deal, yeah.
As long as what you've got lives up to the publicity.
Good night, Mikey.
Mikey the pikey.
The address? A lock-up on Field Street.
And the guns are in the car bodywork? The importer, who is he? Barrington.
- Barrington Smith.
- Barrington Smith's bringing in guns? For years now he's just been into the drugs.
- You'll give us all the details? - Chapter and verse.
Good man, Sean.
You'll be in a safe house by tonight.
Now you won't get a new identity straightaway, you have to go through the trial facing a reduced charge of manslaughter.
You won't serve long, I promise.
- Could we just have a minute? - Okay.
(DOOR CLOSES) - You have to tell her.
- I can't.
Sean, you told me, you can tell Connie.
Can't you tell her? Please? Okay.
Will I see you again? Of course you will.
Once you're settled in somewhere I'll come visit you.
Or you could come to Ireland.
You'll be all right.
(DOOR OPENS) I love you, son.
Come on.
Sean?! Sean did? He was playing with it.
But how could he? I mean what was he doing with a gun? What were you thinking of? What Oh, my God! Oh, my God! (SOBS) He's never told me.
All these years he's never said a word.
He never told anyone.
(SOBS) Oh, Sean.
Oh, Sean.
(SOBS) (WAILS) (SOBS) (PHONE RINGS) (PHONE RINGS) (RINGING TONE) Boss, I checked up on Barrington Smith.
Can you believe he's on the same wing as Sean O'Connor? And he's ill.
He's got a kidney problem, he goes to the hospital three days a week for dialysis.
- That's where he is right now.
- Okay.
- So, should we put some men on the hospital? - Why? Cos him and O'Connor go way back.
We're raiding his premises and O'Connor's grassed him up! Okay, everybody! The premises is a local garage on Field Street.
You're the bag man.
That makes sense.
- I rang, I didn't think you were in.
- That makes a whole lot of sense.
You set him up and you stuck him in, stuck him right in.
No, I saved his life.
Now you can't take that away from me.
Elijah what's his face was seconds away from licking Sean.
I capped him.
So you can say all you want.
Barrington will dump you in a blink, you know that? If I get a better offer Yeah? There's four million in that bag.
You haven't a clue.
You don't, do you? - Barrington will have you selling your arse for him.
- No.
- Stick you on a plane with your belly full of coke.
- No way! - I've known him since I was fifteen! - Mm-hm.
- You think he's in love'? - I don't have to listen to this.
Stacey you're a beautiful girl, you're bright.
You could do anything.
- Go back to school.
- You what? Why not? Go to college.
You crazy? You're a joke! You want to live your life on your knees, go ahead! (DOOR CLOSES) (DIALS NUMBER) (GUNSHOT) Bitch! That's for my brother! (TYRES SOREECH) Police! Stay down! Go! Go! Can you believe it, eh? Michael O'Connor gives us all this lot? What are you doing here? You look very nervous.
Have you a guilty conscience? (PHONE RINGS) Well, let us in, will you? It's Vladivostok out here! (PHONE CONTINUES RINGING) Just wait a minute, please.
I'm on my way home.
Be back tonight.
I love you.
Aah! In you go.
The baby feels what you feel, you know that? - No! - Hey, what you want to do is relax.
Go with the flow.
I thought you were the guards.
Oh, we're the guards all right.
We're just doing a little job for someone.
What we call a "homer".
If you're still alive at the end of this, give us a call.
We'll come back and look for the bad guys.
No! No! (WHIMPERS) What's a pixel when he's at home? Face like that, give us a smile! I'll give her something to smile about.
One, two, three.
(LENS CLICKS) (WHIMPERS) The money's on its way.
Very good, very good.
You know what that means? "God is great.
" Must be all right.
- When do you collect Ironside? - I'm not doing it.
You're not? What about Sean? Sean's all right.
You haven't killed Barrington, have you? No.
You've grassed him? Dangerous game, Michael.
I've a family to look after in Ireland.
A beautiful girl.
Intelligent, sensitive.
You can rip off Barrington all you want, it's nothing to do with me.
I'm out of here.
No, no, no, no, no Michael.
I spend a lot of time in Manchester, I like it here.
I'm not having nut boy coming after me for his money.
Barrington using up air may not be a problem for you and Sean, but it is for me.
I'm not killing him, Augustine.
No way.
No fucking way.
The village where I grew up, the old people used to believe that a boy born on Halloween would have a troubled and angry nature.
He'd grow up defiant and violent, destined to kill.
A neighbour of ours had a son born on Halloween.
You know what the father did? He caught a small bird he placed it in the baby's hand, closed the fist and crushed the bird.
The killing was done, and the boy could grow up free of his destiny.
You want Sean to be well out of all this, don't you? Forget it.
None of us likes being told what to do, but this time (SIGHS) (GROANS) I haven't forgotten how to use these things.
I like you Michael.
That's why I don't have some Belfast Gymbo beat the shit out of you.
The fella taking the snap is a Garda, detective.
You get me Michael? I talk to the police every day.
Do this and no one'll bother you No authority in Ireland.
Kill Barrington and you'll be home free.
It's for the best, Michael.
We'll all be out of his misery.
Argh! (CHUCKLES WEAKLY) That's it.
I need to see my Granddad first.
There isn't time.
I'm not going anywhere without saying goodbye.
I don't know when I'll ever see him again.
Will you tell him? I think it would help him to know what happened to Lynn.
Hey! Did you think that I wouldn't forgive you? You never forgave my dad.
Sorry, Sean.
Where the fuck is he? I can't do it.
I've got an ulcer, I'm in agony.
Five fucking minutes, George.
That's all it takes.
I'm telling you I can't do it.
What about your daughter? Please man, I'm not able.
You wait here.
You think about your daughter, all right? All right? You were brave to tell me.
Very brave.
Get away, far away from here.
We'd better go.
All right? Time to go.
- What's the day like out there? - Clear, clear sky.
- Yeah? - Uh-huh.
- These vans have trackers, yeah? - Uh-huh.
- What's the response time? - Two minutes? Once you're off route, yeah.
To get the police to you is another four or five minutes.
Man Mikey, yo Mikey! Fucking Hell! (SOREAMS JOYOUSLY) Out.
Eh? Out! Lie down.
Eh? I said, lie down! No! (GUNSHOT) Argh! (GROANS IN PAIN) (BARRINGTON LAUGHS) You beautiful man, you! (GROANS IN PAIN) Shut up! (SOREAMS) (KICK) Argh! Where's the wheels? Mikey, what are you doing? Stacey's dead.
Young South killed her.
Plenty more where she came from.
Come on, Mikey.
We're not going anywhere, Bar.
You know the story.
Anything happens to me - Sean was ghosted hours ago.
- I'll still have him.
No, Bar you won't.
Mikey, what are you thinking? We're out! We're home free! This is what we did with our lives, Bar.
This is the world that we made.
This is Augustine, isn't it? You're doing this for him.
Michael, please, I can make this up to you.
This is crazy! No.
It's over.
Good! Kill the fucker! (DIALS NUMBER) (RINGING TONE) Augustine, all right? Michael? It's done.
Good Man.
I'll get on to Ireland right away.
You must feel like a Mountie, eh? Always get your man? And a shed load of guns.
Even you couldn't get me that.
- I got you Michael O'Connor.
- Not before he got a "dig in" first.
Fair play to him.
So, this is invisible? Never existed.
God is good but the devil's better when you get to know him.
(PHONE RINGS) - Are you all right? - Uh-huh.
Are you? Michael, what have you done? Don't worry about me.
There's no going back now.
You know that, Michael? I know.
I still love you.
I love you, too.
(ENDS CALL) (APPROACHING SIRENS) Run! Go on, leg it! Look, I've got no problem with you, especially after that.
I'll tell the police I don't remember anything, I'm too shocked.
- What are you doing? - I'm doing what's right.
(SHOUTING) All right, open up there, please.
Now throw it in the river.
No one's gonna find it there.
All that's finished now.
It's over.
Hm? (BABY GURGLES) Ssh, ssh, ssh.
I love you.