FBI (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Promise not to come back smelling like a tackle box? I'll have to actually catch something for that to happen.
I'll never be any good at this.
Best part is, you don't have to be.
It's not the fishing.
It's the lying.
Lots to be said about sleeping with a clear conscience, Cruz.
We'll be back in New York before you know it.
Hey, Soto.
Cruz, get down.
Aah! Damon! Damon, no! No.
Linda I'm a U.
Call the FBI.
Did we photograph 26 and 27? Special Agent Bell, this is Zidan.
Welcome to hell.
Chief Deputy Paul Ackerman, U.
Marshals Service.
I know the FBI's used to this kind of thing.
This is a fiasco.
- Eyewitnesses? - No, they made sure of that.
Took out this passing motorist and this kid on a skateboard.
Including my Marshal there, that's three dead.
Now, my other man is stable, but the, uh the witness is in surgery.
- Government witness? - Yeah.
Tell us about him.
Damon Cruz.
My deputies were gonna escort him to Los Angeles so that he could testify in a Jairo Cartel case.
Blood patterns are smeared.
Yeah, that's Cruz.
He got shot five times.
He knew to tuck and roll to protect his vital organs while being shot at.
Majority of our witnesses are former criminals.
Their instincts are hard-wired.
What was Cruz's involvement in the Jairo Cartel? Money laundering and he was good at it, too.
He helped the Jairo Cartel screw over a lot of good people.
Shooter got out of the car to get a better shot at Cruz.
So, Cruz was the primary target.
The rest were just collateral.
And his wife? She's at the hospital, but she she didn't know that Cruz was in Witness Protection.
He didn't tell her? No, he couldn't, not if he met her after he already entered the program.
Cruz, I know this is difficult, but we need to ask you some very important questions.
Was your husband involved in any criminal activity that you were aware of? No, he was just going fishing.
Why would you ask that? I don't understand.
Why did Jim say that he was a U.
Marshal? He's a third grade teacher.
Cruz, Damon is in the Witness Protection Program.
His friends, Jim and Mark, work for me at the U.
Marshals Service.
Why does Damon need protection? Your husband will explain all of that, but for now, all you need to know is that he did the right thing, helping his government four years ago.
He was about to help us again.
Damon Cruz, formerly Damon Soto.
He testified against the Jairo Cartel four years ago, then entered WITSEC.
So, who was he scheduled to testify against this time? Two high-level Jairo players extradited from Mexico.
Cruz's testimony was expected to put them away.
Oh, yeah, Cruz was a strong witness, so I guess we don't have to go searching for motive.
With no eyewitness or video surveillance, that motive is our only jumping off point.
ERT's processing shell casings and everything else from the scene.
The Jairo Cartel has resources all over the country.
Finding someone to kill Cruz would be easy.
But finding his location wouldn't be.
Well, it shouldn't be.
So, how did the cartel track him down? See what you can get from the surviving Marshal, Jim Ruhde.
We'll put a rush on the evidence.
All right.
You know, they're not all criminals.
What, the people in WITSEC? Yeah, 15% of them are innocent.
Wrong place, wrong time.
You do a stint in Marshals Service before this? Put someone in WITSEC when I was a cop in Indiana.
Curtis, 16 years old, witnessed a gang shooting at his after school job.
You encourage him to testify? I did.
He was one of the good ones.
It was heartbreaking seeing him say goodbye to his family.
Kind of like living undercover, just permanent.
Yeah, all to find the bad guy.
I don't think I could do it.
To save your life, to save your family's life, you could.
Cruz didn't make it.
Marshal Ruhde, I'm Special Agent Maggie Bell.
This is OA Zidan.
How's Damon? He died.
Do you remember what happened? There was another car and a kid on a skateboard.
You talk to 'em? He's dead.
Damn it.
Start at the beginning, if you can.
He pulled up behind us.
Gunman Called Cruz by his real name, Soto, before he opened fire.
You get a good look at him? Hit the ground pretty quick, so I couldn't see his face.
But the guy's shooting hand had some kind of bandage on his wrist.
What happened after that? He got back in the car.
What kind? Black.
Four door, I think.
What can you tell us about Cruz? Cruz's cover story is that we were buddies from college.
You became real friends? He had to lie to everyone else, but he could be honest with me.
Ruhde, no protected witness has ever been killed without breaking WITSEC rules.
Cruz was by the book.
Any indication that he reconnected with his criminal past? Did anything to draw the cartel's attention? No way.
I got a knack for calling it when my witnesses backslide or violate.
Damon is a good guy.
He didn't deserve this.
Ballistics didn't get any print off the casings, but I've got something we might be able to use.
Waterlogged paper? ERT found it on the side of the street.
Thinks it could have come from the shooter's car.
- Hmm.
- It's a receipt.
"Bistec a la Criolla" Spanish for steak.
Extra onion, extra plantain, criolla sauce on the side.
My kind of carnivore.
No restaurant name or address, just a generic diner ticket.
Can you recreate this while we track down the restaurant? Shouldn't take me long.
Why? Nobody's gonna freely give up info on a cartel hitman.
We need another approach.
Found 12 restaurants with bistec on their menu, but only three listed at that price.
Where are they? Flatbush, Maspeth, and East Harlem.
Jubal's dispatched agents to Flatbush and Maspeth.
You saved East Harlem for us? You're welcome.
What's happening? Seriously? Just give me a break.
It's what I picked out.
You're going to a Mexican restaurant, not a rave.
Despite your caustic verbal attack, I feel great.
Bienvenido, guapo.
Cómo estás, hermosa? My friend got this the other day.
He wants me to get him the exact same thing.
If I mess it up, he's gonna kill me.
I see.
Ernesto too busy to get his own food these days? 'Cause that's okay with me.
Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
Of course, it'll be a minute.
For real? You just sent me down here.
You the delivery guy? Get it to Ernesto's place? Keep the change.
Make sure you check it first.
It's gotta be right.
That's him.
What's up, playboy? Black Chrysler.
Could be our vehicle.
It must be Ernesto's place.
And that must be Ernesto.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Excuse me, Ernesto Villa? Next time, I get to do the fun part.
Here's how I see it.
You don't have any choice but to cooperate, Ernesto.
We have you on four counts, including a U.
Marshal and a federal witness.
You're done.
So, you got one shot: Who in the Jairo Cartel ordered that hit on Damn Cruz? I tell you that, man, you might as well just kill me here and now.
Trust me, it's taking all I got.
You can keep coming at me, but I'm not gonna tell you.
Sounds like you don't wanna die.
Hell no.
I think I can help you on that front.
Didn't tell him who ordered the hit, and I'm not telling you either, lady I didn't ask you who ordered the hit, did I? So, what do you want? Who gave up Cruz's location? You give me that, I'll go talk to AUSA.
I mean, you're going away for a very long time.
Might as well be to a place where you have friends, no? - All right.
- Wait.
While back, I was in the MCC, and my cellie knew that I ran with the Jairo Cartel, knew that Cruz got some of our guys sent away.
Cellie have a name? Vincent Marino.
He got out before me, and when I get out, he tracked me down and brought me Cruz's picture.
Said he knew where Cruz was.
Wanted 25 grand to give him up.
I have no idea how he got the info.
Twenty-five grand? That's pretty steep.
Worth every penny.
It's not every day that you get the chance to take out a rat.
Your handoff to Maggie worked well.
Let's bring in Marino now.
Vincent Marino, it's the FBI.
Show yourself! Clear.
SWAT, right, clear.
Bridge team, up top! We clear? Got nothing here.
We're empty, all clear.
We got ourselves a creeper.
Bell, Zidan, back here.
Oh, God.
Looks like it could've been Vincent Marino.
Think it's too late to ask him how he tracked down Cruz? Vincent Marino, amateur paparazzi turned blackmail artist.
Yeah, the kinda guy who makes a living collecting hush money from divorce attorneys and clients with things to hide.
Makes sense given what we found.
His cell phone, laptop, SD cards are all missing.
GPS trackers and surveillance equipment all over this place.
This guy was a professional scumbag.
His record agrees.
Multiple stints in jail for extortion, blackmail.
Any known affiliates? Not as far as I can tell.
Well, he's an equal opportunity offender.
How long's he been dead? M.
just took the body.
They think about a week.
GSW to the head, pillow used as a silencer.
No sign of forced entry, so Marino probably knew his killer.
So maybe our boy Ernesto got Cruz's new identity from Marino and then killed him to tie up loose ends.
Ernesto's a pro.
There's no way he'd lead us back to the body he killed.
Plus he has an alibi.
He was in Miami around Marino's time of death.
Marino and a WITSEC witness are both dead.
We need to find out how Marino got Cruz's protected location.
Start with the people Marino worked with.
"William Dean, Private Investigator.
" Looks like they met last week.
Marino and I had a falling out a while back.
Hired him to take photos of my client's wife in flagrante delicto.
He ended up blackmailing the wife for sex.
When's the last time you saw him? Two weeks ago, came by to apologize.
Said he was "making amends" for folks he'd wronged in the past.
When you were working with him, did any of your cases involve the Jairo Cartel? I've dealt with some dangerous characters, but never them.
You know any of Marino's other business associates? No, but he did mention some guy that was gonna make him a very rich man.
Say what kind of business? No, but believe me, if it was gonna make him rich, sure as hell wasn't legal.
If you'll excuse me, I gotta keep an eye on these two.
Making amends to those he'd wronged? Sounds like Marino might have been working through the ninth step of Alcoholics Anonymous.
While still working his blackmail business on the side.
Okay, so, maybe Marino's new business connection killed him after they sold Cruz's location to the cartel.
His partner probably knows how Marino got that intel.
So, Marino's phone records just came in - Yeah? - His most frequent calls were to and from an Amber Turner.
In fact, she's the only person he spoke to for more than five minutes at a time.
Could be a girlfriend.
Could be his AA sponsor.
Crossing genders between sponsors and sponsees is pretty unusual.
Whatever Amber was to Marino, right now, she's our best and only lead.
We'll check her out.
I can't believe that he's dead.
What was your relationship with Vincent Marino? Were you two involved? My dad was an ex-con, so I know better than to get involved with one.
Besides, I'm not at a point in my sobriety where I'm ready for a relationship.
Sobriety was Marino your AA sponsor? No, I was his.
Isn't crossing genders rare? Usually, but Vincent asked, and AA saved my life.
I was taught never to say no to a program request.
Did you two ever talk about Marino's professional life? Did he mention a partner or any business deals? No, we hadn't been working together for very long.
We focused on working the steps, and he was eager to do them.
Most people aren't.
So, AA Amber was a dead end, but Maggie and OA think there's something hinky about her.
Oh, well, there's definitely something hinky going on between her and Marino.
- Yeah.
- Combed through his emails, found this.
That's Amber.
Marino sent this to a photo editor and offered him double his fee if he could lighten it enough to see the man's face.
What'd he come back with? No dice, editor couldn't do it for even triple the rate.
Okay, so Marino was stalking his AA sponsor.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where are Maggie and OA? Coming back from Long Island City.
Okay, tell 'em to turn around.
I gotta get 'em to Manhasset, right now.
Which one were they after? The wife.
The wife was our witness, Maya Nelson.
She's a former drug mule.
She was busted with $3.
3 million worth of cocaine hidden in baby formula cans in her car.
Where was this? It was in Detroit.
She worked for the 5 Point Boys.
Well, if Maya wasn't working with the Jairo Cartel, then this case isn't connected to Cruz's.
Yeah, th that's correct.
Different gang, different city.
That means that the Witness Protection list has been compromised.
Two witnesses killed in two days.
With all those names out in the open, is the Marshals Service gonna move everyone in the program? We're talking 15,000 people.
There's no way we can move that many in time, not even with the FBI's help.
But then again, maybe we don't have to.
Why? Of the 60 cases my office oversees and the five Deputies in my office, both of these witnesses were under Jim Ruhde's supervision.
Marshal Ruhde is the source of the leak.
Hell no, this is impossible.
No way I'd compromise my cases.
Well, how did this happen? You don't understand.
I-I care about these people.
I'd never put them in any kind of danger.
Office hasn't detected a breach in our software.
All of our hardware is accounted for.
I'm sorry, Jim, if the list is secure internally I'll take a polygraph, boss, hand over my login, credentials Mashal Ruhde, did anyone knows about scheduled visits - with your witnesses? - No one.
And visits varied on a case-by-case basis, protocol.
Mind if I have a look in your garage? Whatever you need to do.
Did you drive the same car to all your visits? Twelve witnesses and families in my caseload.
All live and work in completely different areas of New York.
Why would that be an issue? I know what this looks like.
You can't imagine how it feels, the guilt Marshal Ruhde, please understand, we just need to consider every possible scenario.
This was found on your car.
It's a GPS tracker.
I never should have let this happen.
I'm so sorry, sir.
We could use the Bureau's help to figure out who planted this.
We'll get it to the lab, have them get started on it right away.
We might not have that kind of time.
Maya testified against the 5 Point Boys? Who'd she put away? Thanks for coming in.
My pleasure, got a nice, little bus ride down here from Lewisburg.
Closest thing I had to a vacation in two years since I've been locked.
Since Maya Nelson buried your ass.
Wow, life without parole.
She did me dirty, ain't no question about that.
But from what I heard, things didn't work out too well for ol' Maya.
Or her old man.
Yeah, they both wound up dead.
Aw, what a shame.
'Cause she was real good people.
So, you admit it.
You had Maya and her husband killed.
Damn right, I did.
She sold me out for a ham sandwich and a cheap bottle of cognac.
So, who told you where she was living? You mean, where she was hiding.
Who gave you the address, Nate? Nah.
Tell you what, I'll tell you what I know, but I want a new cell with a view of the woods.
All right, we can make that happen.
My boy on the outside, who will forever remain nameless.
Got a name from some white dude.
You're gonna have to do a lot better than that.
The white dude was with a very sexy woman.
A redhead.
Hey, Amber.
Or should I say Alison Hunt? We know you're in WITSEC.
You testified in a major racketeering case in Ohio.
Don't try to deny it, Amber.
I'm not supposed to talk about this with anyone outside of the U.
Marshals Service.
Person that you sponsored in AA, who sold at least one name off the WITSEC list, is dead.
And that witness and the Marshal assigned to protect him are dead.
And the Marshal responsible for covering your case was shot.
You're smack in the middle of this, Amber.
So, right now, you're gonna talk to the FBI.
Tell us who you're working with.
I swear, he he was just trying to protect me.
"He"? Is it the "he" in this picture? Is this Jim, the boyfriend you claimed you didn't have? It's not Jim His boss.
Chief Deputy Ackerman? Ackerman was the real leak.
He's the one selling the names.
You're coming with us.
We put a BOLO on his vehicle, but Chief Deputy U.
Marshal Paul Ackerman is already in the wind.
This is a manhunt for a man who hides people for a living, folks.
Let's be on our game.
Got a minute? Yeah, I appreciate you posing that as a question.
- What's up? - Not here.
I've asked Jubal if he'd like to run point on Amber's questioning.
Because I'm in AA.
Great, she's waiting in the box.
Jubal's declining.
Why? Witnesses and their families are dying.
You having something in common with Amber's a huge asset.
I mean, we need to use every resource possible to find Ackerman.
And, as I explained to Dana, we have someone fully equipped to run point.
She's your suspect, you got this.
I won't force him to do this.
I don't understand.
I can't use the program against her.
I won't.
AA demands rigorous honesty with yourself and others.
That's how you stay alive.
And the only way it works is if the participants trust the program and each other.
Look, Amber, we need your help.
We need to find Ackerman before anyone else gets hurt.
But you're already hurt, aren't you? Nobody else gets that.
But you're stuck between two completely different programs keeping you alive.
They're both working at cross purposes.
You've got AA, which requires rigorous honesty.
But you also have Witness Protection, which demands that you live a life of deceit.
I can't win.
Tell us how you found yourself here, Amber.
Why'd you end up in the program? Well, I was forced to testify against my father.
I put him in prison.
He wasn't exactly an ideal parent, but My father wasn't perfect either, but family is family.
I can't imagine the guilt you've had to live with.
Marshals had to move me four different times, because I kept getting confused, and I couldn't keep my cover story straight.
Paul was assigned to me when I moved to New York.
Ackerman was your point Marshal? Yeah, before he was promoted to chief.
Even though he was married, I liked him.
He was so nice to me.
He even encouraged me to go to AA.
Did you slip up on your cover story with Marino? Marino figured out that I was in WITSEC.
He started stalking me, taking pictures of me wherever I went.
So, when Paul confronted him to get him to stop, Marino figured out that we were dating.
He threatened to ruin us, to expose us, to just ruin our lives, unless Paul gave one name from the WITSEC list.
So so, he did, just one name.
Then Marino got greedy.
So Ackerman killed him.
No, Paul killed Marino because as long as he was alive, I wasn't safe.
That's not the only reason.
Ackerman is seizing on an opportunity for a payday.
He picked up right where Marino left off.
Started selling names from the WITSEC list himself.
Seven people are dead.
Seven? No, that can't be right.
I had no idea that it would end up like this.
We need you to tell us where he is.
Amber, he's made you an accessory to murder.
I don't care.
He saved my life and I-I love him.
And I will never betray him.
I think I need to sit down.
What do you mean, he's missing? Mrs.
Ackerman, your husband is wanted for his involvement in several serious crimes.
But he's a U.
Marshal, I don't understand.
It also seems that he's having a romantic relationship with one of the witnesses under his jurisdiction.
I can't believe this is happening again.
Again? Another one of Paul's witnesses claimed that she and Paul were having an affair.
She had the nerve to call me about it.
But he's a good man.
He wouldn't do that ever.
He loves me.
I know my husband.
What happened with the other witness, the one who called you? Uh, she was assigned to a different Marshal.
Even though nobody believed her, it set Paul back three years in his promotion.
Damage was done.
Did you hear from her again? No, she left us alone after that.
Probably went on to ruin somebody else's life.
Regardless, I'm certain you're wrong.
Paul would never leave without me.
Ackerman's preyed on his female protectees before, huh? Loneliness and vulnerability of his witnesses combined with his position of power over their lives He's exercising dominance in his romantic relationships.
The honesty they share with Ackerman gives them a false sense of intimacy.
And Amber would have been particularly susceptible, given the fact that she's been moved within the program so many times.
So, Marino threatens to expose his relationship, and Ackerman does everything he has to, including risk his job, to save it.
All right, guys, listen up.
Chief Deputy's vehicle was found abandoned just outside Newburgh.
No go-bag or Ackerman in sight.
He's headed north, probably to the Canadian border.
Yeah, that's right.
Remember, he's carrying at least 30 grand.
He's probably got a stash of fake IDs, disguises and weapons - Jubal.
- Yeah? - I got a blocked call.
- Quiet, quiet.
Agent Bell.
Agent Bell, Agent Zidan, every other agent represented at 26 Fed.
Where are you, Ackerman? You know I'm not gonna tell you that.
I want Amber released.
And you know we won't do that.
And you know I'll be forced to sell another name.
Let her go or this deal goes live.
If she's followed, same plan.
You have 30 minutes.
You know he's not gonna be content without a parting shot.
He has the means.
He's gonna sell another name whether or not Amber's released.
Ackerman only had jurisdiction over the 60 witnesses in New York.
Right, Marshals Services, you getting remote access to that WITSEC list? You're gonna have to move the remaining 57 witnesses and their families and you're down three men, right? I'm assuming you could use some help.
Tony, can I borrow you for a second? Circle back with Amber.
Get her to tell us his location.
We're running out of time.
Turns out that you're not the only witness Paul Ackerman took advantage of.
He was in a relationship with another woman before he was promoted to chief.
I know.
We tell each other everything.
Past is the past, but he loves me now.
He must love you.
He's risking everything waiting for you and demanding that we let you go.
You see, what he and I have is different.
The man who you are choosing to protect has just threatened to release another witness's location.
Because of him, more innocent people like these are gonna die.
So, let me be clear, if you end up on the wrong side of him, what happened to them could easily happen to you.
If you tell each other everything, then you know his plan.
Where is Ackerman waiting for you? He's smarter than that.
We know that.
That's why we need your help.
Have a good day.
Yeah, ma'am, welcome.
You're doing great.
Don't be scared.
I'm so proud of you.
We did it.
We're almost there.
Here, give me your hand.
The border's just 100 yards Almost isn't gonna cut it, Ackerman.
No, no, no, no, no.
Follow team, engage! FBI! - Stand down, we're clear.
- We got him.
Takes a certain type of animal to prey on the vulnerabilities of those they're entrusted to protect, Ackerman.
I didn't mean for innocent people to get hurt.
You going with that for your defense? You're young and unblemished.
I wouldn't expect you to understand this.
You took an oath, just like us.
You two get to play heroes every day.
I protect scumbags.
I give criminals who wanna rat out their friends a second chance.
What about me? What about my second chance? Your second chance? Whether your witnesses were criminals at one point or not, they chose to obey the rules and do the right thing.
They turned their lives around.
Can a leopard really change his spots? They chose their fate.
So did you.
You brought up the importance of sticking to WITSEC rules more than once.
I can't help but think there's something behind that.
Curtis was my old witness.
He break the rules? Yeah, but he couldn't help himself.
- What, family? - Yeah.
His mom's 50th birthday.
So, he called her to reach out, but 15th Street Gang was listening to her calls.
But the thing is, is that these people were being so careful.
Doesn't make what happened to Curtis any less tragic.
Would you still encourage people to go into the program? Without a doubt.
So I need you to go back.
I need you to look at it again.
Is that the other witness that Ackerman was in a relationship with? Yeah, you were right.
He sold her name as a parting shot.
We have a team monitoring her apartment.
We'll bring in whoever Ackerman sold her name to if they're dumb enough to follow through.
Really, really good work, both of you.
Hey, Jubal.
Huh? Yeah? I know you said not to use AA to get Amber to talk, and I just want you to know that I really respect that you stood your ground.
I hope I didn't lose your trust.
I said I wouldn't use it.
You're not beholden to the program, Maggie.
I am.
You did what you had to do.
So we're good.
There's nothing more important than putting the bad guys away.
But, uh Yeah, without AA, I don't get to be a Fed.
And I like being a Fed.