FBI (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

The Armorer's Faith

Where are you off to after assignment? Jennings says Istanbul.
- Oh, been before? - No.
Chalmers, the ambassador, he's a bit straight-laced.
But he knows where his bread is buttered.
His wife, actually Oh, here we go.
Don't ask me to shake his hand.
I might vomit.
All we have to do is bare witness he stepped on that plane and the door closed behind him, and then he's America's problem.
I don't know how the FBI did it.
What's that? Flipped Otan Reis.
Like I said, America's problem.
Ours is not to question why.
Well, that's it, then.
Threat front! Hey! Clear! Bloody hell! No one saw.
Get him in the Rover! - We have to - What we need to do is seal off this airfield immediately! Hey.
Why didn't you answer your phone? There's no service down here.
Then go to the gym like a normal person.
There's too many people looking at themselves in the mirror.
All right, come on.
Just get changed.
Meet me in the car.
- We've been summoned.
- What's up? I don't know.
Jubal didn't say.
He just said to collect you and get to the JOC.
Come on.
We're already late.
Oh, good.
You're here.
He called you in, too? - I never left.
- What's going on? All I know is SIU is here and the JOC is hopping.
Jillian Starls, Agents Bell and Zidan.
Jill runs Special Investigations Unit 2.
So, SIU has an ongoing undercover operation they think we're uniquely suited to assist.
The target is one of the biggest arms dealers in the world, Martin Vickers.
Yeah, he's been around for a while.
Didn't Comey give him a nickname? - The Merchant of Venom.
- That's right.
And we might finally be able to catch him in the act.
How'd you tie him to Vickers? An established black market broker, Otan Reis, fronts buys for 20% of the world's war criminals, - and we flipped him.
- Who managed that? I did.
Quinn! Hey! Maggie.
Uh, Quinn was my UC instructor at Quantico.
And you were a hell of a student.
Well My partner, OA.
Yeah, we know each other.
What's up with Otan Reis? Like most instructors, I split my classroom time with field time.
The last 14 months, I've been on this guy.
I stung him, flipped him, recruited him to help take down Martin Vickers.
Yesterday he was about to board a private plane from Blackbushe - to Teterboro.
- Was? Assassinated on the tarmac.
Which should have been the end of the mission.
Except Except Reis' height, weight, and ethnicity match exactly one agent in the bureau.
Uh, Dana Mosier would like to see you in her office.
Come on.
Absolutely not.
I'm not dropping my agent into the tail end of a 14-month operation with only 24 hours prep time.
Look, I don't like it, either.
Goes against everything I teach.
Glad we agree.
And if Reis were still alive, I wouldn't be here.
But he's not.
These are the cards we've been dealt.
I feel lucky, actually.
Reis was educated here.
Spoke perfect English.
He was meticulous, avoided photographs, not very many people in the world have seen him in person, and this is the first deal he ever brokered for Vickers.
OA's a physical match.
It's risky, but every time you go undercover it's risky.
You know that.
You know what I'm gonna say.
Let's roll the dice.
Willing to bet OA's life on that? I'm willing to bet OA can rise to the challenge.
I trained him, Dana.
My professional assessment as his instructor is he can pull this off.
What if word gets out that the real Reis is dead? MI5 seeded chatter that the assassination attempt failed.
And? Confirmed reports as far away as Moscow.
The story took.
The world thinks Otan Reis survived.
Ma'am, before you make up your mind, I would respectfully like to add my voice.
Martin Vickers supplied the weapons that financed the Baga Massacre in 2015.
If there is any chance I can help bring him down, you have to let me take it.
Before you answer, let me tell you what Vickers is selling.
Javelin laser-guided, shoulder-fired, anti-tank missiles.
50 of them.
Aim, target, fire.
It'll destroy a tank, plane, helicopter, anything else it locks onto, out to a range of 1 1/2 miles.
One missile can take out an airliner approaching JFK.
Hundreds of civilians gone in the blink of an eye.
The Javelin has a 95% kill rate and has surpassed the Stinger as the most sought after weapon on the black market.
Now, as a rule, Martin Vickers doesn't care who he sells to as long as it's the highest bidder.
Hard work is done.
I negotiated the price, arranged the meet.
All we need is for you to be our Reis and accept delivery.
We'll take down Vickers, reclaim the missiles.
This is why I joined the Bureau, Ma'am.
I've already made up my mind.
Whatever you need, Rowan.
All right, well, the DOJ guidelines say the UC gets to pick the contact agent who will be responsible for his safety while undercover.
- You in? - Of course.
Then let's get to work.
We've got 24 hours to close this deal.
Martin Vickers, Dutch expat, Erasmus University in Amsterdam.
London School of Economics for graduate school.
Started an international software sales for Tridio before branching into weapons sales in '08.
Cover is Sean Falk.
Marine turned contractor turned high-end, black market middle man.
Started working for Boeing in legitimate manufacturing, switched over to weapons, prefers Parva cigarettes over Tarsus when he's in Prague.
Arianna Vickers.
Martin Vickers' eldest daughter.
Raised abroad.
Schooled in Spain.
Followed her father into the family business.
France, Omar.
Schooled in France, just south of Bourges.
Reis would know this, so you have to know it.
And you can't guess.
He even thinks you're guessing, it'll tip him off.
You know, I see a lack of confidence all over your face.
Okay, um OA, I think you're doing great.
You wanna take five minutes and go see if Kristen has any updates on chatter? Yeah.
What's going on? If he makes a mistake, we're dead.
I saw the way you two greeted each other.
See your body language in here.
If you guys have personal beef that goes back to Quantico, that's relevant.
If he's feeding off some perceived slight I made, then I'll play off his lead.
He sets the tone, not me.
Well then why is he setting this tone? Ask him.
Otan Reis' father was issued a Browning like this in the Egyptian Army.
He would have He taught me how to use it.
That was before the Army turned against my father and executed him for treason.
That betrayal is the root of my world view.
There is no good and bad.
There is only wolves and sheep.
Predators and prey.
And I make my living off giving the wolves their teeth.
And the sheep? Well, they get what's coming to them.
You know, for a nihilist, you're a hell of a dresser.
Um, Martin Vickers has a scar Uh, AK-47s.
If I'm not mistaken, that is a rocket This is not that hard, okay? Just a little bit of information.
You gotta get it right, okay? Everything has to be right.
You get one thing wrong, they are not gonna let us - walk out of there! - Then this isn't gonna work! It doesn't matter what school All right, Martin Vickers has a scar below what? - Yes.
- Hates vodka.
Thank you, yes.
Uh Hi.
Good morning.
All right, remember, don't try and think like a bad guy.
- Be the bad guy and think.
- Right.
No hesitation.
Project confidence.
Keep eye contact.
Act like you've done this a thousand times.
Is this yammering calming your nerves? - Because I'm good.
- Yes.
Access that.
Sean Falk, here to see Mr.
- He told me that you - He's expecting you.
- 15th floor.
- Thank you.
No room number? Vickers knows too much to feel safe in a hotel room.
That's why he rents the entire floor.
Okay, signal strength is good.
We're in business.
- We're meeting with Vickers.
- Raise your arms.
Lower back, right side.
Follow me.
- Where'd the image go? - Uh, wait.
Hold on.
What's going on? Audio's down as well.
Uh, Knife 3 to Knife Actual, we just lost contact.
- Anything? - It's jammed.
We think that Vickers is jamming the signal.
- Anything? - Nothing.
We're deaf and blind out here.
This is bad.
OA and Quinn are completely cut off.
- How long we been down? - Four minutes.
Let's go, Ray.
I'm on it.
Ari Vickers, this is Otan Reis.
I heard you run into trouble in London.
Not as much as the man who tried to kill me.
If you come for the king Cost of doing business.
I'm just lucky I enjoy what I do.
Ah, it is like a drug.
Not a lot of people understand that.
You're not what I expected.
I guess we're all a bit surprised.
We thought Martin would be here to complete this transaction.
My father couldn't make it.
He asked me to apologize on his behalf.
Meeting with a competing buyer? If that's the case, we can head for the door.
I was told this would be an exclusive sale.
Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten off the plane.
I assure you my father is entertaining no other buyers.
He wanted me to meet you first because he's cautious.
And he trusts my judgment.
But if you don't appreciate the way we conduct ourselves, you know where the door is.
I really think we should pull them out.
Just give me two minutes.
Ray, two minutes is a lifetime.
Let him work.
They're running an 8-band jammer.
Can you get around it? Can you get us back up? I'm descrambling.
I just need a second.
- Jubal, I really think - Hold on.
Hold on.
And got it.
In 2015, you went to Singapore.
Made an impressive buy from the Rumbold Group.
Cluster munitions.
That's right.
I thought you had an established relationship with them.
Sebastian Rumbold and I went to school together.
What year? He's stuck.
Why are you asking what year I went to school with Rumbold? Curiosity.
Hold on.
I should know this.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Uh, hold on.
Uh, OA, you graduated in '08.
Rumbold, in '09.
I was a year ahead of him.
I got out in '08, Sebastian in '09.
I've heard enough.
I'm leaving.
Please give my best to your father, but this process isn't worth my time or my money.
I have a car downstairs.
Why don't we go for a ride? I'm sure I can make it worth it.
If you're taking us to your father, great.
- Otherwise - Not both of you.
Just him.
No, I put this deal together.
Falk, your percentage will not change.
You know my father's reputation so you know he will not default.
Whether there's a deal left depends on your actions in the next 30 seconds.
- They're on the move.
- Let's go.
Filter OA's signal into the GPS.
We'll lock in on his movement, extract him if it gets too heated.
He's doing great.
We've got him up on GPS.
They're heading onto the street now.
- There they are.
- Yeah.
How well do you know New York? Well enough to know that we're driving around in circles.
If you'd prefer a particular route I would prefer a way to establish trust that doesn't include me being in a locked SUV with your armed men.
You should appreciate protection.
What I would appreciate is closing this deal so I can get the hell out of America.
This is far enough.
Give him his gun.
Have you heard of the Armorer's Faith? It comes from Shaw.
"To give arms to all men "who offer an honest price for them "without respect of persons or principles "and to all nations, all faiths, all causes, "and crimes.
"All have the right to fight.
None have the right to judge.
" Okay.
My father taught me this creed.
He says to break the faith is to take a side.
And for dealers such as us, that means certain death.
Well, your father sounds like an excellent teacher.
Oh, he is.
And I've taken his lessons to heart.
So much so that I think I scare him.
He created a monster, I suppose.
Tomorrow he will meet with you to complete the purchase.
We'll reach out to make arrangements.
Assuming for the moment that she is lying and that there is a potential third party buyer, that would explain who was behind the hit on Reis.
Kill the competition, no one can drive up the price and you get the missiles.
If the other buyer thinks that Reis survived, what stops them from trying again here? And before we hit the emergency break, let me reach out to my counterpart at MI5, see what they've discovered regarding the London assassin.
Hey, how you feeling? Like I could go ten more rounds.
How's Quinn? He played his part.
She bought it.
Okay, but how is he with you? Always a jackass.
Fortunately it works well for his character.
Listen, um, I know that he's tough on you.
He wasn't tough.
He was relentless.
He told me to quit over and over and over.
After class, on the field grounds, in the hallways, in his office.
You're not cut out for this.
"You're gonna get yourself killed.
You're gonna get your partner killed.
" That's what was drilled into me.
I made it through Quantico despite him.
So I damn sure I am not gonna let him sweat me now.
Well, that's through.
It's over now.
You didn't quit.
And I for one am very grateful because you make a hell of a partner.
And the way you handled yourself out there, you proved him wrong.
So now you need to get some rest, okay? Because if you're tired and you make a mistake I don't come home.
I know.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Congratulations on your promotion.
Assistant director.
I understand you put in a word with the Director General personally.
Well, you earned it.
So where is MI5 on the identity of our shooter? In the dark, unfortunately.
Not good enough.
He burned off his fingerprints.
There wasn't much left of his face.
We're mining his DNA, but there's no match in our database.
We're working with Interpol, but you know how they are.
- Time is a factor here.
- When is it not? It's one of my people on the inside right now, and I can't have anything happen to him.
I assure you we are embarrassed by what happened in London.
This is our highest priority right now.
What do you think the divorce rate is for undercover agents in the Bureau? What does this have to do with me? My son doesn't talk to me anymore.
He's supposed to spend summers with me, but that stopped happening, I don't know how many years ago.
I was gonna fight it.
Then I just didn't.
My ex-wife says I reaped what I sowed.
Why'd you single me out? You know exactly what you did.
I never understood why.
You treated every other student like they were born for the Bureau but me? Why'd you decide I was unworthy? You didn't even know me, man.
I picked out one rookie.
Every class.
Threw everything I had at him, see if he'd break.
Not because I thought he was unworthy.
Because I thought he had the most potential.
Your class, that was you.
Don't give me that.
I'm not saying it was right.
It's just the way I was taught.
Well, I guess I brought that home from the classroom.
Did it with my son, too.
Look how that turned out.
10:00 p.
77th and Riverside.
If they see we brought security, we'll never hear from Martin Vickers again.
We know where Ari Vickers is staying.
What we don't know is, who else is she communicating with? And I wanna know if there is a second buyer and I want her phone cloned before Quinn and OA are standing on that corner.
Well, we have some spyware that can pair with the target phone if we can get it close enough.
- Yeah, how how close? - Within 4 feet.
- And for how long? - Two, maybe three minutes.
They don't know Maggie's face.
Hey, guys, I am so sorry.
We're experiencing some electrical problems right now.
Um, I tried to ring the room, but nobody answered the phone.
Okay, if you could just tell Ms.
Smith that we are so sorry for the inconvenience, but we have actually cleared the entire 8th floor for her if she just oh, great.
Hi, Ms.
Smith? Okay.
Here we go.
I was just explaining to your support staff that clearly we're experiencing some electrical problems, but we've - oh, hello, Mr.
- What is this? Electrical problems.
I was just telling your wife Daughter.
Uh Of course.
Stay with them.
Um, we are experiencing electrical problems so we have reserved the 8th floor for your needs.
Your business is very important to us, sir.
So we are crediting your account.
- What's your name? - Helen Delaney.
Just get a little closer.
We'll not be needing your hotel any further.
Consider this checkout.
Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.
If you would just accompany me to the regis that would be unnecessary.
Thank you.
Did we get it? We got it.
All right, we're up on Ari Vickers' phone.
- Andy? - Yeah? Uh, give me any incoming or outgoing text on screen one, calls on screen two, and give me her route on screen three.
Hi, we have an ID on the London assassination.
Thanks to your Dallas field office.
We were up on a bunch of burner phones bought by Los Zetas.
- Mexican cartel? - Mm-hmm.
Four minutes before Otan Reis was hit on the tarmac, one of those numbers showed up inbound on a South London cell tower.
Right next to Blackbushe Airport.
MI5 couldn't identify the assassin, but we know who was calling him, green lighting the hit.
Los Zetas are the competitor.
The possibility of Zetas armed with Javelins is horrifying.
Border Patrol would be sitting ducks.
They could light up every crossing between El Paso and San Diego.
I was starting to worry.
Did a sweep to make sure we were alone.
Didn't see anything.
Listen, I, um - I probably shouldn't have, uh - Not now.
You ready? Dad, this is Otan Reis and Sean Falk.
Gentlemen, my father, Martin Vickers.
What's going on? We think the FBI is on to us.
I believe we're clear, sir.
There were some questionable electrical problems at the hotel and my daughter smelled a rat.
I just like to be cautious.
That's why I hate doing business in the U.
There's too much law enforcement.
I triple looped the area around the pickup location.
If there was a police presence, I would have spotted it and we never would have gotten in your car.
It looks like they're heading to Red Hook.
The port? Makes sense if you want to hide a container.
Or pay port security to look the other way.
I'll roll Maggie and SWAT.
What's that? Is it some kind of key code? Kristen, can you work your magic? On it.
You've brought payment, I trust.
Ready to transfer as soon as I confirm the Javelins are here.
They're on the Buttermilk Channel side near the harbor estuary.
We're tracking them from a burner phone connected to a cell tower in Red Hook.
We're seven minutes out.
- Jubal.
- Yeah, go.
We can't decrypt the message, but we know where it was sent.
Where? One of the Zetas burner phones off MI5's list.
What? Ari Vickers is working directly with the Zetas? Undercut her old man.
She sent 14 texts to them over the last two days.
Maybe she didn't know where the missiles were exactly, so she needed her father to lead her to them.
She's usurping him.
Maggie, the daughter has undercut the father.
Ari Vickers is selling the missiles to the Zetas.
Okay, you need to step on it.
How are we looking? Authentic.
We're good.
There's 50 identical cases in the container.
You're welcome to pull them all out.
That's unnecessary.
As it was arranged, that truck is at your disposal.
My men have been told to let it go.
You'll follow us out and make sure that clears? Whatever you need.
200 million, then.
That was the agreed-upon price.
I'll make the transfer.
Too low.
What's that? They're worth more than that.
- Remember the Armorer's Faith? - Of course.
To break the faith is to take a side.
You taught me that.
You drilled it into me, then you took a lower price.
What are you saying? The Zetas paid more.
What did you do? What you taught me.
- Where you hit? - Upper thigh.
We're exposed.
- How many? - Too many.
Move, move, move, move.
Follow me.
Follow me.
Show me your hands! Hands up.
Get out.
She's clean.
That's affirmative.
Got 'em.
- Put her in the back.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
Gunshot wound to the upper thigh.
We need to roll an ambulance to the B terminal in Red Hook.
Clear back here! Warehouse is clear, sir.
- We got 'em on thermals.
- North side clear.
Hey, you guys okay? He never quit.
Even when the mission went sideways, he never quit.
Yeah, well, you taught me that.
Call of shots fired.
You guys all right? We have additional units en route.
Okay, could I have everybody's attention? I just hung up with the director who called to congratulate everyone on a job well done.
And OA, he said the world is a lot safer today because of your efforts.
Okay, everybody go home.
Get out of here.
If I see you in the next 72 hours, I'm gonna have you arrested.
Starls said SIU is buying if we wanna head - over to McSoreley's.
- I gotta take a rain check.
What? Are you sure? It's not every day that we have carte blanche on a federal credit card.
Yeah, you go ahead.
- I got an errand to run.
- All right.
Really proud of you.
Are you gonna walk again? Uh, they tell me I'll be running a marathon come spring.
I bet.
I'm sorry.
The way I treated you wasn't right.
It worked.
You made me into the undercover agent I am.
It's not true.
You had it in you.
Way before I came along.
And I would hate to think what the Bureau would be - if you'd have quit.
- I wanted to.
I almost did.
And then I decided I wasn't gonna give you the satisfaction.
Glad you're a stronger man than the one who was teaching you.
Would you consider letting some other people know that it is possible to get from there to where you sit? At Quantico, undercover training is the most rigorous challenge you will face.
What we teach you here will not only save your life and your partner's life, but also thousands of American lives.
There is no more dangerous nor important facet of the FBI.
If you're in this class, you need to hear from agents who have been there, who have lived it, who have walked into the tunnel with ice in their veins and come out the other side.
Rookies, this is Special Agent Omar Zidan.
He's with us today to lend us his expertise.
OA just completed an undercover mission out of our New York field office.
He's been in the thick of it.
And he's gracious enough to give us his time today.
Two years ago I was sitting right where you are.