FBI (2018) s01e16 Episode Script


1 And that's the thing, hindsight's always 20/20.
You can't put yourself out there like that.
You just you can't.
It's too dangerous.
Dad, please.
Thank you.
An opinion is formed in the first seven seconds of meeting or seeing someone.
You really want a picture of you making a duckface in a bikini to be what that opinion is based on? First thing colleges do is check an applicant's social media.
One dumb post can change the course of your life or your chances of getting into Harvard.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
But it's getting late, so I should probably go study and take down the duckface photo.
I think that's a fantastic idea.
Mm, mm-hmm.
Let me get the check.
I'll drive you home.
No, you're going the opposite way.
I'll just I'll get a cab.
No, I'll drive you.
Oh, you're being ridiculous.
I am almost 18.
When did that happen? Okay, fine.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Text me, so I know you got home okay.
Let's take your statement outside, please.
I'm waiting for some other agents to come in.
They'd like to speak with you as well.
Just gotta hear it again.
Okay, I understand that.
What have we got? Female, 17, abducted about four hours ago.
This is Ms.
She saw the abduction.
Four hours ago? That's on them, not me.
I called 911 the second I saw the girl got grabbed.
It was 9:33 p.
It took 'em 40 minutes before they responded.
PD says she's a frequent caller.
What did you see exactly? Guy with a ski mask and white tennis shoes grabbed the girl before she could scream.
Then what happened? Grabbed my cell phone so I could call the cops.
Did you see a car? All I saw after I got off the phone was her purse laying there.
Okay, keep canvassing the area, see if anyone else witnessed what went down.
I'm on it.
Ma'am, come with me, please.
First 24 hours are the most important.
We've already been robbed of four.
She's just a kid.
Kidnapped victim is Elizabeth Chase.
She's 17 years old, a senior at the Wheeler School.
Her parents are going through a divorce.
Social media indicates she's a driven over-achiever, not much personal posting, mostly résumé, college application stuff.
This girl's all about her future.
Yeah, let's make sure she still has one.
Anything from CCTV footage near the restaurant? No, and we came up dry canvassing the neighborhood for additional witnesses.
You said the parents were split, not divorced? Not yet, but according to court documents, it's an ugly situation.
Can you give me a financial and professional snapshot of both parents? Father, Benjamin Chase, own several of those online print magazines.
You know, the kind that specialize in exploiting celebrity lives.
And the mom? Social, soccer mom, old money, combined net worth of approximately $50 million.
Well, working class rich by New York standards, but certainly wealthy enough for a ransom demand.
Unless, of course, this was a sexual abduction.
We've been on scene for about an hour, place is filling up fast.
"Filling up"? One of the family members put the abduction out on social media.
What? Sign of the times, I mean, why make two dozen calls when a single post suffices? Well, there's a big difference between sharing a picture of your latte and announcing your daughter's abduction.
Well, apparently not to these people.
Chase, I'm Special Agent Bell.
This is Special Agent Zidan.
We're gonna be taking point on the search for your daughter.
Is there any news? No, not yet, but we are doing everything we can to bring Elizabeth home.
We promise.
Someone said her purse was found near the restaurant, is that true? Yes.
Was her inhaler inside? How bad is her asthma? She uses it three to four times a day.
She could die without it.
I know that this is very difficult, but we need to ask you some questions.
Anything, whatever helps bring my little girl home safe.
Has anybody made any financial demands or asked you of a favor, you or your husband? We're talking before Elizabeth was taken.
Is there anybody that you know that might wanna harm your daughter? Elizabeth gets along with everyone.
She's a really sweet, good person.
But my husband, he has lots of enemies.
Why do you say that? Because it's true.
His job, the content he creates, it's all about humiliating people.
Is he here? No, at his office.
Don't get me wrong, he loves Elizabeth very much, and he's as freaked out as I am.
It's just hard for us to be near each other right now.
Hello, I'm Benjamin Chase.
Close the door.
I should have driven her home.
I don't know what the hell I was thinking.
I try not to suffocate her.
She's always asking for more independence, more freedom Mr.
Chase, this isn't your fault.
I mean, she's 17, kids her age ride the subway, take cabs.
Your wife mentioned that you have some enemies.
Close that door.
I don't need everyone knowing my damn business.
Yes, I have some enemies.
Who doesn't? A lot of people, actually.
So we're interested in knowing who yours are.
Well, that's gonna take me a few hours to put together.
It's that long? Yes, sadly.
We write a lot of articles, post a lot of photos.
Most of them are unflattering.
Being kind and gentle doesn't attract too many eyeballs.
So you do what you gotta do.
Well, since your list is so long, I suggest you start working on it.
The faster, the better.
Your daughter's life might depend on it.
Hey, any luck with that list of possibles the father gave us? No, field agents have already interviewed and ruled out most of them.
Hey, you're applying to be an agent? Yeah.
Don't get me wrong, I love being an analyst, but I wanna be out in the field like Maggie and OA.
And I can't do that without a badge, so All right.
All right.
Well, have you told Dana yet? I mean, I sent her an email about a possible letter of recommendation, but she's not responded.
You should just talk to her about it in person.
What's the worst she can say? That I'm not field agent material.
Well, you know, think negatively about yourself, everyone else will do the same.
You get that from a self-help book? Yeah no, it was a fortune cookie, actually.
Victim's father just got a ransom demand.
Let's go, folks.
Maggie and OA are with the dad now.
What do we have? A text came from a burner.
There's no way to trace it back to the owner in real time.
Sending a text using a burner was a smart move on his part.
But asking us to make a money drop in a place he knows that we can easily surveil isn't.
So something's not adding up.
Maybe the girl's dead already, and this is meant to distract us while he makes a run for it.
Take the threat seriously and see where it takes us.
All right.
Package is in the trash can.
Okay, stay loose, everybody, but keep in mind there's a million dollars of Bureau's flash money in that backpack.
Well, hopefully this guy is both greedy and stupid.
White male, mid-30s, eye on the bag.
He's got the bag.
Suspect is eastbound, heading towards the stairs.
Are you guys seeing this? We are.
Remember, we have a tracker sewn into the backpack.
Just stay loose, let the technology do the heavy lifting.
If there's a handoff, the priority is to stay with the bag.
Hopefully it'll lead us back to Elizabeth.
I got him, on the right.
Looks like he's crossing FDR towards the river.
He's looking in the backpack.
Hey, hey, hey! Happy New Year, y'all! Here, here, here.
Our suspect's playing Santa Claus out here, but he's handing out all the cash to the homeless.
Move in and get that damn money.
Here, here.
- FBI.
- FBI.
Don't move.
Everybody put your hands in the air.
- Hey, come on, hands up.
- Look, you're under arrest.
Get everything you can, all of it.
How much money is in that bag? Is that the kidnapper of Benjamin Chase's daughter? - How much was the ransom? - How much is in the bag? What the hell is this? - You thinking what I'm thinking? - Yeah.
We interpreted wrong.
Her father wouldn't do anything to exploit his daughter's kidnapping, right? "It's hard to attract eyeballs these days, so you do what you gotta do.
" These clowns work for Benjamin Chase? No, a competing site.
Who tipped 'em off? No one, apparently they've been tracking Chase since word got out about his daughter's kidnapping, hoping to get a photo-op like this.
I'm telling you the truth.
I don't know anything about any missing girl.
Then how did you know about the backpack? Some guy, I never met him before.
So, some guy you've never seen before just comes up to you and says there's cash in a backpack in the trash can? Well, he didn't say there was cash inside.
He just said to get it and meet him.
Describe him.
Ugh, um Short, baseball cap, white or not.
Maybe Puerto Rican, I don't know.
Where were you supposed to meet this guy? On the corner of Bowery and Grand, but he wasn't around, so So you decided it was yours? The guy didn't show, so why not? Because it's stealing.
So, the kidnapper makes a money demand, has a homeless dude pick up the backpack and the cash, and then what? Just disappears before he gets to the meeting spot? Well, he's either a very unsophisticated criminal, or he's toying with us.
I'm going with the former.
I mean, everything about this abduction has been immature and reckless.
Either way, we need to find that girl fast and get her home safely.
I may have found something.
I've been scanning subway CCTV footage moments before our homeless friend made his move, and I found him talking to someone that matches the description he gave OA.
Anyone know this guy? Sir, we just need a signature here.
- You have news? - Yeah.
Greg, you're under arrest for the kidnapping of Elizabeth Chase.
What? No.
- You son of a bitch! - No, no, no hey! I'll kill you! Let me go of me! I'll kill you! Where is she, Greg? It's not a trick question, bro.
Where is Elizabeth? I have no idea.
Bad call.
Your only shot at seeing the light of day is to come clean and tell us what happened.
I I swear I have nothing to do with the kidnapping.
You're gonna have to do better than that, man.
You're gonna have to tell us the truth.
The truth is, I hate Benjamin Chase.
No, I loathe him.
He's an awful man.
He's a selfish, controlling, arrogant prick who deserves to suffer.
Okay, now we're getting somewhere.
When I heard there was no ransom demand, I saw an opportunity.
So I sent one.
But after I paid the guy at the subway to grab the cash, I realized I was making a huge mistake, so I bailed.
But I didn't kidnap Elizabeth.
I'm not a criminal.
Three days ago he made me drop off a urine sample at his doctor's office.
- Who? - Benjamin Chase.
My boss.
Then when I get back, he told me to cancel my plans for tomorrow, because I need to take his daughter to some college fair.
He literally wants me to chaperone her to and from the event like I'm a nanny, and I am not a nanny.
I went to Vanderbilt, graduated Magna Cum Laude.
I am not a nanny.
We understand that you are overworked and undervalued, but what you did is not okay.
You diverted our attention from an investigation.
You swallowed up precious time and resources all because of what, you're mad at your boss? Is that seriously what you are telling us right now? Yeah.
What are you thinking? I think this freaked out kid needs to get a new job and some sleep.
Saying you wanna release him? I'm saying I don't think that locking up Mr.
Vanderbilt is gonna help us find Elizabeth Chase.
Kristen, please tell us you have something.
I might.
When the case first dropped, I notified all local hospitals and pharmacies to be on the lookout for somebody trying to purchase an inhaler or nebulizer without an prescription.
- Mm-hmm.
- Turns out, we just got a hit.
Two hours ago, a kid just jumped a counter at a local pharmacy and ran off with an inhaler.
Do we have a lead on this kid? Oh, the owner said he was wearing a hoodie the whole time, so he couldn't get a good look at his face.
But he did flee west after leaving the building.
Okay, stay on it.
Thanks, good job.
Accessed security cameras from a bank about a half a block west of the pharmacy.
Hopefully we can get a better look at him.
Good enough to run him through facial rec? It's a 1080P HD camera setup.
Okay, that's a good thing, then? It means a 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution.
Maybe I need to rephrase the question.
If the kid shows up on camera, am I gonna be happy? You'll be ecstatic.
Dana respond to your email yet? - No.
- Did you talk to her yet? - I - I got it.
- Take a look at this.
- Okay.
A kid that young won't be in the facial rec.
database, right? No, but can I try something? Uh How did you do that? Ah, well, social media facial recognition is almost as good as the Bureau's.
So, it looks like this kid's name is Charlie Jacobs.
He's a junior at Sherwood.
Elizabeth goes to Wheeler, no? That doesn't mean they don't know each other.
OA, we have a suspect.
His name is Charlie Jacobs.
There he is.
Charlie Jacobs? Stop! Charlie! Whoa! Oh, my Hey, look at that dude! Move, move! Charlie! Charlie.
There's nowhere else to go.
All we wanna do is talk to you.
Talk about what? Elizabeth Chase, where is she? She ruined everything.
- What are you wait.
- Hey.
No, no, no, Charlie.
Come on, come back down.
Okay? Come over here.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Come on, come back down here.
Get off the ledge.
Just let us help you, Charlie, please.
You're not in trouble.
You didn't do anything wrong.
We just wanna talk.
You don't wanna do this, man.
I just I just wanted to be famous.
I didn't think he would jump.
If I did, I would have Yeah, me neither.
"Elizabeth ruined everything.
" What does that mean? I don't know, but he must have wanted to keep her alive.
If not, why steal from the pharmacy? Could I have some gloves, please? Thank you.
There's no inhaler.
There's no cash and his dad's credit card.
Okay, let's see where that was last used.
What do we know about Charlie Jacobs? How is he connected to our victim, Elizabeth Chase? Were they friends? Were they classmates? As far as I can tell, neither.
There's gotta be a nexus, so let's find it.
Unlike the Rolling Stones song, time is not on our side, people, so let's move.
What else do you got on young Mr.
Jacobs? I called the head of school at Sherwood Word is Charlie was more of a troubled loner type; didn't like his school, his teacher, his classmates.
- What about social media? - Confirms that assessment.
All his posts are pretty much rants against the privileged private school establishment.
Look at this.
"Saw some rich whore in Yeezy's in Montclair "making out with jock BF.
Felt urge to slaughter.
" So, Charlie was opinionated.
He probably thought all that hate would bring him some measure of attention and approval.
Well, if that was his jam, it didn't work.
No followers, hardly any likes.
What about this kid's cell phone? He wiped all his text messages, but we are working on recovering them.
Another thing of notice, he did not have the stolen inhaler on him.
Which means he dropped it somewhere before you went to see him.
- Right.
- Kristen, focus on that.
The Judge just John Hancocked the search warrant for Charlie's house.
Great, let's get Maggie and OA over there right away.
My son might have been a little different, but he wouldn't harm anyone.
We're not saying that he did.
Do you know who this girl is? No.
I've never seen her before.
He has 600 milligrams of Lithium.
It's prescribed for depression.
Based on the prescription dates and how full these are, I don't think Charlie was following doctor's orders.
This kid was clearly in a dark place.
- Guys.
- Ian.
We need to know everything that's on that laptop, every internet search, message exchange On it.
He's got some basic security protocols in place, but it shouldn't be too hard to crack.
Well, how long? Let's see.
Uploading the data to the jocks as we speak.
Remind me to never let you near my laptop.
We are troubled on every side, but not distressed.
We are perplexed, but not in despair.
Persecuted, but not forsaken.
Cast down, but not destroyed.
In other words, how we doing, gang? We got a girl to find.
Let's get some leads going.
Let's go, let's go.
I did an analysis of Charlie's timeline today.
- Yeah.
- So according to his school records, he attended his first period, but he went missing for second and third, returned to school for fourth, and stayed at the school until Maggie and OA made contact, which gives us about two hours that are unaccounted for.
During which time he grabbed the inhaler at the pharmacy.
And according to that debit card found in his pocket, he bought a full tank of gas about five minutes after he ran from the pharmacy.
So I drew a circumference of the maximum distance he could have traveled in the time period that we're talking about.
Still a needle in a haystack.
True, but I also had soil samples analyzed from the tire tread on Charlie's car.
They show a certain combination of elements only found in parts of upstate New York.
So soil samples, coupled with the calculations based on gas used, indicate that we should be looking for Elizabeth in the Pound Ridge area.
Hey, great work.
The haystack is getting smaller.
But we haven't found the needle, so let's keep working.
Do you own any property in the Pound Ridge area? My father has a hunting cabin up there, but we barely ever use it.
What about your father? Is he there now? No, he died a few months ago.
Federal agents! - FBI! - FBI! All right, in here.
We got to flow this way.
Maggie, I got something.
Blood and a lot of it.
It's better than a body.
Elizabeth! Fan out! Anything? Elizabeth! Elizabeth, federal agents! All right, throw me some light this way.
Hey, got something.
On the tree line.
All right.
I need extra beam over here.
She's alive.
We need a medic here right now.
If you're up for it, Elizabeth, can you tell us what happened? Um I, uh, I had dinner with my father last night.
After we finished, I looked for a cab.
And then out of nowhere I felt this shock or jolt, um, and then someone grabbed me and threw me in a car.
Do you know a Charlie Jacobs? No, I don't think so.
Why? We think he was the one that abducted you.
Did he assault you in any way? Physically, sexually No, no, he never touched me.
So these cuts and scrapes When I heard them leave, I broke a glass.
I needed something sharp to cut through the rope.
I'm sorry, "them"? Yeah, there were two of them.
And you didn't see either one of them? No, I had a hood over my head the whole time, but I could hear them talking.
It was sort of muffled, but I knew there were two of them.
Okay, did they say anything that might be helpful, use each other's names? Names, no.
But I heard them talking about killing people, kids, students.
Ian cracked the code on Charlie's computer and Elizabeth was right.
Charlie Jacobs and suspect number two were planning a mass shooting event.
We get the name of the other kid? No, we just have a gamer handle, Lazarus.
Do we know the target location? Wheeler High gymnasium, there's a game tomorrow night between Wheeler and Sherwood.
Or there was.
I just canceled it.
Guys, Lazarus just popped up on Charlie's DMs.
It's a direct message to Charlie asking, "What's up"? Our second suspect must not know he's dead.
Because of Charlie's age, his name wasn't released.
Try to engage him, lure him to the country house.
Tell him that Elizabeth's sick and you're worried.
If I can keep him on long enough, I can do a reverse ping on his IP.
Charlie's dad's just made the local news.
Okay, tell him if he doesn't come fast, you're gonna leave.
We don't have much time.
Thirty more seconds and I would have had an exact location pinned.
So, you got nothing? No, we have something.
It's just not exact.
Best I can do is narrow it to a three-block area over by Church and Broadway in Lower Manhattan.
- She needs her rest.
- Benjamin.
Whatever it is, it can wait.
I'm sorry, it really can't.
No, Dad, just let them talk to me.
We just need a minute.
How are you feeling, Elizabeth? Better.
We're trying to find the second person, so I just thought I'd come by and ask you again if you remember hearing any names, places No.
No, I'm sorry.
Does the name Lazarus mean anything to you? Do you know anybody who lives in that area? I yeah.
Yeah, I tutor someone over here.
He lives on Church Street.
His name is Sam.
Wait, is he the other kid? We don't know.
Do you consider yourself friends with Sam? Yesterday he asked me out.
I said no, 'cause I have a boyfriend.
I'm gonna watch him in a basketball game tomorrow.
He's on the team.
The one tomorrow night between Wheeler and Sherwood? Yeah.
How did Sam react when you said no? He joked that I'd be sorry, because he was gonna be really famous one day.
We're about three minutes away from Sam's house.
Good, the subject's full name is Samuel Musk.
He's 17 years old.
He's a senior at Wheeler.
And like Charlie, his social media profiles indicate significant social isolation and a lot of anger.
Ian, you have anything to add? Based on their texting, it looks like Charlie and Sam made contact about three months ago.
Which one was the alpha of the two? Definitely Sam.
He's the one who chose the basketball game as the target.
Right, because he found out Elizabeth's boyfriend was one of the players.
So he had Charlie follow her to the restaurant and told him to put her somewhere safe until after the shooting.
All because he liked her and wanted to impress her.
Yeah, Charlie wasn't happy about it, either.
He really didn't care if Elizabeth died or not.
Like a good beta, Charlie did what Sam told him to do.
We're almost at the house.
Anything else we should know? Yeah, Sam just posted on social media, says he's gonna be famous today.
Got it.
And another thing to know, his father has several handguns registered in his name, so be careful.
Maggie, OA, I know this kid is young, but he is extremely dangerous.
If deadly force is necessary, do not hesitate to take the shot.
FBI! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Okay.
What the hell's going on? Upstairs! Run the wall.
- He good? - Good.
Where's Sam? Um, he left a few minutes ago, said some kid he knew just died, committed suicide.
Was Sam on foot? No, he's on his scooter.
Is someone gonna tell me what's going on? The room's clear.
Is the scooter registered to his name? Yeah.
Put out an APB to local law enforcement.
He's to be detained on sight.
You own firearms.
Where do you keep them? For our safety and yours, when it's unlocked, please step away.
Sam doesn't have the combination, so there's no need to worry.
Looks like you're wrong about that.
I'm not making excuses, but he lost his mother to cancer last year.
He has issues, severe ADHD.
I'm trying my best to help him, but since my wife passed it's been hard.
You need to call your son right now.
Don't tell him we're here.
Just ask him to come home.
Sam, hey, it's me.
If you get this message, please call me right away.
It's really, really important.
I love you, buddy.
Please don't do something stupid.
I'd help you if I could.
I Please, he's just a kid.
Don't hurt him.
What happens from this point on is up to him, not us.
According to Sam's dad, the kid's in possession of a modified SOG AR-15, three handguns, and enough ammo to kill dozens of people.
Kris, we need you to work your magic.
Where's this kid heading? He turned off his phone after his last post, and he's on a scooter, so there's no GPS to tap into.
But wait, um, let me see if I can tap into the traffic cam database.
Wait, I got him.
Yeah? Yeah, he blew through two red lights in the last ten minutes.
Looks like he's still in Lower Manhattan.
Okay, crime fighters, check it out.
Sam must have not take those guns for fun.
We need a target befitting a young, disturbed mind.
The basketball game was his first idea.
What is his second? Let's go, let's go! He was blowing lights at regular intervals for the past ten minutes, but now nothing.
The last cross was Eastbound and 57th Street.
Okay, we're about three blocks behind him.
I synced traffic cams in that area to alert us to his plate.
We were getting reports every 15 seconds or so, but no longer.
Yeah, it means he's arrived at his intended destination.
I want snapshots of possible targets in that area near 57th Street.
Okay, accounting for Sam's need for fame and the target demographic he seems to despise, I have a dozen possibilities.
That's about ten too many.
We don't have the time or resources to cover them all.
This kid's about notoriety, think movie theaters, restaurants, malls Focus on venues that are populated with successful, athletic, high-achieving students.
Wait, didn't Benjamin's assistant say something about a college fair taking place today? Where's it taking place? 945 Third Avenue.
It's two blocks away from our last sighting, and it starts in ten minutes.
Go, go, go! There he is, the door.
- Stop! - He's got a gun! Look out, look out! He's got a gun, he's got a gun! Hey! Drop the weapon now.
It's over, Sam.
Drop your weapon and put your hands where we can see them.
No, I'm not gonna let you take this away from me.
Sam, you don't drop your weapon, we're gonna shoot you.
Sam, put the gun down.
I don't need to do anything.
I make the rules.
This is my day.
Yeah, you're right, this is your day.
Look around.
Everybody's watching, you're already famous.
Drop the weapon so you can walk away.
OA! Hey! Hank, hurry! Get him out of here right away.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hold on, OA.
Hold on.
You're okay, it didn't go through.
You're okay.
You're okay.
It's still gonna leave a mark.
You're gonna be fine.
Luckily, no ribs were broken.
Thank you.
What you did was stupid.
You know that, right? Yeah.
An innocent bystander could have been killed.
- I know - No, OA.
You could have been killed.
I know.
I just acted on instinct.
Instinct? Your instinct was reckless.
And it scared me.
Don't do that again.
Your son is on the second floor.
He's under psych detention.
I know, uh I heard what you did, and I, uh I wanted to thank you.
You saved Sam's life And I'm so grateful.
The girl's safe, the suspect is in custody, I have no other comment than that.
And the less publicity this gets, the better.
The FBI Press Liaison wanting the official statement.
What's up? You need something? Well, this is probably a bad time No, no, no, it's fine.
What is it? I sent you an email about my Academy application Yes, I saw that.
I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Oh, I see.
You start June 1st.
Wait, I'm sorry.
What? I spoke to my friend at Quantico yesterday, and I told him you would make a fantastic agent.
So he looked at your application and agreed.
I may not say much, but I see everything, and I definitely see you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.