FBI (2018) s01e17 Episode Script


Are you having dinner with us? No, I'm meeting Bella in the city.
She got reservations to a trendy new place in Soho.
You look fancy.
But you missed a couple of buttons there.
- Where you going? - Girls' night.
Oh, but no drinking, right? Love you.
[CAMERA SHUTTER SNAPPING] What what [STAMMERING] What's happening to me? What is I I can't move.
I can't [SINISTER MUSIC] You look so pretty and so sexy.
I can't wait to see you die.
[TENSE MUSIC] [RADIO CHATTER] - You Bell and Zidan? - Yeah.
Detective Tom Shay, Major Case Unit.
Getting a lot of heat on this.
Brass wants answers, I don't know what to tell them.
This is the third young woman we've found like this with her face made up.
Are you saying we have a serial killer out there? Name's Chrissy Bugasi.
Turned 20 three days ago.
Lived with her parents in Mount Vernon.
What about the other two victims? Lauren Eustace, 22.
Found her in Riverside Park eight weeks ago.
Then we have Chloe Mark, 19.
We found her in Inwood Park three weeks ago.
And now this.
What about physical appearance? All pretty similar.
Young, attractive, brunette.
Same build.
And when we found them they looked just like that.
So since it's a serial, you guys can take the lead.
- If you want it.
- We'll take it.
Great, I'll get the evidence transferred to your lab ASAP.
Uh, excuse me? Take some photos of the looky-loos, but be discreet.
Don't let them know you're doing it.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
What are you doing? Serials tend to return to the scene to watch.
No, I'm talking about taking the lead without talking to Dana first.
I'm sorry I didn't run this by you first, but this monster raped, strangled, and then posed three young women.
He is smart, he's organized, and he's evil.
Worse, he's escalating.
Do you have any idea how much of our budget you've just committed to this case? No.
Neither do I.
That's the problem.
I don't know any SAC who wouldn't have you suspended.
But I trust you.
I trust your judgment.
So when you say he's escalating, what do you mean? His cooling-off period after his first kill was five weeks.
His second kill was three weeks.
I mean, the clock is shrinking.
So he's gonna kill again soon.
Let's get to work.
And, Maggie If you ask for the ball, better make the shot.
All right, first up on the docket, a serial killer hungry for prey.
Three dead bodies thus far.
We're looking for a nexus among the victims.
We know he has a physical type, but did they know each other? Are they connected in some way, or is he an equal-opportunity executioner stalking and killing without prejudice? Let's work, people.
Given the sophistication of these crimes the elaborate production, posing the chance that these three victims are the only ones is slim to none.
I agree.
Hey, we need to run the MO and victimology through ViCAP.
Already did that.
There are no hits.
Run it again and don't use makeup or posing.
Did that, too.
We came up with 1,250 hits on that search.
[COMPUTER CHIRPS] It's obviously too broad.
We need more data.
Okay, so good news is ER found Chrissy Bugasi's cell.
It was tossed in the bushes about a 100 yards from the crime scene.
- Ian will have it soon.
- Great.
Bad news is, uh, Deputy Mayor Carver is waiting for you in your office.
Good luck.
Lynn, good to see you.
You should have called.
I met with the mayor.
He's very concerned about this serial case.
We are, too.
Specifically, he's concerned with the flow of information.
I understand.
I'll make sure your office gets updates regularly.
I know you've worked serial cases before, but not here.
It's different.
This is the media capital of the world, and the New York media can't get enough of these stories.
They like to turn these horrific murders into theater, into entertainment.
I get it.
I'll do my best to control the message.
Great, I appreciate it.
Cause of death was ligature strangulation, same as the other two victims.
Damage to the hyoid bones indicates extreme pressure.
This section of the ligature mark is darker.
Good eye, that's caused by the pinching of a retracting ligature.
" Like a like a pole snare? Animal snares use cable.
This was flat.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] She doesn't have any defensive wounds.
And none of the typical trauma of a sexual assault, just like the others.
He drugs them, doesn't he? Chrissy tested positive for Vecuronium.
It's medically available.
Used in surgery.
There was no mention of Vecuronium in the prior victims' lab results.
It's nearly undetectable in the body after six hours, but once I found it in Chrissy I went back and tested the other two for trace amounts.
- Mm-hmm.
- Both were positive.
Well, at least they were unconscious - for the worst part.
- Yeah.
Unfortunately, no.
Vecuronium isn't a sedative.
It's a paralytic.
They were paralyzed but fully conscious of what was going on.
Ready? [SOMBER MUSIC] I see the stories on TV about all the awful things that can happen to young people, and I'd thank the Lord that nothing like that ever happened to our family.
And now it's happened to us.
I'm sorry.
I know this is hard.
We do need to ask some questions.
Can you tell me about Chrissy's social life? - Was she dating anyone? - She didn't date.
Chrissy was 20 years old.
If you're implying that my daughter brought this upon herself They're not, Louis.
Do you know why Chrissy went into the city the night she disappeared? She was having dinner with a girlfriend at some fancy restaurant in Soho.
Um, she wasn't in Soho last night.
How do you know? We retrieved her phone, and based on the radio signals, it appears she was never south of 14th Street.
Are you saying she lied to us? Yes, uh, I'm afraid I am.
Was there anyone in Chrissy's life who concerned you or her? A few months back, she she ran into a boy she she went to grade school with.
They became friends, but, he, um, developed feelings for her.
She tried to let him down gently, but it went badly.
He made threats, so she broke off their friendship.
When was that? Last week.
Do you have a name for this guy? Tim Shaughnessy.
She said he worked for the Parks Department.
[TENSE MUSIC] Why would I hurt Chrissy? I wanted to date her.
'Cause she blew you off? Yeah, well, most girls blow me off.
Then why were you threatening her? I wasn't threatening her.
I was being persistent.
I liked her, you know? But she kept telling me that she wasn't allowed to date people that didn't go to her church.
And then I found out that she was using some dating app, hanging out with all these dudes from the city, so I got upset.
Look, I don't know what she's been telling you, but whatever it is, I didn't do it.
She was found dead this morning.
[CARS HONKING] Uh I I can't believe it.
Do you know someone by the name of Lauren Eustace? No.
What about a Chloe Mark? Where were you last night? You think I killed her? Are you insane? [DISTANT SIREN WAILING] [STAMMERING] Um, I was shooting pool at a place on 24th.
The Pearl.
I I left at 3:00 a.
Then where'd you go? Home.
I I share an apartment with three friends in Brooklyn.
I I'm sure the building has lots of video cameras.
We'll be sure to check.
You said that she was on some dating app.
What was the name of it? Hey, Jubal.
Hey, uh, Pearl confirmed his alibi.
He was there till 3:00 a.
And we have video of him entering his apartment at 3:27 a.
Did you find the dating app? ApplePie? Uh, for wholesome, All-American next-door types? Yeah, I found it.
It was, uh, hidden in her utilities icon.
I went back and I checked the other victims' cellphones, and they were both on ApplePie, too.
That could be the connection we're looking for.
Can you dig into Chrissy's account? See who she was communicating with? I can't get past her profile page.
This app uses closed source encryption.
Without the encryption key, it'll take time.
Well, then you'd better get to it.
What do we know about this ApplePie dating app? Well, aside from the privacy and security features, the only thing unique about it is the personality survey.
Really? Isn't that standard? Well, surveys are standard, but accessibility to other users' answers isn't.
And you just know this off the top of your head? Don't judge me.
"How would your family react if they found out you were using ApplePie"? Chrissy answered D, "They must never learn of this.
" [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Pull up the other victims' surveys.
[COMPUTER CHIRPS] They all answered D.
Makes sense.
These families are all religious conservatives, so the killer knew the women wouldn't share information - or talk about the date.
- Hmm.
Okay, let's cross-reference "unsolved homicides" [COMPUTER CHIRPS] "Strict religious families," "internet dating" "and ApplePie.
" [KEYS TAPPING] [COMPUTER CHIRPING] [COMPUTER CHIRPING] We don't just have three victims.
We have ten.
All ten victims were in their 20s, brunette.
They came from religious families.
They used the ApplePie dating app.
They met someone in Manhattan for a date, and they were strangled shortly thereafter.
Were the others made up and posed as well? No, just the last three.
So his signature's evolving.
That's unusual.
And the dump sites are moving closer and closer to Manhattan.
The first victim was dumped 87 miles away, the next was 73, and the one after that was 55.
At first, serial killers are hyper-vigilant.
They don't want to implicate themselves.
And with each kill, they become more confident and less vigilant, and they begin to drop bodies closer to home.
Which is why the last three are more elaborate.
This guy's feeling more and more invulnerable.
Okay, so we just got the files back - from the dating site? - Yeah? Founder used a lot of encryption software, but, uh, once we got past it, we found out that all inter-client communications are automatically deleted once the user logs out.
Technically, they're unrecoverable.
But luckily, we are the FBI and nothing is unrecoverable, right? [PHONE CHIMES] What is it? Mayor's office doesn't want to go public with seven new victims.
And I quote, "Without more evidence, we think it's reckless "to tell the public that a single individual "is responsible for all ten murders.
ADIC Fritz and the Deputy Director concur.
" Guess I'm gonna have to rewrite my press comments.
[SIGHS] Sorry, what? Dana's the SAC.
We're the FBI.
- Don't we make the calls? - No, not that simple.
Mayor of New York has a lot of power, a lot of important friends in D.
, including the director of the FBI.
Like it or not, we have to work together.
[TENSE MUSIC] Yes, I can confirm that this morning the NYPD requested FBI forensics assistance on several unsolved homicides.
As these are ongoing investigations, the Bureau cannot make a comment at this time.
- Thank you.
- Dana's good.
She's being handcuffed by the Mayor's office and the boys in D.
- She has no choice.
- Okay.
Looks like the three victims found in Manhattan were contacted by the same person.
But who he is or what they said, that'll take more time.
The killer just sent a letter to the "New York Post.
" She wants to meet in the conference room now.
"I am the Apex and I am here.
" "Through bridge and tunnel, I play with objects I love and make them smile.
" [SCOFFS] This is a bunch of narcissistic nonsense.
It is, but publishing it might increase our chances of finding him.
Someone might recognize the language or the content and contact us.
It's how we caught the Unabomber.
I get it, but we're not gonna give this idiot more publicity.
What if the publicity helps us get a new lead? Since the news of the three strangled girls broke, there's been an 18% spike in hotel cancellations.
There is no need to add fuel to the fire.
With all due respect, that's not our concern.
It's tourist season.
People come here to go to the Met, see "Hamilton," walk through Central Park.
Not worry about getting murdered by a maniac hunting down young brunettes.
Agreed, so isn't it better to find the killer? Stop him from doing this? I'll be happy to call the Mayor and explain the merits of publishing this letter.
There's no need.
We're not publishing.
The Mayor has spoken to the Deputy Director.
They've already made their decision.
Then why the hell did you bother to come down here? I'm just trying to be polite.
Really? Let me tell you something, it is not always that simple.
So if you would excuse us, we need to get back to work to find this damn serial killer.
Not because it is hurting the city's occupancy rates, but because he is killing innocent women.
[PAPERS SHUFFLING] Where were we? [SIGHS] "I play with objects I love and make them smile.
"With shadow and light, I expose your source of terror.
You cannot stop me.
This is my birthright.
" The "smile" makeup application wasn't released to the press, so it's gotta be him, right? Grammar, punctuation, syntax indicate that he's an educated white male trying hard to sound even more educated.
When the press starts writing about him, he wants to be called the Apex Killer probably 'cause he thinks it's cool.
That's why he wrote the letter.
And some of these phrases are not his.
"Play with objects I love," "source of terror," they're Carl Jung.
The son of a bitch picks his victims wisely.
He knew all ten girls wouldn't talk about their little walk on the wild side with their families.
Can't believe going on a date is a walk on the wild side.
[PEN CLICKING] The Apex profile we worked up.
I want you to distribute it to all the law enforcement agencies in the tri-state area.
I like where you're going with this.
But if we go wide with this information, somebody is going to leak it.
Exactly, and when they do the "Post" will go to press with the letter before someone scoops them.
In the meantime, let's dig into evidence we have - and see what we can act on.
- Got it.
Hey, guys? I think I found something.
These are Chrissy Bugasi's crime scene photos.
NYPD crime scene photos from this year.
What do you see? The Apex's photos content notwithstanding are prettier.
Nine more random crime scene photos, all taken from different agencies.
Yeah, the Apex photos are definitely more composed.
He selects the location and time based on light.
He selects the girls based on looks.
He poses them.
He puts makeup on them.
He's acting like a photographer.
We just got a response to the Apex profile.
Jersey cop saw the profile, called in a suspect.
Edward Praeger.
He's a plastic surgeon.
He was accused of drugging and assaulting young brunette women.
A surgeon would definitely have access to Vecuronium.
- Mm-hmm.
- Exactly.
Oh, the father of one of the victims, Jim Eustace, is in the conference room.
He wants to talk to one of you two.
I'll take it.
- I'm Special Agent Maggie Bell.
- I called the NYPD.
They gave me the runaround, told me they weren't working the case anymore.
Right, we've taken the lead.
And you don't tell anyone? You don't reach out? I'm sorry, somebody should have called you and let you know what was going on.
Well, here I am.
Tell me.
I can't.
It's an ongoing investigation.
All I can really say to you is that You're doing the best you can.
That's all the NYPD said, too.
You know what those words mean? Nothing.
It's insulting.
- Mr.
Eustace - I don't sleep.
I I don't eat.
[SIGHS] Lauren was all I had, and now the only thing I got left is finding the monster who did this.
That that's all I think about.
[SOMBER MUSIC] I understand you're a man of faith.
I am.
Then you know where Lauren is.
That she's okay.
Do you have faith? [SIGHS] I try.
I guess your job doesn't help.
Actually, it's the opposite.
Every every time we get a dangerous criminal off of the street, or every time I get to deliver justice for a victim, it restores my faith.
Eustace I promise you, I will find the man who took your daughter from you.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Maggie? Uh, you're busy.
I'll let you go.
And thank you.
[TENSE MUSIC] You got an address for Praeger? Yeah, let's roll.
Did you just promise him what I think you did? [DOORBELL RINGS] Delivery! Doorman sent me in! Wrong apartment.
Delivery for "Dr.
Praeger"? You gotta sign for it.
Doorman's not supposed to just - FBI.
- [GRUNTS] - What the hell are you doing? - We've got right.
Clear team, south side, let's go.
- Left side.
- Upstairs.
Don't move.
- Hey, bag his phone.
- Yes, ma'am.
Find any hard drives, tablets anything and everything that might have a photo.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Thumb drives, firewire, paper let's grab it all.
We've got the lower level.
We're headed down now.
Could you watch the hands, please? I'm a surgeon.
An original.
Don't worry, Doc.
Something tells me you won't be doing any more surgeries.
What am I being charged with? We're gonna get to that, but first I need to verify some facts.
We found these photos on your hard drive.
Is this one of your patients? Did you sedate her before you took this photo? All right, clearly you don't want to discuss this, so I'm just gonna get right to it.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] It's a picture.
What do you want to know? Why you painted the smile on her face before you killed her.
I would like to call my attorney.
This guy can lawyer up all he wants, he's good for it.
- He's not.
- What? His DNA does not match the DNA on the victim.
So why does he have a polaroid of one of the victims? He has a polaroid of one of the victims with the real killer's DNA on it.
The lab found a second DNA profile on the photograph.
Positive match to the Apex Killer.
So these degenerates are friends? What, they're just sitting around swapping disgusting photos with each other? Well, either way, it's clear Praeger knows the identity of the Apex Killer, so when that lawyer shows up, you two are gonna convince him to cooperate.
The photos we found on your client's hard drive will put him in prison for 20, maybe 30 years.
Save the speech.
We just want to know what kind of deal you're willing to offer.
AUSA will recommend a downward departure on sentencing guidelines.
You're looking at 15 years If you cooperate.
[WHISPERING INAUDIBLY] What do you want to know? [PAPERS SHUFFLING] I want to know who gave you this photo.
Don't know his name.
I met him at Hedon.
"Hedon"? It's a sex club.
High-end, members only.
He's there all the time.
And the polaroid? One night, we got talking, and it turns out that we're both into well, photos.
A week later, he brought me one of his favorites, and the next time I brought him one of mine, so on.
That's how I got the polaroid.
Do you recognize anybody in these photos taken at the last crime scene? [PAPERS SHUFFLING] The guy who gave me the polaroid had brown hair.
I I can't be 100% this cap is sort of throwing me but but that might be him.
The one with the cellphone.
Okay, so I held up my end of the deal.
You're gonna talk to AUSA, right? Yeah, but not until you take us to that sex club and ID the man that gave you the polaroid.
Backup is in place.
All right, we're going in.
Good luck.
And uh, try not to touch anything.
[BUTTON CLICKS] Hey, how's it going? I, uh, have some friends with me tonight.
- Here.
- They have visitor passes? The "V" is for voyeur.
Put them on.
Anywhere that says "members only" you're not allowed.
Unless you want to participate.
[SULTRY, BROODING MUSIC] Okay, Jubal, we're in.
All good.
- Do you see him? - Nope.
Oh, there he is.
Uh, don't don't turn around, he's looking this way.
- Where? - Straight back by the bar.
OA, he's on your seven.
Take Praeger, circle back, and get behind him.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hey, Jubal, we have a possible.
Stand by.
[DISTANT CHATTER] Hey, you're not supposed to be down here.
- I'm looking for a friend.
- You're coming with me.
Get off me! [GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] - Hey! - I'm the FBI [GRUNTING] - I'm FBI! - [GROWLING] - I got this, get him! - [HOLLERS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [PANTING] [DOOR CLOSES] Jubal, there's a third exit in the club.
- It's by the construction site.
- You sure? There's nothing in the building records.
Yeah, well, I just used it.
- Apex? - He's gone.
[SLAMS TABLE] There, that's the man Praeger ID'd.
Okay, let's see.
His name is Robert Burke IV.
Burke? Well, that'll complicate things.
Why do I recognize that name? I don't know, you ever driven down 6th Avenue between 46th and 51st? Probably, why? Robert Burke owns it.
Or, more accurately, his family does.
Burke's one of the largest real estate owners in Manhattan.
We strongly believe Robert Burke is the Apex Killer.
You see that skyline? Burke's family owns 4% of it.
Money like that is what we in the business like to call "a flight risk.
" To prevent him from leaving the country, we've put out a BOLO on him and we're watching every exit.
That's right.
The Port Authority is covering Penn Station, New York Transit's got Grand Central, and FBI will take JFK, LaGuardia, and the private airports on the island.
He's not in his Manhattan apartment.
His car is still in the garage.
We have agents sitting on both in case he shows up.
We got anything off his cell, ATM, credit card? Uh, he turned off his cellphone so we can't track it, and he hasn't been using his credit cards.
Right, so he's clever.
Well, you know what? We have bigger and better toys than even the well-heeled Mr.
Let's find him! What else do we know about Burke, other than he's rich? He went to Exeter and then Princeton.
He graduated with a 3.
9 GPA.
[PHONE BUZZES] On paper, Burke's a hell of a guy.
His ex-wife might have a different opinion, though.
Called for divorce three months ago.
Really? Just before he started dumping victims in Manhattan.
Maybe his divorce triggered the escalation.
- Right.
- Bring her in.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] I haven't heard from Robert in three months, but I read the "Post.
" Those murdered girls.
It's him, isn't it? What what makes you say that? People always told me Robert wasn't normal, but I was in love.
To me, he was just eccentric.
He wasn't trapped by people's expectations of him.
I see.
That's what made him interesting.
Why did you divorce him? I started to see what everyone had been saying.
That he was odd? More like sick and twisted.
[DARK MUSIC] [SIGHS] I haven't told anyone this.
[SIGHS] Three months ago he drugged me, and I'm his wife.
He did certain things to me He took pictures.
You found them? He showed them to me at breakfast the next morning.
He didn't even think it was weird.
He just kept saying how beautiful I looked.
How great the light was.
How cinematic the photos were.
I filed for divorce that afternoon.
Do you know where he might be? Do you know where he would go if he thought he was in trouble? His family has a farm in Far Hills, a house in Greenwich, a summer place in South Hampton.
Do you think he prefers one over the other? No, not really, but you guys are the FBI.
Can't you just break in and search the place? Not without evidence.
But right now, all we have is a theory.
Has he been to your new apartment? He came to the lobby once to deliver an apology letter.
Do you still have it? Yeah, my lawyer told me to hold onto it.
Good news, there was saliva on the envelope.
We did a rush DNA analysis and it's a match - to the DNA found on the last three victims.
- Yes.
I'll get you a search warrant for his home address.
And for the other three family properties.
[GRUNTS] Federal agents! FBI! To your right, rotate to your right.
Up topside, topside.
Coming up.
Criss-cross, criss-cross.
- Contact! - FBI! Hands up! [SCREAMS] No! Robert Burke, is he here? N-no, I no, he's not here! I don't know where he is! I'm just his cleaning lady! Okay, please escort her out.
Ma'am, this way.
Hey, OA.
His ApplePie account is open.
Tell me we can access his message history.
[GROANS] Just the last one.
How did he get in here without our surveillance team spotting him? He didn't.
Linked with his cellphone.
"I'm so excited to finally meet you face to face.
" He replied, "Me, too, see you soon.
" That was 40 minutes ago.
He's meeting up with his next victim.
[SIGHS] All right, so it looks like Burke sent the DM from his Midtown office and then turned off his cell, so we can't track it.
We're still trying to ID shygurl1990, but so far no luck.
I'm hoping that maybe she got cold feet and never showed up for the date.
All right, listen up, everybody.
There's a good chance that Burke has drugged his latest victim and is en route to a secondary location, where he has the privacy to begin his killing ritual.
That's right, we've got eyes on all the family's residential properties.
We've got five-man Special Operation groups at each site Far Hills, Greenwich, and South Hampton.
We've also got agents stationed outside Burke's apartment and office.
[TENSE MUSIC] Uh, but we cannot count on Burke showing up to any of these, so where else might he go? Let's dig deep.
What is it? You kicked in Robert Burke's door.
You're damn right, we did.
- Based on what? - DNA.
DNA from a letter left with a doorman.
There's no chain of custody.
We can't legally prove the DNA actually belongs to Burke.
This monster just grabbed another girl, and you and I are standing here discussing chain of custody? Until you physically swab his mouth, he is a person of interest.
You can surveille, or detain, or execute a search warrant.
No-knock searches are off-limits.
If someone doesn't open the door, or if somebody is not home, you wait.
Who the hell do you think you're talking to? I am conveying the position of the Mayor.
And you know how he does business.
Got it.
It's a bunch of crap, huh? A lot of eyes on this one, so we have to proceed with caution and check all the boxes.
Yeah, tell that to the parents of shygurl1990.
- Hey.
- BOTH: Hey.
- I think Burke is here in Manhattan.
- Yeah? It's part of his elitist, old money ego trip.
He thinks that he's a photographer.
You know, he poses some of his victims and he he makes sure that the lighting is just right.
He's gotta have some sort of studio.
You know, a personal space where it's private and he feels comfortable enough to be this creative.
Or where he plays with the objects he loves.
Check his credit card.
See if he purchased any photo equipment.
Cameras, lenses.
Oh, okay, it looks like he picked up something called negative scanners.
That sounds like photo equipment.
Seems like he purchased two in 2016 for $25,000 apiece, and they were delivered to a 258 Mott Street address.
It's a commercial building.
I mean, I can track the owner but it will take some time.
Well, we don't have time.
And, OA, we have a lot of eyes on us right now, so we need you to wear a body cam, okay? Okay.
He's here.
Hey, Dana, we're outside Burke's studio.
There's music playing inside.
I think someone's here.
Dana, we talked about this.
[SIGHS] Maggie, knock.
Identify yourself.
If he answers, execute the search warrant.
- Sorry, you want me to knock? - You heard me.
Robert Burke, this is the FBI! We have a warrant to search your premises! Robert Burke, this is the FBI! Dana, he's not answering, but there's somebody in there.
Dana? Dana, you said don't ask for the ball unless I can make the shot.
Maggie, it's more complicated.
All due respect, it's not.
Please, give me the green light.
You got it.
You kick that damn door down now.
[SULTRY ROCK MUSIC CONTINUES OVER RADIO] Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh [SONG CONTINUES OVER SPEAKERS] Whoa-oh-oh It's not dangerous Oh, God.
Let her go.
Robert, it's over.
Let her go now.
[TENSE MUSIC] [CHOKING] I am the Apex.
Talk to me.
- Okay.
- [GAGGING] You're gonna be okay.
You're okay.
- We got her, she's okay.
- [PANTING] - Oh, thank God.
- [SIGHS] Call an ambo now.
[PHONES RINGING] The Mayor's having a press conference tomorrow.
He wants you to join.
Oh, sorry, can't.
I have work to do.
I'm guessing he won't mind being on that stage all by himself.
[LAUGHS] That was a big risk you took, kicking down the door, violating his order.
[TENSE MUSIC] The bigger risk would have been not kicking down that door.
I appreciate your transparency, Dana.
It's a very rare attribute.
Especially around here.