FBI (2018) s01e18 Episode Script

Most Wanted

1 Oh, yeah.
I wanna go to Mars and build a city so people could live there.
- Yeah? - How 'bout you? What do you wanna be when you grow up? I'm going to be a doctor.
I'm going to go overseas to help refugees.
So everyone's gonna grow up and leave your old man alone? Okay, off you go.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] You won't leave me behind now, Diglett, will you? Yeah.
What's my duffel bag doing there? I packed some of your things.
Where am I going? I'll tell the kids you got called into work.
You can pick up the rest tomorrow when we're at service.
Tom, I know about the antibiotics.
There's only one way you got that infection.
I knew you'd be like this, go straight to a divorce.
I haven't decided anything yet.
Don't lie.
I saw what you texted your sister.
I'm getting the kids.
Don't do that.
We're not staying in this house with you.
What? Please, I just wanna see our babies.
[GASPING] [CHOKING] - [GROANS] - [SQUEALING] Molly, we'll play that game after church, okay? Help your sister with the door.
Tom's truck's still in the driveway.
They're gonna miss the service.
Maybe one of the kids is sick.
- Can you go check? - Sure.
[BLASTING] Neighbors says it sounded like a bomb.
The owner, Thomas Gilman, is a Deportation Officer for the ICE office in Port Chester.
We suspect he was the target.
Was he home? That's his truck in the driveway.
The Fire Department's still searching for victims.
We got one neighbor DOA, two more in the ICU.
Any evidence of a bomb besides the big noise? - Look at this place.
- What else would do this? Captain, what have we got? Three bodies: adult female on a bed over there, two juveniles.
The Gilmans had two kids; boy and girl, eight and ten.
Roy and Mia.
What about Tom Gilman? Haven't found any other remains.
We got the point of origin in the basement.
The gas line to the furnace was pulled out.
We found traces of a lit candle on the floor about eight feet away.
The gas accumulated in the basement, and when it filled up and got down to the candle The house went up.
Are there any other vehicles registered to the family? There's a compact SUV registered to Connie Gilman, probably in the garage.
Gilman took it and left his to make it look like he was still here.
How long for the gas to get to the candle? Rough estimate, nine to ten hours.
Okay, the house goes up around 10:15.
That means that Gilman would have had to pull the gas line around midnight.
He's got a 14-hour lead on us.
Westchester ME said all three victims had their throats cut.
Gilman got a bonus bullet in the head.
Yeah, a 9-millimeter round.
It's consistent with a Sig Sauer P320 that Gilman would have been issued as an ICE officer.
All right, folks, thank you for giving up your Sunday brunch.
Let's push Mr.
Gilman's photo and particulars through the pipeline far and wide.
- All right? - A family annihilator.
He fits most of them are middle-aged, male, white.
Yeah, must be all those Jimmy Buffett songs.
With a 14-hour lead time, he could be anywhere by now.
I'm calling the CID for an I-O to put Gilman on the Most Wanted.
I want the Fugitive Task Force on this.
A lot of good people on that task force.
I know which one I want leading the hunt.
Dad, does Wally mind the hood? He's okay, honey.
It's not hurting him.
Keep holding that leash.
Ready? Let's see how that wing is going.
Yeah Wally! Looks amended to me.
Maybe will release him next week.
I'm proud of you, Tali.
[PHONE BUZZING] Agent LaCroix.
Yes, I'm on my way.
[GLOOMY MUSIC] I'm sorry.
Let's put Wally back.
[JINGLING] [CLICKING TONGUE] My name is Isobel Castille, Assistant Special Agent in charge of the New York Fugitive Task Force.
We are announcing today the addition of Thomas Mark Gilman to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
Gilman is wanted for triple homicide of his wife Constance Gilman and their children Mia and Roy.
The FBI Fugitive Task Force has obtained a federal arrest warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.
Gilman is considered armed and extremely dangerous.
Since 1950, 521 fugitives have been placed on the Most Wanted list.
Gilman is the 522nd.
Of those fugitives, 486 have been captured, 95% success rate.
Thank you.
Make it 487.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Gilman's been an ICE officer for ten years.
He knows our bag of tricks.
All this cool whiz-bang stuff isn't gonna catch him.
So what's your cool stuff, gut instinct? - I like to educate my gut.
- I go backwards.
What's Gilman's story? Who are his close friends, family? Well, his neighbors say that he doesn't talk about his family, but his wife has a sister in White Plains that she's close to.
Good, I'll start with her.
But we're going with you.
- This is a fugitive case now.
- Your job is done.
- Really? - I saw those children.
My job is done when Gilman's in custody.
Jubal will tell you, I work with a small team, people who've known me for years.
Agent LaCroix It's nothing personal.
My team has a shorthand, no wasted motions.
Yeah, I caught one of your talks in Quantico three years ago.
I know how you work.
Just give me this: call me for the takedown.
No promises.
You have passion, Agent Bell.
Hold on to it, it's useful.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Sheryll'll join me interviewing Mrs.
Gilman's bereaved sister.
You should try doing that hand holding bit by yourself sometime.
My hands are not as soft as yours.
Clinton, get with the ICE office in Port Chester.
Tell 'em we want to talk to Mr.
Gilman's co-workers today.
Don't let 'em stall you.
They had a bad apple.
They gotta suck it up and cooperate.
I'll sweet talk them.
Hana, everyone he spoke to on the Net, every site visited, opinion expressed, his jollies, his follies Yeah, I got it.
Young Agent Crosby, how are those guns? All mended? 100%, boss.
Do us a favor.
Next time a fugitive throws a refrigerator down a staircase, don't try to catch it.
Copy that.
Now, we all know what Mr.
Gilman did to get his spot on the Most Wanted.
Our job is not to bring justice to Mr.
Our job is to bring Mr.
Gilman to justice.
Connie was divorcing him.
She was telling him Saturday night she wanted him out before the kids woke up.
Why did your sister want a divorce? She found out he cheated on her.
She found his pills for a urinary infection.
What was their marriage like before? Tom's a control freak, and Connie was like this "yes, sir" wife, and she never stood up for herself.
But the divorce was her idea, right? I told her that she didn't deserve to be treated If I just kept my stupid mouth shut, none of Michelle, this was not your fault, okay? And you're doing great work now.
You're giving us solid information.
[GASPING] Tell us about Tom's family.
Connie said that his mom ran off when he was young, and I think his dad passed three years ago.
And what about his friends, did you know them? I don't know if he had any.
He was always off on his own, playing with the dog.
He barely even talked to his own kids.
- We'll be there in an hour.
- Thank you.
[PHONE CLICKS OFF] - Where is he? - Turning up his goodie box.
Hey, boss, I scrubbed Gilman's phone.
No trace of any girlfriend.
Gilman didn't cheat because he's looking for a relationship.
- Intimacy's not in his tool kit.
- Neither is sharing.
He's got no social media presence.
Joined Facebook in 2009, posted one picture of his daughter, and hasn't been back since.
Sounds about right.
What's he doing, inspecting suspicious marbles? It's old, Detective, maybe from his childhood.
It's interesting to me that he kept it.
The ICE office in Port Chester will have Gilman's co-workers ready for us in an hour.
I was just at his bank.
He withdrew 35K Saturday morning.
Running money.
He had a plan.
Nothing impetuous about our boy.
Sounds like this isn't your first rodeo with family annihilators.
You know they come in four flavors? There's the self-righteous type who blames everybody, especially his wife, for all the crap in his life.
There's the guy who can't get his act together and feels humiliated by his failures.
And then we have the self-pitying loser who feels like his family has let him down.
Then there's the paranoid fella who thinks his family's in danger from the outside world.
You know, moral decay or the bogeyman.
So how does he protect them? He kills his family himself.
I knew Tommy had problems at home.
Just never imagined it'd come to this.
He cheated on his wife with a woman at a massage parlor in White Plains, and he worried his wife would find out.
So he was afraid of losing his family? He was regretful.
He wanted to renew his commitment to his marriage.
Can you write down the name of that massage parlor, if you know it? You a hunter? On your keychain, that's a sight wrench.
Yes, sir, I hunt.
Is Tommy a hunter? A good one, and he lets you know it.
He likes to hunt alone.
He can spend days in the woods.
Does he have a favorite spot? Yeah, but he wouldn't tell me where.
[CHUCKLES] You said he liked to show off.
I'm sure he sent you some photos of his hunts.
[PHONE CLICKS OPEN] [PHONE CLICKING] [EXHALES] Now, where would your Fortress of Solitude be? [TENSE MUSIC] Survey marker.
Rangers found it two hours ago.
Suspect's probably out hunting.
[GRUNTS SOFTLY] [GRUNTS] I'm calling it! Gilman's not coming back.
That dog's starving.
It's been chewing through the leash.
Probably hasn't been fed in three days.
Sir, I don't think we fully Gilman staged this to pin us down here Waiting for him.
Here you go, buddy.
Here you go, come on.
Maybe he got injured hunting.
He went hunting without his rifle? - There's caves nearby.
- Maybe he's hiding there.
Yeah, you go search those caves.
That's exactly what Gilman wants, wasting our resources.
He's long gone.
He'll be looking for another mode of transport.
[BIRD SQUAWKS] Or maybe he'll grow wings.
Well played, Tommy.
Oscar Perez.
Yep, that's me.
All right, Mr.
Perez, here are your keys.
I'm just gonna take the plates off.
Don't the plates stay with the car? Oh, no, I gotta turn 'em in to the DMV.
Tell you what, why don't you count this and I'll do that.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Gilman is described as 6'3", 210 pounds with sandy brown hair and gray eyes and a large birthmark on his right shoulder blade.
- Hot water, boss.
- Thank you.
While I was staring at the wall back there, I was thinking about Gilman's dilemma.
He needs to put miles on the odometer.
He knows we've got everything covered.
He would've anticipated having to change his appearance and use a fake ID.
Being a deportation officer, arresting undocumented aliens, he would have had the pick of all the fake IDs they had.
- Right? - Mm.
I guess we're going back to Port Chester.
You, Crosby, and Hana.
Sheryll and me, we're going to a massage parlor.
I couldn't believe it was the same guy, but then they said he had a birthmark on his back.
How can a guy kill his own kids? Good question.
The Booker said Gilman was your regular client.
Okay, look, I only do therapeutic oil massage.
Rub, no tug.
Feel me? I'm feeling the stiletto heels.
Hey, Jules, we're not here to bust your chops about your sex work.
We just wanna catch Gilman, okay? Tell us what he was like with you.
He was shy.
First time, he didn't even take off his t-shirt and shorts.
He didn't want any extras, just the massage.
After, he said he wouldn't be back.
Guess who showed a week later.
He wasn't so shy the second time.
- You have sex? - Uh-huh.
He came by every week, massage then sex.
If I wasn't available, he'd wait.
Always he'd say that's it; he was never coming back.
Because he felt guilty? He said if his wife found out, he'd lose his family.
But he kept coming back.
He was like, "Why fight it"? People always leave him anyway.
Yep, like that.
[PHONE BUZZING] They got a hit on the phony IDs.
By the way, Jules, Gilman was taking an antibiotic for an STD, so You take care of yourself.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] ICE gave us some push-back, but then they discovered Gilman stole a half dozen phony IDs out of their evidence room.
- That must have been embarrassing.
- It sure was.
We put out the names of those phony IDs.
We got a bounce back from the State Police.
Detective, you have that form you showed me? The victim had it in his pocket.
Appeared he was in the process of selling his car to an Oscar Perez.
Matches one of the IDs Gilman took from the evidence room.
Any security footage? This part of the lot's a bit of a blind spot, but I got footage of the victim's car rolling out at 9:38 last night.
- Seven and half hours ago.
- Mm-hmm.
We're cutting into his lead.
Let's move, guys.
License plate reader picked up the car on the skyway.
Buffalo PD located it an hour ago in Kenmore.
I have a team sitting on it.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] We did a walk-by.
There's a knapsack in the backseat.
Doesn't look like Gilman abandoned the vehicle.
We checked the restaurants here, and every restaurant, bar, and motel in both directions.
Well, if not for the fine dining, why is he in Buffalo? - Only one reason.
- He's getting ready to cross into Canada.
There's easier places than Buffalo to sneak across the border.
Gilman would know those places.
Any massage parlors along this strip? There's a couple a few blocks from here.
He developed a bad habit, tried to shake it, but he couldn't.
Let's do it.
You take Crosby and Hana.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Lie down on your stomach.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Thank you for waiting till I was available.
You're more relaxed than yesterday.
[EXHALES] You took all your clothes off.
Maybe we can play this time.
Something wrong? - You just wait here, baby.
- I'm gonna go pee.
Don't do that.
Have you seen this man? We're not busting your place.
We just want him.
He came in about 20 minutes ago.
- He was here yesterday too.
- Is he still here? Yeah, room two with Anni.
Okay, stay here and don't make a peep.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [SOBBING] Help is on the way, all right? This is Barnes, request backup and an ambulance - You just hang in there.
- At 2231 Elmwood.
- Suspect on the move.
- Oh, my God, Anni? You stay with her.
There's an ambulance on the way.
[TIRES SQUEAL AND HORN BLARES] - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - Hey! [CAR HORN HONKS] He got spooked.
Now he'll head for Canada, just like he planned.
Oh, yeah? Well, if that's his plan, then why would our Most Wanted fugitive risk a rubdown here with a girl that he had to beat half to death because she recognized him, instead of waiting until he got to a nice Canadian massage parlor with nice Canadian girls who haven't seen his face plastered all over their video screens? - Huh? - Hey, Jess.
You asked me to check you when you go low.
That agent was just making a hypothetical.
You're right, but he committed to that hypothetical.
My old man bled us dry gambling, but he taught me once you commit to a horse, you cut off other options.
Gilman's been here two days two days.
Why? Something's keeping him here.
- Boss, check it out.
- Yep.
He killed the nav and GPS, so there's no record of where he's been.
Or who he met in Buffalo.
There was no one in the Buffalo area in his personal contacts.
Maybe it's somebody he came across in an ICE investigation.
We need to get back in their database.
After we caught them with their thumbs up their butts about the missing IDs, that's gonna be a problem.
Yeah, a big problem.
[PHONE RINGING] Agent LaCroix, you got good news for me? - Not yet.
- I need a favor.
I need full access to the ICE database.
Okay, who'd you piss off now? You must have a pal you can lean on.
Gilman's racking up a body count.
He's all torqued up, killing anybody that gets in his way.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I'll mention it.
You and LaCroix, what's the connection? We worked the Haynes Spree Killer case.
What is that, seven years ago? I was having some trouble with my sobriety at the time.
He was a help.
And then his wife died, Angelyne, in Afghanistan.
She was Army Intel.
And Jess went to a pretty dark place.
They have a daughter together.
Anyway, I helped out where I could, but somehow Jess managed to pull himself out of that tailspin.
Those are the Cliff Notes.
I don't think I've ever met an actual FBI agent before.
You don't wanna make it a habit.
So what's this about? Mr.
Venutti, have you ever met or talked to this man? His name's Thomas Gilman.
Maybe you know him as Oscar Perez.
No, I don't know him.
Gilman's an Immigration and Customs officer.
He's suspected of killing his wife and two children.
That's why I don't follow the news, too depressing.
So what's this got to do with me? Gilman searched a dozen national databases for information about you.
Why would he be interested in me? Maybe you hired undocumented workers or brought them into the country.
- No, no way.
- I run a straight business.
You can't think of any reason why Gilman has you in his radar? No.
Look, I got a lot of work to do, guys, so That's a nice-looking family you got there.
You don't mind taking one last look at Gilman? He might have had dark hair or glasses.
Oh, damn, sorry.
I didn't mean for you to see that.
That's the wife when they found her.
Here, that's the kids.
- Sorry.
- All right.
That's enough, all right? You guys need to leave.
I'm done.
I didn't mean to upset you.
You didn't break him, but you sure skeeved him.
- He wasn't repulsed.
- He was scared.
He knows Gilman.
I time-travelled Venutti all the way back to East Buffalo High School.
There's no intersection with Gilman.
No work history, no clubs, no church How is anybody fooled by these? These guys don't even look related to Gilman.
People like to be nice.
They don't like to ask about pictures on IDs.
[SQUAWKING] The hell was that? Tali sent me a video of her feeding a falcon on her grandparents' farm.
Let me see.
Aw, she's such a sweetie.
She looks more beautiful every time I see her.
That thing looks like it's gonna rip her face off.
If you wanna get her a pet bird, you should try a parakeet.
- That's not a pet.
- It's a wild animal.
It ran into a high-rise about three weeks ago.
We'll release it once it's healthy.
I'm teaching Tali about falconry.
Well, on that note, I'm gonna make a run for some hot wings.
Figured they gotta be good here, you know, Buffalo.
Any takers? My sister she'd be very proud about how you're raising Tali.
After Angelyne, Tali's the only reason I'm still here.
Even with your parents to watch over her, I could never leave her alone.
We need a deep dive on Venutti.
I went deep, so deep I got his penalty minutes in JV hockey.
Deeper, I wanna know the name of the doctor that pulled him out of his mother's womb.
[GRUNTS] - Good morning, Mr.
- We brought you breakfast.
Look, I don't have anything to say to you guys, okay? So, please look, I'm sorry.
I We paid good money for those donuts.
- I'm very busy today, okay? - I Either you talk to us about Gilman or you talk to a judge.
- I don't know him, okay? - I don't know him.
So stop harassing me.
Just stop.
Ah! - Look, I don't know him! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - I don't know him! - I don't know him, please! - Breathe.
- Hey! - I don't know him! - Breathe, Mr.
- Breathe, breathe.
- Listen to us, okay? We found your name change when you were six, and you were adopted by John Venutti, the man your mother married after she ran away from your real father.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Look at me, Mr.
This is you in Tommy's arms - when he was ten and you were two.
- No, no, I don't Look how he's holding you so you won't fall.
Look how happy you are, safe in your brother's arms.
Look at the picture, Mr.
Your big brother Tommy.
- [SOBBING] - It's okay.
It's okay.
Stop, please, okay.
I swear to God, I'm not trying to protect him.
- I know what he did to his family.
- Did he threaten you? No, but I don't know what he was gonna do.
So why'd he contact you? He wants to know where our mother is.
What's he want with your mother? He didn't say, but I know he wants to hurt her.
Because she abandoned him? It wasn't her fault, our father hurt her.
That's why she ran away.
- Without your brother? - She couldn't take him.
I was five, he was fourteen.
He was afraid to leave our old man; he stayed.
I mean, the worse part for Tommy was she had to hide from our old man.
So she changed her name, her social security number.
She had to, though.
Did she or you try to contact Tommy? When he turned 18, she called him.
He blamed her for ruining the family.
He spewed all this hate at her.
She was afraid.
But she made me promise to keep trying, to reach out to him.
I sent him cards for his birthday.
They always came back undelivered.
There was nothing until two days ago when he showed up at my house.
Our parents' divorce, it just broke him.
What did you tell Tommy about your mother? I told him the truth: she's dead from a brain tumor, two months ago.
He didn't wanna believe me.
- He thought you were protecting her.
- Yeah.
I told him, "Look, she's buried at St.
Veronica's "outside Rochester with my stepfather.
You can go look.
" So he'll go to the cemetery and see you're telling the truth.
No, there's no headstone for her.
I haven't had a chance to get one.
I haven't even had a chance to empty out her house.
You have to understand Tommy's gonna come back at me.
Okay? I know it.
You have any way of contacting him? No, he called me once, but there was an unknown caller ID.
We can find that number.
What are you gonna do when you find him? That's up to him.
You gotta promise me you're not gonna hurt him.
Okay? Who he is, what he's done he wasn't always like that.
Hey, buddy, is there a Raquel Venutti buried here next to her husband? I don't see a marker.
Would have been buried about two months ago.
- Check the church office.
- Come back when they're open.
Well, how 'bout you come over here and you tell me if there's a gravesite there.
It's easy, man.
- I gotta work.
- Come back tomorrow.
Come back tomorrow - Hey, hey, hey! - Put that down! Shut up.
[GRUNTING] [PANTING] What are you looking at? [GRUNTING] Stop! [GRUNTING] Hey, stop.
[GRUNTING] [PANTING] [GROANS] Witnesses say Gilman got into an altercation with the custodian when he couldn't find his mother's grave, stole a pickaxe and went kinetic on her husband's headstone.
Of course, the man he blames for stealing his mommy away from him.
Just imagine what he would have done to his mother.
Or might still wanna do.
He has no proof that she's dead.
And I'm sure he wants to believe she's alive so he can punish her.
So let's give him his wish.
I already told him that she's dead, and he doesn't even know where she lived.
You'll give him the address when you call him.
You'll say you lied about her being dead to protect her.
- I already told you.
- I don't have a contact for him.
We got his number from the call he made to you.
He's been turning his phone on and off so we're not able to track him.
But as soon as he turns it back on Why would he believe me? Because he's already halfway there.
He wants to believe it.
[SIGHS] Look, I understand why he was so upset with my mom.
I just wish I wish that he would have given her a chance while she was alive.
She wasn't this awful person.
I wanna I wanna show you something.
Here, this is from last October.
She just turned 72.
- Thank you so much.
- It's such a beautiful cake.
All right, make a wish, Mom.
I wish I'm so sorry so sorry.
It's all right.
That Grandpa and Tommy, my Tommy can't be here.
See? She never really got over leaving Tommy behind.
[DEVICE BLEEPS] His phone's back on.
Venutti, please.
- You lied to me, Mikey.
- There's no grave.
- I'm sorry, Tommy.
- I didn't mean to lie.
It's just that you were so mad at Mom.
Yeah, wouldn't you be? She left me behind.
I was just a kid.
Now, where is she, Mikey? Where is she, Mikey? [SIGHS] 4890 Hardt Road in East Eden.
Now listen, I'm gonna find it, but you stay away.
Do you understand me? Tommy, listen to me, she's dead, okay? Don't go! Don't go, it's a trap! Listen, Mom's dead.
Tommy! Don't go! Tommy! [PANTING] He's my brother.
He protected me from our father.
He took the beatings that were meant for me.
I can't do that to him.
Do you understand? I'm sorry.
Gilman turned his phone off.
He'll be in the wind.
Nothing's holding him here anymore.
Except he wants his mom to be alive.
We're taking that birthday video.
I'm so sorry.
[AUDIO PLAYING IN REVERSE] Gilman's turning his phone on and off every hour or so.
He's heading west.
We need to be ready, soon as he pings a tower.
- You hear that, Scorsese? - Cut faster.
Just got the CCTV footage from outside the cemetery.
This is where we needed a Scorsese, to get an angle on that license plate.
I still can't believe Venutti boned us like that.
Blood is thicker.
So is guilt.
He got the good life, while the brother he loved got to be a punch bag for their dad.
Can't be here.
Jess LaCroix.
We're just outside Buffalo.
How quick can you get here? And this cold front is showing no sign of slowing up for the next 24 hours.
Snow and high winds are expected to sweep through Buffalo and parts of Lewis County with possible accumulations of six to ten inches.
Across the higher terrains [PHONE CLICKING] [SIGHS] Travel will be difficult with this winter weather [PHONE RINGING] So make sure you slow down and use caution while driving.
And in other news, the city of Fair Haven Oh, come on.
Yeah, who's this? Tommy.
Mom? I'm so sorry.
Hey, is that is that really you? My Tommy, so sorry.
Mom? [LINE CLICKS] No, no, no.
Mom? Hey, hey, hey, Mom! Mom? [GRUNTS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GROANS] He just pinged a tower.
He's heading east.
He turned around.
- He took the bait.
- Nice work, Agent Crosby.
Agent LaCroix, my team is briefed and ready to deploy.
Very good.
He have a 30-acre farm here with a trained, resourceful, violent character.
Better we find him before he finds us.
Mercy's not our business, but we'll take him alive if we can.
There's no satisfaction for us or for the families in dumping a corpse in front of a judge.
- Understood? - ALL: Understood.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
- Go, move! - Move out.
[TENSE MUSIC] Cutting it close, Agent Bell.
Let's go then.
- Spotter, status update.
- Negative no thermal.
I'm glad Jubal let you come.
Was I supposed to tell him? It's Gilman.
It's him.
Let's go.
Show me your hands.
I said show me your hands.
Move towards me.
Move towards me.
Venutti I won't let you kill him.
You can't be in here.
[GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [GRUNTING AND GROANING] [MOANING] Jess? - No! - I'm not gonna let you hurt him! - I got him protected.
- Get away! - Hey, hey - You get away! - Easy, easy.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's me, it's me.
It's okay.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
It's okay, it's me.
- Take your best shot.
- You earned it.
I'm not armed.
My gun dropped when I took a header down the stairs.
- Tommy, just talk to me.
- Put the gun down, Tommy.
- Tell me what you want.
- Can't get what I want.
She's not coming back, is she? She's dead, isn't she? I told you she was dead.
No one deserves to go through what your mother put you through, Tommy.
- Nobody.
- She left me with a lunatic.
He did to me everything he wanted to do to her.
But I'm gonna finish it.
This whole miserable family, I'm gonna finish it.
Shut up! Shut up! Hey, hey, you tell them to stand down right now! Everybody hold positions! Please, please, please, please, please - Shut up.
- I'm sorry.
Shut up.
[PANTING] Come on, Tommy.
Look at your kid brother.
He doesn't want you to get hurt.
I've got no shot on the target.
You hear me, brother? If you die, Tommy, who's gonna tell your story? Who's gonna say what your parents did to you? Huh? If you die here, you're just gonna be remembered as a as a monster, instead of what you are, which is a wounded kid alone in the world.
[PANTING] That's as clear to me as the bottles on that shelf.
- Got it.
- I'll make a lateral.
- Oh, Tommy, listen to him.
- Okay? Don't sell yourself short, Tommy.
He wants the shortie.
[CLICKS] I know you regret the situation.
I saw the pictures of your kids.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- My kids loved me so much.
- [SOBBING] - I know, Tommy.
- Come on, Tommy.
- What are you thinking? - Talk to me! - There's no point.
- Nobody ever stands up for me.
- That's not true, Tommy.
That's not true, I'm right here.
- They always leave me behind.
- I'm your brother.
- I'm right here, Tommy.
- I know.
Sending it now.
- We need a medic here.
- Copy that.
- Thank you.
Gilman - Let's go.
You're under arrest pursuant to a federal fugitive warrant.
- Watch your step.
- Good throw.
- Good catch.
[CHUCKLES] We'll clean it up from here.
Maybe we'll do this again sometime.
Yeah, maybe so.
Hey, thanks for reaching out.
Of course.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] You know back in the cellar, you really sounded like you had compassion for Gilman.
I mean like you really felt his pain.
I did feel his pain.