FBI (2018) s01e19 Episode Script

Conflict of Interest

Please tell me we're not giving an inch on this deal.
It's your negotiation.
It's your call.
But take the emotion out of it.
It's not personal.
It's business.
You just said, "Thanks for eating my dog in Shanghai this morning.
" Good night, Ryan.
Good night, Michelle.
Time to go home.
I had an aisle seat and I was sitting next to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
There was no ring, either.
I couldn't believe it.
Outta nowhere, this man walks up to me and asks to switch seats with me because his wife and kid are sitting in the aisle across from me.
- You didn't.
- I did.
I-I felt bad.
What the hell? What are you doing, dumb-ass? Hey! No, no, no, no But wait, wait, wait, wait.
Do you remember when we tied Eric's shoelaces together before we breached that apartment? Fool.
What a fool.
Man, ah, - I'm sorry, Juan.
- Oh! That's a game over, papi.
- Pay up.
A bet's a bet.
- Relax.
No need to call the FBI.
Okay, but seriously, how you doing? - I'm good.
- Yeah? For real.
I mean, I'm still working through some things, but What? I gotta go, but if you need anything or you wanna talk, you just call me, okay? I appreciate the offer.
I don't like to bother you, man, now that you're a big fancy G-man.
Shut up.
I'm here for you.
I'll see you soon.
Sorry I'm late.
Detective Steve Torino, Nassau County PD.
I thought this was ours, but when I saw the diplomatic plates, I, uh You knew the pleasure was ours.
Now, here's the nickel tour of the scene.
The vics are Ryan Parker he's the diplomat and his driver, Scott Callum.
What kind of diplomat? To China, whatever kind that is.
I just did a ten-second search on my phone.
Any witnesses? Well, we're still canvassing.
Nothing so far.
Best lead we got is someone down the block heard gunfire and saw a white van driving away.
No plate, but we got the make and model and we sent out a BOLO.
Well, they clearly waited for them to go up the driveway, maybe boxed him in.
Any souvenirs left behind? Negative.
Shooter covered his ass.
Scooped up the casings.
Hey, look at the diplomat's right hand.
He's got abrasions on his knuckles.
Maybe there was an altercation.
I don't think so.
This looks like a straight-up assassination.
Okay, I'll toss the interior.
- You take the trunk.
- Yeah.
Well, the luggage is all here.
Hey, OA.
Look at this.
There's paint that's hanging off of the bumper, except paint doesn't hang.
The spectrometry analysis shows that the white paint is actually 90-micron vinyl with adhesive backing.
Meaning the van was wrapped in automotive contact paper - to mask its actual color.
- Right.
All right, hey, B, let's update the BOLO.
We're now looking for a van that's anything but white.
And we're also looking for one shooter.
All the rounds came from the same 9mm pistol.
- Okay.
- So we've got one van, one shooter, two dead.
What do we know about these two guys? Uh, well, we're still doing our due diligence on the driver, but I think we can assume the primary target was the diplomat.
I mean, someone shoots at The Clash's tour bus, target's Joe Strummer, not the roadie.
- Well - Don't.
- Don't even start.
- And Ryan Parker? 38.
Worked for Google for five years before joining the State Department.
His parents live in Tacoma, Washington, and his only emergency contacts in New York City are his coworkers.
Yeah, well, let's talk to them right away.
I just got a call from the ADIC.
As you can imagine, our friends in DC are very anxious to have this case solved quickly.
Ryan and I worked together for six years.
We were very close.
What was his official position with the State Department? Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Trade.
And you were with Ryan all week in Shanghai? Yes, we flew back last night.
We landed at JFK, then went right to the party at the consulate.
Why were you in China? Ryan was negotiating trade deals.
Apple juice mostly.
And I'm his translator.
I'm sorry, apple juice? China's the world's number-one supplier of apple juice concentrate.
We were discussing packaging guidelines to conform with new EPA guidelines.
Anything unusual happen? No.
It was pretty boring, actually.
America and China have their issues, but apple juice isn't one of them.
Ryan had fresh scrapes on his right hand.
You know anything about that? - No.
- I do.
Ryan told me about an altercation he got into yesterday at JFK.
What about? Luggage.
I was able to pull this from JFK security.
And there's Ryan.
Keep an eye on the guy in a baseball cap to the right.
Appears to be male, black, hat down low.
He knows what he's doing.
What, 5'10"? Yeah, and watch what he does next.
He tries to steal Ryan's bag.
So Ryan tries to stop him.
"Excuse me, sir, I believe you've taken my valise," and whoosh! Out of nowhere, baseball cap guy takes a swing at him, misses.
And bam, Ryan hits back.
Not a bad right cross.
Yeah, especially for a diplomat.
So the fight starts to draw attention.
People try to break it up.
Baseball cap guy runs off.
Hey, check it out.
Look who's standing nearby, watching.
What? That's the translator, Michelle.
She said she didn't know anything about the fight.
R - So either she's lost in thought, ruminating over the riveting apple juice negotiations, or she's lying her ass off.
All right, y'all, check this out.
We have a new person of interest.
Her name is Michelle Chang.
She's a Chinese interpreter.
Most recently, she was working with one of our DOAs, Ryan Parker.
Let's pull her file and find out more about her, okay? Let's go check out Ryan's suitcase again.
There's gotta be a reason why he wanted that particular bag.
Something's gotta be inside it.
Something worth killing for.
Shirts, pants, socks.
A shaving kit.
- It's all standard stuff.
- I don't get it.
If the bag is so important, then why didn't the shooter just take it out of the trunk after he shot Ryan and the driver? Because then we would be entirely focused on finding the missing suitcase.
He must have taken something out from inside here.
All right, check that out.
Hold up.
There's a false bottom.
It's empty.
Okay, let's get someone to take this to the lab, see if they can figure out what was inside.
Michelle Chang is here.
So you told us that you didn't even know that Ryan was in a fight, but that's you right there, watching.
You're not even 30 feet away.
I didn't see it.
I was looking for my driver.
Well, our forensics team did a geometric reconstruction of your eyeline, and based on their analysis, they believe there's a 97.
94% chance that you were looking right at Ryan.
More importantly, it's a felony to lie to the FBI, so you might wanna reconsider your answer.
Why don't you tell us about the suitcase? I met a guy at a club last year.
We started hanging out.
He knew I was a translator for a U.
diplomat, so one night he asks if I wanna make some easy money.
What did he want you to do? Give Ryan a duplicate suitcase.
One with a secret compartment.
Each time we flew back to New York, I'd slip a package inside.
Said it was for his Nigerian friend who worked at the airport.
What was in that package? I don't know.
I never looked.
How many times did you do this? Five.
Your Chinese friend did he have a name? All right, people, the man Michelle was working with is a Chinese national named Wang Li.
Odds of this being real seem remote, but let's run it down anyway, and yes, I know Wang Li is the Chinese equivalent of John Smith.
Have we heard from the lab? Uh, yeah, no forensics in the car or on the body.
- Suitcase? - Still working on it.
Stay on it.
We need to find that van.
I want all available analysts looking at traffic cams 24/7.
Oh, you wanna Um, I think I may have found the Nigerian friend at JFK.
I did a rundown on all Air China baggage handlers that were scheduled to work yesterday, and all of them showed up, except for one.
His name is Kevin Okoro.
He was T-boned on his way to work by a City Tour Bus.
Is he okay? He's in a medically-induced coma, but the doctors think he'll survive.
What do we know about Okoro? Not much.
He's 31.
No priors.
He went to Nassau Community College and he's got a really great credit score.
Okay, so if the inside man is Nigerian, we have to assume the boss is too.
I want you to call the OC, ask if there are any Nigerian street gangs operating in Brooklyn, Queens There is one.
Uh, the White Horses.
They run drugs out of Flatbush.
You have any sources you can talk to? Yeah, I have a friend that lives in that part of town.
Mo! - Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Good to see you, man.
- Yeah, you too.
What's up? Uh Well You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, no.
No, I'm good.
How are you? You solid? You asking as my sponsor or my friend? Uh, well, both, but if you're gonna make me choose, your sponsor, I guess.
I'm doing great, man.
I'm proud of you.
- 724 days sober, bro.
- Yep.
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made it, like, 724 minutes.
Stop it.
It's all you.
So what's up? Yeah.
So I know we said to keep our jobs and our lives separate, so I-I hesitate to even ask.
And yet, you've come all the way down here to my apartment, so I'm guessing it's important.
It is.
Then I'm happy to help.
Do you know this guy? What, all Nigerians know each other? I'm just I'm just playing, man.
Just playing.
Yeah, I, uh I know him.
Yeah? His name is Okoro.
I think he works at JFK.
He does.
Does he, uh, work for anyone else when he's not working at JFK? Yes.
The White Horses.
H-he got involved with them a few years back when I was still in the in the drug game.
That's all I need to know.
Thanks for your help.
You're gonna make me look good to my bosses.
I got you, man.
Got it.
That was Jubal.
His friend just confirmed that Mr.
Okoro is affiliated with the White Horses.
Excuse me.
We'd like to speak to one of your patients, Kevin Okoro.
He died.
An hour ago.
W from his injuries? Can I help you guys? Yeah, we came in here to check on Kevin Okoro.
- We just heard he passed.
- Yeah.
Somebody suffocated him.
All right, listen up, Yankee fans.
Another case just landed on the docket.
Victim's name is Kevin Okoro.
He was pronounced dead at St.
Ann's this afternoon at 2:04 p.
NYPD believes he was suffocated.
Silver lining is Mr.
Okoro played for the White Horses.
Only evidence is a nurse saw a black male leaving Okoro's room shortly before he was found dead, and there, of course, no video of the crime, since camera's aren't allowed in the patients' rooms, so that means we will have to get creative.
So let's activate the right side of our brains and get to work.
That is all.
Thing about these White Horses - Hmm? - They sure play hardball.
Yeah, they must've caught wind that we were investigating, so they take out Okoro to tie off the homicide case.
But I mean, what is this about? Is it about cocaine? Is it about heroin? No, it's worse.
Lab results just came back on the suitcase.
Found traces of carfentanil.
100 times more toxic than fentanyl, 10,000 times more toxic than morphine.
China is a major supplier.
Based on the dimensions of the hidden compartment in Ryan Parker's luggage, we're looking at a street value of over $10 million.
They also found residue Of pure fentanyl in the bag as well.
I'm guessing that's what Michelle was sneaking into Ryan's suitcase for the first few trips before they upgraded to the more potent stuff.
Hey, we just got a hit on the BOLO.
NYPD found an abandoned van same make, same model of the van from the shooting.
Dent on the front bumper, too.
- Call Maggie and OA for me.
- Right away.
What's up? My buddy, Juan.
We did a tour in Iraq together.
I told you about him.
- Yeah, yeah.
- He's struggling.
Seems a little lost.
What, drugs? He's definitely partying too much.
He just needs a new job, find some focus.
Maybe you should talk to Jubal.
No, he's not an addict.
He's just having trouble adjusting to the real world.
What? Nothing.
Look, if it were me, I would talk to Jubal.
- Hey.
- Bar owner across the street called it in yesterday.
Yeah, there we go.
The van was definitely wrapped in vinyl.
There's pieces left here on the bottom.
I mean, come on.
You're gonna be a criminal, at least be all-in.
You know what I mean? Like, pay attention to the details.
This is Agent Zidan.
Need an ERT down here to do a sweep of this abandoned van prints, DNA.
Bar owner say anything else to you? He saw a black guy parking his van here, told him the spot was reserved.
Black guy flipped him off.
They got into it for a few minutes, then he ran off and jumped into a yellow cab.
The cab was waiting for him? He was driving it.
What time was this? Around 2:00 a.
Can you drop me off at the subway? I just got another text.
I gotta check on Juan.
Uh, yeah.
I'm sorry to bring you into all this, but I'm just in a jam.
My mom's cancer kicked up again.
Um, I'm sorry to hear that She's okay, for now, but she needs medicine.
Some sort of new chemo pill, but her insurance got canceled three months ago 'cause she got sick.
She had to stop working.
How can I help? I hate to ask you again, but It's okay.
Just name a number.
- Two grand? - Yeah.
You got it.
You're a good friend, Omar.
- Hey.
- Ah, hey.
So I've been trying to pull video footage of any yellow cabs near the location of the stolen van around 2:00 a.
, but I struck out.
There are no cameras in the area, so I shifted gears and I looked for yellow cabs near St.
Ann's around the time Okoro was suffocated.
Found this.
Yeah, all right.
Can't really make out his face.
No, but I got a really good look at his license plate.
- Oh, great.
- Oh, good.
- His name is - Morris Kalu.
That's my my friend.
It doesn't make any sense.
Morris is a good man.
He's had his issues, but he's worked very hard to do better, to to move forward.
How exactly do you know this man? I'm his sponsor.
He's an addict.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I didn't know that.
Ah, it's okay.
He's very open about his recovery.
Was Morris ever part of this gang, the White Horses? Yeah, yes.
When he was younger, he sold dope on the streets for a few years.
Then he got addicted and he started stealing, did some time.
I met him at a meeting two years ago.
He was remorseful.
He was honest.
We started talking.
Well, I became his sponsor, so Is it possible he started dealing again for the White Horses? Maybe But I doubt it.
I'm I see him pretty regularly, and, uh, there's no evidence of any kind of illegal activity.
But if there was, If there was, then I screwed up.
I'll talk to him.
You'll talk to him as a suspect.
Oh, yeah, as a suspect.
Right here is fine.
Yo, what's up? You look upset.
I need to ask you some questions, and just so we're clear, I'm asking you as an FBI agent, not your sponsor.
Oh, okay.
So Are you carrying a gun? I'm a cab driver in New York City.
- What you expect? - And you got a license for it.
I-I no.
Really, Mo? What are you thinking, man? A nine-mil? You're carrying a nine-mil.
Yo, man, what are you I need I need to take you in and ask you some more questions.
What I need you to do is turn around, put your hands behind your back.
- Yo, what are you talking - Mo.
Are you serious right now? Sorry, man.
Look, Morris, if you're using again and you got caught up in something, just lay it out for me and I'll do what I can.
I'm not using.
Okay, good.
I need to tell me where you were two nights ago at 11:00 p.
W-what's going on, man? What do you think I've done? I'm gonna cut through all the cop crap.
I'm gonna come at you straight, and I appreciate you doing the same.
Are you working for the White Horses again? Are the involved in the smuggling operation, - the murders? - What are you talking about? We have video of someone who looks like you near St.
Ann's hospital minutes after Okoro was killed.
O-Okoro? St.
Ann's? Yeah.
I haven't been in that part of town in months.
Is that your cab? Yeah.
That's mine, and I worked my ass off to buy that cab, too, but I did it by working hard, not by moving drugs.
Are you positive? Did you look at the license plate number? Yes, I'm positive! Then where were you two nights ago at 11:00 p.
? At home.
Can anyone verify that? No.
I was alone, and why do you keep asking about two nights ago? Two men were killed a diplomat and his driver and they were shot with nine-millimeters, and there is evidence to suggest the killer was using a yellow cab, and this Is you, a block from St.
Ann's, getting into your cab.
No, no.
That that's not me.
That's my cab, but that's not me, okay? What do you mean? No, that that's the guy I rent to sometimes.
Uh, does this guy have a name? Trevor Jabari.
Trevor Jabari? That's the man who's getting into your cab? Yes.
I rent to him five times a month.
See, he writes me a check.
I-I-I can I can show you.
Okay, good.
I believe you.
Trevor Jabari, known member of the White Horses and part-time New York cab driver, is now our prime suspect.
We believe he was the man driving the van the night of the two murders and the man exiting the hospital shortly after Okoro's death.
That's three kills, people.
Puts him in the Murderer Hall of Fame.
- Look into that.
- Let's find this pond scum, and fast.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
So we checked Jabari's last known.
His landlord says he hasn't been there in months.
What about his financials? Well, he's been making ATM withdrawals over the last couple of months at a place called Platinum Media, LLC, doing business as "Nirvana," which is a nightclub in Brooklyn.
And here's why Jabari was here all the time.
I found social media photos of him and a woman named Chantelle King.
Single mom, five-year-old daughter, and a cocktail waitress at Nirvana.
Yeah, quick, call Maggie and OA.
- Get 'em over there now.
- Copy that.
Trevor Jabari? Don't know no one by that name.
That's a bad answer, Chantelle.
We know that you have a young daughter, so I'm assuming you don't want to go to prison.
Okay, I know Trevor.
We hang out sometimes.
Why? What's up? We need to know where he's staying these days.
Don't know.
- Hey.
- Hey, it's me.
I just ran Jabari's financials.
He made a $300 withdrawal at Nirvana ten seconds ago.
He's there.
Send backup right away.
Copy that.
Wow, Chantelle.
You're a really bad listener.
- What are you talking about? - We know that he's here.
Why don't you take us to him right now? He's in the VIP room.
Well, why don't you show us where that is? Maroon shirt, black jacket.
On the couch.
Don't move! Don't move.
Move! - Hey! - I'm splitting! Stop resisting! Oh, he's got a gun.
Hey! Drop the weapon! We're sorry about your friend.
It was self-defense.
He didn't g Which one of you shot him? That that's not relevant to the conversation.
But like my partner said, we really are sorry for your loss.
So it was you.
All right, look, Chantelle, either you're gonna tell us everything you know about Jabari's drug operation who he worked for, where he hung out or we're gonna charge you with felony obstruction.
What do you want to know? For starters You good? I gotta go.
What the hell's going on? Christina found him on the floor, unconscious.
Unconscious? What, like he passed out? No.
He OD'd.
He OD'd? On what? Coke? No, this new crap.
Is he gonna make it? Don't know.
Doctors say they're doing their best.
I was I was just with him.
He asked me for some cash.
He said his mom needed to buy some medicine, so I gave him $2,000.
He was playing you, Omar.
He's an addict.
I just talked to ballistics.
The gun you found on Jabari is the same weapon used to kill Ryan Parker and his driver.
Looks like we got our man.
Uh, we got the shooter.
I'm not so sure about the man.
From what Chantelle told us, Jabari was taking his orders from this guy named Tayo.
He's the one who calls all the shots and is overseeing the entire drug operation from top to bottom.
Well, his drugs are starting to wreak havoc.
In the past 24 hours, there have been nine fatal overdoses, all of them related to this carfentanil crap.
We need to find this stuff fast.
Yeah, well, the good news is we know where it is.
According to Chantelle, Tayo's sitting on the drugs at a warehouse on Frederick Street.
- Let's hit it now.
- Based on what? We don't have enough evidence to get a warrant.
So let's go back to your friend Morris and put him in play.
Uh, no.
He hasn't been in the gang for years.
There's no way he'd be interested in something like that.
Interesting? I wasn't planning on sending an invitation.
We popped him for carrying an unlicensed firearm.
That's three years, minimum.
Okay, well, I'm not gonna jam him up over the gun, all right? We'll find another way.
With all due respect, that's not our problem.
I'm just telling you like it is, Jubal.
We catch a guy dirty, he has a choice.
He either cooperates or he does time.
That's how we do business.
That's how we get bad guys off the street.
And I appreciate the lesson.
Am I wrong? Delivery's a little harsh, but no, you're not wrong.
Morris is the only way into that community.
He knows the players and the streets.
Jubal, we just need one more piece of evidence tying Tayo to the smuggling and the homicides.
Then we can get a warrant and we'll take that route.
I get it.
I get it.
I think we can find another way.
My relationship with Morris is complicated.
I've got a duty to look out for him.
You also have a duty to protect the people of this city and get these lethal drugs off the street, and to arrest the man who ordered these three murders.
Right now, Morris is an asset.
He can't be ignored.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
You you want me to wear a wire a-and talk to Tayo? I know it's a big ask, but, uh, the truth is that the other alternative is a lot worse.
Excuse me? The gun that we found W-wait, you're gonna jam me up over that gun? - For real? - I'm sorry, Mo.
I'm I'm I'm just being honest.
You can work with us, and you'll get a pass on the gun, or or you're gonna be charged with possession of an unlicensed handgun, and you're probably gonna serve some time.
- Wait - I will support you no matter what you decide, but in my opinion, staying out of prison is the better choice here.
I'm not sure about that.
Well, it's real hard to stay sober in prison.
It's not a great support system.
Yeah, well, my support system on the outside not so great, either.
You're right, but we are where we are, and there's nothing I can do about it.
- You hear me? - Loud and clear.
Okay, Jubal, we're good to go.
Got live audio and video.
Copy that.
Just do your thing.
We're right outside if things go bad.
We'll come pull you out.
Just say the word.
I know.
Let's do this.
What you need? Uh, l-looking for Tayo.
Tell him Morris has something important to tell him.
Why don't you tell me what he needs to know? Uh, it's sensitive.
For his ears only.
Take a walk, bro.
I ain't got time for your games.
We will be there in 30 seconds if things start to go south.
- Yeah.
- You want to be the go-between? That that's cool with me.
He's gonna do fine.
He knows the game.
I'm not so sure about that.
He's a different guy now.
He sees things differently.
Doesn't mean he can't fake it, persuade Tayo to start talking.
Just tell him I got some information.
The FBI's been asking about him and Jabari.
But trust me, Tayo knows me from back in the day.
Dude named Morris is here.
Says he's been talking to the FBI.
- Okay, he's in.
- Yeah.
Now the only visual we have is the body cam.
You know what? Give me the keys.
- Wait, what? - Why? What are you doing? I want to move the van closer.
No, we cannot risk moving.
Hey, last time I checked, I'm in charge.
Jubal, we have no idea how many eyes are on the street.
I don't think we should make any sudden movements.
This fool says he knows you.
He does.
What's up, homie? All good.
Yeah, I don't mean to bother you.
I'm just here to relay some information.
FBI's been asking about me and Jabari.
Yeah, yeah, uh, they came to me 'cause Jabari he rents my cab, but they also asked about you.
Asked if I knew you, if I ever seen you two talking, so So yeah.
What did you tell them? Nothing.
I know the drill.
Why did you lie? What's your take? I thought maybe Yes, that's no problem.
I appreciate you looking out.
Where are you going? Why not get high right here? What what you mean? If you came all the way here for that, - why not take a bump? - You gotta be kidding me.
I gotta pull him out.
Well, no, hold on.
Let's just wait a second.
Um, I'm saving it for later.
Me and my girl we're g we're gonna share it.
- Later.
- Yeah.
Ain't no such thing as later when you're an addict.
Did you pat this fool down? He ain't got no strap.
- C-come on, man.
- I ain't worried about no gun.
Why y'all why y'all doing this? Easter's right around the corner, man.
He's been burned.
Call it in now! All units move in.
I repeat, all units move in.
They bailed.
Where the hell'd they go? And why'd they take Morris? To find out what he knows and dump him.
Hey, guys, head back that way.
I got him.
There he is.
FBI! Stop! Oof.
Oh! Don't move! Freeze! - FBI! - We got this.
- Get in the car.
- FBI! Drop the gun! Don't move! Back off, now, or I'll shoot him.
Put the weapon on the ground right now.
It's over.
We are driving out of here, or I'll shoot him right now.
It's your choice.
You're not leaving with him.
It's not gonna happen, so put your gun down, or I will shoot you.
Oh, take the shot! He's gonna kill me! Shut up! I'm not saying it again.
I got you.
I got you.
- You good? - Yeah, yeah.
I got you, Mo.
I got you.
- Um - Hey, before you say anything uh, I just want to say I'm I'm really sorry about your friend Juan.
Maggie just told me that he passed away.
I had no idea.
Um I was in over my head.
I didn't even know that he was an addict.
Well, it can be pretty hard to spot, unless you've lived with the disease yourself.
Um how's Morris? He's good.
Yeah, he's he's strong.
- He did great.
- Yeah.
It's not an easy position to be in, especially as an ex-addict.
Well, there's no such thing, really.
All it takes is one bad day.
Anyway, have a good night.
May I come in? Uh So I I came by to say well, I wish I was a better sponsor.
I am truly sorry.
Now, do you have what Tayo gave you? Come on, Mo.
There you go.
Come on.
And just the one baggie? Yeah, it's okay.
It's just a slip, not a leap.
Okay? So what now? There is a meeting two blocks from here, and it starts in a half an hour And we are going to go together.
You and me.