FBI (2018) s01e20 Episode Script

Lies Beneath

1 [CROWD CLAMORING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Look at the skyline, Tarek.
A city's beautiful illusion.
But reality is what's down on the street.
It is time for your medication, sir.
Another illusion, Tarek, that this will keep me alive.
[RATTLING] [SOMBER MUSIC] Soon they won't.
[PHONE RINGS] That is the private line.
[PHONE RINGING] This is Tarek.
I see.
Yes, yes.
Of course.
We must get to New York.
[DOOR SLAMS SHUT] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [CROWD CLAMORING] [DRAMATIC CHORDS] The subject of our security briefing is this guy, Ahmed El-Masri.
He's, uh, Egyptian senior leadership, and he's staying in Toronto while he awaits a heart transplant.
You know this guy? I know he runs the secret police.
Today is his lucky day.
We just found out he's coming here for a new heart, and State has tasked us with protecting El-Masri.
He may need it.
Certain people want to see him dead.
Payback for his, shall we say, uneven track record on human rights.
Regardless, guarding him is our top priority, and our protectee is already in the air.
So we have exactly zero prep time.
The transplant center is Lutheran Hospital, and job one is to protect it and to safeguard the transfer of the donor heart.
But there are plenty of assignments to go around.
No shortage of work here, people.
- What do we got? A cordial invitation to check into the background of 200 hospital workers.
- A through C.
- Same, but D through F.
I get the feeling it's going to be a long day.
[SCOFFS] Yeah.
Oh, wait.
I got something else for you, actually.
You want me on El-Masri's security detail? Yeah, who better? You have SWAT training, you speak Arabic.
Is there a problem? No.
I'm all in.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Agent Hopper, tell me who would move on El-Masri.
Two assassination attempts in Egypt were tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Then last month in Toronto, a more sophisticated effort.
A car bomb.
They blew up his bodyguard instead of him.
It's not clear who was behind that one, but half a dozen groups would love to see this guy dead.
We're putting together a list of potential suspects.
We'll get it to you soon.
Have you been in touch with NSA? Have they picked up any chatter? No, but they just sent this over.
, [KEYS CLACKING] Maggie, it may be nothing, but NSA intercepted a video of El-Masri leaving his hotel.
It was sent to a cell phone here in town.
- Belonging to who? - Well, that's the question.
The phone that received the video was sold two weeks ago at a local shop.
I need you to go there and find out who bought it.
- Okay.
- Take Agent Perkins with you.
Uh, Agent Bell, this foreign dignitary thing.
How often does somebody come after the protectee? I mean, we always prepare for it, but I haven't seen any real trouble.
Good to know.
You sound disappointed, Agent Perkins.
Would you prefer that he was killed on our watch? No, no.
Of course not.
It's just that I have an accounting degree, so they stuck me in White Collar.
Yeah, I'm just giving you a hard time.
Nobody joins the FBI to ride the desk.
I didn't.
El-Masri, I'm Special Agent General El-Masri.
Special Agent Zidan.
I'll be escorting you to Lutheran Hospital.
- I understand you're Egyptian.
- I'm American, sir.
- So am I in danger? - Given who are you are, I'm assuming you're always in danger.
At the present time, however, there are no specific or credible threats.
Sorry, I can't help you.
Sir, we know that you sold a cell phone with the same serial number two weeks ago.
I don't remember to who.
And even if I did, a person has a right to buy a cell phone without the Deep State getting involved.
I want the video from that camera.
Give me a warrant.
Listen, this is a national security matter.
Whoa, whoa.
Did you see that rat? - What? Where? - Agent Perkins, - did you see it? - Uh, yeah.
Rattus Norvegicus.
Thing was the size of a badger.
What the hell? I don't have rats.
I mean, that's for the Health Department to determine.
Or you could volunteer the footage.
All right, so these people, they're all New York residents or visitors.
They're the prime candidates to take action against El-Masri.
I need you to figure out where they are so I can send field agents to interview them.
Get it done.
That's the same model phone.
You know that model was recalled last year for bursting into flames.
I remember things.
[KEYS CLACKING] Oh, serial numbers match.
This is our guy.
The guy who bought it.
Could we see his face? [KEYS CLACKING] Okay, this is the best look we get.
Now let me run it, see if he matches anyone in our suspect list.
Karim Mohammed.
- Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah.
- We have something.
- Karim Mohammed is our target.
Not only is he on our watch list, but he's the recipient of that video of El-Masri's motorcade.
This is not a drill, folks.
Too many red flags here.
So let's dig deep, figure out who we're dealing with.
Paint me a picture of Karim Mohammed.
Come on, people.
Dazzle me.
He's an Egyptian national, 25 years old.
- Military training? - 12 months in the Egyptian army, then he got kicked out.
Looks like he's here on a student visa.
Where is here? Where does he live? Red Hook.
Our agents stopped by his place.
- He wasn't there.
- Does he have a job? At a coffee shop.
His boss says - he called in sick today.
- I also found a cell phone in his name, but it went dark yesterday.
More signs he's trying to drop off the radar.
Those his credit card statements? Yup.
Wanna know what's inside a man's head, - you look in his wallet.
- Words to live by.
- What's his last transaction? - 7:00 p.
last night.
He made a cash withdrawal at an ATM inside of a lobby at a White Plains motel.
He rented room 28.
Paid cash.
Seemed like a nice enough guy.
Now I'm thinking, not so much.
- What was he driving? - Silver Honda.
Or a Toyota, maybe.
I don't see it.
Is he still here? He may have parked around back.
Housekeeping! Please swipe the card and step back, sir.
He's gone.
All right, let's just look and see if he left anything behind.
Karim got sent that video.
He was laying low here.
What do you think it means? Hard to say.
Maybe nothing.
The only way to know for sure is to find him.
Hey, look at this.
He wrote something down.
" What is the significance of this? Is it an account number? An encrypted message? Karim wrote it down and we need to understand why.
Is everything all right? We're en route to Lutheran Hospital.
We just hit major traffic.
Stand by.
Miles from Manhattan, and already behind schedule.
Can't you use the siren? Part of the goal is to not attract attention, sir.
Okay, I see the issue.
Looks like there's a stalled car about 100 yards up.
I cannot be late to the hospital.
I'll check it out.
- Yeah.
I've been checking our databases.
Those last seven characters J338Q74.
It's a plate number from the FBI motor pool.
Of course.
And B-C-S is Black Chevy Suburban.
Get back in the car! He knows El-Masri's in the SUV.
Get back in the car! [GUNSHOTS] [GRUNTS] [GUNSHOTS CONTINUE] Come on! Come on! Drive! Drive! Go! [TIRES SCREECH] [GRUNTS] Ah [TIRES SQUEALING] Are you okay? Are you hit? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Anybody else? Anybody else hit? [TIRES SQUEALING] [TIRES SQUEALING] OA, give me a sit-rep.
We took fire by trees at mile marker 109.
We got the hell out of there but Agent Holt was shot in the leg.
How bad? He needs to be looked at.
They can treat him at Lutheran Hospital.
That's 30 minutes away if we're lucky.
Which we aren't.
Where's the closest ER? I know gunshot wounds, Agent Zidan.
He'll be fine.
It's not just about Agent Holt.
The shooter knows the car, he could know where you're going.
Lutheran Hospital may not be secure.
Then make it secure! Lutheran is the transplant center! That's where I must be! - Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah.
I contacted a surgeon.
Nice! All right, we may have another option.
Hope General is 2 miles away in White Plains.
They have the facilities and your surgeon has privileges.
He says he and his team can do the transplant there.
Lutheran is the superior facility.
Hope General.
Let's go.
[ENGINE REVS] New deal, people.
The shooting occurred a mile away from that motel in White Plains, so we're focusing on manhunt there.
Karim could still be in the area.
And we need to redirect SWA agents to secure Hope General.
The show is moving over there now.
Let's go! Let's go! The transplant team's on its way.
Meanwhile, we'll place Mr.
El-Masri in a room to undergo tests in advance of his surgery.
How many patients are on this floor? Less than ten.
It's a private wing.
Very exclusive.
We're gonna need the names of all the staff that have access to this wing.
I can provide that for you, but I ask that you be discreet.
Plainclothes agents only.
Look, I know you have a job to do, but I can't have my hospital turned into a military base.
I understand, ma'am.
Yeah, good deal.
Is it true we have a location on Karim Muhammad? Yeah, a clerk at the White Plains bus depot just told our agents Karim boarded a bus to Albany.
Don't make me use it.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Where's Tarek? He'll be here once he's been vetted.
Tarek has already been vetted.
Not by us.
We have to run his prints and his history.
Where do your people come from, Agent Zidan? Cairo? The Delta? My job is to ensure your safety.
I think we should just leave it at that.
We'll be spending time with one another.
Let's clear the air.
Why is it you dislike me? I dislike what you've done.
Which is what, in your view? How many people have been detained, or worse, by your secret police? Fewer than by my predecessor.
This is the way things are.
Everyone's doing it.
It's not so black and white, Agent Zidan.
Uh, consider a heart transplant.
People don't see the reality of it.
Organs cut from bodies, blades carving flesh.
They see the end result.
The healthy, smiling patient.
That's all they want to see.
Preserving a civil society is much the same.
Ugly things must be done behind the scenes so the country is healthy and smiling.
That's a good speech.
But tell me how Yasmin Safar was a threat to your civil society? I don't know that name.
That's my cousin.
She was 24 and arrested at a march during the Arab Spring.
People were advised to stay home.
Stay off the streets.
So it's her fault.
She was never seen again.
Her family doesn't even know what happened to her.
But they can guess.
You wish to make me one, but I'm not a monster.
That's what all monsters say.
Do you know what's in there? Evidence.
And lots of it.
We have your fingerprints in the stalled car and on the shell casings.
And we have witness statements describing how you fled the scene.
But I know that there's two sides to every story.
So now would be a really great time for you to tell me yours.
I read all your online posts about your passionate opposition to General El-Masri.
You know, I would think that you'd be really proud - of what you did.
- I am proud.
And you should be ashamed.
Why would you protect such a man? The same reason I protect you, even though you almost killed my partner.
General El-Masri deserves to die.
That I did not have the honor of killing him is my only regret.
[SIGHS] Yeah, well I think you may have a few more regrets once this sinks in.
Attempted murder of a federal agent and foreign official? That's 40 years right there.
[HEAVY MUSIC] Karim, your best hope of lowering that number is to tell us who you're working with.
Because we know you didn't do this alone.
Somebody called you with that plate number.
So who was it? I have nothing more to say.
We'll find his accomplice with or without his help.
- He's an amateur.
- But he had the plate number.
Which means when OA picked up El-Masri, somebody was watching.
And setting up that choke point on the road that showed tactical sophistication.
But look at the actual shooting.
He didn't anticipate reinforced glass.
We got lucky.
He's a zealot.
Zealots make mistakes.
Well, this was his big moment and he blew it.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] We got a hit off his phone.
Actually, his phone is a brick.
Looks like Karim wiped it.
But I was able to recover a voicemail that he deleted.
We're running the voice now through the database to see if there are any matches.
Black Chevy Suburban.
Plate J-3-3-8-Q-7-4.
Proceed as we discussed.
What is that accent? Some flavor of Middle Eastern.
- The linguists are checking.
- But you can hear the chopper - in the background, right? - [HELICOPTER BLADES THRUM] When El-Masri landed, this guy was there watching.
He sounds older than Karim and he speaks like he's the one in charge.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Sir, no voice match on our database, but NSA got a hit.
We're putting it up on screen.
Oh, great.
Zev Solin.
- Oh, man.
- You know him? I I know of him.
He's a professional assassin.
[DARK MUSIC] This is nowhere near over.
Zev Solin.
He's the one that called Karim with that plate number, and we should assume he's been giving operational support, as well.
We foiled the first attempt, but make no mistake, Zev will try again, and we need to find him before he does.
So let's ping DHS, CIA, DIA any agencies that could have some intel.
Let's work our sources, people.
Let's go.
Tell me about this man.
Uh, well, he's ex-Mossad and trained in black ops.
He freelances as a mercenary in hotspots all around the world, developed a reputation as a killer.
What kind of reputation? If the target is high-profile and well-protected, you call Zev.
Word is, he's taken out politicians in Latin America and Africa, not to mention a Russian oligarch living on his own island near Fiji.
That car bomb attempt on El-Masri.
- You think that was Zev? - Possible.
So, he swings and misses in Toronto, then targets El-Masri here, when he's away from his own security team.
He'll try again too.
Zev is ruthless.
He does not care about collateral damage in pursuit of a target.
He once blew up a plane that had 63 passengers just to kill one man.
That's who we're dealing with.
I got something cell carrier just got back to us with Karim's call history.
We now have Zev's phone number.
Is the number still active? No, but now we have Zev's history too.
No calls, but he was pretty active online.
Particularly on a dating app.
He he likes men? According to the chat history, one man in particular.
Barry Foster.
So he may be able to tell us where Zev is.
Let's track down Mr.
Barry Foster.
[KEYS JINGLING] Barry Foster? FBI.
Agent Bell? Yeah? Damn it.
Looks like one shot to the head.
He's still warm.
He's only been dead a few hours.
You okay? I've seen bodies.
In caskets, in the morgue.
All right, you can take a minute if you want.
This, uh, this can't be a coincidence, right? Barry was the only person that Zev was chasing on the app.
There's two settings at the breakfast table.
Looks like half the closet's been cleared out.
Yeah, I think Zev was staying here.
So why shoot the guy? Maybe he figured out who Zev was? Or had already served his purpose somehow? Either way, we need to find some answers.
So let's search the apartment.
You can take the other room.
Something occurs to me.
Something bad, by the sound of it.
When Karim shot Agent Holt, I just assumed it was out of panic.
But what if he deliberately shot Holt? Why would he do that? When the bullets wouldn't penetrate the glass, Karim knew he couldn't kill El-Masri.
So maybe he went to Plan B.
Karim shot Holt on purpose to get El-Masri sent to a different hospital.
One with less security.
- Wow.
- Is Zev that smart? Did he put us right where he wanted us? I'll deploy more agents to harden up Hope General.
This is not good news.
You know Zev Solin? You've used his services.
It's complicated.
It doesn't sound it.
You wanted someone dead, he took care of it.
Who hired him to go after you? Maybe it'll give us a different angle.
Probably a political rival.
One who feels he should lead our country.
That's why you want a new heart.
You want to be president.
What I want is more time with my wife and my children.
But yes, I would like to help my people.
You may find this hard to believe, but I am the better of many bad choices.
That's a great campaign slogan.
In any case, it's unlikely now.
Zev will kill me.
So rejoice.
Nobody is rejoicing.
Zev will not touch you, not while we're around.
Soon you won't be and he'll keep trying.
[SIGHS] I want to explain why I hired Zev.
There's no need.
It's important to me you know.
I became aware of a young man who had raped numerous girls.
Killed one of them.
His family was influential so I was told to drop the matter.
But I met those girls, Agent Zidan.
But before I could arrest the young man, his family sent him off to Spain, where his behavior continued.
I knew he wouldn't stop, that justice would never be done.
I hired Zev Solin.
That makes up for everything else? What about all the missing protestors, huh? My country was slipping into chaos.
Extreme measures were necessary.
You took the lives of people.
People whose names you didn't know, people whose families you've never faced.
What about the lives I saved? Some of those youthful, idealistic protesters? They stole munitions to blow up a school then planned to blame the Army.
A school full of children.
Those protesters are dead.
But the children are alive and I don't apologize for that.
Sometimes I had to weigh the welfare of many against the lives of few.
If you ever have to make those kinds of decisions, maybe, maybe you'll understand.
I know what I would do.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Maggie, what's up? OA, Zev killed a man named Barry Foster.
He's a nurse at Hope General.
- Jubal.
- Yup? It's CCTV footage from outside the hospital.
It's Zev Solin.
He shaved his head to look like Barry Foster.
That's from five minutes ago.
He's in the hospital.
These men are gonna keep you company.
He's here, isn't he? Lock the door.
Don't open it for anyone but me.
[DOOR SHUTS, LOCK CLICKS] Okay, guys, listen up.
Zev Solin is extremely dangerous.
Don't hesitate to use lethal force.
I need two agents on the protectee's door and one at each end of the hallway to make sure no one besides emergency personnel - gets on this floor.
- Where's the transplant OR? Why? El-Masri's not doing surgery for another hour.
But Zev might case the area.
Six levels up.
10th floor.
The rest of us are gonna go room to room to clear this wing.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate everything.
Hey, see them? She got a transplant, and he's family to the donor.
- How do you know that? - I saw that same scene.
My cousin got a kidney transplant and had to meet with the donor's family.
I didn't even know that was a thing.
Yeah, it was a big deal for both of them.
Put your hands up.
Turn around very slowly.
What's this all about? I see him.
I see Zev.
South hall in the nurse's station.
Move in.
Don't spook him.
[GRUNTS, YELLING] Ma'am! Nurse, nurse! Are you okay? We need help! [GRUNTS] Okay.
You're okay.
All right, guys, here's the good news.
The protectee is alive.
Zev made his move, and we brushed him back.
I shouldn't have stopped.
I could've had him.
Well, he also knows he can't go back there.
Search teams are working their way out from the hospital and we've got his face plastered up all over the state.
We will find this guy.
- Jubal? - Yeah.
I was combing through Karim's bank records - and I found something weird.
- Weird how? Well, outside of his spending pattern, two weeks ago he made a cash deposit for $5,000.
That same day, he wrote a check for $5,000 to Venture Holdings.
What's Venture Holdings? Oh, it's a property management company.
I called them and they said Karim using the 5 grand to rent an empty storefront in White Plains.
Probably rented it for Zev.
Jubal, get SWAT to meet us there.
One moment, please.
Agent Zidan? [SIGHS] I know this isn't over, but thank you.
For keeping me alive.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GRUNTS] Uhh! FBI! FBI! Split team right.
- Stairwell? - Stairwell! Clear! Over here! Somebody's been here.
There's wire, blasting caps.
[SNIFFS] Semtex.
A blueprint.
It's of Hope General.
He put a bomb in the hospital.
Bomb Tech outside initiating survey.
Agent Bell and Perkins, meet Police Chief Bailey, Fire Chief Sims.
Our local partners.
Hey, nice to meet you.
So where are we? The team checked the entire floor.
There is no bomb.
Does that mean he didn't plant one? No.
He could've put it somewhere else in the building.
Sir, this man brought down an airplane to get his target.
What are you saying? He's gonna take out a whole hospital? That's my worry.
I've got a civil engineer on the way here to try and figure out where the device is planted.
Well, if he planted a bomb, how come it hasn't gone off yet? Because if he sets it off now, he'll trigger a state-wide lockdown.
He's trying to get out.
The device is on a timer or set to detonate remotely.
Either way, he's gonna get out of the area first.
In the meantime, we have a serious public safety issue and we need a plan.
We have to evacuate the hospital.
We can't.
You have surgeries going on, patients that can't be moved.
Plus if word about a bomb gets out, it would cause panic.
And if he sees that, he might set off the device.
We need to evacuate as many people as we can quietly.
We need to come up with a cover story.
Okay, uh, what if we say there's a problem with the ventilation system? We're worried about Legionnaire's disease.
I think it'd work.
I'll get on it.
Okay, great.
Hey, we got a hit on the BOLO.
Zev picked up a rental car and State Police just pulled him over.
We got live video here.
They're a mile from the hospital.
Sir, put both handsout the window slowly.
Contact state police.
Tell them not to let him touch his cell phone.
If he dials, he could set off the bomb.
- Let me see your hands! - [PHONE BUTTONS CLACKING] Show me your hands! He's got a weapon! [GUNSHOTS FIRING] Here in the parking garage.
This here? This is a major load bearing piling.
[MURMURS] If he wanted to bring down the hospital, where would he put the device? That's all we need to know.
I'm working on it.
Yeah, I know.
It just got crazy.
- Where is he? - Right here.
Get out.
FBI, I'm gonna need a minute.
You can't have one.
He's wounded, he needs treatment.
Get out! Do you know what hospital you're in, Zev? Yeah, that one.
So unless you wanna die in here, you tell me where the bomb is now.
They didn't find a cell phone so they know it's on a timer.
Where is it? How much time is left? None.
None for you, none for me, none for El-Masri.
You're gonna die for nothing.
Hmm? We moved El-Masri.
He isn't even here anymore So tell me where the bomb is.
Where is it? You're lying.
You know how many people are in this hospital? Huh? It's over, Zev.
Where is the bomb? Tell me where it is! I've learned two things are necessary for extracting the truth time and ruthlessness.
You have neither.
I'm not so sure.
[SQUISH] [YELLING] [SQUISH] Where is it? OA, the engineer thinks he knows where the bomb is.
[GROANS] He thinks it may be set to take out one - of these structural pillars.
- Yeah, but which one? - He wasn't sure.
- Bet it's the one - all the way at the end.
- Why do you say that? Well, the hospital's built on a slope that descends to the west, right? - I don't know.
Is it? - Yeah, it is.
And that one is furthest west.
So destroying it increases the chance that the building collapses and topples over.
Gravity at work.
Yeah, just easy.
We're gonna need a bomb tech.
Carla! Yeah? We got it.
Well, do you think you can disarm this? Let me see what I can do.
So this makes me think of things I should've done.
Things I need to do if we get out of here.
Anything you need to do? Yeah.
[BOMB BEEPING] - Is this is that good? - Yeah.
This should take care of it.
[BEEPING] Wait, wait.
Why why is the timer still going? I didn't stop the timer.
I stopped the current to the blasting cap.
[BEEPING] Are you sure? [BEEPING] [BEEP] I am now.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Who's that? Long story.
How are you? Just glad it's over.
- Yeah.
- How did it go with Perkins? He's good.
Yeah, he's got a lot of potential.
I mean, almost as much as my current partner.
About Zev.
What you saw in there, that's not Hey, listen, you don't have to explain yourself to me.
You want to get a drink? I rotate out in 20.
I would, but I have plans.
Hot date? Something like that.
See you tomorrow.
Agent Zidan.
I wanted to thank you for everything you and your team have done.
But the General is dead.
There was an acute rejection of the heart.
Nothing they could do.
I'm sorry.
Are you? I thought you'd be pleased.
I don't take back what I said or excuse the horrible things he's done.
But he was right about one thing.
When it comes to weighing the welfare many against the lives of a few, it's not that simple.
[SOMBER MUSIC] By the way, the General asked me to look into your cousin.
There was an influenza outbreak in Al Qanater prison.
She died there in 2014.
[SIGHS] So, uh, you're an FBI agent.
- Do you like it? - Yeah, I love it.
Uh, what about you? What do you do? Oh, I'm an attorney.
A prosecutor at the D.
's office.
That's great.
Um What was it like? Before, I mean.
I was getting weaker by the day.
They told me I only had a month.
Maybe less.
So I packed up my stuff.
Said my goodbyes.
And then the phone rang.
The next day I had a new, healthy heart.
Thanks to you and your husband.
I can't imagine what this was like for you.
It was hard.
Uh, it still is.
[CLEARS THROAT] Um When Jason was in a coma, I prayed every day for a miracle.
But I knew.
I knew he wasn't in there anymore.
So I let go.
[SNIFFLES] I'm really glad to see some good came of it, though.
- So am I.
- Yeah.
- [CHUCKLES] - Here.
Thank you.