FBI (2018) s01e22 Episode Script


1 Creepin' around like no one knows Think you're so cynical So you're a tough guy Like it really rough guy Just can't get enough guy Chest always so puffed guy I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type Make your girlfriend mad tight Might seduce your dad type [DISTORTING] I'm the bad guy [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Hurry up.
We only got 15 minutes.
Keep your mouth shut.
Yeah, I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do.
[DOOR OPENS, BELL RINGS] - Oh, thanks.
- Oh, thanks.
[DIALING KEY TONES] [LINE TRILLING] Viva, may I help you? Hi, I'd like to speak with Angela Perez.
She's not here right now.
May I take a message? No, that's okay.
I'll just call her cell.
[LINE TRILLING] Hello? Hi, I'm looking for Angela Perez.
Who's this? Special Agent Maggie Bell.
Who's this? Detective Bryan Conway, NYPD.
- Yes.
Detective Bryan Conway.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What happened? Abduction.
Like I said on the phone.
Victim's name is Angela Perez.
Female, late 30s.
How do you know the victim? We were working together on a confidential matter.
We were supposed to meet for coffee this morning.
That's why I called her cell.
If you want the case, you got it.
We have a double murder over in Bed-Stuy, so I'm more than happy to hand this one off.
What do you have so far? Well, victim's cell phone, recovered at the scene.
And a witness named Allison Harper.
She saw the abduction.
Thank you.
What's going on? Angela Perez was abducted.
You're telling me the woman we just found out was talking to your husband prior to his murder went missing? Out of the blue? Well not out of the blue, per se.
I went to her office yesterday after you told me about her.
- Did you talk to her? - Yeah, I told her that I was with the FBI and I wanted to ask her some questions about Jason.
She got really nervous when I mentioned his name, but she was willing to talk to me.
She just didn't want to speak in the office.
So we were going to meet for coffee this morning.
She didn't show up.
Because she was too busy getting abducted.
Do you think this is connected to Jason? That, I'm not sure about.
Look at this.
I think it had something to do with this woman, Nicole Cramer.
So Jason is writing an article about a tragic whiz kid, meets Angela, - has dinner with her - And then he gets murdered.
Okay, I'm going to go talk to the witness.
Why don't you head over to Angela's apartment? It was crazy.
It was like out of a movie.
- It all happened so fast.
- Can you be more specific? The man, he was walking down behind this woman.
They looked like two young handsome Wall Street types, you know? Then out of nowhere he pops the trunk, puts a gun to her head, throws her inside, and drives off.
It took, like, two seconds.
It's like he was stalking her until she got next to the car.
- What color was the car? - It was dark.
Grey or black.
Did you get the license plate? - No.
- It's okay.
Which way did he drive off? Thanks for the update.
I appreciate your candor.
And like I said, there's no obvious connection between Jason's murder and Angela's abduction.
- Not yet, anyway.
- I understand, but the mere fact that there could be a connection - has me concerned.
- Concerned about what? Your ability to move forward in an objective manner.
I'm fine.
I'm good, I promise.
Look, my sole focus right now is to find Angela as fast as I possibly can.
And if somehow this case turns out to be connected to Jason's death, then that's a bonus for me.
And if not Then it's not.
Thank you.
I want to be kept in the loop every step of the way.
And just so you know, if there is a connection, you will need to step aside.
[TENSE MUSIC] Grab all electronic devices.
We need to check the bedrooms and bathrooms for third-party DNA.
I'm sorry, you can't go inside.
I'm Angela's friend.
You need to let me in.
- I live next door, please.
- Let her in.
Go ahead.
Is Angela okay? Did something happen? Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Angela was abducted at gunpoint this morning.
Oh, my God.
I was just with her last night.
I-I stopped by after work.
What was her mood like? She was freaked out.
She said the FBI came to her office and started asking questions.
And she was saying all these crazy things, too.
Like what? Like she might end up dead.
Did she tell you what was going on? Why she thought the FBI wanted to talk to her? - No.
I asked, but - What about her personal life? Did she go to night clubs or use drugs? Angela? God, no.
Her only vice is working too much.
She's at her office 24/7.
Okay, do you know her supervisor's name? Angela's missing? She was abducted at gunpoint this morning.
Where did this happen? Outside of her apartment.
Brooklyn Heights.
Do you know if Angela was in any kind of trouble? She owed money to anybody? No.
No, she's incredibly careful with her finances.
She's the Chief Financial Officer for God's sake.
What about her personal life? Anything unusual going on? She split up with her boyfriend a while back.
But she didn't really seem that upset about it.
Well, what about him? Was he upset? I don't know.
Do you know his name? Nathan Post.
He's an architect.
- [PHONE BUZZING] - We used his firm to design our hotels.
If you can think of anything else.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Kristen found some video of the sedan used in the abduction: a black 2017 Ford Fusion, registered to a 54-year-old African American woman named Candace Walters.
No priors.
But it wasn't reported yet so whoever stole it stole it recently.
Ian just tapped into the car's GPS system.
Found its current location.
[CAR DOORS CLOSE] We know how long the car's been sitting here? No.
Ian and Kristen are trying to pull up video but they haven't found anything yet.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I got the key.
Open up the trunk.
[OMINOUS MUSIC BUILDS] OA, there's a shoe.
Body! It's her.
Son of a bitch just left her here like she was garbage.
Cause of death is cerebral anoxia due to strangulation.
Looks like he used a ligature.
Most likely a thin wire.
It was pretty violent, too.
Crushed the hyoid bone to pieces.
- Did he leave any DNA behind? - No, nothing.
All we found were trace amounts of neoprene.
- He was most likely - Wearing latex gloves.
Any sign of sexual assault? No, but there is evidence of abuse.
Or should I say torture? Looks like someone pulled her fingernails off with pliers.
Clearly the killer was trying to extract information.
And when he got what he wanted or realized she didn't know anything, he strangled her.
So the question is, who did the strangling? And why did he want her dead in the first place? What did she know? What was she doing? How the hell does this connect to Jason? Well, since our abductor's young and white and the car owner is not so young and white, let's assume the car is stolen.
Check police reports, local and state.
See if we can't find out where this Ford Fusion was ripped.
We ID the car thief, maybe we ID our killer too.
- Hey, Jubal? - Yeah? - You got a sec? - Yeah, what's up? Okay, well, I was helping Maggie investigate her husband's death in my spare time, and I What? Tell me what's going on.
I discovered some texts between Jason and Angela Perez.
This Angela Perez? Yeah, they were in touch prior to his death.
They actually had dinner together the night before his death, and so I told Maggie.
And Maggie went to see her, - and - Oh.
[CONTEMPLATIVE MUSIC] You didn't do anything wrong.
You were just helping Maggie out.
Kris? You got nothing to feel guilty about.
Angela's death is not on you.
You understand that? Okay.
Thank you.
Okay, now find out where the hell that black car was stolen from.
[TOOLS WHIRRING, BANGING, INDISTINCT CHATTER] Where's Frank Donahue? We were notified that you filed a police report regarding a stolen vehicle.
A black Ford Fusion.
Yeah, I got in this morning about an hour ago and I saw the window was broken.
So I looked around a little, and I noticed a car's gone.
Did the security cameras get anything? No, they're broken.
I've been meaning to get 'em fixed but just haven't had a chance to get 'em done.
Is this blood? You try to clean this up? Yeah, sort of.
It's my dog, Vinny.
That son of a bitch who broke in, he shot him.
So I, uh I had to move him to another room.
Sorry to hear that.
He was with me 11 years.
Spent his nights here.
You know, just in case someone tried to break in.
Was he trained to attack unwanted visitors? Yeah.
He was good, too.
Do you mind if we get one of our people to check his nails for DNA? Excuse me? You said he's a guard dog.
So there's a chance that he might've bitten or scratched the thief.
If he did, we could use those skin cells to track down who shot Vinnie and killed a woman, Angela Perez.
- Jubal.
- Yep.
Ol' Vinny is a damn hero.
ERT recovered lots of third-party skin cells from underneath his nails and paws.
- Did you get a hit? - Carlos Sanchez.
Lots of priors.
He did three years in Greenville for armed robbery.
Ran his name by OC and the word is that he's a hit man.
Does lots of work for Mexican drug cartels.
A cartel hit man involved in the murder of a corporate CFO? I know, there's definitely a missing link somewhere.
Well, get Sanchez's last known address and bring his ass in, and hopefully he's the missing link.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Red Hook, 242198th Street.
Thanks, Kristen.
- I'll call SWAT? - No, don't bother.
We're just apprehending a suspect.
A suspect who's a known hit man.
Yeah, but more bodies, more cars look, it's just more ways - for this thing to go sideways.
- I get it.
You wanna to make sure we take him alive so you can get answers.
I want to get this guy Sanchez too.
And you know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help you figure out what happened to Jason.
But there's a conflict of interest here.
We can't take shortcuts or break protocol.
We have to treat this case like it's any other case even though it's not.
Yeah, you're right.
Call it in.
[GRUNTS] - Federal agents! - FBI! Secure the lower level! Lower level clear.
All clear.
Suspect spotted in the alley heading eastbound on foot.
Copy that.
On the move.
SWAT team Bravo, take point.
Copy that.
Alpha, clear the channel.
[RAPID FOOTSTEPS] Maggie, I got him! [GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOTS] Go, go! - Take the shot! - I can't! I don't have a clear shot! - Hurry up! - Dude, just keep going.
We need an ambulance to Federal and 97th, Red Hook, Brooklyn, now.
Come on.
- [POLICE SIRENS] - It's okay.
We're good.
We're going to crack this.
We know Sanchez was the killer.
We just need to find out who hired him.
And whoever that person is probably ordered Jason's murder, too.
But what happened back there, we can't let that happen again.
What are you talking about? Did you have a clear shot on Sanchez? If I had a clear shot, I would've taken it.
- Maggie.
- There were people in the background.
I was worried about crossfire.
Maggie, I've seen you shoot.
You could've made that shot.
The people in the houses weren't at risk.
But we were and so were the civilians on the street.
Are you questioning my motives? No.
I am concerned about your state of mind.
I know you didn't want to kill him.
And I know how much this case means to you.
Of course I didn't want to kill him.
We are this close to figuring out what happened to Jason.
I can't afford to make a mistake.
I'll never forgive myself.
I know you're not asking for advice.
But at some point you have to absolve yourself of all of this guilt.
[CONTEMPLATIVE MUSIC] Life's for the living, right? Yeah.
Thank you.
So somebody hires hit man Sanchez to kill Angela Perez, so the question is who? Who wanted her dead? Who hated her? Who did she wrong? Based on these messages looks like her ex-boyfriend would answer, "Me, me, me.
" - Really? - Yeah, over the past few weeks he sent her some pretty nasty texts.
Angela tried to delete them, but we were, of course, able to un-delete them.
Of course.
Let me hear it.
"I always knew you were poor brown trash.
" - Oof.
- That was certainly unkind.
Yeah? Well, this one is even more unkind.
"I hope you die a lonely and miserable death.
" See, that's why I don't date anyone for more than a week.
Swipe left, swipe right.
There's no upside in getting emotionally attached.
Ian Lim, who are you right now? I reviewed all the CCTV footage near Angela's office building like you asked and I found something interesting.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] This guy waits and waits.
Now watch this.
There's Angela.
As she leaves the building, watch our mystery man start to follow.
- When was this? - Yesterday morning.
You run it through facial rec? Yeah.
Didn't get a hit.
No need.
Stalker's Angela's ex.
Nathan Post.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute Nathan's an architect, right? - Yeah.
- Well, check it out.
Hit man Sanchez got an incoming call from a landline at DJK Architects - yesterday at 5:18 p.
- [KNOCK ON TABLE] - I'll call Maggie and OA.
- Yep.
Angela's dead? Wh What do you wh when? H-How? This morning.
And apparently she was strangled.
When was the last time you saw her? Um I don't know.
Three weeks ago? W-We just broke up and the next day I went to see her to try to patch things up, but What prompted the breakup? I proposed.
And she freaked out.
She said, "I'm not the person you think I am.
I have this whole other awful life," and the next morning she texted me saying she didn't want to go on.
That was it.
We were done.
She wouldn't take my calls, return my texts I mean, you can't blame her.
I read some of the texts you sent her.
They were awful.
I was really angry and confused.
Did Angela elaborate on this whole other awful life that she alluded to? No.
And just to be clear the night that you proposed, that was the last time you saw her? Yes.
Um, like I said, three weeks ago.
Why would somebody that's smart enough to go to Yale be stupid enough to lie to the FBI? - What are you talking about? - We saw you on video outside Angela's office building yesterday morning.
Wh You think that I no! [STAMMERING] I was there but I saw her, but I didn't talk to her.
Well, that doesn't make sense.
I went there to confront her to find out why the hell she dumped me, but then I changed my mind, and I called my shrink instead.
I'm telling the truth.
I swear.
I was madly in love.
With Angela.
I I wanted I wanted to spend my entire life with her.
And then she disappears off the face of the earth? I needed answers and closure.
So dating Nathan while she was living this so-called other life is okay, but once he proposes, she gets nervous, says she's not worthy, and dumps his ass.
I mean what, to protect him from this whole other awful life she was living? Kristen, thank you so much for coming in.
- I know it's late.
- Are you kidding? I love people with double lives.
I dated this guy for two weeks who swore he was a Rockefeller even after I saw his basement apartment in Queens.
- What? - Mm-hmm.
You're in the FBI.
He fully committed to it too.
So, um, Angela, the only unusual thing I learned about her she spends a lot of time in Mexico.
She's wealthy.
She likes to travel.
What's so unusual about that? Well, she doesn't go to places wealthy people usually go, like the beach.
I mean, over the last 12 months she's gone to Chihuahua six times and Cancun once.
Six times to a small city south of El Paso and once to a beach resort.
That's an odd ratio.
I pulled some photos off the cloud - of that Cancun trip.
- Mm-hmm.
You see this guy? He's in six different photos.
Boyfriend? No, I don't think so.
Look, this is the same guy, same trip, with a different woman.
I'm thinking, maybe his wife? And three really cute kids.
Did you run him through facial rec? I was just about to.
Hold on.
Ring a bell? Yeah.
A very loud and dangerous one.
He's the head of the Juárez Cartel.
You're telling me that our workaholic CFO spends her weekends with a major cartel boss? Well, if nothing else, I think we've figured out this whole other awful life Angela was talking about.
Ladies and gentleman, meet Ernesto Moya, ruthless leader of the Juarez Cartel.
Moya is also a proud graduate of Woodbridge Academy and Harvard University.
After graduation, Señor Moya, he moved back to his hometown of Chihuahua and joined the family business selling massive amounts of pure cocaine to Americans.
Oh yeah, and killing anyone and everyone who got in his way.
QUESTIONS: What is Moya's connection to Angela Perez? Why is a diligent CFO associating with a cartel boss and is said association somehow connected to her murder? Top three answers gets a cookie.
- Go to work.
- Does Moya have any connection with the ex-boyfriend, Nathan? We've checked.
Can't find anything.
I've been going through the surveillance footage we pulled from the architectural firm.
Nathan left the office yesterday at 5:01 p.
He wasn't even in the building when the call was made to Sanchez.
So, he didn't make that call to Sanchez.
- Doesn't look like it.
- Which suggests that the real shot caller knew Angela well and was in the building at 5:18 p.
So we need a list of everyone that was in the building at 5:18 p.
and cross-reference it against anyone with a known connection to Angela.
We already did that.
Of course you did.
There were 623 people in the building, none of whom had a known connection to the victim except one.
Her boss.
Sophie Keller.
She was in the building at 5:18? She was but her company uses DJK Architects to design their hotels and restaurants, so It could be nothing.
Or not.
She went to Woodbridge.
She graduated the same year as Ernesto Moya.
So they would know each other.
Which means I have no idea.
That makes two of us.
I'll go talk to Maggie.
I'll see if she knows something we don't.
The only thing that makes sense to me is that when Jason was doing his piece on Nicole, he meets Angela Perez.
- Right.
- And he stumbles onto something intriguing, clearly something criminal.
So he presses her for more information.
Angela gets nervous, and so she tells someone.
And that someone ordered Jason's murder.
The threat goes away, everything goes back to normal, until you go to Angela's office.
And then what? Well, she gets nervous again and tells the same someone.
So our question is: Who's ordering these murders? And why.
I mean, what is this all about? Was Angela running drugs, or did Angela meet Moya through Keller and set something up on the side to run drugs, or is Sophie Keller actually involved in this? I'd say the latter.
Why? Take a look at this.
"Is V a front for M?" I found that in Jason's notebook.
Is Viva, the hotel company, a front for Moya? Now we just have to prove it.
So Viva's been laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for Moya.
There are about ten different shell corporations and LLC's.
It's all right here.
It's pretty obvious, too.
So Angela Perez got killed because she got caught up in this money laundering scheme.
She had to have known.
She was the CFO.
So you go to see Angela and you tell her you want to talk, she gets spooked, she goes to Keller, and says, "I think the FBI's on to me.
" So Keller calls one of Moya's hit men and has him take care of the problem.
Sounds right to me.
Do you believe that Jason's death is connected to this? That's hard to say, for sure.
But yes.
I do.
Okay, let's bring Keller in right away.
But I want you to step down, Maggie.
It's gotten too personal.
What? Dana.
I wake up every morning thinking about Jason's death.
And every night I go to bed wondering if there's anything that I possibly could've done to prevent anything from happening.
Please, don't take this from me now.
I need to see this through to the end, okay? I need to see the look on Keller's face when I arrest her for murder.
I can't do this without you.
I need your support.
Please back me up.
I want to move on from this.
Oh, Maggie.
[SIGHS] Okay.
But you have to play this by the book, 'cause this is not about revenge.
This is about justice, do you understand? Yes.
I understand.
Did you pull her? No.
I thought you said I changed my mind.
You sure about this? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - We're here for Sophie Keller.
- She's not here.
- Where'd she go? - I'm not sure.
- Do you have a warrant? - Move.
I asked you a simple question.
Do you have a search warrant? If so, I'd like to see it now.
If not, get the hell out of here.
- You need to back off.
- Maggie, hey, I got it.
I got it.
We don't have a warrant because we don't need a warrant.
Exigent circumstances.
- Where'd she go? - I told you If I find out that you know where she went or you ordered a car for her on her behalf, I'm gonna charge you with obstruction.
Is that what you want? You wanna go to prison for Sophie Keller? Huh? Where did she go? She's headed to the airport.
Republic, Long Island.
Her banker called, she freaked out, and she took off.
That's all I know, I swear to God.
We ran Keller's financials.
She's a partial owner of a G-V that's currently on the runway at Republic.
Just got eyes on the flight manifest.
Keller's the sole passenger on a flight for Juárez leaving in five minutes.
Okay, get in touch with Air Traffic Control.
That plane doesn't leave the ground.
- Right.
- The plane is scheduled to leave any minute, but Keller isn't at the airport.
We're up in all their surveillance cameras.
No sign of her or her car anywhere.
Maybe she had a change of plans.
Someone in her office must've tipped her off.
Well, we have the make, model, and license plate of the car.
It's in the manifest.
Okay, yeah.
Sully, we need an emergency - Title III wire right away.
- Yes sir.
[TENSE MUSIC] Kristen, we're good, go! Great.
I'm up in the GPS system.
- Maggie, OA.
- What's up? Keller's car is now heading east on the Grand Central Parkway.
Opposite direction of Republic.
Copy that.
We'll head in that direction now.
All right, people.
Let's get out in front of this! Let's figure out where Keller's heading before she gets there.
[TIRES SQUEALING] Okay, just activated the vehicle's theft recovery system.
We now have ears inside the car.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
I need food and water, too.
I don't care how much it costs, just make sure the damn thing goes fast.
She's heading north on the Whitestone Expressway.
Is there another private airport over there? No, but there's a marina.
She's taking a boat.
Guys, I think she's going to College Point Boatyard.
Copy, we're on our way.
It's the director.
Hello, sir.
Yes, I knew she was going to her office.
I understand, but There must be more to the story because Agent Bell is a consummate professional, but I'll look into it, yes.
Thank you, sir.
- Is everything all right? - ADIC Fritz.
Evidently Maggie was a little too aggressive at Viva.
The security guard used to be a former NYPD captain and called his old buddy Fritz.
Well, knowing Maggie, she was just doing her job.
Asking questions, looking for leads.
She was there to apprehend a murder suspect, not to have tea with the Queen of England.
We're heading north on College Point Boulevard.
We just crossed over 15th Street.
Do you have eyes on the suspect's vehicle? Yes, Keller's black Mercedes is a quarter mile farther east on 125th Street.
Copy that, where are we with the backup units? On their way, approximately three miles west of your 20.
There they are, right there.
We have eyes on the suspect's vehicle.
Turn on your body cams and do your thing.
We're in pursuit.
I'm going after Keller.
Maggie, I want OA to take the lead.
Do not engage with the suspect unless absolutely necessary.
There's too much at risk right now.
Turn around.
Put your hands up.
Turn around and put your hands up.
- No.
- Now.
You can't be in her ear right now.
Gotta let her do her thing.
I said, turn around and put your hands up! [HEAVY BREATHING] I didn't mean for this to happen! I didn't want anyone to get hurt! - You need to shut your mouth.
- I didn't want to do this.
- They made me.
- They made you? They made you launder drug money? They made you hire a hit man and kill Angela Perez? And Jason Bell? He was my husband.
And you had him killed.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I didn't have a choice! Look, I'm a victim, too! You're pathetic.
- Moya - You need to stop walking.
He loaned me money to get my company off the ground - and he just kept pressing me.
- Stop walking.
- And pressing me.
- You better stop walking.
- And he wouldn't stop! - Stop walking or I will shoot! [TENSE MUSIC] Fine.
Do it.
Shoot me! Come on, Maggie.
Come on, pull the trigger! Maggie! [GRUNTING] - Ahh! - You're under arrest for the murder of Angela Perez and Jason Bell.
[EXHALES] She played it right.
By the book.
We got lucky.
- Yes.
Great, great job.
Maggie, you played it perfectly.
Thank you.
Thank you for trusting me.
I'm so glad you were able to make the arrest.
Speaking of arrest, Sophie Keller just rolled on Moya.
She gave up everything she could on the drive back.
Biggest cartel boss we've ever busted.
If it weren't for Jason, none of this would have ever happened.
It was his curiosity and his courage that got the ball rolling.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] He was an amazing guy.
[EXHALES] I'm so happy this is over.
Me too.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? It got kind of emotional in there.
It happens.
Yeah, it does.
- But you're good? - Yup.
I'm fine, thank you.
All right.
- Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah.
Um I do want to tell you something.
I just submitted my retirement papers.
[EMOTIONAL MUSIC] What? It's time.
I didn't realize that until today.
What do you mean? What are you talking about? Because For the first time in my career, I made a decision based on feelings, not logic.
Empathy, not protocol.
I tried to help Maggie get closure 'cause I like her and I wanted her to feel good again, but that was a huge mistake.
A mistake that could've cost her her career.
Or worse.
Is this, like, official? Yep.
I'm going to tell the rest of the team tomorrow.
I don't want to step on Maggie's victory.
She's in a good place.
Let her enjoy it.
It's the right decision.
I'm excited.
Well if you're excited, then I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
But you will be missed.
Well, I hope a little.
[LAUGHS] Thank you.
Let's get dinner.
Like, a real dinner.
We've been partners for ten months and we still haven't had a proper meal together.
If you ask me, it's time we change that.
I agree.
We can toast to new beginnings.
Sounds good to me.
Like that brilliant Egyptian philosopher once said, "As hard as it is to accept, life is for the living.