FBI (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Little Egypt

There you are.
- Oh, thank you.
- Great.
Can I get you anything else? No.
All set.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What is the pink stuff next to the hummus? It's called lift.
Pickled turnips.
It tastes better than it sounds and looks.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
To buying our first apartment.
I can't believe we did it.
It's sort of insane.
But in a good way.
Everyone, get out! Now! Bomb went off at 12:55.
One dead.
Five injured.
I had dinner on my 10th birthday here.
You grew up here? Yeah.
Five blocks north.
28th and Steinway.
This place was the hub.
The center of the whole community.
What else do we know about the bombing? Not much.
A witness said someone yelled, "Everyone, get out! Bomb!" And ERT is looking for remnants of the IED.
Looks like NYPD's running point.
Hate Crimes is all over the scene talking to witnesses.
Think you got some bad Intel, detective.
NYPD will be supporting us.
I just hung up with the mayor and police commissioner.
SAC Isobel Castille.
Nice to meet you.
Let's dig in.
I'd love to have a suspect in custody by end of the day.
All right, people, listen up.
We got one dead, five injured.
Name of the restaurant is Samra's, located in the heart of Little Egypt, Astoria, Queens.
Best baba ganoush in the city.
Question number one, is this political or personal? Is it about the owner or someone else in the restaurant? Or is someone trying to make a statement? Ann, let's get the names of all the active white supremacy groups in the area.
Mary, pull up any interesting chatter, anyone talking smack, anyone puffing out his or her digital chest.
Sara, you want to dig into the owner of the restaurant, his financials, his family life? Let's go, people.
Let's hit the phones, the screens, the wires.
We need answers fast.
Nails, razors, ball bearings.
I'm shocked it was so potent.
This is really just a crude, unsophisticated, lethal mess.
If she's also an Instagram model from Atlanta with a turtle tattoo at the nape of her neck, then you literally just described my ex-girlfriend.
Thanks for the Intel.
Stuart Scola.
Your new partner.
Oh, great, you two have already met.
Stuart, what's up? Good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you, too.
Stuart and I crossed paths on a case up in Boston, - what, five years ago? - Appreciate the call.
You know, been looking to get back to New York for a while.
Glad it worked out.
Now this This is for you.
Oh, wow.
It's really official.
And celebration complete.
We need you in Astoria.
Boots on the ground of the crime scene.
- Yeah? - Okay.
Hey, Kris.
You know, now that you're an actual agent, you should probably bring your gun.
I don't know what this world is coming to, Omar.
I've been in business 32 years, before you were even born, and now, I don't even know what to say.
What about your personal life? You have any issues or problems that have come up? No, my life is simple.
I go to work, go home, sleep, then do it all over again.
Did you hear a man yell something before the explosion? Yes, one of the waiters.
He screamed for everyone to get out.
He must've seen something.
His name is Joseph Nasser.
Samra, if you need anything, anything Please.
Call me.
I appreciate that, Omar.
We're all very proud of you.
Your father would be, too.
He always said you would be a big deal some day.
Joseph, I'm Special Agent Maggie Bell.
This is Special Agent Zidan.
Uh, yeah, hi.
Can you tell us what you saw before you yelled for everyone to get out? I was headed for the kitchen, and I saw this kid, about 20, out of the corner of my eye, just looking around.
He dropped something on the floor, and hurried out, and I looked and saw a backpack on the floor.
And then I started yelling for people to get out.
Why did you think it was a bomb? Just a feeling.
Did you get a good look at this kid? White, around six feet tall.
And when he ran out, he jumped into a pickup truck.
I think it was black.
If you think of anything else.
Hopefully one of these cameras has video of that black pickup truck.
Yeah, let's hope.
Your building has several security cameras facing south.
We'd love to review that video.
You got a search warrant? We can certainly get one, but we'd rather not waste all that time.
Right, 'cause the FBI cares so much about Muslims.
Excuse me? You spend half your time hiding out in our communities, trying to entrap us, turn us into these evil terrorists you think we really are.
Look, we're just trying to help here.
Help? Help out by how, by kicking down our doors? Or spying on our mosques? You harass and belittle us for no reason whatsoever.
I gotta disagree with you on the no reason whatsoever thing.
I mean, let's face it.
There's a reason that our scrutiny of this community has increased.
Oh, here we go again with this 9/11 talk.
Those men were terrorists.
They don't speak for real Muslims.
And anyone on this earth with half a brain knows that to be true.
See, what I'm saying is it happened.
And I know it happened, man.
Because my brother died that day.
He was having breakfast on the top floor, selling muni bonds to some guy from London named Howard Betts.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Look, sir, all we want to do is nail the dude who blew up that restaurant and killed that young woman.
So we'd really love to see that surveillance video.
Come with me.
Hey I'm sorry about your brother.
Don't be.
Made it up.
So the black pickup that we saw on the surveillance video right here comes back to this house four doors down.
Owner is Maureen Murphy.
She's 46, white.
She has one son, Justin.
He's 22 and 5'11".
That matches the description the waiter gave us.
Okay, let's call for backup.
Let's hit it now.
Let's hit it now.
FBI! Don't move! Justin Murphy, you're under arrest.
For what? For blowing up my favorite restaurant.
And for killing an ER nurse named Victoria.
One dead, five injured.
So you are staring at a life sentence or worse.
Worse? What's that mean? Death.
Well, that ain't so bad.
Well, if it ain't so bad, then why didn't you strap that bomb to your chest and go out like a hero? Because white folk are too smart for that.
Only crazy Arabs do crap like that.
So you admit to the bombing? I didn't admit to nothing except for hating bible-thumping Muslims.
If you're gonna hate someone, you should probably know who you're actually hating.
Muslims don't read the Bible, Justin.
You're right.
I'm not here to give you a tutorial.
I am here to give you your last chance.
What's that? That is the thing that proves you're guilty.
It's a series of stupid hate-filled texts about Muslims.
"Whites don't matter anymore.
"We gotta take back what is ours.
I can't wait to make Muslim pigs pay for their sins.
" There ain't no law about saying things like that.
No, there isn't, but there are a few against blowing up restaurants.
We have you on surveillance tape leaving the restaurant in your black pickup truck.
And we also have your prints on the backpack and the door of the restaurant.
We know it's you, Justin.
Then what should I do? Tell me everything you know.
Did you do this with anyone else? Yeah.
Some guy named Bill.
I don't know his last name.
I met him online in a chat room.
He said he'd give me a bomb and three grand to blow up that Syrian restaurant.
We tracked Justin's emails to an ISP address belonging to an Elliot White.
He's 47, single, no kids.
I mean, obviously he gave Justin a fake name.
Any priors? No, and no digital footprint, either.
All right, find Maggie and OA.
Tell them we have a suspect and an address.
FBI! Hands over your head.
Get up.
Elliot White, you are under arrest.
Suspect's name is Michael Moosa.
He's 45, CPA, divorced, no priors.
But he rents Elliot White's house? Yes, I spoke to Mr.
White, and he said he rented the house to Moosa seven months ago.
And Moosa is Muslim? Based on what I saw in his apartment, yeah.
So why would a Muslim bomb a restaurant frequented by Muslims? Got some sort of vendetta against the owner? Doesn't look that way.
So far, we haven't been able to find any direct or indirect connections.
So keep digging.
There's got to be a reason.
Hey, hold on.
I think I just found something.
You filed this police report 10 months ago.
Because three white punks beat you to a pulp? They put you in a coma.
I mean, it says here that they mocked your ethnicity.
They mocked your religion.
Those animals tried to kill me.
For no reason.
They just kept kicking and punching me.
That sounds awful.
And I can't imagine what that would've been like.
Or how much anger you might have.
But rather than let it go, you attacked your own people, and then blamed it on some white idiot.
You wanted the world to know how bad it really is for people like you and me.
So you raised a false flag.
The problem is someone died.
What you did was wrong.
So, Moosa, please Please tell me what happened.
I told Justin to detonate the bomb when the restaurant was closed.
I said 1:00 a.
, not 1:00 p.
I was trying to make the police take notice so they would reopen my case and find the animals who tried to kill me.
I didn't mean for anyone to die.
I swear.
Time to ring the bell.
Yeah, I'm just not sure what that's gonna sound like.
Hate crime perpetrated against Muslims by a Muslim.
Too much nuance for a society obsessed with treatable headlines.
Yeah, so I guess I'm gonna have to dumb it down.
Make it more palatable.
Justin Murphy and Michael Moosa were arrested today in connection with a violent attack on the Muslim community.
They have been charged with murder, conspiracy to violate civil rights, and violent crime in aid of racketeering.
Racially motivated crimes such as these are antithetical to American values and they will be investigated swiftly, thoroughly, and without mercy.
Thank you.
Is that it? I'm sorry.
What the hell was that? She didn't even mention that he was Muslim or he was behind the attack.
Well, sometimes when the truth is too complicated, it can be best to simplify it.
Bad guys blow up a Muslim restaurant, FBI sweeps in, makes the arrest within 24 hours.
Clean and simple.
Win for the Bureau, win for the Muslims.
The people in that community should know what really happened and why.
But then again, maybe it's better they don't, that they think the FBI had their back this time.
So you agree with Isobel? Yeah, I think she made the right move.
I mean, yeah, yeah, this is The waiter Joseph.
He wants to talk.
He says it's important.
What's going on? You mind if we walk? Yeah, sure.
Thanks for meeting me.
Appreciate it.
Of course, but you should know that we already caught the guy responsible for the bombing.
Yeah, I heard.
That's great.
Okay, what's going on? Your eyes are darting back and forth.
Your luscious Arabic accent has disappeared.
Can we cut to the chase? I have Intel on a possible terror attack.
Two guys I know from the neighborhood are looking to get revenge for the restaurant bombing.
And these guys from the neighborhood just came up and told you about a probable terrorist attack? No, not exactly.
I'm FBI.
Sorry I didn't tell you before.
I didn't want to compromise my operation.
Joseph, if that is your real name It is.
So what's going on? Are you working with the Joint Task Force? No, CTD is flying solo on this, so that's why I needed you.
Need me for what? To help close the deal with these kids.
What kind of commitment are we talking about? Just a few meetings.
I'll introduce you as my cousin with connections to Al-Qaeda in Kabul.
Things go as planned, you'll be back at 26 Fed in a day or two.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Ma'am? - Yes.
I spoke to Special Agent Nasser from CTD and he wants me to help him I know.
His supervisor just called.
I told him you'd be glad to assist.
Have Kristen dig into the suspects' backgrounds, and bring Maggie and Scola for backup.
If I may Why didn't you make it more clear that a Muslim was responsible for the restaurant attack? I just figured that if people knew who was behind the attack, that it might alleviate some of this fear in the community.
I know that you went to West Point.
And that you were an Army Ranger.
What I didn't know till now, of course, is that you're a public relations expert.
My bros.
You made it.
Good to see you, brother.
This is my cousin Omar, the one I been telling you about.
So Joseph tells me you want to be a part of something exciting and important.
We are.
Being part of a family always makes sense especially when that family is trying to help save the Muslim people from ruin.
What happened the other day at my restaurant, at the place I work is a wake-up call.
The whole world needs to know that white Americans cannot intimidate us, that when they hit us, we hit back even harder.
What's in it for us, man? Honor.
And pride.
Yeah, well, honor and pride don't pay the bills.
He don't mean no disrespect, sir.
It's just that me and him, we're broke.
I live with my sister, Rhami lives in someone's basement, so, you know, we're just wondering if there's any money to be made.
That's perfectly understandable.
Listen, after the bombing, Omar will take you to a town outside of Kabul.
He will find you a job.
He will find you a home.
He will find you a wife.
That sounds cool especially that wife part.
Oh, yeah, the women in Kabul, they're beautiful.
And they like Americans? Oh, they love Americans.
What about the cash, man? That's not usually how we do this.
Yeah, well, we know another dude.
He's an imam in Brooklyn.
Said he'd give us 10 grand for a bombing, plus a house in Toronto rent free for two years.
Okay, we need to jump on this imam thing.
And he's ready to roll.
Like, soon.
You know, it sounds to me like your imam friend is a cop or FBI.
Why do you say that? Because when a deal is too good to be true, it is.
Is that good or bad? Brothers, he's lying to you.
Nah, I've known this imam for a while.
All right, he's legit.
Has lots of money, too.
It's your call.
But either way, we go live this week.
And let me tell you I just finished making the car bomb.
It is amazing.
It could take out a 50-story apartment building.
Like that.
That's pretty cool.
So say yes.
Be part of our family.
We're in.
That's fantastic.
You did good.
You made the right decision.
I'll call you guys tomorrow with more details.
All right, let's go.
You did good.
What was that? I thought you said these kids were gung ho.
I said they're open to participate, which means, from a legal perspective, they're predisposed.
Are you sure about that? The test is pretty straight-forward.
Is it the defendant an unwary innocent or an unwary criminal who readily availed himself of the opportunity to perpetrate the crime? To me, they're terrorists.
If those kids are terrorists, it is because you radicalized them.
You are pushing these kids too hard.
You don't like the way I do business, you call the Director.
These are his rules.
What do you got? Twenty-three imams in Brooklyn.
Four are on the FBI watch list.
Okay, let's run these names by Homeland Security.
See what they know.
I just feel like this could be What do you mean you're not sure? I just feel like the whole thing Nah, nah, listen to me.
Grow some balls, Karim.
Grow some balls.
Don't mess this up.
How's it going? Yeah, it's good.
I was just walking to my car.
I saw you from the corner of my eye.
You need a ride? No, no, I'm gonna take the bus.
But do you mind it's cool if I borrow a dollar? Yeah.
This is too much.
Keep it.
I really appreciate it.
So you and your friend you sure you want to do this? Yeah.
- Hey.
- What's going on? Sorry, I tried to call, but your phone was Oh, yeah, it was a boxing class.
Is this about the new case? Yeah.
I know this has been a hard one.
I've been listening.
Joseph's toying with these guys Especially Karim.
I mean, all he cares about are these beautiful women in Kabul.
For God's sake the kid has no clue.
At all.
He's just a dumb, lonely boy with no parents, no education.
This is not okay.
None of this is okay.
I mean, like it or not, Joseph is following the Bureau's guidelines and protocols.
So maybe it's best just to hang in there.
Stick to the plan.
Even if it means putting two kids in prison? And for life? Look I know that you identify more with Karim and Rhami.
I know where you're coming from.
No, you don't.
I'm sorry, Maggie, but you don't know where I'm coming from.
And you have never been hated for no reason.
After 9/11 people were so cruel.
So vicious.
They said things that you could never believe.
And I was just a kid, so I started to blame myself.
I started to hate myself.
It made me stronger.
It made me love and respect my faith even more.
We're good people, Maggie.
Muslims are good people, loving and caring.
And I just don't understand why we are still fighting for people to for Americans to understand that, to believe that.
And rolling up two dumb kids who aren't really terrorists is just going to add to that fear and add to that hate and it's not okay.
Yeah, but, OA you don't know if they're good or bad.
You don't know if Karim is on the road as a young OA to a really good place or if he is a cold-blooded killer about to slaughter hundreds of civilians.
You're right.
I just don't know, Maggie.
Hi, my name is Omar.
You must be Karim's sister.
He's not here.
We were supposed to meet up.
He left 10 minutes ago with Rhami and some other guy named Yasir.
I think he's an imam.
Do you know where they went? Maggie, we have a problem.
Grab some coffee, people.
We have three suspects in the wind looking to commit an act of terror.
Rhami Maroun and Karim Khan, both 20 years old, both from Astoria, Queens.
Rhami has three priors drugs, larceny, and assault, all misdemeanors.
Karim's jacket is clean.
Now, word is they're working with an imam from Brooklyn named Yasir Moussad.
Yasir is on Homeland Security's watch list.
He's considered a credible threat.
Homeland Security, Jim, you're getting us everything you guys have on Yasir Moussad ASAP.
The rest of you, focus on possible targets.
Are there any concerts, conferences, protests? Let's get to work.
FBI! What the hell? What are you doing? What's going on? What are you doing? I didn't do anything! - Where's your brother? - I don't know, I swear.
Where? He doesn't tell me where he goes.
He's an idiot.
He just follows people.
Does anybody have anything? Got something.
Hand-written note.
Central Park.
Jubal, it's me.
Got it.
All right, y'all, let's pivot.
We have Intel that Central Park might be the target.
Problem is it's a pretty big park.
5 miles long, half a mile wide, so let's go to work.
Start pulling live feeds within a five-block radius, and let's find out what events are taking place in or near the park today, tomorrow I just got a visual on one of the kids, Karim.
He's on 98th and Central Park West.
Headed south.
All right, I'll get Maggie and OA in the loop.
We have agents flooding the zone between 100th and 65th.
No eyes on them yet.
I see him.
Over there.
What are you doing, Karim? What the hell are you doing? I got scared, so I ran.
Where's the bomb? I-I don't know.
When do they plan on detonating it? 12:15.
Rhami has a phone.
He's gonna dial a number.
Where are they, Karim? Near the concession stands.
What are they wearing? Yasir has a baseball cap.
It's black.
Rhami I don't know.
I'm sorry.
We have Karim in custody.
Suspects two and three are on foot by the concession stands.
Guy's we have nine minutes.
Come on, let's go.
Maggie, I got 'em.
We have suspect two and three at the 95th Street running path.
Both Middle Eastern.
One suspect is wearing a blue jacket and a black hat.
Hey, Rhami.
Don't run.
Don't run! Drop what's in your hand.
I said drop what's in your hand.
Rhami, look around.
There are 20 agents ready to put a bullet in your head, so please do yourself a favor, and drop what's in your hand.
Look, it's just me and you, bro.
Forget about all this.
Forget about everybody.
Just look at me.
Please, Rhami.
Where's the bomb? Where is it? I'm not talking! He made the call.
The timer's been triggered.
Clear the field.
Get the kids off the field.
Now! Everybody, you need to clear out.
- Now! - Okay, people, move out.
Okay, people, move out.
Now, move out, come on.
I got it.
I need a multi-tool.
We're good.
We're good.
Nice work.
They have no idea how close they just came.
So I did some research on you, Agent Scola.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Princeton, seven years at Goldman Sachs, five years at the Boston Field Office, a younger sister named Alexandra and an older brother named Doug who died on 9/11.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to I just figured it was a little early in our partnership to get all heavy.
I get it.
Come in.
Ma'am I have to set the record straight.
About what? Earlier today, I went to Karim's apartment.
I heard.
Have you ever been to Omaha, Agent Zidan? No, ma'am.
We have a field office there.
It's a place where well-intentioned agents who act like social workers go to die.
Ma'am, with all due respect We pushed that kid too hard.
Turned him into something that he's not.
And I felt like I had to do something, so I went Karim's apartment to tip him off.
You went to his apartment because you were concerned the operation with the imam from Brooklyn was a go and that your friend Karim was on the verge of being activated.
As it turns out, you were right.
I care about results, not process, as long as we get the right results.
What I'm saying to you is you got lucky, real lucky.
You hit on 19 and caught a 2, but if I were you, I wouldn't do something so stupid again.
Odds are it's not gonna work out so well.
How was that? Better than I thought, I think.
So you're not fired? No.
Not yet, at least.
Look, I should've taken your advice.
Actually, I shouldn't have given you any.
You wanted someone to vent to, and I should've just listened.
You know, let you feel all the things you were feeling.
Thank you.
We are pleased to announce the FBI has apprehended three known and dangerous terrorists, and were able to thwart a coordinated and sophisticated attack on the people of New York City.
Yasir Moussad, Rhami Maroun, and Karim Khan were prepared to detonate a bomb in Central Park near a baseball field where young boys and girls were playing, and parents and friends were watching.
Thanks to the heroism of the New York Field Office, hundreds of innocent lives were saved.
The United States government will never stop fighting the war on terrorism.
We will continue to use and deploy all of the vast resources at our disposal to ensure that Americans remain safe.
We plan on doing everything in our power to ensure these violent terrorists spend the rest of their lives in prison.
I just wanted to see if you were okay.
I'm good.
I'll try and help.
But I was excited to go to Toronto.
I've never been on an airplane before.