FBI (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

The Lives of Others

That's the macchiato? Okay.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
I would like to get Hey, this is twice now I've seen you here.
I should introduce myself.
No offense, but I come here just for the coffee, not the conversation.
No offense taken.
Please tell me you are still at the coffee shop.
Well, your prayers are answered.
Could you get me a double ristretto, please? I cannot.
I have no idea what that is.
The barista will.
It packs quite a punch, you should give it a shot.
No, I'll stick with my black coffee.
I just got an alert.
Yeah, me too.
All right, come on in people.
We got a red ball out of Westchester County.
Sometime last night, Eli Harper was abducted from his home.
We need to issue an Amber Alert, push his photo out to all law enforcement.
Hey, can you loop in TSA and Port Authority? Hobbs, coordinate with locals on a door-to-door canvass.
Maggie, OA, head out to Westchester to talk to the family.
We all know the trend line here.
The longer this goes, the worst the outcome is.
Let's find this little boy.
Okay, Eli, six years old.
Parents are Drew and Stacy Harper.
Yeah, I know.
Do you want to tell Jubal? It could be a conflict.
I mean, I don't know them know them, but I've seen Eli.
Actually in the Harpers on the videos that Stacy posted.
She has this online channel on VidXChange.
Ah, what channel? HWS.
"Home With Stacy.
" It's just like decorating tips, you know, cooking.
Stuff like that.
Nothing too deep.
I'm kind of surprised you would go for something like that.
I kind of use it as an escape after Jason died.
- Excuse me.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
Special Agents Zidan and Bell.
Is there any news about Eli? No, not yet.
But I assure you, the FBI is doing everything we possibly can to find your son.
I read Eli a story at 8:30, and then I fell asleep before Drew got home.
- What time was that? - Around midnight.
I stayed at work late, trading in foreign markets.
Okay, who got up first this morning? I did.
At 5:30.
I got the paper then came back to bed and dozed off, and Stacy screamed.
Yeah, I went to wake up Eli.
He wasn't there.
Okay, do you have any idea who could've done this? How can anyone do this? Oh, what about the package? What package? About three days ago, we came home and there was a package out front.
We opened it and it was it was a gift for Eli.
A dinosaur picture book.
A gift from whom? Well, we don't know.
But but the card said, "To Eli, love you forever.
" Okay, we need to see that book.
We threw it away.
It creeped us out.
You don't think whoever left that package is It's too soon to say.
That's all right.
Um, do you mind showing us Eli's room? - Yeah.
- Yeah, it's there.
I'd made Eli breakfast in bed.
He loves waffles.
Window sensor.
Do you have an alarm? I didn't turn it on.
I didn't think I needed to.
We're going to need the names of everyone who has access to your house.
Friends, family, employees.
- Yeah.
- Right.
- Yeah, I'll get started on that.
- Okay.
No one we know would do this.
Probably not, but we need to be sure.
Stacy, I need you to look carefully.
Is there anything that's out of place or disturbed? Hector's gone.
Who's Hector? Eli's favorite toy.
A blue dinosaur.
It was on that shelf.
Who else knows that Hector is his favorite toy? A lot of people.
Hi, you guys! Breakfast with my amazing family.
I whipped up some avocado toast this morning.
It's super easy and delicious.
Everyone loves it, including blue dinosaurs.
Okay, so it turns out she posted dozens of these videos.
So anyone watching could get all the intel they need to grab Eli.
And though I have never heard of HWS, it has two million followers, so that is two million possible suspects, folks.
You guys are combing through the comments section for any haters Stacy has.
We need VidXChange's traffic data to see what users were visiting that channel.
Yeah, we already sent a subpoena over, we're just waiting for the lawyers to respond.
Mmm, I'll light a fire.
This can't wait.
Update, Hobbs.
What's the ETA on the Evidence Recovery Team? They're at the house now.
Thank you.
ERT's sweeping Eli's room right now, but nothing so far.
Any news on the canvass? No, but the alarm company just got back to me.
Event logs show that Eli's window was opened at 4:52 a.
So we have the time of abduction.
- Yeah.
- Okay, I'll update the team.
I don't know, Maggie.
Maybe none of this would've happened if she hadn't shared so much stuff online.
What? She didn't ask for this.
Making those videos is part of her job.
I don't think I would consider posting stuff online a job.
Then you should look up how much she makes on that channel.
It's both of our GS-13 salaries times ten.
Okay, well, then maybe a ransom is the motive.
- She can definitely pay.
- Yeah.
And it fits with the abductor taking the toy.
You know, he wants to keep Eli calm, keep him alive.
- Agent Bell? - Yeah.
We found a partial print near the window sill.
We're gonna run it now.
That's great.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm gonna update the Harpers.
- Okay, go.
- Agent Zidan.
I'm on the canvas.
We, uh, knocked next door a couple of times.
- No answer.
- Okay.
But there is a car out front.
- Go ahead and run the car.
- I did.
Illinois plates.
They came back to a convicted sex offender.
Todd Crebins.
What do we know? Six felony convictions in Illinois.
Most recent was a child molestation charge that sent him to Danville for eight years.
He got out two weeks ago.
What's he doing in Westchester? Looks like a car's parked outside his house owned by his mother.
Sir, there's something else.
In 2010, Crebins was a suspect in the abduction and murder of a young boy.
He was never charged.
Todd Crebins, FBI.
Open up.
What's this all about? We would like to come in and talk.
You got a warrant? No, we don't, but we could just arrest you for failing to register as a sex offender.
You you got ten days to register.
I've only been in New York for eight.
Do you really think anyone's gonna believe that? I don't.
Open the door.
- Anyone else home? - No one.
My mom's off whooping it up in the Catskills.
Do you know a kid named Eli Harper? Yeah, there you go.
Round up the usual suspects.
I didn't take him.
But you know he was taken.
Yeah, there's cops everywhere.
News travels.
Uh uh, the truth is I'm on chemical castration drugs.
I I couldn't do nothing even if I wanted to.
You seem to have a pretty good view of Eli's bedroom.
I watch from time to time.
He's precious, that boy.
But that's all I do anymore.
I watch.
Okay, did you, uh, drop off a dinosaur book too? I don't know what that means.
What was that? Just sitting.
Why don't you stand up, Crebins? I said stand up.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground! Call for backup and ERT.
We need to search this house.
- Look at me! - We need backup next door.
Crebins, look at me! Where is Eli? Eli! Where is he? I have no earthly idea.
Then where'd the dinosaur come from? I took a walk this morning.
I found it in the road by the Harpers.
I I figured it was Eli's.
I'd just hold onto it for for safekeeping.
Why would the dinosaur be in the road, huh? I don't know! Maybe it fell when the kidnapper put him in his car! Oh, you are lying.
Where is he? I don't know! If the news were good, we would've heard by now.
What if Eli is what if that man took him into that house and he Stacy, Stacy.
Look, I I know that it's very difficult not to have answers right now, but let's really not try to get into the what-ifs.
Uh, actually, I've been really curious about your channel.
I mean, how did you even get into that? It was a hobby at first about cooking.
Back when I had no money, I used to make these little videos about how to make a healthy meal without going broke.
I got sponsors.
The channel evolved into something slicker, I guess.
I know what I do, what I talk about, it's silly.
I mean, it really helped me.
More than you'll ever know.
Hey OA, you're on speaker.
There is no sign that Eli was here.
What about the toy? Trace evidence does suggest that it was lying in the street.
The partial print does not match our person of interest, but it does match other prints that ERT found on the toy.
Thank you.
Okay, okay.
I mean, this is good.
This is good, right? I mean, at least he's not It means they're no closer to finding him, Drew.
No, we we actually are closer to finding him.
It's so good that we have the prints of whoever took him.
It's really important that we stay positive.
Are you expecting a call? No, hardly anyone knows that number.
Okay, Stacy, I want you to answer and put it on speaker.
Hello? Don't worry about Eli.
I'll take good care of him.
Where are we on the call? Uh, came in at 10:09, lasted six seconds.
Made from an unregistered cell phone.
I don't suppose he left his GPS on.
Nope, but I'll try triangulating his position off the cell towers.
Karen, where are we on the voice? Generated by a common text-to-voice software.
It sounds like the caller held the phone up to a speaker.
Maybe a laptop or a tablet speaker and then played back the message.
All right, we have a location.
The call came from Brooklyn.
Southwest edge of Maria Hernandez Park.
Give or take, 200 meters.
Pull up CCTV on the park.
There's no coverage in that area.
Something's not right.
The ambient background's too low to be urban.
Find out why.
I'll send Kristen and Scola to the park.
All right, boss, we're on the scene.
- What are we looking for? - A witness.
A witness who saw someone make a call 20 minutes ago.
The caller may have been carrying a laptop or a tablet.
Sir, we got a list of names from the Harpers.
All of the people who have been in the house.
Okay, have a team check alibis.
Find out where each of them was at 4:52 a.
- I got it.
- Yeah? Low background plus an engine idling.
He's inside a car.
Scola, you hear that? He was in a car when he made the call.
Check nearby buildings for security cams aimed at the park.
The car we're after was idling and then probably drove away just after 10:09.
Got it.
Looks like that one may have cameras.
All right, let's start there and work our way up the block.
If we don't find this kid in the next few hours - Yeah, I know the stats.
- Let's go then.
The call came from Hernandez Park? Yeah, does that mean anything to you? No.
I went on my channel just now.
I guess the news is out about Eli.
99% of the comments are so supportive, so caring.
But then that 1%? They say the most hateful things, like they wish he was dead.
Okay, you really got to try not to let that get to you.
What if the person who called is one of them? What if he doesn't know anything about Eli? What if it's just a troll? You've already thought of that? There's always a possibility that a call like this can be a hoax.
So so we might be wasting precious time on someone who has no idea where Eli is? No, no, the best way for us to find Eli is to chase the lead, and every other lead that comes in.
You should've told us that that call might not be real.
It might just be all a waste of time.
I heard.
You've got to let them do their job.
We don't have a choice in the matter So I really thought Crebins did it, but now I don't know what to think.
I had the alarm company send us the records for the past 24 hours.
The front door opened at 5:30.
Wait, Drew lied about when he got home.
Yeah, so I am going to take him downtown and question him.
Thank you for coming in, Mr.
I didn't seem to have a choice.
As you are aware, we desperate need VidXChange's traffic data.
We believe it will help Let me stop you right there.
You don't just want traffic data.
You want names of people who visited "Home With Stacy.
" Well, we can't just hand over those records to the government.
Why not? It raises privacy concerns.
I'm sorry, is this not the same personal information that you share with data miners and advertisers? They are vetted marketing partners.
The bottom line is we can't comply with a subpoena so broad in scope.
I think we're done here.
Sit down, Mr.
Your platform has had a two-year run of arrogant conduct and bad publicity.
No, no, I reject that characterization.
Well, now you are truly about to top yourselves 'cause what you're saying is you refuse the FBI find a missing child, yet you have no qualms about working with Russian bots and White Supremacists.
That is not what I'm saying That's how it will play in the media.
I'll make sure of it.
I'll send the data over by the end of the day.
Within the hour.
Agent Zidan, what's this all about? Do you mind if we go back over your timeline? My timeline? What for? We just really want to nail down what time you got home.
Around midnight.
I told you that.
The alarm logs show that the door was never opened then.
Well, that's not right.
There must be a bad sensor.
There isn't.
Maybe I'm a bit off time-wise, one way or the other, but look, man, why are we even having this conversation? Whoever did this is is is probably one of Stacy's crazy fans.
Stacy shut the door at 8:27 p.
The door wasn't open again until 5:30 a.
, which is when you claim you got the newspaper.
Lying to a federal agent is a felony, Mr.
Harper, so I will ask again.
What time did you get home? Okay.
It was 5:30 this morning.
And where were you before that? At my office.
I worked late, as I said.
Around 11:15, I took a quick nap on the couch.
Before I knew it, it was almost 5:00 a.
, okay? Why didn't you just tell us that before? Because Stacy hates it when I come home late from the city, but she was asleep.
And then I realized that while I was gone, my son was taken.
So you tell me, how do I admit that to my wife? Okay.
Well, Eli's window was open at 4:52 a.
We don't know how long the abductor was in the house.
So he may have left right around the time you got back.
Well, I didn't see anybody if that's what you're getting at.
If I had, I would've stopped him.
What about on your drive up? Did you see any other vehicles? No.
About half a mile from home, I did.
I I saw a car.
What if Eli was in it and I drove right by? What kind of car was it? It was a black sedan, I think.
Hobbs, where are we on Drew Harper's alibi? Was he at work? No cameras in the executive offices or elevators, but Harper's cell was connected to his office Wi-Fi.
Computer activity shows he was executing trades until 11:09 p.
So he said he took a nap around 11:15.
It fits in with the story.
Did his cell stay logged on to the office Wi-Fi? Uh, looks like he shut his phone off at 11:10.
He didn't turn it back on until he called 911 this morning.
He shut it off? That's that's kind of weird.
If you take a quick nap, you set the alarm on your phone.
You don't shut it off.
Let's figure out what this guy was really up to, huh? Are we thinking Drew Harper kidnapped his own kid? I don't know.
Maybe the Harper's home life wasn't as perfect as it looks online.
All I know is he does not have an alibi for when Eli was taken.
That's because he was in on it along with somebody else.
Based on? Uh, this phone that made the call from Hernandez Park.
I captured its IMEI number, which gave me make, model, and serial.
That cell phone was purchased three years ago by Drew Harper.
I don't know where he is or I'd be with him right now! Was there an accident? Eli got hurt and you panicked? I would never hurt my son.
For God's sakes, I mean, you were right I was sitting right there when the call came in.
Yeah, yeah, a call made on a cell phone that was purchased three years ago by you.
That's impossible.
- Is it? - Yes.
Does this jog your memory? Who has the phone? - Who'd you give it to? - I didn't give it to anyone.
Then where is it? Look, I buy a new phone every six months.
The old ones go into a junk drawer in the kitchen.
It's full of phones.
The kidnapper must've taken it when he was in the house.
Highly unlikely.
So where were you last night? Don't say work.
You know what? I'm done with this.
Sit down.
For the last time, where were you between 11:10 p.
and 5:30 this morning, Mr.
Harper? - I can't say.
- Look, man, what did you do? Um, Velvet Paradise.
It's a gentlemen's club.
So at least four exotic dancers say Harper and his buddy were stuffing G-strings until 5:00 a.
So that puts him in the clear.
Though it does not explain why the caller had his phone.
- Hey Jubal, this might.
- Yeah? It's from a video posted about five years ago.
I'm excited to show you.
Now with these fabulous trays, you can organize so easily.
Now compare that to this.
Look at all these phones and cords! My husband never throws anything away.
You've got to be kidding me.
And that junk drawer shows up in at least two other clips.
So pretty much any of Stacy's users could know about that phone.
Which, I grant you, seems like a setback.
Moran, where are we with the alibis of the people who've been in the Harper's house? Team cleared all of them.
Okay, so if they're excluded, our bad guy has to be a "Home With Stacy" user.
And that's a good thing? Depends on what Ian Lim has pulled from the VidXChange data.
Something good, I hope.
Check this out.
Each red dot represents an HWS user.
Those those are dots? The whole damn screen is red.
That's what two million users looks like.
Now the nerds at the Behavioral Analysis Unit say our abductor is obsessed with Eli, and probably visited the site daily.
So let's eliminate the users who didn't use the site daily.
BAU also thinks his visits would escalate prior to the kidnapping.
Now our abductor is likely hiding his true identity.
So I targeted the users using VPNs and non-verified emails.
Users who also watched one of the videos that featured the junk drawer.
Which brings me to this guy, HWSfan082.
He checks all the boxes, he logged in ten times a day, but the weird thing is the night Eli gets taken, he suddenly stops visiting "Home With Stacy.
" Radio silence.
Because he wouldn't need the channel to see Eli.
Not if he had the real thing.
We ID this guy, we might find our kid.
It feels thin.
That user could've stopped visiting the channel for any number of reasons.
Yes, but traffic to HWS actually increased after the abduction, users wanting news on Eli.
He was the only one that never looked back.
Maybe his computer crashed or he dropped dead.
You can't put all of your eggs in this basket.
Sorry to interrupt, but we may have a lead.
That user that I flagged, I traced one of his recent visits to Stacy's channel.
He logged on via Wi-Fi from a midtown coffee shop.
Just after the user logs out, this dude exits the coffee shop.
That could be any other customer.
How do we know he's our guy? That's the "Home With Stacy" logout page.
Wait, stop right there.
Get agents over to that coffee shop, see if anybody recognizes him, and check with the Harpers too.
No, I've never seen him before.
Harper? I don't know who he is.
Maybe someone else does.
Look, we have his face.
We are going to get this guy.
God knows what he's done to Eli.
All because he saw him on HWS.
I never wanted this, our lives made public.
Now look what's happened.
I would've set the alarm, Drew, if I knew you weren't coming home and Eli would be safe! You were the one who opened our home to this man.
Hey Todd.
Look, we think he's a kindred spirit.
Have you seen him or met him in a chat room? So it's Todd now? After you dragged me from my home and treat me like dirt like I'm something less than human? Why would I help you? Because helping me helps Eli.
You said he was precious.
And I know what you know what he could be going through right now.
Or does that not matter anymore? Of course it matters.
I love Eli.
I love all of them.
Have you seen him? - Last week.
- Where? I saw him riding around the neighborhood a few times.
Can you tell me about the car he was driving? Not a car.
A scooter.
One of those gray rideshare scooters.
Thank you.
Yeah, we're already on it.
The gray ones are owned by ZoomXL, and they should be GPS tracked.
- Got it.
- They are.
ZoomXL says the scooter Crebins saw was rented by one Wayne Rydell of Queens.
That's him.
Send teams to his home and workplace.
Go, go, go! Okay, Rydell's a cargo agent at this shipping dock.
It should be the middle of his shift.
Yeah, if he even showed up to work today.
Hey, lower your weapon.
They're in your line of fire.
- Sorry.
- Wayne Rydell.
FBI, don't move.
This way! FBI! Stay in the vehicle.
Let me see your hands.
- To your right, to your right.
- Doors.
Check it! Open the door and get out of the car.
- Hold.
- Don't move.
Come on.
Get off me.
Get off me.
Get off me! Stop! Get off me.
We've got an abduction kit back here.
What the and a floor plan of the Harper's house.
Where is he? Where's Eli? I want a lawyer! You hear me? This man is not in the system, he has no criminal history.
Yeah, he just hasn't been caught until now, but he is not new to this.
Well, with no sign of Eli in the apartment or van, we can't charge him.
What? He had a go-bag with a stun gun.
He has the floor plans to Eli's house.
A witness literally saw him drive by the house multiple times.
It's circumstantial evidence.
- We need proof and quickly.
- Yeah.
Hey, his attorney just showed up.
He's in the lobby.
Rydell's off-limits.
Not necessarily.
I don't think I wanna know what you mean by that.
I requested a lawyer.
You can't talk to me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
I'm gonna need you and your skill set in the JOC.
- Cool? - Sure.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
He probably thinks that his lawyer can keep him out of jail.
No way.
That judge is gonna deem him a threat and deny him bail.
I mean, he's going straight to Rikers.
Rikers is hardcore, and he's going to have to await trial there for weeks, months.
I was deliberately kept waiting down there.
I'm sure it wasn't intentional.
We're all pretty busy around here.
Yeah, busy denying my client his right to counsel.
We're all acting in good faith, sir.
Your client's right in here.
Oh, um, they must've, uh, given me the wrong interview room.
Oh, so we're playing a shell game now? Take me to Mr.
Rydell or I'll have you suspended.
All right, listen up.
We need evidence and we need it fast.
Let's retrace Rydell's steps after 4:52 a.
Where did he go? Who did he contact? Who are his associates? Let's go.
Let's go.
- Hey Kris.
- Mm-hmm? Now the Harpers gave us access to their cloud.
Can you go through all the HWS videos, see if Rydell shows up anywhere? If he was stalking them, that might give us probable cause.
Yes, sir.
Uh, then we have Jeffrey Dahmer.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's right.
He was also killed by a fellow inmate.
He wasn't just killed, Agent Bell.
He was brutally murdered with a broomstick.
And I heard that they shoved it Okay, stop, stop.
Stop it.
I'll talk.
I'll talk.
Okay, this is just to be clear, Mr.
Rydell, you are willing to speak with us without having an attorney present? Yes.
Why were you outside of their house? Maybe I was casing it.
Those videos were like great inventory for everything that's worth stealing.
So you're saying you're a thief.
Uh What's with the gym bag? A good thief goes in when a home is empty, but he's ready if it isn't.
Either way, I didn't hit that house.
Why not? I was watching it last night, and there was this black Dodge Charger that kept cruising by.
I thought it was an unmarked cop car, so I bailed out.
That's the second time we've heard about a black car.
This interview is over.
All right, what are we looking at here? Okay, so this is the only black Charger that showed up in the footage that Kristen and Scola pulled from the park.
- What Charger? - Top right.
The call came in at 10:09.
We figured the kidnapper drove away right after.
We're at 10:21 and counting.
- Maybe it's just a parked car.
- Maybe.
Okay, here we go.
- Ian? - I got it.
Right, there's a new player on the field.
Put a BOLO on Lisa Defasio.
Let's figure out how she fits into this.
Find her.
Let's bring this little boy home.
- Yeah.
- Jubal.
- Yeah? - I found something.
Still looking for Rydell? Uh, no, looks like she's onto something else.
Okay, what you got? Just before we gained access to the Harper's cloud account, Stacy deleted a bunch of older photos.
- Hmm, odd timing.
- Yeah, I thought so too.
So I recovered one of them.
Hello! All right, so maybe she doesn't want us to see her boudoir shots.
- I get that.
- Yeah, but here's the problem.
This video of her pregnant and that selfie.
They were taken on the same day.
So Stacy faked her pregnancy.
Eli's not her kid.
It's a lot of weight loss in one day.
You want to explain that? I always wanted kids.
I thought it would just happen, you know? We we we tried for years.
Hormones, in vitro.
I would get pregnant and then Bad eggs, they said.
So we did IVF.
Then where did Eli come from? A surrogate.
But my channel was taking off, and my consultants said that fans would judge me.
You know, I was supposed to be down-to-earth, relatable.
This could ruin my brand.
So I pretended.
I'm ashamed of that now.
Do you know Lisa Defasio? Did she carry Eli? It was her egg but but he is my son.
Has Lisa been in touch? Not since Eli was born.
Okay, you know that dinosaur book you were sent? "To Eli, I love you always"? I think that was her.
I actually think she's the one who's behind this.
No, Lisa's a lovely girl.
She would never do anything like this.
She did the surrogacy to pay for college.
Lisa Defasio, she dropped out five years back when her mom got cancer.
She's an only child, so took care of the mom.
The mom died two weeks ago.
Ian, tell me you're not hacking medical records.
No need.
Lisa blogged about it.
About how helpless she felt seeing her mother suffer.
The whole thing reads like a a cry for help.
Sir, Port Authority just reviewed footage and spotted our Charger on the GW Bridge at 10:42 this morning.
They sent over video.
She must've headed to Jersey after she made the call to the Harpers.
I don't see the kid.
Who does Lisa know in Jersey? Um, her mom owns two rental properties in Jersey, and they're both unoccupied.
Send Maggie to one and OA to the other.
Don't shoot! I'm FBI! - Yeah? - OA, she's here.
I'm taking fire.
I'm ten minutes out.
No, I can't wait.
Not if Eli's in there.
Maggie, do not go in there without me.
Lisa, drop your weapon.
Lisa? I'm with the FBI.
Put the gun down now and tell me where Eli is.
I can't! I know your mom passed, okay? I imagine you feel like you've lost absolutely everything.
I have I have lost everything! I started watching Eli and his family.
I saw the life I should've had.
You can still have a life, but only if this stops right now.
Lisa, I was on that call to the Harpers.
I heard you say that you would take care of Eli.
I think you meant that.
The best way for you to do that right now is to put down the gun.
Come on.
Eli is my child.
He was all I had left.
Had? What do you mean had? Lisa, where is Eli? He's where he belongs.
Eli? Eli.
Eli? Eli.
Uh, my name is Maggie.
Mommy! Daddy! Oh, we love you so much.
Thank you so much, Agent Bell.
Are you hungry? You must be so hungry.
I made some waffles, okay, sweetie? - Let's go eat.
- Yeah.
Whatever you want.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, did you have Jubal pull me into the job because of how I handled my weapon? That wasn't me.
Jubal wanted you because you kill it in there.
Look, you're gonna kill it on the street too, okay? So you made a mistake.
I made them too.
You'll get there.
See you tomorrow.
So Stacy put in her whole kid's life on the internet.
I would like to think that I would never do that But I shouldn't have judged.
I guess I can see how it all just can get away from you.
Yeah, she was playing a role, and just lost sight of who she was.
Yeah, same as me, actually.
What do you mean you? I really shut down.
- After Jason died.
- Yeah.
I clung to my routines.
I I made my job my sole focus.
Workaholic widow.
That's my brand.
It sucks, you know? I used to be so much more than that.
So what are you gonna do about it, Maggie? Good night.
Good night.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What can I get for ya? Uh, I would like to get a black actually, you know what? Why don't you surprise me? Okay.
Prepare to be surprised.
Hey, you remember me? I'm sorry, I come here for the coffee not the conversation.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I deserve that.
I'm Maggie.
Nice to meet you, Nick.
What are you working on? You enjoy traveling? Uh, yeah, I suppose.