FBI (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

American Idol

1 Why is Congressman Winters dragging his feet on this? The bill's been sitting on his desk for the last week.
I don't care what dignitary's in town or whose ass he's kissing.
My constituents want real action on paid family leave.
Okay, so tell Winters if he wants my support, he's gonna have to start praising this bill up and down Capitol Hill.
Okay, great.
See you on Monday.
I leave D.
for a week and the whole place goes up in flames.
Oh, damn.
I left my purse in the green room.
I'll take her.
You sure I can't stay and drive you home? You know the answer to that question.
You're not some diva politician who can't even drive herself.
I know.
Then don't ask again.
Drive safely.
Say hi to Samantha and the baby.
Listen up, everyone, a car bomb just went off at a fundraising event for New York congresswoman Valerie Caldwell.
Her bodyguard, Alex Peters, died at the scene.
- How's Caldwell doing? - She survived.
She's at St.
Ann's being treated for her injuries, but let's assume for now that it was Caldwell, not Peters, as the intended target.
It should be said, although I'm sure everyone is aware, Caldwell is not just a congresswoman anymore, but according to the most recent polls, she is the frontrunner to become the next president of the United States.
White House Press Secretary is on the line.
She wants an update.
POTUS wants to put out a statement ASAP.
- Got it.
- Okay.
Caldwell came up a prosecutor in the Brooklyn DA's Office.
She is currently in her third term as representative of the 4th District.
So was this attack about her past, her home life, or was it indeed about her politics? Who are Caldwell's enemies? Extreme-right political groups, militia organizations.
We'll check 'em out.
Then let's look at the online chatter, see if anyone's boasting about this, and let's dig into Caldwell's social media accounts, her texts, her emails, to identity the digital haters and harassers.
Expect a long and vociferous list.
She is not just a politician, she's a progressive, female lefty from New York.
To be clear, if this was about her political ambitions, then this was an attack on the United States and our most fundamental democratic principles.
So let's go ahead and find the people responsible.
Go to work! You guys head down to the crime scene.
Bomb Squad's already there, see what they know.
Maggie, OA, as soon as Caldwell wakes up, you guys head down to the hospital.
Debris shows evidence of Semtex, high-tech batteries, advanced circuitry.
Definitely not the work of an amateur.
What type of device are we looking at? Not sure, but it was detonated remotely via RF signal.
Guessing the bomber had to be within 40 to 50 yards of the explosive device.
Do you know where it was planted? Under the driver's seat.
Confirms Caldwell was the intended target.
Let us know what the Lab says.
Sir? FBI Special Agent Chazal and Scola.
Bill Sullivan.
Head of Security for Congresswoman Caldwell.
I hired Alex to be Caldwell's bodyguard two months ago, convinced his wife it was a cushy gig.
Now I gotta tell her he's not coming home.
Anything unusual happen at the event? Any disturbances, arguments? No, it went off without a hitch.
We had a pretty tight security plan in place too.
Guards were posted at the front and back entrances.
Obviously it wasn't tight enough.
Where were you when the bomb went off? Right over there, a few steps away from the Congresswoman.
Saw the whole damn thing.
Was there anybody else inside the garage? Wait, yeah.
There was.
I saw I saw somebody right before the bomb went off.
I saw somebody run into the stairwell.
Okay, male, female? I don't know.
I didn't get a good look.
All I saw was a red shirt.
Well, if you think of anything else You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's about Caldwell, isn't it? I saw her campaign button on your desk last week.
I'm a fan.
A big fan.
I just can't believe somebody tried to kill her.
Actually, I can, sadly, which is why I'm pissed.
You know, just when this country is is about to move forward and make progress, something like this happens.
People are scared of forward and progressive ideas, especially when they're coming out of the mouth of an intelligent, charismatic woman with a legitimate chance of becoming president.
You sound like a Caldwell fan too.
No, not really.
I'm not into politics or politicians.
You know they just say stuff people want to hear.
Yeah, but Valerie is different.
She genuinely wants this country to be better for everyone.
- Yeah, we'll see.
- I'm telling you, OA, Valerie Caldwell is different.
If you say so.
Push tonight's dinner with Skadden Arps, and move the CNN interview to tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow? Valerie, you need to stay in bed a few days.
- Oh, come on.
- I cannot run a campaign out of a hospital bed.
Please just track down my doctor and find a way to get me the hell out of here.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, I'm Special Agent Maggie Bell.
This is Special Agent Omar Zidan.
Nice to meet you.
First off, I'm so sorry this happened to you.
I appreciate that, Maggie.
Thank you.
Should I call you Maggie or Yeah, Maggie's fine.
Do you mind if we ask you a few questions right now? No, of course not, as long as you sneak me out of here after.
Well, ma'am, until the case is closed, it would be better if you stayed somewhere secure, like a hospital or maybe your apartment here in New York.
I'm sorry, Omar, that's not gonna happen.
You see, Alex Peters died protecting me.
If I cower in fear in some two-bedroom condo and lose this election, he will have died in vain.
Okay, then we're going to provide you with more security, and that's nonnegotiable.
Then I agree.
Can we talk about last night? Did you see anyone unusual at the event or in the parking garage? No, no, not that I can think of.
Have you received any threats? Has anyone been harassing you? Yeah, half of America, but there is one person who has been particularly vile.
He goes by the handle Justicefornone.
He calls me a new and colorful expletive every day.
He's threatened to rape me, to shoot me.
It's been a little over-the-top and ridiculous, almost comical, but then he posted this two days ago.
Game over.
"Instead of counting sheep, "I fantasize ways to murder Congresswoman Caldwell.
One that works best is hacking her to death with a machete.
" I mean, who posts stuff like this? What, are you kidding me? It's all anyone does these days, attack people in the public eye.
Coaches, movie stars, politicians.
It's a bunch of idiots sitting around in their underwear eating cat food posting about politics.
"Cat food"? I've got an idea on that guy you're looking for.
Justicefornone, he hid his IP on his posts, but he wasn't quite as savvy when he posted from his phone.
Okay, we got a name? Ted Jacobs.
No rap sheet, lives in Forest Hills.
Ted Jacobs, we want to talk.
FBI, open up! What do you think? Sounds like Ted is making a break for it.
Stop! Stop! Stop! FBI! Who the hell are you? Sasha Harris, 33, from Forest Hills.
She was married to a man named Theodore Jacobs for three years; divorce was finalized five months ago.
Cable and internet are still in his name, which explains why Ted's name popped up instead of hers.
Now Sasha has no priors, no criminal history whatsoever, and nothing in her background suggests any aptitude with IEDs either.
But we're about to have her in the room, so anyone who finds anything useful gets a free Popsicle.
Get it.
Any personal or professional connections to Caldwell? Nothing obvious.
I'm hoping Maggie and OA can get her to talk and explain her hatred.
Why am I here? We would like to talk about Congresswoman Caldwell and your barrage of videos and posts about her.
It's called satire.
No, "Saturday Night Live" is satire.
Memes showing presidential candidates getting blown up, not so much.
Especially when that exact presidential candidate almost gets blown up.
I had nothing to do with that.
But you were at Congresswoman Caldwell's fundraiser, correct? Working as a caterer? I needed some money, so I picked up a last minute catering gig.
Hmm, at the event honoring the woman you hate? Yeah, it sounds like a plan to assassinate Caldwell.
No, just needed some cash.
We found this at your apartment.
So? A witness saw someone in a red shirt run out of the garage immediately before the explosion.
I'm not the only New Yorker with a red shirt.
No, you're not, but you are the only New Yorker with a red shirt who was at the fundraiser and also posts violent videos about Caldwell.
I was at the garage, but I wasn't looking to kill her.
I just wanted to get her on video.
Ambush her, get her to say something stupid so I can post it on my YouTube channel.
So you took a job handing out tuna rolls just to confront Caldwell? - Sure did.
- Why? What were you gonna confront her about? My brother, Wayne Simmons.
She had him locked up for ten years for a crime he didn't commit.
She was the prosecutor in Wayne's trial, made up all kinds of stories and theories just to get a conviction.
But now that she's running for president, I've got to let the world know how evil that woman really is.
"Evil"? Senator Caldwell? Damn right.
Sasha, I know it hurts to see your brother convicted of a violent crime, but it's up to the jury to convict.
That's 12 unbiased people who believed that Wayne was guilty.
You her campaign manager or something? I'm just reminding you that Caldwell was just the prosecutor.
All she did was present the evidence.
It was the decision of the jury to convict Wayne.
Yeah, based on Caldwell's lies.
That bitch made her whole career maxing out innocent black men, but now that she's running for president, she's suddenly all woke and compassionate.
Trying to act like she's Martin Luther King Jr.
or something, and all you use sucker ass white people lap it up and worship the ground she walks on.
Can I go? No.
We have some tests to run.
Well, it's clear she hates Valerie Caldwell.
Yeah, but nothing in her background says she's a killer or knows anything about explosives.
So she just runs around the city hating Caldwell and posts crazy stuff on social media? It's not crazy if she really thinks that Caldwell railroaded her brother.
Okay, to believe that Caldwell railroaded a kid for no reason is ridiculous.
She's been leading the charge to reduce mandatory minimums for years.
She created the Conviction Integrity Division at the Brooklyn DA's office.
I mean, the whole point of that unit is to make sure there's no wrongful conviction.
Valerie Caldwell is not someone who's looking to max out on innocent kids for no reason.
Okay, fair enough, but we need a second opinion.
- From who? - Wayne Simmons.
Hey, Wayne Simmons? - Who are you? - FBI.
We want to speak to you about Congresswoman Caldwell.
I've got nothing to say.
- That's odd.
- Yeah, why is that? 'Cause your sister can't stop talking about her, spends most of her time harassing her.
Got nothing to do with me.
Well, if you ask me, it has everything to do with you.
Your sister believes that you were innocent, that Caldwell buried you for no reason.
She's my sister.
I mean, but she's going a little crazy lately ever since Caldwell said she was gonna run for president.
Wait, so you don't share your sister's hate for Caldwell? I've moved on.
So then you admit that you were guilty? That justice was served? Like I said, I moved on.
Any other questions? Yeah, you happen to know anything about bombs? Yeah, they explode, but that's it.
Look, guys, I had nothing to do with the car bombing.
Yo, I lost ten years of my life, bro.
Why would I do something stupid and risk the next 50? Caldwell convicted him of rape ten years ago.
Seems like a pretty straightforward case.
Three witnesses put him at the scene, DNA's on the victim's body.
Well, yeah, but facts don't matter.
I mean, not when family's involved.
Doesn't matter how much evidence is brought against him.
I mean, Sasha's gonna go to her grave thinking that big bro was innocent.
And, uh, hating the woman who prosecuted him.
So the question is, did she hate her enough to plant a bomb in her car? Uh, apparently not.
I just spoke to ERT.
They tested her skin, clothes, and apartment for bomb residue.
All came back negative.
- So we're back to square one.
- Yup.
Uh, not exactly.
Got the results back from the bomb lab.
It turns out the power source used in the IED was a lithium-sulfur battery.
- Is that unusual? - More like unique.
The bomb is an exact match to the type of bombs made by Daniel Harley.
- Who? - Daniel Harley! One of the best bombmakers in the business.
First ballot hall of famer.
Okay, dude.
Okay, just tell us where we can find this jackass.
My lawyer's on his way, but I ain't worried.
I reckon I got a pretty airtight alibi for this bombing.
Here's the thing, Daniel, the bomb has your signature.
Oh, I am good, bro.
But I still can't blow up a car from G block.
Then who'd you teach? Who else knows your techniques? I don't teach and tell.
We connect this to you, we're gonna come after you.
I'm already doing life, sweetie.
There ain't much more you can do to me.
I mean, we could ship you out of state.
To the Colorado SuperMax, for example.
You know, it makes this place look like a Four Seasons.
Try me.
Over the years, I have taught plenty of inmates how to make a bomb, but I'm just the professor.
They pay me for my insights and knowledge.
How they ultimately exploit their unique education is on them, not me.
Well, any idea which one of your students is behind this then? Daniel, stop talking now.
Hi, Len Barker, Daniel's attorney.
First question is, why are you talking to my client without me present? 'Cause he gave us his consent.
Oh, well, consider said consent revoked.
He's done talking guys.
We're not accusing him of anything.
I said he's done talking.
Daniel Harley, your friendly neighborhood bomb maker.
Dig into his phone calls, his visitation logs, internet history.
Everybody and anybody he's been talking to over the past few months.
And talk to the guards, see if they have any theories.
I'll track down video surveillance from inside the prison.
Right, that too.
Let me know.
We've been digging through more video.
We found this on CCTV near the venue.
What is it? Check this out.
He's got a camera.
So paparazzi? Yeah, I thought the same thing, but watch.
We sync'd up the surveillance footage of the explosion with this.
The guy speeds off right when the blast occurs.
So if he was paparazzi, wouldn't he rush in for the money shot? - You run his plates? - Yeah, they're bogus.
Okay, so let's start going through surveillance cameras at other Caldwell events, outside her campaign office, her apartment building.
Let's see if our mystery man pops up anywhere else.
Footage is from Caldwell's previous 15 events.
Our mystery man is outside ten of them taking photos.
Hey, can you can you zoom in to his hand? Holy hell.
- What is it? - The tattoo.
That's the symbol of the PLA, the People's Liberation Army.
You're saying the Chinese military is involved? We were able to trace the car to an office building in Midtown Manhattan using CCTV.
Our mystery man parked in the underground lot, but the place has 30 floors.
We got no idea where he went.
So we ran the name of every male who entered the building using a keycard under age 50 who was also in the United States on the same ten days that the man in the car was spotted surveilling Caldwell.
Only man who checked all those boxes, Ray Zhao.
Well, the photo's a match.
What else do we know? Well, he's been in the U.
for five years, working as a freelance writer, but hasn't published a single thing.
Do we have an address? - Car? - Not registered to him, and nothing else is either.
The guy is a ghost.
So he's a spy.
Question is, how do we track him down? I'm guessing walking up to the front door of the Chinese Consulate, and asking for a list of active spies in the U.
is out of the question.
Thank you for meeting me on such short notice.
Wow, you remembered how I liked my coffee.
I have a good memory.
It's been a while.
You're as beautiful as ever.
- I need a favor.
- Izzy We think it's in connection with a recent bombing.
Caldwell? Goes by the name Ray Zhao.
Chinese National, possible affiliation with the PLA.
Any chance he's on your watch list? Yeah, there's a man on the list with that name.
What can you tell me about him? He's a former Ground Force Lieutenant in the U.
on an O-1 Visa.
That's all I know.
Wait, that's all you know or that's all you're willing to disclose? You know how this works.
Chris, where can I find him? I'll make a few calls.
Thank you.
I'll see you Tuesday.
See me where Tuesday? At dinner.
That's him.
- Got him.
- Go, go.
What are you talking about? China would never attempt to influence a presidential election or attempt to assassinate an elected official.
Well done, Ray.
Your handlers would be proud.
I'm gonna try this again though 'cause I feel like something got lost in translation.
Why the hell are you stalking Valerie Caldwell? 'Cause it looks like you've been watching her for quite a while now.
And just happened to be outside the parking garage when the bomb went off.
I had nothing to do with that.
So then why were you there? I was trying to find information.
On Caldwell? Because she's pushing for economic sanctions against China? Let's just say there are other candidates we prefer to win the election.
Right, so you're just trying to find and leak all the dirt you can find on her.
- Is that right? - Something like that.
But we certainly didn't plant a bomb in her car.
Well, you've been doing all this opposition research, correct? So that means you should know more about Caldwell than anyone else in the entire world.
So why don't you tell us who hates her the most? Who wants her dead? Don't know.
Well, I have a question for you, Ray.
What are the professional prospects of a Chinese spy whose cover's been blown by the FBI? Oh, really the better question is, what's the life expectancy of a Chinese spy whose cover's been blown Okay.
I'll tell you what I know.
Caldwell's clean.
Really clean.
Only skeleton I found is a guy named Simmons.
Wait, Wayne Simmons? Yeah.
Caldwell sent emails to her campaign manager.
They were vague but she sounded concerned.
Very concerned.
Said Simmons was trying to destroy her.
We dug into Simmons' phone, text, emails.
There's nothing connecting him to Caldwell at all, let alone trying to destroy her.
But we did find this.
You mean the check for 50,000? Deposited into his account three weeks ago.
Says it's from Help Them Rise, LLC.
Its mission statement is to help victims of social injustice.
Okay, there's nothing wrong with that.
Well, except for the fact that the charity is a total sham.
It's a Cayman Islands shell corp.
No office, no Board of Directors, no CEO.
So maybe somebody felt bad for Simmons and they wanted to help him out.
Seems unlikely, but possible.
Well, that or someone paid him off.
I like that theory better, but why? What's the quid pro quo here? And more importantly, is this 50k check somehow connected to the bombing? Hey, I've got something.
This video was taken three days before the explosion outside of the restaurant where Wayne works.
That's Len Barker.
The bombmaker's lawyer.
Doing what? I don't know.
Passing bombmaking secrets onto Simmons so he can get revenge on the heartless prosecutor that destroyed his life? Sounds credible to me.
Bring him in.
I already told you guys I had nothing to do with that bombing.
We know what you already told us.
We would like the truth now.
What the hell are you talking about? This.
- So? - Do you know that guy? A a little bit.
His name is Len Barker.
He's a lawyer.
He worked with Caldwell at the DA's office.
They worked together on rape cases including yours.
- Ring any bells? - Yeah.
- I know who the hell he is.
- Mm-hmm.
He also worked with a man named Daniel Harley.
Who? Uh, he makes bombs.
Like, really good ones.
Yeah, like the kind of bomb that blew up Caldwell's car and bodyguard.
Here we go again.
I told you I had nothing to do with that.
I've never blown up anything in my life.
Okay, then why are you talking to Len Barker? The very person who put you in person for ten years? Hey, this nutjob came looking for me.
He wanted me to go public with my case, tell the world I was innocent.
That Valerie Caldwell was this evil person.
I told him to leave me the hell alone.
I wanted nothing to do with that.
You're an interesting man, Wayne.
Most people would be jumping at the chance to bad-mouth the person that put them in prison, but not you, huh? - You're too good for that.
- Look, I moved on.
I just want to start a new life.
Right, of course.
Of course.
$50,000 head start, huh? I don't have anything to say about that.
People don't just hand out $50,000 checks, Wayne.
Who gave you that? I ain't got nothing to say.
Did somebody pay you to blow up Caldwell's car? Barker give you that money? Barker ain't give me a damn thing.
That lunatic was ranting and raving about how much he hated Caldwell.
Did he say why? Listen, Wayne, you're gonna want to be honest with us right now.
It's really gonna help you out down the road.
The last time I was honest with the police I ended up doing ten years in Greenville.
I want a lawyer now.
Of course, I remember Len Barker.
We worked together for five years.
Why? Well, we have him on video speaking with Wayne Simmons.
Do you have any idea why they'd be meeting up? No.
That's sort of odd.
Len and I did try the Wayne Simmons case together.
He did an amazing job.
But he was a really intelligent and very gifted attorney.
"Was"? Yes, was.
Len Something happened with Len and he just started acting strangely.
Rumor was that he was struggling with drugs and alcohol.
So is that why he was fired? No, not specifically.
I mean, my decision was based purely on his work.
For some reason, Len just went from being a superstar to being a liability.
He started missing deadlines, not showing up to court.
So I had no choice but to let him go.
And of course when it was all over, he he blamed me.
He told me that I ruined his career.
When was the last time you two spoke? Oh, I mean, years.
Eight or nine.
Maybe more.
No emails or text messages, DMs? No.
None that I'm aware of.
And if this is everything, I'm sorry, I do need to prep for my fundraiser today.
I am talking to 200 enlightened Wall Street executives at the Roosevelt.
No, sorry.
I haven't seen Len in a few days.
And when was the last time you two talked? Yesterday for about a second.
He was distracted, said he'd call me later, but It's important that we find him.
Uh, did you check his house in Brooklyn? We did.
He wasn't there.
You don't think that Len Like I said, we just want to talk to him.
Gabriella, we need your help.
Please tell us what you know.
Why does he hate Caldwell so much? She ruined his life.
- Because she fired him? - It's more than that.
Way more than that.
I've known Len for years.
I've worked with him at the DA's office, we dated for a while, then I came over here to help him out.
He's a good man.
- Valerie Caldwell ruined him.
- How? She forced him to bury evidence.
What are you talking about? After one of the trials, Len stumbled on some evidence that might've exonerated a man he'd just convicted.
Are talking about Wayne Simmons? Yeah, that's the guy.
Len found some surveillance footage that could've helped confirm Simmons' alibi.
Why didn't he just turn it over to Caldwell? He did, but Caldwell didn't care.
Thought it would muddy the waters.
So she destroyed the video and told Len to keep his mouth shut, and that was the beginning of the end.
Len started drinking, doing drugs, and Caldwell started laying her record, telling people he was crazy, delusional.
A few months later, she got rid of him.
FBI, Len Barker.
Maggie, check this out.
Looks like we found our guy.
Now we have to actually find him.
Jubal, yeah, we're at Barker's house right now.
Look, he's got live ammo here, and a lot of hatred for Caldwell.
I mean, we've got press clippings, photos all over the wall.
He's our guy.
Copy that.
Len Barker, pull him up.
- What kind of car? - Gray Ford Explorer.
All right, hey, put a BOLO out right away.
No, no, I think he's on foot or on the subway.
We saw his car parked out front when we came in.
Okay, good.
Run Barker's credit cards, his subway passes.
Maggie, I just found this.
It's a receipt from the car rental agency.
Okay, scratch that.
We've got a red Buick that he rented this morning.
License plate is 7BCW529.
All right, got it.
All right, listen up.
We're now looking for a red Buick.
License plate 7BCW529.
Get in through LoJack.
Sir, we need a warrant.
No, we don't.
Not for this.
Do it now.
Okay, I am in.
His car is now heading west on 45th street.
- 45th and what? - Park.
He's heading to the Roosevelt for the Caldwell fundraiser.
Call Maggie and OA.
Tell them to get over there right away.
We need to circulate Barker's photo to anyone and everyone involved in this event.
NYPD, hotel security, managers, doormen, bellmen.
Len Barker does not set foot in that hotel.
Event started 35 minutes ago.
Jubal, we're at the Roosevelt Hotel, going inside now.
Good, SWAT and Bomb Squad are pulling up right behind you.
We'll coordinate with Caldwell's security team.
Federal agents.
Stand back please.
- Back, back, stay back.
- Stand aside.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Len Barker! Stop! He's in the service hallway headed towards the kitchen.
Copy that.
Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey, stop! Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thanks for being here.
Thank you.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you.
We're ready for change, Valerie.
Get her down.
Get her down now.
Everybody get down! Everybody get down! - Move, move! - Get down! - FBI! - Federal agents, drop the gun! - Move in, move in! - Drop the gun, Len.
You should be here to arrest Caldwell, not me! Put down the gun now.
She buried a 17-year-old kid.
She knew he was innocent! How can we let somebody like that be president? Look around you, huh? Do not do anything stupid.
I tried to get the story out.
I did, but she turned everybody against me! I can prove it.
I have proof! It's over.
Drop the gun! I went to the DA's office for her! The great Valerie Caldwell! She destroyed everything I cared about, and she didn't even blink! Hey, I said drop it! I know you played soccer, but that was one hell of a tackle.
So you think Barker's telling the truth about Caldwell? I don't know.
We should look into it.
I can't thank you enough.
You guys have been amazing.
And it's it's just so sad to see someone that you admired so much just fall apart in such a tragic way.
Hmm, I can imagine.
So I trust that this is all resolved? It is.
Good to hear.
And I hope I can count on your support.
I really need people like you to jump on board.
And who knows, in 12 months I might be in a position to name the new female director of the FBI.
I'm intrigued.
But we still have one order of business to discuss.
What's this? Notes from Len Barker's case files describing in vivid detail what happened to Wayne Simmons, and the evidence that you destroyed.
I mean, please This is the ravings of a madman.
If that's the case, why did you write a check to Wayne Simmons for $50,000? We traced the charity to a PAC.
It's funded by one of your biggest donors.
I'm aware of the check.
So you admit to paying off Wayne Simmons? What, because he's innocent? I am buying his silence.
Nothing more.
And Wayne Simmons is far from innocent.
I mean, he raped that young woman, regardless of what lunatic Barker believed or what he wrote in his little journal.
Okay, Valerie, I-I'm gonna be honest with you.
I have looked up to you for years, and I believed in you as a person and a leader, but I don't understand why you buried that video.
I chose not to disclose the evidence that Len gave me because I didn't think it was relevant.
Not relevant? A video confirming his alibi? No, it didn't confirm a damn thing.
It was a stupid video that would've confused the judge and force him to declare a mistrial.
We would've had to try that case all over again.
That wasn't your decision to make.
As a leader, sometimes we do things that, in a vacuum, may appear selfish.
But in the larger context, they're actually quite brave and prudent.
And if I would have disclosed that video, and a judge would have released Simmons, every case that I ever tried would've come under review.
Horrible, violent men would've been set free, and I couldn't let that happen.
- That's not right.
- What, excuse me? Wayne Simmons was a teenager, and you had evidence suggesting he was innocent.
No, that piece of crap had a rap sheet longer than my leg.
Okay, he was being investigated on three other violent sexual assaults.
So don't you stand there and tell me that Wayne Simmons was an angel.
I'm going to be submitting those notes to the DA as part of my investigation.
I thought you believed in me, Maggie.
I did too.
And it's Agent Bell.
The man who killed my friend and bodyguard, Alex Peters, and also tried to kill me is Len Barker.
He's a confused and tormented former colleague of mine.
And despite his horrific actions, I have enormous empathy for Len.
At his core, he's a decent man suffering from a very serious mental illness.
I would also like to thank the heroic efforts of the FBI.
Without their relentless pursuit of justice, more innocent lives would have been lost.
It's only been a few hours, and Caldwell's already spinning the story in her favor.
Like I said, she's a hell of a politician.
What did the DA's office say about Simmons' case? Uh, they're gonna look into it, but - But not really.
- Yeah, something like that.
Well, I'm proud of you.
For what? For having the guts to bury your hero.
Did I ever tell you about Ricky Escalante? No, who's that? He played short stop for the Brooklyn Cyclones when I was a kid.
It's a New York Mets minor league team, and I was his biggest fan.
And one night I see him leaving his game, and I work up all of my courage, and tell him what he means to me, and tell him how I want to be just like him.
And he looks me in the eye, and said, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
" And just walked away.
Well, it's what they say, you know? Never meet your heroes.