FBI (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Ties that Bind

- You can slide in.
Thank you.
"Where the Wild Things Are" author.
S-E-N-D-A-K? "Let the wild rumpus start.
I should've known that.
My dad read it to me when I was little.
Next stop, 12th Street.
- This is my stop.
- Okay.
Down, down.
More to your left.
Apparent breach.
Stand by.
Go, go, go, go, go.
In three The short door.
Two - FBI! - Bravo, split left! [DARK MUSIC.]
Shots fired! [GUNSHOTS.]
Contact, Tango! Contact, Alpha! [DARK, SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
- Ah! - All right, stop.
- Hold! Agent Chazal, what was that? I'm sorry, I thought I saw You left your partner uncovered.
Look, read off the man in front of you.
He goes left, you go right.
No surprises.
- Understood? - Yes, sir.
You cannot afford to make that mistake in the field.
I'm sorry.
It it won't happen again.
- Don't worry about it.
You're fine.
New case.
They want us in the JOC.
Victim's name is Hannah Bloom 25 years old.
Her body was found in the Hudson River near Chelsea Pier.
She was strangled with some kind of garrote.
Her wrists and ankles were bound with ratchet straps.
We don't usually take the lead on murder cases.
Yeah, NYPD asked us to step in.
This one's personal for them.
They want to make sure there's no interference that could jeopardize a conviction down the line.
It's Harry Bloom's daughter.
Who's Harry Bloom? The sex crimes detective with the NYPD.
Worked a huge trafficking case with him last year.
Homicide detectives just notified him an hour ago.
Yeah, we'll let him process a bit, and then Maggie'll check in.
There was a missing person report filed three days ago, but no one has seen Hannah since she left work on Thursday.
Well, where's work? Family services center.
Lower East Side.
She was a social worker.
We just tracked her Metrocard.
She got on a westbound bus near Essex and Houston after work.
Yeah, we can't tell where she got off, so we're checking surveillance cameras along her route, but she's not popping up.
Okay, go to her office, talk to her boss, colleagues.
See if anybody noticed anything unusual the day she went missing.
You two head down to the ME's office.
The marks on her neck match the ones on her wrists and ankles.
So he probably strangled her with the same ratchet straps he used to bind her.
Looks like it.
You see this V here? It means that strap was wrapped around the back of her neck she was attacked from the front.
Well, that's unusual isn't it? - More of a chance to fight.
- Typically, yes, but we found Rohypnol in her system.
Date rape drug.
Likely incapacitated her.
Any sign of sexual assault? No, actually.
Salt water would have washed away any DNA evidence, but there's no physical trauma or tearing either.
Silver lining, I guess.
Any idea how long she was in the water for? About three days.
We're estimating time of death around 7:00 PM the night she went missing.
So I'm guessing physical evidence is minimal then.
We're still looking, but it's unlikely we'll find anything at this point.
Keep us posted.
It's Detective Bloom.
He wants to come in.
To see his daughter.
Hannah was a dream employee.
Patient, intuitive, reliable.
How long had she worked for you? About a year.
She was fresh out of grad school, but steady.
That's why I got worried when she missed work a few days ago.
Can you think of anyone who would wanna to hurt Hannah? No.
So she didn't have problems with anyone who came through the center? No, Hannah mostly worked with children.
Counseling them through their parent's divorces.
That kind of thing.
She ever tell you about her personal life? - Any boyfriends? - Oh, no.
But there was an older man.
Hannah said that he'd been loitering around her apartment in the mornings.
Hitting on her.
I tried to find out more, but she didn't want to talk about it.
This someone she knew? I'm not sure.
This is from outside Hannah's apartment the morning she went missing.
This guy is hovering.
He's waiting for her.
And then there's the altercation that her boss told us about.
Okay, that's not so harmless.
Our guy's definitely a creep.
Question is who is he? We don't know.
The camera only catches him in profile.
I can't get a hit off a facial rec.
Call Maggie in OA.
Maybe Bloom can ID him.
I hadn't, uh, spoken to her for days.
I was so Wrapped up in the case I was working.
I didn't even know she was missing until her boss called me yesterday.
That's normal, Harry.
She was an adult.
If I had known she was gone sooner There's nothing you could have done.
We have our best team on this.
We will catch the guy responsible.
But, look.
- [SIGHS.]
- You know who this person is? Yeah, it's, uh, Lyle Manning.
Is that Hannah's building? He went to her apartment? - Who's Lyle Manning? - He's a rapist.
Yeah, acquitted, but he [SOMBER MUSIC.]
I investigated him for a series of violent rapes.
Last year, awful crimes.
The women were beaten and [CLEARS THROAT.]
You're positive Hannah wasn't There's no evidence of sexual assault.
You said Manning was acquitted.
Yeah, he, uh Rookie cop jumped the gun, conducted an unlawful search.
Defense got the evidence suppressed.
We couldn't make the case in court, but the prick did it.
I swore I'd put him away someday, and he He threatened retaliation.
But I never dreamed he'd go after Hannah.
Our suspect's name is Lyle Manning.
He's 41 years old, accused of over a dozen rapes done around the city.
Never convicted.
He has a vendetta against our victim's father, and we have him on camera harassing Hannah as recently as last week.
We figure out where he is now? Living and working in Hell's Kitchen.
He's the custodian at a neighborhood gym.
We find any evidence tying him to this? We're checking surveillance cams near Chelsea Pier, up and down the Westside Highway.
- O far nothing.
- And no DNA either.
The body was in the water too long.
So we have nothing.
Bring him in anyway.
So you stalk this girl? Later that same day she goes missing.
Turns up murdered.
That doesn't look good.
I wasn't stalking her.
Then what were you doing at her apartment? I was just visiting.
I thought she was cute and wanted to ask her out.
Is that a crime? You went there every morning for a week.
She didn't seem interested.
You didn't take that as a sign? I was being persistent.
Some people would call that romantic.
Well, most people would call that harassment.
- Or assault.
- Maybe.
Doesn't mean I killed her.
Where were you Thursday night? Atlantic City.
Had money on the Duke game.
We won, then blew it all at Cheetah's.
Well, didn't actually blow it.
Worth every penny.
Why? That when that girl got killed? Why don't you sit tight, Lyle.
We'll let you know if and when you can get out of here.
Manning's alibi checks out.
Yeah, he's on camera at a half a dozen casinos and strip clubs the night Hannah was killed.
So he's not our guy.
Hey, guys, we have a bigger problem.
I ran the details of Hannah's murder through VICAP.
matches four other murder cases across New York State.
It's all women in their 20s and 30s, drugged, strangled, hands and feet bound with ratchet straps, bodies dumped in the water.
Same pattern.
Which means there's a good chance it's the same perpetrator.
So we're looking at a serial killer.
We are now treating Hannah Bloom as the latest victim in a serial killer investigation.
And we got five murders across the state in three months.
Same M.
And the time between murders is decreasing, so if we don't catch him soon, we're looking at another body.
This is Sloan Wallace.
She's one of the best profilers in the business.
She's here to help us figure out how this guy's brain works.
Find patterns in his behavior.
The more information we have, the more specific I can get, but at first glance, our killer's got a type red hair, slim, around the same age.
So he's an opportunist.
- Grabs 'em when he sees 'em? - Exactly.
He's moving around acting on impulse rather than planning careful executions, which could be good for us.
More likely he made mistakes.
So, uh, where should we start? At the beginning of his killing spree.
He was probably less skillful, less careful, and look for connections between the victims patterns in their backgrounds and behavior that would've made them appealing targets.
Five women, five different jurisdictions.
Yeah, I know.
Feels so random.
So, listen, I screwed up in my live fire training yesterday, - What happened? - Uh, I left Scola uncovered.
It was just for a second, but Orstad stopped the whole test, and he called me out in front of everyone.
- Well, of course.
- Yeah.
But you know, I tried talking to Scola about it, and he was I don't know, he just brushed t off.
Well, then maybe it wasn't that big of a deal.
Maybe, but I wonder if he's going a little too easy on me.
- Why? - Like, would he be - so nice to me if I were a man? - Oh Yeah, I I don't know Scola very well.
But there are some men who can definitely be patronizing, I mean, especially in the beginning.
So, what do I what do I do about that? I had to take my ego out of the equation.
I just listened to what they had to say.
Some of the advice was great, some of it I didn't take on, but, look, at the end of the day, when you're out in the thick of it, you're gonna be relying on your own instincts.
That being said, you really do need to stick closer to Scola in the field.
Because not reading off your partner can be very dangerous.
Thank you.
Dutchess County PD.
That should be the last of it.
Okay, I'll kick us off.
I had Jacqueline Blanch, this 27-year-old hiking guide in the Catskills.
Last seen near a trailhead on October 19th.
Body found in the Hudson on October 21st.
Izzy Jepsen, fourth grade teacher from Poughkeepsie, 34 years old, married with three kids, vanished November 13.
- OA? - Kathryn Kinney, 29.
Worked as a pharmacist in Tarrytown.
Lived with her boyfriend and never made it back from a family dinner on November 28th.
Her body showed up four days later.
Okay, so that's right before Hannah.
That just leaves Jenny Lewis.
She lived outside Albany, worked at clothing boutique.
There's a boutique in Albany? Her mom saw her at her apartment the afternoon of September 7th, body found floating in the Hudson the next day.
So, different jobs, different tax brackets, different families I mean, other than appearance, I'm not seeing much of a pattern here.
I am.
Looks like our killer's moving south.
Starts upstate, then winds their way down the Hudson to the city.
Wallace said start at the beginning, right? So who's victim zero? Assuming we know about all of them Jenny Lewis.
The landlord didn't want to clear out the apartment? No landlord Jenny's parents own the place.
Can't bring themselves to go through everything.
I read her file.
Uh, you guys thought she was killed here? Yeah, her body was dumped in the water, but when we came back here, there was a broken lamp, furniture'd been knocked aside.
Looked like there'd been a struggle.
Is there any other physical evidence? Hair follicles or condoms in the trash? - Not that we found.
- Any sign of forced entry? So maybe she let him in.
The running theory was that she knew her killer, but we spent weeks interviewing family friends, running down alibis.
Never found a good suspect.
What about a suspect named Andrew? Doesn't ring a bell.
Why? "Jenny, this reminded me of you.
"Of what we could be.
Give me a chance.
" "Property of the BookMobile, St.
Paul's, Albany.
" What's St.
Paul's? Jenny was being treated for alcoholism and opiate abuse.
But she responded well to the program.
She was in a really good place when she checked out.
Makes the whole thing even sadder.
I mean, she worked so hard to get sober.
To find peace.
- When did Jenny check out? - September 5th.
That's two days before she was killed.
I'm sorry, I wish I could help, but I told the police everything I know.
Well, was Jenny involved with anyone named Andrew while she was here? Yes, he was another patient of ours.
We discourage relationships during recovery, but it happens.
Anyway, Jenny broke it off when she left.
Guessing he didn't take that too well.
- What's Andrew's last name? - Cameron.
Andrew Cameron.
As in the famous kidnapping victim? Yeah.
Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard, Andrew Cameron.
These are the most famous kidnapping cases of the last 20 years.
We all know the story.
Andrew was abducted by a pedophile on his way home from school when he was eight years old.
He was raised as the kidnapper's son under a false name.
He was abused and molested for six years before he managed to escape.
Andrew fits the profile of a disorganized killer.
What he went through abusers are often victims of abuse, and Andrew grew up in an unstable environment with no real family during his formative years.
Okay, so he's a little screwed up, but you think he's going around killing people? Could be his way of regaining the control he lost as a child.
He was in and out of rehabs for years.
Alcohol, amphetamines It all points to a lack of impulse control.
The entire nation feels protective of this kid, so we need more than a strong profile to go after him.
- I think we got something.
- Yeah? We've been tracking Andrew's movements over the last couple of months.
We know he was at St.
Paul's in early September.
A woman at the center told us he went AWOL the night of Jenny Lewis' murder.
Then September 16th, his mother moves him to a different facility in the Catskills where he stays through Jaqueline Glenn's murder until October 23rd, where he's then moved to a different facility in Poughkeepsie.
Izzy Jepsen is murdered during his time there.
Then to a halfway house in Tarrytown on November 28th, the night Kathryn Kinney's killed.
And finally back home to New York last week.
Hannah Bloom's body shows up in the Hudson three days later.
He was there for all of them.
Bring him in.
I think the key to rebuilding your life after trauma is letting yourself off the hook.
Perfect's gone all right? They stole that.
- So you can make mistakes.
You can take a wrong turn.
Or two.
As long as you keep moving.
And slowly, but surely, it will get better.
You will start to feel better.
If you let yourself.
- Thank you.
Good job! - Thanks! - Thank you.
- That was amazing.
Thank you very much.
- So proud of you.
- That was great.
So you had nothing to be nervous about.
Andrew Cameron.
We're gonna need you to come with us.
- Where is he? - Andrew's upstairs.
- I wanna see him.
- That's not possible at the moment we still need to - ask him some questions.
- You can't do this to us.
I lost my son once, I won't let you take him from me again.
Ma'am, no one's trying to take your son.
Then why are you doing this? Mom, nobody's trying to hurt Andrew.
It's all just a misunderstanding.
Everything will get sorted out.
You have to understand, our family's been to hell and back over the years especially my mother.
Is there at least somewhere we can wait for him? Yeah, I'm gonna take you guys to holding.
As soon as we know anything, we'll let you know.
Thank you.
Mom, don't worry.
Andrew's gonna be just fine.
Hey, uh, Scola, look - How's Kristen doing? - Oh, she's she's great.
So then what happened with the live fire training? Oh, it wasn't a big deal.
She was a split second behind.
Orstad overreacted he does that with all the newbies.
Just part of his teaching process, that's all.
If Kristen's making mistakes, you gotta tell her.
Regardless of the politics.
Politics? Is that why you Maggie, if Kristen screws up, I'm gonna let her know.
Trust me.
Truth is, there's really not much to critique.
We have to be careful, you guys.
This family has been through a lot, and from where I'm standing, everything we have against Andrew is circumstantial.
Well, we have a search warrant for his apartment.
Yeah, Hobbs is over there with ERT now, seeing what he can dig up.
I want agents retracing Andrew's every step.
Find out where he's been, what he's been doing since he got back to the city.
Yeah, we're digging into his work schedule, checking phone tower pings, his car's GPS.
We're on it.
Okay, you guys up to speed on Andrew's psych profile? Yeah, Wallace walked us through it.
I want you two to take the interrogation.
Sorry to interrupt but Jubal, Harry Bloom's here to see you.
Heard you made an arrest.
Well, you know I can't talk about that.
Ah, come on, I'm not just some grieving father.
This is what I do.
Let me help.
You can't be involved in this.
Why not? I been interrogating pigs like him my entire life.
I've got more confessions than anyone in the NYPD.
I can get him to talk.
If we do that and you conduct a brilliant interrogation and you get a confession we go to trial, the first thing his lawyer will do is point out the conflict and file a motion to suppress.
You know that.
So what am I supposed to do? I can't just sit by and do nothing.
You have to.
But hey, we have our best agents on this.
We will find the person that did this to Hannah.
And when we go to trial, we'll have an airtight case.
And he will never see the light of day again.
Why don't you tell us about the night Jenny Lewis was killed? I don't know.
What day was that? September 7th.
Yeah, I don't I don't know anything about that.
Uh, I was still in the center for two weeks after Jenny left.
Well, except for the evening of September 7th.
- What? - The night you snuck out.
And hitchhiked to a bar in Albany.
You were here drinking till the bar closed at 2:00 a.
Yeah, it was a it was a bad day.
I slipped.
What happened? I don't know.
I was in bad shape after Jenny left.
The center thought it would be good to have family around, so my mom came up, and, uh I don't know, just all the attention and the worrying, and the guilt.
It just made it worse.
So I snuck out.
I had a drink and then another, and, uh just got outta hand.
Here's the thing: Bar closed at 2:00 a.
You didn't make it back to St.
Paul's until after 5:00.
- Where'd you go? - I don't know.
You don't know.
I-I was drunk off my ass, I-I don't remember You don't remember going to Jenny's house, arguing with her, losing control? - I loved Jenny.
- And she rejected you.
She did.
And it sucked, and I was angry, but I would never do - Where were you October 19th? - I don't remember.
You were at a facility in the Catskills, correct? Yeah, yeah, I, uh my mom moved me there.
She thought I needed a fresh start.
But the woman in charge of your program said you didn't like to follow their rules.
You came and went as you pleased? [STAMMERING.]
I uh I don't feel well.
Have you ever been to Mount Tremper? I think I'm having a heart attack.
I can't breathe.
Okay, I'm gonna get medical in here.
Andrew's shaky, but he still hasn't - admitted to anything yet.
- Yeah, we're gonna give him a few minutes to compose himself, then we're gonna try again.
Doctor confirmed it was a panic attack.
Great, 'cause Wallace might have something you can use.
Jenny Lewis, Jacqueline Glenn, Izzy Jepsen, Kathryn Kinney, Hannah Bloom.
- Who's that? - That is Leigh Cameron.
20 years ago, around the same time Andrew was abducted.
He's killing women who look like his mother.
But why? Most likely explanation? He's angry.
He blames her for the abduction.
For not protecting him, but she's still his mother.
He can't kill her, so he's killing her proxies.
- Feeling okay? - Better.
I was hoping that you could help me understand this.
We have you in the vicinity of five near-identical murders.
You don't have a concrete alibi for any of them.
I mean, you can't tell us where you were at key times.
And then there's the hair and the faces.
They look like your mother to me.
Yeah, I-I- I don't know about that.
You don't think so? Andrew, what you've been through That must've been so hard to come home.
We understand that, and we want to help you, but you're gonna have to work with us.
What are you saying? I'm saying it's okay to be angry about what happened.
It's understandable that you would wanna blame someone.
But your mother was supposed to protect you.
Right? No.
- It wasn't her fault.
- What isn't her fault? She didn't know.
Andrew, don't say another word.
We're done talking.
It's better if he tells us his side of the story.
I said we're done talking.
Isobel wants to see us in the JOC.
Hey, Kristen and Scola pulled the location data from Andrew's Jeep.
It confirms that he was within miles of each of the victims when they disappeared.
- We knew that though, right? - Yes, but there's more.
Andrew was parked outside of a bar in Chelsea last night, from 11:34 p.
to 12:52 a.
Around the time he left, local 911 dispatch got this call from the bartender inside: 911, what's your emergency? Hi, I'm a bartender at The Thomssen on 9th Ave.
There was a girl here.
She was dizzy.
Thought someone might have dropped something in her drink, and I just lost sight of her.
- I'm worried about her.
- [CLICK.]
All right, so you guys head down to that bar.
See what happened.
Let's hope this girl isn't victim number six, huh? She wasn't drinking much.
Mostly kept to herself.
When did you notice something was wrong? Pretty quickly.
She started slurring after one drink.
Thought maybe she was on something but then she started panicking, saying she'd been drugged.
Did you see anyone around her who could've done it? I don't know.
There were two guys next to her at the bar.
Looked like they came together, but I didn't see either of them try anything.
What about this guy, did you see him last night? Was he one of the men who was near her? I don't know.
He looks familiar, but I can't say for sure.
What about the girl? Any idea who she was? Now, that I can tell you.
She left her tab open.
Grace Lennon.
Grace Lennon.
27 years old.
Her roommate says she never made it back from the Thomssen last night.
Just got off the phone with the law firm where she works.
- She didn't come in today.
- All right.
- What about her phone? - It's shut off.
- We can't track it.
- Were you guys able to get - any footage from the bar? - No cameras there, but we're checking the neighborhood, subway platforms.
I want agents canvassing, looking for anyone who might've seen something last night.
Can you call Grace's family and friends, see if they've heard from her.
And grab Maggie, head back inside with Andrew Cameron.
See if you can trip him up, get him to start talking about last night.
Excuse me, I've already told you he's done talking.
Okay, we can still hold him here for another four hours.
- Look, I didn't kill anyone.
- Andrew.
I can talk.
I don't have anything to hide.
Do you recognize this woman? - No.
- You ever been to the bar The Thomssen? It's on 9th Ave.
It's not far from your apartment.
Do you recognize it? - I don't drink anymore.
- So you do recognize it.
Were you there last night? No.
- I was at home.
- All night? Yeah, I had to be up early for my speech at the rally this morning.
- Can anyone verify that? - Why are you doing this? I'm sorry.
Doing what? Why do you care about this girl so much? Big deal, she's been gone 10, 12 hours? I was gone for six years.
Nobody tried this hard to find me.
- Andrew, stop.
- No, no, no.
I'm done talking.
Anything on Grace Lennon? We tried contacting her parents, but they're overseas.
They live in London six months out of the year.
But according to property records, they own a brownstone in the Village, eight blocks from the Thomssen.
I sent NYPD to check it out.
One of the neighbors saw Grace outside the building last night.
Said she was fighting with a man, trying to get away from him.
Really? Did he call the police? No, no, he wrote it off as a drunken dispute.
Went inside before it was over.
- Okay, what time was it? - 1:00 a.
That's five minutes before Grace's phone went dead.
Get Maggie and OA over there.
Right now.
- [GASPS.]
- Grace, Grace.
I'm Special Agent Maggie Bell.
I'm with the FBI.
Are you okay? Is there anyone else in the house? No, it's just me.
We're gonna get you to a doctor.
Is she okay? Yeah.
Get a paramedic.
Here, let's get you out of here.
Can you tell me what happened? I don't know, really.
I was at the bar, I had a drink, and then Everything went sideways.
I couldn't think, I couldn't speak, I got scared, so I tried to leave.
I thought I could make it to my parents' house, but he caught up to me.
He tried to pull me in his car.
Do you remember what kind of car? A Jeep.
I think.
Dark blue.
I freaked out.
I started kicking and screaming.
I got to the house, and I locked myself inside.
- And he left.
- Did you call the police? I couldn't think straight.
I just wanted to go to sleep.
It's okay.
Did you hear them come by this morning? They knocked on the door.
I just thought, "what if it's him?" If he came back and was trying to get me to let him in.
Look, you're safe now.
Can you describe him? Do you remember what he looks like? White, young, 20s or 30s, dark hair.
Is this him? - Are you sure? - I'm positive.
That's not him.
Medic's on the way.
Okay, come on.
Grace Lennon is safe, but she's insisting Andrew is not the guy - that tried to grab her.
- Yeah, we know.
Jeep ran a light three blocks north of the brownstone.
Red light camera caught a photo of the driver.
It confirmed Andrew was not behind the wheel.
So then who was? - Jordan? - That doesn't make sense.
The profile fits Andrew.
The profile suggests that the killer lacked a stable family during his formative years.
When Andrew was abducted, Leigh Cameron devoted all of her energy toward him, and Jordan got lost.
He never got the intimacy he needed from her, so he sought out that control with her lookalikes.
- It fits.
- So where is he? Let's go grab him.
- Did you find something? - Where's Jordan? He went home to shower.
Why? What's going on? We think Jordan is the killer.
Not Andrew.
Ah! Grace Lennon confirmed that Jordan Cameron was the guy that approached her at the bar and attacked her outside her parents' house.
And we have the visitor logs from St.
Paul's and Andrew's halfway houses.
And Jordan was nearby every time the body dropped.
Makes sense sees mom worrying over Andrew, gets triggered.
The question is, where is he now? Well, doorman says that he never returned to his apartment.
And his phone has been shut off ever since he left 26 Fed.
All right, well, we need to cast the net wide here, people.
Let's start pouring over traffic cams around 26 Fed, around his apartment, NYPD, Port Authority, help us out.
Get his photo out there.
This guy is a flight risk with no impulse control.
Let's find him.
That's a lot of ground to cover without any leads.
I know where to start.
Andrew, I'm sorry that we came at you so hard.
All the evidence was pointed in your direction.
So what are you trying to say? If it wasn't me, then it's gotta be my brother? Have you tried looking outside our family? Look, every time your brother visited you, St.
Paul's, the Catskills, Poughkeepsie, a girl went missing.
Every single time.
You cannot think that that's a coincidence.
It has to be.
- Jordan would never - He did.
We have him on camera.
And he was using your car the whole time you were away, right? When I came back Jordan was the only one who understood - He's always been kind to me.
- Andrew.
Look, uh, he killed five women.
Strangled them and dumped their bodies in the water like they were trash.
You know what it's like to be a victim.
You've dedicated your whole life to advocating for the abused.
If you don't help us find Jordan, he's gonna continue hurting people.
Can you live with that? He used to take me to the waterfront.
There's a spot in Brooklyn.
Before the abduction, my mom used to take us there to watch the boat races.
When I came back, Jordan said it's where he felt most at peace.
If he was ever in trouble, that's where he'd go.
Thank you.
Jubal, what's up? We just got a hit on the BOLO.
Andrew was right.
An NYPD officer saw Jordan, he got spooked by the squad car and ducked into a warehouse - near the river.
- Where? I'll text you the address.
NYPD is setting up containment.
Meet him there, then wait for SWAT.
Hey, Harry.
Harry, what are you doing here? - He killed my daughter.
- I mean, we're gonna get him, - but you have to wait.
- Wait for what? You have to let me talk to him.
I'll get him to confess to all of it.
Okay, Harry, you can talk to him after we have him in custody.
I can't let you go in there.
We're all set.
Ready? Chris and I will take the side door.
OA, I think we have him in a room off the west hallway.
Copy that, we're on our way.
Hands! Jordan, put your hands where we can see them.
What are you going to do to me? We just wanna talk about what happened.
Harry, what are you doing? Harry, you gotta get outta here.
I wanna hear him say it.
Put the gun down now.
Why Hannah? Who's Hannah? What? Jordan, you're under arrest.
- Maggie! - Aah! [GUNSHOTS.]
- Okay, okay, hold on.
OA! OA, call an ambulance! Don't talk, don't talk, don't talk.
Agent down, we need ambo at 919 Coffey in Red Hook.
Help is on the way.
You're gonna be fine, okay? Just breathe.
Everything's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
Help's on the way, you're okay.
- You're okay.
Okay, hold on.