FBI (2018) s02e11 Episode Script


Agent Chazal, what was that? You cannot afford to make that mistake in the field.
Yes, sir.
If Kristen's making mistakes, you got to tell her.
If Kristen screws up, I'm going to let her know.
I just got a hit on the BOLO into a warehouse near the river.
- Maggie.
Everything's going to be okay.
Agent down, we need an ambu now.
28-year-old female, stab wound to anterior neck.
Major blood loss.
BP's 95 over 50.
Heart rate 110.
Her name's Kristen.
She's FBI.
Type and cross six units and page the trauma surgeon.
BP's crashing.
Ready pulse here.
Hand me the trauma scissors.
Come on, Kristen.
Stay with me.
- OR 2 is open.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Coping mechanism.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So, here's where we are.
Kristen is in surgery.
The main issue is her carotid artery was damaged.
So they are working to repair that.
Listen, you guys have been here a long time.
Kristen is in excellent hands.
I want you guys to go home.
And I will let you know as soon as I get any information, okay? Yeah, okay.
Hey, sorry.
That's Kristen Chazal's desk.
Well, I guess I'm the new Kristen.
You do know she's in the hospital.
Fighting for her life.
What? No.
- They just - Oh, great.
You guys met Emily Ryder.
Good to see you.
She's in from the Drug Branch subbing for Kristen.
So we gather.
Any word? She's still unconscious.
But NYPD has sent up a flare.
So you guys, thanks.
Scola, Kristen's partner.
They didn't really waste a lot of time finding a replacement.
Well, that's the way it goes.
Yeah, I know, but it just reminds me of Iraq.
Someone in the squad gets wounded or killed.
All of a sudden, there's a stranger in their bed.
And it's hard to look at the new person when you just lost the old one.
We haven't lost her, OA.
We don't know that, Maggie.
She could be Okay, you know what? I can't I can't get into this right now.
Bell and Zidan, FBI.
Detective King.
Our crime scene is your crime scene.
The victim was on the phone to his lawyer, took two shots, kicked the bucket shortly thereafter.
Lawyer could be a possible witness.
Carl Sims, he's on his way.
Called him down.
- Good thinking.
- Not good enough.
1PP wants you guys to take this over.
Any particular reason? The vic's high profile.
SVU blew a rape case against him.
I guess the brass thinks we'll fall down too.
Is that Keith Gilroy? That guy was on the news all the time.
With that guy, there's gonna be a million suspects.
This is Keith Gilroy.
For those of you living under a rock, Gilroy was the CEO of Telsera, the $100 billion software company based here in New York.
Last year, several female employees alleged he pressured them into unwanted sexual relationships.
He was run out on a rail shortly thereafter, but criminal charges were never filed.
He silenced the women with cash, NDAs, and high-priced lawyers.
So let's do a deep dive into this guy's world.
But what we do know is the several victims and their families hated this guy, so let's start there.
Hey, Hobbs, where are we on the street cam footage? There's no cameras in the area.
Okay, well, let's expand the search out, all right? Definitely, yeah, I'm on track Okay, okay, okay.
The guy who shot him was riding a motorcycle a vintage BSA, blue with a chrome gas tank.
Hey, OA? This was in Gilroy's hand.
- Do we know who she is? - No, but he died holding it.
It's got to mean something, right? Agent Bell? Agent Zidan? Carl Sims.
I'm Mr.
Gilroy's attorney.
- I understand you're in charge.
- Yes.
You were on the phone with him, right? - Did he say anything? - I heard the shot, him gasping for breath.
It was awful.
Do you know if anyone's been threatening him? Half the internet's been threatening him, but not real.
Social media vitriol.
He worked full-time at his foundation.
Maybe he spoke to somebody there.
Obviously it's no secret he's been sued by various women.
Okay, we're going to need all of their names.
Is that it? Is that the bike you saw? Yeah, man.
That's the one.
Stop where you are.
Get off the bike.
Hands in the air.
What did I do? Somebody riding that just shot someone.
Oh, no, no, no.
That wasn't me.
Someone stole my bike.
I tracked the GPS to where they ditched it.
I was just riding it back home.
Left it where exactly? It was right over here.
Right against that tree.
Okay, we're going to need the location where it was stolen from and anyone else who had access to it.
So one second, Gilroy's just cruising along, and then bang? It's over just like that? Mm-mm, tragedy doesn't usually give you a heads up.
It just happens.
Oh, look at this.
Whoever parked the bike left a footprint.
The print was made by that fancy boot.
A woman's size seven, So we're now looking for a female suspect.
Let's see if we can't figure out where she went after she dumped that bike, huh? Where are we with Gilroy's estate? Who inherits it? His charitable foundation.
All 300 million of it.
He has no children, no siblings.
I just accessed his calendar.
He had a lunch date today an hour before he died with an Ava Mercer.
Yeah, she's the woman in these photos.
He started coming in here about a month ago just for drinks, and We got to chatting, and he asked me to go to lunch.
And I said no at first, but he kept asking.
And you said yes? Even though he was the poster boy for sexual assault? Well, I knew that, but I just had a good feeling about him.
A good feeling? About Keith Gilroy? Keith was a total gentleman.
He was really helpful So you liked Mr.
He never came onto you, victimized you? No, it wasn't like that.
So a middle aged predator who exploited vulnerable women for a living just decided to help out a young, attractive woman because He just wanted to be a good guy? Pretty much.
Why did he have pictures of you? I mean, I [SIGHS.]
There was a photo booth at the place we went for lunch.
I took a few pictures just for fun, that's all.
Did he seem nervous? Anything unusual happen? Anybody watching him, stalking in? [STAMMERS.]
No, but he told me this crazy story.
I'm sorry, could you just give me one second? Any special reason why you're playing bad cop when she's completely cooperating with us? Her story doesn't make sense.
Rape-y men don't become altruistic, asexual saints all of a sudden.
Anything new on your partner? Let's just focus on the case, all right? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I I totally get it.
I'm sorry, I have to go trade this one out for one - that doesn't have onions.
- So about that crazy thing? Um, yeah, yeah.
Uh Keith went to this restaurant last week.
And he said that this woman came in and was screaming and and and she She threatened to kill him.
He was really shook up.
Did Keith say who she was? No, but the woman that runs his foundation was there, so maybe she knows? Lorna Robbins.
I'm sorry to have kept you.
We're all just reeling over Keith.
We should speak in my office.
So you worked closely with Mr.
Gilroy? I was Director of Corporate Giving at his company.
I actually left because of his disgusting behavior.
So why run his foundation? Well, Keith approached me a few months ago about funding scholarships for low-income kids, a cause dear to us both.
He he told me that he was a changed man.
And you believed him? Keith found out he had stage IV cancer.
He didn't have much time.
- Who else knew about this? - Oh, hardly anyone.
You know, everyone faces death in their own way.
Keith chose to make amends for what he had done through the foundation.
He was devoted to it.
And we're accomplishing wonderful things It's okay.
We want to speak with you about an incident that happened at a restaurant.
The woman who came in and threatened him? You know who she is? Yes, yes.
She sent Keith emails.
She even showed up here once, barged into his office.
Her name is Gayle Dixon.
Gayle Dixon was a junior exec at Gilroy's company.
She filed sexual assault charges against him.
Yeah, Gilroy got the charges dropped, and then he ran a smear campaign against her.
Mm-hmm, so plenty of motive for Gayle.
But before we talk to her, let's find something else, maybe tie her to the stolen bike or the crime scene.
We got a hit on the canvass.
Agents interviewed a cabby who said that he picked up a woman near the scene.
He happen to see her boots? No, but he said she was carrying a motorcycle helmet.
Oh, really? Description? Dark hair, in her 30s.
Just like Gayle.
Where'd she go? Cabby dropped her off at a hotel.
She had dark hair.
It may have been this woman.
She came here by cab.
I'm afraid I don't recall seeing her.
Is there a Gayle Dixon staying here? [OVERLAPPING CHATTER.]
OA? Look at her boots.
Excuse me? Ma'am with the silver bag, FBI.
Hey, stop! Oh, drop, come with me quick.
- Hey.
- Run.
- She's got a gun.
Hey! Drop your weapon! Don't move, or we'll shoot! [GUNSHOTS FIRED.]
- Her arm's a mess.
- We got it, sir.
You're wearing Kevlar? Girl Scouts' motto, "Be prepared.
" Who the hell are you? [INHALES AND EXHALES.]
Why did you kill Keith Gilroy? I've got nothing to say.
Suit yourself.
Thumbprint matches Sarah Baines in California DMV database.
License issued to her in 2014.
She's in the New York DMV as of last year.
She must have moved here.
Not in AFIS.
No arrest record.
Is she one of Gilroy's victims? Not that I can see.
No Sarah Baines ever worked for his company.
- Hey, Jubal? - Yeah? Just got heads up from ERT.
The gun found on her was a 9.
The bullet that killed Gilroy came from a .
Well, if she has an address in Queens, maybe she stashed the murder weapon there.
Check it out? Yeah, we're looking at the address now.
It looks like a vacant lot.
Really? ERT found some stuff in Sarah Baines' carry-on bag.
- Uh-huh.
- A burner cell phone for starters.
- Any call or text history? - Negative, it was erased.
But they also found these stashed in her bag.
And they're all like that.
With her picture, but different names.
The stolen bike, Kevlar, fake passports.
She's not Gilroy's victim.
She's a professional killer.
- Jubal? - Yeah? I've been looking into Gayle Dixon.
She actually talked about hiring someone to kill Keith Gilroy.
Really? Talked to who? Her therapist two weeks ago.
It was a potential "harm to others," so the therapist contacted police.
So maybe Gayle hired this woman.
Bring her in.
Thanks for coming in, Gayle.
I won't lie to you.
I'm glad Keith Gilroy is dead.
I feel better right now than I have in months.
And you thought hiring a hit man would be the solution? [CHUCKLES.]
My therapist has a big mouth.
Well, I certainly gave it serious consideration.
Well, it seems like you did more than that.
Gilroy was shot by a contract killer.
Do you recognize that woman? She's a contract killer? Huh, that's refreshing, a little gender diversity.
But I didn't hire her.
Keith called last week to apologize.
If you can believe that.
To say that after denying it and dragging me through the mud He wanted to settle.
He was finally, literally going to pay for what he did to me.
Why would I kill him? You want to tell me your real name? Sarah's fine.
Who paid you to do the hit? This is personal now.
- Who hired you? - Once again, nothing to say.
Really, even if it means you dying in prison? Oh, I doubt I'd go to prison.
But if I do, I don't plan to stay.
Well, no one ever does.
Who paid you? Hypothetically, if I were what you think I am, I'd use phones, wire transfers.
I'd never meet my clients.
So I couldn't answer your questions even if I wanted to.
She has to go to surgery now.
You can talk to her later.
Have a seat.
Join the party.
I've spent a lot of time in rooms like this after my brother died.
Even though my prayers are never answered.
Maybe this time, they will be.
Kristen was on her way to becoming an exceptional agent.
I know.
But she doesn't.
She never thinks she's good enough.
I should have pushed back on that.
I think she was trying to prove herself.
Kristen getting hurt isn't on you, Scola.
Part of it is.
Mind if I pray with you? She needs all the help she can get.
- Hey, how's Kristen? - Hey.
I don't know.
I haven't seen her yet.
- Why not? - Because I was I thought maybe you'd want me to wait for you.
Okay, well, I'm here now.
Let's go.
Okay, OA.
Stop, stop.
She She's been through a lot.
And maybe us going in there will overwhelm her.
Overwhelms her? It's us.
Well, I know.
Her family's not even here yet.
I'm pretty sure she wants to see a familiar face right about now.
- BP's dropping.
What's happening? You guys need to clear the room, okay? You'll be all right.
- Get Dr.
Parks on the line.
- Moving her out to OR 2.
The surgical graft in Kristen's artery failed, - so they're trying to fix it.
- Trying? They said it's a difficult procedure.
All right, well then, let's keep a good thought.
So what's the latest? We're chasing every lead.
You get anything out of Sarah Baines? I don't even think she has anything to give.
What about Gayle Dixon? Do her phone records show Gilroy tried to call her? Yeah, but not just her.
Four other women got calls.
For whatever reason, he was trying to make things right with them too.
- Uh, Jubal? - Yeah? - Sarah's phone just got a text.
- Yo, yo, check it out.
- I can mirror the screen.
- Yeah, can you trace the text? - Trying.
The text was sent as data, so I'm hitting a brick wall.
Yeah, Sarah said she uses wire transfers.
So maybe that's the client asking which account to wire the fee to.
I can have White Collar set up a dummy account we can use.
But if the text was untraceable, I'm pretty sure the money trail will be too.
Okay, you know what? I have an idea.
- Yeah? - Where's the phone? [FOREBODING MUSIC.]
Hey, White Collar is getting aggressive on offshore banking.
Okay, that's good.
Yeah, I didn't think they were gonna go for that.
Well, it's not over yet.
Word usage and punctuation suggests the texter is college-educated.
Nothing like some menacing subtext.
Well done.
We have a meeting.
Now we need to send someone.
I'll go.
You? Yeah, the client hasn't met Sarah yet.
So far, I know her better than anyone.
I really am the best person to take her place.
And then what? And once the client hands her the money, that seals it.
We arrest him or her.
Look, it's our best shot to figure out who had Keith Gilroy killed.
It's an actionable lead.
Agent Zidan? You're being awfully quiet.
What do you think? We don't know where this meet's going down, we can't plan properly.
We shouldn't be doing this on the fly, so I don't support it.
Oh, we just got a text.
Location is 108 Allen Street.
30 minutes.
If this is our best shot, go.
108 is back there on your right I know where it is.
You know, you should have backed me up with Isobel.
You're not even wearing a wire.
Of course I'm not.
What if they check? I still don't like this.
- I don't like how any of this feels.
- What is going on with you? Okay, you don't back me up with Isobel.
You know, you stepped in front of me when you took the shot at Sarah, right? Stop treating me like I'm a little girl.
I can handle myself.
You hear me? [EXHALES.]
If something feels wrong, abort.
Unit one, she is heading to 108.
I copy, unit one.
Unit two? Unit two is in position.
You worried about Kristen? Do I seem like the kind of guy who shares his feelings with strangers? You seem like the kind of guy who doesn't share them, period.
I just Maybe I can help.
And I appreciate that, but let's be honest here, you don't know me.
And you don't know her.
Which means you haven't got the slightest idea what I'm going through.
So let's just stick to the task at hand here.
She's at the drop.
Nothing yet.
Okay, all units, sound off.
- Unit three, in position.
- Unit four, in position.
Okay, good.
Wait, she's on the move.
What do you mean she's on the move? Where is she going? South down Allen, she was supposed to stay at 108.
Did you see anyone? There's no one else out there, I'm gonna tail her.
Okay, all other units, stand by.
- OA? - I lost visual contact.
Okay, unit two, Scola hold your position, Agent Ryder, you break off.
OA, what's going on? I don't see Maggie.
She's gone.
Wait, what do you mean she's gone? - Gone where? - I don't know.
OA, how far ahead of you was she? Maybe 75 meters.
Did you see any other vehicles? [PANTING.]
No, nothing.
We need to search these buildings.
Yeah, you and Agent Ryder, she's on her way.
All other units, sit tight.
What? We need every agent down here now.
If the meet is still happening, that'll blow Maggie's cover.
You and Agent Ryder, you go door to door quietly.
We will find her.
Ready? Look, I came here in good faith.
I don't appreciate being dragged in here at gunpoint.
Come on.
I'm not wearing a wire.
What'd you expect? Where's my money? Once I know this ain't a setup.
You're not who I text with.
Not with that grammar.
- So? - So? I want to be dealing with the client, not the errand boy.
It don't work that way.
I'll tell you how it works, okay? [PHONE BUZZES.]
Give me my money.
- Maggie, you okay? It was just a middle man.
He got spooked, he decked me, and he took off.
Okay, you need an ambulance.
No, what I need is to get that son of a bitch.
I'll spread the word.
Description? 50s, and he's wearing a leather jacket.
He's heavy set.
He couldn't have gotten far.
Just lock down the perimeter.
We'll clear inside just in case.
Look, exits are padlocked.
He's probably still in here.
Suspect may still be in the building, requesting backup.
FBI, drop your weapon.
You're surrounded! No one needs to get hurt! Drop your weapon and show us who you are! [GUNSHOTS.]
Suspect down.
We need an ambulance.
I'm not going back to prison.
Who's the client? Huh, who ordered the hit? - [GRUNTS.]
- Hey.
Maggie, he's gone.
No, you don't understand, OA.
He got a text, that's when everything went south.
Come on.
It's locked.
We didn't find anything on the body that tells us who the client is.
- And what about his phone? - They're working on it.
So you want to talk about what happened back there? What? The plan was for you to wait at the drop.
Well, plans changed.
I had 20 agents backing me up.
Why'd you walk away? No one knew what happened to you.
Because he texted me.
He told me he was watching me, and to take the second stairwell to the left.
What was I supposed to do? I don't know, maybe not follow his direction.
Maggie, what the hell? You should have aborted.
If I had, we would have wound up with nothing.
That's too risky.
You could have been killed.
Okay, you know what? I did what I had to do.
We got into his phone, and there's something that you guys are probably going to want to see.
So he took one picture.
This is it.
I I didn't see him take that.
He texted the picture out, presumably to the client.
And this is the text that he got back.
"Get out of there.
She's FBI.
" The client recognized my face? So whoever's behind this knows who I am.
So our dead man is Ray Shoals.
He was an ex-cop.
Got caught stealing drugs from a crime scene.
I guess NYPD frowns on that these days.
And then he was a PI.
Wound up doing three years for extortion.
- So then Shoals was a go-between.
- A fixer.
Yeah, he probably hooked up the client with Sarah Baines.
Question being, who's the client? We thought Shoals' phone might tell us, but that was a dead end.
Well whoever it is, they recognized me.
So it's got to be somebody who's connected to this case.
Or some other case.
Have you searched Shoals' place yet? Yeah, we're in progress.
Nothing yet.
What about Sarah Baines? We still have no idea who she really is.
Her phone was no help.
Her other passports? The aliases? Yeah, no luck with that either.
My guess is she's been doing this work for a long time at a high level.
But we still can't really tie her to Gilroy's hit, or any other hit for that matter.
She's like a ghost.
- Or Azreal.
- What? Azreal, it's the Islamic version of the Angel of Death.
- Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah? We just got an update from ERT.
They get something on Shoals? No, it's about Keith Gilroy.
They went over his car.
Someone installed a listening device and GPS tracker.
Sarah Baines, so she could find out where he was.
Well, if she was listening in on Gilroy, then she might know other stuff too.
Why should I answer your questions? - What's my incentive? - You know you're looking at life for shooting Gilroy, right? You can't prove I killed him or anyone else.
I don't have to.
Attempted murder of a federal agent? You're looking at 20 years, that's if you're lucky.
Way more if you're not.
So far, I don't hear an offer.
Cooperate, and you'll get less time.
That's the only offer you're getting from me.
When I was younger, I wanted to be you.
Work for the FBI.
Things change.
I'm pretty sure I would've been good at it.
I know you would have been good at my job, - maybe even as good as me.
- I doubt it.
You're driven, shut down.
You have the requisite coldness.
Do you accept my offer or not? Ask away.
You must have heard Gilroy over the bug in his car.
Do you ever hear him talk about who wanted him dead? - What bug? - Okay, - I don't have time for this.
- I'm telling you I never planted a bug.
Although I may know who did.
Let's say, hypothetically, I surveilled Gilroy to prepare.
Maybe someone else was watching him, someone who felt like a cop.
Is this him? Mm-hmm, maybe I followed him so I could find out who he was.
- Where'd he go? - I may have seen him go into an office building in Long Island City.
Thank you.
Whoa, okay.
An eavesdropper's paradise.
Ray Shoals must have been the guy to plant that bug.
Oh, wow.
Okay, so the client hires Shoals to bug Gilroy, right? He hears him say or do something, and that's what got him killed? It doesn't make sense, right? I'm going to get ERT down here to try to find some recordings.
Ava Mercer, the waitress in the photos.
Mm-hmm, what about her? Ray Shoals has her number and her name written down like he knows her.
Why would Shoals know Ava Mercer? Maybe she's the client.
Maybe Ava's the one behind all this.
There's still no news on Kristen, which I'm choosing to take as good news.
And you should too.
So let's dig into Ava Mercer.
What is her connection to Shoals? Is it innocent? Is she the client? Did she have Shoals bug Gilroy's car and arrange his murder? We need answers.
Let's go.
Hey, we find any audio files of Gilroy in Shoals' office yet? I'm listening to them now.
So far, it's just a whole lot of Beethoven.
Okay, what about text or email correspondence between Shoals and Gilroy? There's no signs of communication between them.
All right.
What about Gilroy and Ava? Any tension between them? Nothing like that, just some friendly back and forth emails.
All right, then I think we have to start at the beginning.
Who is Ava Mercer? She was born on 10/13/95, Only child.
Grew up near Detroit.
Went to Eastern Michigan University.
Her mother died in '97 when Ava was two.
Ava was put in foster care, and then adopted by Michael and Linda Mercer six months later.
Wait, guys.
Check this out.
Ava's biological mother's name is Carol Peluso.
So? So Carol Peluso filed a sexual assault allegation against Gilroy in '95, then withdrew it.
Because Gilroy wrote her a check for 200 grand.
Wait, so Ava's biological mother worked for Gilroy in '95, claimed he sexually assaulted her.
And then that very same year, gave birth to Ava, the same young woman that Gilroy was courting in the weeks prior to his death.
Ava's Gilroy's daughter.
Funny Ava didn't mention that when we talked to her.
Sort of a conspicuous omission.
I told you her story didn't make sense.
Jubal, I got something.
It's from an audio file recorded last week.
Gilroy's in his car on his phone.
He's telling his lawyer he wants to amend his will so a major chunk of his estate Goes to Ava Mercer.
Well, that is an interesting piece of news.
Some might call it motive.
Call Maggie and OA.
Get them up to speed.
I'm sorry, I can't really talk about my conversations with Mr.
Attorney-client privilege.
We've actually already heard a little bit of it.
We know that he wanted to give 10 million a piece to each of the abused women.
And also 50 million to Ava Mercer.
He was dying, that's all he could do for them.
Personally, I thought the whole idea was rash.
We were arguing about it when he was killed.
Well, it seems he decided to change his will in the past few weeks after spending time with Ava.
I think she inspired him.
He wanted to prove to her that he was truly trying to become a better man.
Did Ava know that he was planning on giving her all this money? You're not thinking she killed him Did she know about the inheritance or not? No, she wasn't even aware that he was her father.
What? Gilroy was at the end of his life.
He said he had tracked down Ava.
He planned to tell her who he was, but he wanted to get to know her first.
I can't really blame him.
So she didn't know anything? Not only that, he never actually changed his will.
- Why is that? - I was drawing up the papers.
He died before he could sign them.
Meaning the estate goes to? Pursuant to his existing will, it all goes to the Gilroy Foundation.
Lorna Robbins.
Any news on Keith's murder? It's just such a senseless tragedy.
Well, I don't know about senseless.
Deliberate, maybe.
You partnered with Gilroy, but you never trusted him.
That's why you had him bugged.
I did nothing of the kind.
Well, you heard that he was going to cut the foundation's cut of his estate from 300 million to a fraction of that.
So you killed him.
- That's absurd.
- Is it? It's fantasy, and you have no proof whatsoever.
Ray Shoals sent you my photo.
Clearly, that freaked you out because you deleted it.
But not before your phone sent it to the cloud.
And the audio from Gilroy's car was live-streaming to that computer.
I sullied my reputation, my name, to get in business with Keith Gilroy.
Because I knew that the best purpose this vile, irredeemable man could serve would be to commit his fortune to make a difference and change lives.
He was still going to give money to the foundation.
Not enough.
Not what he promised.
And why? So he could give it to some long-lost child he never even knew he had - and the women he abused? - Well, what's wrong with that? All the money in the world cannot fix the damage that he did to those women.
Trust me, I know.
I am one of those women! Lorna Robbins, you're under arrest.
It was worth it.
Quick announcement, everyone.
I just spoke with Kristen's doctors, and she is out of surgery, stable, and on track to make a full recovery.
Okay, okay.
Let's not jinx it.
Save the applause for when Kristen walks back in here, huh? [HOPEFUL MUSIC.]
I'm sorry for biting your head off earlier.
I had a lot on my mind.
I get it.
But for what it's worth, I do know what you were going through.
Three years ago, my partner got shot doing an undercover buy.
He died.
My best friend, and all of a sudden, he's gone.
There's so much that I wish I had told him that I still carry around.
Just don't do what I did.
Don't leave things unspoken.
I'm sorry.
I've been really short with you.
It's Kristen, you know? Maybe we didn't realize how much it was affecting us.
I've been afraid to even look at her.
I didn't protect her.
And she almost died.
I don't know why I felt so powerless.
I think I just I just needed to focus on at least one thing that I could control, which was the case.
Well, the case is done, and Kristen's okay.
And I'm still afraid.
I have no idea what to say to her.
Maybe just show up.
Yeah? Yeah.
So, how are you feeling? About the same as I was feeling a minute ago - when you asked me that.
- I'm sorry, I'm just You're going to make a terrific agent, Kristen.
I just needed to say that.
Why, in case I die? No, no, not at all.
I'm screwing this up.
I'm just not a good communicator.
Um, I never tell you how much faith I have in you.
You don't have to tell me.
I know.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Oh, okay.
I got to give the others their turn.
I'll take a number and wait out here.
You look good.
- Mm, that's a lie.
I just look better than the last time you saw me.
How are you feeling? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
People keep asking me that, and I just I don't think they really want to know.
I do.
What's going on? Well [SHAKY BREATHING.]
It's just lying there, and Bleeding like that.
I was so scared, Maggie.
I'm still really, really scared.
I'm here.