FBI (2018) s02e14 Episode Script

Studio Gangster

1 You hear the boom, all you suckers better duck Rich, rich World Cup, you better bet on us I put my shorty first when I pen a verse Love at first sight or was it just a curse? That man is fine, many fine, yeah So fine, that's why he's mine, yeah Real cute like Idris Elba So smooth like Ghost from "Power" I don't mind, no, I don't mind, yeah What's up, girl? You feel like dancing? Not really, but thanks.
Maya, I know what's up.
So maybe you and I can I feel free as a bird - Oh, yeah, sis.
- Mm.
Flyin' around in the blue As long as, baby As long as I got [SCREAMS.]
No! [SOBS.]
We're not gonna take any official disciplinary action, but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention.
He was making a joke at another student's expense.
Thank you, and like I said before, I'm sorry this happened.
Yeah, yeah, me, too.
Of course.
Benign bullying is still a serious issue and a breach of our code of conduct.
No, totally.
I completely agree with that.
So we'll talk to Tyler, and we will make sure that this never happens again, okay? Thank you so much.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Thank you very much.
When I was a kid, you get in a fight, the teacher's like, "Say you're sorry, shake hands.
" Now they convene a grand jury for cracking jokes.
- Hey.
- Dad, don't be mad.
I was just laughing at Cooper's joke.
I wasn't trying to be mean.
I swear.
But Lila got mad, thought I was the one making fun of her.
Her teeth aren't even that big.
It's okay.
We're not mad at you, sweetie.
Yeah, no, stuff like this happens sometimes.
But just so your mom and I are clear, you didn't actually crack the joke, right? Cooper did? Okay.
Well, look, it's not that big of a deal, but I guess it's never bad to be reminded that we need to be aware of our actions.
The things we say and do, they have consequences.
So even though you didn't mean to upset Lila, and you didn't actually tell the joke, you still need to apologize.
Can you do that? - Yeah.
- Don't worry about it.
- Have a good day.
- Kay.
- See you after school.
- Bye.
Hey, actually, I gotta say - I'm proud of you.
- Why? For not ratting out Cooper.
Shows character.
Are you kidding? We got two dead bodies.
No witnesses, no video.
Female vic was struck several times in the face and head.
Abrasions, some swelling.
Looks like she was choked to death.
She got a name? Right now, it's Jane Doe.
No ID, no phone, no nothing.
But this guy is a different story.
And that's why we're here.
One to the head.
Nine millimeter.
We sent the shell casing over to the lab.
Running it through the database now.
All right, so Scott Conway Assistant U.
Attorney of the Southern District, married, two kids, played football for Boston College, graduated from Harvard Law School.
Been with the Office six years.
One of us.
So let's do him right.
First question is, was this random street violence, or a planned attack? Second, was Scott Conway and the female DOA connected in any way, or was one of them in the wrong place at the wrong time? The canvas is blank, people.
So let's dig in, add some color.
Start with Conway.
Track his movements prior to the murders.
Dig into his case files Any problems, threats.
And while we're at it, let's find a new name for Jane Doe, shall we? Go to work.
How we doing? Yeah, I ran her through facial rec.
No hits.
All right, well, let's start monitoring Missing Persons report.
Hopefully, somebody realizes she's missing and calls the NYPD.
You guys want to hit the M.
, see if the killer left any DNA? - Yeah.
- Great.
So head down to the Southern District.
Start looking into Conway His life, his cases.
Hey, there are a lot of eyes on this.
Yeah, only 13 prosecutors in the last 100 years have been murdered, so we gotta close this case fast.
Sounds good.
Hey, I'm sorry.
It's nice to see you again, Maggie.
Yeah, you too.
I wish it was under different circumstances.
I take it you and Scott were close.
Yeah, yeah, we started here at the same time.
We shared an office for two years.
Wait, has anyone contacted Allison yet? Yeah, she's on her way to Worcester, dropping the kids off at the parents' house.
Okay, good.
Mona, was there anything unusual going on in Scott's life? I mean, any financial problems or personal issues? Not that I'm aware of.
He was a pretty straight-laced guy, worked hard, loved his wife, his kids.
What about the cases he was working on? Anything particularly dangerous? No.
No, he was in the White Collar Division Fraud, insider trading.
Those guys aren't known for being too violent.
But let me introduce you to Shelby, his assistant.
She'll give you access to his files and his emails.
We were just living our lives and then some detective calls and says your husband's just been shot and killed.
Thank you.
Sorry you're going through this.
But if it's okay, we'd like to ask you a few questions.
Were you and Scott having any problems? Financial, marital? No, nothing like that.
Ma'am, your husband's body was found about 20 feet from another body.
What? Two people were killed? I didn't know.
The police just told me about Scott.
- Who was he with? - A woman.
We haven't been able to identify her.
Maybe you can take a look at a photo.
It's pretty disturbing, so No, I don't know her.
She looks very young.
We're guessing she's about 20.
So wait, Scott and this woman were together? Their bodies were found in close proximity to one another.
That's all we really know at this point.
Are you saying my husband was having an affair with this woman? No.
Absolutely not.
We're just presenting the facts, trying to understand what happened.
Thank you.
Just one more thing.
Where were you last night around 11:00? Home with my children.
Gotta be honest.
I feel like you're getting ahead of the case.
- Excuse me? - We don't know if Conway and Jane Doe even knew each other, let alone slept together.
I'm aware of that.
Well, then why are you making it sound like he was having an affair? I just presented the facts.
Well, you could've presented them with a little more finesse.
Not my thing.
We're investigators, not marriage counselors.
Conway's wife didn't know Jane Doe.
Had no idea why her husband was with her last night.
Her alibi checked out, too.
She was home from 6:25 p.
until 7:04 a.
So there's no need to chase the jealous wife theory.
Right, okay.
- Hey.
- Yeah? A woman just filed a missing persons report on her daughter.
Female, black, 19 years old, 5'8", 125 pounds.
Her name's Maya Depriest.
Yeah, yeah.
That sure looks like her to me.
All right, eyes up.
Looks like we found a name for our Jane Doe.
- Maya Depriest.
- What do we know about her? Well, she lives in Brownsville.
No priors.
Father, Lawrence, was killed in 2013.
Mother, Christina, was incarcerated in 2014 for cocaine distribution Released two months ago, and currently living in Mount Vernon.
- Something wrong? - Uh, no.
No, just thinking about the poor mother.
That's a lot of tragedy for one person to handle.
- Hey, I just got something.
- Yeah.
Just ran Maya's photo through a reverse face search, got a hit on a website called, "Entice Escorts.
" Okay, so she's an escort.
Start digging.
See if there's a nexus.
In the meantime, we have to notify Maya's mother.
You know what? I'll take care of it.
I gotta head up to Westchester to see the kids anyway.
What the hell are you doing here? Um, well, I have some bad news.
Your daughter was killed last night.
We're gonna do everything we can to find the person [DOOR SLAMS.]
Hey, Jubal.
Just talked to the lab.
We got the DNA results on Maya's body.
No hits.
So Conway isn't a match? No, but I mean, him and Maya could've known each other, of course.
But there's nothing on his phone or computer that suggests that they had a personal relationship.
What about professional? No.
We searched the search history.
No evidence that he visited the site "Entice Escorts" or any other morally-ambiguous sites, for that matter.
I wish the tabloids knew that.
Hm? News of Maya's profession has leaked.
The coverage is brutal.
"Fed and Sex Toy Murdered.
" "High-Class Hooker Dies in the Arms of Prosecutor.
" And my personal favorite, "Maya Costs More Than Your New iPhone.
" These media pigs are having a field day cashing in their legacy for a bunch of cheap headlines.
All right, listen up! So now we're gonna assume that Maya and Conway were strangers, and given the personal nature of the attacks, especially with regards to Maya, we'll also assume that the murders were not the results of random street violence, which means one was the primary target, and the other was collateral damage, so dig deep and dig fast.
Let's go.
Hey, we just got Maya's cell phone data from the carrier.
Looks like she was at a party shortly before her death.
We don't know the address, but we do know the initials of the host.
- B.
- B.
, right.
Now, the time of death was about 11:45 p.
, but the last time Maya's cell phone pinged off a cell tower was 10:27 p.
here on Varick Street, which mean she was in Tribeca within a half mile of that tower.
Keep digging, Brother Ian.
There's oil in there somewhere.
Now, these are all the Instagram posts tagged in Tribeca around that time, so if I filter through the captions and hashtags with keywords like B.
, party, bash, soiree Oh.
The oil's officially gushing, sir.
- Who is Big Tracy? - That's a rapper.
Getting pretty hot now, too.
Yeah, he's all over social media posting crazy photos, waving guns, flashing gang signs.
Track him down.
See what he knows.
Yeah, I heard about that girl.
It's a damn shame.
Name's Maya.
She was a really beautiful girl, and she could sing.
Like for real, for real.
Okay, did you notice anything unusual at your party? Arguments, confrontations? Nah, nothing like that.
Well, if you did, you'd tell us, right? Oh, of course I would, Officer.
It's Special Agent.
Like we said, we're FBI.
All right, my bad.
It's just all y'all cops look the same to me, so [CHUCKLES.]
There's one major difference.
When you lie to one of us, it's a felony.
- Do you understand that? - We understand.
Fair enough.
Did you talk to Maya last night? We talked for a minute or something.
We talked about her getting on some records, you know, doing some hooks.
So you do know her? - A little bit.
- How'd you guys meet? I don't know.
Mutual friend or something.
This friend have a name? Okay, guys.
That's enough.
You want to keep asking questions, I'm gonna have to call Tracy's criminal attorney.
If Tracy's innocent, why would you have to call a lawyer in the first place? [CHUCKLES.]
I may be a music manager, Agent Bell, but I'm not as country as you may think.
Yale Law School, class of 2014.
Okay, so we pulled surveillance video from the building next to Tracy's condo.
There is Maya on her way into the party at 9:47 p.
And there is Maya on her way out at 11:05 p.
Smile's gone.
That's for sure.
She's nervous, in a hurry, keeps looking over her shoulder.
Something must've happened upstairs.
She got nervous and got the hell out of there.
- Keep rolling.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm guessing he's what happened upstairs.
Maybe he and Maya got into some type of argument.
Could be her pimp.
Brought her to the party hoping to find clients.
Yeah, run them through facial rec, huh? - Already on it.
Okay, Marcus King AKA Thumper.
He is from Brownsville, just like Maya.
A known member of the 718 Gang.
That's a rough crew Dealing drugs, money, women.
Women now? New profit center.
Can only sell a kilo once.
Can sell a woman five, six times a day.
Great business model if you're a heartless thug, that is.
Okay, find out where Thumper lives, works, hangs out.
Let's go.
Yeah, I know Maya.
Why you ask? She died last night.
- Yeah.
- That's too bad.
She was cool.
I mean, she grew up around the way.
You know, see her sometimes.
I'd say what's up.
Did you guys ever work together in any capacity? Nah, nah.
Did you see her at Big Tracy's party last night? Yeah, I did, little bit.
Said, "Hey.
" When did you leave the party? [SOFT HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING.]
You know, I gotta be honest.
I'm starting to detect a negative vibe happening here.
You know, it's, like, making me kind of uncomfortable.
We're sorry about that.
I guess the thing is, is we also feel uncomfortable.
Oh, yeah? How's that? 'Cause you're lying to us.
You and your gang pimped out Maya.
Pimped? So you Okay, I think you have me confused with someone else.
I ain't no pimp.
I'm not in a gang.
I'm a music producer.
I produce upcoming artists like Big Tracy Yeah, no, that's all very exciting.
However, we're far more interested in where you went after Big Tracy's party.
What'd you do? Get in a cab, go to a jazz club? Or did you follow Maya and choke her to death? And then shoot a federal prosecutor in the head? [TENSE MUSIC.]
I'm done talking.
Um we're gonna see you again.
Only next time, I think it's gonna be a little more uncomfortable.
Okay, here's Maya at 11:16 heading east on Canal.
And here is Thumper at 11:19 p.
heading the same direction as Maya.
That confirms what we thought.
Thumper was following her.
What about Conway? We have video on him? Conway was walking home around the same time.
I got him on Lafayette Street walking north at 11:10, then turning west onto Franklin at 11:17.
Okay, so he was walking towards Maya and Thumper on a street a few blocks south of Canal.
And a few blocks from where the murder took place.
And this is Conway at 11:21, still on Franklin heading here, his apartment on Church.
While Maya and Thumper are over on Canal, crime scene is in the middle.
He was just walking home, saw Maya and Thumper fighting, wanted to intervene.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Just spoke to Thumper.
He wasn't very forthcoming.
And for the record, he's very adamant that he is not pimp - [CELL PHONE BUZZES.]
- Or a gang member.
It's Mona.
She says it's urgent.
We've been investigating Thumper and his crew for months.
We have wires up in his car, his apartment, his club.
Has he said anything about these two murders? No, he's careful.
Doesn't say too much, and usually speaks in code.
Except for today.
What do you mean? Big Tracy fired him as a producer and Thumper went nuts.
I don't blame him.
Hanging with Thumper and the gang put him on the map.
That's how Thumper sees it too, which is why he got so pissed, which is why he just put out a contract on Big Tracy's life.
Really? Bad news for him, good news for us.
Mm, how is that? He's vulnerable.
He needs us.
You want to use the death threat to leverage Tracy's cooperation? Yeah, damn right, I do.
That seems risky.
It's like putting a hen in front of a fox and hoping he's not hungry.
All right, I get that, but it could work.
I really think this is our best move.
- Okay.
- Yeah? Let's do that.
Tracy's playing me for a punk.
Thinks I'm gonna let him walk? Thinks there ain't no consequences? Then he don't know me, 'cause he's gonna pay.
Full ticket.
No one plays 718 like that.
You in, you in.
You ain't, you dead.
This is just some sort of scare tactic.
Nah, he's talking.
We had a business disagreement.
That's all.
You used him and his gang to make you legit, to make you interesting.
And then you fired him.
That's not a disagreement.
That is treason in Thumper's mind, anyway.
It's more complicated than that.
Well, it seems pretty simple to Thumper.
All right, so me and Thumper are having problems, he want to smoke me.
My question is, why do y'all care? Because our objectives are now aligned.
What's that mean? It means we both want Thumper off the street.
Us because he killed two people, you 'cause I'm assuming you want to stay alive.
So you want me to snitch? We would like you to cooperate.
Hell, no.
It's not gonna happen.
It would ruin my brand, my reputation.
Forget all that.
- Okay, then we'll talk about option number two: prison.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you talking about? We have you on a wire bragging about the armed robbery, and the five shots you took at your rival.
Dollar Will.
They're bluffing, T.
They had something on you, you'd already be in handcuffs.
Look, I already told you.
It's not gonna happen.
I'm not a rat.
Well, if your client decides to change his mind, please have him give me a call.
Is there anyone else in Thumper's crew that we can jam up? Well, we have cases on a few low-level guys, but they don't interact with Thumper too often.
I mean, it wouldn't be worth the effort or the risk.
Means Big Tracy's our only hope despite all this beef with Thumper.
Yeah, except he just said that he wasn't gonna cooperate.
Yeah, because he's living in a dream world.
Thinks all this gangbanging stuff is a joke, just some marketing gag to sell his music.
Well, it's working out pretty well for him.
For now, but like they say, it's all fun and games until someone puts a bullet in your head.
I mean, you want me to get the $200 tickets or just do - Yeah.
- The hundred? Naw, let's get the best seats, all right? Come on.
It's our birthdays, right? All right.
Well done, boys.
Always a pleasure, Omar.
I just hope it works.
Well, he was definitely terrified.
I didn't know that boy could run that fast.
Imagine how scared he'd be if the bullets were real.
All right, guys.
Thank you for texting us, Tracy.
Yo, these dudes are crazy, man.
At first I thought they were just talking smack, but now they're chasing me and they're shooting at me.
Oh, what do we gotta do to get them off my back? Well, you could help us build a case against Thumper.
Thumper goes away, the threat disappears.
All right.
All right, Tracy.
Step one, make up with Thumper.
All right, I'll call him, tell him I made a mistake, and want to get back in business.
Then you ask him to meet up in person Somewhere private, a restaurant or a bar.
Once he starts feeling comfortable, you bring up Maya.
Don't push that, okay? Don't mention the murder or anything.
Just say her name, see how he reacts to that.
You know, I never hurt anyone.
Like, seriously, anyone.
I did all this for clout, publicity.
It's the business.
But after I found out about Maya and the prosecutor, I knew I had to cut ties.
I was either gonna end up in jail, or Hell, dead.
Okay, we have visual of Tracy walking into the club.
Okay, we're up as well.
Let's hope the fox had a big lunch.
That's not funny.
I wasn't trying to be.
Yo, yo, T.
My dude.
Appreciate you being receptive, man.
Growin' up like hella good, now I'm cookin' Come on, man, look, we all do stupid things sometimes, right? I'm no different.
Yo, let me and T talk in private.
You got it, boss.
Look, man, I'm just trying to put all this behind us, get back on track, start that label, start getting to this money, man.
- Mm-hmm.
- 'Cause it makes sense.
Yesterday Yesterday, it made sense for you to cut me loose like a damn dog.
But today, today it makes sense for you to kiss my ass so we can be in business together? Make that make sense.
Okay, everyone stay loose.
Thumper's getting a little suspicious.
No, no, we move on my order.
You understand? Copy that.
All right, look, man, look.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
I had some people.
They got in my ear, right? They told me that working with you was bad for business.
And like an idiot, I listened.
So you ain't listening now, huh? How come? You find Jesus? Bro, in a way.
Bro, you know I'm more like you than all these fake-ass rap bitches.
So why run away from what I am, all right? You right.
You right.
You belong here.
- Yes, sir.
- With me.
- 100%.
- Right? Have a drink, man.
What's up, man? I told you I need a minute.
You need to see this.
Where you get this? My boy James just sent it to me.
You flashing rival signs? Huh? - You crazy? - Nah, nah, nah, nah, man.
That was just for press to sell records.
Come on, you know how it go.
Look, I realized that it was a farce, so I took it down It don't matter.
You posted it.
What's wrong with you? Wait, and look Look at the caption.
"Ain't nobody's punk.
" You coming for me, T? Okay, Jubal, this is getting bad.
No, we don't move unless his life is in danger.
So it depends on how you define danger.
I don't see a gun, so we'll stand down.
So what's up? You coming for me? - You telling me how it is? - No, I'm not.
Look, I don't even know why you talking.
I don't know why you talking, man.
I'm trying to do a business deal Sit your skinny ass down, T.
This ain't no music video.
Look, man, it's just a stupid post.
- It ain't even up no more - Stupid or not, you got no respect for me.
I do.
You damn sure got no respect for the crew.
Damn right, he don't.
Jubal? No guns.
Stand down.
Drag his ass.
Don't beat his pretty face too bad.
Get him! Get him! [MEN STRUGGLING.]
Are you sure about this? Hey, Jubal, he's getting his ass kicked.
I said stand down, Maggie.
I'm not blowing this case over a few punches.
What, you okay with this? Maggie, you play a tough guy for a living.
Eventually you're gonna have to pay the piper, right? [ALL GRUNTING.]
Get him medical.
- Hey, you wanted to see me? - Yeah, hey.
I just wanted to touch base.
Okay, yeah.
About? Maya Depriest.
I heard you took the notification.
Uh, yeah, yeah, well, I was heading up to see my kids in Westchester anyway, so I took care of it.
So this had nothing to do with the fact that you also know Christina Depriest? [CLEARS THROAT.]
If I'm being candid, then yeah, it had everything to do with that.
I arrested her in 2014.
So she was a fringe player in a cocaine ring Made deliveries to Hartford, Boston.
And, um, and she knew what she was doing, but she was really just trying to please her boyfriend.
Anyway, we jammed her up with a few ounces, told her she needed to cooperate, and she And she would not roll no matter how hard we squeezed.
So you charged her? Yeah.
And she ended up doing five years.
Which sounds about right.
She was selling cocaine.
Yeah, I know.
But this one just never felt right, you know? I'm she wasn't a real gangster.
She just fell in love with the wrong guy.
And the truth is, if I think I let my ego get in the way.
And there was the booze.
I was drinking a lot at the time.
If I didn't charge Christina, her daughter does not grow up without a mother.
She doesn't start hanging out with gangbangers.
No, uh-uh.
Don't do that.
Don't blame yourself.
Maya's murder isn't your fault.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I know.
I I know.
I mean, I'm We're always so focused on On winning, you know? On helping, that we never really stop and think about all the consequences of our noble decisions.
All the people that we hurt.
All the lives that we ruin.
I'll get my head right.
- Can I get back to it? - Yeah.
Yo, what the hell was that? Thought you had my back.
We're working a double murder here, bro.
We're not gonna burn our case or your cover - over a fist fight.
- Mm-hmm.
You know what? I'm out.
No, no, no, Tracy.
You're not done until Thumper's in cuffs.
You understand that? Yeah, well, he wants to kill me, so I don't think he's gonna talk to me about Maya, or anything else for that matter.
So we need to find a new angle, then.
So come on, who does Thumper trust? - Hey, who does he talk to? - Nobody, man.
- He's private.
- What about girlfriends? Talks to this one girl, Davina.
He stay at her place sometimes? Yeah, all the time.
Okay, maybe he went there after the murders.
Means that there would be evidence in that apartment Could be on the bathroom floors, clothes.
Congratulations, Tracy.
You are back in business.
- Hi, what's up, Tracy? - How you doing? Thumper's not here right now.
I think he's over in Fort Greene.
I actually came to see you.
- Me? About what? - So check it out.
Me and Thumper haven't really been seeing eye to eye lately.
Mm-mm, I don't get involved in his business.
You know that.
This is bigger than business.
It's about friendship.
I'm trying to figure out what's going on.
It seems like something's bothering him.
Like what? Some stuff went down the other night, all right? And I thought maybe that's why he's on edge.
Well, I don't know nothing about that, but he should be back in an hour or so, so maybe you should just come back then.
Uh, can I use your bathroom? - Yeah, it's upstairs.
- All right.
We got him.
So we got the search warrant.
We sent a bunch of agents over to Davina's house and we actually seized a half kilo of pure heroin.
- Really? Where is Davina now? - Interrogation room.
Yeah, we're heading over there now.
Okay, and we know the drug's are Thumper's.
I mean, she's got a steady job, no prior arrests.
Good news is she has a daughter, eight years old.
I don't think she's gonna risk losing her to save Thumper Hope not, anyway.
Right, okay.
Actually, you know what? I think I'm gonna do the interrogation.
It's been a while.
Feeling nostalgic.
So, a half a ki.
- That's real weight.
- I got nothing.
Okay, look, I know who your boyfriend is, Davina.
So I'm guessing the drugs belong to him.
Problem is, we found them in your apartment.
So in the eyes of the law, they're yours, which means you're staring down serious time unless you're willing to cooperate.
So did Thumper stay at your place Tuesday night? Don't remember.
Did you see blood on his clothes, on his shoes, on his hands? [SCOFFS.]
You really want to go to prison for a guy that pimps out young girls? He beats them.
He chokes them.
You want to know what your dear, sweet boyfriend did Tuesday night? He killed two people.
This is Maya Depriest.
And this is Scott Conway.
He killed these two people.
This is who you're gonna go to prison for.
Okay, look.
Bottom line is, you don't cooperate, we're gonna charge you with felony drug distribution.
You really want Olivia to grow up without a mother? Be smart, Davina.
Please, please.
Think of the consequences.
Don't ruin your life, your daughter's life, for what, to protect some punk named Thumper? I won't do it! I want a lawyer.
Hey, Ann, get NYPD back on the crime scene, re-canvass the neighborhood.
Someone had to see or hear something.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Kris, how we doing? - Nothing so far.
Well, keep pulling video.
There's gotta be footage somewhere putting this son of a bitch near the scene.
- Okay.
- Hey, Stuey, can you check to see where we are with the warrant on Thumper's phone, club, and apartment? Thank you.
Maggie, OA.
Talk to Big Tracy again.
Find a way to get him and Thumper back together.
I don't care if he has to sign over the rights to every stupid song he ever wrote.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Agent Zidan.
Okay, good.
Same place.
Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah.
- Getting him back in play might not be as hard as we thought.
Tell me.
That was Tracy.
He says Thumper wants to kiss and make up.
Tracy, what's going on? Thumper's being all apologetic, but I know something's up.
He probably knows I was in Davina's apartment before the arrest.
I think he probably thinks I set her up.
Okay, I understand.
But we're gonna be here to help you, okay? What we need you to do is get Thumper to meet you in a public space outside.
Somewhere like a park.
Thumper makes a move or pulls a weapon, we'll be there to help.
- Yeah, just like last time? - Last time, there was no gun.
Yeah, well, it still hurt like hell.
You know, if I were you, I wouldn't complain.
Yeah, why's that? 'Cause you don't really have a choice, do you? You either set the meeting, or you go to jail.
- He's heading for Thumper now.
- Copy.
I got eyes on both of them.
What's up, man? We see a gun, we move, okay? This guy is taking on some serious risk.
Let's make sure that we have his back.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you're starting to like this guy.
No, not really, but he isn't as bad as I thought he was.
Look, my bad about the other day.
Anyway, look, man, if you If you up for it, I want to start making music again.
That's what I want, bro.
I want to move past all this, start fresh.
You and me.
Let's start from square one, put all this behind us.
Get back on track.
That's what I'm talking about.
We gonna do big things, man.
I'm trying to tell you.
Yo, there's talent all over this city.
Oh, I already know, bro.
And you got the eye forit.
You ain't brought me one wack artist yet.
- Yeah, you know.
- Yo, and Maya? Bro, she was something different.
She was special.
Yeah, she was good.
Nah, but with a voice like that and a face like that, she was a superstar.
- Yo, but she ain't here now.
- I know, I'm just saying That bitch forgot who paid for her food and her clothes.
I couldn't just let her walk.
So I did what I did.
You feel me? Didn't wanna have to shoot that white boy, but had no choice Gonna get in the middle, try to be a hero.
All right, we got him.
All right, let's do it.
I'll see you tonight.
- See you tonight.
- All right.
Take him now? Wait to make sure it's all clear.
Copy that.
All right, he's by himself.
It's not too crowded, either.
I'd say we grab him.
All right, let's get him.
FBI! Don't move! - [GRUNTS.]
Marcus King, you're under arrest for the murders of Maya Depriest and Scott Conway.
I told you it was gonna be uncomfortable.
Big Tracy was impressive, though.
Got Thumper to talk about music and Maya then the murders.
He's fast on his feet.
I think rappers call that freestyling.
Well, I just hope Thumper's stupid enough to want to go to trial.
I swear I'll bury his ass.
I like it when you get all feisty.
Yeah, well, I'm just glad you got this guy.
And I'm glad the truth finally came out about Scott.
I really started to lose faith in my ability to judge people.
People or men? [SIGHS.]
The latter.
Well, I'm really happy that Conway turned to be the guy that you thought.
Yeah, me too.
What about you? Are you who I think you are? - I hope so.
Oh, good luck with Allison.
At least she'll know he died a hero.
Agent Zidan.
So we just arrested your boyfriend for two murders.
The only thing left on the table is that half kilo of heroin.
I didn't know he was keeping drugs in my place.
I never would've allowed that.
I have a daughter.
It's a little late for that.
Late for what? The truth.
We already made the arrest.
You got nothing left to sell.
But I am going to give you a break.
Make the most of it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
We arrested the man who killed Maya.
His name was Marcus King.
He went by the nickname Thumper.
I want to you to know I regret what I did.
I wish I never charged you.
Not asking for forgiveness or anything.
I just wanted you to know.
This ain't on you, Valentine.
So don't you dare pretend that it is.

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