FBI (2018) s02e15 Episode Script


No more true crime.
Too depressing.
You don't have the attention span for an audiobook while you're driving.
What about a comedy? Dude, I'm not sitting here through eight hours of bad jokes.
I don't know what's happening.
- Oh, now we're breaking down? - Accelerator's not working.
Do you even know what you're looking for? I can call back to the depot.
I got it.
Hey, you guys having some engine trouble? Uh, we're good.
I'd be happy to take a look for you.
Or not.
We're not trying to get in your way or anything.
I just, I-I know a lot about engines.
I thought I could help.
You ever work on a truck this size? Yeah, a little.
We're not really sure what happened.
It just kind of shut Wait! Victims are Luke Hodge and David Mills, both long-haul truckers from a company based up the road.
Looks like someone came for the truck, took the drivers out in the process.
What was in the truck? Guns, ammo.
It came from a company called Riddiford Arms.
Uh, any idea what time the attack occurred? Yeah, the truck's internal GPS was disabled at 5:32 a.
We think that's when the hijackers took over.
There's no skid marks.
They weren't forced off the road.
There must've been a reason they pulled over.
Any idea what this is? No.
The lab will know.
That device in the photo Maggie and OA sent It's a fuel pump kill switch.
Installed in an engine, it can be used to remotely disable a truck's fuel supply on cue, causing it to break down as if it ran out of gas.
That explains how they stopped the truck.
ERT find any prints on it? No, the perps were likely wearing gloves.
All right, well, they were sloppy enough to leave that thing at the scene, though.
Doesn't feel like a professional hit.
Do we know what was taken yet? No, ATF is still waiting on an exact inventory list from Riddiford, but it's not looking good.
Military-grade ammo, assault rifles Yeah, not the kind of stuff we want hitting the streets.
Well, if the person we're looking for had access to the truck's engine, it was likely an inside job, right? Yeah, have Maggie and OA check in with the arms company.
We're really sorry about your drivers.
Thank you.
We're all still in shock here.
I mean, Luke I hired him right out of high school.
He worked here in the warehouse with me for years.
Just switched to driving when his daughter was born.
More money.
Have you ever had any issues with transports in the past? No.
Our drivers are armed, ride with companions.
Preston, we are gonna find the people who did this.
Okay, um, where was this shipment headed? To mass retailers down the coast Uh, arms stores, gun shows.
How many people had access to the truck before it went out? Not many.
Our trucks are usually secured here at headquarters.
Only time they're out of our sight is right before a long haul, when they go for the mechanic's inspection.
Who's your mechanic? We use a third-party contractor, off-site.
Okay, uh, we're gonna need their information.
All right, check it out.
The mechanic that worked on the truck was Kevin McGuire, 39 years old.
Never showed up at work today.
Agents aren't getting an answer at his house.
It's looking more and more like he was the one - that sabotaged the fuel line.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Wait till you hear this.
Riddiford did not do such a great job of screening their third-party contractors.
McGuire has a record.
Did time for armed robbery and assault, fell in with a white prison gang while he was on the inside, the Rikers Royals.
I know the Royals.
Investigated them with Narcotics, they're drug traffickers.
And arms traffickers, and burglars.
Royals used to operate out of a pool hall in midtown.
Oh, they still do.
It's all over McGuire's social media, the Rowdy Barrel.
All right, good.
Check it out.
See if you can get someone in McGuire's orbit talking.
Yeah? Hey.
Isn't that the woman from McGuire's social media? Yeah, I think so.
Excuse me.
Hi, we're with the FBI.
Uh, have you heard from Kevin McGuire recently? Kevin? Nah.
- I don't really know him.
- Really? He's in this bar all the time.
You never talked to him? Not really.
Leah Ritter, right? You know it's a crime to lie to federal agents? I didn't think he was gonna kill anybody.
Why don't you back up, tell us what happened, from the beginning? I started seeing Kevin a few months ago.
Thought he was a good guy, rough around the edges.
But, uh, he came to me a few days ago, said some guy offered him a big job, quick and easy and a huge payday.
He say who was financing this? No, just that it was a lot of money, said that it was gonna change our lives.
He asked me to drive him up to that factory, follow the truck until it broke down.
I just thought he was gonna steal something, but then he shot those poor men.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
I froze.
I didn't know what to do.
I stayed in the car until Kevin got the truck up and running, and then he just drove off.
You have any idea where he went? No, he just left me there.
Never checked in, isn't answering my calls.
What phone is he using? Some, uh, burner phone he got at the corner store.
Um, I mean, you can check my phone.
The number is Is in there.
What happens next? Leah, two people are dead.
We'll let the U.
Attorney know you cooperated, but you're looking at a second-degree murder charge.
Tell me.
Leah's call history confirms her story.
She tried calling McGuire a dozen times after the hijacking.
His number is registered to a burner purchased near the Rowdy Barrel.
Did you get a location from the phone? Yeah, it's pinging up around Armonk.
All right, all right! You sure we're in the right place? Trust me, Maggie.
Three years in Army intel, I can read a sat map.
All right, this is the Riddiford truck.
He's gone! Nowhere to go around here, maybe he made the deal and got a ride back to the city with the buyer.
The latch is still open.
Guns are still here.
FBI! Hands where I can see them! So Kevin McGuire kills two people to steal a truck full of guns, and then someone kills Kevin McGuire, but no one takes any guns? Weren't after the guns.
After the ammo.
Well, according to this manifest.
There are four crates of M995 black tip rounds missing.
Black tips? Those are hardcore, armor-piercing, made for law enforcement and military.
So whoever stole this ammo is up to something pretty big.
Big enough to kill three people.
We passed a gas station on the way.
I'm gonna see if they have security cameras.
Only three vehicles went down the dead-end road after the hijacking: the gun truck, a sedan that's registered to an older woman who lives there, and this van.
License plates are fake.
It goes down the road ten minutes behind the Riddiford truck, and comes back 15 minutes after.
All right, check it out.
Ian enhanced the footage, we got a clear shot of the driver.
Facial rec ID'd him as Nur Rojak.
Who's Nur Rojak? He was a member of Negara Islamiyah Asia, Southeast Asian terror group, but they're out of business now.
Thanks in no small part to OA.
I was involved in the military op that took out their leader, Sulaiman Mansor, five years ago.
Without Mansor, the NIA fell apart.
So, what is Nur doing in the United States now? Well, can't tell you what he's doing here yet, but we know how he got the van.
Thrifty-Haul depot up in Bronxville.
Managers said he rented it a few weeks back, returned it this morning.
You two, head up there.
Returned it yesterday morning.
Are you seeing anything? Nothing but the owner's manual, company insurance records.
ERT's 20 minutes out.
We can have them sweep for prints, stray fibers, but car looks like it's been wiped clean.
Maybe not the whole car.
What is that? Looks like some kind of paint.
We'll have the lab run it.
The blue paint on the van's tires contained DDT.
- It's the anti-fouling paint.
- What's anti-fouling paint? Uh, they use it on the hulls of commercial ships.
- Keeps the barnacles off.
- Okay, so that's good, right? There's not that many commercial ports in the area.
No, there aren't, and there are even fewer doing restorations right now.
I called around to see if any of them - had seen Nur or the van.
- And did you get a hit? Yes, a shipyard in Brooklyn, has a record of the van's fake plates coming through last week.
According to our logs, that van was here last Wednesday.
They picked up a load from this container.
They? How many people were with that van? I'm not sure.
Two or three guys? Not the friendly-looking type.
Do you have any security camera footage - from that pickup? - No, sorry.
We don't have cameras all the way back here.
Okay, we're gonna need you to open this container.
What the hell? Someone's been living here.
Marek guns, huh? Well, Nur smuggled in guns compatible with the stolen ammo.
Explains why he left the weapons on the truck.
Go through all this trouble, why not just put the ammo in the shipping container? Well, guns are easier to hide.
Customs and Border Patrol have machines that can detect explosives, so the ammo would've triggered that.
Hey, Jubal, it's Maggie.
Listen, we need an ERT team at the shipyard right away.
Hey, turns out you two were right.
Someone was living in that shipping container.
ERT found sweat, hair, and skin cells.
OA, DNA evidence came back to Mansor.
What? Mansor, wait, the dead terrorist leader of the NIA? That's impossible.
I was there when we bombed his compound.
I know.
Listen, we're not jumping to conclusions here.
All we do know right now is that his genetic material was in that container.
Which means either someone planted it to toy with us Yeah, or we got a master terrorist loose in New York City with a cache of automatic weapons.
Yes, sir.
Talk soon.
That was the Deputy Director, he flew in.
Task force is gathering in ten.
What does that mean? You think Mansor is actually here? Lab found a bucket in the shipping container that was used as a toilet on the trip over.
Bodily fluids are recent, forensics are conclusive.
Mansor was in that container as recently as last week and alive.
That's not possible.
We had visual confirmation.
We ordered the hit.
I was there.
I saw it with my own eyes.
We got him.
We got him.
OA, it has been confirmed.
He is alive.
Look, why don't you come to the task force meeting with us? We're gonna lay out a game plan, and we could use your familiarity with the case.
What are you doing here? I'm working for Joint Special Operations Command.
They sent me to help with the case.
You two know each other? Yeah, we were in the same Army Intel unit.
We actually worked the Mansor op together.
Hmm, good to know we have so many people from the original team.
Deputy Director Van Leer, thank you for joining us.
You have NYPD, CIA, NSA, DHS, Military Intel, and of course representatives from our office.
Thank you all for coming.
Director's aware of the situation, and he's spoken to the White House.
You'll have whatever resources you need.
What do we know so far? Mansor's key ally is a guy named Nur Rojak.
He's a midlevel NIA member who has been in the United States at least two weeks.
He rented a cargo van, drove to the shipyard to pick up Mansor and the automatic rifles that he smuggled in from Indonesia last Wednesday.
Then, early this morning, Nur stole compatible, armor-piercing ammunition.
He went to return the cargo van around 10:00 a.
, and from there, the trail goes cold.
We do not know where Nur or Mansor are currently staying or what they're planning.
This goes without saying, but the Mansor raid was a very public victory for the United States.
The entire nation watched that bombing replay on television, the President gave speeches, military awarded medals.
So, for a number of reasons, it's important that we keep Mansor's name out of this.
We operate on a need-to-know basis, keep everything buttoned up.
Any information we uncover should be considered highly classified.
Understood, sir.
Thank you.
Hey, you got a second? Yeah.
I've just been thinking about all this and it still doesn't make any sense.
What doesn't make sense? What happened on the Mansor op.
Look, I don't know what you want me to say.
I just want you to tell me the truth.
We bombed a building, the place was demolished, everyone inside was completely incinerated.
Nobody Mansor obviously wasn't in there.
So whatever you thought you saw or said you saw was inaccurate.
Look, I had eyes on, uh, Mansor's wife, his younger brother, and, uh And, uh? And another man.
Same age, same size.
Terry, what the hell are you saying? That intel said that Mansor never traveled without his wife and his younger brother.
So I figured that third guy had to be him.
You figured? You didn't actually identify him? I did what I thought was right for the operation and for the country.
Look, it was a split-second decision.
Okay, we sat on that house for a year, we saw couriers running in and out, we had dozens of signs that Mansor was living inside.
So what, you thought, "Close enough"? No.
Look, I don't I don't I don't know.
Maybe it was confirmation bias.
I just saw what I wanted to see.
Okay, well, that sighting is what got General Carson to sign off on a bombing.
I know.
I know.
The wife, the brother, innocent people were killed, man.
And that was hard enough to deal with when we thought we took out our biggest terror threat, but now it turns out he wasn't even there? OA, I'm sorry.
You understand what you've done, right? Because when we thought we took out Mansor, we stopped looking, and he used that cover to plan something here.
If he pulls that off, that blood is on our hands.
Come on, people.
Mansor orchestrated devastating hotel bombings that killed hundreds of tourists overseas, assassinated politicians, and destabilized U.
-backed governments.
Now he's on U.
soil, and it's up to us to track him down.
Where is he? What is he planning? Let's go, let's go! - Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah, go.
Homeland Security got a hit in their customs records.
And? The shipping container Mansor was living in was supposed to be carrying a shipment of chiropractic equipment.
Adjustment tables, medicine balls, that kind of thing.
It was headed for a company called Khan Superior Chiropractic.
It's a family-owned company.
They have several offices throughout the tristate, but they're headquartered here in the city.
They've also sponsored five visas in the last year, all for chiropractors from Southeast Asia.
Yeah, we ran those visa photos through facial rec.
The names on the visas are fake.
Credentials are falsified.
They're all former NIA.
Flew under the radar until now.
The NIA is getting the band back together here in New York.
- So where are they? - Don't know.
The addresses they gave customs are all bogus.
All right, well, let's get someone down to that chiropractic office, see what they're up to.
These men don't work for me.
You sure? Because your company sponsored their work visas.
Helped smuggle them into the country under fake names.
Your signature is on the paperwork.
That's not possible.
Is there anyone else with access to that information? Maybe an accountant, office manager? No, we're family-run.
My son and I handle the bookkeeping ourselves.
Is your son here now? Daniel Khan.
Bad idea to run from the FBI.
Daniel Khan, you're under arrest.
For what? Well, right now, being a pain in the ass, but by the time we get down to 26 Fed, I'm sure we'll have something a little more formal.
OA, given your knowledge of Mansor and the NIA, I want you to interrogate Khan with Scola.
Yeah, sounds good.
What do we know about him? He's 30 years old, second-generation Indonesian American, very westernized upbringing.
Grew up in the city, got his business degree from Syracuse.
Now he's making six figures working for his dad's chiropractic company.
That doesn't sound so bad.
So why's a wealthy American kid helping out the NIA? Is it some kind of financial kickback? No, if anything, he spent family money to facilitate the visas, the shipping container.
- Any issues within the family? - Doesn't appear to be.
Father seems like a decent guy, Says they have a good relationship.
But outside of the family, Khan's had a rough time of it.
I pulled his high school records.
Kid got his ass kicked, ends up in the hospital a few times, got so bad the parents ended up filing a lawsuit against the school.
Dad says he got more isolated as he got older.
Trouble with his peers, easy target for radicalization.
Do we know how he got connected with the NIA? We think he was recruited online.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, he started out by looking for information about the town where his grandparents lived, then he started looking into his ancestors, his roots.
Somewhere along the way, he took a wrong turn.
He ended up on the NIA website, got swept up in the propaganda.
That's their MO.
Find a lonely kid with a shaky identity, promise him a community and a purpose.
And then tear it all down.
Got enough to work with? Yeah.
You know, I understand wanting to know more about where you come from, all right, your heritage, your religion.
But the irony is that you screwed over the one person who could actually answer those questions for you.
You signed your dad's name on all the paperwork for the fraudulent visas, the shipping container.
He's legally responsible for these men being in the United States.
He has nothing to do with this.
Everything comes back to his chiropractic office.
So if the NIA commits a terrorist attack, your dad will spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.
After everything that he's built here, the life that he made for you, you used him.
And the NIA is using you.
No, I'm working for them because I believe in what they stand for.
What they stand for? They're terrorists, Daniel.
They're not.
They're fighting for their people, my people.
They're killers.
Nothing more.
This is Abba Haris.
He helped the NIA set up a hotel bombing in Jakarta.
Hundreds were killed.
This is Soraya Rahman, just 15 years old.
Acted as a scout for a high-level assassination.
This is Siska Abdul, a young mother who worked in the Australian embassy as a mole before they bombed it.
And this is Kevin McGuire, a fellow New Yorker who helped them get supplies for whatever it is they are planning here just this morning.
They all helped the NIA, and they were all brutally murdered after they served their purpose.
Hey! Don't look away.
Look at this.
Huh? This is what happens to people that help them, and this is what is gonna happen to you! It's okay.
The NIA aren't your people, Daniel.
Your dad? That's who you come from.
You really want to sacrifice him For this? I didn't mean to hurt him.
Please, you have to keep him out of it.
You want to protect him? Yeah? Then you work with us and you help us stop whatever the NIA is planning.
Where's Mansor staying? - I don't know.
- What is the NIA targeting? I don't know.
I swear, I'm sorry.
They didn't tell me any of that.
Tell us what you do know.
Mansor's coming.
There's gonna be an attack, but I don't know what.
They say I have a part to play, but they didn't want to give me the details online.
And I was supposed to meet one of them tomorrow.
Where? Hey, OA, what just happened? - What're you talking about? - You.
I thought that you were gonna hit the kid.
I mean, what the hell is going on? I don't know, Scola.
Maybe I'm just a little confused and upset.
I spent my entire career in the Army going after Mansor.
And we got him.
We blew up his house.
I have a medal on my desk to prove it, and then five years later, what, it never happened? It was all a lie? That promotion is what got me here.
It's what got me this job.
That's what the hell's going on.
- You got eyes and ears? - Yes, copy.
- You got me as well? - Yeah, we got you, Scola.
Okay, Khan is walking towards us, but no sign of his contact.
You okay? Yeah.
Why? You just seem a little tense.
Well, that is because I am.
Maggie, I just found out that the biggest mission of my life was a complete lie.
That my good friend, who I also considered a hero, called in an air strike and didn't even see the target.
Yeah, that's pretty rough.
Son of a bitch said he saw Mansor.
Saw him.
But he didn't.
He lied.
- Maybe.
- What do you mean? Well, maybe he just panicked, you know, or he was trying too hard.
There's a huge difference between screwing up and lying.
Look, you've been good friends with him for a long time, yeah? You always thought he was a good guy.
- Yeah, so? - Well, so maybe he still is.
You know what it's like in the field when you get rushed into making a split-second decision.
Well, guy made a bad call.
Doesn't make him a bad guy.
I have eyes on Nur Rojak.
He spotted Khan, headed his way now.
Daniel Khan.
I'm Nur Rojak.
Thank you for meeting me.
I've been looking forward to this a long time.
You've been a valuable asset to us.
Mansor is grateful.
This mission is very important to him.
What is it? The mission.
It's justice for the people of Southeast Asia, and for Mansor.
Punishment for the tyrants who slaughtered his family.
It's a wake-up call for all Americans, to show them we will not be oppressed.
I want to be part of it.
Just tell me what I can do.
You'll take a train north out of the city this afternoon.
Someone will meet you at the station, help you get into place before the ceremony.
The ceremony? Where are we going? Patience.
It'll be clear, in time.
Khan is getting nervous.
I don't know if he's gonna be able to pull this off.
- We should move in.
- No.
If we take Nur, we lose our link to Mansor.
Just let it play out.
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.
No, I agree.
Let it play out.
Come on.
This is the right play for now.
What do you need me to do, exactly? Are there limits to what you're willing to do? No, I-I I just want to make sure that I'm prepared.
I got trackers on Khan.
We won't lose him.
And you're prepared to do whatever Mansor needs? Yes, I want to make him proud.
I'm not sure you're worthy of such an honor.
He's not buying it.
Peace be upon you, brother.
Damn it.
Where the hell is he? We lost him.
Nur Rojak, our best shot at Mansor, has been in the wind 15 minutes.
He did not just disappear into thin air, where did he go? - Ann, any hits? - Not yet.
But we've got a dozen officers on the ground, going door-to-door in that neighborhood.
No luck with security cameras either.
Try transit hubs, train stations, bus stops, boat houses, you know the drill.
Hey, what about the messaging board where Khan was recruited? Any chatter we can work with? No, it's a dead zone.
NIA's gone quiet.
Come on, people.
We know Mansor is planning something, and based on what Nur said to Khan, it's likely happening today We are running out of time! - Somebody give me something.
- Uh, he said ceremony.
When Nur was talking to Khan, it sounds like he's going after an event.
North of the city.
Accessible by train.
And he mentioned revenge, the murder of Mansor's family.
Sounds like it's connected to the bombing.
He's going to West Point.
General Carson is the dean there now, but more importantly, he's the one that signed off on the attack.
His name was all over the news, became a legend.
Okay, but if Nur mentioned ceremony, an event The Ring Melt Ceremony.
It's when the alums donate their old class rings to the new seniors.
Carson is hosting.
I've been getting emails about it all month.
So Mansor goes after the man who ordered the hit on his family and takes out the newest class of America's mighty military university in the process.
That makes sense.
When is it? In an hour and a half at the West Point campus.
You ready to get back out there? Yeah, I'm good to go.
Ceremony starts in seven minutes.
It's okay, we have time.
SWAT and the rest of the team are already through the front gate.
So we're just gonna lock down the back gate, and take out the NIA before anyone even knows they're here.
Unless I'm wrong.
What if this isn't the target, Maggie? I spoke too soon.
Bullet-resistant glass.
Shot through the vest plate.
Explains the armor-piercing ammo.
Everyone, be advised.
The NIA are on campus.
We need to get them quickly and quietly, okay? And don't give them any reason to start shooting.
Our vests aren't gonna hold.
Maggie, do you know how they got in? Yeah, they shot two military police and blew through the back gate.
Look, if no one has had eyes on them yet, most likely they're disguised.
So look for anybody who looks like they're concealing automatic weapons, okay? Duffels, uh, long coats.
Or instrument cases.
- FBI, show me your hands.
- Don't even think about it.
Guys, they're dressed as musicians, hiding the vz.
's in instrument cases.
We have two more heading into the ceremony.
They just hopped out of a black van, license India-Charlie-Whiskey, one-zero-one-five.
FBI, get on the ground! Do not resist arrest.
Drop your cases now! Get down on the ground! Get down! Both of you, down on the ground! Nice and easy! Clear.
Maggie, Nur Rojak is headed out of the back of the auditorium.
He's headed your way now.
Copy that.
FBI! Drop it! Drop the phone! We've got Nur Rojak and the five NIA members.
Anyone have eyes on Mansor? If we don't have Mansor yet, we should evacuate now.
We don't even know if Mansor's here.
He could've activated his guys from afar.
The NIA smuggled him into this country, this is personal.
He wants Carson to see him.
Isobel, we should call it.
I'm with you.
Get them out of there now.
Copy that.
We're on it.
Hey, you guys gotta go, please.
Guys, use the front exit.
Let's go.
Guys, go, go.
Guys, please, get to the front door.
Let's go, please.
Guys, you gotta go, now, please.
Get out of the building, please, quick.
Scola, lower left.
Emily, upper left.
Kristen, take the right.
Okay, okay.
OA, I've got eyes on Mansor.
- Are you sure? - I'm positive.
He's in a military police uniform, right side of the room, he's headed for Carson.
I don't got a clean shot.
OA? I have a shot, but I can't see his face.
Does anyone else have eyes on him? It's a madhouse down here, OA.
I can't see anything.
Look, OA, I know you don't trust me right now, but I'm looking right at him.
It's Mansor.
I'm telling you.
Take the shot.
Isobel, what do you want me to do? I can't make that decision from here.
It has to be your call.
Come on.
Turn around.
Show me your face.
Come on.
Come on.
He's going for a gun.
Going for a gun! Take the shot! Move.
Come on, go on.
Get out, get out.
Stay down.
It's Mansor.
You got him.
Hey, if you're ever in D.
C Yeah, I'll, uh I'll reach out.

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