FBI (2018) s02e16 Episode Script

Safe Room

I'm not saying I don't appreciate what you did, because I do.
- I just wish - No, I get it.
I went too far.
Just a little.
I was just trying to Give me all the things you never had.
Well, in retrospect, I guess having Lizzo sing "Happy Birthday" to you was a tad much.
Well, don't get me wrong she was great.
But I just don't want everyone to think I'm a spoiled brat.
I want to accomplish things on my own.
Oh, I know you do.
So listen.
From now on, why don't we try to focus on enjoying the simple things, like making pizza and watching a movie? Sounds great.
After I go for a run.
Oh, come on.
You can't take the day off? I can't.
Tennis season starts soon.
And I want to be number one.
Scream again, I'll shoot you in the head.
We got a call from a witness about 45 minutes ago.
He was walking his dog.
He saw a man dragging a young woman into a car and then drive off.
Did he get a good look at the vehicle? He said it was a small gray sedan.
That's all he remembered.
- What about the suspect? - Male.
Had a gun in his hand.
What about the girl that was grabbed? - What do we know about her? - Name's Chloe Ford.
Female, white, 16 years of age.
Father's a billionaire.
Guessing that's the reason she got grabbed.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, we have two security cameras on top of the gate.
One on the left.
One on the right.
They already told my house manager to pull the video, so you should have access to that any minute now.
- Thank you.
- Mr.
Do you have any idea who may be responsible for this? - No, I have I have no idea.
- What about your wife? Is she here? Maybe she No, she passed away three years ago.
Sorry to hear that.
Has Chloe been having any problems in school? Maybe enemies or stalkers? Jealous ex-boyfriends? No.
And she would tell me, too.
We're close we talk all the time about everything.
What about you, Mr.
Ford? Anything unusual going on in your life? Have there been any recent threats, or do you have any enemies? Well, I buy and sell companies.
I shut down factories.
I consolidate business units.
So a lot of enemies.
Yeah, but they're business enemies.
They might hope I, you know, go broke or get cancer, but I can't imagine any of them doing something like this.
If you think of anything that's helpful, please let us know right away.
Uh, by the way, I just talked to the Assistant Director, and he assured me his best agents would be on this case and they would do everything possible to make sure they get my daughter back.
The Assistant Director's absolutely right, sir.
All right, come on in folks.
Chloe Ford.
16 years of age.
She's been missing for 56 minutes.
Every second that passes, the odds of finding her decreases.
Yes, yes, so, Chloe is a junior at the Trinity School in Manhattan.
Her father, Nathan, founder of Crestford Capital is number 230 on the Forbes 400 list.
As for the case, the victim was abducted outside the gates of the family's country home in Bedford.
I have surveillance footage from the crime scene.
Okay, great.
First eyes.
Check it out.
It's not the best angle, but All right, all right, we have a what is that, gray Ford Fusion? Want to zoom and get those plates? Elise, you want to run those? Registered to Abigail Porter, 32, lives in New Rochelle.
Car was reported stolen at gunpoint 90 minutes ago.
Okay, and the canvas gets some paint.
So the perp carjacks the Ford in New Rochelle, drives to Bedford, then abducts Chloe.
You guys want to track down this Abigail Porter, see if she has any workable details? And what else do we know about Chloe Ford? Ran her emails and texts.
Nothing too interesting.
Lots of talk about school, tennis, boys.
Keep working.
What about the father? Nothing too intriguing there either.
Mostly business chatter.
Lots of Wall Street jargon.
"Cash flow," "P/E," "EBITDA.
" So the question remains why Chloe? She is not the only rich kid in New York.
Is there something specific about her? Her father? This does not seem random.
Was this a money grab, or is there something else going on here? You know, it might not be relevant to the case, but the Fords have been in the news a lot lately, and not in a good way.
- What do you mean? - Well, apparently Nathan threw a $2 million birthday party for Chloe.
Went viral on social media.
Blogs and news outlets picked it up.
And put a target on poor Chloe's head.
I was stopped at that stop sign, um, when this guy opened my door, pointed a gun at me, and told me to get out.
- You get a good look at him? - Sort of.
Most of my attention was on that gun he was holding.
But he's definitely white.
About 40, maybe 45.
Average height, I think.
And his hair was brown.
Any scars? Tattoos? Not that I noticed.
- He have any type of accent? - No.
He sounded normal, like he was from New York.
Weird thing is, he was nice.
Nice? He kept saying, "I'm sorry.
"I don't have a choice.
I'm only doing this because of my daughter.
" - Hey, guys.
- Yeah? I've been looking over that street pod footage from the carjacking.
- Can you see the perp's face? - Yeah.
I got a hit on facial rec, too.
All right, all right.
Eyes up.
Guy's name is Mike Helton.
He's 46 years old.
Lives in Queens.
No priors.
Works in and out of construction and served seven years in the Army.
Do we have a cell phone number? We do, but he turned it off three hours ago.
The car looks new.
Try to access its GPS system.
Hold on.
Got something.
Looks like it's parked outside a house in Scarsdale.
Address is 321 Flag Street, and the property owner's name is the Henry Kirkendall Family Trust.
Who the hell is Henry Kirkendall? The CEO of a real estate firm based in Manhattan.
- Any connection to Helton? - I'm looking.
Okay, nothing's popping up, but I'll keep digging.
All right.
Call Maggie and SWAT.
Get them over to that Scarsdale address right away.
Go, go, go.
Okay, you two are with me.
- On the vehicle.
- What's your six? Trunk.
- I'm clear.
- He's clear.
- On to the house.
- Sure.
Huddle up.
Let's go.
Stand by.
Weapons green.
Door's open.
- Green, go, go, go.
- Go! All right, split, split.
Clear left.
B-team, top side.
Walsh, take the stairs.
- Alpha team, on the stairs.
- On me.
Go, go, go.
- To the left.
- All clear.
Scola, is there any activity upstairs? Negative- second level's clear.
- Headed downstairs now.
- Where the hell is this guy? There's a ton of property, but it's freezing outside.
Five degrees with the wind.
All, right.
We'll set up a containment.
Guys, let's rally in the entryway.
Secure in the rear.
Main floor.
Reconvene down low.
How you doing, FBI? Glad you're here.
Got here really fast, too, even faster than I thought, which proves my point justice is only for the rich.
I mean, you grab a billionaire's daughter, the cops find her in two hours and 49 minutes.
But when you grab a poor person's daughter, you don't even look or return the father's phone calls.
So I did what I had to do.
I grabbed a rich kid to get your attention.
So here's the deal, guys.
It's pretty simple, actually.
You find my daughter, the rich kid lives.
You don't, she dies.
All right.
Come on boy.
Let's find this lunatic.
Come on give you a nice piece of filet mignon if you deliver.
Okay, come on.
All right, good work, buddy.
We got a hit! Hidden door.
Stand by.
Pull it back.
Reinforced steel.
That thing isn't gonna make a dent.
Oh, no, no, no, you'll be there all month trying to break down that door.
So you're gonna be tempted to get creative try to get in some other way.
But if you even try, I'll kill the girl.
Say hi, Chloe.
Let the FBI know you're doing okay.
- Go on.
- H-hi.
th-this is Chloe.
I'm I'm okay, but I'm scared.
Like I said, if you find my daughter, I won't hurt her.
But the clock is ticking, guys.
You have exactly two hours and 49 minutes.
You found Chloe that fast.
No reason you can't find my daughter that fast! So I spoke with the property owner, Henry Kirkendall.
He and his wife are in London.
Have been for the last month.
But they do say they know Helton.
He worked for them as a handyman.
It's probably how he knows so much about the safe room.
Yeah, they said Helton helped out on the construction of it.
Okay, what else did they say about Helton? Is he mentally ill? An addict? No.
He said Helton's a good man.
In fact, I think the exact quote was, "He's one of the most loyal and honest men I've ever met.
" All right, track down the architect who designed the safe room and get copies of the blueprints.
We need to find a way to breach.
So Helton tried to file a missing-persons report three weeks ago.
Said his 16-year-old daughter Stephanie left the home around 7:00 p.
and never returned home.
What do you mean tried? Well, in order to file a report about a missing daughter, she has to actually exist.
There's no record of Helton having a daughter, and police checked the birth certificate of the girl he alleged went missing, Stephanie Rice.
He's not listed as the father.
So what else do we know about Stephanie? She was born in New Jersey.
Both parents deceased.
No official address.
And she doesn't appear to be attending school at the moment either at least there's no record of it.
Do we know if she was actually living with Helton? Yeah.
It appears that way.
Two neighbors told police officers on site that Helton has been living with a teenage girl for about six months.
Okay, so maybe she was a hostage or an underage girlfriend.
It doesn't matter.
If Helton believes he's the father, that's his reality.
- Needs to be ours, too.
- Meaning? Meaning our job is to save Chloe Ford.
Right now the best way to do that is to comply with Helton's mandate.
Which means we have to find his missing imaginary daughter wherever she may be.
All right.
I'll call Maggie and OA, have them take the lead on this.
In the meantime, head over to the scene.
I want you to take the lead with Helton.
Talk to him.
Keep him calm.
Do anything in your power to keep him from hurting Chloe.
- You got the job? - Yep.
- It's for the dog.
- What? I promised him a filet if he found the perp.
Deal's a deal, right? Just, uh, you know, get him something good.
All right, we now have a visual inside the safe room.
So how do I talk to him? I tap a few keys.
Mic is on.
Just press and talk.
I tap a few more, it's off.
Same with the video.
If we want him to see us, he will.
If we don't, he won't.
We now have full control of what he sees and hears.
Yeah? Okay, great.
So we can see and hear him.
But can he still see and hear us? Not anymore.
Just cut his feed.
You guys cut the video, huh? That some sort of strategic move? You guys gonna blow up the wall? I already told you guys if you attempt to break in here.
, it's gonna end badly.
This is Special Agent Jubal Valentine.
I'm here to talk, to listen, and to tell you that we are doing everything we can to find your missing daughter.
But the most important thing right now, Mike, is trust.
And we understand why you did what you did.
Because you're a father and you weren't getting anywhere with the police department.
But all of that is in the past.
There's nothing we can do to change any of that.
Okay, so, Agent Valentine, why don't you tell me about the present? In the present, we have dozens of FBI agents that are searching for Stephanie, but we we do need your help.
All right, uh what I know is she walked out the door three weeks ago about 7:00 p.
Said she was going to the store, and she never came back.
And then I've been looking for her all by myself for the last three weeks 'cause no one will believe me.
Okay, again, Mike, that's yesterday's news.
The FBI are officially taking over the case.
So things will be different.
Once we start, we do not stop no matter what.
So why don't you just open the door and let Chloe go? Because her father wants her back as badly as you want your daughter back, and she's got nothing to do with any of this.
No, I can't do that, because if I do, you'll stop looking for Stephanie and tell me that I'm crazy, that she ran away from me.
No, no, no.
We are we are committed to finding Stephanie.
But you holding Chloe hostage, that's just eating up FBI resources that could be dedicated to finding your daughter.
Nice try, Valentine.
You've got two hours and 21 minutes to find my daughter, because if you don't, I'll kill Chloe.
I have no choice.
I'll just kill her to prove a damn point.
All right? So no more junior-high psychobabble or friendly chatter, okay? Just find my daughter.
I can't believe Mike took that girl hostage.
He's not perfect.
But he's a good tenant.
Did his best to raise his daughter right.
Yeah, about that, we checked.
According to records, Mike doesn't actually have a daughter.
He does.
What are you talking about? Her mom died last year, but before she did, she told Mike that he was Stephanie's biological father.
The guy Stephanie thought was her real dad died of a drug overdose years ago.
Okay, so the mom realizes that she's dying.
So she contacts Mike and makes him promise to take care of Stephanie? Yeah, and he stepped up.
- Is this Stephanie's bedroom? - Yes.
What was their relationship like? It wasn't great.
I mean, they didn't even know each other until six months ago.
Not to mention, Stephanie's 16, has had a hard road.
Uh, can you be more specific? They were driving each other crazy.
Mike was being really overprotective, and Stephanie was starting to rebel.
Did Mike tell you that? No.
Stephanie did.
We used to talk a lot.
Okay, so according to your conversations, do you think it's possible that Stephanie ran away? Okay, Anna? If you know something more, you've got to tell us the truth, because right now there's a girl being held hostage because Mike believes that his daughter was taken, and he doesn't think the police give a damn.
So, please, tell us what you know.
About a month ago, they had a huge fight.
Mike thought she was smoking pot and doing drugs, so he grounded her for a month, and she went nuts.
I felt really bad for her.
So So I gave her money so that she can buy a bus ticket to Florida.
She wanted to go down there and visit a cousin and stay until things cooled down between her and Mike.
You didn't tell Mike any this? No, I just gave her the money for the bus ticket and thought everything would be okay.
Uh, we have video from the Queens Village Bus Station.
It shows Stephanie buying a ticket to Fort Lauderdale three weeks ago.
So Stephanie, Helton's real daughter, ran away to Florida? - Not so sure about that.
- What do you mean? We talked to the cousin in Fort Lauderdale.
She confirmed that Stephanie and Helton were having issues and she wanted to get away for a few weeks, but she never showed up.
And the cousin didn't tell anyone? Didn't call the police? Yeah, well, she claimed that she got a text message the same day that Stephanie was supposed to arrive, saying that things back home were better between her and Helton, so she was going to stay put in New York.
But she didn't.
She never made it back home.
So what the hell happened to her? Did she meet some stranger and sail off into the sunset? I pulled all 911 calls from within a few miles of the bus station on the same night Stephanie was leaving.
At 7:45 p.
, an anonymous call came in from a passenger on a bus to Boston.
He said he saw a man fighting with a white woman outside the station.
I did a little bit more digging, and I found the dash cam footage from the bus the 911 call came from.
I ran it through forensic software to clean it up.
It's definitely Stephanie Rice.
Well she's definitely not sailing off into the sunset.
Okay, so maybe this guy, the abductor, sent a text to the cousin to buy some time so no one would start looking for.
Yeah, get that footage over to Jubal ASAP.
Helton's deadline is quickly approaching.
Maybe this'll buy us some time.
So he really has a daughter.
That's good news, right? It means he's not crazy.
No, but he's holding a teenage girl hostage, so I'm not ready to ring that bell yet.
But, yeah, at least we know he's not totally delusional.
Put me through.
Mike, I have news.
We found video from the Queens Village Bus Station.
Shows a man pulling Stephanie into a car.
So you were right, and I am sorry the responding officers doubted you.
But like I said earlier, that's all different now.
We've taken over, and we are going to find your daughter.
But we need more time.
She's been missing for three weeks now.
That makes things more challenging.
Hell of a speech, Valentine.
But how do I know you're telling the truth? Send him a screenshot.
Look at your video screen, Mike.
That's her.
That's my Stephanie.
Who's who's that guy? Who took her? We don't know.
We're looking into it as we speak.
Okay, do that.
And, uh, since you're actually trying, I'll give you I'll give you three more hours.
Look, I really don't want to put a clock on this.
It might take more time.
No, no, no.
Three more hours.
You got to work with us here.
No, I don't got to do nothing, okay? I've been begging the police to get involved for three weeks now! And they just laughed at me! They laughed! They said I was crazy, that that my daughter didn't even exist, and if she did, she ran away and that I abused her.
And you thought so, too.
I can hear it in your voice.
So I'm not going to waste any more damn time, okay? Three hours! Put up a clock.
So this man took my daughter because someone took his daughter? That's correct.
Then I'll pay him, whatever he wants.
Giving him any sort of financial incentive at this point is a bad idea.
He's angry angry at the establishment, at the police.
He thinks we only care about the wealthy.
So giving him money seems like the wrong approach.
All right, can you at least let me speak to him? Father to father.
Maybe I can find some common ground with this guy.
- It's just too dangerous.
- Oh, okay.
So what's your plan, huh? Waiting around? Hoping this maniac just finds religion and lets my daughter walk free? No, sir.
We're working on something a little more proactive than that.
We've built 12 of these so far at a cost of $2 million per room.
So this room is an exact replica of the one you built for the Kirkendalls? It is with the exception of the furnishings, of course.
And what are the weaknesses? Breach points? Well, there aren't any.
That's the whole idea.
The walls are cement, reinforced with metal rods every 12 inches.
So the only way to get in once it's locked is to physically break in.
What about the ceiling? Is that reinforced with steel rods, too? It's an option we offer, but most people think it's overkill, including the Kirkendalls.
So, in your opinion, that's the best access point, the ceiling? We could run a breach charge, rappel into the room.
All right.
You mind if we ran a few practice drills? Well, sir, this model cost us a lot of money.
- I can't just allow you to - Just give us the number.
FBI will write you a check.
Suspect down.
All right.
What was the timing on that one? 12 seconds.
That's as fast as we can move.
- Isn't fast enough.
- She's right.
I mean, the flashbang disorients me, but there's still enough time for me to get a few shots off.
The bottom line is, we'll take him out, but he's gonna get off a few shots.
Now, whether those are gonna be at us or the girl is unclear.
We need a bigger distraction.
So what if we cut the lights while blasting loud music? He wouldn't be able to see in the dark or hear your movements over the noise.
That'd probably give us a few extra seconds.
But the chance for success is still about 50/50.
- Not great odds.
- No.
Not when you're talking about life and death.
Hey, hey.
I think Chloe slipped free from the zip ties.
What? What is she doing? No, that's not that's not good.
Hey, Mike.
It's Agent Valentine.
I just want to give you a quick update.
I think we are very close to finding your daughter.
How close? Well, I'm gonna need about an hour or so, but I just wanted to keep you in the loop.
The smartest thing for everybody to do is to stay patient.
We will find Stephanie, and you will release Chloe just like you promised, right? Damn right I will.
The second you find my daughter, I'll open that door, and I'll let Chloe walk.
But I need proof.
Real proof.
You'll definitely get that.
All right? So let's just all stay calm.
We do not want this to turn into No, Chloe, Chloe! No, don't! Don't do it.
You shoot her, we stop looking for your daughter.
She's just an innocent kid, Mike.
It's not her fault you're in this situation.
So put the gun down.
You think I want to hurt her? No.
No, I don't.
Of course I don't.
She's someone's daughter.
I know that.
Put the gun down.
And you know what? Let her go, because if you do that, I promise you, we will continue to do everything we can to find your daughter.
You have my word on that.
I'm losing my mind, Valentine, but I'm not stupid.
I let the kid go it's over.
You have 47 minutes left, so please Please just do what you got to do and find my daughter.
I just talked to Jubal.
This is getting bad.
Chloe just tried to attack Helton.
- I admire the pluck.
- Easy way to get killed.
We need to find his daughter and fast.
I don't see any other way to resolve this without the risk of serious injury.
I've been playing around with the dash cam footage.
Got an enlarged image of the car Stephanie was dragged into and reconstruct the pixels around the windshield to get a better look at that parking permit.
Off that I got a partial serial number.
Only a partial? All because of the make and year of the car.
That's all I needed.
It was registered to an Alfonso Gomez.
He lives in Brooklyn.
He's obviously not a physical match to our subject, but the car is definitely registered to him.
All right, get that information over to Maggie and OA right away.
On it.
I sold that car about a month ago to a kid named Sergio.
He rented a room off me.
Caught him smoking meth in my place.
Kicked his ass out the same day.
- I got no time for junkies.
- Okay, sir.
It's really important that we find him.
So is there anybody else in this building who knows him? You need to speak to him that bad, wait up front for a bit.
He'll probably show up in about an hour or so.
He will? Why? He keeps a pigeon coop up on the roof.
I figure it's good therapy for him.
So I haven't put a stop to it.
Who knows? Might help them beat the drugs.
Why kind of guy plays with pigeons? Apparently the kind that does a lot of meth and kidnaps kids from bus stations.
You know, I know the NYPD tries their hardest, but how the hell did they let this case slip through the cracks? They investigated.
They just didn't see any evidence.
Her father kept calling and calling.
You think they blew this off because he was poor? No, but I think if he were rich, there's no way in hell this would have happened.
Nathan Ford spoke directly to the ADAC.
I mean, just the way it is.
Hey, OA? I think that's Sergio.
Hey, Sergio, FBI.
We need to talk.
It's clear.
Okay, it's got to be one of these two apartments.
Has anyone entered your apartment? No.
My partner needs to take a look right now.
Be my guest.
It's clear.
Shut the door.
- Ready? - Hit it.
- Drop the knife.
- Leave me alone.
Come any closer, I'll cut her.
You don't have a move here, Sergio.
Don't make this worse than it needs to be.
Okay, we just want to talk.
Let her go.
Sergio, I will shoot you! Don't do this.
- I got him.
Take her.
- Yeah.
He's on the fire escape, headed for the roof.
Freeze! Hey, hey! Stop! Help me.
Help me! Where's Stephanie? Where did you take her? What? Pull me up! Answer my question, or I'm letting go.
Pull me up, please! Where is she? Where is Stephanie? Stephanie? Which one is she? You took her from a bus station three weeks ago.
I don't remember.
I grab a lot from that place.
Pull me up, please! Please, pull me up! Argh! Pull me up! Please! Tell me where those girls are.
Every single one, or I will throw you back off this roof myself! Look.
I'm not a bad person, I swear.
I just needed the money for dope.
And these girls, they ain't no saints.
I know 'cause I talk to 'em first to see where their heads are at if they had family, if they'd be looked for.
And if they did have family, you would send some fake text messages so no one would call the cops.
Can't get caught if people ain't looking.
So, what, after you steal these girls from bus stations, then what? You just sell them to the highest bidder? No.
Only to this dude, Hugo.
He gets 'em hooked and then puts 'em to work.
You know, sex work.
- Where'd Hugo keep these girls? - I don't know.
Well, you're gonna help us find out right now.
Do you have his number on this phone? No.
We don't communicate like that.
Hugo's paranoid about using cell phones.
So how do you communicate, smoke signals? Same way Pablo Escobar used to Pigeons.
I'm sorry, Chloe.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I just reacted.
- Why do you hate me so much? - I don't.
I just needed someone rich so the police would pay attention.
You heard about my birthday party, didn't you? Yeah, read all about it.
Sounded like it was pretty fun.
Are you really gonna kill me if they don't find your daughter? I got no choice.
Sure you do.
But I don't.
I got to let the world know how unfair this is so it doesn't happen again to some other father.
I know you're listening, Valentine.
Maybe you could help us out with all this and tell me where my daughter is? Hey, Mike.
Uh, yeah, we are still doing our best, but we have not found her yet.
What the hell are you talking about? We just nailed down her location about five minutes ago, but we have agents heading up to Hartford to pick her up.
Hartford? She's in Hartford? With who? Well, we're still looking into that.
But, uh, Mike, I got good news We know she's alive.
If you're lying to me, Valentine I'm not.
You have my word.
Apparently homing pigeons only fly one way.
So the ones in this pen, when released into the air, should fly directly to wherever Hugo originally housed them.
Good to go? Okay.
The second that bird lands, we should have an address hopefully the location of Helton's daughter.
Come on.
Up, up.
I'll stand by.
- Get back.
- Stay.
- Federal agents! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fan out! Let's go! Trailer's up! I got two! It's okay.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
We're with the FBI.
We're here to help you.
- Where's Stephanie? - She's over there.
She's sick.
Okay, sir! Maggie, I need some Narcan, now.
Is she gonna make it? I'm not sure.
Doctors say she's septic.
Her body is starting to shut down.
Okay, Valentine, time is officially up.
- I got to go.
- No more extensions, no more dancing, no more lying.
I need proof my daughter's alive.
Hey, hey, Mike, like I said, we are on our way to pick her up, but it is a two-hour drive.
No, you're lying.
I can feel it.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, hey, hey, listen to me.
I swear to God, we found her.
You hear me? We found her.
I swear on the life of my own children.
Then let me talk to her.
I can't.
Look, she's in the hospital.
I didn't want to tell you that because I'm trying to get more information, and because after everything you've been through, I wanted to give you some good news, but, yeah, when we found her, she needed medical attention, so we rushed her to the hospital.
"Medical attention"? What does that mean? I'm not sure.
I'm trying to gather information.
"Gather information"? I swear, I don't I don't know what to believe with you.
She's here, she's there, she's in the hospital.
Now you're you're gathering information.
Hey, I can I can show you a photo.
I can put you on the phone to the hospital.
I'm not lying.
I-I want to talk to her, no one else.
You you have exactly ten minutes to make that happen.
Look, we are so close, buddy.
You got to trust me here.
I'm gonna let you talk to her soon as I Say another word, and I end this right now.
Ten minutes.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry.
Isobel, he's at a tipping point.
He wants to talk to his daughter in ten minutes.
And He means it.
He's done negotiating.
Did you tell him she's in a coma? No, I thought that would push him over the edge.
I mean, he is extremely agitated right now.
He is desperate.
The only thing keeping him from hurting Chloe is the hope that his daughter was going to be okay.
We take that away from him So what's the play? We need to breach.
SWAT said the odds of Chloe surviving that are 50/50.
If we do not breach, the odds of Chloe surviving are a lot less than that.
Okay, so on my signal, yeah? Yes, sir.
All right.
Here we go.
Mike, I have an update.
You got exactly seven minutes left, Valentine.
Don't waste your time lying to me.
Look, Stephanie is ready to talk.
Now, she's barely conscious, but they're going to video chat me.
So why don't you walk right up to the monitor there, and we can make sure you both see each other? Execute.
Drop your weapon! Stop.
- Suspect down.
- Suspect is down.
Get that weapon away.
You okay? Let's get you upstairs.
You're safe now.
Get her to the paramedics.
Right this way.
I got you.
- Hey.
- Who are you? Jubal Valentine, the guy you've been talking to.
Shoot it to me straight.
Did you find my daughter? She's been in a coma for the past few hours, but we just got good news.
She regained consciousness.
The doctors say she's gonna make a full recovery.
I know I know what I did was crazy, but it was worth it.
I guess it was.
Help him.
Help him.
Come on.
Come on.

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