FBI (2018) s04e14 Episode Script


Francis, you bastard! You should've seen your face.
- I am so gonna kill you.
- Hey.
Why would you scare me like that? Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
Why would you scare me like that? Tryin' to pick your head up, sweetie.
Come on.
Thanks for meeting on such short notice, Omar.
Of course.
What's up? HQ's looking to make some promotions.
Next three months or so.
Director asked me for a few names.
People ready for leadership positions.
I was thinking about giving him yours but wanted to run it by you.
See if you were interested.
What do you mean "leadership positions"? Jobs that lead to the corner office.
Top-of-the-food-chain kind of jobs.
I mean, I've just always been in the field getting my hands dirty, doing the job.
I haven't even considered a boss position.
Your call.
But I think it would be nice to see someone like you in a position of power at a place like this.
Well, I appreciate you thinking of me.
Is that a yes? Sure, why not? Okay, good.
First thing you need to do is step up your involvement in our diversity efforts.
You should be the face of that.
I can do that.
Second, find a way to work with more people.
Face time with the brass.
Yeah, and most important, keep your head down.
Don't make any waves.
I gotta go, but, um, thank you and we'll talk soon.
Target was Jamie's Foundation.
An outspoken gun-control advocacy outfit.
- Fatalities? - Nope.
Bomb went off after-hours.
Good thing, too, or it would've been a mass casualty event.
- Any witnesses? - A young couple who were in front of the place when it blew.
They didn't see anything.
Head of the operation is Ann Tasker.
She can bring you up to date on any threats.
Hi, Ann.
I'm Special Agent Bell, this is Scola.
We're really sorry for what happened here today.
They're not gonna stop us.
I won't let them.
Who's them? The gun nuts.
They hate us.
But it doesn't matter.
I made a promise to my daughter Jamie when she was murdered that the madness would stop.
And I'll give my last breath to make sure that it does.
I read your profile in "New York Magazine.
" You're originally from Chesterfield, Indiana, right? Yes.
I'm from Muncie.
I assure you, we're gonna find the person who did this.
Have you been receiving any threats lately? All the time.
And it's gotten worse in the lead-up to today's vote.
Oh, right, the city-wide initiative to ban assault weapons.
Can you give us anything specific? Anonymous voicemails.
Unsigned letters.
Rocks through our windows.
All because we're finally making progress.
Was there anyone in particular you've been worried about? Gotham Freedom Front.
A shill for the gun lobby.
They've been protesting out front.
Harassing my staff.
It's trending now.
You report any of this? Police said there's nothing they can do.
"Freedom of speech.
" Well, this is what happens when you do nothing.
We're gonna make this our number one priority.
If you can think of anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thank you.
What's up? Bomb techs say the device was reasonably sophisticated.
They traced it back to a package left in the foyer.
Well, somebody wanted to send a message.
And it wasn't the only message.
We found this taped to a streetlamp.
All right, listen up, folks.
We've got the bombing of a gun-control organization on the morning of a controversial ballot initiative restricting guns and a warning that says there are "more to come.
" So we're gonna go ahead and assume that there's another bombing planned for today.
First things first.
Maya, can NYPD up patrols at all gun-control outfits in the city? - On it now.
- Great, thanks.
Kelly, where are we on that note OA found? Dead end.
ERT couldn't pull any DNA or prints off of it.
All right, what about the bomb? Any leads there? We've eliminated the USPS or any parcel-delivery services because the explosives would've been picked up by routine screening procedures.
So you're thinking someone would've had to walk it in.
Yeah, we vetted the foundation staff.
No one disgruntled, so we're looking at an external source.
Right, so we are basically starting from scratch.
You know what, Ann Tasker flagged an outfit called Gotham Freedom Front.
What do we know about it? Domestic Terrorism scrubbed their membership list.
It's a deep roster of extremists with criminal records.
Half of whom are carpet-bombing social media with threats against Ann and her foundation.
Who's in charge over there? It's a conservative activist named Paul Bogdan.
Look at what he just posted across his platforms yesterday.
The initiative comes down to this.
A fight for our God-given liberties.
People like Ann Tasker who try to take those inalienable rights from us must be called out for who they are.
Enemies of the people.
And enemies of the people must be neutralized.
By any means necessary.
Not exactly subtle, huh? Hmm.
Hey, Maggie, it's me.
Yes, I heard about the bombing.
Not surprised.
Patriots will only stand for so much.
But I don't condone violence.
You told your supporters to neutralize Ann Tasker.
Well, it's called "rhetoric.
" It's protected by the First Amendment.
Even if I were inclined to extremism, it would be counter-productive.
Every tracking poll says the initiative's DOA thanks in large part to our multimillion dollar ad campaign.
Targeting that woman's wackadoo foundation would only engender sympathy for her cause.
Whatever you think of me, I'm not stupid.
Then you'll understand our need to ask where you were yesterday.
Fundraising trip.
Check Amtrak.
Didn't get back from Richmond till this morning.
Like I said, I don't traffic in violence.
Well, three of your members have been arrested on gun charges since November.
You bailed them out, too, with company funds.
That's not prohibited by our bylaws.
If one of your supporters decided to make a statement, you're on the hook for incitement.
And once again, I direct your attention to the Bill of Rights.
Yeah, you may beat the rap.
But you don't need the headache.
It's easy to avoid, just tell us if there's anyone in your organization that we should be looking into.
See you in court.
All right, look.
There is a guy.
Named David Moder.
Loose cannon.
Making lots of noises about killing Tasker.
I have zero to do with him.
David Moder finished a stint at Wallkill on an assault rap a few months ago.
Ex-Marine, munitions training.
Looky here, he's been burning up social media.
Praising the bombing, ripping Ann Tasker.
He just posted on a GFF message board.
Says Jamie's Foundation supporters are gathering in front of the GFF headquarters right now.
He's calling on "patriots" to defend the group against "radicals".
Told them to bring their guns.
Yeah, let's track this guy down right now.
David Moder.
Hey, I just pinged his cell phone.
He's already on site.
No more guns! No more guns! Okay, let's work our way south.
I'll circle around back.
Roger that.
- Watch your six.
- You too.
No more guns! No more guns! That's right! Show these snowflakes who the real Americans are! David Moder? FBI.
- Need to ask you some questions.
- About what? If you wouldn't mind just walking over here with me.
Stop! Watch out! He's got a gun! - You okay? - I'm all right.
OA, the suspect's heading south on Water Street.
Hey, take it easy! He's already down! Punk was packing.
Resisted arrest.
- Let's go, tough guy.
- All right, hold up now.
He's the prime suspect in a federal investigation.
Who said you were calling the shots here? Gentlemen, we are investigating a bombing.
Do you understand? Protocol is clear, but I'm happy to get command to weigh in.
You wanna look like idiots? Up to you.
Knock yourself out.
Moder's not talking.
Big surprise.
He doesn't want to cooperate with law enforcement after getting his butt kicked by those two cops.
From what I saw, it was definitely a little excessive.
Yeah, well, he made them run so they made him pay.
It's one of those unwritten cop rules.
I really thought all that stuff was over.
Old habits don't die that easy.
Especially when you think you're in the right.
I know that "The New York Times" says that they believe that the NYPD needs to be reformed, but that does not mean that the men in blue do.
Where do you stand on all this? When it comes to reform, I guess I'm kind of in the middle, but not when it comes to putting your hands on suspects.
Well, at least they have their body cam footage to answer for.
Unfortunately not.
The footage was basically worthless.
From all the running and fighting, it was too shaky.
You gonna report it to IAB? Finishing up right now.
Okay, Moder won't play ball, so we're back to square one.
If some pro-gun nut wants to make a statement on the day of the initiative, he's got eight hours until the polls close.
Are there any other bombs out there? Do we have any concrete evidence tying Moder to the bomb? We've gotta get answers.
Agents searched Moder's place.
It's clean.
Any digital trail? I vetted Moder's emails and texts.
Nothing stands out.
What about his movements? Ian, can we put him near Jamie's Foundation yesterday? His cell's GPS history has him in Jersey most of the day.
Doing what? Hmm.
He was parked at Very Fine Storage for four hours in Hackensack.
Does he have a unit there? Yeah, been renting one for the last three months.
All right, have Maggie and Scola meet the bomb squad there.
You guys will want to see this.
Bomb-making lab.
C4 residue.
Stuff here matches the bomb that went off at Jamie's Foundation.
And way too many det cord remnants for just one device.
That definitely ties Moder to the bomb.
Yeah, it means there's another one's out there too.
This guy ever say or do anything that struck you as suspicious? Nah, he kept to himself.
Him and that other guy he hung around with.
What other guy? White guy who he came by with sometimes.
Always wore a hoodie.
When's the last time you saw them? Yesterday.
They left together.
All right, we're gonna need you to pull all your surveillance video right now.
This is from yesterday afternoon.
Our mystery man's face is obscured, so can't pull a facial ID from the video.
Show me what else you have.
Assuming those are bombs, the second one hasn't been accounted for.
Can you pull the plate? Let's see.
Got it.
Juliet Oscar X-Ray 4-8-1-7.
- New York plate.
- Yeah, running it, Ian.
It's a Ford.
Comes back stolen.
Hobbs, have you found anything on those Second Amendment boards you've been monitoring? A lot of chatter about how the explosion failed because it didn't kill Ann Tasker.
And some yahoo just posted her home address.
Ann's organization was blown up by an extremist whose partner is in the wind.
So let's assume that she is still a target.
Get her off the street.
Absolutely not.
Ann, we're only advising that you lay low until the voting finishes.
Just stay out of sight.
I'm facing off against gun activists at the Channel Six studio in one hour.
Right, but we don't think it's safe for you to be out in the open.
But you can send a surrogate.
It's called Jamie's Law.
I am her mother.
I've been the face of this movement for a decade.
And we're this close to change.
We're finally going to win.
You don't get it.
I surrender Everything, everything I've been fighting for, the initiative, my daughter's memory, I turn my back on all of it.
I can't do that.
I won't.
You got nothing on me.
I got your locker.
Blasting caps, comp-C, det cords.
I do a lot of demo work.
We also have you driving a stolen car.
Found it abandoned in my driveway.
You have an answer for everything, don't you? You know, I read your file.
Pretty entry-level stuff.
Trespassing, disturbing the peace, but I gotta give it to you, Moder, you just graduated to the big leagues.
No idea what you're talking about.
For the record, David, it does not matter if you actually planted the bomb.
You are on the hook.
It's called a joint venture.
And if there is another bomb, and the explosion happens to kill someone, you'll be held responsible.
Just like the one who detonated it.
So you have one shot to help yourself.
And it is right now.
What is the name of your accomplice? I know how this goes.
You're just trying to work me.
We are trying to help you.
Okay? You really wanna go to prison? Is that something that you really want? Tiffany, let's go.
Wait, hold on.
- All I know - A name! Give us a name! Wally! He goes by Wally.
I met him at this bar in Alphabet City named The Palace a few weeks back.
He paid me to make a few bombs.
- What's the next target? - I don't know.
- Where's he live? - Don't know that, either.
Like I said, we met at the bar then hooked up at the storage facility.
That's it, I swear to God.
I want a detailed description of this Wally.
Height, weight, skin color, hair color, and whatever else you can think of.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, I will have one of those.
You got it.
Another for me.
Do you know what? I'm gonna take care of his.
So, uh, a buddy of mine named Moder told me about this place.
You know him? No.
Well, he was actually trying to connect me with someone by the name of Wally, if that name rings a bell.
Believe me, Wally's gonna wanna hear what I have to say.
Well, like I said, I don't know him, but guys in the back might.
Hey, Starkey.
This guy's been asking questions about Wally.
Yeah? What do you want with him? Uh, actually, a friend of mine, Moder, asked me to find him about some business between them, so I-I probably shouldn't speak on it.
But like I told your buddy here, he's gonna be happy to see me.
Well, if your friend was so concerned about you finding Wally, why didn't he just give you the number? Well, I don't know about you, but I don't trust those damn things.
You never know who's listening.
Well, look.
Moder seemed to think you guys would be glad to help, but apparently, he was mistaken, so.
Well, the thing is, pal, this here's a neighborhood bar, and these folks, they got neighborhood jobs.
And when outsiders show up and they start asking questions about our regulars, well So let's start over with you telling me what it is you really want.
Well, since you're asking so nicely I guess Wally and Moder did a job together.
I don't know what kind, exactly.
I'm guessing it has something to do with explosives.
And Moder owes Wally 5 grand.
But, um, he got jammed up, had to leave town, so he asked me to find him, settle up.
Five, huh? Yeah.
Let's see the money.
You really think I'm gonna let myself get rolled by a bunch of guys in a back room? Easy.
Moder knows I'm here.
Anything that happens to his money, he's gonna know who took it.
Yeah, okay.
Wally's flopping.
Some place in Elmhurst near Ditmars.
That's all I know.
Got eyes on Walter Forrest.
AKA Wally.
Copy that.
He's going through the warehouse.
Try to cut him off! Stop! - Where is he? - FBI! Which way did he go? Don't say nothin' to those pigs.
Come on, man, he's got a bomb.
Which way did he go? Come on, Scola.
We gotta set a ten-block perimeter.
Talk to me.
Forrest slipped our perimeter.
There's a lot of subway entrances in this area.
So he could be anywhere by now.
Yeah, but we got a team searching his place in Red Hook.
And what about his car? We've got comp-C residue in the trunk, but no bomb.
So we have to assume he's already deployed the second device.
We we also found a dead burner under the seat.
Okay, have the field tech upload that burner's GPS data to Ian right now.
Hey, Tiff.
- You got a second? - Sure.
The Commissioner reached out about your complaint.
NYPD came out firing.
They said it was a routine takedown.
I don't care what they said.
It went down exactly the way I reported it.
It's just the boys down at 1PP get very nervous when it comes to complaints like this.
Especially these days.
They were kicking and punching Moder while he was on the ground.
He wasn't resisting, and he wasn't fighting back.
They can pressure me if they want to.
But I saw what I saw.
That's all I needed to hear.
Hey, ERT just finished scrubbing Forrest's apartment.
It's clean.
All right, Ian, where are we with that burner phone? Okay.
He was at Jamie's Foundation for 40 minutes.
Then Bridge and Whitehall in Battery Park for 29.
Then he overnighted at the Ditmars location where we found his stolen car.
Could be another bomb or an accomplice at either location.
Hobbs, can you check those locations for other Gotham Freedom Front members? A Gotham member in Ditmars named Tammy Estes lives a block and a half from where we found that car.
Tammy Estes, we need to speak with you.
FBI, ma'am.
- Yeah? - We need to ask you a few questions.
About what? Walter Forrest.
When's the last time you saw him? I ain't heard that name in months.
Hey! Don't move.
What are you doing? Not today, pal.
Heard about your collar.
- Nice job.
- Thank you.
We're not popping champagne yet.
There is still a bomb out there.
Any leads? No, not yet, but, you know.
Good luck.
Hey, listen, just one more thing.
I heard your partner got into a beef with a few cops.
I'm sorry? She filed a complaint with IAB.
And? Well, the NYPD sees us as a partner, but the director is proud of his constructive relationship with the NYPD.
I get that, but Tiffany saw what she saw.
And I applaud her honesty.
But IAB's gonna want your side of things soon as you come up for air.
You can explain what a messy, confusing situation it was.
Lend some more perspective.
Just so this thing doesn't get blown out of proportion, right? What are you really saying, Bashar? Someone from D.
Asking if you could help smooth things over.
If you free up tonight, let's grab a drink.
Not gonna ask you again.
Tell us where this bomb is.
No idea what you're talking about.
All right, let me lay it out for you, then.
We have you on video leaving a storage unit that contains comp-C.
That same residue was in the car that you stole and then matches the device that blew up Jamie's Foundation.
So unless you want to die in prison, tell us where it is.
Constitution says we have a God-given right to protect ourselves.
So anyone who comes for our guns gets what they deserve.
The FBI - Oh? - So-called elected officials, that loudmouth lefty bitch.
Forrest, tell me about this stain on your shoe.
Yeah, you can still smell the tar on the shoe, meaning the stain is probably no more than a few hours old.
Let's see if there is any roadwork being done near Forrest's girlfriend's apartment in Ditmars? Got a crew that's laying tar.
Yeah? Broad Street between Pearl and Stone.
Broad and Pearl, all right, let's see if there's a gun-control organization right there in that area.
- Something progressive.
- Yeah.
Yeah, there's an indie paper called "The Sentinel.
" They rent office space at this old warehouse.
Let's see if they took a stance on the initiative.
Yeah, yeah, three op-eds in support of it over the past two months.
The last one was just a few days ago.
They slammed the Gotham Freedom Front as a bunch of gun nuts.
All right, have the bomb squad meet our guys over there.
On it.
Sentinel's offices have been closed since the latest wave of COVID.
Employees have been working remotely, so nobody's accessed the building in weeks.
How long to search this place? A lot of nooks and crannies.
Top to bottom, three hours minimum.
All right, bomb could go off any minute.
- You set a perimeter, right? - Yeah.
Make sure no one crosses the line.
Hey, uniform said that some teenagers were seen breaking into the warehouse this morning.
They could still be in there.
- Take a look.
- Look at what? The teenagers you murdered with that bomb you put in the building.
Don't don't know what you're talking about.
The facility was not empty, genius.
There were kids in there.
Two dead, one in a coma.
Take a look! I had nothing to do with that.
No, no, no, we are way past that.
This is capital murder.
We're talking about the death penalty here.
If I were you, I would start talking.
Nobody was supposed to get hurt, okay? He said we were just sending a message.
Who said that? This guy from the GFF chat board.
I was trashing Ann Tasker on it a few weeks ago.
I said somebody should take her out.
Someone calling himself "Taskerhaterdude" DMs me.
Said if I'm serious about going after her, I could make some money.
You meet him? Talk to this guy? No.
It was all remote.
I brought Moder in to make the bombs.
The guy told us where to plant 'em.
When they had to go off, paid us in crypto.
Okay, I want a name.
I don't got one.
Just an email address.
I swear.
All right, listen up! Our ringleader's email is taskerhaterdude@2mail.
- Can you - Yeah, I'll run down the IP address associated with that email right now.
Great, where are we on Forrest's computer? CART remotely accessed it and verified crypto payments made to him after each of the bombings.
Do we know where the payments came from? Looks like they're linked up with that same email address, but our ringleader used a VPN for everything.
No, no, no, we need that IP address.
What can we do? I can send a message with an embedded bug, - but he's gotta open it.
- Okay.
Let's make sure we get his attention.
Uh, let's say subject line, "Need to talk.
Cops asking questions.
" And sent.
Now we wait.
No, now we double our efforts.
Hey, Hobbs, can you talk to ATF, see if they have any open files on anyone that frequents The Palace bar? Maybe someone we can trace back to that "Taskerhaterdude" handle? Got it.
Hold the phone, I got something, Jubal.
- Tell me.
- Yeah.
Email's been accessed.
- Yes! - I'm in.
Getting a fix on the IP address now.
Okay, great.
This can't be right.
What? Who that IP address comes back to.
You're not gonna believe who sent those emails.
Who? Ann! It's the FBI, we need to talk to you.
She's not here.
Why wouldn't the cop stationed up front see her leave? Maggie, we got an open box of nine-millimeter bullets here.
A gun activist with bullets? Could belong to an abductor.
Well, why would an abductor leave an evidence trail? Maybe she kicked up a fuss.
Whoever grabbed her had to beat it out of here.
I mean, fuss means noise, and no one called 911.
Scola, "The Sentinel's" office address is on here.
Wait, what? What if she's behind the bombings? What if she planted a false flag that made the gun-rights activists look like they turned violent which would help prove her point that they were dangerous? All so that her ballot initiative would pass.
And her initiative just failed.
And now she's got a gun.
Ann's gonna blow up her own organization? And a media outlet that supports her? Well, think about it.
The initiative is her whole life, right? She spends ten years trying to make sure her daughter didn't die in vain.
She finally gets it on the ballot, and it tanked.
So she becomes the mad bomber? Well, the alt is, her IP address was spoofed, "The Sentinel's" address was planted in her apartment, meaning someone went through a hell of a lot of trouble to try to convince us of a story that on its face is absurd.
Right, well, I'll take a clue trail over a conspiracy any day.
If this woman has lost it, she's dangerous.
Yeah, and still on the loose.
Kelly, talk to me.
Yeah, we got a fix on her car's GPS.
She just turned off Maiden Lane onto Water Street.
Where the hell is she going? Ann just blew through a traffic light.
Okay, she's stopping at - Fletcher and Water.
- What's there? That's Gotham Freedom Front.
Try to reach somebody over there.
See if you can pull up security cams outside the building.
Got it.
There she is, entering from the parking garage.
Yup, there she is.
Anything? Reception's not answering.
Get back from lunch, see my people running outside screaming that that Tasker lunatic barged in demanding to see me.
She's got a gun.
Where is she now? Security tried to stop her, but she barricaded herself in my office with my assistant, Susan.
We have a hostage situation at Fletcher and Water Street.
We need SWA and a crisis negotiator ASAP.
Susan has been with me for 11 years.
Lemme go in there.
Thank you for the offer, Mr.
Bogdan, but it'd be best if you just sit this one out and let us handle it, okay? Please.
Thank you.
Okay, let me know.
Hey All right, we need to breach right now.
Hold on, hold on, wait up.
Ann just texted me.
That gun was a warning shot.
If we don't serve up Bogdan, hostage is getting it next.
Okay, well, SWAT is coming from another mission an hour away and nothing from the negotiators.
Well, then we can't wait for them.
I'll go in.
No, that is a bad idea, Maggie.
This woman is on tilt.
And that hostage is in imminent danger.
I'm Ann's point of contact.
We're both from Indiana, I know that that's small, but it's enough to make me the reasonable choice.
I'm going in.
Okay, but if things go south, we are coming in after you.
Ann? It's Maggie.
If this is some kind of trick No, this is not a trick.
I'm here to help.
Bring him here.
Then I'll let her go.
- This is not the way - You have one hour.
One hour.
Or Or I'll kill her.
I'll kill her! Understood.
One hour.
I got BAU's profile on Ann Tasker.
Tell me there's something in here besides irony.
'Cause a gun-control activist holding a hostage at gunpoint? Pretty rich.
Yeah, profile says she's emotionally imbalanced.
A zealot.
Yeah, they're comparing her tunnel vision to a suicide bomber's.
And with people dead now She's got nothing left to lose.
All right, gang, if we're gonna talk her down, we need an angle.
Now everything has been about her daughter for the past ten years.
So we need to round up all the intel we can on Jamie Tasker.
Talk to her friends, neighbors, relatives.
I wanna know her favorite color, her pet's name, where she spent her summers.
Anything we can feed Maggie.
Let's go.
You good? Yeah.
I got the low-down on the daughter.
I mean, it's a pressure point, anyway.
I don't think I should bring my gun in there.
I don't want things to escalate.
Maggie, you're going in blind.
We don't have our full team.
Please take your gun.
Where's Bogdan? Bogdan's not coming.
I told you.
I told you what I was - going to do! - Hold on, Ann, Ann, Ann.
I really need you to listen to me right now, please.
Listen to you? Ten years.
Ten years I've been trying to make people listen to me.
But nobody will because monsters like Paul Bogdan.
And his money and his lies.
The violence never stops.
Kids keep dying.
I mean, what what were you gonna do with Bogdan if I brought him in here? Hold him responsible.
With a gun I got in one day.
No questions.
No problems.
People need to know what we're all up against.
Hold on, Ann, Ann okay.
You don't really want to hurt her, do you? I mean, Jamie's Foundation is based on love.
The love that you have for your daughter.
The kind of daughter who gave her jacket away to a kid who didn't have one.
I mean, your daughter loved people so much that she spent her weekends in soup kitchens.
I agree, Jamie was taken away too soon.
But I thought that the whole point of all of your work was that no child would be hurt again.
But two kids were.
In that explosion that you were responsible for.
What? No, no, I The building was empty, I No, Ann.
It wasn't empty.
Two teenagers died, and a third one is in a coma.
Oh, no.
- No - Ann.
- I didn't I didn't - This needs to stop.
Right now.
Give me the gun.
This isn't worth it.
Okay, go, go.
No, no.
No, no.
Oh, my God.
Heading out? Yeah, you? No, I still gotta close up some loose ends here.
Hey, your IAB complaint's been making the rounds.
Is that right? Yeah, Tiff.
Maybe the way cops do their job isn't our fight.
So you think I should let it go? I'm just saying you need to be really sure if you want to pursue this.
HQ's priority is interagency cooperation.
You start thumbing your nose at that, going to war with NYPD I don't want to see you get burned.
You might be right.
But putting hands on people? Getting violent with them? I I've had enough of all that.
I've seen way too much of it.
I mean, maybe I should've said something when I was on the job, but I Was too busy trying to fit in, so I kept my mouth shut.
But not anymore.
I'm Captain Garibaldi, this is Lieutenant Valente.
Thanks for your time.
We know you've had a busy day.
So we will keep this short.
We have conflicting statements from Agent Wallace and Officers Munson and Rudolph.
We just want to know what you saw.
Sometimes, when tensions are running high, feelings get bruised.
Accusations leveled.
You know how it goes.
So if you can corroborate that Mr.
Moder wasn't the subject of police mistreatment, we can chalk up Agent Wallace's complaint to a misinterpretation.
Put this unnecessary dispute to bed.
File number 42-614.
Captain Garibaldi and Lieutenant Valente presiding.
Please state your name for the record.
Agent Omar Zidan.
Agent Zidan, you were present at the arrest of a suspect named David Moder earlier this morning? - I was.
- And did you arrive on the scene early enough to see what we'll call a "jurisdictional dispute" between Agent Wallace and Officers Munson and Rudolph? I did.
But I would not characterize it as a jurisdictional dispute.
What would you call it? An assault.
Officers Munson and Rudolph were roughing up Mr.
Moder and Agent Wallace was simply trying to intervene.
What you describe as an "assault," in fact, that was the officers' attempt to subdue a dangerous bombing suspect who was resisting arrest, correct? Yes.
He was a dangerous suspect.
But he was not resisting arrest.
He was compliant.
And the officers would not stop.
They just kept hitting him, so like I said.
It was an assault.
- Another? - No.
I'm waiting for someone, thank you.
Actually, I will take the check.

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