FBI (2018) s04e15 Episode Script

Scar Tissue

I remember you.
No tip.
I hope you get heartburn.
Oh, she scores and the crowd goes wi Help me! Help me, please! Okay, just hold on.
What's wrong? He's after me.
Who's after you? Speak to me, hon.
Is there someone out there? Yes.
Call the police now.
All right, hang on.
I'm calling now.
- All right, all right, hang on.
- Please, he's coming.
Just stay away from the door, okay? Oh, damn it.
Hello? I responded to the 911 call just after midnight.
Brought in backup, searched the area, those woods, but we didn't find any trace of the vic or her abductor.
Honestly, we don't have the guys to work this right.
That's why we're here.
Are there any cameras in the diner? - None.
- Okay.
We're gonna need your help canvasing for witnesses and any cameras in the area that might've caught something.
Sure thing.
She left this behind.
- Violet Kent.
- Waitress called it in.
ID'ed Violet as the woman who ran into the diner.
It happened so fast.
She was so upset.
She wanted me to help her get away.
But I was scared, I froze.
Hid when he came in.
Did you get a good look at the guy? No, but when I stepped outside, I saw him from behind carrying her away.
He had the poor girl slung over his shoulder.
Age? Race? Any descriptors help.
Um, he was maybe 5'10 ", 5'11"? Strong.
Was running with her like she was a ragdoll.
He had dark hair too, but that's all I I let her down, I - I should've gone after them.
- No.
You called for help, and that was the right thing to do.
If you had followed them, we might've been looking for you too.
Her name is Violet Kent.
She's 29 years old.
She works in digital media.
She's a former member of the Peace Corps and she's never had so much as a speeding ticket.
And apparently she's single.
So the question is who dragged her out into the night and where are they now? Ian, any luck with the traffic cams in the area? Negative I'm scrubbing through everything.
So far, no sign of Violet or her abductor.
- Okay.
- I just talked to Tiffany.
ERT is coming up empty, and local cops haven't turned up any additional witnesses.
Is there a chance this could be financially motivated? Doubtful, Violet's bank statements suggest she's living paycheck to paycheck.
What about her family? She's from a blue collar background.
No obvious person in her life to ransom.
So it does not seem like this is about money.
So, let's retrace her steps.
We know she was at the diner at Ardsley at midnight.
Where was she before that? I've been going through her social media.
She posted a photo with a guy last night at 9:34 p.
Photo was taken outside August, it's a club on the Lower East Side, and the caption reads, "small world.
" Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, who is he? Bobby Gannon.
He's 34, 5'11", has a record too: public intoxication and assault.
No personal social media, only online footprint is for his weight loss business: Bobby Gannon Health.
"Don't get mad, get even more fit.
" Well, if nothing else, he's guilty of bad marketing.
And he is a physical match to our suspect's description.
Looking at Violet's text history, it seems - that she and Bobby are friends.
- Oh, yeah? They exchange any texts last night? No, but every other week or so, he asks her out, and she turns him down.
Okay, so maybe Bobby got tired of hearing no, he grabbed her at the club, tried to make her see reason.
Do we have a location on him? I'm getting his cell data.
I'm pulling up live GPS now.
He's heading out of the city up near Nyack, moving fast.
All right, get that address over to Tiffany and Scola now.
- Isobel.
- Yeah.
Hey, how are you holding up with Jess? - Well, you know - Yeah.
Well, if you need to talk about it, I'm here.
Yeah, back at you.
JOC just got a witness who said they saw Violet and Gannon get into an altercation last night at the club, and it got physical.
- Guy sounds like a live wire.
- Yeah.
All right, we're closing in.
About 200 feet.
Right there, gas station, silver Toyota.
Indiana, Sierra, Yankee, 54, 61.
Yup, that's him.
FBI, show me your hands.
- What the hell is going on? - Hands behind your back.
I'm just trying to understand what happened.
- Relax, damn.
- Where's Violet? Violet? What are you talking about? She's not here.
You think that I put Violet in the trunk? What the hell is going on? Wait a sec.
Is she okay? Did something happen? I told you, I have no idea where Violet is.
You run into her at the club last night and then she disappears.
Did you stalk her there, Bobby? I didn't stalk her.
I tried to buy her a drink, but she was flirting with some other guy.
- And that made you mad.
- No, we're just friends.
We read your texts.
Lot of dinner invitations.
So I asked her out a few times.
She's beautiful and smart.
I mean, I'd be crazy not to at least take a shot.
Okay, if you were so friendly then why did a witness say they saw you get physical with Violet last night? Violet had had a few drinks.
I was trying to help slow her down.
I may have grabbed her arm.
She pushed me away and took off.
That was the last I saw of her.
And those marks on your face? I got into a little scrape with a guy at the club last night.
He was all drunk, acting like an idiot.
I told him to calm down, and next thing you know, we're throwing hands.
What time did you leave the club? Uh, maybe 12:30, 1:00? I took an Uber.
Feel free to check my account.
We will.
So you had a few drinks.
Got home around 1:30.
Now you're up bright and early heading out of town.
- Where are you going? - Vermont.
I'm supposed to meet some friends of mine up there to go snowboarding.
Are you guys gonna tell me what happened to Violet? It's true, I like her, okay? But it was never weird or anything.
We had coffee a few times, went to dinner once, I bought her a Fitbit for her training.
If she thought I was some kind of a creeper, she would've given that back, right? - You gave her a Fitbit? - Yeah.
She loves it too.
Wears it everywhere.
Violet's Fitbit is pinging somewhere in a 300 yard radius.
Lock is broken.
Split up.
Hey, I might have something.
Partial shoe print.
Looks fresh.
OA? I got something.
It's Violet.
She's dead.
In addition to the sexual assault, she suffered severe facial trauma, significant bruising around the eyes, and a basilar skull fracture.
But that's not what killed her? No.
From the fracture to her thyroid cartilage, we can see cause of death was strangulation.
Bruising patterns show her attacker used his right hand.
He was strong.
Eventually overpowered her.
- What about DNA? - I didn't find any.
Probably used gloves and a condom.
Hmm, so he's brutal but careful.
And likes to see women suffer.
We'll run those details and those photos through ViCAP.
Yeah, the knot he used isn't one I'd seen before.
I had to look it up.
All right, listen up, people.
The killer's MO plus his use of an anchor hitch knot, matched to three victims in the ViCAP database.
So we are now treating this as a serial murder investigation.
And this guy is mobile.
He does not stay in one city for long.
Four cities, four victims.
Carla Perez was 23.
She died six weeks ago in Miami.
Sharon Chen was 27.
She was killed three weeks ago in Vegas.
Lia Gray was 25.
She was murdered in Phoenix eight days after Sharon.
And then Violet Kent here in New York last night.
He is striking more frequently, so we have to assume he will kill again in the next few days.
Yeah, let's make sure he does not do that.
Let's catch this son of a bitch before he strikes again.
Yeah? Go to work.
All right, Ian, Katie, Carl, I need you doing deep dives into the victims.
It's unlikely given their physical distance, but maybe we'll find some kind of connection.
Hey, Jay, you want to talk to BAU, get a profile going? Elise, tell me you're getting somewhere with that shoeprint? It was only a partial, so I can't identify the brand or the size.
That's not helpful.
- I think I got something.
- Yeah, please tell me.
Miami PD thinks their victim, Carla Perez, met her killer at a bar she disappeared from.
Left with him voluntarily.
They interviewed everyone at the bar that used their credit card the night she was killed, one guy on that list stands out now: Dwight Maddux.
His credit card places him in Miami, Vegas, Phoenix, and New York at the time of all four murders.
- Really? - And his hair's dark enough.
- He's got an athletic build.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- He have a criminal record? - No, nothing.
No? What's his profession? He's a freelance writer with a very spotty employment history.
Where is he now? He just used his credit card at a bar in Hell's Kitchen.
- Bring him in.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I don't want to see these.
- Where were you last night? Visiting a friend in Park Slope.
I was there till midnight.
I was nowhere near the dead girl.
So it's just chance that you were in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, and New York when all these women were killed? I travel for work.
I'm writing a book about MMA.
Gotta go where the fights are.
- You mean murders.
- No.
I'm just a writer, I swear.
We can place you in the same bar as Carla Perez the night she died.
Yeah, me and about 100 other people.
Besides, Miami PD already grilled me about her last month.
Yes, I remember seeing her.
She was gorgeous.
I read about her murder in the paper, too, but I never even talked to her.
You're the shy type, is that it? Mm, I'm not shy.
I'm gay.
And besides, even if I wasn't, she was too busy vibing off some other guy.
You remember what he looked like? I remember he was handsome.
He had short hair.
He looked Latino.
Anything else you can tell us about this guy? Accent? Scars? No, but I kept thinking he looked familiar and that I remembered he was staying in the same hotel as me.
I saw him again the next day at the front desk.
I remember thinking to myself, "Too bad he's straight.
" You know? Why didn't you mention any of this to the Miami PD? Because the cop who interviewed me was really aggressive.
I was with my cousin, he's a lawyer, and he told me just to make sure they knew I never talked to her, give them my alibi, and nothing else.
So that's exactly what I did.
We're gonna need the name of this hotel in Miami you were staying at.
Hey, confirmed with Maddux's friend.
He's was in Park Slope past midnight.
All right, so he's not our killer.
Did we ID the guy that he saw with Carla Perez? No one on Miami PD's list fits his description.
All that means is he never used a credit card at the bar.
But Maddux said the guy was staying at his hotel, right? Uh, yeah, yes, CMR in South Beach, but Elise is working on getting a list of the hotel guests.
Once we have it, we can whittle it down to whoever was in the other three cities at the time of the murders.
- Hey.
- We getting it? CMR's legal department just shut down - my request for the list.
- What? So let's get a court order.
We need more probable cause.
I tried.
The judge said it sounded like a fishing expedition.
He wanted more evidence.
All right, I know someone at CMR.
Just give me an hour.
Yeah? - Isobel.
- I'll be quick.
This is a written request for a guest list from your Miami resort the weekend of December 17th.
Yeah, your people called about this.
And your lawyer shut them down.
We're investigating a serial killer.
I have to have access to those names.
I wish I could help you, I really do, but we have a legal obligation to safeguard our guests' privacy, and maybe the FBI doesn't care about that, but we do.
Are you really gonna force me to get a warrant for that guest list? I'd like to help you, Izzy, I really would.
I just can't.
Isn't that the story of your life, right? Pretending that you care.
You know, it wouldn't hurt you to be a little more respectful.
I'm still your father, for God's sake.
Yeah, see if you can crack in here.
- Hey.
- Didn't pan out.
Okay, well, we'll find another angle.
We don't have a choice.
He's just doing his job, I guess.
No, it's just as sick as it sounds, he is actually punishing me for not going to his birthday dinner.
Wow, really? He's that Oh, yeah and then some.
- Well, fathers.
- Mm.
No wonder I have such a successful love life.
Well, good news.
Ian got a lead.
Who needs that guest list anyway, right? Guy in the middle is Andres Silva, he's an MMA fighter.
The other four guys are a part of his entourage.
And based on the geo-tags, Silva and his crew were all over the CMR that weekend.
And where else were they? Miami, Vegas, Phoenix, and right now they're in New York.
Andres has a fight coming up next weekend.
And all four guys on his team, they're in the same cities too.
Okay, okay, okay.
This is good.
Let's chase this.
Tell me about Silva.
Andres is a top fighter from Venezuela originally but grew up outside Philly, dual citizenship.
He's won his last four fights.
Has a good reputation.
Gets a lot of love for being charitable.
What about the other four? They're all Venezuelan- American dual citizens.
One of them is Andres' brother, Eduardo, but the others grew up with them too.
They're all from the same tight-knit community in Pennsylvania.
Beyond that we know their jobs: advisor, trainer, chef, security.
Not much else.
They don't have any criminal records or anything.
Where are they staying in New York? The CMR.
Looks like they booked out the penthouse.
All right, have Maggie and OA reach out to Maddux, the sports writer, see if he can identify one of these five as the handsome guy that he saw hanging in Miami at the hotel with the murder victim.
Copy that.
Who are you? FBI.
We're looking for Eduardo Silva.
What is this about? What do you want with my brother? Mr.
Silva, we're investigating some allegations of illegal sports betting.
We think Eduardo might be involved.
What? Why would you think that? It's all I can tell you.
Is he here? He's out.
I don't know where.
Okay, yeah, anyone else know where Eduardo is? Okay, if he turns up, please have him get in touch with us.
Will do.
I'm Molly, Andres' assistant.
I didn't want to say this in front of everyone, but Eduardo left the hotel about a half hour ago.
He took one of our rental cars.
Okay, what can you tell us about him? Um, I don't know anything about any sports betting, but But what? I'm new, only been around for two months, and Eduardo just runs errands for Andres.
Doesn't do any scheduling stuff.
We don't interact much.
What's on your mind, Molly? Eduardo scares me.
Can you be more specific? Two nights ago, he dropped me off at my motel in Queens, but he never actually left.
- What do you mean by that? - I saw a shadow by the window.
Looked out, and it was Eduardo pacing back and forth outside.
It lasted about a half hour.
He was just lurking, looking agitated.
It scared the hell out of me.
You said he took one of the rental cars? Do you know what car it was? Do you have access to the rental agreement? Uh, yeah.
You're not wrong to be scared of Eduardo.
What do you mean? I think you should stay away from him.
Just take some time off.
We can have an agent look out for you until we have him in custody.
It no, but thank you.
I've been looking for an excuse to fly back home, and you just gave it to me.
Look, if you change your mind, if anything comes up, or you hear from Eduardo, please contact us right away.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Jubal, I need you track down a rental car, gray G-Wagon.
Yeah, sure.
Hold on a second.
Okay, you got a plate for me? Yes, Tango, Delta, Oscar, 6619.
Okay, accessing GPS.
Okay, yup, okay, the car is parked three blocks west of you on 11th.
Okay, I think I got eyes on Eduardo.
He's cleaning out his car.
Hey, hey, hey! FBI, stop! FBI, get out of the car now.
I didn't know it was you guys, man.
- I just saw guns.
- Hands on the hood.
Where I'm from, that's how you get killed.
What's going on? You trying to get rid of evidence? I ain't doing nothing, man.
I think I just found a piece of Violet's dress.
Eduardo Silva, you're under arrest.
So the fabric that we found in your rental car was a match to the dress of our victim, Violet Kent.
You know, who was raped and murdered two nights ago? I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, man, you were vacuuming the car alone at 10 p.
Yeah, because it stunk.
- Fellas left leftovers there.
- Hmm.
You ever hang up a punching bag, Eduardo? What? You ever roped up a punching bag to the ceiling? Yeah, sure.
Thousands of times.
So what? We found Violet with her hands tied.
Does that knot look familiar? It's called an anchor hitch, and it is the same one used here.
Lots of people know that knot.
But we also have a witness that puts you in a bar in Miami speaking to Carla Perez right before she was killed.
We talked for a little bit, but I didn't leave with her.
- Why not? - I don't know.
You don't know? Then what ended the conv I don't know.
I didn't kill anyone.
I'm not about that.
You said the girl in New York was found two nights ago, right? Yes.
Well, I was in the gym with my brother.
So I couldn't have done it.
Ask the manager.
You guys don't believe me.
I'm done talking.
I want a lawyer.
That's fine, but we have you on felony evasion, so you're not going anywhere.
Believe it or not, Eduardo's alibi checks out.
- We're sure? - We talked to the manager.
Andres and Eduardo closed last night.
They set the alarm around midnight.
And we double checked that with cell records.
Both their phones were pinging at the gym till 11:40.
All right, I get it, it's hard to be there and meeting Violet at the club at the same time.
All right, so Eduardo is not our killer.
Let's pivot.
Elise, let's talk about the other guys on Silva's team that fits our suspect's description.
Two of the other three come pretty close.
There's Luis Rivera, Andres' chef, and Oscar Moreno, head of security, but we can't nail down their whereabouts the night Violet was killed because Rivera seldom was off and Moreno doesn't have a registered phone.
Right, but what about the cameras? We find anything? No cameras anywhere around the penthouse.
It's a hotel.
Nothing? Penthouse has its own entrance.
No cameras on the floor.
Total privacy is part of the sales pitch of the room.
Well, we know he had the car.
There's gotta be cameras in the parking garage? The killer was smart enough not to bring the Mercedes back to the garage, and no footage of him there either.
And the whole group was in the car before they left the hotel that afternoon.
Can we bring in Rivera and Moreno, see if one of them cracks? No, we can't risk spooking them without hard evidence.
The killer could flee to Venezuela.
They all have connections there.
Now, we just need to dig in and find more evidence.
We know it's one of these guys.
You know what, let's get a sneak and peek warrant for their hotel room at the CMR, yeah? Scola, you got anything? No, nothing yet.
Okay, according to their training schedule, they should be at the gym right now.
Hang on.
I got eyes on them.
They are on the move, headed to you now.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I don't see Moreno.
Okay, he's coming out now.
You're clear.
Clock starts now, guys.
Okay, guys, we don't know how much time we have, so let's move as fast as possible.
I'll take upstairs.
Okay, make sure to leave everything as we found it.
Hey, check out the bathroom.
Damn it.
Maggie, clear out of there.
- Moreno's back.
- What? Moreno's heading towards the entrance.
You got about three minutes.
You guys, Moreno's on his way in.
We need to clear out now.
Maggie, I got blood on this shirt.
Bag it.
You have 90 seconds.
Come on, you good? Oh, my God.
Put it under the desk.
Okay, we're good, we're good.
Let's go.
Lab results came back in.
It was Violet's blood on that shirt.
But we still don't know whose shirt it is? No, it was a communal laundry basket.
There was lots of different DNA on it.
So we're no closer than we were.
- Well, who broke the vase? - That was me.
We were moving pretty fast trying to get out of there before anyone saw us.
All right, well, I already got a call from the hotel manager demanding payment.
Apparently, it was valuable.
Wait a minute, okay, if this was a sneak and peek, how did anybody know about the vase? Oh, well, that was quick.
I thought I was gonna have to chase you down.
I am not here to pay for the vase.
That was quite expensive.
Some hip, modern artist made it years ago when he was a nobody Who told you? There was no one in that hotel suite with my people.
Who told you about the broken vase? I need access to all the footage you have from the past week from the moment Silva and his entourage moved in.
We don't have cameras.
One of your agents must've said something to the staff.
Lying to an FBI agent is a felony.
Not a problem.
I'll have my assistant send it over right away.
Why the hell are you acting this way? I don't have time for this.
You see hey, that's what you always say, you don't have time, and I'm sick of it.
Oh, you're sick of it, huh? 'Cause you had so much time for me after you left? Do you want to know the truth? The truth is, I decided that my life was better, it was simpler, without you in it.
Oh, we got the penthouse footage.
Check it out.
Okay, here's Eduardo.
What time is it? This is midnight, the night Violet was killed.
Right, but we know he wasn't the guy.
Isn't Andres supposed to be with him? Right, you'd think so.
All right, keep scrubbing forward.
Yeah, there he is.
Back it up.
- There's Andres.
- Okay, what time? This is two hours later, 2:00 a.
He's wearing the shirt with Violet's blood on it.
It's him.
Eduardo is covering for his brother.
I bet he had Andres' cell phone in one of the bags he was carrying.
Where is Andres Silva right now? He was headed to the gym an hour ago.
Go get him now.
FBI, everybody keep your hands where we can see them.
- Where's Andres? - We don't know.
Well, he didn't come to the gym with you? He split off when we left the hotel.
Why? He's been pissed off since last night.
Eduardo never came back, then Molly just took off.
They didn't even say goodbye.
Andres said something about getting to the bottom of it.
Jubal, he's not here.
Okay, copy.
All right, his phone's back up.
It just pinged from some motel in Queens two minutes ago, - the Carriage House.
- The Carriage House in Queens? Maggie said Molly was staying there.
She couldn't get a flight out until tomorrow.
So Andres must suspect that Molly's the one that talked to us, and now he's going after her.
And where would he have taken her? Looks like she put up a fight.
Silva's phone just pinged again in the area.
They can't be far.
I got blood here, Tiff.
Still wet.
There's more over here.
Your guess is as good as mine.
I'll go this way.
Watch your six.
This guy's no joke.
Molly! Molly! Damn it.
Scola, I think I got something.
You have him? I need backup in the south stairwell now.
Okay, copy.
Moving to you now.
Tiff, talk to me.
Where are you? In the hallway, headed towards the Tiff? Tiff.
Tiff, you okay? I'm good.
I'm good, I just he sucker punched me.
Jubal, it's me.
Yeah, we lost him, and Molly's dead.
Where would your brother go, Eduardo? You don't have to say anything.
Listen to me.
I know what you've been through.
I've seen the police file on your father, about how he abused you, there's documentation in there.
It says that he killed your mother - and he beat you and Andres - You don't know.
What I do know is that Andres was your golden ticket out of a life of pain, and that's why you're covering for him.
I don't have to talk to you.
Wake up, Eduardo.
You're an accessory to murder, and you are looking at serious time here if you don't cooperate.
Your father made Andres into a monster.
That's a fact.
But not you.
You're a decent person.
I can see that.
You were trying to protect her, to warn her.
And now she's dead because of Andres.
I didn't know what to do.
- Eduardo - No.
I want to.
Andres, he got the worst of it.
Grew up taking all the beatings.
Made him, uh real mean.
But he loved me, took care of me, protected me.
- He's a killer.
- He wasn't.
Not before Miami.
And then his girlfriend dumped him and He went really dark.
He's my family.
He's all I've got.
All I've ever had.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
- Hey.
- We just got access to Andres' phone He turned it off a few hours ago and deleted the most recent texts, but he made a call right before he shut down his phone to someone in Farmingdale.
There's a private airfield in Farmingdale.
Alert Maggie and OA.
Get them over there now.
Got it.
Come on, come on, come on.
There he is.
- They're heading for the plane.
- Got it.
FBI, get on the ground.
Andres, it's over.
I got him.
Hey, come on.
You think you can beat me? Lay your hands on me? No, not anymore.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Your friend, Jubal, let me in.
He even had them issue me a badge and everything.
I heard you caught that killer, the MMA guy, and I just wanted to come by and tell you I was proud of you.
You're proud of me? Now, after 20 years.
Just because your mother dreamt of working with the FBI doesn't mean you had I don't want to talk about this.
You know, for the record, I didn't join the FBI to make Mom proud.
I joined to make you crazy.
You're serious? Yeah, you wanted me to go to law school, so I did the opposite just to piss you off.
I guess I should be saying thank you.
Look, the real reason that I'm here is because I want to fix things.
I want us to have a relationship regardless of what happened in the past.
I am not sure that's a good idea.
How can you say that? You didn't even show up to Mom's funeral.
Because she asked me not to come.
And I don't blame her.
Neither do I.
Can we go get some dinner? Come on.
I had a good feeling about this.
So I made reservations at this great Italian place on Jones Street, come on.
You're gonna love it.

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