FBI (2018) s04e16 Episode Script

Protective Details

Hey, Mike, come here a sec, will you? I wanna introduce you.
Hey, Congressman Curtis Grange.
I rep New York's 31st.
So you know this guy's personally responsible for keeping our agency funded, right? Nice to meet you, Congressman.
- You a big fan of hockey? - Absolutely.
My son and I, we've had Rangers tickets for the last three years.
That's him over there in the puffer coat.
Pretty sure you're both gonna end up disappointed by the play - you see today, though.
- Not a chance.
I mean, when you're cheering for real-life American heroes, ICE vs.
The DEA? I brought a film crew to get some footage for my next campaign.
Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd prefer not end up in a campaign commercial.
You're not proud of protecting America, Agent? I'm just more of a keep my head down and do my job kind of All right, folks, listen up.
10 minutes prior to face-off at a charity hockey game this morning, a sniper opened fire and put two rounds into ICE Agent Mike Mulder's chest.
Anyone else shot? Other agents? So it sounds like the shooter sprayed bullets for another 20 seconds or so, hit a few other agents, minor injuries, scared some hotshot congressman that was there, and that was it.
The shooting stopped.
So what about the shooter? Anybody see anything? - Getaway car? - Nothing, nothing yet.
Okay, so we're thinking Agent Mulder was targeted? Given the fact that he was the first one who was shot and the only one who was killed, that's the working theory.
The shooter clearly took his time to carefully line up the shots on Mulder.
OA and Tiffany are on their way to the scene.
In the meantime, we need to start digging into potential reasons Mulder would've been targeted, yeah? It doesn't appear to be financially motivated, boss.
This guy's got zeroed out credit cards and a nearly paid-off mortgage.
All right, let's check into Mulder's cases.
Any threats that might have been made, et cetera.
Someone just shot a federal agent, folks.
It's time to get to work.
- Detective Jackson? - Yes, sir.
Where are we with injuries? EMT's taken care of everything.
And the deceased? M.
's are waiting for you to your sign-off.
Okay, any witnesses have eyes on the shooter? - No.
- What about footage? Just the film footage from the congressman, and his film crew.
Congressman Grange, Special Agent Omar Zidan.
Congressman and his son.
Nice to meet you.
How you doing? Okay, it's just my first time being around an actual gun that got fired.
It's a lot.
I remember the first time I saw one get fired at West Point.
It's okay to be spooked.
I've always wanted to be an FBI agent.
It sounds like a cool job.
It is.
Congressman, thank you for sticking around.
Zidan, huh? Your family from Middle East? - Dad, you can't ask that.
- It's okay.
Yes, we are, and we're from Queens.
How can I help you? Well, either way, I'm glad someone finally got here at least.
I'm sorry? Just my first time in the midst of a leftist assault on American patriots.
I was kind of expecting my own government to get here quicker.
Well, Congressman, I can assure you that this one has our full attention, but it is too soon to be sure who's responsible for this.
But Detective Jackson said you guys might have some footage? Yeah, we were just doing a camera set-up plan when the shooting started.
We swung around and grabbed some of the aftermath.
We'll make sure you get all the video we've got.
I appreciate it.
Anything else you guys wanna tell me about what happened? Yeah, this country is changing in unacceptable ways.
I'm gonna make sure the cowards who did this are brought to justice.
I've got powerful friends.
Of course.
It's okay.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
I think I just heard the beginning of some congressman's stump speech.
"This country is changing in unacceptable ways.
" Grange, right? Yeah.
He's always on those political news shows, ranting about liberals.
Ah, that's why you diverted yourself to the evidence zone so quickly.
His kid seems all right, though.
All right, what are we looking at? Well, we've got a bloody through-and-through on this sign right here that I'm waiting on ERT to extract, but actually, can you do me a favor and stand on this X? Yeah.
What are we thinking? Okay, well, Mulder's about 5'10", and both these shots hit him right below his sternum, so I'd say our shooter was in that building over there.
- Clear.
- Clear.
The air vent definitely provides a direct line of sight to the rink.
Although if this guy was here, he left the scene pretty clean.
Or did he? Sniper shells can eject pretty far.
Pretty damn far.
Tough to get everything when you're in a hurry.
- Hey, Jubal? - Yeah.
Ballistics just came back on that shell casing OA found.
Oh, good.
Anything interesting? Well, according to the lab, it's a Lapua .
338, which is kind of like the little black dress of sniper bullets.
- Every closet has one? - Yeah, exactly.
But the good news is, this one's a wildcat, which means it was custom-modified to spin faster and fly truer.
Any chance we can tell who did the mods? Yeah, maybe.
ATF started a pilot program last fall buying boutique ammo from gun shows.
If we can match the measurements and the engravings on the shell casing OA found to something in their database, we Okay, yeah, I think we got something.
Thank God for agency reciprocity.
Looks like the mods were done by a local gunsmith named Jim Weaver.
Works out of his garage in Staten Island.
FBI! We'd like to talk! - What the hell? - Jim Weaver, FBI.
- FBI? - That is us.
And it would definitely be in everyone's best interest if you'd set the weapon down, Mr.
What's this about? We need your help locating a suspect.
Guy murdered an ICE agent with one of your Lapua .
338 wildcats.
Help? No.
I got no interest in joining Crime Stoppers.
You know, it's illegal to bore the serial number off of a gun? In a country where you can build an Uzi with online parts, you're gonna bust me for a serial number? Carries a $10,000 fine and up to six months in federal prison.
Up to you.
Well, when you put it that way I got a customer Rolodex in that metal lockbox full of receipts.
On the card, I write down what kind of ammo they purchased.
So if we narrow it down to the last three months, we're looking at eight different people who have purchased Weaver's .
338 wildcats, but only one of them has a Facebook wall full of "abolish ICE" posts and angry screeds about the right-leaning direction of the country.
Bradley Baker, Esquire.
Okay, tell me more about this Brad Baker.
Went to law school at UVA on an ROTC scholarship followed by 4 years in the JAG Corps where he received outstanding marks for marksmanship during basic training.
So he's a lawyer? Who apparently has a political axe to grind with ICE agents and is good with a rifle.
Let's track this guy down.
Where is Baker now? Phone's pinging at the legal clinic - he runs in Greenpoint.
- Bring him in.
Yes, ma'am.
Where's Brad Baker? He's in a meeting right now.
He said no interruptions - Brad Baker! - Hey, freeze! What's going on? Stop the bike, Brad! Jubal, Baker's fleeing north on a late-model Triumph motorcycle wearing a brown leather jacket.
Baker got away.
Left his phone.
Interesting luggage for a lawyer.
A couple pistols and a bolt-action MRAD sniper rifle.
That's our guy.
All right people, listen up.
Our suspect Brad Baker has slipped the pocket on his 2019 Triumph motorcycle.
License plate 9-XX-24.
He can't have gone too far so let's put a BOLO out on that bike.
Let's run his credit cards.
Let's scour the grid before his trail goes cold.
Kelly, give me traffic cams.
Absolutely, rolling back the time six minutes and okay.
- He headed south.
- Uh-huh.
Still south.
Turns east onto 3rd Street Hey, Jubal, got something.
According to public real estate records, Baker's dad owns a massive warehouse in Gowanus.
Yeah? Mr.
Baker! It's the FBI.
We know you're in here.
Hands up! I'm unarmed! Don't shoot! - Bradley Baker? - Yes.
We're gonna need you to come with us.
Yes, of course.
You're a smart guy, Brad, so I'm gonna cut right to it.
Somebody shot into a crowd of federal agents this morning at a hockey game.
Shooter was across the street.
Set up like a sniper and opened fire.
An ICE agent, Mike Mulder, was killed, along with 3 others who were injured.
When the FBI went to go speak with you, you jumped on your motorcycle, and you took off.
Which tells us that you're probably involved.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
No? We pulled an MRAD sniper rifle from your closet, a gun that is more than capable of picking off a target long distance.
I grew up with a lot of guns.
I've been a competitive sharp shooter since I was 14 years old.
Not weird for me to have a rifle.
The shooter fired a custom batch of Lapua .
338 wildcat bullets.
They were purchased from a local gun dealer, Jim Weaver.
You know him, right? Look, I know what you're doing, okay? Yeah? What are we doing? I sat on the other side of this table for four years in the JAG Corps, laid out cases the exact same way, but I am not According to your Facebook posts, you don't like ICE agents very much, do you? I'm looking at one right here that says "They're glorified thugs that tear families apart for no reason.
" Of course, I don't like ICE agents.
I run a legal clinic that fights deportation cases, but that doesn't make me a killer.
Then why'd you run when we came to arrest you? I think I want to talk to my lawyer before I answer that question.
I'm gonna call the U.
Attorney and let them know that Baker is lawyering up.
What do you think? I think if he was innocent, he would've reacted with more shock.
Yeah, I agree.
And when we get ballistics back on his sniper rifle, I think this case will be a slam dunk.
Uh, not so sure about that.
You guys are gonna wanna see this.
Do you guys remember Curtis Grange, the congressman that witnessed the shooting this morning? Yeah, of course, he's already made a half dozen calls to D.
trying to force us to close the case faster.
Well, that's not the only thing he has been up to today.
He just posted a new fundraising video online, and the setting is gonna look familiar.
I'm Congressman Curtis Grange of New York's 31st District.
Today I was standing on this very spot when I witnessed a tragedy.
A cowardly leftist who was trying to destroy the integrity that has made this country so great for so long opened fire on a group of American patriots, wounding four federal agents, all because they had the temerity to enforce our country's borders.
Think about that.
This is gonna keep happening until America takes out the trash.
Okay, well, obviously, this commercial is in poor taste, but don't we already have access to this footage? The tape came in 30 minutes ago.
Intake did a preliminary scrub of the video and deemed it a low priority because it didn't give us a glimpse of the shooter, but all we had to do was listen harder than we were looking.
Go ahead.
Right there.
Pop, pop, pop.
You hear that bullet rhythm? Mm-hmm.
Three quick shots of sniper fire essentially right on top of each other.
Which is impossible to do with the bolt-action rifle that we took from Baker's closet this afternoon.
It takes time to rechamber.
Okay, but doesn't the MRAD fire a .
338 shell? So do a lot of sniper rifles and most semiautomatics.
So what are we thinking, that Baker had a second sniper rifle tucked away somewhere? Or he's telling the truth and someone else was the shooter today at the hockey game.
Hey, the sniper just shot an immigration Judge on the courthouse lawn at 78th and Archer.
Two shots in the sternum.
Same M.
as Mulder.
So first an ICE Agent, now an immigration judge? They have to be connected.
Which means we're looking at a spree shooter, and it's not the guy we have in custody.
The deceased is Teresa Alvarez.
41 years old, federal judge, shot twice in the chest from the rooftop of that building right there.
You already found the sniper's nest? Fast, I know, but the station took a call about some suspicious activity on the rooftop.
Responders were already en route when the shooting went down.
Did anyone get a good look at the shooter? No, guy was wearing a hooded jacket.
And obviously, the first squad car was diverted toward the vic.
But we did manage to recover this.
Those look like .
338 wildcats to me.
Are you some kind of ballistics expert? No, this is just the second time we have seen these today.
Okay, I need your team to pull any footage you guys have of the rooftop where the shooter was posted up and then start canvassing the neighborhood.
Alvarez's clerk, Vince, is waiting on you two inside the courthouse.
Kid was with her when it happened.
He's pretty shook up.
Thank you.
Vince? I'm Agent Wallace.
This is Agent Zidan.
Is it all right if we ask you a few questions? Okay, we understand that you were with the judge when she was shot today? Yeah, I was walking right beside her, carrying her briefcase, this briefcase.
Then I heard these two loud pops and Dove for cover like a coward.
You're not a coward, Vince, okay? That's normal human behavior.
But listen, were you aware of any recent threats made against Judge Alvarez? Yeah, she's an immigration judge.
Half the days we come to court, there's someone waiting to yell at us.
But the crazy thing about today is this isn't even our regular courthouse.
- What do you mean? - Our chambers are across town.
The judge was a last-minute sub for an off-docket deportation panel.
We weren't even supposed to be here.
And her presence wasn't public knowledge? No, I only just put it in her personal calendar this morning.
Why? Does that matter? Well, it depends.
If this is just another "wrong place, wrong time," then it doesn't matter, but if our judge was targeted, then our shooter may have been surveilling her.
We're gonna need access to her computer, her phone, tablet, actually, anything that connects to the internet.
This is her laptop.
Thank you.
So yeah, Tiff and OA are right.
Alvarez's calendar is infected with some kind of Trojan horse tracking virus.
So Judge Alvarez was actually a target.
Can we use it to identify where the virus came from or who the shooter is? In a perfect world, yes, but the IP address is masked by a VPN, so all we can say for sure is that our guy is good with computers.
Okay, that's That's something, right? All right, so we know we're looking for a tech-savvy shooter who's got issues with both Mulder and Alvarez.
That narrows it down a bit.
Don't forget the possible connection to Brad Baker.
That's right.
I'm on it, and cross referencing Mulder's arrests with Alvarez's docket gives me 13 points of overlap, which hey, this looks interesting.
This is Oscar Rodriguez.
He's a coder at Data Tech Innovations.
Mm, so we know he's tech-savvy.
And his parents were arrested by Mulder six months ago, and then Judge Alvarez deported them back to El Salvador.
Okay, so we know he's angry at the system, but thousands of people are deported every day.
It's gotta be something more to motivate a spree shooting.
I think it might have something to do with what happened next.
This is an AP wire report that came out of San Salvador six weeks ago.
Apparently, Oscar's parents were found dead in a ditch.
Shot up by local MS-13.
Ooh, well, as tragic as that is, that is motive.
Does Oscar know Brad Baker? They're friends, at least according to Facebook.
Bring him in.
- FBI! - Federal agents! - Point up! - Pull a right! Drawing room clear! Clear.
Well, looks like this is where Oscar's been spending most of his time.
Got Oscar's laptop here.
Let's get it to CART.
I've got draft letters of angry petitions to New York senators, and LexisNexis articles on deportation law.
All of the things that you would expect to see from someone who has been fighting the system.
Hey, Tiff, take a look at this picture.
Isn't that Baker with Oscar? Yep.
"I promise, Oscar, whatever it takes "to get through this pain, we'll do it "so the two of us can have the future together we deserve.
" I think Baker and Oscar are more than just Facebook friends.
Found this in Oscar's apartment.
I'm assuming that's your handwriting? You don't have to answer that.
Yeah, it's my handwriting.
So when you wrote that you'll do "whatever it takes to get through this," you were talking about helping Oscar kill people? I already told you people before, I'm not a killer.
Just a guy who buys high-powered rifles and specialty ammunition for fun? Why'd you run? Because 60 seconds before the FBI barged into my office, I heard a breaking news report that Mulder had been shot, and I panicked.
Because you knew it was Oscar.
Don't say anything you're going to regret here, Brad.
No, it's okay, Phil.
They know it's him now.
Do you have any idea what it was like? Watching Oscar go through this? Enlighten us.
Mike Mulder and his storm troopers pulled Oscar's parents out of their bed in the middle of the night after 27 years of living in this country all because Oscar's dad got a speeding ticket and ended up on some list.
- So you fight it in court.
- We tried.
But we kept running headlong into this Conservative activist judge, Alvarez.
She sent Oscar's parents back to the same country they fled decades ago.
They shot his parents and left them in a ditch like dogs.
So this is when the revenge plot started? I don't know.
I didn't plot it.
Yeah, but you knew about it.
I know that's when the quiet man I love grew angry.
I also know I came home one day last week and found one of my guns missing.
A semiautomatic sniper rifle and lots of ammo.
- Did you report it? - No.
I just pretended like I didn't notice it was gone.
Brad, that makes you responsible for the deaths of Mulder and Alvarez.
I didn't want this to happen.
After the first gun went missing, I moved the rest to my office.
Then prove it by giving us a lead that we can work with here, Brad.
Because if you don't, you're staring down an accessory to murder charge.
Okay, is there Is there anyone else that you know that he blames for this? Or or a hideout that maybe he's gone off to? Look, if I knew where he was, I would tell you because I don't think he's gonna stop.
But you have to find him another way.
Then that's what we'll do.
We're gonna send you down to MDC for booking.
All right, so unfortunately, other than a lot of shared rage, it looks like Oscar mostly kept his boyfriend Baker in the dark, so how do we find him? And if we can't find Oscar, let's try and find his next target.
- What about Oscar's laptop? - Yeah, what do you mean? I mean, we found the Trojan horse on Alvarez's computer, but we didn't know who the sender was because he used a VPN, but if Oscar is the sender, and we have his computer, wouldn't there be some evidence on the hard drive? I'm assuming it's wiped.
You wouldn't want to leave easy access to malware.
What? You got something? If I'm reading this right, yeah.
Oscar initially sent two copies of the virus.
One to Mulder, one to Alvarez, but then recently he fired off a third to Congressman Grange.
That makes sense.
With all of his "taking out the trash," - anti-immigration rhetoric.
- Yeah.
All right, folks, it looks like we found our next target.
We need to find Congressman Grange.
Hey, according to Oscar's tracker, Grange and his kid are being interviewed by a journalist right now at their home in Brooklyn.
Get over there now.
Congressman Grange! We need you to get back inside right now.
- Zidan, right? - Correct.
We met yesterday, but we need you to get back inside.
We have reason to believe Get down! Get down! Okay.
Thank you.
Anything? No sign of the shooter, but I found these casings.
Looks like he climbed down this fire escape at the rear of the building.
Okay, we're setting up containment now for whatever it's worth, see if we can find anything.
- How's Congressman Grange? - It was a flesh wound.
He'll survive.
So who in the hell is shooting at me? Suspect's name is Oscar Rodriguez.
His parents were deported by ICE and then killed six weeks later in El Salvador.
And he blames me for this somehow? Not his parents who came here illegally in the first place? Well, maybe you can ask him once we find him, but for now, we need to concentrate.
You don't know where Oscar Rodriguez is.
No, which is why we'd like to provide protective detail to you while we continue our hunt.
And so you want Zidan here to be my bodyguard? Agent Zidan will run point, yes.
That's fine, but I'm not gonna hide like some beta back bencher who's afraid of a fight.
What does that mean? I have to give a speech to a VIP meet and greet this afternoon in Tribeca at the Holland Terrace rooftop full of big money donors, and I'm not missing it.
You don't get to make the rules here, Congressman.
We're trying to keep you safe.
Which I appreciate, but with all due respect, I'm a member of the U.
House of Representatives.
Who's willing to risk another public shooting to hold a fundraiser? Sir, it's reckless.
That may be true, but I have an election in six months against a liberal Coexist billionaire, so I'm gonna go out and raise some money with or without the FBI's help.
We'll get an advance team down to Tribeca as quickly as possible.
Just give us a minute to work out the logistics.
Thank you.
Playing Russian roulette with a dangerous revenge shooter.
We can't let this fundraiser happen.
Obviously, the first call I make will be to D.
to see if we can stop it.
Well, the FBI stepping on first amendment rights never goes down well in the press.
No, it doesn't.
Hopefully, we can get a bead on Oscar, but until then, I need you to keep that congressman safe even if he thinks our two families don't belong here.
You don't like me much, do you, Zidan? I do not see how that is relevant, sir.
I'm just here to keep you alive.
That's a hell of a non-answer.
I'm sorry.
Were you hoping for better conversation in addition to the scenario where one of us might take a bullet for you today? A little bit, yeah.
Since we're spending so much time together.
Okay, then why don't you tell me why you won't cancel this fundraiser? I will, if you'll tell me why you don't like me.
I thought it would be more obvious.
Congressman, just look at me.
Because all I hear when someone says that this country is changing in unacceptable ways is that foreigners are no longer welcome here, okay? Your entire campaign is built off of tearing down and hating immigrants like my parents.
That, sir, is why I do not like you, okay? You need to go get dressed, son.
There's someone trying to shoot you, and we're still doing the fundraiser? - Why? - You know why.
This is about your mom, Ethan.
Now go put on a suit, okay? Please.
Just so you know, I don't hate immigrants.
Well, your stump speech says otherwise.
No, it doesn't Not if you listen.
I'm just opposed to open border crossings, to people coming here illegally like the animal who killed my wife nine years ago.
So why can't you just say that? Hm? Why is every single one of your speeches filled with "taking out the trash" and calling immigrants animals? Why? Because that is how you get a seat at the table.
The only people my voters respect are fighters who are just as extreme as the other side.
Which is why, to answer your earlier question, I'm not gonna cancel my speech today.
- Do you understand? - Yeah.
I do.
But you are going to wear this bulletproof vest.
Do you understand? You got anything, Tiff? Nothing yet, but obviously, everybody inside the event is just the tip of the iceberg.
I know, we're looking at, like, 3,000 windows here, guys.
You hearing this, Maggie? Yeah, I can hear you, Scola.
The longer I'm down here, the less I like this.
I'm thinking you guys should take another run at trying to talk Grange down.
Congressman, we have just received an update from the perimeter.
We still do not have eyes on Oscar Rodriguez.
Meaning he's not here? Meaning that there is no way to know for sure.
But he'll be protected, right? If he sticks to the script.
We have a top-of-the-line bulletproof shield in front of the podium and he is wearing a vest, but Congressman, I am urging you to reconsider going out there.
You remember what I said today about getting a seat at the table? Those people out there, they control the purse strings that keep me in office, Zidan.
And their political donations say patriots don't cower.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I want to thank you for coming out today to acknowledge what we know is true.
America is under attack, people! Today, I was shot at for the second time in less than 36 hours, targeted to the point that I'm wearing a tactical vest and standing behind bulletproof glass.
Stop giving away our protection, please.
Because a society that has no standards for admission, common heritage, or values, that society stands weakened on the brink of collapse.
Agent Mulder, Judge Alvarez, all these patriots were guilty of was trying to remove American's toxins.
- Both shot and killed.
- I know, right? Roofs are still clear.
By barbarians who had snuck through our porous gates.
And this will keep happening until America takes out the trash! 'Cause once the trash is deported, Americans, once again, will be safe to walk the streets.
Safe to mix with friends, and I say we show these animals that we're not afraid right now.
This is supposed to be a meet and greet, right? Well, let's meet, then.
What is he doing? - Shooter.
- Congressman.
- No! - Medic! Congressman's been shot! Guys, it's Oscar.
He's in the old shoe factory building on Leonard.
You promised you would keep him alive! - This is your fault! - Medic! You could have stopped him from going on stage! You're the FBI! There's our guy.
Oscar Rodriguez! FBI! Stay back! Everyone back or I'll shoot her! If anyone armed enters this place, I'll end this girl's life without a second's regret! Hey, the owner just sent over prints and a layout.
Assuming that Oscar pulled her all the way to the back, we're looking at about 60 feet of washing machines between the front door and our hostage.
Is there any way to get a camera in there to confirm their location? CART team is tapping into the building security as we speak.
We should have eyes and ears soon.
Um, what about the girl? Just talked to the friend.
Our hostage's name is Elena Ramirez.
Sophomore at NYU.
Family's originally from Honduras.
Honduras? Okay, good.
Maybe we can use the Central America connection to our advantage.
We could also just overwhelm him with SWAT.
Not without risking Elena's life.
He has a semiautomatic rifle and we don't know how much ammunition.
What about this back office, guys? Looks like there's an entrance from the side street.
There is, but it's padlocked.
What are you thinking? Divide and conquer.
One of us walks in unarmed with Maggie, starts up a conversation.
The other two slip around back, ready to make entry if talking goes south.
Yeah, that might be our only play.
I ran point on the congressman's detail, and his son blames me for not protecting him, so I'm gonna face off with Oscar if it comes down to it, okay? OA, we did everything we could.
The guy went off-script.
I know, Scola.
I know.
Let you and me take the back.
We'll take the back.
What's going on? Guard who pulled me from my cell wouldn't say.
Oscar just killed Curtis Grange.
- The congressman? - Yes.
And now he's pinned down in this laundromat with a hostage, which is a situation he is not going to survive unless he turns himself in.
You're here because I need you to help us make that happen.
- I don't think he'll listen.
- Why? Because if Oscar wanted to be talked down, he would've told me about his revenge plan in the first place.
Either way, we really need you to try.
I read the letter that you wrote Oscar, how you want to grow old together.
But if you really do love him, the only way you're gonna see him again is if you pull him back from the brink.
Tell me what you need me to say.
Oscar? I'm Special Agent Tiffany Wallace with the FBI.
I just wanna talk for a minute.
Can you hear me? That's okay.
You you don't have to talk right now.
I'm by myself And I don't have a gun.
Oscar, I want you to know that we understand why you're angry.
I can't imagine the pain you must have felt when your parents were killed.
But right now, you're endangering the life of that young lady.
Her name's Elena, and her family came here for a better life from Honduras, just like yours came from El Salvador, and she's got nothing to do with this.
So I'm gonna need you to let her go.
Okay, it's clear.
If you don't, none of us are gonna like how this ends.
So what's gonna happen right now is I'm gonna bring somebody else in to speak with you.
We've got Brad Baker here with us.
Hey, Oscar? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay, Brad.
Look, I'm sorry I took your guns.
Don't even worry about that now.
But you gotta let her go, okay, love? Why? So I can spend my entire life rotting in some jail cell? I can visit you.
They're gonna kill you if you don't let her go.
I don't care.
These people, they ruined my entire life! So now, either you're gonna let me go, you give me a plane to flee, and then I'll release the hostage.
No, there's not gonna be a plane.
They're gonna kill you if you don't surrender, Oscar.
There are SWAT agents everywhere.
You murdered a congressman.
Well, let them try.
Te amo.
Drop your weapon, Oscar! It does not need to end this way! He's dead.
Okay, wait.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going with Baker? Scola and Maggie are still talking to the AUSA.
I think there might be a deal struck.
- He did help us, after all.
- Yeah.
What about you? What's this? I am reading some old articles on Grange's wife.
He really raised Ethan as a single father, and that just must have been a reminder of all the pain every day.
He was pretty consumed with his cause.
Basically martyred himself for it.
It's just all so confusing, yet Yet it makes perfect sense.
Well, that's confusing.
What I mean is that Grange blamed our immigration system for killing his wife, and Oscar blamed our immigration system for killing his parents.
What's gonna happen to Grange's son? I don't know.
He's right there.
What do you want? I just I wanted to stop by and check on you, see how you're doing.
I thought you hated my father.
Not even close.
What's this? That is an application for the FBI, which you will be eligible to join in seven years.
What am I supposed to do with this? Hold onto it.
Use it as a motivation to avoid doing all the things that FBI agents can't do.
When you're ready, you call me, and I'm gonna help you through the whole process, okay? I'm so sorry for your loss.

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