FBI (2018) s04e17 Episode Script

One Night Stand

1 You're going to be fine, sweetie.
Just take a few deep breaths.
It's probably a stomachache or a food poisoning.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
John, I really need to go to the hospital.
That's not a good idea, babe.
I'll get you some water.
Maybe you're just really dehydrated.
No, I need to go to the hospital right now.
I'm dying.
She's sick, man.
We need to get her to the hospital.
No! Help! Lawyer, the cook from ? She's funny too, like, for real.
I know.
It's ridiculous.
If you screw this up No, I'm trying.
Trust me, okay? Been sharing my feelings.
Wow, a complete rebrand.
I sent her a text last night.
Just told her what a great time I had, that I can't wait to see her again.
I literally don't believe you.
I'm telling you, Tiff.
I'm a new man.
So was she overwhelmed by your honesty and vulnerability? Well, I don't know.
She didn't text me back yet.
- That'll teach you.
- Right.
Two bodies just found at General Grant's National Memorial.
Dog walker found the bodies around 6:15 a.
Two victims, one male, one female, both white.
Male has been identified as John Kraus, 25, took one in the forehead.
Female victim, Julia Miller, 22, wasn't so lucky.
Poor kid.
Oh, my God.
Gutted like a fish.
Damn, that's some satanic, devil-worshiping thing.
- Robbery? - Don't think so.
We found cash and credit cards in their wallets but no phones.
Witnesses? Cameras? There are a few over near the monument but nothing back here.
If I hear anything else, I'll be in touch.
All right, folks, so two people are dead.
Let's talk about 'em.
According to DHS records, they returned from Cancun just hours before their attack.
Okay, a trip to Mexico's helpful.
We scrubbin' airport terminal footage? Yeah, I'm already on it.
All right, talk to me about these victims.
Julia Miller, 22.
Student at NYU.
Born and raised in New York.
Father deceased.
Mother lives in Riverdale.
Did she file any recent complaints? Any prior arrests? Anything that might point to these horrific murders? No, nothing obvious, but I'll keep digging.
- What about the male? - Name is John Kraus, 25.
Graphic designer.
Graduated from NYU last year.
Parents live in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Social media? Wait, were they a couple? Looks like it.
Most of their posts are standard stuff.
Food photos, ski vacations, beach selfies.
So they just got back from vacation, right? What did they post about the Mexico trip? Nothing.
Really? That's odd.
So maybe this Cancun trip wasn't a vacation.
Where are we on that airport video? Who picked them up? Don't know who, but I have a visual on the car.
Gray Ford picks them up outside the Delta terminal at 8:04.
Who is this? Livery, Uber, friend? Not sure, I can't see the driver - or the license plate.
- Yeah, all right.
We need another shot of that car.
- Gotcha.
- What about their phones? Still can't track them down.
There's nothing registered to either Julia Miller or John Kraus.
No phones? How is that even possible? All right, there are some holes to this story.
Let's start filling 'em.
You said her mom lives in Riverdale, yeah? - Yeah.
- Let's track her down.
Have Maggie and OA talk to her.
She was a good kid, a good student.
She wanted to be a journalist.
I can only imagine what you're going through right now.
Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? - Julia attended NYU, correct? - Yes.
She had one more semester.
And her boyfriend, John? He was He graduated last year.
He was a graphic designer.
Was anything unusual going on? Gambling, stalking, drugs, something like that? Oh, no, not that I was aware of.
What about money issues? Of course, they were young and broke like all kids in their early twenties.
So the trip they just took to Mexico.
You paid for that? What trip? They were in Mexico for the last three days.
They got back last night.
That's news to me.
I'm not sure how they paid for it either.
Cause of death for both victims is pretty straightforward, but I did find something interesting in the female DOA's small intestine.
- Tiny rubber particles.
- That's odd.
Not if you're smuggling cocaine.
Tox report just came back.
She had lethal amounts of cocaine in her blood.
If the knife didn't kill her, the coke would have.
She's a drug mule.
Swallows a few balloons, hops on a plane, one of the packages starts leaking.
Dealer freaks out, thinks she's gonna die, so he cuts her open to retrieve the dope.
Anything else, Doctor? Any physical evidence on the body? Yeah, I found DNA in the female's fingernails.
Ran it through database, but came up empty.
Thanks, Neil.
At least we have a motive.
Pretty nasty one too, but it's a lot better than all that devil voodoo stuff.
All right, so the story's coming into focus.
A couple of kids trying to make some money the wrong way.
We making any headway in here? Yeah, pulled some traffic cam video of the same make and model car exiting the airport at 8:09, 3 people visible.
Okay, so we get a license plate? Yeah, it comes back to a Benny Gomez, 30, two misdemeanor drug arrests and a felony battery conviction.
Okay, looks like we have a suspect.
Get the LK over to Scola and Tiffany.
Benny Gomez, we need to talk.
Hey, there he Benny.
Hey, wait! What are you doing? Suspect is fleeing east on Florence Avenue in Greenpoint.
Whoa, whoa! Hey! We lost eyes on our suspect headed south on 25th Avenue.
Name is Benny Gomez.
5'10 Hispanic male, medium build.
Talk to me.
We were able to track Gomez on security cams for ten blocks, but then he disappeared.
Okay, so he either has a hiding spot near where he disappeared or what, he hopped on the subway? It doesn't appear he has any family in that area.
And we were able to check video at the three nearest subway stations.
All right, so maybe he took off in a cab or a car.
- Or he stole one? - Yeah, even better.
- Maya? - Yeah.
Only one car reported stolen in the area in the last 15 minutes, a late model Toyota Camry.
License plate OAB-4345.
I'll try to access the GPS system.
It's empty.
Tiff, I got him.
Is that him out on the roof talking to another person? Yeah, that's him, but who's that woman? I have no clue.
I can't see her face.
- FBI, don't move! - Put your hands up! Face away from me.
All right, Gomez.
You're coming with us.
You're also under arrest.
What the hell are you doing, Scola? - What is going on here, Nina? - He's my informant, okay? I've been working with him for months trying to take down the Mexican Regents.
- The Regents? - Yes, and we're close.
He was about to introduce me to his boss, a guy named Octavio Lopez.
Okay, well, obviously, we had no idea.
Okay, we tried to talk to Gomez earlier this morning, and he took off running.
A few hours later, we got a lead, so we moved on him.
Why do you need to talk to him? He's a person of interest in a double homicide.
Gomez? Come on, he's a runner, a glorified limo driver.
Well, the facts say something different, so we need to bring him down to 26 Fed for questioning.
I'm telling you he didn't kill anyone.
I still gotta talk to him.
I wanna sit in then.
I've been working this case for seven months, all right? I need to be in the loop.
Simple as that.
I'll see what I can do.
Excuse me.
You wanna unhook me? Sorry about that, yeah.
Hey, and for the record, sorry about what happened last year too.
Oh, that? Yeah, it's all good, bro.
Not a big deal.
Gomez is her informant.
She trusts him, thinks he's innocent, but she wants to know what's going on.
Thinks there could be implications, for her undercover case.
Fine, but don't let it influence your interrogations.
If Gomez is involved in these murders, we are going to arrest him, and we're not cutting him any breaks either.
It's the director.
Said it's important.
Okay, put him through.
I keep telling you, man, I'm just a runner.
I work for Octavio Lopez.
I pick up cash.
I take it from one place to another.
That's it.
Come on, Benny.
I'm trying to help here.
All right? So stop lying to me.
The director would appreciate it if we had someone in custody by the end of the day.
Apparently, a young woman gutted and dead on federal land is a bad look for us.
It's a bad look for everyone, isn't it? This is you in your car at the airport, okay? And these are the two kids getting into your car two hours before they both wound up dead.
Benny, they know you're no choir boy, okay? So as long as you weren't involved in the murders, just tell him what you know.
What are you saying, I can trust him? Look, I'm guessing you didn't kill those kids, okay? So the sooner you make that clear, the sooner we're outta here.
Octavio's driver got sick, so he called me.
Told me to go to the airport and pick up the two kids.
- Where'd you take them? - To the park.
I was supposed to take them to Octavio's house, but the girl said she wasn't feeling good.
She said she was gonna throw up.
So I pulled him to the park.
I told her and her boyfriend to get out, you know, go outside, go for a walk, get some fresh air.
And what did you do while they were getting fresh air? I called Octavio.
I told him what was going on.
He told me to take off.
Said he would handle the rest.
That's all I know.
So if you took off and that's all you know, why'd you run when we showed up at your apartment? Oh, because I saw the news.
I knew what happened.
I got nervous, so I ran.
Wouldn't you? So it looks like Gomez is telling the truth.
We found video of him driving away as John and Julie were walking into the park.
We also have video of him going into his apartment 20 minutes later alone.
And me and Maggie searched that apartment.
No evidence, no blood.
What about the DNA under Julie's nails? - Doesn't match.
- Thanks.
Hey, so looks like your informant - was telling the truth.
- Huh, told you he was solid.
Well, let's take advantage of it.
Let's wire him up, get him in the same room as Octavio, have him ask a few innocent questions about the victims' murders.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
No, I've been working this case for months, and I'm too close to wrapping it up.
I mean, I'm two steps away from a sit-down with his boss, Hector Garcia, street name El Perro.
Look, if you bring in Octavio for questioning, El Perro will take off to Mexico guaranteed.
I can appreciate your concern.
I mean, do you guys have any proof that Octavio actually committed these murders, or is this just a fishing expedition? What we know is what Gomez told us, but it sure as hell sounds like Octavio was involved, his drugs, his mules.
He knew the victims were in the park, and he knew that Julia wasn't feeling well.
What if we use Gomez but agree not to arrest Octavio if he says something incriminating? We hold on to the information, keep Octavio in play until you get your introduction to El Perro? Yeah, I'm okay with that.
Yeah, okay.
- Good.
- Great.
I want you to just get Octavio talking about the kids in the park.
Pretend you don't know they're dead, okay? You know, you're just making small talk.
I gotta take it real slow man.
Octavio's real suspicious of everyone.
That dude doesn't trust his own mother.
I heard him ask her one time if she was working for the police.
Hey, just dance around it, okay? Or just ask him about the college girl, okay? She got really sick.
Something like that? Hey, we got this, okay? Look, if you don't get any traction on the victims, I want you to look around his house for something with DNA on it, okay? A towel, a beer bottle, a toothbrush, or something.
Yeah, I can do that.
Okay, let's do this.
- Oh, Nina don't play, huh? - Nope, not even been a little.
Just so we're clear, no matter what Octavio says, no matter what we get on wire or on video, we're gonna let him walk.
We just talked about this.
I was the one who suggested that.
I just wanted to clarify.
Benny's pulling up.
Hey, what's up man? You want something to drink? A beer? Anything? Uh, no, I'm good, but thanks.
Qué tal, Gomez? What's so important? I just wanted to make sure everything worked out the other night.
- What are you talking about? - The other night? The kids, the boy and the girl I picked up at the airport.
I don't know anything about none of that.
Hey, Benny.
Back off a little.
Chill out for now.
Chill out? He barely even started.
Give him some time.
All right, cool.
If you cool, I'm cool.
You got anything else to talk about? I gotta pick up my daughter from school soon.
No, I just wanted to touch base about last night, but I guess we're all good on that, so.
Oh, there's one other thing.
I met up with my girl Nina this morning, the one from Canada.
Right, the one with all the money.
That's her.
She's got lots of cash behind her.
She was hoping to meet you.
She's just looking for a new supply, that's all.
Is she legit? You checked her out? Yeah, yeah, man.
She knows the business inside and out.
- You remind him about the DNA? - He knows.
I don't know.
I'll think about it.
What the hell is he doing? Getting the hell out of there? He didn't even attempt to look for anything.
You don't know that.
Nina, two people were just killed.
- A college kid was cut open.
- Don't put that on me.
That is your case and your problem, not mine and not my informant's.
Look, I know this is a delicate situation, that this case is really important to you, but we're not here trying to blow you up.
We just looking for evidence.
That's it.
You want evidence? You want DNA? Okay.
I need to know what the hell is going on, like, now.
Okay, we kind of dated a year ago.
Kind of dated? All right, look, we hooked up one night, and I never followed up.
She's a good agent.
So she's really smart, really pretty, and a really good agent.
Damn, Scola.
You are more screwed up than I thought.
I mean, I've changed, right? Yeah.
There's your DNA.
Happy? Hey, preliminary results are in.
The DNA does not match from the cigarette butts.
So Octavio isn't our killer.
Yeah, it doesn't appear that way.
I've already talked to Nina's supervisor, and we both feel, at the end of the day, folding her investigation into ours will produce the best results.
So we're taking over her case? Helping her make an arrest will allow us to leverage Octavio and the rest for answers.
I get that, but after what just happened, I'm a little surprised Nina's willing to collaborate.
It's not her decision.
It's mine.
- She doesn't know yet? - No.
So the DNA isn't a match, which means I know what it means.
I already got a call from my SAC.
Okay, it is isn't personal.
We're just trying to make our case.
Yeah, by blowing up mine? And that's not how it'll go down.
We'll be working the case with you hand in glove.
Yeah, no offense, I don't really want your hand anywhere near my glove or my case, but it is what it is.
Listen, I want to clear the air about Look, the meeting with Octavio is set up for later today.
The goal is to make him comfortable and to sell my cover story, so you guys need to stay wide.
Then what? Well, Octavio is gonna get me a sit-down face-to-face with El Perro.
We'll set up the buy, and we'll do the deal tomorrow.
- Sounds like a plan.
- It is.
Don't screw it up.
Hey, bro.
Good, have fun.
Octavio and some guy just walked in.
- Copy that.
- All right, here we go.
He's punctual.
Most drug dealers aren't.
Okay, sending the director of the FBI to voicemail.
- That's bold.
- Well, I don't have a choice.
He wants answers, and I don't have them.
Let's be careful, guys.
We don't know how many eyes he already has in this place.
Nina, headed towards your table right now.
- What up, homey? - What's up, man? All right, straight to business then.
Don't get it twisted.
We ain't doing business.
We're just talking.
This guy says you're cool, but how do I know that? You don't.
Then why the hell should I mess with you? Because you're greedy like me.
The people I represent in Toronto are looking for a friend this side of the border, one that's capable of delivering a lot of weight.
How much weight? Twenty bricks every two weeks.
We'll keep buying as long as the purity is high and the price is low.
You don't gotta worry about the quality.
Our stuff is as good as it gets.
He's right, but bricks don't come cheap.
You're looking at 40 a pop.
Forty apiece? You heard the man.
That's the number.
You think I'm a cop or something? You think I'm gonna jump at a stupid price like that? I don't know who or what you are.
That's the problem.
Let's go.
Hold up.
What's the real price? 25.
Purity guaranteed above 70%.
But my boss wants half the money prior to delivery.
I gotta make a call, see how my partners back home feel about this.
Make it fast.
You're right.
She's really good.
Nah, homey, you stay with us.
Yeah, it's all good.
- Hey, you sure she's legit? - Yeah, yeah.
I did a few things with her and her people.
What kind of things? Crossing the border with a load.
On my life, O, she's legit.
Better be.
Hey, Nina, you might wanna wrap up that call.
Octavio is looking nervous.
Okay, it's not my first deal, but make sure you have my back, okay? We got it.
Put that crap out.
I hate when you light those damn things around me.
- Did you hear that? - Octavio doesn't smoke.
Meaning the DNA we tested from the cigarette butts wasn't Octavio's.
What's it gonna be, chica? You in or out? We'll front 20% as a gesture of goodwill.
That's as far as we're willing to go, Shouldn't be a problem.
We'll be in touch.
Oh, you got this, right? All right, it looks like they're heading out.
You guys ready to follow off? We're on it.
We'll stay on Nina and Gomez until you guys tell us that Octavio has pulled away.
Might still be good for these murders.
I saw him take a drink.
Yes, sir, I understand.
You will be the first to know, I promise.
Let me guess, the director again? Yeah.
Nina's informant just got the call.
The meeting with El Perro is a go.
Set to happen at a park over in Queens.
Get that buy money ready.
Listen, I need this deal to go as smoothly as possible, so you get down there, get to work, and arrest those bastards.
All right.
12 stacks of 10K each for a total of 120,000.
I heard there's another DNA sample out there.
Yeah, Octavio's saliva, so we'll see.
Yeah, but our deal still remains the same, right? - You wait until I make my case.
- Correct.
Look, El Perro is a major player I know.
He's responsible for what, a quarter of all the cocaine in the Northeast? More than that.
Not to mention all of the violence and murders.
Nina, I get it.
I got your back on this.
I promise.
It may not look like it, but the resolution on this necklace cam is 4k.
All right.
May I? Yeah.
- You okay? - Yeah, sorry, I just Yeah, let's go.
I have things to do.
- Okay, and there you go.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Gomez is, like, 15 minutes late.
Is there any reason to be concerned? No, he's solid.
He's probably just running late.
Just a heads up.
There's no movement at Octavio's house, and the meeting is in 12 minutes.
Maybe they're having second thoughts? We got a car pulling up.
The driver is getting out of the car.
Is that El Perro? No, that's Gomez.
That wasn't part of the plan.
Scola, we might have a problem.
Gomez say anything about paying Octavio a visit? - No.
- Then why did he? I don't know, probably just to calm his nerves.
Yeah, or warning him.
You could be walking into a trap.
All right, relax, okay? Gomez and I are tight.
We've been working together for three years.
I trust him.
Gomez has left Octavio's house.
Copy that.
Hey, what if you're wrong? I'm good at reading people, knowing whether they're trustworthy.
Now let's do this.
- You're late.
- Sorry.
Had to swing by and calm down Octavio.
He's getting cold feet.
Yeah, but we're good, right? Yeah, but El Perro won't be at the meeting.
What do you mean? El Perro said he wants Octavio to see the money before he decides to meet with you directly.
- It's just a formality.
- That wasn't the deal.
Their dope, their rules.
Nothing I can do to change his mind.
Okay, we can talk about this later.
It's time to go get in place, okay? Nina's right.
Maggie just said Octavio left the house, and he's flying solo.
He should be here in less than 10 minutes.
Hey, Octavio is changing the plan.
He wants to set another meeting to see the cash before he arranges the meeting with El Perro.
That's not good.
Sounds like El Perro is getting cold feet.
Yeah, but it's our only option.
- We have to play it out, right? - No, it's not.
DNA came back on Octavio's saliva.
It's a match.
Looks like he's our killer.
- I'm tired of the games.
- Ain't no game.
Our boss just wants proof.
That's all.
Well, trust is a two-way street.
You show me the product, I'll show you my cash.
Money ain't illegal, dope is.
Means I'd be taking all the risk.
Who the hell is he? I don't like surprises.
He's with me.
Tell him to bring it over here.
I want to see it up close.
Not until I see the product.
You're a serious lady.
I like that.
- What's that for? - El Perro.
He'll meet you in Queens at 8:45, just you and the cash.
He sees anyone who's not in this picture, and the deal's off.
- So you won't be there? - My job here is done.
- He's changing the plan again.
- I don't like it.
There's too many things that can go wrong if we have to wait until tonight.
- Scola.
- Isobel, what's up? Take Octavio down now.
- I thought we were going to - Change of plans.
Murder trumps drugs.
End of debate.
FBI! Ah! Okay.
What the hell was that? We had a deal.
You gave me your word.
I know that, and I am sorry, okay? But this was not my call.
Nina, this came from the SAC.
The plan kept changing.
Octavio was not buying your cover.
What happened to you having my back and all that crap that you said, huh? Or what, was this the plan all along? Let's see what Nina can uncover.
We'll wait for the DNA, then we'll make the arrest.
Like I said, Isobel got spoo Go to hell.
Great, thank you.
Hey, great news, Octavio's lawyer says - he wants to cooperate.
- Oh, that's great.
I'm gonna have you grab Tiff, go interrogate this punk and find out what he knows and what he is willing to give up.
And Scola, listen, um, I am really sorry about the mix-up with Nina.
There were too many variables.
I couldn't risk Octavio taking off.
- We hear you wanna talk? - Yeah, we wanna make a deal.
Your client killed two people in cold blood in a federal park.
He's staring down a life sentence, so I don't think you have much leverage.
But we're willing to listen, hear what you have to say.
Okay, then so this is all off the table.
Queen for a day until we make a deal.
Agreed? Sure.
Tell them what happened.
Nothing you say can be used against you if we don't make a deal.
Look, I killed those two kids cause El Perro told me to do it.
He said we couldn't take the risk - of that girl overdosing.
- Come on.
He forced you to kill 'em? You could do better than that.
He's the boss, man.
If I don't do what he says, then I get killed, But we need more evidence.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll call him on the phone.
I'll wear a wire.
You name it.
I'll roll his ass up on these murders.
Five or six more plus the drugs.
I know it all, man.
I know names, addresses.
I know where the bodies are buried.
All right, we're gonna need to discuss this with the U.
Attorney's office, but if you're telling the truth, I'm thinking a deal can be made here.
Oh, and since you're coming clean and all, I got one more question for you.
Fire away.
You know, that woman that you met with, uh, Nina, drug dealer from Canada? What about her? Were you really planning on introducing her to El Perro, doing business with her? Nina it's me, Scola.
Listen to me.
Call me when you get the message.
It's important, all right? We just sat down with Octavio.
Do not reach out to El Perro.
Do not meet up with him under any circumstances.
He is not planning on selling to you, Nina.
He's gonna rob you and kill you.
Call me.
- Hey, went to voicemail? - Yeah.
I mean, I could try it again.
She's not gonna take my calls.
- Let me try.
- We got to find her.
- All right, you keep trying her.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna track down her supervisor.
He should have access to her GPS.
Okay, her car is two blocks east on 88th street.
Moving? - It just stopped.
- Not good.
Means she's probably meeting up with someone.
Hey, I see them.
Should we lay low until We don't have time for that.
Nina, yo, we need to talk.
Hey, what the hell are you doing here? Are you meeting El Perro? Yes, you need to get the hell outta here.
He's planning to rob you.
What are you talking about? Guys, I think we have a company.
I said just you.
No one else.
FBI, do not move.
Covering! - Covering! - Covering! - Covering! - Go, go, go! Come on! Come over here.
This is Special Agent Tiffany Wallace.
We have three people shot at the corner of 89th and Relling.
We need medical assistance now.
Hey, you okay? How's Gomez? He's fine for now.
The doctor said he got really lucky.
Bullets missed all of his major organs.
That's good news.
Look, I know that this didn't go down like you hoped, and I'm sorry about I should have called you and told you what was going on with me.
We already did this.
Can we just move on, please? I'm serious, okay? I've changed.
That's fantastic.
I gotta go.
- Let's have dinner.
- What? Let me buy you dinner.
- No, I'm good.
- Come on, Nina.
I just want to have dinner and talk.
That's it.
For God's sake, I just saved your life.
The least you could let me do is buy you a piece of fish or something.
Come on.
You're not buying me a piece of fish, okay? I want a steak.

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