FBI (2018) s06e11 Episode Script

No One Left Behind

It's Ken. It's why he does anything.
Remember that congressman
from Pennsylvania,
he called him a toad? Yeah.
He had 1,000 frogs sent
to that guy's house.
Talk later.
Hey, Tyler. Take it your knee's better.
Yeah, I'm on this
anti-inflammatory diet
beans, nuts, berries.
Changes everything.
Now that you mention it,
I have never seen a squirrel
- with inflamed joints.
- Right?
They do seem anxious, though,
twitchy, maybe a little paranoid,
hiding their nuts and whatnot.
Well, if you notice,
I'm getting a little weird
looking over my shoulder,
you'll tell me?
Count on it, neighbor.
I'll get the door.
That's weird.
Tyler, the camera.
Where's the guard?
Where's Phil?
Oh, my God! Phil!
Phil, are you okay?
Tyler! Tyler!
You okay?
I had a crappy night's sleep.
Oh, I'm sorry. That sucks.
I heard you talking on
the phone in the bathroom.
Who's Anna?
You seem to care a lot about her.
she's the widow of a guy
I served with in Afghanistan.
What happened to him?
I'd rather not talk about it, Gem.
You never wanna talk about anything.
No, I just don't like to
talk about things that
That what?
Let's change the subject, please.
[SCOFFS] Is that a joke?
No. It's not.

It's really hard being in a relationship
with someone who doesn't open up.
I'm sure that it is, and I'm sorry.
But there are just some things that I
that I don't wanna talk about,
that I can't talk about.
- Let me guess. You gotta go?
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey.
- You've talked to Maggie?
- Yes.
She said she and Ella are
having a blast in Akron,
that Ella's grandparents are
spoiling the hell out of her.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
I'm glad she's getting
some time off too.
Detective, what do we got?
The victim's name is Tyler Combs.
Witness say the victim
was taken at gunpoint
by three men in masks.
They tied up the doorman
and disoriented the victim
with the flash-bang.
But they took the shells with them.
So are we thinking a kidnapping?
Looks that way, yeah.
A few hundred in the wallet.
And on top of that, the victim's
parents are apparently loaded.
Okay. Surveillance footage?
They taped over the cameras.
- Where's our witness?
- Over there.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hi. I'm Agent Zidan.
This is Agent Wallace.
Can you tell us what you saw?
Yes, of course.
Tyler and I came into
the lobby together.
Then three masked men set off
some kind of loud smoke bomb,
- and they took him.
- Okay.
So what did they look like
physically height, build?
I was pretty disoriented.
Um, two of the guys
all of the guys
were really tall, one stocky.
They all had enormous guns.
Anything else?
It it happened so quickly.
I'm so sorry.
It was just really scary.
No, no, no. Of course.
You've been very helpful. Thank you.
All right. So what do we know?
Three men with automatic
weapons abducted Tyler Combs
from the lobby of
his apartment building.
We don't know if it's a kidnap
for ransom or a personal beef.
So let's talk about Mr. Combs.
What do we know?
Kelly, any prior
police reports involving Tyler
as either the suspect or the victim?
Uh, no. He's clean.
Not even a speeding ticket.
Okay, what do we know from his socials?
He's a proud employee of Crimson Orb,
the biggest tech company
on planet Earth.
And he seems to be hanging out a lot
with the Crimson Orb founder, Leo Grant.
All right, so he's got a rich family,
even richer boss who likes to
keep him around as a wingman.
- Hey, Jubal, I got something.
- Ian, what do you got?
So Combs's phone is left
behind at the abduction site,
but I just found a device
labeled heart monitor
that hasn't been shut off.
Well, let's ping it.
Tyler's heart monitor is
pinging from inside the building.
I'll head in there.
You guys take the entrance
around the side.
These kidnappers are armed to the teeth,
so let's be careful.

First room's clear.
- OA.
- Is anybody there?
- You hear that?
- Yeah. Straight ahead.
I'm in here.
Somebody there?
Hey. I'm with the FBI.
I'm gonna take this hood off, okay?
Where am I?
You're in Brooklyn.
Hey, hey, hey. Sit, sit, sit.
Hold on a second.
His pulse is weak.
Did they sedate you?
Yeah. Yeah, they used a needle.
Can you describe the men that took you?
No. I didn't see their faces.
They wore masks.
And they put that hood on me.
And then what happened?
They drove me here, uh,
asked me questions,
threatened to kill me
if I didn't answer.
Okay, okay, okay.
You said they had questions?
Yeah, about my boss, Leo Grant.
Um, they wanted to know
who he was meeting with today.
And why would they be interested in him?
I don't know.
You know where?

- FBI.
Leo Grant, if you're in there, open up.
What the hell is going on?
Tyler Combs, an employee of yours,
was abducted this morning.
The assailants told him that
they would kill him
unless he told them where
and when this meeting was.
We were concerned you might be a target.
Is Tyler okay?
Yeah, he's a little
shaken up, but he's fine.
Why would these men be
so interested in this meeting?
I'm sorry. I can't really talk about it.
Three gunmen,
automatic weapons, flash-bangs.
Out of the car! Out of the car!
Same guys who took Tyler Combs.
Hide, lock the door behind us.

Vehicle's clear.
They took the used flash-bangs again.
These guys are being extremely careful.
What is this about?
I don't know.
Hang in there, okay?
An ambulance is coming.
Who's the man that they took?
Why did they take him?
No, no, no. Why did they take them?
Who was he?

This is really bad.
These dead guys,
they were here to see you?
Yes, but like I said,
I can't discuss it with you.
Why not?
Because I'm not allowed to.
We set up a containment, but
Any update on the victims?
They all have Afghan passports
and appear to be Taliban.
So enough of these games.
Who is this man they abducted?
Look, I really can't talk about it.
It's above your pay grade.
We are talking about a quadruple murder
that is actually right in the
sweet spot of our pay grade.
I need to talk to my lawyers.
Tell them to meet you at 26 Fed.
Wait a minute, I don't have
to go anywhere with you guys.
I'm sorry?
Okay. 26 Fed it is.
That's a good choice.
So we have four members
of the Taliban-controlled
government of Afghanistan
dead in a hotel parking lot in Queens,
and we have no record of their
entry into the United States.
One, how is that even possible?
And two, why were they here?
I just got off the phone
with the CBP commissioner.
Customs has no idea,
said they'll call me back.
All right, Elise, how are we doing
with that surveillance footage?
- I'm ready for you.
- All right. Throw it up.
Maybe we'll get lucky and get
something actionable this time.

Out of the car!
Now push in.
Wait. Freeze it right there.
Is that who I think it is?

Why were you meeting
Abdul Khaleq Sayeed?
I won't allow Mr. Grant
to answer that question.
He is one of
the most dangerous terrorists
of all time.
You met with him,
and we need to know why.
Mr. Grant has no legal
obligation to cooperate.
And for the record, Mr. Sayeed
is now the legitimate head
of the Afghan government.
Well, it depends on
how you define legitimate.
You don't have to answer our questions.
But you are not walking out of here
until we know what the hell is going on.
I don't care if you're the
third richest man on the planet.
You do not want the FBI as an enemy.
If you want answers, call Evelyn Cates.
The Deputy Secretary of State?
Both the State and Treasury
departments approved Sayeed's entry.
I'm reading you in,
but this is
classified information.
Yeah, of course.
We brought in the Afghans to negotiate
a mineral rights deal with Leo Grant.
Wait, uh, you gave
these terrorists entry
so Leo Grant could find a way
to make even more money?
In a way.
In truth, Leo is essentially acting as
a proxy for the government.
We're using him as a cutout.
He's the one doing the deal,
but we have the right to buy him out.
So we're doing business
with the Taliban
- is that what you're saying?
- Correct.
We have no choice.
China controls 60%
of the rare earths.
We have 12%.
And like it or not,
these minerals are
the future of technology.
Great, so we're making
a deal with the devil
and hiding it from
the American people, yeah.
So if you guys are
doing business with Sayeed,
who the hell took him?
Right, and killed his entire team?
We're as confused as you are.
This man is a monster,
and the country he rules
is the least stable
in an unstable region.
But this abduction on our soil
is a ticking bomb,
big enough to do global damage.
So we need to find out
who these kidnappers are,
what is on their minds,
and we need to bring Sayeed back alive
before this thing explodes in our faces.
- I think I got something.
- Yeah, talk to me.
I've been looking at
the hotel camera's footage
of Sayeed's abduction.
The car is a 2013 Ford Fusion,
plates are stolen, no surprise.
But the permit's for
a neighborhood in Riverdale.
Okay. Yeah, good eyes. Thank you, Elise.
Hey, uh, Kelly, any gray
Fusions reported stolen
in the last 24 hours in that area?
One, last night.
Can we access the car's GPS?
Yes, car is currently
stationary in White Plains.

Yeah, I don't see any sign of them.
They probably abandoned this
and jumped in some other car.
Yeah, I'm not seeing
any security cameras, either.
The trunk is empty.
Let's see what's inside.

Whoa, Scola. I think I got something.
Made in Florida.
Florida come for the beaches,
leave with the explosives?
Let's get that dusted for prints.
Elise, any cameras Tiffany
and Scola might have missed
where they found the abandoned car?
No, the area is a total dead zone
- for security and traffic cams.
- All right.
Well, at least these guys
finally made a mistake.
Kelly, what do we know
about the flash-bang?
No prints, but the serial number
comes from a case shipped from Florida
to a postal box five days ago.
It's rented by a dentist in Queens,
- Dr. Michael Garrett.
- Dentist?
This guy have a record?
No, not even a bad Yelp review.
All right, let's get OA
to pay the dentist a visit,
see if Tiff can join.
We need to speak with Dr. Garrett.
I'm sorry.
Dr. Garrett is with a patient.
You will have to wait.
Hey! Excuse me.
- FBI!
What the hell? You you can't just
- We have a warrant.
- What do you want?
We want you to explain your involvement
with the kidnapping of Abdul Sayeed.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
You ordered a case of flash-bangs
from Tampa Patriot Supplies.
They were shipped to a mailbox
that was leased under your name.
And those flash-bangs were used
in the kidnapping of Sayeed,
during which four men died.
- Any of that ring a bell?
- Nope.
What kind of beef
does a dentist in Queens
- have with the Taliban?
- I don't have one.
And I I don't know anything about
these flash-bangs you're talking about.
Now, if you don't mind, I do
have patients waiting for me.
Where do you think you're going?
- I told you, I have patients
- Okay.
We're done playing nice.
Hands behind your back.
Slow down.
OA. We got blood.
You wanna tell us what that's about?
I don't know. Probably from a patient.
Stay with him.

Same clothes as the kidnappers.
He's dead.

We need the names of the kidnappers.
It's no use in denying
that you're involved.
It's obvious that you are.
Do you plan on representing your client?
It feels like he could use
some decent legal advice.
As you can tell, Dr. Garrett
keeps his own counsel.
So he doesn't wanna talk to me any more
than he wants to talk to you.
Well, at a minimum,
he provided illegal flash-bangs
to suspects that killed four people.
That is accessory to murder times four.
Okay, you wanna spend the
rest of your life in prison?
You can mitigate some of
that time if you cooperate.
Those four men you call victims
had blood on their hands.
Their deaths made
the world a better place.
What the hell is that
even supposed to mean?
It means I'm at peace.

All right, so apparently,
irony is not dead.
We have a dentist
who won't open his mouth.
Suspect names would
be incredibly helpful.
Elise, did you scrub the footage
from the exterior cameras
outside the dental office?
Yes, sir.
These are the best angles I could find.
They have face masks on from the moment
they get out of the car,
can't get any facial rec.
Rewind it.
Play forward here and punch in.
Stop right there.
All right, call the ME's office.
See if they rolled prints
off the dead kidnapper yet.
Uh, Dr. Garrett, hi.
So we are starting
to connect the dots here.
We identified the wounded man
you tried to save,
retired Delta Force
Sergeant Gregory Weeks.
This is his unit.
And this is Sergeant James Garrett,
your son,
taken hostage before we pulled
out of Afghanistan in 2020,
the last American POW
still being held there.
So is is Sayeed's abduction connected
to your son's POW status?
He served his country,
and then he was abandoned.
Someone had to advocate for him.
Oh, okay.
I don't think I've ever
heard the word advocate
defined by multiple murders.
But, look, I'm a father.
I can only imagine the pain
you've gone through
worrying about your son.
And whatever you've put
into motion here,
I'm sure you thought you were
doing the right thing.
But you need to tell me
everything right now,
most importantly, where these men are.

I never wanted anyone to get hurt.
That wasn't my intent,
but that is all I can tell you.
I don't think you understand
the potential consequences
of your actions.
Now, you may not care
about going to prison
for the rest of your life, but this
this is bigger than any one of us.
Please, tell me what you know
so we can help.
Michael, for God's sake,
do yourself a favor
do James a favor
tell him what's going on.

All right, so, James Garrett's buddies,
Major Alex Kim, Sergeant Brian Muller,
and the late Gregory Weeks,
snatched Sayeed as trade bait
in the hopes of brokering a deal
to bring back their fellow
soldier, James Garrett.
A DIY hostage exchange.
Yeah, so what could possibly go wrong?
Right. Hey, Ian,
pull up Kim and Muller's
cell phones for me, will you?
Nothing current.
Both canceled their contracts
four weeks ago.
Right, okay, so that's probably when
they hatched the plan
and moved to burners.
Well, let's start at the beginning.
How did three ex-soldiers find out
that Sayeed was coming to America?
This meeting was top secret.
According to the DOD, Kim did
three tours of Afghanistan,
cultivating lots of informants.
I'm guessing one of them tipped him off.
All right, well, let's run the names
from the men in the unit.
Chances are one of them is involved.
I think I might have something.
John Beckwith was a member
of the unit up until last year.
He's from this area.
Looking at his credit cards,
he rented a van 45 minutes ago,
not far from where
the gray sedan was abandoned.
Huh. I'll have Tiffany and OA
head out there.
You bet.
Hi. FBI.
We need to know if you rented
a van to John Beckwith.
Sure. He was just here.
Did he say why he needed the van?
When's he planning on returning it?
- He's not.
- What do you mean?
It's a one-way rental.
He said it was gonna get returned
to one of our Long Island offices.
So Beckwith is driving to Long Island?
All I know is, Beckwith paid the tab
but designated someone else as a driver.
Alex Kim.
Does this van have GPS?

There's the rental.
The signal from Kim's burner's
coming from inside.
Looks like there's plenty
of access points
if we need to breach.
We'll set up a perimeter,
see if we can assess where
they're holding the hostage.
Okay, let's set up,
then we'll try to make contact.
Let's hope these guys play it smart.
It's not about being smart.
They're trying to rescue
a fellow soldier, a brother.
They'd rather die than surrender.

Major Kim, Sergeant Muller,
this is the FBI.
We have you surrounded and outnumbered.
There is no way out.
Do the right thing here,
the smart thing.
Lay down your weapons and come out.
Terminals shouldn't be
complicated to breach,
but these guys are trained soldiers, so.
No, I get it. We'll negotiate.
Meeting force with force
is just gonna end
with unnecessary bloodshed
on both sides.
I just got off the phone with Isobel.
Our directive is to make entry.
No, no, no.
I wanna reach out,
talk to Kim face-to-face,
Well, you can talk to Isobel
if you want to,
but she made it pretty clear.
That's a direct order from the director
and the Secretary of State.
These aren't terrorists or gang members.
They are soldiers.
They live by a certain code,
a certain level of integrity.
Sure, in theory.
What do you mean?
They've already killed four men.
Four terrorists.
Let me talk to 'em,
see if we can end this
without bloodshed.
Are you sure you wanna do that?
Just give me five minutes.
Don't worry. I got this.

Major Kim, my name is Zidan.
I served in the United States Army,
did two tours in Afghanistan.
Let's just have a conversation.
You and me, face-to-face, unarmed
we'll call it an impromptu
demilitarized zone.
Okay? My guys behind me,
Muller behind you.
Anyone decides to do anything stupid,
we both pay the price.

What are we talking about?
I'm gonna start with the bad news first.
Sergeant Weeks didn't make it.
He was found dead
in Dr. Garrett's office.
He wouldn't let us
take him to a hospital,
said it would compromise the mission.
That's courageous, but unfortunately,
your mission's over.
We know you have Sayeed,
and your plan is to exchange
him for James Garrett.
That's a noble idea,
but it's not gonna happen.
- You gotta let him go.
- No.
We're not releasing him,
not until they release James.
We have orders.
I don't care about your orders.
We're not releasing Sayeed.
He's a terrorist.
He's been killing innocent
Afghans and American soldiers
for 20 years.
I share your outrage. Trust me.
I've seen his handiwork firsthand.
But your window for your plan is closed.
The U.S. government is now involved,
and they're not gonna support a plan
with abduction and murder.
These are the same sons of bitches
who left James behind
to be beaten and tortured.
That might be true, man,
but your plan is not realistic.
You're wrong.
James is already on his way.
Excuse me?
The Taliban agreed to our terms,
Sayeed for James.
He's in the air.
They're gonna text me
the coordinates when they land.
You didn't breach? You're negotiating?
Agent Zidan is a former Army Ranger.
I don't care who he is.
We have to get Sayeed
the hell out of there now.
I understand your concern.
But the good news is,
Agent Zidan was able to learn
some very valuable information.
What do you mean?
The Taliban, they agreed to the swap.
James Garrett is in the air.
You're sure of this?
Well, we're sure that
Major Kim has been in contact
with the Afghan government,
and he believes a deal
has been made, yeah.

If it is true, then there
might be a silver lining here.
If we can actually get
Garrett back, we can spin this,
lead with that story
and bury the fact that
Sayeed was abducted on U.S. soil.
And then once Garrett is free,
Sayeed can go back to the table
and negotiate with Grant,
and everybody wins.
Okay. Let me run it by my bosses.
I talked to the people in charge.
We will make every effort
to get Garrett back
once he's on American soil,
but you're gonna need to
surrender and release Sayeed.
If we give up Sayeed,
we have no leverage,
nothing to swap for Garrett.
- Those are our terms.
- Your terms, not ours.
It is what it is, okay?
It's not negotiable.
Look, man, your goal is
to get Garrett back.
Release Sayeed, and let us help you.
Like I just said, if we let him go,
we lose our negotiating power.
If Garrett shows up at the meeting spot,
we will not need to negotiate or swap.
We will take him by force if necessary.
This is your best option.

Let me think about it.
Okay. You have ten minutes.

It's been 11 minutes.
OA, we gotta make entry.
Let me try one more time.
Major Kim, lay down your weapons.
Come out immediately.
This is your last warning.
Prepare to breach.
- Shots fired. Let's move.
- Move! Move!

Drop your weapons!
Drop your weapons.
Let's go. Hands behind your head.
What happened?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
He's dead. What happened?
He cut through his zip ties,
grabbed a weapon.
We had no choice.
I had to shoot him.

I need to call the White House.
Wait. Hold on.
What do you mean, "hold on"?
I'm not keeping this
from the Secretary of State
and the president if that's
what you're suggesting.
This is purely about damage control now.
We've got to abort.
No James Garrett is still alive.
And soon, he will be on American soil.
So why are we gonna
waste the opportunity
to bring him home?
You're not getting it.
We invited the Taliban here
under the radar,
then we lost Sayeed.
It's all gonna come out,
and it's all gonna make us
look really bad.
It's a catastrophe
for the administration
- in an election year.
- Exactly.
And the only way to turn this
mess into a political victory
is to bring our boy Garrett home.
Garrett is one of ours.
We cannot just walk away.
But whatever you're thinking,
you know I can't authorize it.
You call your boss. I'll call mine.

Okay, listen up.
Don't talk to the media.
Don't even look at them, all right?
Understood? Go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We just got the green light
to extract Garrett.
That's great news.
But what does that mean? Sayeed's dead.
Are you saying we're authorized
to take Garrett by force?
If necessary,
but I'm hoping it won't be.
Look, we have a plan.
It's gonna take me a few hours.
But it will be complete by
the time Garrett's plane lands.
It's not a slam dunk, but it
gives us a fighting chance.
Okay. That's all a soldier wants.

Where is Sayeed?
There's been some new developments.
He wants to speak with you.

Good. Keep going.

So far, so good.
Almost home.
What's going on?
- We're blown.
- What do you mean?
We don't know how or by whom,
but word's leaked to the Afghans
that Sayeed is dead.
The president wants to
get out in front of this.
He's drafted a statement.
It's gonna be national news any second.
OA, Sayeed's death is out.
Get it done fast before
these guys hear the news.

This just in.
A Special Report has been
issued by the White House.
Former warlord and terrorist
and de facto leader
of the Afghan government,
Abdul Khaleq Sayeed,
is believed to have been
shot and killed
earlier today on American soil.
This is not good.
Hang tight.
No, no, no, no!

You guys clear the plane, okay?
Go, go, go!
Release the hostage!
Get back on the plane.
We have no interest in detaining you.

Let him go.
Fly away.
No one else needs to die.
Let him go!
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey. You're okay. Okay.
Welcome home.
How are you feeling?
Bit of a roller coaster.
Just trying to hold it together.
I can't believe I'm home.
It's a miracle.
Is my father here?
I've got some bad news.
What do you mean?
Your father,
Major Kim, and Brian Muller
have all been arrested.
And Gregory Weeks is dead.
I don't understand.
What did they do?
They, um
They sacrificed it all
For you.

You okay?
I don't know.
Is it a work thing?
It was a rough day,
for a lot of reasons.
I'm sorry.
If you feel like sharing, I'm here.
But if not, I totally get it.
Yeah, um
I can't share details,
but today just brought up
a lot of stuff.
And I don't want you to think
I'm damaged goods.
I couldn't possibly.
Ten years ago,
I was captured by the Taliban.
I was a prisoner of war for 22 days.
And it was, uh
I survived, obviously,
because I knew that my brothers wouldn't
forget about me,
that they would find me,
that they wouldn't give up.
I'm so sorry you went through that.
But the woman that
I was talking to today,
her husband was captured with me, and he
didn't make it.
So I promised him before he died
that I would always make sure
Anna was okay,
that I'd always be there for her.


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