FBI (2018) s06e12 Episode Script



Over there.


That's awesome.
Send some pics.
No rush.
You too. Bye.
How's Gemma?
Ah, she's good, but that was Maggie.
She's still in Ohio with Ella.
They're having fun, but she's
definitely ready to get back.
Hey. You guys FBI?
Yeah. I'm Agent Wallace.
- This is Agent Zidan.
- Agent Herrera.
ISB. Thanks for coming.
We don't get a lot of
homicides in the park service.
OK. Where's our vic?
Down here.
Birdwatcher spotted him
this morning, called it in.
ID names him as Tim Baker, 42.
Lives in Queens.
He's a little ripe.
Do we have a time of death?
ME estimates between
three or four days ago.
Wallet and phone were on the body.
Hey, we got a shell casing.
OK. We'll get it to ballistics.
What about surveillance?
Are there cameras nearby?
We got one at the entrance,
but it's down for maintenance.
What about that?
Trail cam.
There are several
in the area for wildlife.
You're welcome to check them.
All right, folks, eyes up.
We caught a homicide at the
Jamaican Wildlife Refuge.
Federal land, hence our handle.
Trail cams show our victim, Tim Baker,
being chased by an unknown
male assailant three days ago.
Body is old,
which means so are our leads.
So let's get busy.
OK. So what's our theory?
Uh, well, perp brought them
to the refuge to kill him,
but Baker ran.
And this is the best view
of our attacker?
Yeah. No face from here.
Anything on ballistics?
No match, and no prints
or DNA on the duct tape.
All right. Well,
let's focus on our victim, Tim Baker.
- What do we know?
- Commercial truck driver.
Was reported missing by his
employer, Long Island Chemical.
Both he and the van that he was driving
disappeared after leaving to
make a delivery three days ago.
All right. What else?
Well, he's single, no criminal record.
What about his financials?
Bad credit, lots of debt.
All right, well, let's
let's dig into that.
Maybe he owed someone other
than Visa and Mastercard.
Yeah, and in the meantime,
let's talk to his employer.
The guy was pushy.
He kept asking for a raise,
more overtime.
But nothing bad, you know?
We're all in shock here.
Well, let's talk about
the night that he went missing.
What was he hauling?
500 liters of a pharmaceutical reagent
to our incinerator in Jersey.
Do you normally burn your product?
No, that batch was contaminated.
It had high levels of tropane,
a toxic alkaloid.
Pushy guy, short on cash.
So you ever think maybe he stole it?
Thought occurred to me.
Both the van and its
contents are valuable.
What kind of reagent
are we talking about here?
All right, team,
there is a new motive in town.
People don't kill for penicillin,
but they do for fentanyl.
And Tim Baker was transporting
500 liters of a key ingredient
used to make said drug
Jordan, any idea how much fentanyl
you can make with that?
Around 25 kilos.
Bad enough on its own,
but spiked with a toxin
It's enough to kill
the entire state of New York.
I think I have something.
I've been scrubbing the area
where the van went missing.
I found a utility pole cam nearby.
- It's not the best view.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Eyes up.
It's a hijack.
So much for Tim being
involved in the theft.
The guy with the hoodie,
he's from the trail cam, right?
And he's got a friend.
Can we get facial rec
on either of these guys?
No, not from here.
All right, somebody run
the plates on that Sedan.
Yep, comes back to a BMW reported stolen
in the Rockaways last week.
It has GPS.
Yep, this is it.
Hood is cold.
Can I help you?
Do you work here?
I own the place. Why?
Who parked this vehicle here?
One of my tenants.
He rented the garage a few weeks ago.
Is he still here?
This tenant have a name, yeah?
I didn't ask. He paid cash.
But I can give you the key.
It's a lab.
Next to a daycare.
That's the load we saw our
victim carrying when he got jacked.
Hey, OA, check this out.
Pill press.
Yup. And we got a pill.
"OC" for oxycodone.
Yup. He cooked the fentanyl,
then disguised it
as a prescription drug.
Got a fingerprint.
Let's get ERT in here.
All right, bad news first
lab report is back.
Confirmed high levels of tropane.
Means someone just cooked
a hot batch of fentanyl
and disguised it as oxycodone.
Good news single fingerprint
ERT recovered from the garage.
Gio Russo, 38, known member
of the Long Island Vandals,
biker gang out of New York.
Bad crew. I've dealt with them before.
- Do we have an address?
- Afraid not.
Looks like Gio jumped
bail six months ago
on an attempted murder charge.
NYPD has been looking
for him ever since.
- Hey, Jubal.
- Yeah.
I just got a report
of multiple overdoses
at a nightclub in Manhattan.
Report is police found oxycodone pills
on one of the victims.
Might be nothing, but
Let's get over there and find out.
We need to get in here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
My daughter is in there.
I tracked her phone.
She's not answering,
and they won't let me in.
Your girl, what's her name?
Emma, Emma Brandywine.
She has blonde hair, and she
was wearing a light blue dress
with little sparkles on it.
OK, wait here.
- We'll let you know.
- Thank you.

How many?
Got five ODs, four dead.
They tried everything too
Narcan, chest compressions.
Where are they?
They're upstairs.
I've seen a lot in my time,
but this is a lot, even for me.
They're all friends, fresh from prom.
God, they're so young.
How about the survivor?
Where is she?
Touch and go last I heard.
You got a name on this one?
Emma Brandywine.

Take a good look four teens dead.
Toxicology confirms
the presence of both tropane
and fentanyl in their system,
an exact match with the pills
we found in the lab, which means
whoever stole those tainted
chemicals and murdered
Tim Baker is directly
responsible for their deaths
as well.
Follow the pills.
Where did our victims get them?
Who did they buy them from?
Elise, where are we with the
surveillance video from inside the club?
Nowhere. The Wi-Fi was down.
What about the girls' phones?
Any leads there?
No mention of oxycodone or
drugs in any of their texts.
Somebody had to see something.
And keep scrubbing social media.
Kids these days can't go 10 minutes
without posting something.
Just got the call from
Eastern Ridge Hospital.
The one girl who didn't die is
awake and in stable condition.
I'm sorry.
Everything about
last night is just so fuzzy.
That's OK.
Do you remember who gave you
the pills, though?
You're not in trouble.
We just want to make sure
what happened to you
doesn't happen to anyone else.
Um, we were dancing
and doing some shots.
And then Emma said
that she scored some oxy.
"Scored" meaning at the club?
Yeah, from some guy she had just met.
What did he look like?
Uh, he was wearing a white
shirt with a red jacket.
He's Caucasian, I think.
Maybe Latino. I don't know.
OK, what about height, hair color, eyes?
He had dark hair, I guess.
And he was my height. So so 5'9".
Thank you.
You did good.
You should talk to Emma, though.
She could probably tell you more.

Emma, Emma, Emma!
That's Emma Brandywine.
- Red jacket there.
- Yeah, freeze it.
Run facial rec
That's Joe Becerra's kid.
The name sounds familiar.
Yeah, former FBI agent Jose Becerra.
We worked VCMO together for five years,
and that is his son Nate.
He's my godson.
So this kid, Nate,
I know you're his godfather.
You guys still in touch?
Ah, not much.
Last few years, just life, you know?
But he's a good kid
I mean, for the most part.
What's that mean?
Well, maybe he's a little lost,
like a lot of young people these days.
He's got some pretty big shoes to fill.
His dad was a hell of an agent.
Yeah, I've heard the stories.
Yeah. Well, they're all true.
I mean, he he saved
my life, actually.
Saw this perp drawing down on me.
He pushed him out of the way
and took a bullet
in his shoulder for his troubles.
This guy's the real deal.
Hey, Joe.
Jubal, what the hell
are you doing here, man?
- So good to see you.
- You too.
- Who's this?
- This is Agent Stuart Scola.
- Yeah, we need to talk.
- About what?
About Nate.
What? Did something happen?
- Is he here?
- No.
Can we come inside and talk to you?
- Yeah, of course.
- Great.
OK, so five kids OD'd at a nightclub.
And what's this got to do with Nate?
Well, witness said Nate was the one
that sold them the drugs.
Who's the witness?
What are you talking about, Joe?
Come on, you know how this goes.
I can't start naming names here.
Oh, so it's like that.
So exactly why are you here?
Because we don't know how many
lethal pills are out there,
and we need to figure out
where they're coming from.
And right now, we think Nate can help.
No, I get it.
But come on, you know Nate.
He's a good kid.
He's not some sort of drug dealer.
Do you know where he is, Joe?
He just comes and goes these days.
But he does live here?
All right, can you call him?
He lost his cell a few days
ago, ordered a new one.
Hasn't come in yet.
Do you mind if we, uh,
take a look around?
You want to search my house?
Four girls are already dead.
We don't have time
to get a search warrant.
Yeah, OK.
Help yourself.
You know where his room's at.

That was a great day.
It meant a lot that you were there.
Of course. You have another
big day coming up, right?
What is it, June 4th?
I just booked my hotel and flight.
I still can't believe my
little girl is getting married.
How's Tyler?
Uh, he's OK.
Ups and downs, you know?
What's that?
It's just some pills.
It can be anything.
Yeah, except they have "OC" on them,
just like the pills
that killed those girls.
Well, you give to me.
I'll dump them in the toilet.
Jubal, it's me.
Just look the other way.
Pretend nothing happened,
like I did for you when
you were hitting the bottle.
Hey, I didn't see anything upstairs.
Everything OK?
I'll I'll catch up with you.

I can't just pretend that
I didn't find them.
Sure you can.
Come on.
Give them to me.

I'm sorry.
All right, people, what do we know?
The pills that you found
in Nate Becerra's room,
they're an exact match to the ones
that killed Emma Brandywine
and her three friends.
So we know Nate's involved.
No, we do not know that, not yet.
We know Nate was in possession
of those pills.
That's it.
Let's not jump to any conclusions here.
All right, speaking of Nate,
do we know where he is?
Have we tried pinging his phone?
Yeah, I tried. No signal.
I'm guessing his father
was telling the truth.
Phone really was lost.
Well, what about credit cards,
debit cards? Any recent activity?
Checking now, yeah,
there was a charge at a café.
Well, he's not here.
Can I help you?
Um, have you seen this man?
That guy, he was just here.
Ordered a bagel.
You see where he went?
No, he hung out for
a while, then got in a car.
- What kind of car?
- Green.
- Make, model?
- It was an SUV.
OK, thank you.
Any luck tracking the vehicle?
Not yet.
Surveillance in the area is poor.
All right, try further out.
No dice. It's a popular color.
I can't narrow it down.
Yeah, check Jose Becerra's GPS.
He has a green Cherokee.
Yeah, he was there.
Stopped at the exact location
the witness saw Nate.
Where is that vehicle now?
near the Williamsburg Bridge.
Scola, be advised,
we have eyes on the Jeep.
Hey, put your hands up.
Out of the car.
Hey, put your guns down, please.
- Wait, what?
- Is he here?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?
Where is he? Where's Nate?
- I don't know.
- Joe, stop lying to me.
Tell me what's going on.
OK, he called as soon as you left,
from some stranger's phone.
I told him, stay put,
and I went to pick him up.
And I tried to convince him
to turn himself in,
but he freaked out, and he took off.
Where? Where did he take off to?
He he ran onto the
bridge a few minutes ago.
OK, go.
I'll catch up with you.
What were you thinking, man?
He's my kid, man. He's my kid!
And you got to know, I'm going to do
- everything I can to help him.
- Help him?
Really? Is that a joke or something?
You had your chance.
I'm not talking about burying evidence.
That is not an option.
Right, right, right.
Because you're a Boy Scout now, right?
You don't cheat on your wife.
You don't drink anymore.
What I need to be focused on right now
is finding out where the hell
these pills are
before they flood the streets.
He didn't know those pills were hot.
He was just trying to get
some girls to like him.
I am going to do everything
I can to help him.
You've got my word.
Nate Becerra.
Hey, stop!
In pursuit. Suspect's running
east on the Williamsburg Bridge.
Got it.
I'm at your three.
Move, move!


Stop right there and turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
A little word of advice for next time
don't run.
Hey, Nate.
I I'm not talking.
My dad said to keep my mouth shut.
Nate, it's me.
I know.
He said not to talk
to anyone, including you.
Well, that is definitely your choice.
But I got to say, I don't think
it's the right one.
I'm sure he told you I found these pills
under your dresser, right?
OK, look, I'm going to do everything
that I can to get the powers-that-be
to go easy on you.
But in order for me to do that,
we need to show them
that you're remorseful,
that you're on our side, and
that that you want to help us
get these deadly pills off the streets
and prevent any more people from dying
like these girls did.
That make sense?
All right, so did you sell
these girls the pills?
I didn't know they were hot.
I swear to God, I was just
we were hanging out,
dancing, having fun.
And they wanted to party,
so I gave them each a pill.
And I didn't even sell it to them.
I just gave it away.
OK. Where did you get them from?
From a friend.
He gives me stuff to sell,
a few pills every now and then.
Just don't don't hate me, Jubal.
It's just a way to make money
until I find a real job.
Is this him?
I've never seen him before.
OK, then who's your source?
What's his name?
Kevin Thomas, he fronted Nate the pills.
And apparently he made them as well.
Any idea if he's involved in
the murder of the truck driver?
Uh, no. We we could bring him in,
but he doesn't talk, we're wasting time.
Yeah, we're going to
find the pills first,
then worry about the murder later.
Question is, how?
Let's use Nate, put him in play.
He's a nickel-and-dimer.
You really think Thomas
is going to go for that?
I think it's worth a shot.
Two years in prison?
Yeah, that's the best
I could do at this point.
That's a bunch of crap.
Joe, four girls are dead,
and Nate gave them the pills.
For God's sake, OK?
We're we're lucky
the AUSA even took my call.
Lucky? Really?
Ask me, Nate's doing you the favor,
helping you track down the pills.
And the fact that he's
willing to cooperate
is the only reason I got it down to two.
Let me see if I got this straight.
For handing out a few pills
at a nightclub,
Nate has to wear a wire, risk his life,
and if it goes well,
he still does two years?
That's where we're at right now.
But that does not mean I'm not
going to go back and fight for less.
Nothing is set in stone,
not until we close the case.
What's important right now is that
we show them that Nate is remorseful
and he's willing to cooperate.
You know this.
I dealt with the Vandals.
I know how those maniacs roll.
Like I have been telling you,
Nate is not a criminal.
He's not tough.
Those bikers will eat him alive.
I'll make sure that doesn't happen.
I promise.

Where the hell is Kevin? He's late.
Ah, just a couple minutes. We're good.
What if he asks about the ODs?
He won't. He has no idea
that you were at that club
or that the pills are tainted.
You don't know that.
Nate, you got to
trust me here, OK?
I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.
How does he look?
How jumpy?
1 to 10?
Nate, remember, there are
FBI agents all around you
ready to help at any moment.
Just know they've got you covered.
- So focus on Kevin, OK?
- Yeah.
I've got eyes on Kevin
approaching from the north.
All right, buddy,
he's heading your way now.
Remember, I see what you see.
I hear what you hear.
So just relax, be yourself.
You got this.
- Nate.
- Kev.
What's up?
I got you a coffee.
So you're all out already?
Stuff was good. People kept coming back.
Good. More chit-chat.
I want more.
How much?
As much as you can get.
No, I'm I'm serious.
See, I I got a friend.
He rich dude.
He owns a pain clinic
down in Daytona Beach,
and he wants as much as you can sell.
That's good. Keep going.
You get a cut?
Finder's fee.
10%, yeah?
Why are you so tense?
You you're making me nervous.
You look like you're ready to puke.
No, no. I'm fine.
Just give me a break.

Hey. Look at me.
Look at me.
What's up?
Nate, admit you're scared.
You've never done
a deal this big.
For real?
I'm scared.
We're talking about a lot of money here,
and I don't want to screw it up.
Relax. It's gonna be fine.
Great work.
So this guy, this doctor,
you know him pretty good?
Steve? Yeah, we're tight.
Friend of my dad,
and he's got a ton of money.
Well, the thing is,
I don't have the pills.
I I already sold them.
But I know he's
looking for a buyer,
and he's still got
the whole batch, so
What I'm saying is, if your guy
can take the whole thing,
then I bet he'd be willing to sell.
All right, that's OK.
We can work with this.
Yeah, that would be amazing.
I'll reach out to him later
today and get back to you.
just so you know,
your buyer better be for real.
Because my friend, he don't play,
not even a little.
If he even smells something ain't right,
he'll put a bullet in your head.

Um, hi.
So Kevin Thomas
just reached out to Nate.
Deal is on an hour from now.
A bar in Queens owned by the Vandals.
- I'm going to get moving.
- OK, wait.
Jubal, are you sure
that you're up for this?
Me? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's like riding a bike.
Well, it's not the rust
that I'm worried about.
It's Nate.
I mean, you you care about
this kid, and his father.
Yeah, I I do.
But that just makes me
even more determined
to make sure this goes down right.
Hmm, it's one thing to
watch from a surveillance van.
It's another to be up close.
Yeah, I'm aware.
I'm fine.

And my comms check?
Loud and clear.
Good feed on the button cam.
Where's SWAT?
Two locations vacant office across
the street and the south
side of the building,
ETA about 30 seconds.
Just say the code word.
Any sign of Gio?
No, but one of those choppers
is registered in his name.
You all right?
I just wish this was over.
I know.
Jubal, we got movement.
All right, here's your boy.
Let's do this.
- Kev, this is Steve.
- Family friend.
So your clinic Orlando, right?
Uh, Daytona, actually.
I got friends down there.
Oh, yeah? That's good to know.
So Dr. Steve,
let's see the cash.
Uh, well, I need to see the pills first.

OK. Follow me.
- OK. Stay here.
- No, he's coming inside.
My boys want to talk to him too.
- Yeah.
- It's all good.
OK, keep your eyes peeled for Gio,
but do not move until you see the drugs.
That is the real target here.
Copy that.
Looks like Gio Russo.
Yes, pushing it to the JOC.
That's Gio, and he's got a friend.
Can we get an ID?
Facial rec comes back
to Wade Burnett, 35,
another member of the Vandals.
Several priors assault,
battery, narcotics.
Those are the carjackers.
Should we move?
No, no, no. You heard Isobel.
We wait for the pills.
That's our priority.
Jubal, be advised, we have evidence
that these are the two men
who killed Tim Baker.
If you want us to breach,
just let us know.
The go-word is "baseball."
What's up?
Wants to see the pills.
Thought your boy here vouched for us.
Oh, yeah. No.
He he definitely did,
but you know, it's my cash,
so I kind of need to see the pills.
Well, I need to see the cash.
Well, um, it's real close by.
It's really not a problem.
I just need to put eyes on
what I'm purchasing.
Show him.
Great. Appreciate that.
Nice place.

What do you say? We got a deal?
- We good to roll?
- No.
As soon as Jubal and Nate
leave the bar with the pills,
we'll move.
Bravo Team, stand by.
Yes, sir.
Why don't you go grab the cash?
You know where it is.
No, the kid stays.
No, it's it's right outside.
It's fine. I'll stay.
It's my house, my rules.
We'll go together. I'll come right back.
I said, the kid stays!
Who's Jubal?
Look. No, hey
Get on your knees.
OK, OK. Relax.
Everything's all right. All right?
We're just trying to make a deal here.
You're playing baseball.
- That's the signal.
- Bravo Team, move, move, move.
Get on your knees!
You got the wrong idea, man.
Kevin, get the keys, take the cash.
Search him.
It's fine.
Yeah, Kevin, you go get the cash.
- It's in the trunk of the car.
- Kev, don't do this.
You got the wrong idea here, buddy.
- He's holding.
- OK.
Yeah, of course, I'm holding. Relax.
They're cops!
Go, go!
- FBI!
- Hey!
Drop your weapon!
Shooter, we got eyes. We got eyes.
Drop it, now!
Hell no!
Get back or I'll shoot!
I said, get back!
I'll kill him!
It's your last chance!
Do what he says! Stand down, now!
- OK.
We have two hostages
Nate Becerra and Agent
Valentine behind the bar.
Status is unknown.
Is Jubal still wired?
Yeah, but his camera's out,
so we're audio only.
Let's keep the snipers in position.
There's low visibility
through the windows,
but maybe they can get
an angle through the door.
- Sir, sir, sir.
- Who's this guy?
Stay right here. Sir.
He's OK.
Agent Becerra,
you can't be here right now.
A friend just called,
said Nate's inside.
He was taken hostage with Jubal.
What happened?
Sir, I'm sorry.
You can't be on the scene.
I'm FBI. I used to be a negotiator.
I can help.
Thank you, Agent Becerra,
but we got this.
My kid is inside.
Come on, I can help.
- Please.
- OK, OK.
Let's get him to the situation tent.
We'll brief him there.
It's Jubal.
Guess again.
Who's in charge out there?
I am. My name is Omar Zidan.
I'm with the FBI.
We have you surrounded, Gio.
You need to come out
with your hands up.
I want the power back on!
Then you need to give us a hostage.
I'm not done!
I also want a car.
Easy, man. Think this through.
No, let's not!
Let's not think this through.
All right? You got 10 minutes
before they're both dead!
Gio, listen.
Look, Gio.
I can help you.
I'm an I'm an FBI agent.
Shut up.
I'm just saying,
you do not need to spend
the rest of your life in jail.
Stop talking!
Let the kid go. You don't need him.
You can use me.
- Not another word!
OK, Gio.
You win. You get the car.
- When?
- Right now.
Take a look at your screen.
Tank's full too.
That's good, isn't it?
Get up on your feet.
Both of you, get up on your feet.
Turn around.
Start walking slowly.
What's the plan here, Gio?
We're going for a ride.
- Now, shut up.
- OK.
When you have the shot, take it.
Copy that.
Hold on. I've got movement.
Stop him!
[GRUNTS] Hey, hey! Let my kid go.
- Stop, get back!
- No, what are you doing?
- Take me instead!
- I'll shoot him, I swear.
- No, you need to get back.
- Come on!
- No!

- Your weapon.
You hurt?
Yeah, help him.
We need a medic, now!
Come on.

Hey, Joe.
How is he? How's Nate?
He's out of surgery.
He's going to make it.
Thank God.
There's some tissue damage,
but the doctor says he's young.
It'll heal.
That's that is great news, man.
You're crazy. You know that?
I did what I had to do.
So now what?
I already talked to the
the U.S. Attorney's Office.
And I told them what
an amazing job Nate did,
and I told them we recovered the pills.
And we'll see.
I'm going to do everything I can
to make sure Nate gets a good deal.
Let me tell you something.
You had your chance
to help, to really help.
But you didn't.
All you had to do
was give me those pills,
and none of this would have happened.

Yeah, I know that.
But I I just I couldn't do that.
I have an obligation to the FBI.
You had an obligation
to me, your friend.
I saved your career, your life.
And you couldn't flush
ten pills down the damn toilet.
I don't know what
you want me to say, man.
Don't make this into something
it doesn't have to be.
Oh, you're blaming me?
No, you did this.
You, not me.
We're done.
Come on, Joe.
Don't say that, man.
After everything we've been through?
I mean, you're like a brother to me
You screwed me!
You could have helped me,
but you screwed me.
And you screwed over my kid.
And that I will never forgive.
I don't want to see you
at my daughter's wedding.
Because you and me, we're through.


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