FBI: International (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


Kellett, FBI.
Got it, right away.
Action beats reaction.
One hand grabs the wrist.
The other hand grabs the top of the slide.
Secure the weapon, jab to the face, knee to the nuts.
All right? In a gun fight, play dirty, boys, whatever it takes.
Scott, major operation's about to land in Europe.
Get in the car.
Get me to this address.
Anyone comes for me, you put them in the ground.
Hey, how'd training with the Budapest police go? Had to break off early.
I'll get New York.
- What's going on? - The JOC is hopping.
Some kind of massive, all-hands-on-deck case.
Oh, and don't forget, we have the new agent starting today.
In from Seattle Division.
I want to make her think that she Make her think what? Uh, make her think how thrilled we are she's here.
- Yep, uh, Andre Raines.
- Cameron Vo.
And don't try any rookie hazing on me.
I may be jet-lagged, but I'm always alert.
Oh, we wouldn't dream of it.
Scott Forrester.
This is Jamie Kellett.
And this is you.
So what's your familiarity with a Fly Team? Well, I read all I could when I got the call.
Agents in 93 embassies, consulates, op sites around the world.
Fly Teams work independently, ready to drop into a hot spot at a moment's notice, whenever or wherever U.
interests are threatened.
What's his story? Oh, Tank was an FBI cadaver dog, but after a couple years, the Bureau retires its animals and sends them off to greener pastures.
- You intervened.
- Yeah.
Does that dog look like he wants to retire? Definitely not.
Got her.
- Forrester.
- Isobel, what's going on? A fugitive named Colin Kent just landed outside of Zagreb, Croatia.
We knew he had enough fuel to make it to Europe, but he turned off FlightTracker.
We didn't know where he was landing until he breached Croatian airspace, and a tiny airfield was hijacked two minutes ago.
Multiple warrants for sex trafficking, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, and he fled with blackmail material that could take down dozens of pedophiles.
This monster killed tender-aged girls in an attempt to cover it all up.
One federal agent is in critical condition.
And Kent also snatched a 14-year-old girl and took her with him.
I cannot stress how badly I want this guy in bracelets.
Call us from the air.
We'll download you on everything we know.
You heard her.
Let's move.
- Hey, Jubal? - Yeah.
I've heard good things about Forrester, but I've never worked with him before.
He he is the right guy for this, right? If I had to go to war and could only pick two agents to go shoulder to shoulder with, he'd be one of 'em.
According to IRS filings, Kent invested heavily in hedge funds and start-ups.
How much does that net him? Give or take, $170 million.
So he's got enough cash to get him where he wants.
Then why'd he fly into an extraditable country? He's a hunted animal.
What do animals do when they scent a predator? Flee to where they feel most comfortable.
Does he have property in Croatia? None declared.
A friend, then.
- - Hi.
- So we're thinking Colin Kent has friends in Croatia, some kind of sanctuary.
Yeah, we've been working the same idea.
Yeah, I've been running facial recognition on all photos of Colin Kent published over the last two decades.
Yeah, and we cross-referenced that with Croatian Immigration Services.
Yeah, and that led us to this guy, Ivan Kuprevic, made his fortune in supermarkets to the tune of 800 million Euro, best guess.
Rich prick who likes young girls and is a frequent visitor to Kent's house in New York.
26 entries at JFK over the last 7 years.
Kuprevic owns a villa on 500 acres outside the capital.
Thanks, Jubal.
All I know is Jaeger's gonna be mad at me.
Let's get Europol on speaker.
Katrin Jaeger.
Hey, it's Forrester and Kellett.
- Where are you? - Our office in Croatia.
There's a giant manhunt for an American fugitive.
That's why I'm calling.
We're in Zagreb rolling out on a Ivan Kuprevic.
He's a friend of the suspect.
And you are with the Croatian police? No, but they're in our thoughts, Jaeger.
Scott, we've been through this.
You need local law enforcement to accompany you.
Yeah, we don't have time today.
I can't protect you if you go off book.
Well, you'll think of something; you always do.
- Auf Wiedersehen.
- [SIGHS.]
- Ivan Kuprevic.
- Yes.
We're looking for a friend of yours.
- Colin Kent.
- English, no understand.
- Where is he? - I'm alone here.
That sounded like English to me.
Why do you keep looking over your shoulder? Is someone in there? [SPEAKING CROATIAN.]
- Alone here, huh? - Croatian police.
Out, now.
I don't care that you're FBI.
Listen to me.
This guy knows our fugitive.
You tipped him off.
You didn't notify us about this.
I wonder why.
Kuprevic is a very important man.
There is a 14-year-old girl abducted.
He is alone here.
Are you in his pocket? You come to my country, and you throw accusations at me? You didn't answer my question.
Have a safe trip back to Budapest.
If you harass one of our citizens again, I will put you on the plane myself.
There was that one detective, the guy on the far right, pudgy, dark hair.
You know, he looked ashamed at what the others - were trying to do to stymie us.
- You read that? I have an informant in Zagreb.
I'll make contact, see if he's picked up on any chatter.
Kellett has more informants in Europe than the Stasi had in East Berlin in '75.
And some are actually worth the hassle.
- Show her the ropes.
- Will do.
Will do.
We need a printer.
When is it gonna stop? [SIGHS.]
These are the ones we know about.
The JOC's been working nonstop since this broke to identify as many girls as they could from social media contacts, party photos, passports, arrest records.
The scope of this trafficking operation is staggering.
And sickening.
Vo mentioned the short cop from Kuprevic's villa, the one who seemed ashamed.
- Did you look him up? - Yeah.
Detective Magzan.
Get ahold of Jaeger.
Tell her I don't care how she gets this done.
Whatever it takes.
I wanna know where Detective Magzan is right now.
I'm on it.
You know, I spent two years working sex trafficking cases on the Eastern seaboard, and you know who shows up over and over again the U.
? Young girls from Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland.
Eastern European girls.
Your daughters trafficked to America and made to do disgusting things for disgusting men.
Stripping, pornography, prostitution, worse.
We have in our sights the most vile trafficker in the history of the U.
right here in Zagreb, who's holding a 14-year-old right now, and we cannot get him unless you help us.
Do you understand? This is Klara.
Girls from right here along the Adriatic.
They were shot to death on a yacht two days ago.
Here are others he's forced into the sex trade.
Karolina, Chessa, Lyda, - Ilka - Stop.
This is how you reach me.
Turn the lights on What's up, Horvat? Jamie, oh, when I see you, it fills me with joy.
- Fills your wallet too.
- Yes, that.
His name is Colin Kent.
- Look familiar? - American? He likes young girls, he likes drugs, he likes bottle service.
I haven't seen this man, not in my club.
Well, he's lying low, so he's gonna want his vices brought to him.
You hear of an American ordering girls young girls the first call you make is to me.
I'm serious, Horvat.
Ay-yi the American Way.
It's definitely my way.
How long have you been working with Forrester? Five years in International Operations.
And how would you characterize his leadership style? - Driven.
- Okay.
Well, any pointers you can give me to help me make my mark, I'll put it to use, I promise.
On this team? Gotta be able to do it all.
Weapons, tech, surveillance, interviews, take-downs.
Pin your ears back and do the work.
You won't have a problem.
- How'd you do? - Planted a seed.
You? My source has an ear to the ground.
If anything shakes, he'll hear it.
- Raines, FBI.
Okay, yeah, we'll head over.
That was Jaeger; says there's an agent at the Europe office asking for us.
Let's go.
Scott Forrester, this is Omar Zidan from your New York field office.
You can call me OA.
I'm sorry, what is this about? I'm joining your team in the hunt for Colin Kent.
Well, I'm sorry you wasted your time, - but we don't need a babysitter.
- I am not a babysitter.
Well, you can tell Isobel she may run things over there, - but not - Hey.
I get it, okay? I'm not here to undermine you, I'm not here to waste your time.
I'm here because this one is personal to me, okay? I have seen, up close, how this guy operates, how he discards teenage girls like they are garbage.
And I've had one of those girls' blood all over me after he chewed her up and spit her out.
And now he has taken another girl, 14 years old, across the Atlantic.
So you can help me or step aside, but I damn sure am gonna see this one through.
Understand? [TENSE MUSIC.]
- OA? - That's right.
This is Raines.
This is Kellett.
This is Vo.
They'll catch you up to speed.
ALL: Hi.
- I have a daughter.
- I understand.
Same age as those girls.
Then help us.
This is Nika, one of the girls Colin Kent used.
She came to us, and I brought her here.
- Hi, Nika.
You know this man? [SPEAKS CROATIAN.]
How old are you, Nika? [SPEAKS CROATIAN.]
- 15.
I would like to give a victim's statement.
He made me have sex.
Many times.
Day and night.
I lost count.
I'm so sorry, Nika.
He was a monster.
He had long fingernails.
He would put them on me and scrape me.
I was like an animal.
He did whatever he wanted to me.
The more I screamed, the more he smirked.
We're gonna get him.
When foreigners visit Croatia, they need an international phone.
Their Japanese, English, American phones, they won't work.
So I have a contact with a provider.
He said that a rich American is looking for an untraceable phone.
And he wants it dropped at St.
Mark's square.
I think this is the man you look for.
He says we can deliver the phone.
You'll have access to all the tracking software.
- Even better.
Hvala vam.
- You are welcome.
Okay, Vo will deliver the phone since Kent finds women non-threatening.
They're traveling with protection, so they'll probably serve as intermediaries here.
I want to be ready for anything.
Raines, Kellett, OA, and I will stay on the perimeter, - and we only move in - Wait a second.
Just so I'm clear, guys, we are using the phone as a ruse to get Kent, but if he shows himself, we are taking him down, correct? No.
What do you mean, no? I want this guy just as much as you do.
But this is bigger than him.
We need to recover the blackmail material.
See, I don't care about the blackmail material.
Guys, Kent is the big fish here.
He has Sunny.
So if I see him, I will be putting him on his back, then frog-marching him to the nearest embassy.
Not until we know he's carrying the material with him.
I will not let him get away again! You will if I say you will.
- OA.
Let me talk to you for a second.
I understand that you are personally wrapped up in this.
I worked a case in Ismir when I joined IOD.
Just hear me out.
We sat on a middleman in an arms deal for months.
We watched him like a hawk, burned through overtime and resources until we lost our patience.
Someone above my paygrade said, "Go ahead, arrest him".
We put him in a Turkish cell.
We never recovered his stash, though.
The rocket launchers that we were supposed to intercept sold anyway.
Six months later, they were fired into an open market in Istanbul.
27 dead, including 3 children.
If we do not recover this material while we have the opportunity, it will end up in someone else's hands.
And instead of the Bureau arresting pedophiles, we may never know who these predators were.
They may never face justice.
Yes, you will have caught Kent.
But the dozens of other sick men out there will find another opportunity to get what they want.
And there will be other girls.
Just like the one you tried to save.
Do you see it? We need to take everyone down, not just him.
Or we may never get that chance again.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
This is the wired phone from the cell phone store.
When is the last time that you felt fully vulnerable? [SIGHS.]
Uh probably walking onto The Plain at West Point.
Lining up with my class that first day.
There weren't a lot of new cadets who looked like me.
You need to channel that feeling for this handoff.
You cannot look like an officer.
You can't look like you've been through Quantico.
You cannot look like you know how to fire a gun, like you know how to throw a hook.
You have to look weak and unguarded.
It's not a stretch.
You're gonna be fine.
We'll have eyes on you the whole way.
You ready? Yeah.
Two men making contact.
Kent? - Negative.
- Come on.
Where are you? - You son of a bitch.
- Where are you? Kent's here.
Is that him? Affirmative.
I wondered why you chose the newbie.
Why? Kent likes beautiful young women.
If he's here, Forrester figured he'd step out to take a closer look at her.
You're quite the delivery girl.
Or it could be that she studied languages at West Point.
Well, I guess I'm buying first round tonight.
Hey, he just activated the phone.
- He's making an outbound call.
- Capture the number.
- 380 country code.
- Ukraine.
- Colin Kent.
- Minister Roshcha.
- I hear you have trouble.
- I need safe passage to Kyiv.
- You are where? - Zagreb.
What do you give in exchange? Compromising material on powerful men all over the world.
You'll own them.
Meet my emissaries in Gornji Grad, Lotrscak Tower, 5:00 pm.
I'll meet you, and you only.
Then you can escort me to Ukraine personally.
I will be there at 5:00.
That was Deputy Defense Minister, Fedir Roshcha.
58, hawk who has the ears of Zelensky.
Kent flees here to take sanctuary with a friend, but he knows it's temporary.
We'll find him.
Sooner than he thought.
So he has to reach out for help wherever he can get it.
And then he trades the blackmail material for protection in a non-extraditable country.
That's how I see it.
- Kellett.
- You want tip? I have tip.
Give it to me.
Israeli bodyguard hangs out at my club.
I think he works for your American.
He has stripper girlfriend.
Apparently, the bodyguard was dating another woman, which means stripper was very angry and vindictive.
Speed it up, Horvat.
She tells me American is meeting his partners - at the Greek.
- The Greek? - Yes, Greek.
- Hey, we got eyes.
We got eyes on him now at the Lotrscak Tower.
I tell you what I know.
We have Kent exiting on foot, heading towards you, OA.
I see him.
He's heading towards the upper plaza.
We're tracking him, and he's coming towards us.
We have eyes.
He's carrying a briefcase.
Could be the materials.
- Do we move in? - Yes.
He's doubling back towards you, Forrester.
I don't see him.
He should be coming out on Ah! Damn it.
He smashed the phone.
What do you mean? We lost him? - The Greek.
- What? - The Greek.
He didn't ditch the phone.
He went into the Gric tunnels.
Tank, voraus.
Hey, Vo Shh.
Hey! Freeze! Freeze, FBI! [TANK BARKING.]
- Time's up.
Where's the girl, huh? Huh? Where is she? Where's Sunny, you prick? - Where's the girl? - He doesn't have the case.
Ugh! Freeze! Don't move! I wouldn't.
Drop it! Get on your knees! Put your hands behind your heads.
Arrest this one.
They're video files, but they're encrypted.
It's gonna take me a minute.
- I got it.
- I told you to leave Croatia.
Oh, my God.
That one.
Kuprevic? Is that That's Sunny.
I didn't know this.
- Ah! - Where is she? Ugh! Sipek, take care of this.
Sunny? Hi, my name's OA.
I'm the with FBI.
Are you okay? Are you hurt? - [CRYING.]
- I'm gonna get you home.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You know, I can't comprehend why a human being would do what you have done.
Maybe that's a good thing that I can't.
But what I do know, without any doubt, is that you're cooked.
And you better enjoy that smug little smile on your face while you can, because once you're processed and incarcerated, you're gonna be looking at the world in a whole different way.
And that's why I'm here right now, to tell you this.
Well here's what's actually going to happen agent.
First, I'm gonna have my lawyers file assault charges against you, and I will have your job.
And with your skill set, limited though it may be, you're probably gonna be able to get a job as a security guard.
The second thing is, my attorneys have already partnered with the best criminal defense firm in Croatia.
They're on the phone right now with the Minister of Justice to prevent my extradition out of this country.
So, yes, I will post bail, however exorbitant.
And then I'll get a villa, in Split or Zadar I haven't decided yet.
And every year while I'm here, as this drags on through the courts, I will send you a bottle of wine to the mall where you work.
You strike me as a White Zinfandel kind of guy, right? So you can drink it, or you can shove it up your ass.
I'll leave that up to you.
Would you mind telling him? Mm.
In ten minutes, the Attorney General of the United States will be calling the Minister of Justice, and your extradition hearing will be waived in lieu of an expedited request under Article 3 of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with Croatia.
You know about Article 3? An extradition hearing can be waived if the defendant is believed to be an imminent danger to the community.
Agent Zidan is waiting outside, and you'll be flying home with him.
Are you heading to Budapest now? Or do I need to make sure you don't piss off any more Croatian police? I think we'll stay the night.
Oh, then I remain on high alert.
The Bureau's putting us up at the Esplanade.
- Okay.
- Cool.
Hey, Vo.
So your ASAC in Seattle emailed me to say that you were a problem.
Said that you spent a week on the bricks.
Is there anything that you want to add to that? - No, sir.
- Good.
You know, if you have second thoughts about my transfer, after he sent you all Well, he sent it to me before I transferred you.
Listen, I have been written up, disciplined, threatened by blowhards my entire career.
I'm still here.
They say if you stand by a river long enough, you'll see the bodies of your enemies float by.
I've seen mine.
If you work like you did today, you look to Kellett, you learn everything that she has to teach you, you're gonna go as high as you want in the Bureau.
- I'll do that.
- Good.
Operation Gray Hawk began today with the coordinated arrests of over two dozen pedophiles.
We we plucked those bastards from their homes, from their offices, from their benches.
And we marched them right in front of those cameras.
28 subjects located, 28 arrests.
No one left in the wind.
Great job, everyone.
- Nicely done! - Thank you.
Good work.
- Ma'am.
How you doing? I'm okay.
I owe you an apology.
I thought he was dying, and, uh, I shouldn't have That's not the way I, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
I'm sorry.
I didn't handle it well either.
- How's he doing? - He's doing all right.
It's gonna be a long recovery.
He's got family in Oklahoma who want to care for him.
- That's good.
- Yeah, it is.
Um, Hana, I heard about her mother.
- How long's she gonna be gone? - Not sure.
Well, if you need reinforcements, I'm happy to pass along a few names.
Thank you.
Actually, I, um you know Kristin Gaines from the Miami office? Yeah.
I asked her to join the team, so That's great.
She's a badass.
She is.
Do you think he would mind if I spoke with him for a minute? I think he'd like that.
How you holding up? [HORN HONKS.]
We got him.
Thank you so much.
Oh, my God, thank you so much.
Hey, buddy.
All right, there you go.

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