FBI: International (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Edge

Are you sure? - A skeleton.
- Yeah.
It's kind of scary.
- What's up? - Unlawful flight warrant.
- We gotta roll.
- I'll drive.
Hungarian woman Katya Polgar was due in court in New York.
Decided a trip to Budapest was more her speed.
Any priors? Jamie, any priors? Uh Family court judge signed the warrant.
A clean rap-sheet.
Doesn't exactly look like El Chapo.
Address is the Castle District.
Ooh, where the festival is today.
- Which festival is this now? - I'm not sure.
- You know why? - Why? Because there's a new festival in Budapest every damn weekend.
Back in Ohio, you know how many festivals we had each year? - Mm-mm.
- One.
And it meant something.
Aww, I'm sorry there's so many festivals here, Scott.
Fight through it.
By the way, I saw that face you made when I said I'll drive.
- Don't think - No! No! No! No! Hey, no, you listen to me.
The warrant you gave us had no background.
We rolled up on a kidnapping, completely exposed.
These guys hit when the city was packed.
Then get us that, Glenn not tonight, today.
But we can't do our job if you keep putting blinders over our eyes.
And I damn sure wanna know if I'm walking into an ambush.
Damn analysts, never been in the field.
Okay, Vo and I woke up half the analysts at 26 Fed and cobbled together background on our warrant.
The kidnapped boy, her son, is a U.
citizen David Milgrave, age ten, third grader at Riverside Elementary in Hudson, New York.
Picture in the paper for the spelling bee.
By all accounts, good kid.
Mom was married to this guy, Gary Milgrave, 43.
Runs a sales firm, net worth in the mid-seven figures.
- Pre-divorce.
- Exactly.
Marriage hits the skids, and they go to war in family court.
Transcript read like a Dostoevky novel.
You're gonna have to elaborate or use a Stephen King reference.
- Bleak it was bleak.
- Got it.
She takes half his money, pushed for sole custody, but the judge awards them share.
Not good enough for her.
So she hightailed it to Hungary.
- Yep.
- What the hell is going on? Don't.
A violent abduction in the middle of Budapest.
The Hungarian police are livid.
What am I supposed to tell them? You can tell them that we're alive and well, and thanks for their concern.
And if it's not too much trouble, as a Europol senior agent, maybe you can pressure them to look for a white Skoda van.
This is the partial license plate, and if they get a hit, maybe they'd be kind enough to let us know.
We almost got mowed down in the street, Jaeger.
I am very glad you weren't mowed down.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
There's a federal warrant to have you extradited to the US immediately.
No, please.
You knew you couldn't abduct your son from the country.
- You don't understand.
- Help us to understand then.
I married Gary Milgrave in 2014.
- For a visa? - For love.
I thought for love.
- And? - He changed.
You're gonna have to get a lot more specific.
A-at first, he treated me he made me believe I walked on air, but he was that was a mask.
In public, he was polite, he smiled, but, behind closed doors, if I misplaced his keys, he would hit me.
If I spent his money, he would hit me.
Even when I was pregnant with David, he would hit me here and here.
The divorce judge said joint custody even when I told him these things that Gary did.
My son came home from his father's house and I found him in the bathtub wearing all of his clothes.
"What are you doing, David?" I asked.
I asked again, "What did your father do?" David wouldn't look at me.
I tried to take off his shirt and he jerked away, and then I knew he was beating our son.
I ran.
I took David and I ran.
If you have evidence of abuse, you go to the police.
There's no record of that.
I couldn't make my child go through that.
Gary's lawyers are like animals.
What they said about me during the divorce? I couldn't do it.
You must listen; he has seizures.
- Epilepsy? - David must take medication.
Please find him.
Please I believe her.
You can't fake that woman's sincerity.
You can actually.
I'm with Vo; seems like she's telling the truth.
Or she knows she's in trouble and she's making a play for sympathy.
Look, tell me to drop it and I will drop it.
But there is no way that woman hired the kidnappers herself.
That would be a level of sick that I just don't see.
Well, if you ask me how I know a desperate parent will say anything when their world is crumbling trust me, I know personally.
So I'm not ready to put a halo on her when she's got an outstanding warrant hanging over her head.
I don't know.
She might have been rehearsed.
Wouldn't be the first beauty from Eastern Europe to snag a rich American, take off with half his money post-divorce.
I think we should go back at her in an hour, see if her story changes.
You, uh you ever read "Team of Rivals"? The Lincoln book? When Forrester puts a unit together, he wants the widest range of voices in his ear, giving him all the angles.
He may not agree with you, but he always listens.
It's my way of saying, if you're looking for a compliment from him, you might be waiting a while.
But he respects you, or you wouldn't be here.
Thanks, Raines.
I'm gonna get on the horn to New York, ask for more time before we put Katya on a plane.
I'll alert the HNBI to notify us if they have any child having seizure calls.
And get some more of that medication in case.
Hungarian police have the Skoda at the Kossuth train station.
Hey, we got eyes on the Skoda from this morning.
Tank, come.
Fuss! The guy is over there.
Where is the surveillance on the kidnappers? Try it again and I'll pull your arm off.
I do not care if you have jurisdiction.
We're moving in with you.
- They want you to wait here.
- No, uh-uh.
We will no wait.
- They want you to wait here.
- No waiting.
Forget it, we're moving in with you.
Everybody down! Fuss! Whoa! Get in the car.
Come! Hey.
SIOC got me the prints.
- Aussie.
- With a record.
Child endangerment, breaking and entering.
And like every other moron these days, Lucas Robinson likes to self-promote.
Mm-hmm, nice work.
He's part of a movement called Dad's Pride.
- Let's flip the dynamic.
- You're velvet, I hammer him? Mm-hmm.
Tank, go lay down.
You're a long way from home, Lucas.
Melbourne to Budapest, that's a whole day in the air.
And with a record back home? I consider myself up to speed on international law, and I don't think you're supposed to leave Australia.
We go where we're needed.
Who is "we"? Is that Dad's Pride you're talking about? Man has a right to see his son.
Of course he does.
Civil rights we're talking about.
- I agree.
- That's why there are laws.
Piss off.
These Sheilas step with their children and the law goes right to their side.
It's gender discrimination.
So the law don't apply to your group? What have we done? We liberated a stolen child from his kidnapping mother.
Since the dawn of man, we'd be considered heroes.
Now we're in sissy times.
You don't like me, do you? Well, I like the front.
Let me see the back.
You like to talk down to women? It's better than listening to 'em babble on.
Tell me more about how you liberated this child.
Who was with you? He's a hero like you said, but we can't seem to find him in any of these photos.
Lucas, you can't take all the credit.
Share some with your partner.
You mind reaching into my back pocket? My hands are a little busy.
Got it.
Canberra says Dad's Pride has two dozen open warrants in Australia, London, and Canada.
And yet very few arrests and even fewer convictions.
He had that lawyer card primed and ready.
They break laws, achieve their ends, and then duke it out in court when the dust settles.
I get the feeling this isn't about money for them.
It's about rectitude.
Check for any indices on the father, Gary Milgrave, while I call New York.
Hey, Scott Forrester.
- You in town? - Budapest.
Ah, grab some goulash for me, huh? - Hop on a plane.
- Don't tempt me.
All right, I know this isn't a social call.
What do you need? Run a name in New York for me.
- Okay, go.
- Gary Milgrave.
M-I-L-G-R-A-V-E, lives in Hudson.
Hudson all right.
What am I looking for? He doesn't pop up on Sentinel, but I wanna know if there's anything dark out there.
May not have flashed on the federal radar.
All right, I'll get back to you.
We got a missing eight-year-old here, Jubal.
Hey, I had a thought.
Where is Gary Milgrave now? They were trying to get on a train.
Were they gonna meet up with the dad, hand over the kid? Unlikely they were trying to smuggle an eight-year-old across the Atlantic.
Take that wherever it goes.
On it.
You have news on David? I saw him.
He's alive, unharmed.
- But you don't have him? - We're gonna get him back.
I promise.
Let me ask you something.
What's David's favorite thing to do? Just the two of you.
We sing a song before bed every night.
This will help? It might.
Hey, earlier when Forrester said that bit about a desperate parent saying anything, what was that about? His parents were both Foreign Service Officers, career.
His dad still is.
His mom was Angela Cassidy.
Who's Angela Cassidy? Hey, I've got a Gary Milgrave out of Hudson who filed a manifest for a private jet from New York to the Dunakeszi airfield here in Budapest.
The train was headed to Krakow, Poland, with a stop at the Dunakeszi airfield.
We have a handoff point.
We got a problem.
I'll call you back.
I don't I don't speak Hungarian.
Ah, me, either.
Raines, crack his phone? HNBI is go with us having first shot at Milgrave.
Great I don't wanna do it here though.
Too much noise.
Have them follow us to the park and tell them to give us some room.
Vo, I want you to lead the interrogation.
- No - What? Did Forrester tell you about his mother? I've heard whispers.
Why, you do a deep dive? Angela Cassidy.
She was a state department lifer, foreign service.
Eastern bloc, the '80s and '90s.
Embassies in Warsaw, Sofia, Budapest.
You did a deep dive.
- She's a Judas.
- What? She sold classified information to the Russians in '04.
CI set up a false flag on her.
Disappeared in '05.
That must be some weight to carry.
Hey, got an alert on your Gary Milgrave.
Give it to me.
I ran his name through NCIC as well as Lexis/Nexis.
Two months ago, his 28-year-old receptionist filed a restraining order against him for repeated harassment.
I looked into his financials too, because, well, because I'm thorough.
That's why I called you.
IRS has a willful failure to file a return on his company.
He's barely making payroll; it's a house of cards.
- Your boy is underwater.
- Thanks, Jubal.
So I read the file on the Allerton murders you caught in Seattle.
You did? Okay.
You had Jacob Lee Chilton's head so twisted in that interview that he nearly broke out of his chains coming after you.
The reason why you're leading this interview, I want that.
- So you're American FBI? - Yes.
I don't understand.
I thought FBI was domestic - Where's your boy? - Sorry? We need you to reach out to the kidnapper you hired and tell him to bring us your son.
I see.
Katya painted a picture of me as some kind of villain.
She did the same thing in our hearing.
Thankfully, the judge saw through it.
Oh, you run a consulting firm? Yes, sir.
I started in sales with just a laptop and a cell phone and grew it to over 200 employees with 80 million in earnings.
You're a natural salesman.
I'm proud of my company.
Our country used to value success.
Tell us more about this custody hearing.
Your wife says you were abusive.
- It's not true.
- She's a liar? - About that, yes.
- And your boy? What about him? - You were abusive to him.
- No! Do you know what parental alienation is? It's when one parent manipulates the child into estrangement from the other.
And that's what Katya did to David? That's what I believe.
It's what the court believed.
It's not about belief; it's about the truth.
Read the transcripts.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Tell me why you would hire an extremist group to be your snatch back specialists.
They said they were Christian activists.
I want my boy safe.
They said they could do that.
Did you know the concept of parental alienation - has been debunked? - I-I what do you mean? It was widely discredited by clinical research, and yet people like you, apparently, keep trotting it out in court.
I don't know what you want me to say; it's what happened.
If there's another term for it - You seem frustrated.
- I am frustrated.
My ex-wife stole my son and brought him to a foreign country.
Nobody would help me.
I literally didn't know what to do.
Let me ask you a question.
What's your favorite thing to do with David? Just the two of you.
What? Um, he likes what do you call it? The little games on the phone that, you know, that Jaeger, what is this about? Mr.
Milgrave, we are so sorry.
On behalf of Europol, we regret causing you any disruption and inconvenience.
Our partners are from another country and may be unfamiliar with the laws of Budapest which I rectified immediately.
I thank you for your understanding.
What? We were told that we could interview him.
Don't make this worse than it is.
We'll take you to your rental car, and if you want to exercise your legal right to lodge a complaint, we will assist.
That won't be necessary.
They were they were just - it's fine.
- Raines, give him his phone.
We hope you will forgive your mistreatment.
No, I it was all just a big misunderstanding.
I guess the bureau pissed off Europol one too many times.
When you got up, you called Jaeger.
Her pretending to be pissed, that was just for show? So Milgrave would think he's free, set a new rendezvous point.
- And you swapped his phone? - Added a tracker.
So he can lead us straight to David.
Let's find this boy.
That's nearly an hour without moving.
He's gonna have to set up a new rendezvous point and I'll tell you where it's not gonna be.
Five-star hotel in the heart of Budapest.
There's too many cameras; that's too much attention.
These are professional kidnappers; they're gonna pick somewhere off the beaten path.
- Forrester.
- Yeah.
It's Jaeger.
If that dot moves, let me know.
Nice work on the switcheroo, Jaeger.
The Hungarian police want to be involved in any takedown.
They're welcome to it, but they move about as fast as molasses.
So when this breaks, I'm not waiting for them to sign off.
You continue to frustrate them.
I frustrate them? This is just a case to them.
It's middle of the stack.
There is an eight-year-old boy missing, and he is my only priority.
Scott, you're taking this case too personally.
Yeah, well, I take every case personally.
It's why I joined the FBI.
Phone me as soon as you are on the move.
Katya had David's gloves in her bag.
They still have his scent on them.
Hey, find the scent, boy.
Hey! He's on the move.
- Katrin Jaeger.
- He's moving.
I'll share the location.
Headed north outside the city.
- Back to the airport? - Could be.
What's your take on Vo? Handled herself.
Used the pride and ego down technique to keep Milgrave disoriented.
I thought she was solid.
You? Impressed.
He's leaving the main road ahead, three kilometers off the E-60.
- Where'd he go? - He should be right here.
Jaeger, where are you with the HNBI? Ten minutes out.
They're about to hand off the boy.
Hungarian police say you must wait for us.
David, come to me.
Come on, David, let's go.
I'm gonna take you home.
- Go.
- Go.
Get in the car.
Right on his tail.
Do not hit him.
Stay in the car in case he bolts.
Gary, can you turn the engine off? Listen, Gary, it's like you said before, you're just a dad who got pushed to the edge.
I can understand that.
Let's just turn the engine off and I promise you, we will sort this out.
You can't help me.
Your son is terrified back there, Gary.
He does not deserve this.
Let me take him out of there.
She took everything from me.
She can't have him.
No, you're right.
And we will not let her.
You believe her.
I believe that you love your boy.
I believe that you went through great lengths to see him again, Gary.
Let's go somewhere safe with David, and we can talk about this.
Hey! Hey, Gary, David is having a seizure.
Listen to me.
I have his medicine.
She can't have him.
She'll ruin him.
Gary! - Are you hurt? - I'm okay.
- Good.
- Okay.
David David.
Okay, we got you, buddy.
I told you I could drive.
You did cause one hell of a wreck though.
None of this is your fault, David.
Now, your parents are both adults.
It's their job to be good parents, 'cause you're a great kid and you deserve that.
There's one thing that I need to clear up, okay? And I need your help.
The day you came to your mom's and you got in the tub and you wouldn't take your clothes off Did something happen at your dad's house? Why do you wanna know? Because I don't want you to have to carry any more secrets.
I know what that feels like.
That's not right.
What happened? I broke a glass.
I was playing with the ball inside the house.
Dad always told me not to, but I did it.
And the glass broke.
And did he get angry? Did he hurt you? Do I have to tell you? No.
No, you don't.
I'll tell you.
- Jamie, is it happening? - What? Your transfer back to New York.
You said you were gonna put in for 26 Fed.
Let's just keep that between us for now.
The reason I called I need a favor.
When I explained to the DA's office in New York the extenuating circumstances The hired kidnappers, the current restraining order, the attempted murder-suicide Their office negotiated a workaround for your case.
The state of New York will agree not to pay for your extradition.
I don't understand.
Legally, if the attorney general refuses to pay, the warrant is dismissed.
- Is this true? - It is.
Mom! David! David! I missed you.
Okay, Vo.
You get baptized tonight.
I'm not sure I like the sound of that.
You're in Budapest now.
You're gonna have to learn what a Ruin Pub is.
Oh, that kind of baptism? Yes, then I am in.
Good call on Katya.
You both were right about her.
- Wow.
- What? A compliment.
Hell yes! We're definitely celebrating tonight.
We're not going to that pub, are we? Depends on how many rounds you got in you.
What? I, uh I got my landing spot in New York.
I didn't want you to hear it from someone else.
I've never lied to you.
I told you that's where I wanted to do my last ten years.
That's I didn't anticipate you and me becoming you and me.
Well, a spot opened up and I got it.
You know how long it took me to assemble this team here? - I do.
- And you see how much Vo has to learn from you? - Scott.
- Hell, I still learn from you.
I made up my mind.
When do you leave? End of the year.
At least I have a few months to talk you out of it.

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