FBI: International (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Secrets as Weapons

- - Breathtaking, right? I'd rather be at Lake Travis on my pontoon boat with a beer in my hand.
You cannot be serious.
- I was about to throw you out of this car.
You think they still yodel around here? [CAR HORN HONKS.]
Hey, we've got time.
Whatever they want.
We do not get paid enough to take a bullet.
You're with me, right? Right? Get out.
- Where are they? - Where's what? - [GUNSHOT.]
He tried to test me.
You saw what happened.
Where are they? In the trunk, in the suitcase.
In the lining of the suitcase.
Thank you for your help.
Well, that's a hell of a way to start the day.
I've been here before.
In my bed? Yes, I'll confirm that.
You leaving for New York.
I've been here before.
I cared about someone, and I didn't try to stop them from leaving.
I don't want to make that same mistake with you.
I want you to stay.
Let's just make the most of what time we do have together.
So you are taking the position.
I've bounced around a lot in the Bureau.
I need to pick a spot where I can finish my career.
And New York is just closer to home.
But I appreciate you saying what you did.
All right then.
Before you go, I have an idea.
God, I love how quickly you recover.
- Before you do go - Mm Let's get away for a weekend.
No city.
Some hotel where we don't have to hide being together.
Pet friendly, though.
Well, that goes without saying.
We caught a case.
What're you all working on? Going over various scenarios for the GS-14 qualification.
- Awfully ambitious, Vo.
- Well, see, I'm gonna need to do things like this on my path to being the first female director of the FBI.
I'll give you keys to the office after my ten years of first African American director of the FBI.
Well, then, you might want to start applying to the test, because that's the last tip I'm gonna give you.
Took it three weeks ago.
If you need any pointers, I'd be happy not to provide you with any.
Oh, you are messing with the wrong girl.
Stay! Okay, everyone, listen up.
Swiss federal police are requesting our assistance on a robbery-homicide.
Melissa Miller and Chet Lewis, both U.
Lewis was shot once in the back of the head.
Miller was able to escape.
Both Lewis and Miller are retired cops, now licensed private investigators out of Dallas.
Swiss police haven't gotten much from Melissa, as she's been in surgery for injuries sustained during the robbery.
But Swiss police got that these two were hired transporters moving four cryptocurrency wallets to a place called Wellix, a cryptocurrency vault in the Alps.
I've heard of that place it's basically the Fort Knox of cryptocurrency on the planet.
Full disclosure: my grasp on cryptocurrency wallets is similar to my grasp on "Finnegan's Wake", which is to say loose, in a nutshell.
Wallets are the equivalent to a safety deposit box.
If you don't have a crypto wallet, your coins are sitting on an exchange somewhere online.
There were some online hacks in the past that caused some concern over this.
Hacks are less likely today, and companies are being held to higher safety standards, but some people still feel safer having their coins in a wallet.
The downside is, if your coins aren't online, they're essentially sitting on a flash drive, or wallet.
If you lose the wallet, you lose it all.
Speaking of, this guy in London is paying the city 7 million pounds to search the local dump to find a hard drive he tossed, the one with 27 million in Bitcoin on it.
Jaeger will meet us in Zurich, make intros with the Swiss police.
Let's take the jet.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Captain Dante Graf, Swiss Police.
Scott Forrester, Jamie Kellett, Andre Raines, Cameron Vo, FBI.
Melissa Miller, the transporter, is here.
You're free to talk to her.
In fact, she stated she'd be more comfortable - speaking with you.
- Thank you.
And since we haven't worked together before, let me tell you a little bit about us.
We have no hidden agenda.
We just want to work with you to help you find who killed the American citizen in your country.
But we also know we are guests in your country, and we don't do anything without telling you.
Very good.
Then we're in business.
Chet and I were hired by a security consultant named Gene Pruett, and I can get you his info.
Um, we posed as tourists, and the job was to bring those crypto wallets to the vault.
Were you and Chet a couple? Um Not officially, no.
We, uh, we were both coming off of divorces, so we were taking our time.
But, yeah, we were we were dating.
How much currency was on each wallet? No idea.
No, we asked Pruett and he said that wasn't for us to know.
Who did the wallets belong to? That was not told to me either, but we were to meet Pruett and the owner at the vault when we got there.
Did you get a look at the guys who robbed you and killed Chet? Not the one who killed Chet, no.
The other one, he he seemed to be in charge.
He had a mask on, until he went and got the wallets, and then when he walked back over to me, he didn't pull his mask back down, and that's when I knew they were gonna kill me too.
And how did you get away? When he turned back to a black SUV, I threw a Hail Mary kick behind me and caught the knee of one of them.
And then I jumped the guardrail, and they shot at me, but they missed.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
You made it.
Chet has two daughters, 12 and 15.
And he died face-first on some asphalt for $500 a day plus expenses.
I have an informant here in Zurich.
Knows a lot of the robbery crews around here.
I'm gonna go find out what he knows.
You should bring along local police so they don't think we're going around them.
Didn't you hear what I promised Captain Graf? Not with this informant.
He'll only talk to me.
Plus, it's just a feel-out.
If he has anything real, we'll loop the Swiss in.
Huh? That's where we should go, for the weekend.
I'll look into hotels.
I can't believe it.
- And you let these people travel - without any means to protect themselves? We did what we always do.
When was the last time you spoke with them? About two days ago.
You were only in contact every two days? - Yes.
- A lot can happen in 48 hours, Gene.
You blew this one.
This is Leland Schmid.
He's the Director of Security here at Wellix.
Who are they? Well, the gentleman is Steve Webb, owner of the stolen wallets.
Next to him is security consultant, Gene Pruett.
All right, who's in charge here? - Who am I dealing with? - Captain Graf, Swiss Police.
Scott Forrester, FBI.
Why are the Feds here? My team is the international arm of the Bureau.
We're based here in Europe.
So what's the latest on my wallets? That's what we're here for, to get more information.
Oh, so you're nowhere.
Your daughter? No, that's my girlfriend, chief.
We'd like to take a look at your vault, please.
Yeah, let's go do that.
How much was on each wallet? Well, it was 19 million when they left Dallas.
It is now 20.
5 today.
Webb has done three runs already from his home in Dallas.
Each time, we've used a different couple to bring four wallets, and this was gonna be the fourth and final run.
Why the elaborate nature of the run? You know, I stopped explaining to people why I do what I do about the time I hit half a billion in net worth.
Oh, I hear ya.
And congratulations on all your success, Steve.
But you're gonna have to explain this in granular detail because we have a DOA male that you hired.
Gene did all the hiring and the logistics.
All I would do is meet the couriers here to confirm that they arrived, and then I'd deposit the wallets into the vault.
Who knew how much Webb had on his wallets? No one.
Unless he told somebody, and I wouldn't know about that.
The amount that our clients keep in their cold storage is their business.
We just secure the wallets.
We'll need a list of all your employees and highlight any who had any interactions with him.
Of course.
All I ask in return is some discretion.
- We value our reputation.
- We'll do our best, but your Yelp reviews aren't our priority.
I understand.
Just get us the names, Mr.
I'm assuming your wallets aren't fixed with a tracking device.
That's correct.
- Are they transferrable? - No.
But I did put a password protection on each, so I'd like to see those greasy bastards try to take some money out now.
That's actually in our favor, as they may reach out for a ransom demand.
Yeah, good.
I'd like to see them try.
In the end, they're gonna walk away with 20 euros and a kick in the ass.
Let us handle any of the negotiations, Steve.
What's up, Hoschi? Wow.
Still got that futon, huh? What do you need, Jamie? You hear anything about the murder-robbery at the St.
Gotthard's Pass the other day? Well, what do you guys know? That's not how this works, Hoschi.
I-I'm trying to help you, but I can't if you don't give me more details.
Do you have suspects you're looking at? - Is someone here? - Just tell me what's going on.
Put the phone back in your pocket.
I'm so sorry.
If you would have come five minutes later, he wouldn't have been here.
- Hey.
Hello? I'm FBI.
I can work a deal for you.
Listen to her.
It's true.
- Hey! Don't dig yourself a deeper hole.
Okay, whatever you did, I can work with you.
Jamie Aah [GUNSHOTS.]
Jamie! [GASPING.]
Jamie, it's me.
I'm right here, okay? You're gonna be okay.
I go to the hospital and send updates.
- No, I should go.
- Scott, Jamie would want you to find the shooter, no? It's okay.
Streets are blocked off and a canvass - is being done right now.
- Hey, we need cameras pulled and all the neighbors interviewed.
Of course.
Notify the SIOC and the IOD that Jamie's been shot.
Send them SITREPs with each development.
Copy that.
I want to know everything about this dirtbag.
Agent Kellett came here alone.
She did.
- You assured me you'd keep - Not now, okay, Captain? Not right now.
We need to go over your story again.
My story? That sounds ominous.
Why didn't you wire the funds to the vault? I got hacked six years ago.
I don't trust hot storage anymore.
I put everything in cold storage.
That's the wallets.
Do you keep any backups? That's a redundancy risk, so no.
Is whatever you're looking at on your phone pertinent to this case? - Nope.
- Then put your phone down.
The FBI was contacted by your insurance company.
They heard about the robbery.
They wanted to speak to the lead investigator, see if this was all above board.
And I told them I didn't have an answer yet.
My former investment adviser made me take out that insurance.
The policy covers the cost I bought the crypto at, which was like 400 a coin.
I've made 150 times that since, so you can do the math.
My watch is worth more than I'd get back from that insurance right now.
- That's a fair point.
- Mm-hmm.
But as you know, all Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a digital ledger, and we traced your time-stamped transactions and confirmed that your coins were acquired before your divorce.
It doesn't look like you disclosed any of that on your financial affidavit.
Sit down! I filed for divorce four years ago.
The vast majority of the price appreciation on those coins happened after that.
My ex-wife is not entitled to any returns on those coins after the date on those divorce papers.
You know, a cynic might think you were hiding assets with the wallets, or had them stolen and for the purposes of this scenario, I'll put that in "quotes" for you to avoid them going to your ex.
Well, let me guess.
You're a cynic.
- I am today.
Am I under arrest? No.
Well, see ya.
You ever dealt with a self-made billionaire before? They live in their own world.
Yeah, well, he's living in mine right now.
We have two DOAs, and my colleague's in the hospital, so if this is an inside job gone sideways, I'll bury him.
This list is all your employees.
- Yes.
- Janitors, everybody? Mm-hmm.
Yes, yes.
Anyone with a record? Well, nothing felonious, if that helps.
Who was Webb's main contact at your vault? I was.
And when did Webb approach your company about transferring his cryptocurrency here? Oh, he didn't.
His security adviser, Mr.
Pruett, did.
Apparently, Mr.
Webb had been keeping his wallets in his own personal home safe, and, well, they became too valuable for that.
Like having four Van Goghs hanging in your foyer.
So, it was Pruett's idea to move the wallets.
Yes, that is my understanding.
Thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
Any word on Kellett? No.
- You? - No.
Hey, if I got shot, my parents in Richmond, Virginia and my sister in Atlanta.
I've got their names and numbers on my desk at the office.
And, um, I'll get my list together too.
It'll be in my top drawer.
The bullet nicked her abdominal aorta, and she's still bleeding heavily.
We've already transfused five units of blood, and she's going to need more.
We have to repair the aorta and proceed with an exploratory laparotomy, where we open up her abdomen to see the extent of the damage.
But you feel confident I don't make predictions.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
You are her coworker? And a friend.
I will be back when I know something.
Okay, thank you.
I'll be right here.
Do they seem confident? Okay, thanks, Katrin.
She's going into surgery now.
She'll keep us posted.
- What do we got? - Did Jaeger say what surgery? She'll keep us posted.
What do we got? I had the Dallas office run background on Melissa Miller.
Open source shows three revolving credit cards of small balances, all current.
No indications of large deposits or liquid assets in any accounts.
And we ran her name through our indices and came up empty.
- She's clean.
- So was Chet.
- What else? - Nothing from ballistics.
I mean, the slugs taken out of Chet and Kellett's informant were Hydra-Shok and they couldn't get any lands or grooves off of them, since they mushroomed on impact.
Security camera system in the entry to the apartment building is 20 years old but can track who comes and goes.
This guy entered the building five minutes before Kellett and left one minute after she placed the call to you.
Looks like he knew the layout of the building and shielded himself accordingly.
But we found a neighbor who has a camera system, and we were able to access it.
Image is outside the residence of the neighborhood, but nothing so far.
Did the shooter come over to the apartment knowing Kellett was on her way? I mean, to kill her and her informant? Or was it wrong place, wrong time? That's one of the questions I intend to ask this gentleman very soon, face-to-face.
From Pruett.
They've been approached about a ransom for the wallets.
He changed his mind.
- What? - I spoke with my attorneys, and they tell me I'm under no legal obligation to cooperate with you on this matter, so You may be the only way we can get who killed your transporter and shot one of my agents! Well, you see right there? That's the exact reason I don't want you involved in this.
I can't risk you screwing this up for me, which you will, because you're after blood, and all I want is my damn money back.
- Scott, Scott! - You're gonna let him do this? We're Swiss.
We won't be getting involved.
Gene, let's go.
Are the Swiss tracking Webb's phone? Both his and Pruett's phones are already dead.
Keep in mind, Pruett is a high-end security adviser.
If they don't want to be traced, they won't be traced.
Surgery was a success.
She's recovering.
- That's good.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's me.
I'm here.
You're the strongest person that I know, Jamie.
I don't know what I would've done without you.
Run this as an address, or a partial phone number.
Does Agent Kellett have any family stateside we should notify? No, she doesn't have any kids.
Unmarried, unless you count the Bureau as her spouse.
Boyfriend? Um - I don't think so.
- Okay.
Well, great news about her recovery.
Let me know if I can do anything on my end.
- Forrester? - Yes, all good.
Thanks, Isobel.
Run 2604 as the first four numbers on a plate for a black Cayenne.
Got a hit.
It's a rental.
We'll need all the evidence collected.
If you find anymore, let us know, okay? Thank you.
Car's been here for a few hours.
No witnesses.
I ran a nexus for all the locations the car's been the last three days against all the suspects in the case and employees from the vault.
It was parked two days ago in front of a house outside of Zurich, owned by this guy.
Agent Forrester, how can I help? [GRUNTING.]
Let's go for a ride.
Yeah, that's that's Hoschi.
And how do you know him? Well, he's how this whole thing got started, in a way.
Well, then I'm glad I showed you his photo.
We, um we met through a mutual friend and Hoschi found out I was working at Wellix, and he started making overtures over the next few weeks.
At first, I said no, but then I was passed over for a promotion at work, again.
You know, I've worked there five years.
Five years, not one single promotion.
I don't care.
Then what? I told him that I was working with this crazy Texan who was transporting wallets in suitcases.
At first, I did not know how much was on each wallet, but then then Mr.
Webb, after the third run, he, uh, when he came to meet the couriers at the bank, I guess he had a few glasses of wine beforehand, because he started getting very talkative.
And Hoschi, he brought in other people? Yeah.
Two men.
One of them did all the talking, Kristian.
Kristian Hess.
And the couriers, were they in on it? No.
No, I knew when the last two couriers were going to arrive at the vault, so I just worked backwards from there, and I was able to figure out who they were and what flights out of Texas they were on.
you know, they were not supposed to be killed.
I was assured no one would be killed.
How do you communicate with him? I have a number.
And I text him and he always calls me back from a from a blocked number.
Have you texted him since the robbery? No, no, I thought I'd let things settle down first.
Text him.
- Ask if everything is okay.
- No, he'll ignore that.
The only way he's gonna respond is if you piss him off.
Text him, "Where's my money? I want my money.
Where's my cut?" Bombard him with that.
Thank you.
Get these bastards! [PHONE RINGING.]
Yeah? You're worried about your cut? I want my money.
I want my money! Those wallets are password protected, which you failed to mention.
Unless you have the passwords.
Do you? No.
No, I did not know they were protected.
No matter, we have already negotiated a ransom for the wallets.
Your cut is I don't kill you.
The signal is going in and out because he's turning his phone off between calls, but he's in the area.
I have eyes on Webb and Pruett.
They're in the park, on St.
Pruett is answering his cell right now.
We have a ping on Hess.
He's bouncing Webb and Pruett around this area until he feels it's safe to meet.
They're on the move.
Headed northwest.
They both sat down outside at a Cafe Moho.
There's a lot of foot traffic out here.
We have to be careful in case a confrontation goes down.
Hess and another male just sat down with them.
It looks like they're transferring funds onto a laptop.
This is gonna be quick.
Move in.
Hey, wait.
What are you doing? Wait a minute.
Tank, Fass! [TANK BARKING.]
Help! Hilfe! Fuss.
Where's the other suspect? Give me the name of the guy who shot my agent.
If you don't, you'll assume full I know how it works.
What's on your mind, Kristian? What do you want? I want citizenship for my girlfriend and her son.
They're Turkish.
Aiding illegal immigrants is a solidarity crime here in Switzerland.
I will put in a request.
That's worth nothing.
I want it guaranteed.
Or you get nothing from me.
My director at Europol knows the state secretariat for migration here in Switzerland.
He's been made aware of the circumstances, and he is 90% certain that it can be arranged, as long as the girlfriend has no outstanding warrants and Hess gives a full and honest confession.
We call that a home run back where I'm from.
So, he's 99% certain that your girlfriend and her son will be given citizenship.
I want it in writing.
Kristian, you've been making money on the streets since you were, what, 15? When did you ever get anything in writing? You always had to trust your gut.
What's your gut telling you now, looking at me? Am I lying to you? It will get done.
Ulrich Zimmerman.
Oh, and you should know, he told me many times, he's not going back to prison.
Be careful.
Do you know what I love? Telling guys like you who swore they were never going back to prison you're going back to prison.
We got him.
So you didn't think you could clue me in on this, huh? You cost me $20 million.
- I think you owe me $20 million.
- I understand.
And you, you almost got me killed.
Whoa! [GROANS.]
All right.
I want you to arrest him for assault, right now.
We're Swiss, we won't be getting involved.
You cracked the case while pumped full of morphine.
That has to be a first.
And to think my mom always used to give me a hard time for writing reminders on my hand.
Said it wasn't ladylike.
Thank you.
I know you all went above and beyond.
We'll meet you in the lobby.
The doctor said you're gonna be here for a few more days, and then you can come back to Budapest.
I'm gonna stay here with you, okay? The nurse said she could wheel in a bed.
When you look over a cliff and come back from it, you don't think about career accomplishments.
You think about the people that mean something to you.
I don't want the New York job now.
I want to stay here.
Because I'd really miss working with Jaeger.
Why are you always busting my chops? I want to stay.
I want to stay with this team.
And I want to see where it goes with you.
If that's what you want as well.
It is.
What are you gonna do about dating a subordinate? Do we keep hiding this? Well, if we were in the Washington Field Office, we would.
But we're in Europe.
Let's make the most of it.

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