FBI: International (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

American Optimism

1 Hey, idiota! Stop.
Stay where you are.
Don't move.
I'm an American.
I need asylum.
Please! What is going on here? I didn't kill him.
I swear to God.
- Decaf, right? - Don't you dare.
I can't wait to get back to work.
I can't wait to have you back at work.
Doctor gave me full clearance.
No restrictions.
I'm good to go.
He seemed a little more cautious when I spoke to him.
Meaning? How about we just start you off with modified duty? - Desk duty.
- Yeah, just for a bit.
If seeing each other is gonna make you overreact as my boss and try to keep me in bubble wrap, then this isn't gonna work.
I don't know how else to say it.
Jamie, this is not an overreaction.
You took a bullet.
Why rush back? Because apprehensiveness isn't a habit I want to start picking up now.
Hey, did you ever notice that Forrester always comes into the office about five seconds after Kellett? No.
I'm not saying I care, at all.
But for two top-level agents, both with heavy-duty undercover experience, do they really think walking in five seconds apart is fooling anyone? Would you ever? What? Date someone from work? Yeah.
Depends on the coworker.
- You? - Never.
I mean, I've seen it blow up too many times.
Anything for me here? Yeah? Okay.
Nope? Oh, my God.
You guys Good morning.
Very nice.
We got cake.
Or, I mean, maybe we should get into the details of the case - that came in? - Yeah, let's do it.
Cit is Drew Edmonson, 24, from Tacoma.
In Madrid on a student's visa, studying at the College for International Studies.
He's at the U.
Embassy claiming that he found his boyfriend dead in the boyfriend's apartment.
Rafael Delgado, 32.
Edmonson called the police when he discovered the body, but then he panicked and ran to the embassy six blocks away for safety.
Our contact at the embassy is Deputy Chief of Mission, Emma Healey.
She is the State Department Rep and the new ambassador to Spain's right-hand woman.
So Jaeger is there, and she'll help coordinate.
Oh, I just got a message from her.
"Heads up, the Madrid police are PISSED" all caps "That we have their suspect and they can't gain access to him".
Already called the jet.
- Ready when we are.
- All right, let's hit it.
- You're not coming? - Desk duty.
- Until informed otherwise.
- Ah.
What's up, Katrin? Quite a bit.
The ambassador is hosting a ball tomorrow for the Spanish Prime Minister and other dignitaries.
Mm, so drag this out as long as possible is what you're saying? The ambassador's new, right? Yes, he's been here two weeks.
What's his background? Pharmaceutical magnate who was given this post as a "thank you" for his political donations.
Great, so he's in over his head.
- Emma.
- This the team? - Indeed.
- Hello, welcome.
I'm Emma Healey, I'm the Deputy Chief of Mission.
Your liaison at the National Police is going to be Inspector Mateo Diaz.
And he's very eager to meet with you, so if we can make that happen as soon as possible, that would be great.
Oh, and here's our ambassador now.
His name is Gary Berger, but you can address him as either Mr.
Ambassador or Ambassador Berger.
Ambassador Berger, this is the FBI fly team I briefed you on.
- Oh, nice to meet you all.
- Likewise.
Whatever you guys need, just let Emma know, and we'll make it happen.
You're aware of the ball I'm hosting? We are.
So if this whole mess could be cleaned up as expeditiously as possible, I'd be indebted.
- Whatever they need.
- Yes, Mr.
If you could point us in the direction of Mr.
Edmonson? Yes, follow me.
Right this way please.
Thank you.
We met at a café at Malasaña four months ago.
Rafael didn't come out to his family yet.
Or to himself, to be honest.
His family is very religious, very conservative, very influential.
They live in Toledo, and they go back, I don't know how many generations.
He kept an apartment here in Madrid, but he would go home and stay with his parents most weekends.
He have a job? He was a comptroller for a real estate company.
I didn't really know much beyond that.
I'm a liberal arts major.
Accounting wasn't a huge topic of conversation for us.
Did Rafael have any problems with anyone? Any threats? Any lawsuits? Not that I know of.
But he did come out to his family a week ago, and according to Rafael, it wasn't met warmly.
And that was really the only source of anxiety in his life.
Again, that I knew of.
What happened last night? I went to his apartment at 9:00 p.
I have a key.
Walking up the stairs, I saw a man close Rafael's apartment door, which I thought was odd.
He walked quickly down the stairs, passing me.
I walked into the apartment, and I found Rafael.
On the floor.
There was so much blood.
It looked like he'd been stabbed in the chest many times.
I tried chest compressions, but I called the police.
And then I realized they might think that I did it.
Why? I'm a foreigner.
I'm gay.
Rafael comes from a very powerful family.
I knew that the embassy was close by, and something in the back of my head said to run there so I'd be treated fairly.
I didn't really think much beyond that.
You will be treated fairly.
But this will be thoroughly investigated.
And the truth will come out.
So if it went down any different than what you just said, save us some time and some effort.
And save yourself some goodwill.
I swear to you, I didn't kill Rafael.
We're gonna need a physical description of the guy you saw on the staircase.
And a full account of where you were prior to finding the body.
- Special Agent Forrester, Raines, Vo.
- Inspector Diaz.
It's nice to meet you, Inspector Diaz.
We look forward to working with you.
- I want to speak with Drew Edmonson.
- Soon.
Once we get a full sense of what happened last night.
- Has he confessed? - Has not.
- Quite the opposite.
- And you believe him? Uh, still early.
Why would he run to the embassy unless he was guilty? Let's just join forces, figure that out.
You have a room we can work out of, Inspector? We're gonna need to see the crime scene, and if you could provide us with all pertinent information and list of potential suspects.
Por favor.
Edmonson said he saw a man leaving Delgado's apartment as he was walking up the stairs.
Perhaps he was lying about that.
Do criminals lie to the police in America? Because, here, they do.
We only have one suspect.
This is where Rafael Delgado lived.
Second floor.
Who are they? The mother and the older brother of Delgado.
They're not removing items from Delgado's apartment, - are they? - It would appear so.
So the crime scene hasn't been secured.
It was, but we did a thorough search.
And now it is time for the family to heal.
Después De usted.
I'm assuming your crime scene unit photographed the apartment - before it was picked over? - They did.
Mm-hmm, and Delgado's body is at the morgue? - No, it's not.
- No.
And it's at the taxidermist, or? The body was inspected by our medical examiner and then transferred to the family this morning.
Why so quickly? A rapid burial is advisable here in Madrid due to the limited burial space in Catholic cemeteries.
So most families try to bury their loved ones within 24 hours, especially when the weather is hot.
I don't know if you've been around a corpse in 38-degree heat Celsius, I'm referring to but if that can be avoided, you'd be well served.
- Laptop, cell phone? - We have both.
Password protected.
We're working on it.
My mother heard arguing last night.
- Two men.
- What were they arguing about? She only heard pieces, and mostly about money.
But then one of them yelled, "I'm not going to do this anymore".
Was it Rafael who yelled that? She thinks so.
All right.
The mom said the argument was at 8:45, which, according to Edmonson's account, would have been before he arrived.
Did you verify his alibi for last night? Everything until 8:00 p.
After that, he said he was walking around the park.
What's that all about? Hello? I see.
Hold on a second.
You're not gonna like this.
Well, did you check I have to I have to go.
Our attorney at the DOJ spoke with Mr.
Edmonson, and Mr.
Edmonson's decided to self-surrender - to the Madrid police.
- The hell he did.
That kid was scared out of his mind.
There is no way he would choose to leave here.
Well, we have a signed document that states otherwise, - so - This embassy is U.
Have you ever heard of the Fifth Amendment? The Madrid police have given us their word that they will continue to cooperate with your entire investigation They have already made up their mind about this kid.
Well, it's out of my hands.
And out of Ambassador Berger's hands at this point, so you keep us posted, Agent Forrester.
Ambassador Berger will be expecting updates.
You guys got worked.
Welcome back.
I take it you've been informed.
- I've been informed.
- Maravilloso.
- I need to see Edmonson.
- Soon.
We're conducting our own interrogation, as you did.
And when we're done, you'll be notified, huh? Edmonson said he saw the assailant leave Delgado's apartment.
That means the assailant saw Edmonson.
His life could be in danger.
He needs to be put in protective custody.
I have I am certain Edmonson sees the assailant every time he looks in the mirror.
Why are you so resistant to doing a thorough investigation? Do you not have people that you answer to - in your job, Agent? - Hell yes, I do.
But I push back when it's the right thing to do.
It's, uh, it's inspiring.
Unfortunately, the conference room you were using earlier is now being used for a birthday party.
So We will have to provide you with alternate accommodations.
Do you have anything smaller? I can't believe this is all the photos they took of his body.
No mention of the angle of the entry wound, theorized height of the assailant, whether the assailant was left or right-handed.
Look, I could go on.
Edmonson is an open book on social media.
Some photos of Delgado on his posts, but no pictures that would indicate a romantic involvement until one of their posts from a few days ago.
Delgado mostly posts about sunsets and tapas.
Very buttoned-up personality.
We need to talk to the brother.
So what did you take out of your brother's apartment this morning? Photos, mostly.
- Of what? - Rafael.
- And the man who killed him.
- Who's that? You know who.
Drew Edmonson.
Why remove the photos? My mother wanted them gone.
Have you ever met Drew Edmonson? No.
Did your brother ever mention him? Once.
A week ago.
And how did he characterize him? Favorably.
Did your brother have anyone making threats against him? Not that I knew of.
Anyone have a problem with him coming out two weeks ago? Enough of a problem to kill him? No.
Did you have a problem with him? I suppose so.
Many years ago.
I always had a feeling that Rafael might be gay.
My parents, though, they're from a different generation.
And how did they react when he came out to them about his sexuality? This conversation seems to be drifting away from Drew Edmonson.
You're not convinced he's the killer? Because he's a fellow American? No, we just want to know for sure.
No matter how much time and effort it takes.
You must get paid by the hour.
- You have your doubts as well.
- Do I? Otherwise you wouldn't have met with us.
I just don't know what to think.
What happened with your brother is unspeakable.
We are just looking for the truth, and we can't find it unless you help us.
Where did your brother work? He worked as a comptroller at a real estate investment firm.
The company's owned by a friend of the family.
We would very much appreciate it if you could make a call and get us in there.
We'll need you to pull all the records, accounts, - and emails that Rafael generated.
- Of course, Thiago said to grant you full access.
Rafael's office, and we need any passwords you have for him.
Of course.
Anna, por favor.
I'm gonna get cracking on his computer.
What can you tell us about Rafael? Uh, he was a great employee.
A great coworker, and a great friend.
You knew him well.
Gosh, I'm I'm sorry.
I Hey.
I thought I was just going to open his office for you.
I I didn't know you wanted to talk about him.
I totally understand.
Okay? I'm sure it's still very raw for you.
- He was stuck.
- How so? Stuck between who he wanted to be, and who he needed to be for his family.
For as long as I knew him, he was half a person.
And it broke my heart.
- You knew about Drew Edmonson? - Yes.
But Rafael had me swear I wouldn't say anything.
And I would say, "Rafael, cariño, you're 32 years old.
It's okay to be yourself.
Who cares about what your parents think?" Who'd want him dead? I asked myself that a million times the last couple of days.
And the only thing that I can think of is when he did come out, he was so unprepared.
'Cause he'd been so sheltered his whole life, you know? So very easily, he could have been vulnerable to the wrong person.
You seriously have a pencil clenched in your teeth? Mandatory if you're gonna kick ass and crunch numbers.
I heard every third word of that.
Guess what Delgado did right before he was killed? - Tell me.
- He stole a lot of money.
From his employer.
As comptroller for a real estate investment trust, he was responsible for paying all their bills.
REITs have dozens of shell companies that buy up land and housing assets.
He'd know that his company was processing huge payments.
Wouldn't look into bills worth less than 10, 20,000, so those bills get paid real easy.
Hey, let me put you up on the monitor.
Jamie, what do you got? Headquarters secured a forensic financial analyst team at the Washington Field Office to go over what Raines got.
They confirmed a very sophisticated embezzlement of 250,000 euros implemented by Delgado one month ago.
He set up a shell company that did insurance and appraisal work, and then Delgado sent out fictitious bills to the firm through the shell company.
- That's great, Jamie.
- There's more.
Delgado needed proof of identity for his shell companies and couldn't use his own name, so they were set up at an American bank, and those accounts were signed by someone else.
Drew Edmonson.
I think they call that motive.
Edmonson certainly has a lovely signature, no? It's very elaborate.
We'd like to speak to Edmonson if you'd be so gracious.
Regarding? The extent of his involvement in all this.
He signed his name to the account.
This is extortion turned deadly.
Do I really need to explain to you what happened? I'd rather hear it from him.
You still don't think he killed Rafael Delgado? Let's find out.
American optimism.
I'll give you 15 minutes.
After that, Mr.
Edmonson will be transported and arraigned.
- So that's your signature? - Yes.
Did you know the account was funded with money that - What account? - The account you signed for.
The copy of which is right in front of your eyeballs.
I never signed for an account.
What did you sign for? Rafael told me it was documentation that would help him get a work visa so he could visit me in the U.
And you just scribbled your name on it? It was in Spanish.
I don't know anything about an account Put yourself in our shoes for one second.
I know! I know! I must sound crazy or gullible, or both.
But I swear I'm telling you the truth.
We were on our way out to dinner and Rafael put these papers in front of me and told me it was about his visa.
And then he handed me a pen, and that was that.
You have another problem your whereabouts the hour before Rafael was killed.
"Walking around the park" isn't what we'd term an iron-clad alibi.
I stopped by a bakery to pick up some tortas.
Why didn't you tell us this the first time we spoke? Because my boyfriend was killed.
And I had his blood on me.
I apologize if I wasn't thinking with utter clarity the last time we spoke.
The name of the bakery? Las Ventanas on Paseo De Estrada.
- How'd you get that bruise? - I was jumped.
I learned quite a bit of prison slang the last 24 hours.
They call a snitch a soplon here, and I have no desire to be one because I'm currently doing everything I can to stay alive.
Can you get me back to the embassy, please? You self-surrendered.
Because Emma told me that staying at the embassy was making me look guilty.
I'd be treated better by the Madrid Police if I cooperated with them.
Can you please get me out of here? We can't.
I'm sorry.
I want Drew Edmonson put in protective custody.
I'll put in a request.
No, I want him in PC right now.
You guys made some calls to get Edmonson.
Good for you.
But let me tell you, I can make some calls too.
Now, I'm sure your Prime Minister would be happy about that.
I'll see what I can do.
No, hey! Leave her alone Ms.
Delgado, I'm Agent Forrester.
I know who you are.
I would like to speak with you about your son's murder, ma'am.
There is nothing to talk about.
Could we sit down, have a coffee? I know who killed Rafael.
Inspector Diaz knows who killed Rafael.
Everyone in this building knows who killed Rafael.
It was the American homosexual who was stalking him.
I just buried my son, and you are an insult I won't tolerate.
Spoke with the forensic accounting team, and there is a version of this scam where Edmonson didn't know he was party to it, if, indeed, he claims he didn't know what he was signing.
As long as Delgado had Edmonson's social security number, he could have set the rest up by himself.
This is all supported by the fact that the money parked in the account was never touched by Edmonson.
And no record of any big purchases - from Edmonson recently.
- I got something here.
I checked Edmonson's new timeline and the bakery he hit, and I was able to pull up security camera footage.
He was there the same time Delgado's neighbor heard arguing between Delgado and another man.
So Edmonson has been telling the truth.
Need to speak with you outside.
What's going on? Thank you for your help, but you and your bureau's cooperation are no longer needed.
We just got some new information.
Email me.
Mateo, don't do this.
You can walk or be escorted out.
We need to leave, Scott.
Shouldn't we be at the airport? That'd be too drastic.
We are guests in each country we go.
And we have treaties spelling out cooperations will be held At the host country's discretion.
So what? We just roll it up and head back to Budapest? I have calls into my boss at Europol.
- They will review this - That will take six months! This kid will be in a Spanish penitentiary fighting for his life by then if he's still alive.
Kellett's got something.
I made an inquiry with FinCen, and they kicked back a suspicious activity report.
A withdrawal was made three hours ago on the account set up by Delgado.
Suspect's height, weight, and hair color match the description Edmonson gave you for the man who left Delgado's apartment.
There's only one way we are going to get the Madrid Police to let us back on the case.
You can't camp out here.
I'm not moving till I speak with him.
The ambassador? Mr.
Ambassador? Ambassador Berger? I will have you physically removed if necessary.
I don't have time.
I don't have time! Yes, sir, and I informed him that Five minutes! I mean, there is a U.
citizen that you dropkicked to the Madrid Police he deserves at least that much.
Two minutes.
You know, I knew your predecessor.
Near the end of her term, she admitted to me that she hadn't really figured out this job until about 2 1/2 years in.
Do you know what she said her biggest mistake was? Being too eager to please.
Because once you do that, they've got you.
And you and your staff already made the mistake of capitulating to the Prime Minister, or whoever leaned on you.
Don't compound it by not standing up for Drew Edmonson right now, and standing up for yourself.
If you don't, they'll be whispering behind your back for the rest of your time here.
"That's that soft-ass ambassador".
I don't know whether to help you Or hit you.
You're not the first.
For what that's worth.
I take it you've been informed? I've been informed.
Do you have a broom closet we could work out of? What is it that you want, specifically? We need to show Edmonson a photo array.
That's him.
He came out of Rafael's apartment as I came up the steps.
- You're positive? - On my life.
Pedro Muñoz, 33.
Lengthy rap sheet harassment, fraud, usury, assault, and forgery.
An older gentleman who took out a restraining order against Muñoz five years ago stated in court documents that "Calling Muñoz a parasite would be an insult to parasites".
Muñoz is well known to this department, unfortunately.
This crime is in keeping with his criminal habits.
We do have a location on him.
I'm assuming you'd like to join us? Very much so.
Pedro Muñoz! Abre la Puerta! He's headed up.
Don't move! Alto! Oh.
So why is Delgado to blame? I've always found it so Strange.
You meet people, people who are smart.
Make smart decisions.
I mean, smart enough to succeed.
And you present them with two options.
Give me the money that you have, the money I know you can get, and I'll leave you alone.
Or don't give me the money, and I will hurt you.
You would be surprised how many people rather be hurt.
Or maybe you wouldn't be surprised, considering your jobs.
So it's Rafael Delgado's own fault that he's dead? Yeah.
Of course.
Muñoz met Delgado at a big party in Mallorca.
He found out what he did for employment and saw an opportunity to coerce Delgado into doing a scam.
Muñoz had threatened to out Delgado to his family if he didn't play ball.
So Delgado did the embezzlement.
Now, this was supposed to be a one-time thing.
But Muñoz came back for more.
Delgado told him he didn't have anything over him, and that's what the neighbor must have heard through the shared wall that night.
"I'm not gonna do this anymore".
Because at that point, Delgado had already come out to his family.
When Rafael told Muñoz he wouldn't scam anymore money, Muñoz went after him.
Stabbed him.
My sense is that Rafael had you sign for those accounts, thinking it would never come back to you, but that's just my sense, you know him better than I do.
I took Rafael to Mallorca that weekend.
I took him to that party.
It was all about slowly introducing him to my world to his world, or we hoped it would be.
If Rafael hadn't met me, he'd still be alive.
How do you feel about attending the black-tie event at the embassy tonight? I couldn't be more opposed to it.
Mm-hmm, as I suspected.
So how about we discuss this further while we and the rest of the team are in attendance at the black-tie event at the embassy tonight? What's German for "not in a million years"? The ambassador called your director who called my boss, and they very much want us all there as a good show of diplomacy.
Being the boss sucks sometimes.
See you there at 8:00.
When Rafael came out, regardless of how my parents reacted, I've never seen him more free.
So unburdened.
So himself.
And even if he only got to experience it for a week, he got to live an authentic life the life I'd always hoped he'd feel one day.
So thank you.
Thank you for encouraging him to embrace that.
And I know you're hurting, like we are.
- Agent.
- Inspector.
Prime Minister, this is the FBI team I was telling you about.
Ambassador Berger told me you did an exemplary job on this case.
Thank you.
That was all Inspector Diaz and his team.
We were just along for the ride.
Ladies, gentlemen.
Thank you.
I'll be at the bar if anyone needs me.
Another tip about working in Europe never take credit and you'll always be welcomed back.
What do you think, Cameron? Oh, I'm good.
Thank you though.
Would you like to dance, Katrin? Oh, lead the way.
Can you just hold it for me? Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You still there? - Yeah.
It's not the same here without you.
I just wanted to catch you before you went to bed.
Well, when you get back, whatever time it is, come over.
My scar needs another kiss.
Or two.
Count on it.

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