FBI: International (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Secrets She Knows

1 You're Angela Cassidy's son, right? His parents were both foreign service officers, career.
She sold classified information to the Russians in '04, disappeared in '05.
My first instinct wasn't to hand you all my Intel.
- You got something to say? - Enough, both of you.
It's Moscow two weeks ago.
Your mother's still out there.
There's a bowling alley? [LAUGHS.]
There is not.
I promise, there's a bowling alley underneath the Charles De Gaulle-Etoile.
Say that again.
Charles De Gaulle-Etoile.
Oh, I'm a sucker for a good French accent.
The secret is to learn to fake a French accent in English.
So what does a lady like you do with her time? It's top secret.
I could tell you But then you'd have to kill me.
But then I'd have to do paperwork.
And I hate paperwork.
I'm not worth a couple of forms? Well, one way to put it is that I'm a reporter for the smallest newspaper in America.
Which one is that? It's called the PDB.
I gather things the reader needs to know about nuclear proliferation.
It's mostly stuff that other people really don't want the reader to know.
I've never heard of the PDB.
Well, you're not the president and don't need a daily brief.
The oh, wow.
I'm basically a nuclear spy.
Who's about to break a bunch of glasses.
These are going to come crashing down.
But that's the better way to describe it.
I help keep the amount of boom-boom machines from crashing down.
Hey, how about we go get some air? And then keep getting air all the way back to my place? I have a lot of it there.
I store it kind of everywhere.
I'm in.
Bridget? Bridget! Bridget? Bridget? Bridget? [GASPS.]
Oh, my God.
What happened to her? Where is she? I'll call the police.
No, you know the protocol.
Call the Pentagon.
What's that? I never drink coffee from home anymore, and this mug means something to me.
You are full of surprises, Vo.
It's the one thing I took from my grandfather's apartment after he passed.
Sounds like your grandfather and I would've been friends.
Everybody says that.
Few can pass the test.
Would he have been impressed that I've memorized your usual? Prove it.
Did you sleep? Yeah, I've been, uh, trying to find my mom.
And this is the neighborhood she was photographed in? Yeah, the Arbat district.
Maybe she's living there.
Or is she there because she's still running, or I don't know, maybe Russia was the destination all along.
What am I doing? This goes nowhere good.
I mean, this this goes nowhere good for me.
We're on it.
We're taking orders from the Department of Defense on this one General Finley.
That's a bit unorthodox.
So is the situation.
General Finley, this is my Fly Team.
I'll get right to it.
Bridget Rapp, Department of Energy's Office of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, ten-year veteran of anti-nuclear proliferation talks.
Q-level clearance.
That's one of the highest clearances possible.
Which means she has all of America's and the Middle East's nuclear secrets in her head, and some unknown group has her.
The next round of negotiations to cobble the Iran Deal back together starts this weekend in Paris.
So all the main negotiators, their aides, observer nations, they're all in town.
That's a lot of foreign intelligence services running around Paris.
Luckily, most are on our side.
Your Europol liaison, Katrin Jaeger, already got footage from a bar last night, from the French Brigade Criminelle.
They left together.
The man paid cash.
As if he didn't want to be identified.
With the secrets she knows, Bridget Rapp cannot, I repeat, cannot be in the wind.
We need to find out who has her, fast.
We'll call up our jet.
I already have two SUVs waiting to take you to the airport.
We'll be in contact, General.
He was a two-star general, which is Major General.
Could never remember the order.
Brigadier, Major, Lieutenant, and General.
West Point, right.
That's not a happy face.
Have you ever been told you need to conduct a public manhunt without telling anyone why? Ah, not that I can remember.
Because it's a ridiculous thing to ask.
This way.
That's a lot of blood.
If she hasn't bled out already, she needs help.
- No cadaver scent.
- So there is hope.
We'll take it.
We were able to pull footage from the front of the building, but nothing of them leaving.
Any other points of entry? The garage, but that camera is out.
- Who called this in? - Two coworkers of Bridget.
They're in their offices and ready to speak with you.
Okay, text me their names and addresses.
Is there anything else I need to know? The forensic team could use some more hands.
- We're on it.
- Great.
I'll call the public liaison's officer, get this guy's face on every news release.
Just don't tell them it's because a woman who has the entire nuclear program in her head has been kidnapped.
Apparently, we don't want to alarm people.
Are you okay? No, I'm having a bad day.
And please, don't make my bad day worse.
Me? - You.
I need you to do this one by the book, Scott.
There are a lot of eyes on me.
When have I ever made your job harder? I'll get you the names and address.
Thank you.
We were supposed to have brunch, but she never showed up.
After the news we got in the office yesterday, we were worried she was wallowing, so we thought we'd check in on her.
Do you guys recognize this man? She took him home last night? - What? - Not normal for her? [STAMMERS.]
It's forbidden.
With the level of clearances we all have, we're required to submit any new people in our lives for review before we can spend any time with them.
You guys have to file paperwork before going on a date? You saw all the blood in Bridget's apartment? That's why we have to file paperwork before going on a date.
Why was she upset yesterday? The upcoming talks with Iran turned into a farce.
How so? The Iranian negotiator we'd achieved success with in 2015 We negotiated a level of uranium enrichment to under 4% with him.
This is the deal the U.
pulled out of? And now they're back to working on weapons-grade enrichment, probably above 40% by now.
And what happened to that negotiator? He's being forced to hand over his process to a hard-liner from the new regime.
Excuse me.
The first negotiator, his name? Ali Majidi.
The Iranian delegates are at the Hôtel San Régis.
So we just put these enormous secrets into the skulls of regular Americans Extraordinary Americans.
Who trip on sidewalks along with the rest of us, and we just shove them back into the world and keep our fingers crossed.
To be fair, I think tripping on sidewalks rarely results in a national security emergency.
You think she wanted to be photographed? My mom.
I mean, all those years, nothing.
Was she just being careless? Or was she ready - Ali Majidi? - Yes.
Shall we? Yeah.
I'm sorry my new negotiation partner, he declined his interview.
It's just, there's so much preparation for next week's talks, you understand? It's his first year assisting me, so This is the aide who was just assigned to you by your new governor? Yes.
He's enthusiastic.
Well, we appreciate you taking the time on the weekend to talk with us.
And we understand this is at your discretion.
Of course, I have great affection for Miss Rapp, so any update? - Not yet.
- Mm.
We were hoping if you could help us with who would benefit from Bridget's abduction.
You mean every single country that would benefit from her still being alive, spilling her many secrets? Is your government trying to find Bridget? Agent Forrester, Iran, like Pakistan, we're one of nine nations that has nuclear weapons.
Pakistan has been repeatedly attacked with terrorist plots, which makes its intentions for nuclear proliferation very worrisome.
So this is a very Ali, I understand the issues that you deal with every day are very stressful, and there is a decent shot that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but we are here to find Bridget.
So let's just get to the part where we find out why someone would want to take her.
It's because she has the perfect knowledge of all of the players, all the secrets they wish to keep hidden, all the secrets they use to get results.
And this perfect knowledge is a bargaining chip for any country to get others to bend to their will? That's a tad aggressive.
My job requires more diplomacy.
The job you just lost.
I'm approaching retirement.
You can't be 50 yet.
We heard it was more of a replacement than a retirement.
You are debating semantics when the end result is the same.
Because your new partner doesn't see the process as diplomatically as you do? Hm.
Let's put it this way.
I won't be retiring near any large city centers.
Good day.
Raines, she wasn't here in the morning to take her shower, so how long ago are we thinking this happened? Maybe eight hours then? Should the blood still be this consistency? No, you're right.
I think Bridget was collecting her own blood.
To keep it fresh in vacuum tubes, an anticoagulant is added.
And without that, the blood should've congealed by now.
Which would mean this crime scene was staged.
Bridget wasn't taken.
She's gone rogue.
She faked the crime scene.
The good news is, the reason you do that is usually to buy yourself time.
So whatever her plan is, we could still have time to stop it.
Do we have any idea why she would want to run? MICE.
Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego.
Standard motivations for betraying your country.
We know preventing nuclear proliferation was her thing, ideologically.
I don't know see how going rogue helps that.
Coercion, ego? I understand it may be odd discussing why a woman would betray her country with the son of a woman who betrayed their country But don't let that hold you back.
Hey, guys, this way.
I asked for the CCTV surveillance to be widened, and now we know we're looking for a woman walking around on her own.
Facial recognition software is running.
This is probably the biggest thing she did to distract us.
Make us believe she's hidden, bleeding out somewhere.
Instead, she was seen exiting a local bank 30 minutes after opening.
Her bank? See if you can find out on the way.
On it.
Plastering the world with our unsub from the bar also worked.
His name is Holden Barnes.
His wife ID'ed him.
The French are holding him in his hotel room.
General Finley.
Jaeger, may I have a moment with agents Forrester and Kellett? Classified information.
Of course.
You can use the secure room.
Right this way.
I cleared your team to access Bridget Rapp's work computer to search her classified history.
You think she would've used those systems instead of her personal computer? That's one of the many things I hope you'll find out.
Please, enter your credentials.
I have a secured document for your eyes only.
Authorization of deadly force against a U.
citizen? Perhaps I should outline just one scenario to you.
The United States has an unconfirmed, undisclosed amount of nuclear weapons that we store in Europe in a series of unconfirmed, undisclosed locations.
Bridget Rapp knows those locations.
She could, much more easily than I am comfortable with, use her inside knowledge to enter one of these facilities, bypass all safeguards, and deploy a nuclear weapon.
You think that of her? I think setting up your own death indicates a person who was utterly out of control and not making sound decisions.
- We'll find her.
- Good.
Because I'm taking Ms.
Rapp back to the States on military transport.
And either she'll be seated next to me, or boxed up in the cargo hold.
Do you recognize this woman? She would've been here close to opening.
I'm not going to forget a woman who withdrew almost a million euros in cash.
A million? Can we get a record of that transaction? Any security footage? I'm assuming you have legal authority? On the way here, I checked Bridget's records.
She didn't declare any ownership of any accounts through this bank, let alone a million euros.
So this is a secret account, which means money as a motive is back on the table.
We're missing something.
Who goes from devoting 15 years of her life trying to save the world and then does this? She was talking about how her job is to, like, save the world from destruction.
I mean, even though it sounded convincing, I thought there was no way it was true.
She was just creating some bizarre fantasy life.
Yet you still went back to her apartment.
She was cute.
I was buzzed.
And she ordered all the shots, by the way.
Plus, I'm in Paris alone on business.
I mean, that's a perfect storm right there for making a bad decision.
So what happened when you got back to her apartment? She asked me to leave, but through the garage.
She was adamant.
That's when I became convinced she was half nuts, so I had no problem leaving immediately.
So how long were you in her apartment? I want a time frame.
Two minutes, less.
We walked in, and all of a sudden, her demeanor changed.
She looked as sober as a judge, which made me realize that whole "Breakfast at Tiffany's" act was a bunch of BS.
And somehow, she got off on bringing me all the way to her apartment before rejecting me.
You're wearing the same clothes from last night? Yes, but the point is, I left, and when I did, she was fine.
And now I'm not fine.
My wife is talking about leaving me when nothing happened.
We're gonna need you to stick around for a little while, Mr.
Okay, fine! And calm down.
Jaeger's working with the Paris police to see if they can track where Bridget went after the bank.
With a million euro on her.
That's right.
All right, Jamie and I are headed to Bridget's work.
Check in as soon as you have something.
Copy that.
Jaeger said Europol is doing their best to revamp all security procedures as fast as possible.
Yeah, but that's government work, that's not fast.
What if the money means she's already been paid for her secrets and is on the run? Which I why I guess General Finley would rather her be dead than, oh, I don't know, catch sight of her one day walking around whistling in Moscow.
No, Moscow's a major city center.
More like a quaint cottage in the Iranian countryside.
What are you, major city or quaint cottage? Well, where are you gonna be? Oh, God, we need that Portugal trip.
- Then book it already.
Bridget was researching antipsychotic medication and where they've been involved in street-level busts.
Which means she was seeing where she could go to buy some.
Vo sent me a pic of some pills Bridget was hiding.
Why was she self-medicating on antipsychotics? Mm.
That's a particularly unsurprised "Mm".
She has a ridiculously high clearance.
What, you think she's afraid to get help and have it on her employment record? There are a lot of employees at her level running around trying to choose between their mental health and their careers.
It's the same with the nuclear bombs.
You give enough clearances to enough people, eventually somebody is going to have a breakdown, with consequences.
Maybe Bridget finally broke.
You know, I just keep thinking about all the people that we've met who cared about Bridget, thought they knew her.
- Well, maybe somebody did.
- What's that? Addressed to B, "I need you like oxygen".
Signed A.
A? Ali, the Iranian negotiator.
What makes you so sure? He talked too much.
What if he doesn't go for the bluff? Then we're screwed.
What the hell is this? - [TANK BARKING.]
- Whoa, sit.
This is a grave diplomatic misstep.
You are threatening everything Go ahead, call your bosses.
I'll even let you tell them that you've been sleeping with Bridget.
Remember that? They already know.
In 2015, Bridget and I, we felt our success was within our reach.
We just needed a little more political pressure.
And she provided that? One last horse trade.
That's the true value of intelligence, right? Trading just the right information to just the right person.
So you're telling us she's been selling American secrets for six years? No, no, no, it was a one-time skirting of the rules, so to speak, to make sure the original deal goes through.
And it works.
It was intoxicating.
- And then you fell in love.
- No.
But you needed her like oxygen apparently.
It was a flirtation.
Our relationship, it was purely physical.
But then your enthusiastic new negotiation partner went digging where he wasn't supposed to? Yeah, he forced me to end the relationship, to try and turn her into a full-time spy.
I could've saved him a lot of effort, obviously.
She said no.
I still don't think you're being honest with us, Mr.
I would listen to her.
She's very perceptive.
In 2015, the information she gave me, she had no idea she also gave me information about two of my countrymen who were working for America.
That's a death sentence in your country.
And when she wouldn't come over to our side, she was told she would be exposed to the American government as being responsible for those executions.
A death sentence in your country.
That tore her up inside.
She was told - By me.
- Hm.
The deadline for her to accept or reject the offer was this weekend.
I arranged some money for her to run.
Which she collected this morning from the bank.
You think she was trying to disappear for good? I think your government doesn't let someone with her secrets disappear.
I think, like my country, you will never stop looking for her.
Now, perhaps some people feel that running their entire life is thrilling.
Bridget is not one of them.
She would rather die.
And have you been in contact with her since her disappearance? No.
Then where does she go now? You knew her well.
She was angry at my new negotiation partner.
How angry? Very angry.
So angry, in fact, that I probably should have warned him, but I didn't.
You think that's where she's headed? I don't know what's going on in that head of hers.
I honestly don't.
But regrettably, my cooperation with you and your agency is concluded.
So I hope you find her safe.
We searched all the CCTV footage in the area.
There's footage of Bridget heading west after the bank.
Wait, wait, we lost her.
Oh, there she is.
She doubled back.
What's in that direction? Business quarter, some fancy apartment buildings, but mainly offices.
Go south, Raines, two blocks, and then cut right onto - Boulevard Marais.
- Boulevard Marais.
I have her entering the building on the corner of Rue Pouce.
Can you get me a list of all the businesses in the building? Of course.
Kim Ashenden Security Agency.
A soldier of fortune.
That's a lot of words for mercenary.
Fifth floor, Raines.
I'd like as much as we can get on the owner.
Hello? Can I help you? Special Agents Raines and Vo.
And what does a West Point grad want from me? Bridget Rapp.
Well, aren't you going to ask me how I know? I'm wearing my class ring.
Bridget Rapp.
Hmm, she's spunky.
You two bang yet? I'm glad you're having fun, but Oh, is that what you'd call an unwarranted visit from foreign agents? I see what you did there.
Bridget Rapp.
Yes, she did employ me for my services.
She did not pay me to waste your time.
That's just me going the extra mile for my clients.
That is what makes me somebody who earns more than you two Hm, good for you.
Put together.
You didn't let me finish.
Earns more than you two put together.
Does the money make up for you getting kicked out of the Special Forces? The FBI didn't have any use for a drunk with a bad knee, either, did they? But keep going with your prick-on-wheels routine.
See where it gets you.
All she wanted was a tour of the more porous parts of the border.
Meaning parts that aren't covered by CCTV or patrol points.
See for yourself.
That's a copy of the entire plan.
They are meeting my extraction team tonight.
So both of them were planning to run away together? That's right.
Bridget spent half a million euros to smuggle herself and Ali Majidi out of France.
They are leaving tonight.
Get to the rendezvous point.
Roger that.
I've had enough of this guy.
Open up, Ali! We need to see Ali Majidi right now.
He's no longer available.
His room was bugged.
- Where is Ali? Reassigned.
I am the new Iranian negotiator.
And you will find yourself in a very nasty political situation if you ever come at us incorrectly again.
Good day, Agent Forrester.
Bridget didn't make her meetup with the mercenaries.
She must know Ali's off the board.
If we had known they were fleeing together ten minutes earlier, we could've leaned on Ali until he gave her up.
But we didn't, and now the Iranians are threatening to pull out of the negotiations, citing security concerns.
Well, it doesn't help that we lost one of our own.
Relations between Iran and the West are strained - to begin with.
And this plays to Iran's advantage.
- Her plan has fallen apart.
- General.
She could be desperate.
Raines, you said you pulled up Bridget's financials on the way to the bank? - Yeah.
- Can we bring that up again? That money and Ali was all Bridget had left.
If she knows they've taken Ali and killed him She was already at the end of her rope.
She might think she only has one option.
Everything she's done has been dramatic and big.
If she's thinking it's over for her, she'd choose a place with significance.
What kind of key would you say this is? Oh.
First time I came to Paris, the lock bridge was all the rage.
Lovers attach a lock at the bridge, throw away the key, and declare their bond.
- She lost her love.
- Mm-hmm.
Jumping off the bridge where they pledged themselves to each other? That's dramatic.
It's something.
Go, and go fast.
We don't know how much time we have.
We're heading out the door right now following a lead.
Put up a live feed from Pont Des Arts.
Uh, a lead is being generous.
Yeah, well, a lead buys me another hour.
See her yet? No, but I've widened the search to other locations where where people have ended things.
That's one way to put it.
Hold on.
I've got something.
She cancelled a subscription to a fitness tracker two weeks ago.
She's probably savvy enough not to be wearing it, but I can access her history.
Kellett, Forrester, give us a couple of seconds.
We have everywhere Bridget went in the past few months.
That bridge is out of her way.
Are we still heading to the Pont Des Arts? No, no, no.
This one is more intimate.
Much less traffic.
Pulling up the live feed now.
There she is! Forrester, Kellett, hurry up.
New destination.
Bridget! Don't do it! Give me a reason not to.
There is a highly classified mental health facility that has a bed with your name on it.
Mental health facility or prison? Or are they the same thing? Our focus is getting you better, Bridget.
No, it's not.
Your focus is on getting me off the streets.
I know how these things work.
How? Tell me.
I can't unknow what I know.
I can't pluck it out of my head, and now I can help you.
Bridget, I want to help you.
So I can be sane before you execute me? No, so you can be sane enough to keep your secrets.
So you can earn back trust.
You don't know how it works.
I know that if you're not sane, they can't execute you, Bridget.
Besides, it's the system that's broken, not you.
I know that.
I can see that.
You made the impossible happen.
You were under the most stress imaginable.
And you're not allowed to feel the effects at the end of the day? That's unfair.
I did do the impossible.
But people who didn't know anything took it all apart.
Just because they wanted to show that they were tough on Iran.
And they chose the easiest thing to throw away.
Then don't be like them, Bridget.
Don't be like those people.
No, no, it's too late.
No! No, no! [SOBBING.]
No! You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Agent Forrester.
Can I have a word with her before you take her away for good? I'll secure her, and then you have one minute.
What more could you want from me? To understand you better.
Has anyone ever told you about the acronym MICE? Reasons why people betray their country.
Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego.
For what it's worth, you are going to the hospital that I told you about.
All the therapy rooms are in SCIFs.
All the therapists have clearance.
You will get help.
I have someone in my life who made a similar decision to the one that you were trying to make.
That's why I'm asking this.
I'm not trying to jam you up any more than you already are.
I'm just looking for the truth.
I'm gonna check in on you, and I hope I hear good things.
Which one of those MICE categories covers love? Did you put anything in the crust? - Mm.
- Yeah.
I knew you'd be like, "The crust's the best".
- Mm, yeah.
- That depends.
Hey, I just got word that the talks are going through, and I know it's a pressing concern of yours.
- Cool.
- That's awesome.
Great, yeah.
How long has that been there? No one told you about the bar? Hell no.
I would've remembered.
I just think of it as my "the world almost exploded" cabinet.
- Yes, please.
- Damn.
- Here.
- Here you go.
How long has this [LAUGHTER.]
Yeah, please add to it.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Mental health crisis hotline.
Use it if you ever need it.
That's nice of Forrester, but I wouldn't want anything like in my file.
- You don't trust him? - Of course I do.
I just don't think he'll be the only boss I have until I retire.
And I want to go 20.
Me too.
General, you still have Bridget in your custody? Yes.
So why the sudden detour to Budapest? - Got some other business.
- Hmm.
While I was here, thought I'd tell you the following face-to-face.
You know all the key strokes on your work computers are logged, just the same as Ms.
Mm-hmm, of course.
You're looking into your mother's case.
I was given a recent photo of her by a CIA officer.
You've officially been read off of any classified file related to her case.
- Why? - I don't have to answer that.
I'm just ordering you to cease and desist from any more personal investigation, period.
Put the photo and your file into a burn bag, Agent Forrester.
Got a lighter? Or do you trust me to do it? Thanks again for your hard work, Agent.
You really could be going places.
Your car's waiting.

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