FBI: International (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Trying to Grab Smoke

Take your clothes off.
Let's go, honey.
Take your clothes off.
She's nervous.
I don't mind that.
Just tell her to get undressed, okay? - Could I have some water? - No.
Look, either she gets naked or neither one of you gets paid.
Figure it out.
You're making me look bad.
Is he going to be in video? Not his face.
Now start doing what he tells you to.
Ahh! Ahh! Help.
Help me.
Help me.
What a night.
I wish you could be here to see this, Mom.
Well, I'm not.
And I won't be anytime soon.
A simple "Cheers, sweetheart" would suffice.
When are you coming home? I don't know; maybe Budapest is my home now.
It's not, and you know it's not.
Home is where your family is.
- I'm dating someone.
- Hungarian? No.
A coworker.
My boss, technically.
Again? Jamie It's the bureau, Mom.
There's lots of dating within the department.
And this time it feels different.
You'd like him.
He's sturdy.
I just felt like you ran away after everything happened.
Maybe I ran towards something.
What? I don't know yet.
I don't know.
I'm sending you a photo.
You really can't beat the views in Europe.
You know, for an agent who might be - going places on this job - Might be? Sometimes you are dense.
Clearly the coffee dude is into you, so ask him out.
Or have him sent to HR for harassment unwanted emojis.
We've already been on two dates.
A-and you don't tell me? Your partner.
The bureau doesn't have partners, Raines.
I thought you would have known that.
Your main man on the job.
All right, that's how it's gonna be? 'Cause I can omit all personal discussions from our interactions real easy.
No, you could not.
Well, we're gonna find out, 'cause that's messed up, you not looping me in.
The DOA is Lloyd Eckersley.
He was in Prague using an alias.
He's been on the FBI's Most Wanted List for the last year along with his co-conspirator Fred Dobbins.
For some more background, I'm gonna patch in Jess LaCroix in New York.
What's up, Jess? - Scott.
- Everybody's here.
- Thanks for taking the time.
- Of course.
Isobel Castille speaks very highly of you.
Good to hear.
Why don't we get right to it? Eckersley and Dobbins, they duped over 100 women into sexually explicit videos in Jacksonville.
The promise was that they were for private collectors overseas and they would never be shown in the U.
Now, the women most of them 18 or 19 were coerced into signing model release forms and then forced into sexual acts they didn't agree to upfront.
The videos were shown on a site Eckersley and Dobbins owned and operated called Girls Make Porn.
So I see here 20 of the women came together and sued both Eckersley and Dobbins? Yeah, that's correct, and that triggered a criminal investigation and a trial.
Eckersley and Dobbins were charged with three counts of sex trafficking by force.
They're also charged with fraud, coercion.
Both men fled the US before the trial started.
Now, it didn't end there.
Both men attempted to silence the women who sued them by emailing videos to friends, family, and coworkers.
They also posted their names and addresses on Wiki-like websites.
One of the women committed suicide? Yeah, that's right.
Kayla Clancy.
So if Eckersley was back in Prague making porn, - would Dobbins be far behind? - My guess is yes.
They've always been tied at the hip, and this is the way they know how to make money, so we think they're both back at it again.
So finding out who killed Eckersley might lead us to Dobbins.
That's our hope.
We're on it.
Oh, and one last thing.
And this is more of a personal observation.
Both of these men are the scum of the earth.
Hey, Katrin.
- Hey.
How are you? - Good.
Have all of you worked in Prague before? I have not.
Well, they're very nice, very cooperative, grateful for our assistance, but seeing as it's one of the safest cities in Europe, the police department isn't, shall we say, robust.
Detective Marta Novak.
Agents Raines, Kellett, Forrester, Vo.
Very nice to meet you under the circumstances, of course.
I must tell you that we were quite taken aback by the death of your citizen.
- Anything to go on? - Regrettably, no.
Food delivery person walking across the street heard two gunshots and saw a woman running out of the studio Mr.
Eckersley was renting.
The witness couldn't give a description of the woman, but put her age around 20.
- Can we see the studio? - Right away.
Let me just get you set up first.
So I understand this American was involved in pornography? Yes, but the illegal kind.
- Why do you ask? - Prague.
We're the pornography capital of Europe.
Studio was heavily secured.
We had to take the front door off its hinges.
Nothing was stolen, as far as we could tell.
Eckersley had 1,000 koruna in his front pocket.
Plus there's about 6 grand worth of camera equipment - and computers left behind.
- Mm-hmm.
The fact that he was shot in the crotch would indicate that this was a bit more personal.
Desktop and video camera are both password-protected.
Let me work on it a bit.
All right.
I looked into the lawsuit made by the women victimized by Eckersley and Dobbins.
In the lawsuit is the owner of an internet porn tube site that continued to post the videos of the women.
The owner of this site had repeated business dealings with Eckersley and Dobbins, but the main problem is, we can't get the videos taken down because the site is not based in the United States.
Let me guess, it's based here in Prague.
Antek Kral, proprietor.
So we're gonna go speak with him.
Would you like to come, or You do what is needed.
Just report back.
I love hearing that.
American fist bump.
Let's go.
Take a walk.
Antek Kral.
We had bet with guys you show up here today.
- I won.
- So you knew Lloyd Eckersley.
Eh? Past tense.
I cut off all contact with him and Dobbins once we all got sued.
So Eckersley being here in Prague shooting porn, that's just a coincidence? Yes, it is.
How many people shoot porn here? Prague is centrally located, great IT infrastructure, beautiful women.
Hmm? Plus, we are sexually liberated after being under Communist control for so long.
You should work for the Tourism Bureau.
I like that.
You know, Eckersley was found here, which means Dobbins probably isn't far away.
He's wanted.
Can't travel very easily.
And that makes me wonder what rathole you have him stashed in.
I have no contact with the man.
By the way, they were both what's the expression? Screwed by the U.
Complete American puritanical nonsense.
And those women knew what they were signing up for then had regrets later.
Those women did not know what they were signing up for.
My job, what I do, I see a different side of female behavior.
A side that nice people and hypocrites don't want to talk about or admit.
Why did you continue to post the videos of the women on your site? Even after the court order and the personal appeals? When I install a suggestion box in my office, you'll be notified.
We're giving you an opportunity to cooperate with us.
Regarding what? Why? You are like those American lawyers who tried to get after me.
You have no jurisdiction here.
More than you realize, apparently.
You swaggered in here, did your American tough-guy act.
Now we're done.
You leave.
Whoever killed Eckersley might not just be gunning for Dobbins.
They could be after you too.
That's why I have these guys.
- Good luck with that.
- Bye-bye.
I looked into the woman who committed suicide.
- Kayla Clancy.
- Yeah.
Of interest, Kayla's dad, Jim Clancy.
He's a retired cop out of Tulsa.
What about him? He flew into Prague two days ago.
Aw, man.
Is everything all right? As well as can be expected, considered the case we got.
I'm just missing home.
Missing my family.
The time difference sucks sometimes.
I missed my mom's birthday.
She let me hear about it.
You got time built up if you want to take it.
I might.
Jim Clancy.
Agents Forrester and Kellett, FBI.
What brings you to Prague? - Vacation.
- Alone? That's right.
One of the men who was involved in your daughter Kayla's lawsuit, Lloyd Eckersley, was killed yesterday, here in Prague.
I don't know anything about it.
How long have you been planning your trip? Months.
You bought your ticket two days ago, five hours before you boarded the plane.
Jim, you've been a cop for 25 years.
I'm sure you can see why we're here asking about your visit.
I suppose so.
Someone came to Prague to kill Eckersley, and they also probably want to kill Dobbins.
And you want me to, what, help you to stop that from happening? I want you not to make a big mistake, if you haven't already made one.
Eckersley and Dobbins, they terrorized Kayla, during and after that video was filmed.
I spent my entire savings on attorney fees to bring those two bastards to justice, then that Czech son of a bitch who owns the porn site here in Prague, who kept playing her videos? When she committed suicide, a box of chocolates arrived at our house.
The note said, "Good riddance".
I'm very sorry you had to go through that.
Well, I don't know anything.
But once you find out who killed Eckersley, let me know, so I can send a box of chocolates.
We need to put a tail on Jim Clancy.
You do, rather.
- If possible, please.
- For what purpose? It can't be a coincidence that Clancy is here, so we want to try and prevent him going after Dobbins.
If his sole target was Eckersley, Clancy would already be on a plane back to Oklahoma.
Well, after learning more about Mr.
Dobbins, and as much as I'd like to see him shot in the testicles like his comrade, we can't have another murder here in Prague.
So can you provide a surveillance team to follow Clancy? A team? That's a bit ambitious.
I can assign two detectives, wearing their own clothes.
No overtime.
We'll take it.
Who wants some good news? Anybody? So on the LCD display on Eckersley's camera, there were fingerprint smudge marks of only two numbers on the keyboard where the password would appear the 4 and the 2.
We ran every four-digit combination possible Andre, you can tell me how you got it over a beer back in Budapest.
For now, what do you have? Got it.
Follow me.
Take your clothes off.
Let's go, honey.
Take your clothes off.
You can stop playing it.
That's all there is, actually.
We got an ID.
Her image went out to all the local police, and one of them knew her Pavlina Dudek.
I just spoke with her, and she'll meet, but only away from her home.
She doesn't want her family to know that she was about to film a porn scene.
All right.
You two hit it.
- Cool? - Cool.
We appreciate you meeting with us, Pavlina.
I did not see who shot him.
What did you see? Nothing.
The door chimed.
He went to the door.
I I couldn't see that from the bed.
How long had you known Lloyd Eckersley? 15 minutes.
As soon as I walked in, I knew I'd made a mistake.
I knew I was with someone who was, um, bad.
I felt like, uh, we have this expression To pet a snake with bare feet.
Was, uh was this man there? No.
How about him? Did you see him outside the studio when you got there? No, there was no one there except for Adela.
Who's Adela? Uh, she recruits women for the men who film porn in Prague.
She was in the studio with me.
Did she go out with Eckersley to answer the door? No.
We both heard the gunshots.
We both went and saw his body on the floor.
We both left, quickly.
Adela's last name? Will she know that I told you about her? My guess is she's got bigger problems to worry about.
Um, Buzek.
We're gonna need her mobile number and any other information you have for her.
Can I tell you something terrible? A part of me is glad that he was killed.
Because I was prepared to go through with it, but now I don't have to carry that around for the rest of my life.
Apartment 16.
Second floor.
You go ahead.
We'll stay here.
Adela Buzek? Do you speak English? Yes.
You going somewhere? I was hoping to.
Lloyd Eckersley.
What happened? I think you know what happened.
Okay, I'll rephrase the question.
What do you know about how he got killed? Nothing.
Then why you trying to leave town? 'Cause I don't feel safe.
But I know nothing about who killed him or why.
How long did you know Eckersley? Three months.
And how many girls did you recruit for him? 20, 25.
But I never had a problem with them.
They always paid cash.
Who's they? The other American.
Him? Yes.
Where can we find him? I'll tell you.
- Thank you.
- For 12,000 koruna.
What? That's my finder's fee for girls.
That's my finder's fee for creepy Americans.
- Heavily secured.
- Hope he's home.
If he watches us remotely, he's gonzo.
Fred Dobbins! Watch out! Seatbelt.
- All right.
- Get on your knees! Put your hands behind your head.
Agent Forrester, FBI.
- God, seriously? - Move your ass.
Who killed your buddy Lloyd? Did you? Hey, I'm talking to you.
There's nothing in it for me to cooperate with you.
I'm heading back in a plane in leg irons.
When I get back stateside, I'll run it by my attorney, and if it's beneficial to me, maybe I'll talk.
Until then, the only thing I'm gonna tell you is to make sure it's a vegetarian meal on the flight.
Yeah, you're right, you are headed back.
But it can either be in our custody the whole time, or the plane could stop over in New York first.
We'll have a little paperwork snafu, and then you'll be transferred to the Metropolitan Correction Center for a few months while we get all that paperwork sorted out.
I'm not sure what your gang affiliation is.
But hopefully it's in good standing, because the MCC, let me tell you, it's a pretty inhospitable place.
All right, all right, you made your point.
I don't know who killed Lloyd.
All I know is I didn't.
You receive any threats recently? I get threats all day long after I got railroaded.
These women knew exactly what they We are not here to retry your case.
Jim Clancy.
He ever made any threats? My God, this guy.
"You drove my daughter to suicide".
Like hell I did.
I know a willing sexual participant when I'm in bed with one, and believe me, she was Answer the question, and leave your self-serving pissant fantasies to yourself.
Do you understand? I'll ask you again.
Did he make any threats? Not really.
It was his other daughter that did, though.
- Other daughter? - Yeah.
"When the bullet comes, it will come from the front.
'Cause I want you to know who pulled the trigger".
She'd post stuff like that.
Like I said, I get a lot of threats.
People think I'm some kind of monster or something.
Ella Clancy, 20.
Lives in Tulsa.
Social media was pretty standard for a teenager.
All of her friends and classmates.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Then her posts took a turn after her sister died.
There are a few memorial-themed posts of her and Kayla.
Lots of inspirational quotes, mostly about grieving and loss.
Then this from six months ago.
Caption reads "Practice makes perfect".
Last post was two weeks ago.
"Backpacking through Europe".
This was taken in Madrid.
I'm here in Spain with all of this beauty around me, but it doesn't mean anything because Kayla's not here to enjoy it with me.
And those men who are responsible for her death are still out there living their disgusting lives.
But they'll get theirs.
They'll get theirs.
Passport control has Ella entering Prague from Poland by train four days ago.
The two Prague cops who were tailing Jim Clancy anything from them? As of a half-hour ago, they have him in his hotel lobby, pacing and making phone calls.
Let's go! Jim.
We know Ella's in Prague.
- What the hell is going on? - Well, have you seen her? - Have you talked to her? - Have you? No, but, uh let me figure this out.
I can figure this out.
Take a seat.
Jim, tell us what's going on.
We can help.
We are law enforcement, just like you were.
And the more time you spend trying to do that, it puts Ella in danger.
Let us help you, help Ella.
- I don't know where she is.
- But she's here in Prague.
Have you heard from her? Found out four days ago she was headed here.
She somehow found out that Eckersley might still be filming videos again.
- When did you speak with her? - Yesterday.
But her phone has been off since then, and I can't When she called, what did she say? Same thing she's been saying since Kayla died.
That those three men were responsible for Kayla's death and that they needed to pay for it.
It's okay.
I can't lose both my daughters.
All right, if Ella's still in Prague, she's probably after her third target, Antek Kral.
He's the owner of the site that posted Kayla's videos.
His offices are in that gray building.
Does everyone have Ella's photo? Yep.
All right.
Fan out.
Head on a swivel.
There's Antek.
Hey, Mom.
Everything all right? I just called to say that I didn't like how our last conversation ended.
This coming Friday is a difficult anniversary for us.
It always will be, and we can't change that.
I gotta go, Mom.
- Ella? - Yes.
I'm Agent Jamie Kellett, FBI.
What's in the bag? Nothing.
Well if there's nothing in your bag, then toss it behind those garbage cans.
- What? - Jamie.
- Ella.
- Yeah.
- What do we got? - Nothing yet.
I need to speak to her dad.
Does she need to be cuffed? No, just have someone keep an eye on her.
And when her dad is brought in, make sure they don't see each other.
Of course.
What's going on? Just sit tight and don't talk to anyone.
- She confess? - No.
But what's your gut tell you? I don't know yet.
So what's the plan? Take a run at the dad? And if he denies any involvement? Then we get on a plane and let the local police deal with it.
We got Dobbins.
That was ultimately our priority here.
Jim Clancy is here.
Interview room.
Let's do it.
Let me take this alone.
- Why? - Build a rapport.
If it doesn't go anywhere, I'll have you come in and close.
So Jim, we have Ella.
- Is she okay? - Yes.
She's just a little scared.
I want to talk to her, please.
Not yet.
You were a cop for 25 years.
You know how it works.
We know that one of you two was most likely behind Eckersley's death.
- I want to see my daughter.
- Don't talk right now.
Just listen to me.
We can go through all the trouble of an investigation unless the person behind it steps forward and admits that they did it, at which point we'd be done.
So if it was you and not Ella, - now would be a really good time - I did it.
I shot Eckersley.
Did you go to his studio on Nerudova Street with the intention of killing him? No I went there to talk to him.
And what happened when he opened the door? I I saw him and I wanted him to know how much he'd hurt our family and how he drove Kayla to take her own life.
Did he see your gun and lunge for it, or ? He lunged for it, and the gun, it just went off.
Both times? Both shots? Yes.
Yes, because after the first shot, I was just fighting for my life, and he said, "I'm going to kill you".
Why did you bring a gun with you that day? Eckersley had made threats against our family.
He was a wanted fugitive and a felon, and I felt like I needed to protect myself in case he got desperate.
Did Ella know you were there or have any knowledge that you were going to talk to Eckersley? No.
So she was in Prague for other reasons? Yes.
For travel.
Did you confess to her afterwards as to what happened with Eckersley? No.
I didn't speak a word to her.
And I I feel great remorse.
She handed that to him.
Thank you, Marta.
I really appreciate it.
They recommend manslaughter charges for Clancy.
As far as Dobbins, he is ours.
They just want the homicide.
- How long will Clancy get? - Two years, maybe less.
Detective Novak assured me that the judge will be made aware of the circumstances regarding Kayla.
Clancy asked to see Ella before he's processed? Yes they are aware, and they agreed.
Anything else need to be tied up? We're good.
They're very happy with the outcome and appreciate our cooperation.
Raines has an update on Eckersley's desktop.
All right, I finally got into Eckersley's hard drive.
The sites he was still posting on are often hosted on the Tor dark web.
The key is to locate the server or the server farm the host site is located on, and Andre.
Upshot is, we were able to clear all of Kayla's content and the content of the other women who sued Eckersley and Dobbins.
- Seriously? - Zapped.
And I found potential evidence of money laundering between the two porn dudes and Antek Kral.
I referred it to Detective Novak for prosecution.
And icing on the cake! Raines, you're killing it.
But there are no guarantees the videos won't resurface at some point somewhere else.
It's the internet.
It's like trying to grab smoke.
Still, great job.
They're ready for Ella to see her dad.
It's all right.
Can you give them a minute? Baby, it's okay.
I wonder what he's telling her.
How much he loves her, probably.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- Hey! Hey! Hey, I don't want to go with these people! Mr.
Dobbins, we have an extradition treaty with the U.
for American citizens.
Well, I'm formally, officially asking you - and your country for asylum.
- Asylum? Is that an energy drink? He's all yours.
Move! Come on.
You know, I've seen people who work overseas lose their bearings.
I almost did.
Near the end of the UC gig in Naples.
So just Make sure you keep your compass aligned.
We cleared the murder and apprehended Dobbins.
I'd say that's a pretty good day.
I said what I said.
I think I'm gonna take a couple days.
Like we talked about.
- You gonna go home? - No.
I'm gonna stay here in Prague.
See the sights.
Is there anything you want to tell me? No.
But thanks.
So what's next? Norway.
We have cousins there.
Kayla always wanted to go visit.
That's what she was trying to earn money for.
I have some of her ashes with me.
You better hurry if you're gonna catch your bus.
Do you have a sister? I did.
Go live your life.
The one that Kayla and your dad would want for you.

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