FBI: International (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Voice of the People

Come with me today.
I wish I could.
There are 40 bands lined up.
Hmm? Including Gorger Metal, EDM, rock, dancing, revelry, - and me.
- Hmm.
All day long.
It's all tempting, but I'm new, and I have a lot of work to do.
There's more to life than work.
Yeah, said no FBI agent ever.
Okay, well, if we can't have the day together, at least We can have the morning.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
You sure I can't get you in there with me? Mm-mm.
Yeah, go ahead, Vo.
I'll let the Bureau know you're quitting.
- Oh, no chance.
- How's it going, man? Hey.
- Well, have fun with Gorges.
- Gorger.
- I'll call you tonight.
- Festival will still be going.
Well, then, maybe I'll see you there.
- How's that going? - It's great, actually.
He's fun.
He wants to take me to Vienna for Christmastime, says it's magical.
Uh-oh, getting serious.
Could be.
He's studying to be a music tech.
Oh, God.
- You hurt? - I don't think so.
- You? - Just my ears.
You smell that? Like hair dye.
Ammonium nitrate.
Lukacs? Hey, we need some help over here.
Lukacs! Lukacs! We need the paramedics down here now.
- Lukacs! - Vo.
- Lukacs.
- Over here.
Lukacs, you're alive.
Okay, all right.
Oh, my God.
Okay, sit down.
Come on.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.
You've got shrapnel in your leg.
- I'm fine.
- Don't move.
Hey, hold this right here.
What happened? We need some help.
All right, can you hold it right there for me? - Yeah.
- Hey, you're gonna be okay.
Stay here until help arrives.
I think we should get HNP on the phone and coordinate with No, first thing we're gonna do is get cleaned up.
There's a change of clothes in here.
Shower's behind the supply closet.
I'll go after you.
I'll be ready to work.
I know you will.
Okay, we're walking into the Hungarian police headquarters now.
We'll meet up with you and Vo back at the off-site as soon as we get up to speed.
Scott, I'll be liaising on behalf of the chief of police with you.
Captain Farkas was trained out of Quantico and the national academy a few years ago.
Graduated top of his class.
And I've been using everything you taught me.
What do we know? The festival was a counter-cultural event.
Could be a target for far-right extremists.
Europe has been a hotbed of activity lately.
Attacks have been picking up, and we are seeing all shades, neo-Nazis, anti-Islamists, anti-feminists.
- Anyone taking credit yet? - Nothing on the wires.
We might be looking at a lone wolf.
Do we have any intel of why the bombs were placed where they were? HNP's initial investigation has already confirmed a dozen fatalities clustered in these two locations.
Visitors from multiple countries across Europe as well as five U.
citizens who were running the event.
Apparently, an American private equity company owns the festival.
And both locations were VIP sections.
- Remote detonation? - Yeah, from a cell phone we think.
VIP section tickets were over 1,000 euro.
And most of those would've gone - to corporate clients, correct? - Yeah, likely.
And that's where your five Americans were sitting when they died, but besides that, we have very little to go on, so, frankly, we could use all the help we could get.
Washington already confirmed you have our air and medical support.
And I'll look with my contacts in MI6, German BND.
The national intelligence community is behind you.
Absolutely, we'll help anyway we can.
Budapest is our home.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You guys okay? We're good, really.
Listen, if you need time to regroup We want to find who did it.
Here's what we know so far.
Let's start with Bartalan Agostan.
This guy was the American dream.
Born to Hungarian parents in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, he founded Trumantis Capital, the company that sponsored the festival, and grew it into a major player in international finance.
He died in the bombing.
On his company's website, he says he wanted to bring the opportunity he'd found in America back to his motherland.
Ah, yeah.
Like I thought, HNP soil sample confirms meaningful ammonium nitrate saturation at the park.
It was definitely an ANFO bomb.
- One of the simplest to make.
- Not so simple to get your hands on those materials, though.
Fuel oil is easy enough, but sales of ammonium nitrate are highly regulated in Europe.
So, if the ammonium nitrate wasn't purchased, it had to originate at the source.
A manufacturing facility, most likely something local.
- Yes, follow that thread.
- Hey, Vo, check for any petrochemical manufacturers in Hungary.
Pull up a photo of the park after the bomb.
What do you think, 300 square meters of damage? It would take 100 kilos of ammonium nitrate to do it.
Got some info.
So there are half a dozen petrochemical manufacturers in Hungary, but only one in Budapest, - Buda PetroChemical.
- Bingo.
Hey, you okay, boy? Maybe it's all the noise? My old dog would be under the bed on the 4th of July.
Yeah, maybe.
Excuse me.
Can I help you with something? FBI, we'd like to take a look at your facility.
Last time I checked, this isn't Boise.
You have no authority here.
I find it hard to believe you haven't heard about the bombing in Nepsziget.
Caused by the same chemical that you manufacture.
Where five Americans, seven Hungarians are dead.
- Let's start over.
- Let's.
I'm Bill Davies, branch manager.
Of course I've heard about the bombing, which is truly, truly terrible, but I know nothing about it.
I'm new to Budapest.
Touched down three weeks ago.
Break down your operation for us.
Everything made in house? We source our inputs, but yes, the ammonium nitrate is all made here.
It's a single-product factory.
Hard to store ammonium nitrate with anything else.
On account of its tendency to explode.
That's right.
Perhaps the only thing more fragile is our client relationships.
The company's losing business? There've been some complaints, mostly order inconsistencies.
We need the names of your top customers.
Oh, I don't know them off the top of my head.
Have you had much experience with the Hungarian police yet, Bill? - No, I haven't.
- Then trust me, you'd rather deal with us.
I'm automating the entire facility.
Soon, we'll be able to scale up and handle accounts around the world.
- Sounds ambitious.
- There you go.
Full cooperation on my end.
We'll be in contact if we need anything else.
All right, top buyer, per this list is a munitions factory called BVS 1000, run by a man named Andor Sima.
These guys would've had a steady stream of ammonium nitrate coming in.
The factory's on the border of Ukraine, three hours from Budapest.
Okay, well, let's start closer to home, and we'll work our way out.
All right, the second buyer's an antibiotics company, but the report says that they haven't received shipment for the last three months.
Okay, well unless they were stockpiling before that, they wouldn't have enough material to make a bomb.
All right, the third buyer is a company called Gazda, - run by one Victoria Bern.
- I know that name.
She's on every 30 under 30 list in the financial press.
Fairly prominent in the European startup scene.
Wow, okay.
Looks like Trumantis Capital invested in her company till they pulled their funding last year.
She sued the owner and lost.
And now he's dead.
Her company's on the verge of bankruptcy.
This is HNP's list of everybody who bought VIP tickets to the festival this morning.
Victoria Bern is on it.
But she isn't on the victims list.
Okay, let me get this straight.
So this woman has a reason for a grudge against Trumantis, she is at the site of the bombing, and yet she walks away without a scratch? I think I'd like to ask her about that.
Yeah, me too.
- My assistant told me - law enforcement was here to speak with me.
- I wasn't expecting Americans.
- Well, we're just following up with people who were at the festival.
I left 30 minutes before the bombs went off.
- I can't believe it.
- So you were there.
I was, briefly, just to say hello to some partners, but then I had a financial meeting.
From what I read, you built this company from the ground up.
There was a lot of help along the way.
Like investors who believed in you.
I took foreign capital that helped Gazda grow so I could serve my countrymen.
- Not the most popular decision.
- In what sense? There are those who believe Hungary should be more self-reliant.
They believe me as a, what you call it, a sellout for taking American money, but I took it for my country.
Gazda supplies fresh produce at affordable prices to the masses.
That's our mission.
Bartalan Agostan wanted to serve Hungary.
Same as you.
It's why Trumantis invested in us.
Bart and I were more than business partners.
He was like a father to me.
I - I can't believe he's gone.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I'd imagine Trumantis pulling out of your company hurt all the more since you and Bartalan were close.
This is a contract with our newest investor.
It took us all of two months to fill the hole Trumantis left.
Well, that's a stroke of good luck.
No, it's good business.
I don't believe in luck.
Says the woman who left 30 minutes before a bomb went off.
You're a big buyer of ammonium nitrate, correct? We use it to make fertilizer.
Your purchases from Buda PetroChemical increased 40% in the last few months.
Any reason for that? I'm starting to feel like a suspect here.
Oh, we're just following up on every possibility.
Look, we're stocking up on material for a new greenhouse.
We're in the process of finding a new supplier as well.
Yeah, the manager at Buda PetroChemical - mentioned customer complaints.
- Complaints? They've been skimming off the top.
- The orders are always short.
- By how much? Ten kilos or so every delivery.
It's not much, but I don't like being swindled.
I can prove it.
Here, here, here and here.
Each time, ammonium nitrate.
- Can we take this? - Absolutely.
Thank you for your time.
Davies at Buda PetroChemical said the order anomalies he mentioned are all delivery discrepancies.
The weight for every order before pickup is a precise process with multiple cross-checks.
So someone's shorting Gazda between pickup and drop-off.
Get me the name and address of whoever delivers from Buda PetroChemical to a company called Gazda.
Ten kilos every week across six months.
That's over 200 kilos of missing ammonium nitrate.
That's enough for two more bombs.
Yeah, good.
That sounds exactly like what you should be doing.
I mean, if they want you to stay for observation, then stay for observation.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, I will try to.
You, too.
Coffee guy? Yeah, 34 stitches in his thigh, three fractured places in his arm.
You want to run over to the hospital? Yeah, I mean, I will when I get the chance.
Who's that? Elek Simko, delivery man for Buda PetroChemical.
Forrester and Kellett think he's skimming ammonium nitrate.
They're rolling on him now.
Number 14.
No trip wires.
Door's clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Found something.
Looks like trace ammonium nitrate.
I have something, too.
This has gotta be our man.
Go take it to forensics.
If there's anything worth flagging, we will have it.
Put out a notice on Elek Simko.
This man is still out there with enough material to make two more bombs.
I want eyes on this apartment building and Buda PetroChemical 24/7.
Run full bomb sweeps of both places.
Any CCTV footage nearby, get it.
- Every last resource.
- Agreed.
Okay Hey, how you feeling? Long way from this morning.
There was a girl in front of me.
She was tall like you.
I recognized her from the shop.
She was standing 20 feet away, and she just - disappeared.
- Oh, gosh.
- I saw her look at me.
- Hey, you are alive, and that's all you need to concentrate on right now.
Who would do this? A coward.
I don't know who yet, why, or how, but I promise you, we will turn over every rock until we find them.
Okay, I will find them.
Do you have anyone coming to stay with you? My brother.
That's good.
- You're leaving? - I have to.
Just until Andor gets here.
- An hour at most.
- I can't.
I mean, this investigation is moving way too fast, but I'll call you as soon as I can.
HNP sent over CCTV footage.
It's your delivery man, Elek Simko.
I've been putting together a profile on him.
Buda PetroChemical gave him notice in June.
He posted on his social media that he gave 20 years of his life to the company.
In return, they said he had six months to pack up.
When the calendar rolls over, he can collect his last check, turn in his key card, and goodbye.
There's our motive.
The reason he's being laid off: Trumantis Capital, sponsors of the music festival, acquired Buda PetroChemical around the same time he was canned.
And there's our connection.
It's all about economies of scale for these private equity companies, so they bought out Buda PetroChemical, fired the workers, and were planning on automating the entire operation.
So Elek was being replaced by a robot.
Even worse, he's had to train the robot who's replacing him.
Meanwhile, his wife filed for divorce a couple of months ago and he lost custody of his kids.
Trumantis took everything from him.
In his eyes, yeah.
So where is he now? This is not a man of means.
There is no second home.
Maybe not his second home.
Where's the ex-wife? I'll put in a call to HNP, see if they have a record of her.
I'll look through the footage in the meantime.
Captain Farkas wanted you to have this as soon as forensics was done with it.
I can help with the ex-wife.
Raines, you got an address? Yeah, I'm texting it to you now.
Let's go.
I have a personal conflict with this case.
How personal? The guy I've been seeing was in the bombing.
Is he all right? I mean, his leg and his arm is messed up, - but it's not critical.
- Okay, good.
I just want you to know that my mind is here and not there.
Also good.
How do you do it? What? Manage a relationship and the job.
Before Jamie, I didn't date anyone longer than six months.
That half-year mark would roll around, I'd be out the door like a I don't know, like an alarm bell ringing in my head.
Just poof.
When you work for the FBI, there is nothing in the world that compares to the job.
It's like you have one foot in and one foot out before the check comes on that first date.
You know, you'll be with her, or him, in your case, and you'll be thinking about the job.
You'll be thinking about the case, the next interview.
And there's a distance, you know, that just That's just too wide to cross.
At least it was for me.
You're welcome.
I don't know why you want to talk to me about Elek.
Kave is his only bad habit.
He used to drink six cups a day.
Elek is a good man, a good husband, and a good father.
If that's the case, then why did you leave him? - How long were you married? - 16 years.
So you wake up one day and just realize it's not working out? What changed? It was me.
I changed.
These people? They have families, like you, and your husband killed them.
Where is he? Look, if you don't tell us, he's going to hurt more people.
When he was given notice at his job, he was, of course, worried about our future.
Money's always an issue.
But we still had each other, and I thought he would be okay.
But then he went looking for jobs, and it was a different world than 20 years ago.
So I told him, I could get a job, and I did, but the money wasn't enough.
So I said we would find a smaller flat.
That's when he changed.
- Changed how? - Angry, always angry.
He began to go out at all hours, would never tell me where he was.
So I followed him, and I found that he was going to protests and meetings.
Like this? Hungary for Hungarians.
This was a brand-new building, barely finished construction last month.
Luckily, most of the workers are still off-site, - which stemmed fatalities.
- Whose building is this? It's owned by a British conglomerate named Quarry.
- Another corporate target.
- Ooh, hold on.
It's the company that's automating Buda PetroChemical.
He's targeting everyone responsible for his circumstances.
And he still has enough material for at least one more bomb.
I want to know exactly what had happened to Elek when he started attending these rallies.
We get into his psyche, we figure out his next move.
Looked into this flyer.
Hungary for Hungarians.
It's a movement started by a local university professor, Octavius Varga, and he's branded himself as voice of the people.
This is a conversation on the Hungarian political forum.
It's between Octavius Varga and Elek Simko.
Goes back months.
Does it mention any plans for an attack? No but it's not an argument, more like teacher and student.
Maybe when his wife said Elek changed, Octavius Varga is the one who changed him? Professor Varga, mind if we have a word with you? We're FBI assisting the Hungarian national police on today's bombings.
You wrote a book on Hungarian patriotism, correct? Well, that's a reductive way to describe it, yes.
Well honestly, it was so boring, I only skimmed it, but let me see if I got the gist.
In the past, there was order.
A man went to work, was paid a fair wage, went home, and fed his family, but then the Berlin Wall fell and brought with it the three Cs: capitalism, chaos, and criminals.
That sound about right? The big fish eat the small fish.
That is what is happening all across my country.
The imperialists of the modern age, these greedy, senseless, foreign corporations.
They are trying to buy Hungary, and they must be stopped.
That is my message.
Yeah, the bombings today sure spoke that loud and clear.
Do you recognize this man? - No.
- Elek Simko.
No? I'm sure you'll remember this, though.
A four-month-long online conversation between the two of you.
I have hundreds of followers, thousands.
I inspire them.
I cannot remember all their names.
Looks like Elek was more than just a follower.
Perhaps this person came to one or two of my protests? Maybe we should take him down to the headquarters.
- What do you think? - Mm.
Okay, yes, I know Elek.
He lost his job.
Told me his story.
The same one I hear again and again about how he had been exploited.
The boot can press down on a man's neck only so long - before he fights back.
- And gets violent? I'm not responsible if he does.
Did you tell him that Trumantis Capital acquired the company that fired him and ruined his life? - Did you give him his targets? - No.
Oh, you just told these people that these foreign companies must be stopped at any cost.
Did you tell him that too? I helped him see what has been happening to him, that he is a victim made to suffer.
I told him it was a shame that these imperialist corporations are allowed to run amok in Hungary and that someone should do something about it.
Hungarians died today in the bombings, your countrymen.
Elek is armed with enough material to blow up an entire city block in Budapest at any minute.
So you are going to tell me everything you know about who he's targeting next, right now.
I don't know that.
I swear it.
You know, I see how you operate.
Never get your hands dirty, huh? Every revolution, there is collateral damage.
These bombings are not on me, not even on Elek.
They are on those who are buying my country and those who are selling it in the first place.
First place.
What? This is personal for Elek.
He's going to the first place that wronged him, - Buda PetroChemical.
- HNB's already covering it.
No, Elek's smart.
He's tricky.
You know, this is his home turf.
He spent 20 years there.
If he slips through and hits their ammonium nitrate supply? He'd level an entire district of Budapest.
That's worse than Beirut.
That's a 3.
3 Richter scale earthquake.
Jaeger, alert HNP and the bomb squad at Buda PetroChemical.
We think Elek's headed there next.
Let's go.
He's not here.
- What about the warehouse? - We checked it.
Get out of the car, now.
Please don't.
Don't, don't.
Stand down.
- Bill, what happened? - Oh, God.
He was waiting for me.
He was waiting for me in the back of the car.
He's mad, and he wants to kill corporate.
He knew he knew about the dinner tonight, even though we tried to keep it hush hush.
What dinner? Buda PetroChemical's senior management is meeting tonight to celebrate the deal.
- Where? - Um somewhere in the Ruinpub district.
I'm not sure which restaurant.
Take care of him.
Scott Forrester, FBI, requesting air assistance.
I need a U.
military Grizzly to Budapest District VII now.
All right, if anyone sees Elek, use these to call it in.
The Grizzly overhead should jam all wireless communication.
If we tip him off, he will detonate.
If we're gonna take him down, we have to surprise him.
Let's go.
Grizzly came through.
Signal's jammed all over.
He's on the move! I got eyes on him.
Move! He's going to detonate the bomb manually.
He's heading to the restaurant.
You will never understand.
I did this for my people.
For our way of life.
Everything was taken from me.
I want to show them that I can take something back.
You don't get to make excuses.
You killed people.
They were sacrificed for the greater good.
- I sacrifice myself, too.
- You sacrifice nothing.
This is for world news.
From our correspondent office in Budapest, this just in.
We've been informed by Europol and local Hungarian police that the series of bombings Okay, thank you.
Good work, all of you.
I've heard from HNP, HNBI, and Europol.
Hungary is grateful for our help.
So stupid.
And yet the Hungary for Hungarians message will get played for years.
You know, my first ASAC was Carl McGregor.
He was on scene in Oklahoma City in 1995, when a couple of militants killed 168 people.
No one remembers the militants' message or their cause.
What we remember is the first responders carrying people to safety.
A city coming together.
A country.
McGregor took me to that site, and where the federal building once stood is now a memorial that offers comfort and strength, peace, hope for all that come there.
Look, in a couple of weeks, the news here is going to turn to something else But what the people are going to remember is the heroism that saved more lives.
I know I will.
The police cannot hold me here unless they charge me.
That's right.
This belongs to you And so does the responsibility of what Elek did.
You radicalized a vulnerable man who had nothing to lose.
I can say what I want, and what I say stands true.
My people shouldn't be exploited.
And I'm not legally responsible for those who interpret my work differently.
Interpreting differently.
You know what? You're right.
You have no legal culpability whatsoever.
You know how to play the game.
You wanted influence? You got it.
14 deaths and counting.
As far as I'm concerned, that's blood on your hands for the rest of your life.
What? What the hell are you doing? What is this? You said they can't hold you without charging you.
Well, they're charging you.
What's that? You take monthly money from supporters - in order to fund your work.
- So what? Such thing is not illegal.
Well every rally, you hold a raffle, and one of your lucky supporters is surprised with 100,000 Forints as a symbol of your generosity.
Two months ago, Elek won.
Legally, that can be viewed as material funding of terrorism.
You cannot do this.
You getting out of here? Yeah, about to.
- How's coffee guy? - Stable.
He's gonna be discharged tomorrow.
- Great news.
- Mm-hmm.
Do you date anyone here, Raines? In Budapest? Yeah.
Didn't work out.
- What happened? - Hanna.
That didn't work out either because of Liliana.
I'll tell you what my gramps told me when I joined the Bureau.
Divorce rate's, in law enforcement, 70%.
Don't get serious with anyone until you're ready to settle down.
All right, well, I'm headed out.
Nice work today, Vo.
You too.

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