FBI: International (2021) s01e13 Episode Script


What's going on? Your mother? You're a traitor.
Then you just disappear.
I need your help.
She wants a classified file.
You're not actually thinking about doing it.
I love you, Scott.
I never stopped.
Hand her the envelope.
We'll immediately move in.
Most people never have to face the choice of country over family.
I need both of you to be strong.
Okay? Mom, what's going on? This isn't goodbye.
We'll see each other again real soon.
Wait, where are you going? It's better that we don't tell you that.
Why? Where are you going? We'll be safe, and so will you guys.
Okay? When are we gonna see you again? Just stay with Nana and wait to hear from us.
What are you doing? What's going on? I'll explain later.
Now do me.
You have to trust us, okay? - Come on.
- I'm trying.
Just clip it where the lock is.
There you go.
Just rip it.
Yeah, cool, cool.
We gotta go.
I love you.
Always remember that.
- Now.
- Okay, here.
I love you both very much.
Mom What are we gonna do now? Amelia.
- Amelia.
- It's okay.
Marshals! Open the door! James and Fiona Delvina? - Where are they? - We don't know, I swear.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Want a coffee? - I'm good.
So I heard you called Counterintelligence on your mother.
There are no secrets in the bureau.
Apparently not.
So how did it go? Short and sweet.
That's all I get? New cases came in.
My mind's on that.
I just I don't understand why you wouldn't bring me into it.
Something that big? And after all the time we spent talking about it? Do you remember when we first got together? We made a promise that if we didn't work out, we would continue to work together.
So this is you being vindictive because I broke it off? It's not me being vindictive.
It's me being the boss.
I don't feel like talking about it.
Vo and Raines are here.
I have to brief you guys on the case.
Plus, the legate here in Budapest was sent on a temp assignment for a few days, so I need to figure out who's gonna cover.
I'll stay.
That's breakup cleanup going on in there.
Ah, the worst.
I've been where Forrester is right now.
Just nod your head and take it.
Oh, it's just another reason why we make great partners.
Cards face up, super clean, no drama.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Let's get into it.
James and Fiona Delvina, out of Los Angeles, were convicted of bilking the U.
government out of 30 million in COVID relief funds.
Thirty? 3-0? Phew, damn.
They fled the country while awaiting sentencing.
There is a UFAP warrant out for them both.
That is the compounding crime that got us involved.
They also left behind their two children, Amelia and Gabriel, 16 and 12.
Money laundering, identity theft.
Looks like the parents have a history.
Fraud, lawsuits.
Yeah, they're basically career parasites.
Now, I spoke with the prosecutor.
Their sense is that the wife is the brains of the outfit.
The husband is the point man.
He's looking at considerably more prison time on the COVID charges because most of his name's on the paperwork.
We know how they got out of the U.
? A friend of James, Luan Sinani, crossed into Tijuana three hours after their ankle monitors were deactivated.
Two days later, our legate in Mexico City confirmed the couple paid cash for two one-way tickets to Tirana, Albania, using their Albanian passports.
They have dual citizenship.
Legate in Sarajevo, which covers Tirana, confirmed their arrival yesterday.
Have to believe they're flush with cash.
was only able to claw back 5 million of the COVID funds, and 200K in cash and jewelry was left behind at the LA house.
Where are the kids now? They're in LA with the grandmother on the dad's side.
Now, she did try to get them two emergency visas for a flight tomorrow to Albania, claiming that they need to be with the family, she's too old, and the media attention is too much.
That request was denied.
Jaeger's gonna meet us there.
Let's hit it.
Are you coming? Staying here in case I need to cover the Legat's desk - across town.
- Ah.
She'll be patching and helping out with the case.
We'll be in touch.
Go get 'em.
Wie geht es euch, Katrin? German was one of the few languages I didn't take at West Point, but I'm studying it now in your honor.
but "wie geht es euch" is for addressing a group of people.
"Wie geht es dir" is for addressing a single person.
- Oh, I just started yesterday.
- Oh.
Lieutenant Agnes Nika, our liaison here in Tirana.
Agnes, this is the team.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
Any update on James or Fiona Delvina? Nothing yet.
What can you tell us about them? This way, please.
Fiona, maiden name Abazi, comes from an organized crime family here in Albania, going back many generations.
Her father, Lorik Kabazi, is the patriarch.
I have officers monitoring the family covertly, of course.
How about the husband, James? He came from a lower caste, we'll call it? Do you have caste system in United States? Different name, but yeah.
Well, Fiona married down in her family's eyes.
Have you heard anything about where James and Fiona might be? Again, nothing.
And it might be quite hard to get people to talk in these extended families.
Here in Albania, it's all about "besa," code of honor.
Well, we can put out a reward for 20,000 U.
In Albania, that's, um Two million lek, roughly.
That much money might be more important to someone than besa.
Fiona's dad? Where can we find him? Screaming at his granddaughter.
My name is Sergeant Agnes Nika.
- I know who you are.
- Scott Forrester, FBI.
- Hi.
- Katrin Jaeger, Europol.
- Hello.
- Let me save you some time.
I don't know where my daughter and her husband are.
We are looking for a peaceful outcome to all this, so any cooperation you could lend would be appreciated.
Look, if anyone was to help James and Fiona hide out in Albania, it would be James' family.
Most of his family moved to Los Angeles.
Why would they fly here? He has a few cousins in Tirana.
They'll do anything for him.
See, Albania is not like America, where if you're old or ugly, you have to live alone.
Here, family counts above all.
Well, you just gave a convincing argument of why you would hide them out here.
Yes, well.
That warm embrace stops once you disobey your father and bring shame to the family, which Fiona did.
Embezzling 30 million from the government was shameful to you? I find that hard to believe, based on your record.
The scam didn't bother me.
It's America, right? Grab what you can.
But marrying James did.
I even warned her, if she was to become his wife, she would be leaving us forever.
And now, here she is, back in Albania, apparently running with dogs.
And why would James' mother back in Los Angeles fly the kids here and list you as the host address? Because she knows, despite our differences regarding her son, I'll do anything for Amelia and Gabriel.
May I return now? Six million lek in private lessons.
I'd like to see if it was worth the investment.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Believe him? Hell, no.
He's up to his eyeballs in this thing.
Oh, mein Gott.
What's this mean? Stop.
That's a real threat.
And I suppose now would be a good time to tell you that I can't guarantee your safety here in Albania.
With the father's organized crime ties, they could be hiding in any number of mountain bunkers used by the family.
Yes, if the Delvinas are comfortable living underground and moving frequently, the odds of finding them are remote.
There are a number of organized crime figures wanted by the Albanian government.
But once they hit the mountains, they've never been found.
I've got Kellett.
LA field office got court-approved wiretaps for home phone, cell, social media, and is tracking all credit and bank accounts.
If the Delvinas are communicating with anyone back home, they are doing it very carefully and under our radar.
The flight that the grandmother booked for the kids When was that for? 10 hours from now.
Contact the LA office.
Have them sign off on the emergency visas for both kids.
You mean use them as bait? Well, they won't know that they're bait, but yes.
It's time to put them in play, tickle the wire on their parents' location.
I want you and Vo to pose as State Department counselors for the U.
Embassy to facilitate the handoff with the family here, and then we will take it from there.
And bringing them out here isn't a little risky? Well, I'll tell you what my first boss told me.
If you're not willing to take risks on this job, then go sell ice cream.
Get it done.
Remember, the children are U.
They don't have dual citizenship here, so they'll need to be made available for check-ins, and we have to know their whereabouts at all times.
They also cannot leave the country.
Yes, we understand.
Okay, so, partner to partner, I'm not down with this.
They're, what, 12 and 16, and we're dragging them into this? Forrester's not going to let it get that far.
It already has.
They haven't been through enough? For me, it was the other way around.
I was basically in charge of my sister growing up.
Not the best way to spend your childhood.
Amelia, Gabriel, we're with the U.
How are you both doing? Okay.
Well, your aunt has our number, so if you need anything, she'll give us a call, but we'll be checking in regardless.
Okay? Sounds good.
Come on.
Let's get you both to your new home.
I'd like to make a donation to your embassy.
Perhaps you have an employee vacation fund? - Would you mind handling for me? - Uh, thank you, but no.
Very well.
You had a job to do, and you've done it.
But from this moment forward, I better not see either one of you again.
I'm not down with this.
Where did they place the tracking devices? In both kids' shoes, cell phones, and backpacks.
This is Lorik's house? Yes.
Local police confirm Amelia and Gabriel are there and haven't moved since they arrived from the airport.
We've just received a call from someone who knows where the Delvinas are, willing to exchange that information for your reward.
Nedina? Scott Forrester.
This is Katrin Jaeger.
So, we hear you have information that you would like to offer.
I have information to sell.
Well, we're open for business.
I don't know where they are, James and Fiona, but I know where they're going to be tomorrow.
Which is where and when? Lorik, Fiona's father, is going to reunite her and James with their children, and once that happens, we'll never see any of them again unless you pay me for the information.
Well, like I said, we're open for business.
But we need specifics.
Where's the cash? You think we carry around 3 million lek in our pockets? No, we're here because we need to make sure you're legitimate.
If you are, we will get the money.
But I want 4 million: 2 for James, 2 for Fiona.
Okay, but that is my cap.
We have a deal.
You were at the Equestrian Center.
I was.
So you're close to the family.
Why are you betraying them? Hm.
Here in Albania, I'm known as a A spinster.
My family treat me like dirt.
When they run out of wine at a party, they send me to go get more.
Fiona has always condescended to me since I'm not married and have no children.
I need new tires for my car, I go ask Lorik, he tells me not to drive so much.
If they want to treat me like a servant, then I will betray them, like a servant would.
Does that answer your question? It does.
And what are you gonna do with the money? My boyfriend lives in Greece, but can't move here because he hurt his leg in a scooter accident.
So this money will help him with his hospital bills, and once he's healed, we can be together.
All right.
We will get the cash.
Be ready to meet with details.
Her story checks out.
Very much so.
She's been close to the family her whole life, never left Tirana, never held down a job.
No arrests.
May have taken a little peek into her social media and emails, and yeah, she's been communicating with a guy in Greece, or claims to be from Greece.
Decent shot she's being catfished.
What? When members of a crime family turn on each other, I find it funny.
The team I have surveilling Lorik's house say that the kids are still at the house, but there's been a lot of coming and going with other family.
Their sense was that something was going to happen soon.
Two mil.
You two were at the airport.
The social workers.
Very good.
I certainly fell for it.
We do our best.
We need to pat you down for a weapon first.
It's standard policy for when the bureau hands over large sums of cash.
She's clean.
You have to sign for it.
No, no way.
We're good.
All right.
You get half now and 1 million each for James and Fiona once they're in custody.
Then we don't have a deal.
The handoff is going to take place in the food court, in the Tirana Park shopping center.
When? 20 minutes.
Thank you.
Local cops confirm that an SUV left Lorik's house and arrived here a few minutes ago.
Straight ahead.
That's probably the lookout letting the rest of the family know we fell for it.
From when they patted you down.
Tell James to go ahead? - Jaeger? - I'm with Nedina now.
This is where the drop-off is taking place.
On my way.
It's an old Russian proverb, "Trust, but verify.
" Where's James? Where are the kids? Nedina, you are in a world of trouble.
If I would Forrester.
Nedina's back at the Sophie Cafe, regaining consciousness right about now.
All right, I'll get local police to respond.
I'm currently in pursuit of James Delvina.
I see you're moving out of town.
I'm about two minutes behind you.
I don't know if Fiona and the kids are in the car or not.
Copy that.
Stay in touch, okay? Get out of the car.
Get out of the car, Hands up.
Where are your wife and kids? Turn.
Go to hell.
I have James.
He was alone.
But the kids must be nearby.
Good job, Jaeger.
Keep them there, Jaeger.
I see a familiar face.
Don't hurt us.
It's okay.
I'm with the FBI.
It's gonna be fine.
I have James in the interview room.
I want to ice him for a few more minutes.
Raines, Vo, I want you to talk with the kids.
Talk as in comfort them, or try to get information? Both.
We got it.
Hey, and be ready if I knock.
You look silly.
You look silly right now.
I'm gonna sue you.
Are we under arrest? No, not at all.
Are our parents here? Not yet.
Can we see them when they get here? - We'll work that out.
- They're here.
No, like I said, we're still trying.
You're lying.
We have dealt with defense attorneys, prosecutors, child advocates, DCFS case workers, court-appointed therapists.
I know by now when someone isn't telling me the truth, and you aren't.
How honest would you like me to be, Amelia? Completely.
Your dad is here, but we need your dad to help us have your mom Amelia.
You can say whatever it is you need to say.
After what we've already been through, he can handle it.
Your dad needs to have your mom turn herself in.
And then what? And then they would go back to LA and face the charges.
And what happens to us? You guys would stay with family.
- Here? - No.
Back in Los Angeles.
I spoke with your advocate, and she said that you guys have an aunt, uncle, and cousins in Pasadena.
And since your aunt and uncle aren't involved with the fraud, they'd like you both to live with them.
And you would like that also? Yeah.
Right, Amelia? We'd stay with them? That's a promise? I can't promise you guys anything right now, other than you guys are safe.
And you will continue to be safe.
Fiona is still out there, most likely very close by.
You need to give us her location, or convince her to turn herself in.
If you do, we will recommend that you get a reduction in your sentence for that help.
I don't know what kind of man you are, but I would never betray my wife.
How about your children, huh? Huh? Would you betray them? If you don't get your wife to turn herself in, then both of your kids go to foster care, separately.
They'll never see you or each other till Gabriel turns 18.
- You can't do that.
- The hell I can't.
You have five minutes to decide.
Officers surveilling Lorik's house still haven't seen Fiona.
And nothing from the LA office in terms of phone calls or social media.
You're going to get Fiona through James, or we're not getting her at all.
Vo's still with the kids, right? - She is.
- How are they doing? How do you think? You're right.
That was a dumb question.
Let's head back in.
Hey, how far are we prepared to go with this in terms of the kids? As far as we need to get results.
Is this because his own mom bailed on him? We may never know.
How much of a reduced sentence will I get? That's for the judge to decide.
But we'll put in a recommendation.
The bureau has a high success rate when it comes to that.
I'll reach out to Fiona.
But I want to have ten minutes with my kids first.
Not until Fiona's in custody.
I'm agreeing to this.
I'm helping to get my own wife arrested.
You can't do me this one favor? That's my dad's voice.
What's going on? Once she's in custody, you can see them.
You got to give me something.
I'm giving you your kids being able to stay together.
Is that not enough for you? We're not staying together? Can I at least see them through the window one more time? Okay.
I'll do it.
Make whatever call you need to.
It's James.
Fiona needs to call me.
Now! Your parents broke the law repeatedly, and they ran.
This is about them and the choices they made.
It's not about you.
That COVID money? We were going to distribute it in our community.
That's what the prosecutor failed to understand.
It's amazing that you can say that with a straight face.
- We were.
- Yeah? With Rolexes? The marshal found ten of them in your house still in the boxes, the same house where you skipped out on your kids.
We weren't going to see them again anyway.
We were going to prison.
We ran so could still have a chance to be with them.
Oh, I guess I got it all wrong, right? You're a hero.
- Hello? - It's me.
Baby, listen to me.
Are you with the feds? - I am, but listen - They can hear me? Fiona, listen to me.
You need to turn yourself in.
They're going to separate Gabriel and Amelia if you don't.
I'm with this one fed, and he is not playing around.
I'm telling you.
They're going to split up the kids if you don't turn yourself in.
Do it for them.
Fiona? Grand Park.
We can meet there.
Tell them to bring the kids.
They're not going for that.
It has to be here at the police station.
Fiona, please.
We gave it a shot, but it's over.
But I want Amelia and Gabriel in the lobby when I get there, and I want to spend time with them before they process me.
Okay, they agreed.
When? Half hour.
Love you.
Love you too.
We good? If your wife or anyone in that family tries anything in the lobby, they will get smoked.
Do you understand me? So if you think that's something that she's trying to pull, say so right now.
She would never do that.
She called from a burner phone, and the signal bounced around.
Couldn't trace it.
We need to get set up in the lobby for the meet, and be ready for anything.
Of course.
You still have officers - in the front and the back? - We do.
All right, I don't want her to see too much police presence and get spooked.
I'll make sure they stay back.
Great, thank you.
She's 20 minutes late.
Yeah, I know.
She just texted.
What'd she say? "I can't.
Tell them I always loved them and I'll see you all again one day.
" Oh, you're kidding.
- So she's not coming.
- I can't say I'm surprised.
Even if she is a mom, snakes don't turn into kittens overnight.
I'll keep my team posted outside for another half hour, just in case.
So what now? Is my mom coming? It doesn't look like it, Amelia.
I know where to find her.
And I can tell you.
Just keep my brother and I together.
Amelia's in the break room.
She's ready.
Okay, thanks.
I heard she's willing to give up her mom.
I can't do it.
Then don't, Scott.
So if you get my aunt on the phone, I can Hey, you don't have to tell me anything.
What? I'm not gonna separate you and your brother.
Even if I don't tell you where my mom is? That's right.
Why? Because I don't want you living with that.
The FBI is gonna keep looking for her, but that's our job, Amelia.
That's not yours.
You're good kids.
And you don't deserve this.
So Gabriel and I are going to stay together? I promise.
It's okay.
You're going to be okay.
Sri Lanka.
- You'll never get - It's right there.
Whoa, okay.
Mm Czechoslovakia? Wait, there is no Czechoslovakia.
It was split in half.
That's the Czech Republic, and then that's Slovakia.
No one gets that right.
Geography majors don't even get that right.
A'ight, you know what? Pick your favorite restaurant in LA, and I'm going to pre-order a meal and have it waiting for you by the time you get home.
- Great job, man.
- Thanks.
We'll keep monitoring the family.
Of course, we'll contact you with any new information, should we have any.
But I can't promise you that we'll be devoting resources to looking for Fiona Delvina.
We just don't have the funds.
She'll show up eventually.
They always do.
And then we'll swoop in.
We understand and thank you for all your help.
Dad! I told James he could have 30 minutes with his kids.
Agnes said they're waiving extradition.
He's yours to ship back to LA whenever.
Aunt and uncle from Pasadena are on a flight over to pick them up.
DCFS backed up the advocates, that the family is legit and it's a good home.
That's great to hear.
- Good night.
- Great job, you guys.
Got a couple interviews at some ice cream shops.
- Gotta boogie.
- Hey.
Don't be a smartass.
- So cancel the interviews? - For now, yes.
Let's get out of here before he changes his mind.
Hmm? You know why agents date other agents to begin with? Because of this job, you take any kind of solace you can get, and you worry about the consequences later.
That's exactly right.
Come here.
What's up? Blind spot.
No cameras.
I believe this is called mixed messages.
- Just for tonight.
- Just for tonight.

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