FBI: International (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

The Kill List

1 Ooh, hey.
There you go.
Just a little bit further.
I'm I'm fine.
I'm just a little bit turned around is all.
Wow, look at that view, huh? I think you better watch where you're going.
I don't think I drank that much.
Well, I don't know about that.
No, I I think that maybe Maybe someone put something in my drink.
When-when we were at the bar, when we were talking, they I've never met anyone like you.
You need to sleep it off.
We'll get you back to your hotel and into bed.
Doesn't that sound good? No, no, no.
S-something isn't right, I I have to call - I need to tell my boss.
- Here.
Let me.
I'll take care of it.
Just a few more steps, and we can stop and look at that view.
I I have to tell I have to tell her that something's wrong.
I I work for the Attorney General of the United States.
I'll give her the message.
Uhh Ah! Ow! Son of a Everything okay? Oh, I hate that thing.
You have it on steam.
Do you want it on steam? I don't know.
I think I see now why you dated that barista a while back.
Yeah, among other reasons.
Whatever happened with that guy? You still ever see each other? No, I actually haven't seen Lukacs in months, or anyone else for that matter.
I mean, after I broke it off, I just realized that given the demands of this job, it is just a smart move to avoid romantic entanglements altogether.
You know, like you and Scott breaking things off.
I really admire that about you two.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know, concentrate on the job, clear boundaries, keep it simple.
Why make things complicated? What? Oh, what does that look on your face mean? Are you two still seeing each other? No.
Not exactly.
It's just not quite as simple as we had planned.
I'll try to meet you at the train station.
But look, I can't talk right now.
Yeah, I'm about to go into a meeting.
A body just turned up in a river.
Forrester's ready to brief.
And, uh, my little sister is coming to town, so I might have to duck out at some point.
I know.
I-I don't know what to say.
W-we caught a big case.
The victim is American Kenneth Gregory, 38 years old, traveling on a diplomatic passport.
I just got off the phone with the DOJ, and they confirmed that Mr.
Gregory is the senior administrative aide to the attorney general, Rebecca Blair.
Attorney General Blair has been traveling across Europe as part of a public relations tour to show cooperation with America's allies.
And Gregory was in Budapest as part of a small advanced team assigned to scout ahead and prepare for each visit.
It's the Bureau's duty to protect the AG, and her security detail couldn't give us a heads up that she's coming into our backyard? Apparently, it was a last minute addition to the itinerary.
Now, the death may very well be an accident or suicide, but until we can rule out foul play, we are gonna assume the worst.
And since it's the staff of a Cabinet member, we're gonna have extra eyes on us.
So what do we know? Danke.
Gregory spotted He was spotted around 6:15 a.
by a riverboat crew.
No obvious wounds.
Cause of death appears to be drowning.
Toxicology? I'll see what I can find out.
Witnesses? The HNP haven't found any, so we've got our work cut out for us.
Now, a special agent from the security detail is on his way now.
We're gonna have to work with him to assess the threat and determine whether the AG can travel to Budapest safely.
And one more thing It is important that we review Blair's protection protocols.
Now, HQ's asked me to do it from scratch, personally.
So between that and coordinating with the DOJ and the Hungarians, I'm gonna be needed at my desk for a few days.
That means Jamie's gonna be taking lead on the investigation.
Oh, I see.
We catch a case where if we blow it, all our jobs could be on the line and now you put me in charge? I look at it as an opportunity to impress the head of the Justice Department.
Kyle Harmon from the home office.
Agent Harmon, I'm Jamie Kellett.
You met Cameron Vo.
It's nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
Since time is of the essence, we're hoping you can answer a few questions.
Of course.
So you were on the attorney general's advance team with Ken Gregory, correct? That's right.
Ken and I would usually head out a few days before the boss is gonna travel.
He'd make the arrangements.
I would approve security.
The boss arrived.
We'd jump to the next city.
And when did you last see Mr.
Gregory? Two nights ago in Berlin.
We went out drinking after work.
He said he had to head to Budapest early in the morning for a meeting.
But this time, I didn't have to join him until later.
Did he say why? No, but I was fine with that.
Frankly, we kind of tied one on in Berlin, and I was hungover.
Is that how the two of you typically spent your evenings? I don't know about "typically," but I have been known to have a few beers after-hours.
So the two of you were getting drunk and trying to meet women? We're just looking to figure out who Ken Gregory could've been with.
Look, Kenny and I took our jobs very seriously.
He would never intentionally do anything to put the AG in harm's way, and neither would I.
What can you tell us about his mental state? Any chance he could've taken his own life? I don't I don't think so.
Look, I don't know what happened.
I was in Berlin still.
I'm trying to figure it out just like you, and I'm being fully honest here, and I do not particularly enjoy being treated like a suspect.
Your unprofessionalism put a man's life at risk.
I wasn't even there! But maybe if I was, he'd still be here.
So maybe drop the holier-than-thou attitude.
Okay, stop.
We all have to work together on this.
Anything else you can tell us? Yeah.
The attorney general's office received a call last night from Kenny's phone.
But his phone was not recovered with his body.
What was on the phone? I mean, I'd like to think he didn't keep a copy of the AG's security plan on his phone, but can't rule it out.
So the details of the attorney general's protection plan could be in the hands of someone who wants to do her harm? Or, you know, they could be at the bottom of the river.
Gregory's phone call only lasted three seconds, but it pinged off of a cell tower right here.
This is the only crossing close to his hotel, and it's upstream from where his body was found.
Below this stretch of the bridge, there's no easy way to shore.
So you think this is where he went in? I'd put real money on it.
Any cameras in the area? There's a public weather camera for the bridge, but it's been down for several weeks.
There are traffic cameras, but these support structures obscure the view of the sidewalk.
No sign of Gregory in them.
If we're lucky, maybe a car passing by had a dash cam that caught a glimpse.
At that time of night, there wouldn't be that much traffic.
It's a long shot, but what else have we got? Raines.
What about the traffic underneath? This view is from the safety cam on the deck of cargo barge KK 0402Z which passed under the bridge around 2:30 a.
It's from pretty long distance, and the picture quality leaves something to be desired, but There.
That's him.
Take a look at the railing right after he goes in.
It's hard to make out, but He wasn't alone.
What is that? Is that a woman in a scarf? - Can you blow that up? - Not with this image.
But we were able to go back and cross reference with the traffic cameras.
- That's nice work.
- Thank you.
Who is she? We don't know.
But since no one reported an accident, there's only one conclusion: this was a homicide.
Then we know what we have to do.
We have to find that woman before the attorney general arrives.
That's gonna be tough.
What do you mean? Madam Attorney General, Jamie Kellett.
I'm the special agent involved in the investigation Nice to meet you, Agent Kellett.
Yes, we are early, aren't we? Yes.
I believe there was some miscommunication because We're heading to the American embassy.
I arranged a car.
You can brief her on the way.
Wait, actually, I'm going to have to ask you to Ma'am.
I need you to stop.
I'm sorry, but I have to insist that you get back on that plane.
It is our responsibility to protect you, and the FBI cannot guarantee your safety in Budapest at this time.
I got your message, and I considered the risks.
But running back home to the safety of the justice building simply isn't an option when we expect to be seen by the rest of the world as an example of the rule of law.
So will your team be protecting me, Agent Kellett, or should I find someone else who can? Of course, ma'am.
Right this way.
The U.
ambassador will meet you at the curb.
He's already been in with the Hungarian prosecutor general and the minister of the interior.
But they're gonna wait for you before they start the next session.
Anything else? I understand you have some questions.
How can I help? Have you ever seen this woman before? This your suspect? Who is she? The photo is all we have so far.
I don't recognize her, but then again, I come across a hundred faces a day.
Show it to my team.
Is there anyone you can think of who would wish you harm? Being a woman of color and America's chief law enforcement officer, yes.
The list gets pretty long.
Can you tell me any more about the nature of your trip? My predecessor in this job spent a lot of time rubbing our friends the wrong way.
So I am out here showing the world that we are back on the same page.
I'm sorry for being presumptuous on the tarmac.
But I am having a hard time reconciling the possible danger with what sounds like a photo op.
Making sure that our allies remain dedicated to doing the right thing Frankly, that's more important than my own personal safety.
Ma'am, we're just a few minutes out.
Thank you.
What does keep me up at night, to be perfectly honest, is the danger to my staff.
I called Ken Gregory's family this morning to tell them the news.
I would love to be able to call them back and tell them that the person responsible for his death has been brought to justice.
Perhaps the FBI can focus on that.
The Hungarian delegation has already been meeting with the ambassador for several hours.
What does that mean? I'm not sure.
They're not letting anyone else in the room Not me, not security, not even the FBI.
And there's no media to hear statements or take pictures.
Something's not adding up.
If this is all a big beacon of publicity, what's with all the secrecy? I don't know.
Excuse me, sir! Do you know the quickest way to the ruin pubs? There she is! - It's so good to see you.
- You too.
Hi, who's this? These are my best friends from U of M, Ethan and Grace.
Guys, this is my big brother Andre.
I told them you were FBI.
Nice to meet you, Officer.
It's Special Agent, actually.
But you can call me Andre.
So you seriously bailing on us today, bro? I'm sorry.
Look, with a case like this, I don't really have a choice.
But I pulled together all the info on the places I was telling you about My favorite things to do, places to eat, everything.
Just like when you used to make a list for me of all my chores.
I'm hoping I could join up in a day or two - if I get a chance.
- Sure.
I'll take whatever I can get.
Well, we should probably get going, yeah? Ethan found this epic pub crawl we're gonna do.
Uh, sounds fun.
Hey, you call me if you need anything.
- A'ight? - Mm-hmm.
- Enjoy the city.
- We will.
Come join us the second you're free.
We'll be folding your unit into the protection detail as well.
I'll need somewhere to monitor the entire operation.
You guys should have enough room to set up in there.
Hey, any idea why the AG's travel schedule got moved up? I mean, given the threat environment, I figured you might have objected.
Since when does the security detail get to dictate policy decisions? My job is to protect the primary.
- Now that's your job too.
- Yes, I understand that.
But maybe you can ask the attorney general what could be so important that she would override local FBI security concerns.
I don't ask questions.
Well, that's not really an option during an investigation.
What do you got? Okay, so running our mystery woman's face through the FBI database did not get any hits.
And as far as you know, Gregory didn't know anybody in the city.
So either this has to be some sort of wild chance encounter Or the kind of mugger that kills you but forgets to take your wallet.
Or she had to be following him, surveilling him, and waiting for her chance to make her move.
Maybe someone at the hotel saw her hanging around.
Come on.
One way to find out.
Katrin, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting down here.
But I don't think my supervisors would approve of me talking to you right now.
That's all right.
I get that a lot.
Let's step outside.
I'm hoping you can tell me what is really on the prosecutor general's agenda at the American embassy today.
I know it's more than a good will visit.
You're asking me and not the Americans? I'm asking both.
But you are the only one I can always trust.
I appreciate the shameless flattery, but this one is complicated.
I've taken risks for you on many cases.
It's what makes our collaboration so effective.
I know that.
But if I say too much and get fired for it, I won't be of any help at all, will I? So don't say too much.
Say just enough.
All right.
All I can tell you is that there is an American citizen in our custody that the U.
is negotiating to extradite.
He's believed to be a traitor who has stolen military secrets that were used by the Taliban.
Furthermore, the attorney general is here to personally make sure the extradition goes through.
Why wouldn't it go through? Because the prisoner has extended family here.
He has applied for a dual citizenship.
More importantly, he has requested asylum on the basis that he might face capital punishment in the U.
Who exactly is this prisoner? - I'm sorry, Katrin.
- I need to speak with him.
It could be relevant to a homicide investigation.
Then take it up with the Americans.
They are the ones who insisted everything is kept secret, not me.
I am the one trying to help you, okay? Look, unless you can show a definitive connection between my prisoner and your investigation, there's nothing more that I can do, okay? I'm sorry.
Your manager said you were working here last night.
I work here every night.
You're FBI? Don't worry Just asking some questions.
We're looking for a woman who we think might be in trouble.
Have you seen her come in here before? She came in a couple nights in a row.
Uh, sat in that corner, I think.
By herself? I'm sorry.
I don't know.
She ordered drinks Wine, maybe.
Do you remember if she paid by credit card or charged it to a room? Listen, it was quite a busy night.
But I can get you a list of transactions if you'd like.
So this is where the magic happens, huh? Go from city to city, a new mistress in every hotel.
- Mistress? - You know what I mean.
Well, I haven't had a chance to check in yet.
So whatever magic happened here, I missed it.
And for the record, Kenny's the one who's married.
When she came and went, which door did she use? That one, I think.
Okay, so that probably means that she wasn't staying at the hotel or using a car.
That makes sense.
She was renting a room nearby.
- How do you know that? - Well, the first night, I asked if she wanted to charge the drinks to her room, and she made a clever joke that I could put it on her Airbnb.
How many Airbnbs have been rented out the last two nights within walking distance of this place? Let's go.
Thank you.
You've been very helpful.
Primary's in for the night.
I heard you got something for me? We got something for you, all right.
So I found a room near the hotel that was rented for the exact two days using an IP address in the Middle East.
Now, it was booked under a fake name.
But Agent Harmon was able to backtrack the financials and linked the payment to a corporate credit card from a military contractor known as Briesen Dynamics.
Now, the company told us not only is their credit card missing, so is one of their employees.
It's Mia Sahar.
She's 27 years old, a U.
citizen who, until recently, worked in logistics for Briesen in Afghanistan.
Nice work, you two.
Tell them about the other thing.
A search of her social media popped up this message in Pashto.
That refers to a classified report provided by a prisoner being unjustly held in Budapest.
This is the link we've been looking for.
Looks like she's getting instructions from that prisoner to intimidate the AG in hopes of preventing his extradition.
If the attorney general isn't backing down after a staff member was killed an attempt on the AG could be a logical next step.
I wanna talk to that prisoner now.
Given the connection to your case and the potential threat, I have no choice but to allow you to question him.
Thank you, my friend.
Between us, however, I have to warn you.
If you're expecting some kind of a criminal mastermind, you may be disappointed.
John Mallory is a civilian analyst for the U.
Department of Defense, and my country insists he be treated fairly.
Why wouldn't he be? Because despite what your attorney general may tell you, his only crime appears to be trying to release a report that would be, well, quite embarrassing politically for the American government.
This man is not a traitor.
He's a whistleblower.
So that's the AG's new plan to discredit me.
Have the FBI frame me for murder? We're not asking on behalf of the attorney general.
She doesn't even know we're here.
The DOJ has done nothing but twist my words around, and now I'm supposed to trust you? We're giving you a chance to tell your story.
Isn't that what you want? If my request for asylum is granted, I'll be able to speak out as I please.
But if it's not this may be your last chance.
And if you are being silenced, as you claim, tell us why, and maybe we can help each other.
Ask Blair about the list.
What list? When we pulled troops out of Afghanistan, the DOD made a list of all the Afghans who assisted us Translators, guides, everybody who needed to be evacuated.
In fear of retribution from the Taliban.
Well, imagine my surprise when I read an internal accountability report that admits that the administration sent that list directly to the Taliban.
Why? Why would they do that? When we put the Taliban in charge of security at the airport, someone inadvertently shared the list of Afghans who are still at risk.
We essentially gave them a hit list to go door to door killing our allies, and that is exactly what they did.
By the time I saw the list, it had already been used.
I didn't put lives at risk.
The administration did.
I just wanted proof that someone should be held accountable.
But they locked me up before I could talk to the press.
So you took the report to release it to the public, even though you knew it was classified? My government asked me to rubber stamp fatal incompetence and bury it, okay? But I refused, and now the AG is trying to bury me instead.
We understand that you feel threatened.
But a member of Attorney General Blair's team was killed last night.
And I already told you.
I don't know anything about that.
I'm in a black hole here! Blair wants me silenced by any means necessary.
For all we know, she had that poor guy thrown in the river.
The rule of law only protects the powerful.
She can do whatever she wants and have people like you make it all go away.
- Any sign of Sahar? - Not yet.
But we're gettin' her face out there.
There's no way she's gettin' close to the primary now.
Where's Scott? Keep me posted if you get a hit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Grimes has got you back here now? No, I'm choosing my battles.
We need his approval to implement my new security plan.
Harmon and Vo are giving out some scenarios, see if they can punch some holes, and then I can get back out there with you guys.
That's great.
How's it going taking the lead? Good.
Talk to me.
I'm about to go update Blair, and I just keep thinking about her so-called whistleblower.
He has an Axe to grind, obviously.
But his facts all checked out.
He was telling the truth about the list, unlike the AG, who lied about the reason she's here.
He walked out of that office with classified intel.
He's not exactly a hero, Jamie.
But then, why not charge him with that? Why paint him as working with the Taliban so they could cover their own asses? Blair came after him so hard, the Hungarians are treating him like a political prisoner.
Are we sure we're on the right side of this? I don't want the FBI to run interference for a corrupt official.
It is not our job to take sides.
We protect the AG because that is part of the mission.
No matter what you think of her methods, Jamie, leave the politics at the door and focus on what John Mallory actually gave us: a motive.
Somehow the killer knew about Mallory, and they wanted this scandal to get out.
Now, how did they know about this secret, and what are they planning on doing next? Look, if you want, I can go brief the AG.
No, no.
You gave me this assignment, and I'm going to see it through.
But between us, I can't shake the feeling that a man got pulled out of the Danube because it's easier to bury a mistake - than to own up to one.
- Jamie be careful.
I know you have your principles, and I respect that.
But do not make an enemy of the most powerful person in law enforcement.
"RPG attack on the motorcade "lone shooter during press conference with the prosecutor general" I have both of those on my list too.
- "Sticky bomb"? - Oh, could be a stretch.
But Sahar did have military training and grew up in a combat zone.
I'm not ruling out anything.
Let's see what you got.
"Bomb planted in hotel by someone posing as domestic staff.
" That's sneaky.
Thank you.
What's "medication swap"? Well, I noticed that the AG's security plan listed her prescription meds right down to the size and colors of the pills.
So if Sahar had access to that, she could swap them out and AG poisons herself.
Look, it's a stretch, but - No, no.
I like it.
We're putting it on the list.
You know, you are considerably more devious than I gave you credit for, Agent Vo.
I like this side of you.
You wanted to speak with me, Agent Kellett? Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry for interrupting.
We're on a smoke break for the prosecutor general.
- What have you got? - We have reason to believe that the suspect we're looking for is connected to the negotiations you're conducting.
Yes, I heard you had a meeting with Mr.
Yes, ma'am.
I know these are sensitive matters, but I just want to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.
Are you implying that I don't? Of course not.
It's unclear whether Mallory directed the suspect to kill Mr.
Gregory or if the killer was merely someone sympathetic to his situation.
But just the fact she knows about it could be a key in our investigation.
Moving forward, I'd like to be fully looped in on who you've met with and what's been discussed.
I see.
Well, that sounds reasonable.
I'll have Amy start to draw together a list.
Thank you, and if there's anything else you can tell us, any possible connection between Mia Sahar and John Mallory Mia Sahar? I-I'm sorry.
That's your suspect's name? That's right.
You know it? Months ago, we got a bunch of letters from a woman named Mia Sahar.
They started out asking for our help, but then they got threatening.
I-I'm so sorry.
Ken and I just turned it over - to the unit director - That's fine.
That's fine.
Threatening, how? I remember she was upset because her fiancé was killed.
He was an Afghan National, a translator who was helping the U.
troops but was killed before he could be evacuated.
Translator? I think so.
What does that mean? Mia Sahar's fiancé was on the kill list you've been trying to bury.
She wants revenge.
Mia Sahar has the motive and capability to carry out another attack.
We now know she entered the EU via Paris a week ago, just after the AG's arrival there.
So it looks like she's been following the trip for some time, looking for vulnerabilities.
And somehow, two steps ahead of us.
With her military contractor connections, she could be armed with God knows what.
She's obviously dangerous.
I want the HNP police protection doubled for the rest of the primary's time here.
- I'll make the call.
- I would recommend having my team personally vet anyone placed close to the protectee.
I'd rather have my team in key positions, supplemented by people that they only know and trust.
We don't have time for that.
We need more officers.
It's bad enough that I had this woman's letters in my hands and didn't take them seriously enough.
I'm not gonna underreact.
What the hell is the point of you having me review the security plan if you're not gonna take my advice? The point is my ass is on the line, and it's my decision.
Make the call.
Yeah? Hey, everything okay over there? Oh, sorry.
It's not you.
I'm just ugh, I'm done sitting behind a desk.
Good, because I got a job for you.
Whatever you need.
The meetings are breaking up in the next hour or so.
I wanna implement the changes you recommended to the motorcade before we head out.
Oh, yeah, we were just talking about that.
I don't think our unit chief is gonna sign off.
He already has improvements.
So we run it by him afterwards.
Jamie Anything that doesn't directly contradict Grimes' orders, I say we put it into action now.
I promised the AG I'd protect her, and that's what we're gonna do, whether she likes it or not.
I'll get the team into new positions.
I have been in talks for days, and the only bit of Hungarian I've managed to pick up is the word for "no.
" Nem.
You know, they're making the most of having us over a barrel.
But we'll get it done.
Another 24 hours, we can put all of this behind us.
Something on your mind, Special Agent Kellett? Speak freely.
I can take it.
It's not my place.
You don't believe in what I'm doing here.
I believe in keeping you safe.
I do appreciate that.
But you have a perspective that I do not have.
I'm asking for your opinion.
I just wonder if putting this all behind us is the right goal.
Democracy depends on people who speak out.
But the way our laws treat whistleblowers it's not hard to see how the bureau could be used to silence people instead of protecting them.
Going public with classified information was not John Mallory's decision to make.
He may see himself as a whistleblower, but he followed none of the guidelines that would have granted him that protection.
He betrayed his duty to safeguard classified information, and instead of staying to defend that position, he fled the country.
So you're telling me there's no political calculation here? I don't have the luxury of politics.
Yes, the administration made a mistake.
But making that mistake public was not gonna bring back the lives lost.
It would make it harder for us to be trusted by our allies in the future.
- Oh, great.
- What? One of the guys Grimes added doesn't know the escort formation.
Raines, keep an eye on your right.
That's her! That's Sahar! Gun, gun, gun! Blair, get down! Get the primary off the X! We're on Sahar! Get closer.
I can line up a shot.
I am trying.
There she is.
There she is.
Go, go, go, go! Hey! Where did she go? Guys, we lost Sahar.
I got eyes.
Stay in the car! Madam Attorney General.
Come on, get up.
Are you okay? I'm not hurt.
I'm okay.
All right, ma'am.
We're gonna get you a doctor just to make sure.
What about you? I'm good.
Tell me we got 'em.
Yes, we did.
What do you got? Ken Gregory's cell phone found on the suspect.
You were right.
Has a copy of the AG's security plan on it.
Former security plan.
Well, that's not all.
There is a series of text messages between him and Mia Sahar.
- What does it say? - He read the initial letters that she had sent to the AG.
He felt bad for her for what had happened to her fiancé.
He thought he could make her feel better by telling her the truth.
So that's where she got all her information from.
The list, John Mallory and Gregory thought the whole thing would be coming out.
- And when it didn't - She took matters into her own hands, arranges to meet Gregory, she kills him to set up the attack on the AG herself.
She say anything? Not at all.
Give me a second.
I heard what happened to your fiancé.
No one should have to go through that.
But what you did What you tried to do here it isn't justice.
He risked his life every day to help us fight.
When he finally needed help in return, they abandoned him.
No one wanted that.
It was a mistake.
So I guess now you'll lock me away With all the other mistakes.
Let's go.
You know, I don't think I appreciated how weird it is when we move our team into other law enforcement operations.
- Same.
- Are they all a little relived when we leave? It's probably best to not think about it.
It's official.
Mallory's extradition is quickly and quietly finalized.
The Hungarian prosecutors are convinced he'll be treated fairly? Yes, or maybe they're just no longer willing to defy the Americans after an assassination attempt on their watch.
How's it playing out in the media? Well, Mia Sahar is being described as a disgruntled loner, upset by U.
policy in Afghanistan.
So nothing about the list or John Mallory.
And so it goes.
Let's see if we can tie up some loose ends.
For starters, I wanna know how Sahar got a police motorcycle and uniform.
I'm not too big a man to admit when I'm wrong.
I should've stuck with your plan instead of adding those additional officers.
You, Agent Kellett, and your entire team were critical in accomplishing the mission in spite of that error in judgment, so I wanted to thank you.
It was a group effort.
Got the job done.
That's what matters.
I learned a lot from watching you all work.
I'm asking Agent Harmon to stay on help tie up the loose ends.
I appreciate that.
All right, with me! Hey, you two think you could run down the police motorcycle? I got something I need to go do.
No problem.
We got your back.
So I've never done the paperwork for an assassination attempt, but it's gotta be intense.
You could be stuck with me for days.
Oh, that's too bad.
I was hoping if we wrapped it up early, we could grab a few drinks at your hotel.
Devious, I tell you.
Hey Jordan! Hey! - I didn't think I'd catch you.
- Just barely.
Ethan and Grace are already on board.
Are you sure you can't stay another day or two? Ethan wants to get to Belgrade early.
Yeah, about that Ethan so you two are pretty close, huh? Okay, take it easy.
Nobody called in over-protective big brother.
Are you sure? 'Cause I'll go put - the fear of God into him.
- No.
We're good.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I couldn't make more time this trip.
I really feel like I need to I don't know.
Need to what? Make up for lost time Really connect.
Me too.
But don't worry about it.
I know you have, like, a super important job.
Yeah, but this is super important too.
Next time.
I really gotta go.
Hey, if you wanna add a couple days in Budapest on the back end, I'll pay for it Your friends too.
- Even Ethan.
- Don't worry.
I know you'll always be here.
Think about it.
Well, Agent Kellett, this is it.
Your detail is done, and I am officially no longer your problem.
It's been a pleasure.
Oh, I don't know if I'd go that far.
You know, I owe you a great deal for saving my life and for keeping my secret.
We may not see eye-to-eye, but I have tremendous respect for what you do.
If you ever get yourself into trouble from the looks of it, there's a good chance of that Give me a call.
I'll be there to protect you in return.

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