FBI: International (2021) s01e17 Episode Script


1 Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
It's no problem.
I had the chance to get a bun.
Have you been practicing? I have.
Tell me.
Elnézést, kaphatnék egy kulonleges hamburgert? Yes, very good.
What does it mean? Excuse me, can I have a special hamburger? You have been practicing.
I've been in Budapest long enough.
I think a man needs to know how to order a burger for himself.
I agree.
Look, I really appreciate you taking the time to teach me in the evenings, Sara.
I tell you this honestly, I'd much rather be here with you than go out dancing.
You chose me over dancing? I guess I did.
Okay, uh, open your book to the second section and we will learn new phrases.
- Guys, I gotta go to bed.
- Mm.
Oh, I'm sorry the duck was so salty.
It was delicious, Shannon.
Don't be silly.
Yeah, it was great.
My ankles are a little swollen.
Thank you.
At least when we eat here, we know nobody spat in anything, right? Ain't that the truth.
Tonight was the first night in a while that felt - Normal? - Yeah.
Maybe by the time this one arrives, all the weirdness around here will settle.
From your lips to God's ears.
All right, all right.
- Good night.
- Good night - Thank you so much again.
- Yes.
- I'll see you tomorrow at 2:00? - At 2:00, yes.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Bye, Daniel.
- Get home safely.
- It was good, all right? - Good night.
Call you tomorrow.
- Good night, guys.
- See ya.
- Sleep well.
- Bye.
What time is it in Atlanta? Mm, minus six hours.
Oh, I gotta call Craig about moving some money from the 312 account to the What was that? The wine tanks.
No, Daniel, don't.
Let the police take care of it.
Just stay stay inside.
What are you gonna do? It's not worth it.
Please, please.
Hey! Enough! Do you hear me? We told you, we don't want troub Daniel! No! No! Oh, God, oh, God.
Just stay with me.
Baby, oh, God.
Oh, God, oh, God.
Oh, no.
Europol's requesting the FBI's assistance on a case.
- Jaeger's here.
- Lay down.
An American man, Daniel Spencer, 35, was shot and killed on his vineyard eight hours ago in Occitanie, France.
He is survived by a wife, Shannon, and a baby he'll never see.
What's the story on the other couple? Amanda and Henry Martin, business partners.
Plus the two husbands went to university together.
- Suspects? - No criminal records.
By all accounts, inseparable.
No offense, Jaeger, but why is this more than - a local homicide? - The vineyard is located in an area known to be inhabited by a civil protest group named CRAV.
Yeah, I know them, they're on the terrorism watch list.
Apparently Qaddafi once tried to recruit them to overthrow the French government.
They declined, but still.
They're known for very aggressive, sometimes violent, intimidation techniques.
In other words, we're not sure if this man's murder is a personal grudge or the start of a terror campaign.
- Precisely.
- It's good enough for me.
Let's head to France then, shall we? Yep.
I've seen "Under the Tuscan Sun".
We're a long way from that.
Yeah, I don't know anybody's gonna be honeymooning here anytime soon.
I commandeered this empty store for us to work out of.
Raines, paper the windows and start gathering background on persons of interest.
The rest of us have interviews.
Even if there were footprints, the wine would've washed them away.
Here's the security footage of the shooting last night.
Now it's dimly lit and there's a slight spin as he goes down, but French forensics says that the shot likely came from that direction.
Yeah, that's a good vantage point for a sniper.
Bonjour, Detective LeGrand, Detective Dupuis.
- Scott Forrester.
- Bonjour.
This is Special Agent Cameron Vo.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Were you the first two on scene? Yes, we were.
Do we know where the shooter took position? Not as of yet.
Okay, I can get a forensics team here to help unless you think you got it handled.
We have it handled.
What can you tell us about CRAV? You assume this is their organization? I'm open to any theories at this point.
Well, uh, CRAV are sometimes misguided, but their hearts are in the right place.
Outsiders call them terrorists because CRAV stand up for themselves.
Maybe a bit too vigorously at times, but Define vigorously.
Please understand, the farmers in this area have been humiliated.
And I watched the French government destroy them with uprooting.
They forced them to pull vines out by the root, forbid them from growing a percentage of their land.
"The prices will go up from this", they promised.
But it never happened.
So now the growers have less grapes to sell and more and more debt.
And the people were angry about that.
Well, like I said, humiliated.
You know, they have been forced to sell to foreigners who have no respect for the land, no respect for the people.
Angry and humiliated.
I mean, some might call that a lethal combination.
I suppose this is true.
Do you think there's anyone at CRAV who would be willing to talk to us? You can try the co-op, though what reception you will get, I cannot say.
Shannon, do you mind telling me when you moved to France? Um, eight months ago.
It was Daniel's dream since he was a boy.
And was it your dream too? He showed me this documentary on the Provence region.
I was all the way in.
Vineyards were so gorgeous.
Daniel had family money and his job moved online, so we thought if we don't do this now, we'll always regret it.
They even convinced us to join them.
Did you have family money too? We were doing well enough.
And Daniel was Henry's best friend.
I have to tell you, they didn't have to twist our arms.
We thought it was exciting.
I had no idea that They hate us.
They killed him because they hate who we are that much.
- Who hates you? - The locals.
They harass us constantly.
How? It started with spray painting and minor intimidation stuff, you know, shouts on the streets, dirty looks, dents in our cars.
But then our front doors were kicked in in the middle of the night.
Did you ever feel like what they were doing was coordinated, organized? It was escalating.
I'm sorry.
Daniel took the brunt of it 'cause he was the face of the winery.
He's more gregarious than I am by a mile.
That's part of why I agreed to go into business with him.
Do you feel unsafe now? I'm asking because I can get a car to sit out here and You're not gonna be here forever.
If they wanna attack again, they're just gonna wait and come back when you're gone.
How far do you live from the Spencers? Three kilometers.
The shooting happened 20 minutes after you left the Spencers' house.
Did you see anyone on the road? Any strange cars or ? We saw a co-op truck heading down the road in the direction of the winery.
There's not a lot of traffic around here at night, so I remember it.
But I told the police.
What they did with that information I I gotta supervise a shipment of wine.
I understand.
- I can stay.
- Call if you remember anything else or if you see anyone on your property who shouldn't be here.
We wanna find out what happened to Daniel Spencer, but we also wanna make sure it doesn't happen again.
Thank you, and we so appreciate you being here.
Like I said, the French police can't or just don't wanna help us.
At Quantico, they taught us this case file, Ken McElroy.
Do you remember that name? No.
Well, he was this town bully in Missouri who kept harassing people, and if they complained or reported him, he got worse.
Child molestation charges, domestic violence, I mean, the list goes on.
He was just a universally hated bad guy.
So after years and years of abuse, McElroy was gunned down in broad daylight in the middle of town next to his wife by at least two rifle shots.
And the local police never solved it.
The whole town got together, took care of McElroy, and kept their mouths shut afterwards.
Except, by all accounts, our victim is a good guy.
True, but in both cases, an entire town was fed up, pushed to its limits.
What the hell? Murder not enough for you? You're gonna pay for every drop of this.
- You seem upset, my friend.
- Upset? - We're trying to help.
- Help.
You ran us off the road! That's ridiculous.
- Your driver turned too quickly.
- No, no, no.
I know what happened here.
You did this! You are Hey! - Hey, hey! - Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Everyone, back! I'm with the U.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I want everybody to step back right now! FBI.
And what gives you the right to come to my country and pull out your guns? Look, we were here helping.
The tanker was driving erratically and swerved off the road.
We are grape farmers.
It breaks our hearts to see this.
We're trying to help.
Look, we're also gonna help by collecting our friend here, and we will be on our way.
I understand you want to speak with me.
Olivier, I'm the head of the co-op.
I need to ask you about your truck.
We have dozens of trucks.
One was spotted close to the crime scene.
The trucks have cameras.
No one would use one to commit murder.
May I see the footage? Oui.
My colleagues just came from an overturned tanker truck of wine.
Oh? Are you pretending you didn't know it was going to be attacked or pretending not to have heard yet? They imported Spanish juice.
Slapped a label on it, called it French, and sold it for a price that devalues actual French wine.
So you're saying the Spencers and Martins - sold fraudulent wine? - Mm.
Do you know why our wine is exceptional? It's generations of Frenchmen waking up before dawn, spending their entire lives studying every aspect of the soil, the crop, the animals, the insects, - all of it.
- And when novices come in and farm the same land, that stings.
Is there anything else I can help you with? Because I don't get paid to ask people questions for a living.
I have to actually work.
Who is this man? Hm, he's a hero.
- And I'm done speaking with you.
- Very well.
But I need that footage, s'il vous plaît.
Sure, Madame.
His name is Guillaume Marais.
It seems like a really poorly kept secret that he's the regional head of CRAV.
He was trained in anti-insurgency tactics by the French Army and brought those tactics home.
For example, one family wanted to switch from grapes to olive trees.
Guillaume burned them down.
The family replanted, and those trees were also burned to the ground.
Was he a sniper - when he was with the army? - Certified.
And the local police still haven't determined the position of the shooter, casings, nothing? - Nope.
- CRAV actually got the terrorist designation after they hit some deeper pockets.
But yeah, they're brutal in their aim - to keep things traditional.
- The cop at the crime scene told us the people here are humiliated.
I mean, Guillaume stands up for them, makes those in power pay.
A local hero like what the co-op said.
I reviewed the footage from their truck that was on the road last night.
And Cameron, if you'd be so kind.
This is from the exact time of the shooting.
The driver was in his truck and the Martins were in their car headed home.
Has CRAV ever been linked with any murders? No, I looked into missing persons to see if they covered something up, but no.
So what is it about Daniel Spencer that made them cross the line? They've been using mafia-style intimidation tactics for years.
Why start killing now? I think the us-vs-them situation here was a powder keg waiting for the right match.
Enter two American couples with no experience in farming, plunking down cash for their vineyards.
We need to find someone who interacts with both sides.
Someone who can fill in the gaps on why Daniel Spencer and CRAV escalated from intimidation to murder.
There's an American chef by the name of Jeremy Sheridan with his own restaurant in town.
Michelin star.
If he can't be of any help, at least we can get a good meal out of it.
I worked all over France doing stages for years before I opened my own place so I could understand the culture.
Daniel and Henry show up, throwing money around, saying how they're gonna revolutionize French wine-making.
My grandpa used to call that "All hat, no cattle".
Sounds right.
So they made their way to the top of CRAV's enemy list? I don't know about that.
It's a pretty long list.
I was there myself until I proved that I wasn't some fly-by-night.
I think the Martins and the Spencers could've got there, too, if they'd have been patient.
Which is why I suggested they sit down and talk with Guillaume.
Did they? Talk? Daniel did, yeah.
Henry wasn't a super social guy.
He was motivated to get the community to embrace his family before his son arrived.
Do you think you could arrange a sit-down for us with Guillaume like you did for Daniel? I'd rather not.
I just got off their naughty list.
Do you think Guillaume's involved? He has the training, the network, and a beef with the victim, so Hey! This yours? He says Guillaume was gonna pay anybody who knew any information on the American police.
But Nicolas.
You gotta understand, he's not a bad guy.
He's just trying to feed his family.
Well, maybe you've been living here too long.
Anyone who tries to slice me open, that's a bad guy.
Don't worry.
Decent chance he'll be back before the dinner crowd arrives.
I want Guillaume sitting in front of me in the next 30 minutes or my next call is to the National Gendarmerie.
I'll get some Paris cops out here to take over your investigation.
I don't wanna play this game.
This insider-outsider thing.
I don't think it's doing your village any good and it's not helping me solve a murder, so here it is.
Let's talk about Daniel Spencer's little boy.
Let's talk about how his mother's gonna have to tell him one day how much he was looking forward to being a daddy, until he got shot dead in his backyard.
CRAV had nothing to do with it.
But you have been harassing them.
Vandalizing their cars and kicking their doors in in the middle of the night.
Me, personally? - No.
- You attacked a shipment.
You put a bounty out to interfere with my investigation.
I know these things, personally.
Maybe not.
Do you see a pattern here, Guillaume? Any sympathy that the growers may have had with the French people is gonna dry up.
Uprooting, corporate interests, no one's gonna listen to that anymore, because there's a louder story now.
So this is the part where you threaten me if I don't tell you what I know? No threats.
Can I vouch for the actions of every man in CRAV? No, that I can't.
But no one would resort to murder.
And what makes you so sure? Because what I say goes.
The shooter was positioned here.
- .
- Yes.
And there is also this.
That typical of them? Leaving a calling card like this? No, but there have been a lot of firsts with this case, so Okay.
That was Shannon Spencer.
She wants someone to watch over her while she packs.
So we need a confession from Guillaume or an eyewitness.
The first one's not gonna happen.
The second one is our only shot.
I just got record back from Henry Martin's cell phone and Guillaume's.
They both have incoming and outgoing calls to this guy, Tristan Moreau.
Why would Henry call Tristan? Tristan Moreau, I know this guy.
Yeah, he was close with Guillaume.
Member of CRAV.
But he was a bit too radical, and he was banished from the kingdom, as it were.
He is a very, very dangerous individual.
Also trained with the French Army.
Also sniper certified.
His calls with Guillaume were about a month ago, but his calls with Henry were as recently as two days ago, just hours before Daniel was killed.
Henry hired him to take out his friend? Wow.
All right, I just pinged Tristan Moreau's phone.
It's active.
He's traveling.
Headed for the Spencers' winery.
He's 100 meters away.
That's where Jamie's going.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.
Come on in.
I just wanted someone to be here while I pack up.
I understand.
Where are the Martins? At their house.
They offered, but I just needed to be alone.
I don't know if in all this I forgot to say, but I'm very sorry for your loss.
- Kellett.
- Are you at the Spencers'? - Yeah.
- Who else is there? Shannon.
Get her and get out of there.
- What's going on? - There's a suspect nearby.
Just get her out of there.
We got two units on the way.
Is something wrong? You can pack later.
- Oh, my God.
- Do you have a safe room? - No.
- A room with a solid door - and a deadbolt? - The laundry room.
Go there now and lock it.
He hasn't said a word.
- Anything? - Brick wall.
We think Henry Martin hired Tristan Moreau to off his friend.
We're up on Henry's phone now.
He hasn't left his ranch house.
- Let's go snatch him up.
- No, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Just hold on one second.
We've a very small window to throw out some chum and see if we can get Henry to bite.
Prove he hired our hit man.
Go get Tristan's cell phone.
One sec.
Hé! Pull up Henry Martin's contact.
- Got it.
- Any texts between the two? - Nope.
- Send one.
10,000 euros and I'll walk away.
30 minutes.
Jeremy Sheridan's restaurant.
- What is that called? - L'essence.
Maybe this will lure Henry out.
- Sent.
- All right.
You two, hit it.
You sure you're okay? My mom always said I had a rock for a noggin.
Well, look who we have here.
What's going on? You tell us.
I don't know.
I just got I don't know what that's for.
I swear to God.
I'm just supposed to give that to someone.
Let's go for a ride, Amanda.
Wait, what? No.
What's going on? Will someone tell me what's going on? I didn't know what was in there.
Take it.
We have your wife in custody.
Why? She tried to pay off Tristan, but you know that.
I do know that because he's a psychopath who's been shaking us down, and we wanted him out of our lives.
Why send your wife to meet a psychopath? Because I was afraid of what I would do to him if I saw him in person.
And it didn't occur to you to mention Tristan to us earlier? Seems like a glaring oversight.
This is a man who threatened to kill me if I spoke to the police about CRAV.
Clearly he's capable of murder.
So yeah, I'm ashamed I didn't tip you off, but I was hoping that you'd find him, you'd arrest him, and wouldn't involve Amanda and me.
And before you judge me, why don't you have a gun pointed in your face and see how you'd react? So Tristan found you? Wanted money? He was working for CRAV.
They wanted the winery.
They wanted us out.
Well, there's another theory, Henry.
With the Spencers out of the picture, you stood to benefit.
There's some very interesting language here about your partnership with Daniel.
If either one of you left the winery and moved back to the U.
, the other would take over and pay the one who left only the initial investment.
The winery's worth 20 times that now.
So the money drop was payment to a gun for hire.
Daniel was my best friend.
He and Shannon were like family.
And you're insinuating that I'm behind this? It was CRAV.
They wanted us out.
The harassment has been documented, so are you blind or are you just incompetent? And when we talk to Shannon Spencer, she'll also know about Tristan? - No.
- Okay, what about your wife? She didn't know about him either.
The wives had nothing to do with this.
CRAV only came after the husbands.
Looking back now, I wish we had gone to the police earlier, but who? The local cops? We thought it would blow over if we showed CRAV we had backbone.
We never thought that they would kill one of us.
Still, I should've convinced Daniel to involve you guys.
Or leave.
And that's a regret I'll have to carry with me the rest of my life.
What do you think? I think there's one last drop in the bottle.
You ever play the game musical chairs when you were younger? Eight kids walking in a circle around seven chairs.
The music stops, the kids scramble, seven kids get a seat, and the one that didn't is out? Well, right now, today, there's one chair available.
And your husband's in the other room fumbling over his own words.
He just asked to take a break so he could gather his thoughts.
Now I've been across a table from guys like that 100 times.
He will cave.
Before lunch.
So if you wanna tell us what happened, you get the chair.
And what comes with it is consideration, a lesser sentence.
But if you don't wanna say anything, I'll walk down to Tristan, offer it to him.
And my guess is that a self-serving career criminal like him knows how this works and he will be actively trying to save his own ass.
So I want you to think about yourself.
I want you to think about your life and how you're gonna preserve your hopes and dreams, because the music has just stopped.
Do you want the chair or not? Okay.
What's Henry said so far? That's not how this works.
Henry knew about Tristan.
Knew he was kicked out of CRAV.
Henry's plan was to have Tristan harass Daniel, to make them go back to the U.
and make it look like CRAV was behind it.
So the two of you could take over the winery.
Yes, but you have to understand that when they came here, they came as partners.
Then Daniel with his family money started treating Henry like an employee.
The plan Henry's plan was just to scare them until they went back home.
But even after the first few things that Tristan did, like kicking in their door, Daniel wouldn't leave.
He was just too proud.
Henry went to Tristan to call it off, but Tristan refused.
He wanted more money money we couldn't get unless we took over the winery.
I mean, he threatened our lives if he didn't get it.
The night of the shooting.
Tristan was going to shoot at the vats.
That was it.
I swear on my life, Henry never agreed to have Tristan kill Daniel in a million years.
I am so sorry.
Henry will be charged with second-degree murder since he set the whole thing in motion.
Amanda probably gets manslaughter, but since she's cooperated, she'll get some rhythm and be sentenced to less time in prison.
I know this is a lot to take in.
On top of everything else you've had to cope with.
Your parents are landing soon, right? If there's anything you need on my end, now or down the road, you have my number.
Thank you.
For everything.
Of course.
I need to start putting positive energy out there for my son.
So I'm just gonna say this once and then leave it behind.
I hope they both rot in hell.
This whole story, it's very, very tragic.
It's always about money, yeah? Family and love, this is all that matters.
Cheers to that.
We hope your opinion of Americans hasn't been tarnished.
No, no.
Not at all.
No, you're welcome back here anytime.
Hopefully it won't be in an official capacity.
Very kind.
Um, Guillaume is out front.
He'd like a moment alone with you.
You need backup? No, I got it.
You wanted to speak with me? You solved the case.
Word travels fast.
Well, when my organization is exonerated, I like to be the first to know.
Now That's a great bottle of wine.
It's local wine.
If I ever say, "Take me to wine country", just go ahead and slap me.
I will definitely not be doing that.
So much for keeping your friends close, huh? Well, this is why I don't have friends.
Well, since we spent all that time in France, what say we, uh, crack this open and see what the fuss is about? Uh, I can't tonight, actually.
I have something.
Of course.
Rain check.
Although I might need a bottle of whiskey instead of a bottle of wine.
All right, I will see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
I'm sorry I'm late again, Sara.
I understand.
No need to charge me for the hour.
I got some work done.
Oh, but can't we just use the rest of the hour? Scott, I'm here to teach Hungarian, not manners.
I apologized for being late.
I should've called.
I just had a work thing.
Your excuses mean nothing to me.
I quit and will no longer be helping you.
What? Really? - No.
- What? No, not really.
- You had me.
- I love working with you.
Even if you az agyamra mész.
What does that mean? Keep studying and you'll find out.
Uh, although since we only have ten minutes left from our time, we will have to move our class from this coffee shop to a proper restaurant.
Where you will be buying me dinner.
Elnézést, kaphatnék egy kulonleges hamburgert? Oh.
No, it will not be a special hamburger.
All right.
I'm officially turning my phone off.
You ready? As I'll ever be.

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