FBI: International (2021) s01e18 Episode Script

On These Waters

1 Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to report that the kitchen has run out of decaffeinated grounds.
So if you were planning to have coffee with your dessert, fair warning, it will be fully loaded.
I would also like to share that we are arriving in Vienna in a little under an hour.
As we reach port, we must say auf wiedersehen to our journey.
Uh I'm so sorry, everybody.
Apologies, everyone.
Please have a drink.
I will be one moment, and I will investigate what has happened.
Please just take whatever you want, but Are you all right? You all right? Anja! Oh, no! Anja, talk to me.
Talk to me.
Oh, God.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, Jesus.
Somebody help! Oh, God.
Oh, no, no.
Please, baby, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Don't be shy.
Show them to me.
- Oh, you said please.
- Yes, I did.
Be nice.
These are really good.
I'm an amateur.
I'm very impressed.
Uh-huh, uh mádar.
Mm-hmm, bravo.
Look at you.
If you would like to see some actual art, there is an exhibition tomorrow at the Szepmuveszeti Museum.
We could go together.
I can get us in for free.
I have friends all over the city.
You are tapped in.
Yeah, if that's what that means, then yes.
I am tapped in.
I would love to, but I have to work.
Logging parts at the airport? Call in sick.
It's not that simple.
I work for the FBI.
When people ask, I tell them a made up job to stop further questions.
I don't know what that says about me, but I don't want to ruin this based on a lie.
And I told you when I didn't know you that well.
Take the day off tomorrow, please.
For me.
I have to go.
I'll see you next week.
- Vo's still stateside.
- Yeah.
That trial she's testifying in got pushed.
Less than an hour ago, an American-owned river cruise was attacked by armed men on the Danube.
Assailants boarded as the ship was sailing into Vienna.
Reports indicate that two gunmen and a third accomplice helped them escape on a getaway boat.
Casualties? One passenger killed, four wounded, a young Polish girl is in critical condition.
Anja Wosniak, nine years old.
- Motive? - None yet.
Authorities aren't sure if this was a botched robbery, a hit job, or an act of terrorism.
Jaeger? Up to speed, en route to Vienna.
All right, Raines and I will meet her at the crime scene.
Start interviewing witnesses including that little girl's parents.
Leon Bauer.
I'm the captain of the ship.
You are American law enforcement? Scott Forrester, Andre Raines.
We're with the International Ops Division of the FBI.
Being a U.
company, Valhalla Cruises falls under the bureau's jurisdiction.
I understand.
There are many nationalities on this vessel.
An assault like this, a lot of governments are looking to get involved.
I don't know what it is that they were trying to steal, but I learned the hard way that it wasn't cash.
Anything of significant value aboard? A central vault they might've been after? Each guest room has a private safe, but it would take ages for the attackers to go room by room.
We'd like a list of crew and all passengers.
I'll get a manifest.
Witnesses and ballistics lead us to believe they used EVO 3 submachine guns.
Not easy to trace.
Austria, the 14th most armed country in the world.
Not to mention Vienna's black markets.
My people do what we can.
Hey, check out the spray pattern.
All over the place.
There and there.
- Defensive fire maybe? - Possibly.
Looks like most of it could've happened while the shooters retreated.
All in a span of a couple of seconds as if their plan fell off the rails.
- So what were they after? - Don't know.
Excuse me.
Come with me, please.
My crew found their private lockers like this.
We'll take an inventory.
If anything was taken, we'll share it.
Security cameras? Not on this side of the ship.
Budget cuts.
Believe me, plenty have taken it up with the CEO.
He simply doesn't care.
These ransacked lockers are the closest thing we have to motive.
How soon can we get Tank here? For the last two years, all Anja would talk about was the Danube.
She wanted to see the castles on the riverbank.
They said one of her organs is perforated No.
And she needs another transfusion.
We will find who did this.
So why aren't you out there looking for them? Each passenger's vantage point is unique, which is why we're interviewing everyone.
The smallest piece of information can break open a case.
We're trying to determine what they came for.
Money, jewelry.
No, they didn't have a chance to take anything.
- Not from us.
- Like we told the police, they spoke to each other in German, separated guests from crew.
When the first passenger fought back, he was killed.
Everything after that turned into chaos.
What can you tell me about the man who fought back? We'd seen him throughout the week, but he kept to himself.
He was quiet.
I keep asking myself, if he had just done nothing, would we even be here? We have analysis from the manifest.
Passengers were tourists from all over.
No criminal records, no political ties, just people on vacation.
So none of the victims are high profile targets.
Closest one to raising any eyebrows is this man, Joseph Corbin.
A French investment banker travelling alone.
Witnesses say that he charged at one of the gunmen, taking a fatal gunshot wound to the stomach for his troubles, but he seemed to derail the bad guys' plans.
They fled soon after.
Well, why is a finance guy going full John McClane? Fight or flight? The weird thing is, every country's working to claim their nationals' innocence in it, but France hasn't done that with Corbin.
Find out why.
The inventory of the crew lockers was completed.
Nothing was stolen, so we're still without a motive.
Now the guests said that the robbery crew were arguing with each other as they retreated.
Maybe they didn't find what they were looking for.
They headed for the lounge right after those lockers, so they were clearly on the hunt for something.
- Or someone.
- Mm-hmm.
Do we have a proper headcount in the lounge during the attack? The passengers are accounted for, but there were a few staff below deck.
I'm looking into them next.
Unfortunately, the company didn't conduct background checks on its employees, so we're diving into shallow waters.
All right, start with the captain.
These things tend to trickle down from the top.
- Hey.
- How's it going? Rough.
Girl's hanging on by a thread.
Okay, well I just got notified Valhalla's American CEO is scheduled to land within the next hour.
He's headed to their corporate offices.
- On my way.
- All right, I'll text you the background that we've pulled together so far.
- Okay, thanks.
- Bye.
The world's changed, you know? The pandemic crushed our business.
We spent millions convincing people that cruises are safe again, and now this.
I mean, it was an anomaly, right? I mean, this isn't Mexico.
It's freaking Vienna.
Shooters like this shouldn't happen here.
If the gunmen weren't after something material, they could be making a statement.
We are in the tourism industry, all right? What kind of statement are they trying to make? Could anyone on the inside have a grudge against the company? What, like some kind of employee vendetta? You've been cutting staff and lowering wages for months.
You've already looked at our financials.
Look, yeah, we made a few cuts last year.
Like forgoing proper surveillance onboard.
Or failing to conduct background checks on your employees.
Do you know how much turnover we have? And how much pre-employment screenings cost? We need money coming in, not money going out.
The captain of a ship, he's responsible for who makes up his crew.
Leon Bauer in this case.
How well do you know him? I don't know.
He's been with Valhalla for a decade.
He runs a tight ship.
Never gave me any reason to doubt him.
A deeper dive into our ship's captain shows he's been hit with some cash problems lately.
A reverse mortgage on his home, divorce, custody battle for his two kids, Bauer's got a lot on the line.
Nice work.
Let's bring him in.
And I have an update on our French banker.
Background on Joseph Corbin led us to a dead end.
His passport is fake.
France has no actual record he exists.
That he was a banker just came from what he told other passengers.
Our victim is a John Doe.
All right, let's widen the net to other European countries.
See if somebody's government can ID him.
Tank's on the scene.
Good boy.
Not trying to judge people's idea of a good time, but that's a lot of kidney beans.
The can's sealed.
Good boy.
Good boy.
A kilo stashed in every can.
There must be millions worth of heroin on board.
Hi, guys.
This is Thomas Richter with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
He's an old friend.
The UNODC monitors activity on the waterways.
As you know, rivers are an increasingly popular route for traffickers to operate across borders.
- May I? - Yeah.
Come on.
Ah, Balkan cartel.
This stretch of the Danube is considered their territory.
All right, so the Balkan cartel is smuggling their drugs onboard a tourist ship.
Third party robbery crew finds out about the stash, they roll up on the ship before it docks to rip off the cartel.
They just didn't know where the drugs were hidden.
They tossed the lockers.
Not there.
Then they storm the lounge looking for someone to tell them the hiding place.
What kind of guys think they can hit the cartel and get away with it? Territorially speaking, the Balkans have plenty of enemies, rival organization, Italians, Dutch.
Anja's parents said the gunmen spoke German.
What if it's a local gang? Small operation.
Looks like Raines might've uncovered why our good Samaritan got in the way.
Real name: Marko Horvat from Croatia, not France, working for the cartel to supervise the shipment - posing as a guest.
- There you go.
He wasn't trying to save lives, he was protecting the drugs.
The cartel would not forgive him if he went down without a fight.
That's one mystery down.
Here's another.
Like Kellett said, who were they trying to find to tell them the location of these drugs.
The captain? He's in charge of day to day operation, and he's strapped for cash.
Might be getting a cut.
Yeah, but they had him.
They smashed him in the face, and they let him go.
Well, whoever is involved must be sweating now.
The Balkan cartel will not be happy about this seizure.
Who said seizure? For now, we keep this discovery under wraps.
It stays off channel as if it never happened.
As far as the cartel are concerned, the local police are clueless about a drug smuggling angle here.
We don't want to scare away any big fish.
- Wunderbar.
- All right.
Hey, there's a member of the ship's crew worth another look.
Sebastian Klein.
He wasn't in the lounge during the attack, but his job, kitchen inventory.
He's had the position for six months and it's the only place on board where he'd be unsupervised.
Local police instructed the crew to stay onboard until they finished questioning, but when they called Sebastian's name, he's gone.
Not in his cabin, not in the holding pen, - disappeared.
- Hmm.
Illegal gambling, possession, theft.
No way a guy with his record gets hired on a luxury cruise.
He's a liability.
Except Valhalla was skimping on background checks.
Yeah, still, the captain would have to sign off - on a red flag like him.
- Yeah.
But what if there's a reason the captain is colorblind? They're brothers.
You never disclosed that you hired your brother on the kitchen crew.
Half-brother, technically.
From the jump, you haven't been honest with us.
And you didn't disclose it to Valhalla, either.
I'll tell you why.
One look at his record, he's un-hirable.
It's complicated.
Yes, my brother is impulsive, chaotic.
He's been arrested a few times.
Every time he disappears, I worry that we'll be fishing him out of the Danube, but the stupid idiot is family.
I care about him.
When trouble finds him, I tell him he can always come to me.
I mean, do you turn your back on your family? So you what, pulled some strings, - got him a job on your boat? - Yes, to keep him close to me.
The easiest, safest job on board.
I mean, it's hard to screw up inventory, even for Sebastian.
Well, he found a way, didn't he? What? The gunmen were never targeting the passengers in the lounge.
They were looking for your brother.
Why? We found 20 kilos of heroin aboard your ship under Sebastian's watch.
Now, a ship carrying that kind of weight is an easy target to attack, and I couldn't help but notice that you have incentive to carry that product.
Your ex-wife bleeding you dry.
My personal problems are between her and me.
We'll sort it out like we always do for the sake of the children, but doing something like this would jeopardize everything.
My children mean the world to me.
Sebastian has been in the wind since the shooting.
If you know his whereabouts, now would be a good time to speak up.
I have no idea, I swear.
Check my phone records.
I've tried to reach him.
He won't pick up.
All right.
Settle in.
I'll let you know if we have any more questions.
- Scott.
- Yeah.
A thought crossed my mind.
Sebastian might've contacted different cities to help him traffic along the river.
Someone who not only speaks the local language, but knows the ins and outs of the city.
And which wheels get the grease.
A third party company provides additional crew for the vessel at a port it lets Valhalla contract out locally without calling them employees.
The ship was in Budapest one day before the attack.
And somebody from this company boarded it.
It's possible Sebastian had an accomplice.
Somebody not listed on the manifest.
Well, the ship's gotta have a log of who set foot on board.
- I need a name.
- Okay.
All right, so I did some digging on Sebastian's gambling habits.
Turns out he has a reward card at the local casino, the Riviera.
UNODC has that place branded as a front for the Balkan cartel.
That's how he got mixed up with the traffickers.
The way the Danube cuts through Europe, the cartel had a built-in pipeline with the ship.
Sebastian had free rein to make his drops.
It still doesn't answer who came on board - and shot up the ship.
- No, but it suggests that when the gunmen couldn't find the drugs, they went looking for the next best thing, Sebastian.
Mm-hmm, he's our guy, and my gut tells me he's our missing link to the shooters.
I got an address.
- Door! - On it.
- Clear.
- Clear.
I want a full sweep any clues to where Sebastian has been, who he's talked to, or where he is going.
Understood? If he's being hunted by the cartel, the cops, and the robbery crew, this place is compromised.
He's not dumb enough to come back.
Well, he was dumb enough to put his address on a rewards card, so.
Oh, old school motorcycle GPS.
These devices keep a history of where the bike's travelled.
Fire it up.
I guess we can also consider him armed.
Keep Bauer on ice at the station.
We cannot afford to have both brothers off the grid.
Oh, here we go.
There's a frequently visited address that keeps popping up.
Sebastian has been there multiple times in the last few months, including a week ago.
It's a pub in District 12.
Jaeger and I can scope it out.
- Go for it.
- Okay.
Oh, I just got the name from the ship's records.
The woman who boarded in Budapest and stayed off the manifest.
I'll send it to your phone.
Run down if Sebastian has made any legal firearms purchases.
And now that we know what we're up against, it'd be a good idea to a sweep of the ship again.
See if we missed anything in Sebastian's quarters.
- Scott.
- Hey, you got a minute? What's going on? How did you find my You been watching the news? The shootings in Vienna? No, I why? What is this about? Somebody on the Valhalla Cruise was transporting illicit drugs, and I know that you got on that ship when it was docked here in Budapest.
Why? - Wait, you think I - Answer the question.
I do private tours in the city.
The cruises uses my services for their foreign guests when they stop in Budapest.
I went onboard to meet them.
You never mentioned private tours.
I speak six languages, Scott.
- A company contracts me out, I - You were paid in cash.
So? It's the customer's choice.
Are you working for the Balkans? What? I don't even know what that means.
I seem to recall you trying very hard to get me to bail out of work today of all days.
I wanted to spend time with you.
I feel it's a little convenient that my first tutor dropped out a month ago and you took that spot.
Did you single me out? What? No.
Why are you acting this way? Because I have been burned by everybody close to me.
And this is what you believe? That I burned you? You ask me a lot of questions about my life, Sara.
About my job.
Because that's what people do.
Or do they not teach you decency at the FBI? - What were their names? - Hmm? The people that you gave the tour to.
- Who were they? - It was a group.
I don't remember, but I'm sure I have paperwork somewhere.
I'll text it to you when I have it, but you need to leave.
Okay, and you need to stay local until I get things figured out.
The police say the bar hosts after hours events some nights.
Unofficial card games, that sort of thing.
It brings out the crème De la crème of Vienna.
Here we go.
Herzlich willkommen.
We are looking for a suspect involved in last night's river shooting.
Sebastian Klein.
You know him? I'm not so good with names.
Nor with faces.
Well, here's another one for you.
Anja, nine years old, with an intra-abdominal hemorrhage from a bullet wound.
We think Sebastian Klein can tell us who did it, so we'd appreciate it if your memory or your vision cleared up.
My thoughts are with her, but I have a business You have the FBI and Europol already at your door.
My next call is to the Bundespolizei, followed by the Ministry of the Interior and the UNODC.
Your business will be closed before you can snap your fingers.
We have private rooms here in the back.
Last week, I was serving drinks, and there was an altercation.
He was with a very unpleasant group.
Any names or faces you recall? You don't want to be caught staring in a place like this.
When I heard the arguing, I never went in the room, but the walls are thin.
There were three of them speaking German.
What'd they say? Sebastian owed them something, but it seemed like he'd say anything to avoid a beating.
He told them he was transporting product for a Bosnian cartel by boat.
A river cruise.
He offered to do the same for them.
No charge.
He cut a deal in exchange for his debt? He tried.
They beat him anyway.
They wanted to know where the drugs were kept onboard.
I heard Sebastian say something about lockers.
And then these guys tried to rob the stash they now knew was on the boat.
Have you seen any of them since then? - What do we got? - We have a witness.
Sebastian crossed paths with our gunmen at the bar I'm standing in right now.
- Were they working together? - Nein.
Sounds like he opened his big mouth about the smuggling operation, and they went after it like sharks on chum.
But he was lying about the drugs' location.
The lockers were a misdirect.
I'm sure barking up the wrong tree pissed the hostiles off and bought Sebastian enough time to seek cover away from the lounge.
He's good at hiding, I'll say that much.
Anything on your end? I was hoping you could give me a full run up on that name that you sent over.
- Sara Szabo.
- Of course.
All right, I'll be back in Vienna as soon as I can.
Knowing the Valhalla CEO would be here, I couldn't resist joining you.
The man's been avoiding my calls.
Those ivory towers must have poor reception.
Armed gunmen came aboard and shot up my passengers.
All right? Destroyed my property.
Guys, please, tells these pricks That they cannot hold my boat hostage forever.
We cannot allow this vessel to resume operation.
Sounds like you're sunk.
This a joke to you? Hey, I don't think you gain anything by yelling at a police officer doing his job.
All right.
- You see - Were you aware Captain Bauer had his brother working on the ship? No, it's news to me.
If you were screening crew, you might know that.
The guy's our main suspect, and now he's AWOL.
And that's the least of your problems.
If traffickers have infiltrated your business on these waters, you could be held liable.
I had nothing to do with this.
I suggest your proof be airtight in that regard.
I need to call my attorney.
Something wrong? When we first rolled up, there was a guy scoping out the cargo.
Gray hoodie.
He's been watching us.
It's not Sebastian.
Tattoos indicate he's an enforcer for the Balkan cartel.
Yup, the dope belongs to his crew.
It's possible he was looking for our captain's brother too.
Sebastian must be running scared.
It could be a problem.
A guy like that has nothing left to lose.
I believe you were right.
The Balkans were concerned about their missing shipment, and they sent this man to look into it.
Finding Sebastian would've been a bonus.
Could we lean on him? Soldiers like him take pride in keeping their mouth shut.
Yeah, that's because he fears the cartel more than the police.
Still, without compelling evidence, we can only hold him in custody for so long.
All right, let him stew.
You're gonna want to see this.
And you think this is Sebastian? It is Sebastian.
There's an old German game, Ochs am Berg Ox on the Mountain.
We used to play it as children.
It turned into a code between us.
When things go bad, Sebastian will text a mountain icon to me.
A reference to the game.
If I send back an ox, he knows it's not safe.
So your response tells him whether it's better lie low or come up for air.
Written exchanges are too risky.
They've backfired on him before.
And what do you text him when everything is safe? A mountain back to him.
Do it.
You want me to draw him out of hiding? Finding Sebastian can lead us to the gunmen who shot up your ship.
The same ones who put a nine-year-old girl on life support, so yes.
All right, good.
- Tell him - My flat, one hour.
That's the only place he'd come.
Anywhere else, he'd know I was compromised.
Forrester and I will stay close by the target.
Raines, monitor from across the street in case either the cartel or the river pirates show up.
- Copy that.
- Anything that you can get him to say about his involvement will help him in court.
Show that he did not premeditate this with the robbery crew.
You see what I'm saying? Yeah.
In position.
He's in.
I started to doubt that you'd come.
Damn it, I told him to stay in place.
- I've lost visual.
- Standby.
I love you no matter what.
I know I shouldn't have said anything, but these men, they were Leon, no.
Sebastian, don't! Sebastian.
Please don't be happening.
What have I done? Oh, please, God, no, what have I done? Get some help.
I don't know what happened.
He pulled out a gun.
He pointed at me.
I just I just reacted.
- Drop the gun.
- He was trying to kill me! He was trying to kill me right here! Bauer, drop the gun! Is he still alive? Please.
I know Sebastian.
He was at his limit.
Even you told me he was cornered.
Why would he try to kill you? This is what he would do.
Bring me into his problems.
That's a long way from wanting you dead.
He probably told the Bosnians that I was involved, that he was cleaning up their problem.
How should I know? You were supposed to stand where we could see you.
You asked me to go in there and betray my brother.
I was a participant in your plan.
Now he's dead.
How is this my This is your fault.
Not mine.
Clearly the guy's still in shock.
We have a self-defense story.
It doesn't feel right.
Play back the wire audio from before the gunshot.
Leon, no.
Sebastian, don't! Before the gunshot, what was that noise? Uh, could be a voice.
Sebastian's, maybe.
Sebastian, don't! Do have equipment here that can clean that up? Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss.
The art of sound is Vienna's legacy.
Of course we do.
Agent Forrester, I'm sorry I got so emotional earlier.
You know, you didn't deserve what I said to you.
Honestly, I I love you no matter what.
I know I shouldn't have said anything, but these men, they were Leon, no.
- Sebastian, don't! - Why? Quiet.
Why? Your brother's last word was "why".
I don't Sebastian was never threatening your life.
That "why" is the sound of a man being betrayed by his own flesh and blood.
- This is crazy.
- Sebastian came to you with a plan to move heroin for the cartel.
You signed off on it because you're drowning in debt.
You needed a cut, and you figured Valhalla would never find out about it.
They're barely paying attention to what's going on on these boats, that much is clear, except things went sideways.
People died, and suddenly, you and your ship were under a police investigation.
And the one person who could implicate you was your screw-up brother.
Your screw-up brother who damn sure would've rolled once he was sitting in this chair.
So you made sure that he wouldn't, and that is why you chose your apartment.
And because you knew where to stand for an obstructed view.
- This is madness.
- You killed him intentionally.
- He was my brother.
- Mm-hmm.
Sebastian, don't! See, now all you had to do was make it sound like he went for his gun, but he didn't.
Instead, he watched his big brother, huh? His protector pull the trigger.
He was your family, and you killed him.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Sebastian, don't! Why? Before you decide to go down with this ship, think about your two kids.
You murdered their uncle.
Do not drag them through a long and painful trial revisiting all this.
Spare them by confessing.
You killed him with intent.
What have I done? What have I done? Oh, my God.
Thank you.
The doctor said Anja's going to recover.
For when you can see her.
Anja's going to love it.
Did you catch them? It's happening as we speak.
Multiple suspects were apprehended earlier as part of a joint operation between the United States and European law enforcement.
The three Austrian nationals who were arrested are believed to be directly involved in Saturday's attack on the Danube river just outside of Vienna.
The world sees the headline and will never know the mess behind it.
Well, maybe it's for the best.
New craft beer spot just opened up down the street - if you're interested.
- Ooh.
Another time.
The verdict on Sara Szabo.
She's clean.
The smuggling was a two man operation between brothers.
The load-ins occurred under the captain's supervision.
No accomplices means no liabilities.
I thought this would be good news.
No, I screwed up, Jaeger.
And I'm slowly realizing why.
My entire life, I have been footing the bill for what my mother did.
And now good people are getting hurt, and for some reason, I refuse to accept the truth.
Which is? Some people won't burn me.
Our walls are up by design.
With our jobs, they have to be.
I suppose in this case, it's worth asking, can you still rebuild what's broken? 60 seconds.
That's all I ask.
Doing this job, you start seeing things differently.
And there very well might be a reason why I keep people at bay, but that was never fair to you.
All I know is the first thing I wanted to do was to be honest with you.
And the last thing that I planned on doing was hurting you.
I crossed a line.
I need a chance.
I need someone stable.
Goodbye, Scott.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I could really use a friend right now.
You got one.

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