FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


- No, Earl, Mike's got it right.
It's not about money.
It's about population control.
- Yeah, I get that.
How far away are you? - I'm about 20 minutes away.
- Well, let me know when you get here.
We got to talk about this.
- I'll call you when I'm almost there.
- Okay, I'll see you when you get here.
- Bye.
- Oh, no.
- It's okay, man.
Just go.
- I got two DUIs.
I can't get another.
- Seriously, it's fine.
Just get out of here.
- That's not right.
I might have a few bucks.
- I don't want your money.
There's no problem here.
We were just working it out.
- You the driver of this car? - Uh, yeah.
- Can I see your driver's license? - We were just talking.
- I smell alcohol on you, sir.
- No, please.
- I'm not arresting you, sir, but I need you to have a seat in the back of my car.
Come on.
- Come on, man.
- We're just gonna talk, okay? - Hey, you really didn't have to do that, man.
We were working it out.
- We were working it out.
- Listen, I'll handle everything.
Just take a moment, wait for me to come back, and I'll be right with you, okay? - Cops, man.
Good for hassling drunks, but never there when we need you, right? - I'm here now, sir.
I need your license and registration.
- Hey.
Are you familiar with the term "unreasonable searches"? Fourth amendment, pal.
Do they even teach you that at the academy? Hey, that's my personal property, okay? - I said I need your license and registration.
- No, no, no, please! I won't tell anybody! Please! I'm sorry about your car! [GUNSHOT.]
- Are you familiar with the term "unreasonable searches?" Fourth amendment, pal.
Do they even teach you that at the academy? Hey, that's my personal property, okay? - I said I need your license and registration.
- No, no, no, please! I won't tell anybody! Please! I'm sorry about your car! [GUNSHOT.]
- Doug Timmons in action.
Killed Officer Will Clement of Loudonville PD, then killed Peter Bateman, the guy who rear-ended him, and drove off in Bateman's car.
- What was wrong with his? - The trunk wouldn't close after the accident.
- Threw the Loudonville cops for a loop.
Took them till this morning to get a BOLO out on the right car.
- Timmons used armor-piercing ammo.
It went straight through the officer's vest.
- He wasn't fooling around.
He was looking for a showdown with authority.
- Play back the search of the trunk.
- Good for hassling drunks, but never there when we need you, right? - I'm here now, sir.
I need your license and registration.
- Hey, are you familiar with the term "unreasonable searches"? Fourth amendment, pal.
Do they even teach you that at the academy? Hey, that's my personal property, okay? - I said I need your license and registration.
- Freeze it.
"Never there when we need you.
" Maybe law enforcement let him down, or he thinks they did.
Any record he's a crime victim? - I haven't found anything yet.
No criminal record, either.
He moved out of his last known in Coblesmith eight months ago with no forwarding address.
Social Security shows no work.
He has no social media presence at all.
He's completely off the grid.
- Hmm, that's not reassuring.
Any family? - No marriage, no kids, Dad died when Doug was 6, Mom had a stroke when Doug was 17.
She moved in with her sister in Arizona.
We have her place and phone on surveillance.
I haven't found any siblings for Doug.
- Something about the cop looking in the trunk set him off.
Hana, Kenny, and Clinton, go over that car.
Let's find out what Timmons is worried about.
- Loudonville cops said they found nothing of interest.
- We have different interests.
- Tip just came in off the wanted poster.
An address for Timmons in Loudonville.
- I can't tell if he's scared or hurt or just had a bad night's sleep.
I guess we'll ask him when we find him.
- I called soon as I saw the poster, but you just missed him.
So to speak.
He cleared out yesterday morning.
Real nice kid.
- How long has he been staying here? - Three months.
Always paid cash, on time.
He wasn't around much.
- Did he say why he was moving out? - He seemed pretty down.
He said he felt like he was losing everything.
So to speak.
- Must have forgotten about this.
- Did he have a job somewhere? - I'm not sure.
He said he wanted to get a government job in Albany.
- He wanted to work for the government? - In Albany, yeah.
He went there sometimes, for interviews, I think.
- A guy that rants about unreasonable searches doesn't sound like a good fit for a government job.
- Here's what local cops pulled from Doug's car.
- I think Doug wants to take apart the government, not be a part of it.
I finally found where he's been lurking on the internet, on a site called Friction.
- Sounds like porn.
- Close.
It's video games.
Gamers talking about games.
I found Doug in a discussion group about a defunct game, but basically, it's just a cover-up for anti-government whining.
- Whining or planning? - No plans, they just hate on the government and talk about guns.
It's all about protecting your home when Big Brother comes to take it from you.
- Big Brother can have my crib, along with the rent and the leaky toilet.
- Puts a different spin on what h was doing in Albany.
Might have been scouting targets.
Government buildings, government workers.
- Nothing here.
Just dirty laundry, toiletries-- - And a can of men's body spray.
What's the deal with this stuff, anyway? You guys use it after a shower, or instead of a shower? - That's getting a little too personal.
- Mass card from a funeral.
Spencer Givens, Clifton, PA.
The day Doug moved out of his room.
- The day he told his landlady he was losing everything.
- My husband Spencer passed away almost two weeks ago.
He knew Doug from high school.
Pocono Pines? They survived the shooting there.
- A school shooting? - Yes.
They hid in a closet together.
Spence kept Doug from freaking out, and when Spence was wounded, Doug kept him from bleeding to death.
- So from that, they became friends? - Mom? [BABY BABBLING.]
There was a bond.
Doug saved Spence's life, and Spence never forgot that, but that's all they had in common.
Spence wasn't self-pitying.
He didn't blame anyone.
- Blame them for what? - He had chronic pain from his injury.
He took meds.
He got addicted.
He fought it real hard, but we lost him to an overdose.
- We're very sorry.
What was Doug so angry about? - He thinks the government can stop school shootings, but won't.
It's crazy.
- Did you speak to him at the funeral? - Yes.
I had to console him.
He told me he'd make sure Spence would be remembered.
- Did he say how? - It was just talk.
I don't need Spence to be a symbol of anything.
- That photo? When was that taken? - The one-year anniversary of the shooting.
Everyone posing in their school colors to show the world they're okay.
As if.
- Pocono Pines High School, a 17-year-old student with an AR-15.
12 students and two teachers dead, plus the shooter himself.
20 people were wounded.
- No doubt Doug was traumatized by the shooting, and Spencer's death could've sent him over the edge.
He would've been on an emotional hair-trigger.
- First cops on the scene at the school waited for reinforcements before they confronted the shooter.
- That was the strategy back then.
- Doug could harbor a grudge against law enforcement for not intervening sooner.
- He's hot off the funeral, runs into a cop, and kaboom.
- Hey, Kenny, bring up that body-cam footage from the trunk.
Can you freeze that for me? Yeah, that's it.
Now blow it up just in here.
A school jersey.
I don't remember that being part of the inventory for the car.
- That's because it wasn't there.
- He must have taken it with him when he took off.
- Maybe it had sentimental value.
- Or he didn't want anybody to see it.
- Could be why he flipped when the cop looked in the trunk.
- Because he didn't want to give away what he was planning next? - I haven't seen Doug Timmons in two years.
He used to come to the memorials for the shootings.
We do an assembly.
- We're concerned he might be a threat to your school.
- I had the same thought.
I activated our safety measures.
Extra guards, active shooter drill.
- That's good.
- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
Do you know why Doug stopped coming to your memorials? - I told him he couldn't speak at the assemblies anymore.
The stuff he was saying was offensive to the victims' families.
- For example? - Doug believes the government allows school shootings to happen to keep America's youth in fear.
- Did Doug find any supporters for his views? - One, for sure.
After we banned Doug, one of the alums threatened to sue us for violating Doug's free speech rights.
- We'd like to talk to him.
- Earl Hansen.
Always trying to get the school district to arm teachers.
Thankfully, he moved out of the district last year.
I can pull his alumni file.
- That'd be great.
The memorials with Doug, any videos on those? - This trouble with Doug-- doesn't need to change anything.
Just have to move faster, that's all.
- I'm ready.
I'm not afraid.
- Well, I'm afraid.
Mike, what Doug did, and I'm not saying he was wrong-- but it puts a lot of eyes on us.
Let's just hit pause until the heat dies down.
What do you say, Mike? - There's no pause, Earl.
You're in or you're out.
- [SIGHS.]
I guess I'm out, then.
- Hey, Earl.
Shoot him, Doug.
- Come on, stop kidding around.
- Do it, Doug! - You're nuts! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
- Come on, do it! Shoot him dead, now! Go ahead, Doug.
Shoot Earl.
He's gonna jeopardize the plan.
- Hey.
Shake it off, Doug.
We're only getting started.
- And they could stop the shootings if they wanted to, but they don't.
They could stop the ammo, they could stop the guns, but they want us to be afraid.
Our grandparents grew up hiding under desks, afraid of nuclear bombs, and we grow up hiding in classrooms afraid of gunfire, because the more afraid we are, the easier it is for them to control us.
- He has a point.
About children growing up in fear.
- You do that thing where you hear about a school shooting, then you stay up all night reading homeschool websites? - Angelyne and I used to talk about it.
- Anais is going into preschool, but even that's not safe anymore.
- You know, they make bulletproof backpacks and hoodies for kids.
- Google that at 3 a.
after a school shooting? - I almost bought one.
I didn't know what kind of message I'd be sending Tali.
I don't want her to grow up scared.
- Just located Earl Hansen.
Not where you'd think.
- I don't know what's going on.
The police just called.
Earl was found dead in the woods in New York outside Loudonville.
He went hunting yesterday.
- With who? - I'm not sure.
Oh, God, our daughter's gonna be coming home from school soon.
- Is there anyone we can call for you? Family, or-- - My brother lives in Allentown.
- I'll help you.
- Thank you.
- That him there? - Yeah.
- Kay.
- Loudonville PD confirmed.
Earl Hansen, shot twice with armor-piercing bullets.
- Just come as soon as you can, Mark.
- Mrs.
Hansen, is there any chance your husband could've been with Doug Timmons today? - Doug Timmons? What does he have to do with this? - We're not sure.
We thought Earl and Doug were friends.
- Well, they went hunting together.
The two of them and this other man.
Mike something.
I don't know his last name.
He lives around Albany.
- Is there anything else you remember about Mike? Maybe something your husband said? - Well, he has a foreign wife.
She used to cook for them when they went hunting.
Earl would bring back leftovers.
Weird foreign stuff, like meat jelly.
- Kholodets.
- Yeah, that sounds right.
- It's a kind of Ukrainian aspic.
- Oh, uh It's my brother.
I have to take this.
- So now you're an expert on Ukrainian food? - I had a friend from the Ukraine.
- Another friend you haven't told me about.
- You didn't ask.
- Mike from Albany with a Ukrainian wife.
Let's get Hana cooking.
- We in business? - Here you go.
- Kept it small.
- Uh-huh.
- You have enough to eat? More American apple pie? - I'm full.
Thanks, Lena.
- You are so skinny.
How is Earl? - Earl Hansen? Good.
- Say hello to him for me when you see him.
Isn't Doug skinny? He needs to eat more.
- You feed him too good.
He might never leave.
Let's go to bed.
Come on.
- And the last time I was here, it was not done correctly.
It was too chunky, so I want it chopped.
Very, very fine chopped.
- You making kholodet? The gelatin and your accent.
It's Ukrainian, right? - Yes.
How do you know kholodet? - A buddy of mine turned me on to it.
- Oh.
- Earl--Earl Hansen? You might know him.
- That's quite a full basket there, Ms.
You have guests at home? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- FBI! Freeze! - On the ground! Now! - Hands, hands! Raise your hands! - I'm not resisting, I'm complying.
- Face down, on the ground! - Face down! - [GRUNTS.]
- Clear! - All clear.
This is Lima-1.
Suspect Timmons is MIA.
- Jess? - Sierra-1.
Weapons are gone.
- Dougie got away with all the toys.
- Each of these folders has data on a state government building in Albany.
Number of agencies in the building number of employees, emergency protocols.
And here's a list of nearby hotels.
Points of entry, exit, number of floors, photos.
These are target profiles.
Government offices, government employees-- - And hotels to shoot them from.
He's planning a mass casualty event.
- And now he has the firepower to do it.
- No, I don't need a lawyer, 'cause I don't recognize your authority to question me.
Your bureau is run by the Deep State in violation of the Constitution.
- Actually, the FBI is authorized under Title 28 of the U.
Code, Section 533, enacted by Congress under authority granted by Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution.
- Now that we've cleared that up, what do you have to say about these files? - I am a sovereign citizen, subject only to common law as intended by the Founding Fathers.
Your government is a false government, operating under admiralty law to enslave its citizens.
- I don't know about plans.
I told you everything I know already.
About guns, about Doug in shed.
- You are not taking this seriously.
- I-- - You helped a fugitive.
A murderer who might kill a lot more people.
- I don't know Doug is fugitive.
He is just a man Mike does hunting with.
- Like Earl Hansen? - No, not like Earl.
Earl is different.
- What's Earl like? - Earl is happy guy.
Is always happy.
He make me laugh.
And nice manners too.
- You care for Earl? - I didn't say that.
- You don't have to.
- He's not like Doug, and he's certainly not like your husband.
He do that to you? [TENSE MUSIC.]
He's a brute, isn't he? You know who else your husband hurt? - This isn't gonna be easy for you.
- Your husband and Doug killed him.
- Now we'd like your help finding Doug.
- They don't know each other long.
They meet three months ago at Big Valley.
- Big Valley, the casino? - Yes.
And they hunt together, with Earl.
- There's no evidence linking Kelerman to Hansen's murder, but the A-USA can hold him for harboring a fugitive.
- Tell her to pile it on.
We don't want Kelerman bailing himself out.
Same for the wife.
- Doug was barely scraping by.
He didn't have enough money to gamble in a casino.
- If he didn't meet Kelerman at the blackjack table, maybe somebody at Big Valley introduced them.
- Molly Werner? I'm Agent Barnes.
This is Agent LaCroix.
We'd like to talk to you.
- Okay, sure.
- You used to work on the casino floor near the poker tables? - Yeah, but then I went back to school so I couldn't work late nights.
Why? - We're interested in a customer named Mike Kelerman.
Poker player.
The waitresses over there tell us that you're his favorite waitress.
- Okay.
This is about Doug, isn't it? Doug Timmons? Can we I was wondering when you guys would find me.
He's my half-brother.
We have the same mom.
- Thanks for not making us play 20 Questions.
- I know I should've reached out to the police, but I don't keep in touch with Doug anymore.
I can't help you.
- You know what he's accused of doing? - Yes.
I feel really bad for those people.
Doug was never violent.
After Pocono Pines, he was against guns.
- When somebody's traumatized like Doug, it can lead to paranoia.
- We saw a video of a speech he did at the school.
- I know.
He's always spouting these anti-government talks to people who didn't ask to hear them.
- And some who did.
Like Mike Kelerman.
Did you introduce them? - No.
No, they both came in a lot, but they came in alone.
- And when Mike wasn't playing poker, he was hanging here at the restaurant? - He came in here for the slots.
They give huge payouts.
Better than the ones in the casino.
I have to get back to work.
- What if he reaches out to you? - He really killed those people I can't help him anymore.
- Call us if he tries to contact you.
She's lying about Kelerman.
The slot machines off the floor pay out the lowest, not the highest.
They don't want you in the restaurant spending 35 bucks on a steak when you could be out on the floor losing a grand at the blackjack table.
- So she lied 'cause she did have a thing going on with Kelerman? - Or maybe they have other interests in common.
Crosby, I want surveillance on Molly's phone and a full workout on all her communications.
We're looking for a direct link between her, Doug, and Kelerman.
- So we're thinking Kelerman got tired of his wife's cooking? - No, I don't think so.
It was not about sex.
Doug's politics are about his trauma from the school shooting.
Kelerman's the one spouting the mainline domestic terrorist agenda.
I think Kelerman might've radicalized Doug.
- The attacks on government buildings, mass shootings.
- Doug's reactive.
He's unstable on his own, and he's influenced by whoever's nearby.
I think it would've been easy for Kelerman to activate him to violence.
- And somehow Molly's part of it.
- Well, she certainly knows more than she says she does.
- It's hard to tell from her profile.
She's a college student majoring in history.
She lives on campus.
She has no criminal record, not even a traffic ticket, but there's just one tiny gap.
There's no record of her attending high school.
- That's pretty cool.
If I knew high school was optional, I would've enlisted even earlier.
- I mean, she was living with Doug back then.
He went to high school, but she didn't.
She just fell off the radar after eighth grade.
- Right after the shooting at Pocono Pines.
- Molly left our school in the middle of the eighth grade.
Her family decided to homeschool her.
I thought it was a mistake.
- Whose idea was it? - Well, her mother said that Molly was too afraid to come back to school after the shootings over at Pocono Pines, but Doug was the one that really frightened her into it.
- He convinced her school was too dangerous? - He convinced her that life was too dangerous.
He stifled her.
After their mother had a stroke, he had himself emancipated, and he took custody of Molly.
She looked up to him.
She believed every word he said.
- She believed he was protecting her.
He was her guardian angel.
- You got it.
- Molly.
We need to talk.
- I have a paper due tomorrow.
I told you what I know.
- We don't believe you did, not about Doug, not about Kelerman.
- Kelerman is a perv, okay? And Doug, he's a baby, and I got tired of looking after him.
I don't care what happens to him.
- You care about your guardian angel? Didn't you give him this? - It's just a cup.
- A cup you made for your big brother who protected you, who kept you safe, and now you think you're protecting him.
Molly, if you don't stop lying to us, you're just gonna get him killed.
- You don't get it.
I have to take care of him.
He is so broken.
So helpless.
- I'm not trying to excuse what Doug did.
I'm just asking you to remember that he's a crime victim too.
- We know what he's been through.
- You don't know.
He put his finger in his friend's bullet hole to stop him from bleeding out.
An experience like that changes you.
- It does.
It's called PTSS.
He experienced a trauma, and now he's hyper-vigilant.
He sees danger where there is none, and he reacts.
Doug's extremely dangerous.
We think he's protecting a bigger plan he's cooked up with Kelerman and another friend, Earl Hansen.
A plan to kill government workers in Albany.
What do you think of that? Hmm? He's out there with guns and ammunition.
We need your help to bring him in.
- You're gonna kill him.
- Not if we can help it.
Molly, I want you to take a look around.
I brought you here so you could see what Doug is up against.
- We have hundreds of agents, the state police of New York and Pennsylvania.
- High tech Google doesn't even know about.
- Your brother could call from Mars, and we'd know about it.
- And that guy right there? He can put a bullet in the middle of a silver dollar from 100 yards.
After the shooting, he kept you at home.
Was he afraid for you? - He made me feel safe.
And loved.
- Okay.
And you did the same for him.
When he was hungry, you could've just given him a doggy bag and sent him on his way, but you let him hang around.
He needed you.
You're the only person who can get through to him, Molly.
You're the only person who can bring him in safely.
Now, will you help us? - What do you want me to do? - No more games.
That's the first thing.
- If he calls you, you try to talk him into turning himself in.
We'll be in touch with some other ideas.
One of the agents will see you back to your car.
- I wouldn't give you a donut hole for that girl's cooperation.
- She didn't exactly convince me either.
- Waste of a good dog and pony show.
- She's been lying to us from the get-go.
Texts to and from her phone, after we raided Kelerman's.
She gets a text, "They got Mike.
" Then a second one, "Can't do this on my own.
" She sends a text, "I'll help you.
" - She's gone from enabler to coconspirator.
- To do what? Doug left behind his plans for Albany and lost his coconspirators, Kelerman and Hansen.
- Maybe he's looking for another target.
- Molly can't say no to her big brother.
We can't change that, but maybe we can get them to say yes to the right targets.
Hana, show me what's coming up at Big Valley Casino.
- Everything is going wrong.
When I get home, I get letter from department of tax.
- Revenue.
It's called the Department of Revenue.
What did they want? - They say we owe tax.
We have to pay.
- Call the phone number on the bill and tell those bozos I'll get it done when I get it done.
I got bigger things to worry about.
- This is all because of gambling.
I tell you to stop, but always, you have to be at that casino.
- Again with the casino.
If I wanted to be nagged to death, I would've married an American girl.
- I am your wife.
When you come home, I want new plan.
I want children.
I want you to promise me.
You say it.
"I, Mike, promise Lena "that we will have new plan to have children and live like real American family.
" - Geez.
- Say it, or I go home to Odessa.
- I, Mike, promise Lena that we'll have a new plan to have kids and live like a real American family.
You happy now? - Yes.
Very happy.
- You get what you need? - Yeah, I got all the right words.
I just have to put them in order now.
- You did well, Lena.
You have a promising career as an actor.
- I did this for Earl.
- It's Mike.
New plan.
The 8th.
Department of Revenue.
Tell him.
Get it done.
- What's our girl up to? - Same, same.
Serving food, clearing dishes.
- The kitchen messed up a dessert order.
She spent her break eating pie in the break room.
- The Department of Revenue event starts in an hour, and she's eating pie? - Crosby would.
- We've had eyes on her the last two days.
She hasn't veered one bit from her routine.
- You sure she got the Kelerman message? - Positive.
She listened to it and deleted it.
- Maybe she didn't take the bait.
- It's possible.
Her regular shift still ends at, what, 7:00? - I'll check.
Scheduling software is an easy hack.
Her normal shift ends at 7:00, but she booked a double tonight till 2:00 a.
- This is the college girl who didn't want to work late nights.
- When did she book this extra shift? - She picked it up three days ago.
- Before we sent her the Kelerman message.
- The only government function at the casino for the next two months.
If we thought of it, she thought of it.
Call casino security.
I want all the footage for the last week cued up and ready to go by the time we get there.
She didn't take the bait because her and Doug already had this plan in the works.
They're ahead of us.
- She's in no hurry.
Getting dessert orders and chatting up the kiddies.
- I hope we're wrong.
How are we doing on last week's footage? - A week in the life of a waitress.
It's like watching a documentary of a former me.
- Okay, she's going towards the bathrooms.
- We have cameras in the bathroom? - No, not the steakhouse bathrooms.
I'm gonna have to open up the fountain area.
- Not yet.
- Got something.
- Barnes, you keep a lookout for her.
- This is Saturday, 6:46 p.
She took a room service tray.
- Who's got the inside of the kitchen service elevator? - Yo.
- We need Saturday, 6:46 p.
Which floor? - Looks like 15.
- Okay, we need video footage, 15th floor, last Saturday.
- Don't have it.
15 and 14 are closed off from fire damages, pending renovations.
The rooms haven't been occupied for weeks, and the cameras haven't been on for weeks either.
- She's feeding him.
That's where he has to be.
15th floor.
She come back from the bathroom yet? - I haven't seen her.
Family of five are still waiting for their desserts.
- 7:48 p.
She's not coming back.
All right, let's do it.
15th floor.
Clinton, call in the SWAT team.
I want the entire fountain area clear.
I want everybody inside.
- Got it.
- I want you to go.
I'm serious.
- I'm not leaving you.
You need me.
- No, I don't.
See, I'm getting ready.
I can do this on my own.
- I am not walking away.
Let me help you.
- This wasn't even supposed to be the plan.
It was supposed to be a building with a bunch of federal offices.
- Government is government, Doug.
This is still gonna send your message.
- For Spencer.
- For all the kids.
- Hey.
Looks like people are going away from the fountain.
It looks like they're moving them inside.
What's going on? - I don't know.
This window overlooks the parking lot.
There's a bunch of people down there.
Just like we planned.
- Drop your weapon! Drop your gun! - Stop! Don't hurt him! - Doug, don't do it.
Talk to me.
- It's what you want, right? All the government drones can have their party and you save the day? - What about the message? You die, the message dies too.
- That's not true.
Don't listen to him.
- It is true.
The story will be "deranged man suicides at casino.
" That'll be it.
End of story.
- No.
You're totally wrong about that.
They love talking about school shootings.
This is gonna put Spencer and all the rest of the kids right back in the news! - Put your guns down.
Everybody, put your guns down.
All right, tell me about Spencer.
Give me the message.
- The message is me taking myself out! - Doug, give me the message! Hana, write this down.
That way we'll get it right.
- No, Doug, he's lying.
- I wanna say something about thoughts and prayers, for starters.
- Thoughts and prayers? What about them? - They don't work, okay? Thoughts and prayers didn't help Spencer! - I'll tell them that.
What else? - All of the shootings are part of a big plan, okay? And you have to tell all the young people about the plan! - What's the plan? - The plan is to beat us down and turn us into slaves! If the kids knew the truth, they'd get off their knees and they'd fight back! - You need to tell them that, Doug, not me.
- Please, Doug.
You know what you have to do.
- You have the passion.
You understand it! - I have nothing.
- That's not what Spencer thought.
He believed in you.
He wanted you alive.
- I needed him to stay alive.
- I know.
He made you feel strong, and now it hurts like hell.
Doug, you've spent your entire adult life trying to make sense out of a senseless act.
It's a burden the human heart is not built to carry.
Especially not the heart of a 16-year-old kid.
You have a choice, Doug.
Give yourself a chance.
Just put the gun down.
- No.
Just do it.
- Just do it! - [CRIES OUT.]
- Truth bomb, Doug, just like we talked about.
If you die in that jersey, you'll be a hero to all the kids out there who grew up in fear! - Don't listen to her, Doug.
That's your own fear talking.
- Fear? Doug, I love you.
I want your life to mean something.
- No! - No! - [GRUNTING.]
I'm sorry, Molly! - You blew it, Doug.
You totally blew it.
- You all right, boss? - Might need a stitch or two.
- Cool move, bro.
- Secret Service guy taught me that a few years ago.
He didn't tell me it was gonna hurt like hell.
- We'll find someone to kiss your booboo.
- Thanks.
You see the look on Doug's face? Is that what it's like to be a kid in school these days? [EXHALES.]
- Just tell her to call me.
- Okay.
- Okay, I gotta go find my mom.
- No, no, no.
I'll go! - So you walking the whole way? - Yeah, my mom said she would meet me at the corner.
- Yeah! [LAUGHTER.]
What's so funny? - Olivia, wait! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
- Dad! - What took you so long, sweetie? I thought you missed the bus.
- Well, Gavin dropped his water bottle and it spilled up and down the aisle, and we had to clean it up right away.
Because you know what? - What? - He had soda in it, and that would stick.
- It's sticky.
- But you're not supposed to drink soda on the bus, but Gavin breaks a lot of rules.
All the time.
Come! So, do you wanna know what we did on the field trip? - I wanna know everything.
- Well, we learned about all the Greek gods that the planets are named after, and do you know that since Jupiter is the biggest--
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