FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


They're double-crossing rats.
Hmm, and what are they up to? I don't know.
It can't be good if you didn't okay the meeting.
- I know what is, Anttwon.
- Then put it to them.
You're not handling our business, Ty.
You're all caught up in this crap.
This crap is where we're going.
I can do this and take care of a couple rats.
Now go get busy.
What you gonna do to them? Don't worry about it.
Remember when we were kids, when we'd go up and see the Nines, talk about how we was gonna take on the world.
We're getting there, Cleo.
The crew isn't feeling it.
You need to show them some.
I know what I have to do.
It's against the east wall, near the corner, here.
There's always at least two guards in the room, and two more Here and here.
All right, then we're gonna need at least Well, yesterday, I took some doctors into a village to vaccinate kids.
I was scared, but we explained what the medicine was for, and then the parents gave us permission to do it.
It was a good day.
- The kids were afraid - Was this Marilou's idea? No.
Tali asked.
And asked.
She hasn't watched those in years.
Neither have you.
Mommy, I want you to come home.
I know, sweetie.
I'll be with you on Christmas.
Two whole weeks! I can't wait.
I've got to run.
I love you this much.
Can you feel it? Love you, Mommy.
I love you.
- She was so pretty.
- Yes.
And when I look into your precious little face, I see all her beauty in you.
Grandma, if she loved me so much, why'd she go to a place so dangerous? Well, I have to think about that one.
In the meantime, let's go see if the chickens have any eggs for us, okay? Tyrone Derek Jackson, leader of the Rolling Sixes up in the Bronx, wanted for the murder of five gang members, two of his own and three from the Loco Diablos, a rival Latin gang.
Gang intel says they might've been plotting a splinter group against their own people.
Bottom line, Ty set off a gang war.
Still, a beef between two street gangs Wait for it.
DEA had an undercover, Rafael Garcia.
Deceased with one shot from an AR-15 courtesy of Ty Jackson.
What's the evidence on Jackson? NYPD has him running from the crime scene.
They ID'd his "Top of the World" jacket and his bike, which was found abandoned.
And Jackson, NYPD can't find him? They've been rounding up his gang members and working them, but him, they haven't found.
Get with gang intel, sweep up whatever they have on Jackson's communications, start connecting the dots.
We have his home address, yeah? NYPD assured me they tore the place apart but found nothing useful.
Well, we'll see.
Let's stay on our toes.
He's armed with an AR and who knows what else.
Local banger.
How far could he get? We'd be home before dinner.
Thanks, KC.
You just jinxed it.
You worked the Bronx when you were at the NYPD, - you know Jackson? - No, it's been five years.
A lot of faces come and go in five years.
Whoever runs the Rolling Sixes runs that hood.
And he killed five gangsters single-handedly.
That's ruthless and daring.
Not to mention crazy.
They did say they tore the place apart.
So Jackson must've been very popular with our folks in blue.
Check this out.
He was trying to give back to his community.
Trying to be Nipsey Hussle without the credentials.
- Oh.
- There you go.
Probably crushing one of his humanitarian awards.
He has a child.
Not according to his file.
Maybe not one he wants anybody to know about.
Look at the way he's looking at that boy.
Like a proud dad on the first day of school.
We find the boy, maybe we find the daddy.
Can we talk to you? I'm sorry.
Do I know you? I need to get my son to school.
We'll see that he gets to school.
- What is going on? - Just move over here.
We're looking for Tyrone Jackson.
I don't know any Tyrone Jackson.
The people at Trenton Elementary ID'd him as the father of your son Anthony.
- Mommy? - I know.
We call our son by his middle name, Zach.
Can you go over to the neighbor's house? It's two doors down.
Zack, honey, go with these folks over to Willie's house, and play with him for a little while.
Eyes on the backside.
- Come on, honey.
- Negative in the basement.
Oh, so sweet.
He's a good kid.
I don't know where Ty is.
I haven't heard from him in five days, but I know he couldn't do what they're saying.
You do know he runs the Rolling Sixes.
And he's leaving that life.
That's why he set us up here, so he could do better by his son than his father did by him.
Innocent or guilty, we still need to find him or he needs to turn himself in.
- Where would he hide? - I don't know.
I don't know his friends from that life.
How about girlfriends? What's her name? She means nothing to him.
He's gonna be with us.
If he was gonna go on the run for good, he wouldn't leave without Zach and me.
Now I really need to get my boy to school.
- What's her name? - I don't know.
Listen, if she means nothing to him, then she should mean nothing to you.
- So why are you protecting her? - She's a thug.
Do you know what thugs do to snitches? You have my word, Ms.
She'll never know where it came from.
It's Cleo Wilkens.
I tried my best with Cleo, but once she met Ty, there was no bringing her back.
In high school, they got together.
Still together from what I hear.
Would she hide him if she could? Oh, you bet she would.
I don't know where.
That's what Cleo left behind.
I don't know why I kept it all.
Not like she's ever coming back.
Thank you.
How'd you find me, anyway? Old police report on Cleo.
She mouthed off to a cop, and you were listed as her guardian.
- That girl's got a mouth.
- Did she draw this? When she was eight.
It broke my heart when she showed it to me.
She said if she was big, people couldn't hurt her.
You raised her? My worthless son and his worthless wife, they couldn't.
I mean, the fights, drugs, booze, they were in and out of jail.
It was no place for a child.
Julius Caesar, Theodore Roosevelt, Joan of Arc.
Yeah, she was always reading them books.
She said they were people like her.
This is dated five years ago.
"The Nine Bridges.
" - Mean anything to you? - No.
"Up here they can't look down on us, "standing with the water under us.
"See all, be all, right here from on top.
"Up here you and me can make it all stop.
"From here we can see the Nines, Baby they're yours, and baby, they're mine.
" A rap about a place where they can see the nine bridges of the city? Cleo wrote this when she was in high school.
Probably around here somewhere.
Maybe on top of a building? Maybe somewhere her and Ty used to go to get away from everything.
There's nowhere to hide up here.
Building's clear.
Tallest building in the neighborhood, check.
Nice view, check.
Can't see but four bridges.
The lyrics say, "Standing with the water under us.
" All nine.
It's a match, Tyrone Jackson.
As he lived and breathed.
Two shots to the chest, point blank range.
Maybe four, five days ago.
Then he wasn't gunning anybody down two days ago, was he? Only one person could've enticed him up there.
The same person who killed those five bangers.
Hello, Cleo Wilkens.
Take this to Jimmy, tell him to post bond for Sammy and Shorty and Jojo.
And tell him there's more coming for Charisse and Anttwon and whoever else they got.
Why you ain't just do it all now? Cash flow.
When it's cool, Ty's gonna lemme know where the rest of his stashes are.
Why is he talking to you? Why he ain't talking to us? - 'Cause we his crew.
- You watch the news? He gotta hide, and he put me in charge.
So just do what you told.
Cleo Danielle Wilkens, age 22, is wanted for the murders of Ty Jackson, DEA Agent Rafael Garcia, and four gang members.
Yes? Is it true Ty Jackson was found dead? I can confirm that Mr.
Jackson was shot to death.
We believe these murders are an attempt by Ms.
Wilkens to take leadership of Mr.
Jackson's gang.
I want to make it crystal clear Cleo Wilkens is a menace to this community, and to anyone who may be helping her evade capture.
You killed Ty? Of course I didn't, fool! Diablos, po-po, who knows? Why would I kill him? Hmm? They're messing with us, but we gotta keep going, don't we? Let me tell you a little secret about Ty.
He wasn't feeling it anymore in here.
He was halfway out the door.
Me? I'm in all the way.
So you with me or against me? I got mouths to feed, and Ty? He always took care of us.
Nothing gonna change.
We got big money coming in, and I got plans.
Jimmy, now.
Could've found a better picture though.
Hey Barnes, this arrest report on Cleo for assault two years ago, they must've had a rookie write the DD-5.
Can you can make sense of it for me? - Mm-hmm.
- So you're Barnes? You worked vice out of the 4-7? Gun Hill, Pelham, right? That's right.
You? I was in the 4-9, the 5-2, bounced around.
Wouldn't give it up for nothing.
Not like you.
Like me what? Couldn't handle the hustle, huh? Had to get one of these cushy federal jobs? Yeah, it's great.
Straight 9-5, bad guys who roll over like puppies.
It's just cocktails and bonbons all day every day.
Hey, do you wanna wind someone up or do you want us to help us do your job for you? Hey, hey, hey.
We're just ragging each other up, okay? It's nothing.
Lighten up.
- What are you doing? - Hey, listen up.
I got something here.
Three Rolling Sixes just got bailed out for ten grand each, cash money.
Cleo's keeping the money rolling.
Who's their bondsman? Jimmy's Superior Bail Bonds on Sheridan.
He told the clerk at the prison that he'd be back later to spring more Rolling Sixes.
He also told her not to bury them.
I mean, how do you answer a question like that? How would your wife have answered it? Angelyne would've found the words.
She always did.
But me? How do you explain duty to an eleven-year-old? Yeah, that's a hard one.
He's moving.
Special delivery, huh? - I've got you covered.
- Yeah, right on time.
Follow the gray hoodie.
We'll keep eyes on you.
'Cause I took her for everything.
- You know what I mean? - Yo, you dirty, dawg.
You know, why you even doing that? It's a cold world.
- Cleo.
- He made us.
Forget him.
Hit the house.
- Five-oh, five-oh! - FBI, stop! - Go! - Go, go! - Stop! FBI! - FBI, freeze! Move! - Stop! - Freeze! I said stop! You two, secure the front.
- Clear! - Clear! Clear! Suspect's MIA.
Start taking names.
Come on! Sit down! The courier must've texted her.
I don't know no Cleo Wilkins! - ID! - Hey! Hey! FBI, stop! Let me go! - I didn't do anything! - Stop fighting That woman Hana's talking to.
I know her.
I'm a nurse's aid at the hospital.
Five years ago when I was undercover in a drug sting, she knows me.
What's the name of your friend? Ava.
She don't live here.
She just she just Told me to meet her here.
Did she know you were a cop? No, she's just someone I met back then.
What do you wanna do? - She's lying.
- Obviously.
She might've come here for Cleo.
So again, what do you wanna do? Sit down.
ID! I'll need to go home first.
Charlotte won't like it.
I don't like it.
People are dying 'cause of Cleo.
This girl might get me to her.
It's our best shot.
Hana, let her go.
Get out of here.
Go to work.
You promised me, Sherr, no more undercover work.
No, I didn't.
You just told me not to do it again.
It's my job, Charlotte.
This family is your job.
Our daughter is our job.
You know the two of you are my life.
Then please, don't put yourself at even more risk.
We don't live in a bubble, Charlotte.
If we can make the safer world for Anais even a little bit You do it your way, teaching the law.
I do it my way.
You won't be able to reach me directly, but you have everybody's numbers.
Any of them will know where I am and how to contact me.
Mommy, I'm thirsty.
Are you going away? Just for a few days, baby.
Line of sight, 200 yards.
She's in place.
This one.
This is Agent Skye.
Anttwon Lane Perry, date of birth, 9-2-96.
Has he been bailed out yet? Hold him for us.
We're on our way.
I figure I owe you an explanation and an apology.
You do.
You really do.
Still have the same apartment with a view of the park? Then you know the way.
Step on up.
Come over here.
Have a seat.
Why'd y'all bring me here, man? My bail's been posted.
Not processed.
Sit down.
It's about your brother, Kendrick.
Yeah? What about him? 25 year sentence up in Ray Brook lockup.
That's practically in Canada.
It's a long way for your mom to go to visit.
What do you want? Cleo Wilkins.
You know she killed Ty, shot him twice in the heart.
It wasn't pretty.
We can move you brother Kendrick downstate, closer to the city.
Easy ride for you and your mom.
Your mom is in a walker, right? You can really get Kendrick moved? If you help us find Cleo.
I ain't wearing no wire or nothing.
The heat was on.
You were okay, straight job, no cops looking for you.
I had to get out.
But five years, Sherry? You could've let me know where you were.
And give 'em a call to trace, get you mixed up in my trouble? It cooled off.
Police put people in jail, then everything went back to normal.
By then I was jammed up in Florida.
I did three years.
- Baby, I'm sorry.
- I tried not to miss you.
You took such good care of me.
Because I loved you.
I could take care of you again.
I don't want your money, okay? I can earn my own, but I need to get back in the game.
- Is that a good idea? - It's what I know.
I just need to figure out where to start.
I don't know the players anymore.
Still the same old Sherry.
Solid, knows her own mind.
Come with me tonight, and I'll introduce you to somebody who can help.
You have a place to stay? I got to town this morning, stashed my case, and went to find you.
You can stay here.
I'd like that.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! Here he comes! Here he comes! You think you all that? Huh? You ain't nothing! We the Rolling Sixes.
We got us and we got Cleo.
She been on the fly six days, and y'all still ain't find nothing.
She running your dumb ass all over the block.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Cleo, Cleo, Cleo! Cleo, Cleo, Cleo Cleo, Cleo, Cleo So you believe him? You think I killed Ty? Listen, they been trying to take us down since forever.
This they new play.
Get us to turn on each other, and take our own selves down.
So no, Cleo, I don't believe you killed him.
- I think they did it.
- So we got no problem.
None with me.
Look, like Ty said, "Cleo's the real deal.
" You know that.
But we still got people who haven't been bailed - out of jail yet.
- I'm on it.
This gets 'em out and sets us up.
Y'all ready? We all seen this play before.
They plant evidence on us, threaten to cut off your mom's benefits if she don't snitch on you, chain up your baby brother while they toss your crib, and now they killed Ty.
Well, we're done.
Done hiding, done running, done with being locked up and shot for being black.
- We on our own - This girl's been to church.
You think anybody's falling for this? People paying attention, that's what matters.
Lies have consequences.
Hate has consequences.
And when they come after one of us, they coming after all of us.
Amen, sister.
Those biographies she read, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, those are instruction manuals to her.
Grandiose, narcissistic, delusional.
Ty showed me how to take on the world.
He said, "Dreams aren't enough.
" You've got to show them the power, and that's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna fix this.
Set up or step away.
With me or against me.
Barnes is on the move.
I remember this place.
They still have pumpkin burek? We'll eat later.
You nervous? No, but you are.
So who's this friend we're meeting? Girl I know from high school, and no, it wasn't like that.
Look, if you don't want to do this, we don't have to.
No, I'm good.
Slow feet don't eat.
Gotta make a living.
It's her.
She's in the basement.
Why the basement? There's a passageway to the buildings next door.
I'm losing her.
She's in the basement.
I'm not letting her fly solo.
Let's move.
Here she is.
You didn't say your friend was famous.
You want a selfie with me, bitch? You got ten seconds to convince me why I should take you on.
I can make you ten grand a week moving product in a world you know nothing about.
I know ladies in penthouses, townhouses, up and down Billionaires' Row.
I did it then and I can do it now.
All these knuckleheads can do is work a corner.
Forget it, Anttwon.
You got my stuff? You wanna talk, this ain't the place.
Health department! This way.
You killed him, Cleo! You just shot him! He wasn't doing nothing.
- How could you do that? - He was a snitch.
He was taking pictures.
You need to be like your friend here.
You ain't even flinch.
Not my business.
I like her.
I'll reach out.
Be ready.
You okay? No, we just left him there.
I want to call somebody.
No, don't do that.
What's that you gave her from the hospital? Anti-seizure meds.
She can't just go to a pharmacy, right? She's got epilepsy.
She got bullied about it in school.
You felt sorry for her.
You're too good, Sandy.
You know, maybe hooking up with Cleo wasn't the best idea.
Don't back out.
She'll take it personal.
I can always ghost out of here.
You're gonna be late for work.
I'll see you later, okay? She was right behind me.
There wasn't a damn thing I could do.
This is not your fault.
Look, ever since Cleo took over, 12 people have been gunned down.
She created this chaos.
It's on her.
She has epilepsy.
My friend Sandy sneaks her anti-seizure drugs from the hospital.
Of course she has epilepsy.
Those books she reads, Teddy Roosevelt, Julius Caesar, they all had epilepsy and overcame it.
She has a fetish for her own condition.
She thinks it makes her special, powerful, but look at this.
Look at this.
The child towering over the adults, and the longer she evades capture, the bigger the child gets.
Boss, take a look.
Anttwon's phone is missing, but I found this in the Cloud.
Last picture he took.
Floor plans, looks like.
The dollar sign could be somebody's stash.
Hana, put up the crime scene photos from the shoot-out, and show me that table.
After Cleo killed them, she took the sketch with her.
That's what the meeting was about.
They were planning a heist.
The sketch was on Diablos' side of the table.
Maybe they were planning to rip off their own stash.
That would explain the secret meeting with the Rolling Sixes.
So now Cleo's going after the stash.
That would solve her money problems.
It might solve our problems too.
Clinton, check with the DEA, see if their Agent Garcia got any intel on where the Diablos keep their stash.
And that's the toll so far of the gang war instigated by Cleo Wilkens.
I'd like to say a few words about the man whose shoes Ms.
Wilkens is trying to fill.
Tyrone Jackson.
Tyrone Jackson was a criminal, but he also gave back to his community.
He paid for funerals, helped people pay their heating bills, he even helped bring a supermarket to his neighborhood to give jobs to young people.
Tyrone Jackson helped his people with the tools he had at his disposal until Cleo Wilkins cut him down.
Leave it on.
What has Cleo Wilkens done? She turned your streets into a war zone.
By her own hand or by her orders, she killed all these people.
And right now 13 of her gang members are in jail because she either can't be bothered or doesn't have the money to bail them out.
Maybe she just doesn't know how to bring in the money.
Either way, she's no Ty Jackson.
Thank you.
If that doesn't tweak her Ty went soft.
Thought we could go legit.
You believe that? You believe they're ever gonna let us live like they do? Ever gonna let us rise? Nah.
What we want We gotta take.
Get strapped.
Now! I need soldiers.
Yeah? Hey Cleo.
You introduced me to her.
What do you think your friend did for a living? She's a thug, Sandy! Thug life.
The hate you give.
All that bullying she got on account of her epilepsy? She's paying it back.
Please, Sherry, don't go with her.
I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you.
I gotta throw in with her.
I got no choice.
With my record, where am I gonna get a straight job? I've got a job.
I'll take care of you.
I don't want it like that between us! She called me.
If I don't show, I'm done.
- Where did you get that? - Never mind.
I gotta go.
Do not follow me.
I can't lose you again! No, you're not going.
I'll talk to her, she'll listen to me.
I'm FBI.
I'm sorry, but just know people have my back, okay? Nothing's gonna happen to me.
You Were you FBI five years ago? When you made me fall in love with you? When you pretended to be in love with me? I wasn't pretending, but I had a job to do, and I've got one to do now.
Get out! Get out! Barnes is on the move.
She's going to a meet.
Van just pulled up.
I can't tell if Cleo's inside.
- Hey, hey, hey! - Uh-oh.
New player on the field.
Go home.
We'll talk later.
I'm going with you.
This is what loyalty looks like.
They turned down an alley off St.
We'll get made if we follow.
Stay put.
If you lose the signal, come to me.
- Huh? - What? - FBI! - FBI, don't move! Get down! Get down! - Drop your weapons! - Get down! - Put down your weapon! - Hands up, hands up! Up against the wall! Stand down! Let me out! Let me out or I'ma kill her! Let her go, Cleo.
Why? She brought you in! - You knew she was a cop.
- She didn't know.
She had nothing to do with this trap.
It was Anttwon.
The guy you let back in.
Snitches all around.
I walk out or this bitch is dead! You hurt her and you don't come out alive.
Sandra protected you.
She helped you when you got sick in school.
She brought you meds.
She's a better person than you or me, and you're gonna kill her, for real? How's that gonna make you look? She's right.
You're already a legend, Cleo.
Seven days you had us chasing our tails.
The whole FBI.
And you never left your turf.
That's right.
I outsmarted you.
That you did, but you hurt this one good person, all that goes out the window.
Those people you admire, Joan of Arc, Caesar, Alexander the Great? For them, there's only one power play that matters.
And what's that? You give us permission to take you in.
Permission? You control your own destiny.
You'll stand tall, like all those great men and women.
Word'll get out, Cleo.
You called the play, and when you get to prison, you'll be walking on water.
You better get used to them bracelets.
They'll take care of you up North.
- She's crazy.
- You're gonna die in lockup.
She's crazy.
You good? Sure.
You had us worried when you jumped in that van.
Iron Lady.
Now go home.
Hug your kid.
Bureau of Prisons is on the line.
This Agent LaCroix.
I'd to talk about transferring a prisoner down from Ray Brook, name of Kendrick Perry.
Why'd you get in the van? To make sure nothing happened to you.
What are they gonna do to me? I don't know.
I'll see what I can do.
McGregor went back to his work, "and Peter was alone again, "but he was very frightened, and he was very, very" - Hi, Mama.
- Hey, baby.
Mommy, read more.
Read more? Okay! Yay.
We can read more.
"Peter asked her the way to the gate, "but she had such a large pea in her mouth, she couldn't answer.
" Grandma said that they were bad people, and good people had to stop them.
And what do you think about that? Why did it have to be Mom? I think it's all about love.
She loved you so much, and your grandparents, Uncle Clinton.
She loved her family and friends so much that she wanted to keep everyone safe.
She felt like that was her most important responsibility.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, sweetheart.
- Hello, handsome.
- Hello, gorgeous.
How's our baby? She's excited about turning eight.
You look tired today.
Can't think why.
Maybe it's that double shift.
You want me to come over there and kick some brass? Mm-hmm.
I love you.

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