FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


1 And I was blind to my son's pain.
Maybe he couldn't find the words to tell me, but I was his father.
I should have just seen it.
My own son Many of you knew my boy Danny better than me.
If any of you would like to say a word in his memory [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Hey, Scot, come on, man.
Don't go.
Well, I can't move mountains Yeah I can't move mountains [ROCKET WHOOSHES.]
- Halt! - Clear! [GUNFIRE.]
Hey, Cyclops, didn't see you come in.
I need a box of Winchesters 300 grain.
Uh, we are out of Wins, but I got S&Bs 250.
Wins are standard.
Can you check the range office? I don't need to check.
I know what we got.
Just call the office.
I need the Wins for my MOA.
Come on, man.
Ammo's ammo.
Just go back on the range and do what you do.
What I do? [CHUCKLES.]
I'll show you what I do.
Yeah, well, I hope the weather holds.
Me and my girlfriend We have a nice bike ride planned later [GUNSHOT.]
- What the hell? - [SCREAMS.]
Look out! Look out! Everyone get down! Everyone get down! [SCREAMS.]
- Shots fired! - [GRUNTS.]
- 911, what's your emergency? - [GROANS.]
We have a shooter at the Diamond Hill range.
A shooter at the range.
Maybe a little more tea will help you figure it out.
Mind your elders.
So you fold them down like this to hide the knot, and then you take a strand, and you tie it around here, and that'll make the doll's head.
We're gonna need my sewing kit.
- I left it upstairs.
- Oh, I'll go get it.
- We're making these for Mom.
- Very cool.
I don't know what she'd do without you, Marilou.
You know, making corn husk dolls can be therapeutic.
I can show you how to make one.
- Ready? - Ready.
Watch the birdie.
Saved by the bell.
Scot Weitzen, 32, army sniper discharged with the rank of lieutenant.
Got into a fight with an equipment clerk.
Next thing you know five dead.
Nicknamed Cyclops.
Tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.
31 confirmed kills 3 from over a mile away.
One's a fluke, two you're blessed, but three? Psychiatric history? None with the VA.
I'm checking with medical insurance.
Honorable discharge, no criminal record.
Where does Cyclops call home? Mom lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts.
She told local police that he moved out three weeks ago.
He's been living out of his car.
They got a nationwide BOLO and a unit outside Mom's house.
If it was me on the run, I'd hit up a battle buddy Someone I trust with my life.
Work up a list of all members of every unit Weitzen's been involved with.
Send agents to each one.
I'd like to know how this guy shot up a gun range full of armed people without getting himself killed.
And I'd like to know why he did it.
I never would've guessed him for something like this.
Cyclops is a damn American hero.
He was a regular here? Yeah, every week for the last year.
- Alone? - Mostly.
Sometimes with other vets.
We heard there was an argument? Yeah, over bullets.
He wanted one particular brand, and we were out.
He said he needed it for, um, his M-O something.
MOA? Minute of angle accuracy? You work at a gun range, and you don't know what MOA is? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
What? No it's just that you sound just like him.
It freaks me out, all right? It could have been me.
And how did the argument end? I gave Scot a box of bullets and told him to go do his stuff.
He told me he'd show me what he does.
Parking lot and then what? The equipment counter, then to the firing range, to the left of the shed, and then to the right.
How much time between the first and last shot? According to the surveillance video, 5.
7 seconds.
Five shots, moving targets with that spread? Our guy's a hell of a shooter Fast and accurate.
He hit all those targets except the guy that pissed him off? The equipment guy? That was the easiest shot, and he didn't take it.
Maybe he ran out of time.
I don't think so.
He did exactly what he said he would A demonstration of what a sniper can do.
The clerk's alive because Weitzen wanted to show him how skilled he was.
I spoke to one of Weitzen's gun range buddies, a Lieutenant Sclera.
He runs group therapy for vets in Mansfield.
Some of his members served with Weitzen.
Last time I saw Scot was at Danny Macula's funeral three days ago in Boston.
I tried to speak to him, but he left before Mac was even in the ground.
You served with Scot, Lieutenant? We overlapped.
I was here when he came back.
Put up a good front at first, but I knew what he was going through.
My wife wakes up at nights.
I'm sleeping on the floor.
- I blow up at the kids.
- I hear that.
Scot couldn't keep up the good front? It couldn't last.
Our unit's lost seven members in the last three years.
Jake Ciliar and Danny Macula Just four months apart.
I already told them who you are, but let me go in first.
You ever done this group thing, Kenny? A few times.
Not often enough.
I can't imagine this case is easy for you.
I'll be okay, boss.
As a sniper, they train you to make the rifle an extension of yourself, the scope an extension of your eye, the trigger an extension of your fist, so when they take away your rifle, it's like you've been amputated.
I've been holding on to this, to the rifle it represents, but now I understand.
It's a phantom limb I don't need anymore.
I can get past it.
Thank you, Ron.
I'm Agent Jess LaCroix.
I'm Agent Kenny Crosby.
And we're here to talk to you about Scot Weitzen.
Look, we don't at all agree with what Scot's done.
It hurts all of us, but he's our brother.
We know where he's coming from.
I'm a vet too.
And I get what you're saying.
We wanna bring Scot in before he hurts anyone else or himself.
Anyone who's spoken to him in the last couple of days or knows his whereabouts, you can talk to us after the meeting.
The last time most of us saw Scot was at Mac's funeral.
I don't remember seeing him talk to anybody.
Mac's death hit him pretty hard.
Why his death in particular? Mac was wounded during our last tour Bedridden.
Scot visited him pretty much every week in Quincy.
I'll tell you this about Scot.
He trained me, and the first thing he taught me is, a sniper has to stay invisible.
He won't contact nobody.
Okay, we appreciate the input.
Just in case he reaches out to any of you, I'll leave some cards with the lieutenant.
Okay, let's take a break.
You okay, brother? I'm hanging in.
Wouldn't hold your breath.
I wasn't planning on it.
Thank you.
Boss, they found his car.
Talk about methane emissions.
Would it hurt him to air out his sleeping bag once in a while? Got an empty pill bottle.
No label most likely street meds.
"Mother of Sorrow who held Jesus in your arms, "inspire us to travel without falter along that road that leads to true peace.
" Scot found a few bumps on that road.
Do you mind passing me that? Talk about Murphy's Law.
The VA rescheduled Scot's psych evaluation four days ago due to a backlog in insurance compensation.
VA day late, dollar short.
- When's it post stamped? - The day of the shooting.
Sent to his mother's place in Stoughton.
Would've taken at least a day to get there.
I remember bringing this in from the mailbox.
I left it on the table.
Scottie must have sneaked in.
Maybe when I was at the store? Have you noticed anything else missing? Well, I thought I had a full loaf of bread and maybe some bananas? Why would he think he'd have to sneak in and steal food from his own mother? I don't know.
Is he angry at you, or does he think you're angry at him? I told him to leave three weeks ago.
Oh, God, forgive me.
I couldn't handle him.
If Scottie had lost an arm or if he lost his legs, I'd carry him.
I promise to God, I would.
But he lost something inside.
I didn't know how to care for him my own son.
What Scot did isn't your fault, Mrs.
Cops swear up and down they haven't left their posts since the shooting.
Say no way Weitzen got past 'em.
Weitzen, have you been out back this morning? No.
I found fresh tracks in the mud.
Weitzen, come with me, please.
Along that tree line there's a woodpile.
I saw two birds raised up.
Probably been out here overnight lying in his own urine.
Waiting for us.
He picked up his mail, dumped off the car in Norton, put the letter inside the house to bring us back out here.
Then why didn't he shoot us? He's showing us how good he is.
And he is damn good.
He left mud tracks so we knew he was here? He's playing with us Testing us to see how good we are.
Let's not let him down.
Mother of Sorrow, keep me on the road of peace.
Mother of Sorrow, relieve me of my burden.
Mother of Sorrow, embrace me with your love.
Mother of Sorrow, keep me on the road of peace.
Aerial thermal imaging came up with nothing.
Weitzen totally ghosted.
Those drones were up 20 minutes after we found his nest.
You learn in sniper training how to hide from thermal.
Weitzen could have soaked a camo blanket in a cool puddle and gotten under it.
We underestimated him, myself included.
Got the results from the pill bottle in his car.
Residue of bupropion An addictive anti-depressant also known as the poor man's cocaine.
We find Weitzen's drug connection, maybe we find him.
Symptoms of abuse Dry mouth, insomnia, aggressive behavior I think I met someone who might know where Weitzen scores.
Hey, Lenn, remember these guys? They'd like to talk to you.
It's up to you, bud, but it could help out Scot.
I appreciate how you checked me earlier today.
Name's Kenny.
I was Af-state before I fedded up.
12th infantry.
Same bags, same foxhole.
Same meds when I got back.
Same? You? A grunt? [CHUCKLES.]
What they trained you to work in a squad? To shoot? Get shot? Scope dopes like me fought alone.
Not the same, grunt.
You and Scot were close? We were good.
What I meant was, I took the same meds as Scot when I got back bupropion.
- You? - Why do you say me? Your knuckles.
You like to fight? Punch a wall? I know that anger.
Bupropion helps you get on top of it, yeah? Yeah, well, mileage may vary.
Look, I figure you and Scot have the same supplier.
It could help us get to Scot before he hurts himself.
You want me to snitch on our connection.
Come on, man.
That guy's making money off our wounds.
Let's see what you got in here.
Bupropion Oxy? What are these? Party favors? We can make all this go away, Mr.
- Corporal Palmer.
- No.
All this disqualifies you from pulling any rank in my army.
What we're really interested in, Mr.
Palmer, is a client of yours Scot Weitzen.
We suspect he's been in touch with you to refill a prescription.
Prescription? Let me enlighten you little errand boys.
Our government got people like me and Cyclops addicted to those little babies.
And those pills They are the antidote.
These pills are the antidote? These ones right here? These pills are the antidote? How many of our brothers and sisters have reached the bottom of those pill bottles and then overdosed on these, huh? How many? I've lost five friends to these! Kenny, sit down.
Sit down! Scot Weitzen how do you get in touch with him? Where do you meet him? I am not snitching on Cyclops.
You created him.
You deal with him.
Lawyer! Get him out of here.
Come on.
I don't wanna keep having to yank your chain! Understand? Yeah, boss.
Those breathing exercises I showed you They helping at all? - Yeah, a little.
- Give them a chance.
If they don't work, we can try something else.
I tracked Palmer's phone calls and locations the past four days.
There's just the one outlier A burner call yesterday and then a drive to South Brockton to a self-storage place.
Stack left.
Stack right.
- Pop it.
- Go.
Watch out for traps.
Clear! - Clear right.
- Clear! - Clear left.
- He's got taste.
Talk about sniper comfort food.
He's filled this place with things that make him feel safe: guns, ammo, food, and God.
That about sums up my tour.
Have the surveillance video pulled ASAP.
On it.
Shots fired! Move to cover! - Shots fired! - Shots! Fall back to cover! Anybody see a POS? He's gotta be on that hill to the east! - See him? - No.
- You have eyes? - Who has eyes? - I got no visual.
- See him? - Anything? - Negative.
- Anybody hit? - Okay over here.
- I'm good! - Crosby? - Yeah, I'm good! - Team's good.
I think we're clear.
I want people sweeping that hill now.
Lucky for us he was off target.
- It was a warning.
- Stay alert.
Next time, no more games! Hat's off, Lieutenant Weitzen.
He was over 1/2 mile away, 140 feet up.
Wind blowing sideways at 18 knots and no spotter, and he still made five shots on the money.
He's just a man with a gun.
Don't let him get under your skin.
Who's turned the tables on the people hunting him, namely us.
He'll make a mistake, and when he does, - we'll be there.
- He might save us the trouble.
Look at this.
This is from the storage place an hour after the shooting at the gun range.
Whatever he was looking at saved his life.
The TV.
There was a TV hanging on the wall.
Find out what was on it.
Mother of Sorrow, help me.
Five people are dead at a gun range in Cumberland, Rhode Island, after a patron opened fire on other customers.
Police have identified the suspect as Scot Weitzen of Stoughton, Massachusetts, a decorated army sniper.
The 32-year-old veteran was honorably discharged from the service two years ago.
That's what stopped him.
He saw himself.
Or maybe because the whole world sees him now.
A man who was invisible during his service And ignored after his service as just another damaged vet.
Despair would have been building as he watches his friends suicide around him.
The shooting would've released that pressure, and now he's in no man's land, hovering between destruction and self-destruction.
Walking on the edge of the knife while that pressure builds back up.
Would you like to tell everyone what that would be like for Scot as a veteran? Come on, boss.
They all know what it's like.
- It's like this job.
- Can't be the same.
I'd like to hear it from you.
Yeah, me too.
In the field, they train you They trained me to fight And also to be ready to die to prepare me to forget about dying.
I never quite could.
Whenever one of my buddies was killed, my anticipation built.
It was, "okay, it's my turn now.
" It was like jumping into a pool and waiting for the cold water to hit.
My body clenched up But I never hit the water.
And that pressure just kept on building.
And now, in the field, you do all the things that keep you safe.
You keep your buddies close, your weapon, your armor and that helps keep things manageable.
But out here in the real world, you don't have that safety.
You have that training about dying and that pressure, anxiety.
If you don't know how to deal with it, it just turns into panic Or addiction Or five dead bodies on the gun range.
It's Scot Weitzen.
He broke into a visiting nurses agency last night in Brookline.
The police report says he rifled through patient files.
The only files missing pertained to a Daniel Macula.
Macula? That's the funeral Scot attended before the shooting.
One of his battle buddies.
We couldn't get it up the stairs to Danny's room, so he spent the last year of his life right here.
I'm very sorry about your son, Mr.
I don't know what to tell you about Scot.
They met on their first tour, re-upped together.
They would say they were each other's lucky charm.
Scot was looking through medical files.
Maybe for someone to blame for your son's death? No, no, my son died by his own hand.
Instead of taking his painkillers, he saved 'em until he had enough [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC.]
Maybe Scot felt guilty.
For what? He stopped coming around about two weeks before Danny died.
I thought maybe he blamed himself for Danny getting wounded, or maybe he knew what Danny was planning.
If you talked to him, you think he'd listen to you? I don't know.
He called me just before Danny died, but it wasn't all warm and chatty.
What was it about? He wanted this photo I took of him and Danny.
It's the last photo of the two of 'em together.
He had other pictures, but he just had to have this one.
Mother of Sorrow.
Mother of Sorrow.
Do you have the Macula file for the nursing agency? - What are you looking for? - I'm looking for her.
The visiting nurse? What about her? Maybe he doesn't wanna just be looked at, but looked after.
Christina Naylene She was Macula's nurse for two years, and then was reassigned three weeks before he died.
She stopped visiting Macula, and then a week later, so did Scot? Maybe Scot had a thing for the nurse? I don't think it's that.
I think he perceives her as someone who can heal and comfort him.
- Someone who can save him.
- A nurse.
That's what his instincts are telling him, and he's running on nothing if not instinct.
That's his next move To find her.
I haven't heard from Scot, and I doubt I will.
He avoided me at Danny Macula's funeral.
Don't you think it's odd he stopped visiting Danny right after you did? I'm sure that had nothing to do with me.
Why did you stop seeing Danny? The VA, in its infinite wisdom, decided to reassign my agency to another district.
They pulled you away just like that? They're surprised Macula suicided? It's easy to blame them, but Danny must have been hoarding pills while he was still in my care.
It was my job to notice, and I didn't.
You disapprove of what Danny did as a matter of faith? - Your cross.
- Yes.
I know Danny was in a lot of pain, but he had a wife and two children, and he could have lived a life filled with love and dignity.
And what about Scot? If he did what Macula did, five people would still be alive.
I can't even consider that, but Scot deserves a chance at a good life after all he has sacrificed for us.
What every veteran has sacrificed.
I have three more visits to make today.
I hope that you'll show a little mercy for Scot.
That'll be up to him.
In case you hear from him.
If Scot contacts her, she'll be receptive.
He's unstable.
She'll be in danger.
Keep an eye on her.
Switch off with Clinton.
12 hours on, 12 hours off.
You got it, boss.
- You're early.
- Woke up early.
She's all yours.
Sierra One in position.
This is Sierra One, subject is on the move.
That's a pretty doll.
It's a corn husk doll.
Tali made it for the anniversary of Angelyne's passing.
- This is Sierra One.
- Go ahead.
Subject is visiting a house in Framingham.
Can you check that appointment? Copy that.
There is no appointment on her schedule in Framingham.
- Get the address.
- What's your address? That's right, Tina Naylene stopped by this morning.
I wasn't expecting her.
VA gave us a new visiting nurse about six months back.
- What was she seeing you for? - Oh, it wasn't for me.
It was for my wife, Laura.
She was injured in Iraq.
Honey, these are FBI agents.
They're asking about Tina's visit.
- If you don't mind.
- Uh, yeah, go ahead.
What was the purpose of Tina's visit? She said she was in the area and she wanted to catch up.
She was my nurse for over a year.
She was like a sister.
Something wrong? Is there a problem? No.
You just reminded me of somebody.
Um, what did Tina do when she was here? She checked my PT schedule, what I was eating.
She checked my meds.
Anything specific about your meds interest her? She took back some meds I stopped taking.
Like which ones? Two packs of fluoxetine.
I stopped taking it four months ago.
What were you taking it for? When I started my recovery, I suffered from depression.
They put me on bupropion.
I started abusing it, and I got addicted.
She had them switch me to fluoxetine.
Thanks to Tina, I was able to kick the habit.
What did she do with the fluoxetine pills? Did she dispose of them here? No, she just took 'em with her.
If I can't see a probable cause to search this nurse's house, I sure as hell don't think a judge will either.
There's only one reason why she would drive an hour out of her way to pick up those drugs.
It's to help Scot Weitzen.
Only one? I can think of ten.
I'm not wasting my Friday night trying to foist this loser on a judge.
If you think Weitzen's in that house, wait him out.
Good night.
What a lawyer.
Wait him out? It's a long weekend.
Tina's gonna be in that house for three days with Scot.
He's unstable.
Who knows what'll happen? It could turn into a hostage situation.
Unless the lady invites us in to arrest Scot, we're not going in.
She might invite us in if she turns on Scot.
I need Lieutenant Macula's autopsy.
Good morning, ma'am.
I don't know if you remember me, but I - Yes, you're agent Crosby.
- Yeah, that's right.
Kenny's my first name.
Can I come in? Uh, it's a little messy in there.
- We can talk here.
- Yeah, sure.
Look, I felt bad the other day listening to you blame yourself about Lieutenant Macula's death.
It was my responsibility.
I should've been more vigilant.
I get that.
I served in Afghanistan, and I struggle with PTSS And with guilt for making it back while some of my buddies didn't.
I feel responsible for the ones who died here by their own hand.
I pulled Danny Macula's autopsy.
It wasn't painkillers.
What do you mean? He committed suicide.
Yes, but not with painkillers.
He took something else.
It wasn't your fault, and I just couldn't let you carry that burden around anymore.
Uh, have a good morning.
Hope she buys it.
Doesn't make me feel any better about lying to her.
She doesn't deserve to beat herself up over Macula's death.
That won't change.
She'll keep blaming herself no matter what.
Kenny's right.
When somebody you care about dies, you second-guess everything you did.
If you don't, you probably never cared about them in the first place.
That's her.
- Agent LaCroix.
- This is Tina Naylene.
LaCroix, I have made a terrible mistake.
I just read the autopsy of Danny Macula.
He died of an overdose of bupropion.
That's Scot Weitzen's drug.
He must have given it to Danny to help him take his own life.
- Scot had no right to do that.
- I agree.
Where's Scot now? He slept in the basement.
He hasn't come up yet.
Okay, I want you to go out the front door right now.
I am not leaving him alone.
I won't let you hurt him.
I'm staying right here, and that is that.
All right, listen to me carefully.
I want you to unlock the front door, and I want you to sit in the front room near a window so that we can see you.
No matter what, don't move.
And don't warn Scot.
Go, go.
Flash the door.
Clear immediate! Right side is clear.
Clear left.
Suspect's MIA.
- House is clear.
- House is clear! He's gone.
He might've snuck out during the night.
You know where he might go? I'm sorry, I I thought he was still here.
You're coming with us.
Jess, you better keep everybody inside until it's clear.
Ugh! Get inside.
No visual! [BULLET WHIZZES.]
Clinton, can you see him? Negative.
I think he's possibly in the trees.
He's using a suppressor.
You have a number for him? - Yes.
- Yeah? Dial the number and give it to me.
Tina? Scot, this is agent Jess LaCroix.
Please don't hang up.
You have us pinned down.
I see what you can do.
Everybody can see what you can do, okay? I'd just like to help you, - so let's talk - [PHONE BEEPS.]
Oh, come on, man, stay with us.
He's bleeding out.
I gotta go get him.
That's what Scot's waiting for.
- Clinton, anything? - Negative.
His camo's too good.
Acoustics would help to find him.
Hana, if I give you the number to his cell phone, can you turn that phone's mic on and patch it in to Clinton's tac-com? What's the number? 781-555-0189.
I can hear him breathe.
Kenny, no.
Kenny, no! Agent out! Agent out! Come on.
- Suspect down.
- Target down! He's down! [MELANCHOLY MUSIC.]
- Oh! - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- You don't wanna see this.
- Oh, my God! - You don't wanna see this.
- What did I do? - I thought I could help him! - Tina, hey, listen to me.
You did what you were trained to do, okay? Don't ever stop helping people.
We need more people like you.
Hey, guys, will you take her? Ma'am.
You're gonna be okay.
Her cooperation will mitigate harboring Weitzen.
She'll be okay.
How 'bout you? I think I need to check back in with my group.
I think that's a good idea.
Boss, I'm sorry.
I just couldn't let him die in front of me.
I know.
Don't stop being you, Kenny.
She sees you and watches over you.
She's so proud of you.
I miss her so much.

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