FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


When I was a boy, I had an uncle who traveled all over Asia, and he would write me beautiful letters talking about his adventures.
Now all we get in the mail are bills and credit card rip-offs.
Instead of letters to express our deepest feelings, they gave us emails, texts, tweets, the fast-foods of human communication.
Fact: The brains of children that surf the net for seven hours a day literally shrink in the areas where they develop compassion and empathy.
But not where they develop bad posture.
I'm proud of all of you.
You are all the leaders and the teachers now.
You had the courage to break tech addiction and free your minds.
Let's put 'em down over here.
Wait up, wait up! Make sure that header's level.
Daisy, will you refill our thermos please? - It's coming along.
- Thanks, Uncle Quentin.
We should have it done before the first snow.
Too fast! Ray.
Mom! I have another task for you.
One that I would only trust to my most loyal friends.
I had a disturbing dream last night.
A revelation.
A fox feasting on her young.
What do you think it means? That there is an obstacle to our progress.
An obstacle that needs to be removed.
Oh, look at those big brown eyes.
Aren't you a cutie pie? You're one of the moms from the Meadow? Uh, yes, ma'am.
Disposables? Uh, it's for, uh, Jade.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
Can I use your phone? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
One of these days they're gonna let us put up some cell towers around here.
In the Quiet Zone? Don't hold your breath, young lady.
- Thank you.
- Everything okay, Rose? Uh, yeah, sure.
- Oh, okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, it's your mama.
Hey, Marco told us a joke.
Go ahead Marco.
What did the ocean say to the beach? I don't know, Marco.
What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing.
It just waved.
All right, come on.
I got her.
Quentin needs to talk to you.
Uh, we're we're on our way back to the Meadow.
- Is something wrong? - No big deal.
John and me will go back with you and the kids.
Billy, you and Leanne drive back to the Meadow.
Oh! Oh, my God.
Rose! - Rose! - My babies - Rose! - My babies They killed my babies.
They killed my babies! Mr.
Riley's putting the antenna on the roof of the school today.
We have a super powerful transceiver that reaches all the way to Australia.
Wow, that sounds very cool.
Look what I found last night.
It's your mom's old compass.
I signed us up for an orienteering competition.
That's something I did with mom.
I know.
You guys were a pretty good team.
I thought we might be a pretty good team too.
Well, I gotta get ready for school.
I messed up, didn't I? Mmm.
Not yet.
- Ask Clint about Happy.
- Who's Happy? Dog Angelyne had when she was a kid.
Quentin Garvey, Ray Bell, and John Truro, on the run for the murders of three children and attempted murder of Nellie Rose Manning, their mother.
She's in ICU, under sedation.
Garvey is the leader of the Meadow, an anti-tech commune outside of Malone.
Spitting distance from Canada.
It's also in the middle of a National Radio Quiet Zone, where radio, Wi-Fi, and cellular transmissions are restricted.
Perfect for the Meadow's anti-tech lifestyle.
Man's living in the Stone Ages.
Victims were found in the woods near the commune.
Kids were killed with a single gunshot to the chest.
- Canadian cops are on a alert.
- And Garvey's background? Land fraud in North Carolina.
He served eight years.
From con man to cult leader.
That's a short leap.
He started the Meadow five years ago and convinced 40 people to take a step back into the Analog Age with him.
Nellie Rose, what's her role? She's Garvey's wife.
The three kids were his.
He killed his own kids? Oh, man.
He's a con man.
Most likely he convinced his two apostles to do it.
A little charisma and some fancy sounding dogma can convince people to do the worst atrocities.
I just can't get it out of my head.
Her coming out of the woods with that baby in her arms.
You told police she was in your store earlier that day? With a baby.
Rose's sister Leanne was outside with this boy, Billy, keeping an eye on the other little ones.
- How did Rose seem? - Fidgety.
She bought some snacks and diapers, and she asked to use our phone.
Can I take a look? What about Quentin Garvey and these two? You ever talk to them? Oh, these other two I've seen waiting outside while the "wives," as they call them, do the shopping.
As they call them? You don't believe they were married? Not unless they changed the laws against polygamy.
The men have more than one mate? That's what I understand.
Quentin himself had a second wife Iris.
Younger than Rose.
Younger women for older dudes.
Garvey's latest con.
And you said Rose was fidgety.
Did she say or do anything unusual? The diapers.
These people never buy disposables.
They use cloth ones.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Thanks for your help.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
She made a call to her mother, Sheilah Manning, in Keene, New Hampshire.
A call home, disposable diapers, snacks sounds like a road trip.
She called from here, not from the Meadow.
Garvey wasn't supposed to know.
Hey, hey! You have no right to snoop around.
This is our home! If you tell us where Quentin went, Iris, we won't have to snoop around.
I don't know.
He just left.
Oh, he didn't tell you? You're his wife, aren't you? At least one of them.
Don't ridicule what you don't understand.
Quentin is a prophet of the post-digital age.
That may be, but three of his children are dead, and he's nowhere to be found.
Soon as we heard they found Rose, Quentin knew the police would blame him.
That's why he had to leave.
She can wait with the others.
Check this out.
Garvey has the only landline on the farm.
Life's good for the prophet.
I see a mirror on the ceiling, I call an Uber.
"Free minds, free hearts.
" - Words to live by.
- Maybe.
Quentin placed it above his head.
First thing he sees in the morning, last thing he sees at night.
Prophet, murderer, and now painter.
He didn't paint it.
It's signed M.
Hey, I found that kid Billy who was at the store with Rose's children, but we can't find her sister Leanne.
Nobody's seen her.
I don't know where Leanne is.
I've been working in the cow shed.
You were with her the other day at the country store.
Is she your girlfriend? She is, isn't she, Billy? Yeah, okay.
And you don't know where she is? No.
We're worried about her after what happened.
We believe Rose was planning on leaving the Meadow for good and taking her kids and Leanne with her.
Do you know anything about that? No.
Why'd you go to the store with them? Leanne asked me.
Uncle Quentin said it was okay.
You need permission to leave the Meadow? He's the founder, it's just respectful.
You're loyal to him.
We get it.
Can make you act against your better judgment.
Like with Leanne, you don't seem to be too worried that she's missing.
If it was my girl, I'd be going crazy.
Come on, Billy.
You know where she is, don't you? What happened, Billy? When Uncle Quentin, Uncle Ray, and John left Leanne and Daisy, Uncle Ray's wife, left with them.
I don't know why they had to take her.
We wanted to get married if the elders approved.
Leanne didn't want to go with them? It's not a choice.
If Uncle Quentin asks you to do something, you do it out of love and respect.
Uncle Ray was driving and John was in the car too.
Ray said that we should stop and let the kids relieve themselves.
So I walked into the woods with the kids And then I saw Ray and John coming with guns.
So I grabbed Jade and Ruby, and I told Marco to run.
Then I fell and I dropped Ruby.
And I heard, uh, Marco and Ruby screaming for me.
That's the last thing I remember.
- We're so sorry, Rose.
- Her name is Nellie.
Rose is the name that monster gave her.
Oh, my God.
Wait, where is Leanne? Quentin took her when he escaped.
Oh, God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Isn't that why you tried to leave the Meadow? Because of Leanne? Yes.
Quentin wanted to take her for bonding.
To be his wife.
She's only 17.
And Quentin promised me when I brought her here that she wouldn't have to take a husband.
I cannot believe that you dragged your sister into this nightmare.
I'm sorry, Mom! Is it possible Leanne went with Quentin willingly? She's, um She's in love with Billy.
Did Quentin ever talk about another property he might go to? Yeah.
I heard him talk about someday, when we're ready, going to Rising Sun.
He said it's more wonderful than the Meadow.
Thank you.
That's very helpful.
And we're very sorry about your children.
Still amazes me how smart people can lose themselves in a cult.
What amazes me how she's still alive when her children were shot dead.
Doctor, what were Mrs.
Manning's injuries, exactly? A blunt force trauma to the back of her head, and a gunshot wound that grazed her left forehead.
Hard to see how the shooter missed killing her.
Couldn't you tell which came first the gunshot wound or the blow to the head? The blow to the back of the head.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
I talked to ballistics.
They say the kids were killed with the same .
But get this: A nine millimeter shell casing was found a hundred yards away where Rose was wounded.
Whoever shot her didn't want to kill her.
They hit her over the back of the head, then shot her to make it look like she was dead.
Uncle Ray or John.
Go figure that one of them has a conscious.
Whichever one it is, maybe they can help us.
We need to protect them from Quentin.
I'll have the hospital put out a press release that Rose died without regaining consciousness.
That way Quentin'll think his gunmen did their job.
It'll be one prophecy the prophet gets wrong.
Despite the tireless efforts of Dr.
Ko and the Trauma here at Franklin County Hospital, Nellie Rose Manning passed away last night without regaining consciousness.
She suffered a devastating gunshot wound to the head.
The gag order's in place.
Rose was moved to a private medical facility and registered under an assumed name.
That's one base covered.
What else? We put a tap on Rose's mother's phone in case there's a ransom demand for Leanne, and we finally ID'd the getaway vehicles BOLOS out for a burgundy Ford sedan and a gold Chevy minivan.
The team sitting on the Meadow says Quentin's little band of believers are happy as clams.
Except now Iris, his second wife, is in charge.
Of course.
The prophet doesn't trust the men to run things.
Only someone he can control will do.
How are we doing finding that other refuge, Rising Sun? Nothing but a house in New Orleans.
I checked the court records from Garvey's real estate fraud case.
He really is a piece of crap.
He cheated 12 African American families in North Carolina out of their land because they couldn't prove titles to home that had been in their family for generations.
When Garvey was convicted, he had to forfeit all the land he stole.
All the land the court knew about.
Take another look.
See if they missed anything.
We'll stop to eat in Virginia.
So tell me, Ray, how is it the two of you managed to foul up - the task I gave you? - That's on John.
I did the hard part.
I took care of the kids.
And if I ask him why Rose is still alive, I imagine he'd blame you.
Had enough for three and a charger.
These boxes are open.
Well, the lady said she had to activate them.
Let's see what they're saying about us.
Well, damn.
Looks like Rose died in the hospital without regaining consciousness.
Looks like you two did your jobs after all.
Happy? You mean Angelyne's dog? That's what Nelson told me.
Happy was her first dog.
She loved that dog.
He died when she was 11.
So dad bought her a new dog, but she didn't want to play with it.
She felt guilty, like playing with this dog would be disloyal to Happy.
And what happened? Well, Dad had a talk with her, and she started playing with the dog.
So what'd he tell her? I don't know.
I didn't hear.
Yay, calories! Carbs.
Hey, boss, check this out.
The tap on Rose's mom's phone picked up a voicemail.
Hi, Mrs.
Manning, my name's John.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I was friends with Rose.
I tried not to hurt her, I really did.
Please forgive me.
So John's our man with a conscious.
Warn Mrs.
Manning not to respond to him.
And I got a hit on the burner he used.
Bought it this morning in downstate New York.
- Good stuff.
- Thank you.
He paid cash for three prepaid smartphones.
He activated them himself right away so he could use them.
Hey, I saw a camera outside.
Could I take a quick look at the feed? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Thanks.
- Was anyone with him? Nope.
He checked something on his phone, went to the beverage aisle to make a call.
Okay, I'm getting something.
Above you.
We got Leanne and Daisy in the minivan, and that is our boy Quentin at the wheel.
Keeping a close eye on the ladies.
Doesn't trust Ray or John.
Did this customer say anything about where he was going? Well, he did ask if the phones worked in North Carolina.
Where Quentin stole land from those families.
Quentin Garvey got a third cousin of mine to deed him all my land.
Next thing, a process server's telling me that I gotta quit the place.
Hell if I'm gonna move off the land that's been in my family since the Civil War.
My son's a lawyer, so we made a new claim.
It took a couple of years, but we got all 50 acres back.
And Garvey got a 6x8 cell.
- He messed with the wrong man.
- He certainly did.
You know anybody that didn't get their land back from Garvey? My friend Delvin Tepper.
He lost 800 acres, west side of the river.
His title fell to a company that they couldn't connect to Garvey.
Thank you, Mr.
Appreciate the help.
Delvin Tepper's named as grantor to a farm now owned by East Asheville Holdings LLC - and four other corporations.
- Garvey tied it up in knots.
A farm on the west side of the river would catch a glimpse of the rising sun, wouldn't it? Let's give Garvey a proper welcome.
We'll make Rising Sun just after dark.
When things cool down, we'll bring everyone from the Meadow, but right now, we need to talk about money.
Do you know where we're going? No, he won't tell me.
I don't want to.
I know.
Can you just drive away right now? You can just drop me off somewhere.
- Please.
- I can't.
He took the keys.
But just wait.
I'll get you away.
- How's Leanne holding up? - She's quiet.
Nervous about the bonding.
Reassure her, Daisy.
When we're safe at Rising Sun, we will have the ceremony.
Boss, Rose's mother texted John's burner asking about Leanne.
Can hardly blame her.
Any response from John? No.
Probably means Quentin has the burner phone now.
He'll figure out John isn't a team player anymore.
Silver minivan approaching from the north.
Can't ID the occupants.
- No second vehicle in sight.
- Copy that.
All positions stand by.
FBI! Drop your weapon! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! I didn't shoot! I didn't shoot! Hands, hands, hands! Hands up all the way! Get out.
Don't move! - Stay down! - Go for EMS.
Two secondary structures in the back.
We want to preserve the integrity Let's run a sweep of the interior! Clear those residential structures! Topside over on the south side.
- Yeah, copy that.
- Hello, who's this? Hello? It's probably Quentin.
He must've heard the whole thing go sideways.
He sent these two to see if it was safe.
They were slaughtered while he listened in.
He still has Leanne and Daisy.
Who knows what he might do to them.
They made it to Rising Sun.
All's good.
Uncle Quentin had a revelation.
He said that Rose was gonna run away and go to the police.
And he gave us guns, told us to take her in the woods and shoot her.
And her kids too.
Why the children? He said without their mother they wouldn't survive in the world.
When Uncle Quentin says something, you don't ask questions.
But when Uncle Ray shot the boy, it's like I woke up.
I couldn't go through with it.
I I tried to make it look like Rose was dead, so that Uncle Ray wouldn't finish her off, - but it was for nothing.
- You didn't kill Rose.
We said that she was dead to fool Quentin.
Thank God, I never meant any harm to come to anybody.
When Quentin sent you and Ray to Rising Sun, where was he going? He said to get things ready while he went for money.
He was looking at back roads to get to West Virginia.
Okay, there was something about West Virginia in Daisy Anderson's file.
Given name Maya Anderson, father's in-house counsel for a coal company in West Virginia.
- Lives outside Charleston.
- About 300 miles from here.
Fire up the bird.
Alert Charleston police.
What's the combination, Daddy? Maya, why are you doing this to us? - My name is Daisy.
- Please, sweetie, we thanked God you weren't killed last night - in North Carolina.
- Shut up! Mmm.
- What are you talking about? - The news said the police killed two members of the Meadow in Ashville.
What? They killed Ray? - Calm the hell down.
- Oh, my God.
- It's all falling apart! - Nothing's falling apart.
Look at me.
I feel your pain about Ray.
But when we get to the Seer, everything's gonna be okay.
You'll see.
Now come on, Daddy! Give us the numbers, or we're gonna blow Mommy's brains out.
Oh, for God's sake, Mark, just give it to them! These people have already killed a mother and her three kids.
Lynne, tape her damn mouth shut.
- Rose is dead? - Do what you're told! Rose and the kids you killed them? Why would you do that? Let's go! Move it! By the time we rolled up, they were gone.
We set up checkpoints, but these mountains are riddled with back roads.
Anderson, I'm Agent LaCroix.
Captain Parsons tells us that you and your husband have been through quite an ordeal.
My daughter Maya threatened to kill us.
Was it just your daughter and this man, Quentin Garvey? No, there was another young woman.
She looked absolutely terrified.
That man kept yelling at her.
And when Maya found out about the people killed in Ashville, she started screaming and that man tried to calm her down.
How? What did he say? Something about meeting a Seer.
Maya has been troubled before, but what this place has done to her What do you mean she was troubled? She was molested by a relative, and she blamed us for not protecting her.
Garvey was so focused on the 20 grand in the safe that he overlooked the three grand in the Andersons' wallets.
Not to mention the major bling-age up in the master bedroom.
He'll still be on the hunt for money.
That jacket looks sick on you.
- You think so? - Oh, yeah, dude.
I love your style.
You know what'd look so cool with that? Some red berry lip gloss.
I don't have any with me.
Here, try mine.
It's new.
Tastes kinda funny.
Vitamin E.
Good for your skin.
The red one.
That's my car.
You don't look so good, Cara.
I should drive you home.
Hey, this is my dad and my sister.
This is Cara.
- We have to drive her home.
- Get in.
- Good job, baby.
- Thanks, Dad.
Hey, I just got a hit on Daisy Anderson at an ATM two hours ago in Danville.
Coming at you.
Who's the girl? She looks like she's been drugged.
Cara Jarvis, 16, from Alexandria.
Reported missing along with her car.
They took a grand out of her checking account and another grand from her credit card.
Better keep the cards active.
They'll keep Cara alive as long as she's useful.
I'm not sure it's about the money.
Pretty, rich, 16 smack in the middle of Quentin's sweet spot.
Another bride for the prophet? Or maybe for the Seer.
He told Daisy they were gonna meet him.
Along with Elvis and the Easter Bunny.
"Free minds, free hearts.
" The painter, M.
, he's our Seer? Well, I doubt we'll find his work in the Met.
This is more like folk art.
Painted on butcher paper with what looks like colored pencils dipped in water.
Something I might pull together for Anais on a snow day.
Or what an inmate can get his hands on.
A lot of artists spent time in prison.
Garvey's cellmate, Marcus Wilson, M.
Shared a cell with Garvey for three years at Central Prison in Raleigh.
Charged with abduction and rape of a minor, scheduled for release a month from now.
Cara Jarvis could be his get-out-of-jail present.
Not if we can help it.
Wilson's a Level Three sex offender.
He's at the end of a 12-year bid.
He's had plenty of time to hone his artistic skills.
Well, is this one of his? Oh, yeah.
He started painting boats after we confiscated his sketches of underage girls.
We didn't want to encourage an unhealthy obsession.
This is one of his earlier works.
How can you tell? Butcher paper, watercolor paint, now he can afford canvas, oil paints.
Is someone buying his paintings? Lord no.
Wilson's had a $1,000 coming into his account every month for the last five years.
It's made his time in here pretty easy.
Five years ago.
Right when Garvey got the Meadow up and running.
Quintin hung on to this? - I'm flattered.
- Why boats? I grew up by the ocean in Cape May.
"Free minds, free hearts.
" That come from your childhood too? It's my own thinking.
Cleanse yourself of the evils of modern technology.
Free your mind and find the power of love.
The gospel according to Quentin Garvey.
He was curious.
I educated him.
You gave him an angle, and he pays you back with canteen money.
You also share an interest in teenage girls.
All my partners gave me consent.
After you roofied and raped them.
We're not here to argue, Mr.
We need help finding Garvey.
Maybe he reached out to you.
We can help with your parole.
I don't need your help.
I've been a good boy in here.
After they calculate my good time, I'll be out of here yesterday.
My plan is to find a lady My own age and settle down.
As for old Quentin, good luck and good riddance.
He's gonna need luck, with three girls on his hands and nowhere to run.
His problems aren't my burden.
Cop interview three! You see his eyes light up at the mention of Garvey's travelling companions? I've never seen eyes drool.
As soon as he gets a release date, he'll reach out to Garvey.
You really wanna wait a month? Warden, how much time off will Wilson get for good behavior? I wanna max this guy out.
No early release.
Warden, we're not actually asking you to give him time off, but we'd like Wilson to think he was getting out tomorrow.
Run a game on Wilson? If we're right, and he does reach out to Garvey, he'll get another five years for aiding and abetting.
The map will post on their website tomorrow.
So, uh, take a look and let me know what you think.
Okay? Night, sweetie.
Love you.
Treasure map? Orienteering competition.
Tali used to do it with Angelyne all the time.
She loved it.
I'm trying to get her interested in doing one with me, but I'm not having much success.
Life goes on.
Tough lesson to learn.
You sure you charged that Stingray? Yeah, it's working.
If anyone uses a burner in that prison, we'll know about it.
He's probably been waiting for this moment ever since Quentin got out of jail and started luring young women to the Meadow.
We got a hit.
It's an encrypted DM posted to a hockey message board.
Old tech.
Easy to unscramble.
"Out in two days, "can solve your problem if you bring treats.
Interested?" And there's a reply from one of Garvey's burners.
And Wilson just wrote back and disconnected.
Meet me at the blue boat.
Cape May where Wilson grew up.
Maybe a way out of the country by boat.
Two marinas in Cape May.
Two teams.
We need to cover both.
Call the warden, make sure she puts Wilson in isolation.
Cara, listen to me.
Tell Quentin and Daisy that something's wrong with me.
Why? What are you gonna do? When they come in here, run.
But what about you? Go! It's Leanne.
Something's really wrong with her.
Hey! Get up.
Now you have something to moan about.
I thought they'd let me go after they couldn't get any more money out of me, but I was wrong.
Leanne told me Quentin is a perv, and he's gonna force her to marry him.
It's because of her I was able to run away.
Any idea where they're heading? We were in North Carolina yesterday when Quentin got some kind of message, and we started driving south.
Did you make any stops? For gas.
And a Home Depot.
Daisy went in and bought a generator and a gas can.
I don't know what for.
Her parents just arrived at the state police barracks.
Can I see them? Please? Of course.
Ma'am, watch your step.
It's not Cape May.
Quentin wouldn't need a generator if he was getting on a boat.
- The Blue Boat's a place.
- Maybe a bar.
Don't jump to easy answers.
I did with Cape May, and it cost us time.
Got a Blue Boat cruise in Amsterdam and a Blue Boat restaurant.
I've got "The Blue Boat" by Winslow Homer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
I've got a dozen Blue Boat paintings by different artists.
Popular subject.
Yeah, but why would a predator like Marcus Wilson paint one? They took away his paintings, paintings of young girls that aroused him and brought back memories of sexual assaults.
So So instead he started painting boats? Maybe the painting triggered him.
Maybe it turned him on and reminded him of one of his victims.
Maybe the place where he assaulted her.
I'm on it.
First arrest in 1991.
Sexual assault in Clayton, Georgia.
Victim, 14-year-old girl.
Wilson was a counselor at a summer camp.
The Burton Lake Camp.
Got it here! Burton Lake Camp canoe trips, woodcrafts, sailing.
Closed ten years ago, but look at this.
The Blue Boat.
- Satellite photo? - Right here.
Photo was taken two years ago.
Camp's still there.
I've got three heat signatures.
I'm seeing two cell signals coming from that building.
Go on.
Quentin Garvey, this is Agent Jess LaCroix of the FBI.
We have you surrounded.
I'd like to work out a way to get you out of there safely.
Are you listening to me, Mr.
Garvey? Call the Meadow.
Tell Iris it's Omega.
- I can hear you.
- Good.
Now there's an easy way to do this.
You come out of there one by one with your hands above your head.
That's not gonna work for me.
This is how this is gonna go: Iris can you hear me? I do, Quentin.
Agent LaCroix, I have an open line to the Meadow.
Everyone there is gathering for Omega.
Don't do it, Mr.
It's our suicide covenant.
If you move on us or the Meadow or if you try jam this call, everyone there will be dead within 20 minutes.
If you push us, we are prepared to die for our freedom.
Free minds, free hearts.
All right, Mr.
Garvey, I'm listening.
Talk to me.
What's the way out? Safe passage to a place of my choosing for me and my two companions.
I can make that happen.
But first I need a show of good faith from you.
I need to come inside, see Daisy, Leanne, make sure they're okay.
I'm not letting you in.
It's non-negotiable, Mr.
You refuse, we'll wait you out.
Gets cold out here at night.
Your generator's not set up.
You have no heating, no electricity.
You'll run out of food.
But if you let me in, you'll be on your way, wherever you want.
But not tricks or everybody dies.
Okay, okay.
Far enough.
Take that jacket off.
How you doing, Leanne? Those bruises on your face? How'd you get those? She's fine.
She fell.
I wanna hear it from her.
I'm fine.
It was an accident.
What about you, Daisy? How're you doing? Fine.
You came here expecting to meet the Seer, didn't you, Daisy? Did Quentin tell you who the Seer is? You've spoken to the girls.
Now go get us that transport.
Helicopter's coming, I just wanna show Daisy something.
The Seer painted it.
Free minds, free hearts.
Put it there on the table and leave.
That's his initials right there.
Marcus Wilson.
You wanna tell Daisy who the Seer is? It doesn't matter.
He's Quentin's ex-cellmate from Central Prison in Raleigh.
The truth can come from any man.
The truth came from a man serving 12 years for raping underage girls.
He committed one of his crimes right here.
That's why he painted that boat.
Same as the one at the entrance.
- Because it reminded him.
- No, no, no.
- Wilson was rehabilitated.
- Not a chance.
When Quentin arranged to meet him here, Wilson agreed to help if he brought him treats.
Treats, Daisy.
Young girls like you were.
He brought you here to put you together with this child rapist.
The same as the man who hurt you.
- Shut up! - Free minds, free hearts! He came up with that.
The Meadow came out of his head.
It's his fantasy.
Quentin just convinced you to live in it.
He scammed you for your body and for your money.
Hey, no, no, no.
No, Daisy, no.
You're just like them.
You're like all of them.
Don't listen to this man.
He's lying to you.
Come toward me, Daisy.
He's not worth it.
Just come towards me.
That's it.
Keep coming.
That's it.
I gotcha.
I gotcha, I gotcha.
Okay, now I want you to go out the door.
I promise, you'll be safe.
Go, go, go.
Now, Leanne, I want you to be brave.
Your sister Nellie is still alive.
Oh, my God.
Son of a bitch.
Now when I say go, I want you to do everything you can to break free of Quentin.
Understand? You so much as move, and I will kill you.
He won't shoot you.
Iris! Are you ready for Omega? He's a scammer.
Iris! He cons other people into doing his killing for him.
- Iris! - I can't I won't do it, Quentin! He's probably never fired a shot in his life.
No, no, no.
You just try me.
Even forgot to take the safety off his gun.
- Don't you believe it.
- Go! Aah! All clear.
We're coming out.
Hold for Leanne.
Oh, my God, Nellie? Is that really you? So was the safety on or off? I don't know.
Couldn't tell.
Where are you? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I just can't believe you're alive.
There it is! There you go.
- Punched.
- Okay, where to next? I'm really glad you decided to do this with me.
Well, it's what you texted.
Mom would still want me to do things that I liked.
Yeah, she would, and it would break my heart for you to give up things that make you happy.
And Grandpa told me about Mom's first dog, Happy.
So that make me the new dog? Come on, it's this way.
- Come on, slow poke! - Oh, really? Huh? All right! Here we go!
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