FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


And that's his vehicle right there? Yeah, that's his truck.
Waters, Enfield police.
Time for you to go.
Come on, Waters, we know you're home.
He's probably drunk.
Okay, chief, we're coming in.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, God.
Ah, Jesus, no Aah! Oh, Jes Oh! I've been sober two years! [PANTS, GRUNTS.]
Oh, God.
Diversity Day is tomorrow, and I need to bring something about my culture.
Something about your culture I have to share about our people.
Uh, Grandpa, what do you think I should bring? Hmm, well, you wanna use my headdress or my tomahawk? You have a tomahawk? Oh, yeah.
Don't make jokes.
She's being serious.
Hmm, can it be food? - No, not food.
- Well, let's look around.
I'm sure we can find something.
It's okay.
Today's special is Reginald Waters, 38.
Killed a police officer in Enfield, Connecticut with a shotgun over an eviction from a rental cabin.
Wounded the landlord and was last seen driving away in a blue and white Ford Lariat pickup.
We know he left the state because We don't, but he owns a home outside Berwick, Maine.
He has one arrest there for trespassing during protests against developers who were building condos on tribal lands.
He has a rep for non-violent activism for Native American causes.
Our task is to lead our vigorous, and by no means, dying race of people back to our rightful heritage of nobility and greatness.
ALL: Yes! We demand to be seen and to be heard.
ALL: Yes! And to be consulted in the development of land that is our birthright.
ALL: Yes! I get his MO.
Speak softly and carry a big shotgun.
Besides the trespassing, he has one domestic disturbance beef from ten years ago, around the time of his divorce.
What is he? Abenaki Nation? No, Mohawk.
He was born on the Akwesasne reservation upstate.
The brother's a wanderer.
If he wanders to Akwesasne, all he has to do is walk across the border to Canada.
I'll put the word out to the Indian Country Agents and the tribal police.
We know what Waters was doing in Enfield? We don't, but whatever it was, it must've been temporary.
He's been renting the cabin week-to-week, and his house in Maine has been empty for five months.
His neighbors have been watering the plants.
We've got surveillance on it.
The Enfield police think Waters killed one of their officers over an eviction's notice for a weekly rental, and he owns a house in Maine? Doesn't quite make sense.
Maybe he has a low boiling point.
Something destabilized him, something he thought a temporary stint in Connecticut might resolve.
He was there on a mission.
We need to find out what that mission was.
- Five months in this shoebox? - If the price is right.
Thumbtack holes, fresh.
Looks like Waters set up some kind of display.
Living large.
This was just outside here.
He was trying to burn something, photos and papers.
Let's take a look.
Yeah, I think these are the photos that were on display.
Looks like a party.
Middle-aged sports fans and women way out of their league.
I got a parking lot.
I got a Raintree Motel.
I've got receipts.
Lobster for one.
And this looks like it's from a hotel in Houston last October.
Right, during the World Series.
This photo was taken from inside a car.
The driver was behind the wheel and got a piece of the side view mirror in the photo.
He also caught a reflection of himself holding the camera.
That's not Waters.
The circles around the faces, clandestine locations.
These are surveillance photos taken by this guy, maybe a PI.
There is a Raintree Motel 15 minutes from here just across the state line in Springfield, Massachusetts.
This PI's probably local.
A hotshot who gets his own face in a surveillance photo? Should be easy to find.
Let's do it.
Yup, that's me.
Should've used a telephoto lens on that photo.
Reg, he goes by Reg.
He hired me to find his daughter.
She disappeared about six months ago.
And she disappeared here in Springfield? Reg was raising her up in Maine, alone, after his wife died.
The daughter and him, they weren't getting along, so, minute she turned 18, she took off down here with her boyfriend.
They moved into the Raintree Motel.
It's a dump.
A month later, she was gone.
And you went to Houston to find and I assume the daughter has a name.
Reg thought she might've been sex-trafficked.
That's why I went to Houston.
Big sports events, they're like magnets for sex traffickers.
Sounds like that needle in a haystack.
Oh, no, no.
I have this software.
You plug in a description of a girl, like a redhead with a tramp stamp, and the algorithm scans thousands of escort ads.
The algorithm told you to go to Houston, all expenses paid, and 10,000 bucks later, you had nothing to show Reg.
You cleaned him out, Mr.
It's a wonder he didn't shoot you.
That's not fair.
I shared that software with him.
I mean, that's got to be worth at least a couple of grand.
I'm sure.
Any idea where he might go? No, I haven't talked to him in a week.
What about Audrey's boyfriend? Is he a suspect in her disappearance? Jeremy? No.
He, uh, he called Reg after she went missing.
He's a musician.
His story is that he went back to the motel after a gig and she was gone.
And where can we find Jeremy? Somewhere in Maine.
Somewhere in Maine.
That's the best you can do? Yeah, I wasn't paid to find the boyfriend.
I'm sure you can find him if the NBA Finals were in Maine.
Audrey Waters' disappearance is still an active investigation.
We haven't given up, and we don't plan to, no matter what her father's done.
That's good to hear.
Do you have any idea why Waters shot down an officer in Enfield? It was over an eviction, wasn't it? We don't think so.
It's against character.
I heard he might've been drinking.
There's no evidence of that.
You met him did he seem like a drunk to you? I couldn't tell.
He was very distressed about his daughter.
Captain, it would help us if we could take a look at her file.
Of course, but the lead detective retired last month.
I'll call him.
I thought it was an active case.
People retire.
What can I say? Of course.
You mind asking that young police aide to bring me a cup of coffee? Yeah.
Dottie, can you bring in a coffee? Uh, black, two sugars.
Black, two sugars.
So when I hear back from the detective, I'll reach out to you.
I heard he's fishing out in Quebec for walleye.
I know a few spots up there.
You fish? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I hunt.
Waterfowl, ducks.
We found some calls Waters made to this precinct after hours.
10, 15-minute calls.
All this month.
Thank you.
Well, he didn't talk to me.
Probably got an update from the lead detective.
The one who retired last month? This is delicious, by the way.
- Thank you, Miss - Boruta.
Miss Boruta.
We don't want to get you in trouble with your boss, but those phone calls Waters was talking to you, wasn't he? I felt sorry for him, but that's it.
You talked to him because the others wouldn't listen, right? They didn't try.
Not the police, not that private detective.
Why, did they think Audrey ran away on her own? They didn't care because she's Native American.
They just called her a prostitute and a junkie, and that was that, but she wasn't.
They're just bigots.
You tried to help Reg? I gave him a copy of Audrey's file.
The file was so thin.
It just devastated Reg to see how little the police had done.
And then the very next day, he shot those people.
It's my fault.
I didn't know how angry he'd be.
Did you keep a copy of the file? You know, you can buy your own cigarettes - every now and then.
- I need to see the guest - register from last June.
- Excuse me? The only thing I'm offering is rooms, man.
You want one? Look, my daughter stayed here in June.
She was kidnapped.
Sounds serious.
You should call 911.
Show me the register now.
All right, dude, you're screwed.
No, no, dude, don't shoot me, no [POLICE RADIO CHATTER.]
He checked the guest register for last June.
When his daughter was here.
He's got the police file, and he knows the leads they didn't follow.
Well, looks like he's following them now.
With a vengeance.
Everyone's failed him.
He must feel very alone right now, as if he's the only one that could find his daughter.
Anybody gets in the way and they won't live to tell about it.
We have the road map now.
Let's get ahead of him.
- Adams? - Yeah.
Ten pages.
That's the whole file for a six-month investigation.
Police didn't even put Audrey Waters' DNA into NAMUS for a match to unclaimed remains.
I'll get on it.
Looks like Cops in Enfield dropped the ball on a tip.
A girl matching Audrey's description was seen selling jewelry in a farmer's market in town.
This must've put Reg in a very good mood when the Enfield cop showed up to evict him.
Reg probably thinks these cops are equally responsible for his girl's disappearance.
No wonder he went to war against them.
Here's another lead they dropped.
Page five Audrey's boyfriend Jeremy told the police about a white pimp named Lex who was a couple of doors down from him at the Raintree.
He had two girls with him, one white, one Asian.
Jeremy said Lex and the girls had checked out by the time he got home and found Audrey missing.
No record Springfield PD ever followed up.
I'll follow up.
A pimp named Lex works the northeast.
That explains why Reg checked the motel register.
No forwarding address for the boyfriend.
Springfield didn't even keep tabs on him.
Most likely Reg will be on his way up to Maine to look for him.
Find Jeremy.
In the meantime, if I were Reg, I'd try to hit home base first.
I got stuff from Audrey's old room they can pull DNA from.
The dust impressions under this frame It's been moved recently.
This is Paula and Cody Sampson.
They're taking care of Reg's place.
I'm Jess LaCroix.
Have you seen or spoken to Reg lately? We just take care of the house.
Make sure the pipes don't freeze.
It's hard to believe he did what they're accusing him of.
We don't have anything to do with that.
We're just trying to find him before more people get hurt.
There's a safe under there.
Somebody's been in it recently.
If I run the prints on it, they'll come back to one of you, won't they? If you're straight up with us, we won't have any problems.
I took money out yesterday all of it, $3,000 and gave it to Reg.
I know what he did, but I love him like a brother.
Nothing can change that.
Fair enough.
Did he tell you where he was going? No.
I, uh, I don't think he knows himself.
He's been on a broken road a long time.
Tell me.
Reg wasn't a good father to Audrey.
He walked out on her mother when she was seven.
- He was drinking then.
- And he stopped? Two years ago after Audrey's mother, Diane, killed herself.
Audrey came to live with him.
It was a disaster.
Reg tried everything to make it right with Audrey, but he couldn't be a good parent to her.
A man like Reg he didn't know how.
I'm raising my daughter on my own, so I understand.
I think this is different.
This is about the schools.
He won't understand.
He was married to my sister.
Try him.
Reg's father and my father were in Indian school together.
Residential schools.
They were taken from their parents when they were little and sent there.
You know what the priests and nuns did to them in there? I know the motto.
"Kill the Indian to save the man.
" And worse.
Physical and sexual abuse.
Little kids, man, in that school for ten years.
How could our fathers grow up and be good parents to us after that, when no one parented them? It's a bad cycle, and Reg is just caught up in it.
Thanks for talking to us.
I found the boyfriend Jeremy.
He's just been released from the hospital.
I just moved in, and Reg shows up.
He was all pissed off because I never told him about the people at the motel.
He beat the crap out of me.
He thought I was holding out on him.
People at the motel, you mean that pimp, Lex? Yeah, and the two girls.
You tell Reg anything about where he could find Lex? Maybe something you didn't tell the cops? Reg wanted names.
All I knew was Lex.
Oh, and the Asian girl, she was called Blue.
It's probably not real.
And you know her name because you talked to her, right? What else did you tell Reg about her? Just about her earlobe, it was all messed up.
Like torn.
She said it was from Lex ripping her earring off.
So we're looking for an Asian escort, nom de guerre Blue, early to mid-20s, East Coast, with a deformed earlobe.
How good can this thing be? Well, I don't know.
I haven't used an app to find an escort before.
So we have some contenders.
This one has a neck tattoo.
I think Jeremy would've mentioned that.
This one, Angela Blue, her hair is covering her earlobes.
Will you blow that up? [MOUSE CLICKS.]
Her earlobe looks photoshopped.
She's in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Let's make a date.
Deceased is Rodney Brock, aka Hot Rod, priors for sex trafficking.
Somebody opened him up with a knife.
Wits ID'd your guy Reginald Waters.
You have Brock's photo? Lex is white.
Reg killed the wrong pimp.
The girls with Brock, any of them Asian? Funny you should ask.
Your guy Waters grabbed an Asian pro that was with Brock, name of Angela Blue.
Any distinguishing marks on this woman? Apparently, she has a messed-up ear.
But that'll be the least of her worries now.
He came in the room.
He had a big knife.
He grabbed Angela and dragged her out.
Did he say where he was taking her? "Come with me.
" That's all he said.
And what about this girl? Her name's Audrey.
The man who took Angela, that's his daughter.
He's looking for her.
No, don't know her.
She's lucky.
Why is that? Someone's looking for her.
Well, thank you.
Take care of yourselves.
Thank you.
Another murder, a kidnapping.
Reg is getting more desperate.
And I hope for her sake that Angela has some answers for him.
I'm sorry about you know? Wait.
Take this.
Call your parents.
They're probably looking for you.
Audrey said you were a really good dad.
I wasn't.
Nothing at the checkpoints.
New pic of my niece? Yeah, from Diversity Day at school.
You know, I heard about the residential schools, but I never asked Marilou and Nelson about them.
They didn't go.
Their parents kept them at home, hid them from the priests when they came along.
They're lucky.
My dad had a couple of uncles that went.
Those guys are haunted.
Did they have kids? Yeah, a few, and they had kids.
They're all a little bit messed up.
Multigenerational trauma.
Man hands misery to man.
Nobody heals, they just keep passing it on.
You can't make a kid feel loved and safe if you've never experienced that.
I know what you're thinking, bro.
About your old man.
What he passed on to you.
What I might pass on to Tali? No, I mean, how she cares for animals.
She cares because she's been cared for.
You hear what I'm saying, bro? Tali's gonna be okay.
Staties found Angela.
She's safe.
Reg dropped her off at a gas station.
No harm, no foul, okay? Thanks.
It's over.
I want to go.
I understand you're a survivor and that's how you cope.
You dust yourself off and you move on.
Basically, yeah.
And we respect that, but we need you to help us find Reg before he harms anyone else.
He didn't harm me.
He just wanted some intel, and once he got it, he let me go.
What'd you tell him? I told him what I heard.
That Audrey was killed by a john and Lex got rid of her body.
I don't know where.
Were you there when Lex kidnapped her? Yeah.
He chatted her up, gave her a beer, roofied her.
We tried to get him to leave her at the motel, but I didn't want my other ear ripped off.
Reg would've been devastated to hear all this.
He'd want to find Lex and he'd want to find Audrey's remains.
Were you able to help him with any of that? Lex had a real serious drug problem.
He got so strung out he couldn't function.
He had to go stay with his family in Pittsburgh.
You know his real name? I know more than that.
I have a picture of his driver's license.
Felix Erbe.
How'd you get this? Someone was gonna die because of Lex's drug problem.
It seemed like something I should have.
- Did you show that to Reg? - Yeah.
He, uh, he wrote everything down.
Let's find him.
That's what's left of my brother.
They found him two weeks ago off Brownsville Road.
Drug overdose.
I don't know what to do with his ashes.
Well, I'm very sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry for.
Felix got off easy, all things considered.
Has anybody been here asking about him? This one man yesterday.
Said his daughter was sex trafficked by Felix.
This guy? Yeah, that's him.
Oh, my God.
I let him in my house.
I sat right here with him.
Was he threatening or menacing? No, he was just sad.
Look, I know who my brother was, what he did to women.
And I'm not into forgiveness, at least not for Felix.
So when Reg told me what Felix did to his daughter, I was just said I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry because I am.
Is that all he wanted? Just to talk? I think Reg was maybe hoping to find an answer about his daughter.
And there was nothing? It must've been a blow to him.
He said it was like the end of the road.
Then I saw his eyes were wet and then I started crying.
Honestly, all this talk about my brother just Reg said I shouldn't blame myself.
He's right.
What else did he say? He said whatever made my brother a monster happened a long time ago.
Told me to burn my brother's things, that it would break the cycle of pain and give me an ending.
I don't know.
It was fine.
He left without any trouble.
Did he give you any idea where he might be going? No, he said he had to do his own work to heal the past.
In those words? Yup.
I'm sorry.
All this talk I need a minute.
Excuse me.
Heal the past.
His wife's suicide, his failure as a parent and as a husband, Audrey's murder.
He's hit a dead end.
He's turning back on himself.
He wants to break the cycle.
If I were him, I'd go see my father.
Rickey! Come here! You come when I call you.
Get inside.
- Go cry to your mother.
- Ow! We've kept an eye on Leonard's house.
Not 24/7.
Too much to do and not enough officers to do it with.
We have Indian Country agents available.
They're good when a crime's been committed on the Rez, but no crime's been committed here.
And the idea of the FBI setting up camp on our land outside our people's homes? Not gonna happen.
What's the issue between Reg and his father? Rocky.
I don't think Reg'd get a helping hand from his dad.
He hasn't been around much since his mother passed.
Leonard's remarried.
Reg has a half-brother now, Rickey.
You should know better, Shane, to bring the FBI into my house.
What's the use of having tribal police if every time somebody stubs their toe, you go running to the Feds? Leonard, just answer their questions.
Didn't you tell them that Reg and I don't get along? You did, Mr.
Waters, but you know how angry Reg gets.
We came to warn you that he might be coming here.
Oh, so now the government wants to protect me? That's a funny one.
Yeah, it's funny, but that's our job.
Reg told someone he wanted to break the cycle.
We thought he might start with you.
Let him come.
You know, he blames me because he was no kind of husband, no kind of father to Audrey.
He never just let anything be.
He's always raising Cain.
And you look like a scrapper yourself.
Those scratches on your neck? How'd you get those? My wife's a very passionate woman.
Or maybe it was from your other son, Rickey.
Where is he anyway? He's around, riding his bike.
His bike is outside.
Reg took him.
Reg was here this morning, he had a big fight with Leonard.
I took Leonard inside to stop the fight, and when I went back out, Reg was gone with Rickey.
He wouldn't let me call the police.
He wanted to protect Reg because he thinks that's what a dad's supposed to do, but you didn't protect Rickey.
His name is Rickey Waters, ten years old, 4'10", 75 pounds.
Last seen wearing a green hoodie, light gray parka and running shoes.
Got all that.
All right, passing it on to Homeland security and New York State Police.
I've alerted the detachment on the Canadian side - of the reservation.
- Appreciate the help.
We got 41 square miles here.
A lot of places for Reg to hide.
Maybe we can narrow down what he has in mind.
You don't know that! You can't promise he won't hurt Rickey! He won't.
Rickey's his only blood.
You're his blood too.
I thought he was gonna kill you.
I know my own son.
I raised him.
Your children will surprise you, Mr.
I'm sure you didn't raise him to kill people, but he did.
What were you two fighting about? [SIGHS.]
Reg wanted Leonard to take him somewhere.
I don't know where.
He said everything started with what they did to Leonard.
Where did he want you to take him, Mr.
Waters? Nowhere.
He's always stirring things up.
That's his nature.
Always looking to blame other people.
I haven't seen one of those in a long time.
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha.
Lily of the Mohawks.
Native American saint.
You're a nosy one, aren't you? Yeah, that's my nature.
They'd give a cross wrapped in sweetgrass to the Natives when they converted to Catholicism.
You still believe? I believe in the Creator.
How old were you when they gave you that? I was just a boy.
You were in residential school.
Ah, there you go.
Just like him, digging it all up.
Where's the sweetgrass that was wrapped around that cross? I don't know.
It was there this morning.
Maybe Reg took it.
Sweetgrass can be used as an offering to purify a place, and that's where he wanted you to take him: to where the abuse started, to break the cycle.
Chasing ghosts.
Better to forget them.
What school did you go to? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
The Mush Hole.
The St.
Nicholas Institute Residential School.
Branchton, Ontario.
That's where he's going.
- This is Barnes.
- Fire up the bird.
Tell the Legat we need immediate country clearance.
We're heading to Canada.
This is it.
This place is creeping me out, Reg.
Come on.
Just keep moving.
This is the one.
You know what that number is? That's our dad.
What do you mean? This used to be a school for kids like us.
Mohawk kids.
Our father was sent here.
First thing they did was cut off his hair, take away his name, and give him a number.
They'd say, "363, go scrub the floor! 363, stop crying for your Ma and Pa!" Dad was crying? All the kids cried all the time.
They had no toys.
They had no good food, just mush.
That's why they call this place the Mush Hole.
If they spoke Mohawk, the priests would put rags soaked in kerosene in their mouth.
If they fell asleep during church service, the priests would touch them, you know, abuse them.
Those kids are all here now.
They're ghosts, and we're gonna do something for them.
Here write his name over that number.
Write our father's name.
We are green.
We are green.
Go, go.
What are you doing? - I'm making an offering.
- For the ghosts? This one's just for us, for our family.
All the bad stuff that happened here.
They hurt our father so bad, Rickey.
Did they hit him? They beat his body, yeah, but they beat his soul too.
They told him his people were low and dirty.
They made him ashamed until he hated himself.
Is that why he's so mean? He's mean because he didn't have parents to love him, not the way I see your mama loves you.
This place filled him with rage rage he passed on to me.
But I won't let it happen to you.
Our family's been passing the hurt in this place from one generation to the next, but that stops today.
I make this offering to free this boy from the curse of this place.
Listen to me, do exactly what I say.
Don't shoot us! Please! I won't hurt you, Rickey.
Waters, let him go.
Me and Rickey are walking out of here.
There's 50 police out there.
SWAT, sharpshooters.
They won't let you go.
Get back.
Move! Reg, I'm scared.
Don't be.
They won't shoot you.
You all stay back or he dies.
You pull that trigger, all bets are off.
I'm gonna ask one last time, Mr.
Let the boy go.
Send him to me.
Go to him.
Go! I don't want to, Reg.
I wanna stay with you.
Close your eyes.
Do it, Rickey! Sing with me.
Sing me out.
Don't do it, Reg.
You're gonna fill that boy with pain.
Who the hell are you? Agent Clinton Skye.
I'm Kahnawake.
I saw your offering.
You broke the cycle of hurt.
Don't start another one.
He needs you to show him the way.
Help him stay on the Red Road.
That's a good place to stand.
Give it to him.
We're clear, we're clear.
I put rings in one and hairbands in the other.
Those belong to your father.
You shouldn't have taken them.
I heard father.
Am I needed? Well, I took these to Diversity Day and everybody loved them, and I was wondering if I could keep them in my room.
Those are our wedding baskets.
You took them to school? You should've asked me first.
Well, sorry, but I got an A for my presentation, and Uncle Clinton told me all about them.
What did I do? So, can you tell me more about them? [SCOFFS.]
Your mother carried one and it was filled with cloth, and I carried the other one with a little cake inside, and then we exchanged them.
The cloth meant housekeeping.
House-making, not cleaning.
And the cake meant cooking.
The exchange is a promise.
She makes the home, and he provides the food.
The woman keeps a warm house and the man hunts.
But Jess doesn't hunt, and Angelyne Angelyne wasn't made for staying home.
So, can I put my stuff in them? Sure.
Yes! Thanks, Dad.
They got a hit off of Audrey Waters' DNA.
Her remains were found three months ago outside of New London, Connecticut.
The good news, she was processed as a homicide.
They found unknown DNA under her fingernails, probably her assailant.
She went out fighting, and now we can fight for her.
Let's bring her home.
This isn't the end, okay? We have evidence that'll help find her killer.
We're not letting this go.
We'll tell Reginald.
It'll mean a lot to him.
Reg's real name is Reginald? What's your real name, Dad? You know.
I mean, the name Grandma gave you.

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