FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


Well, my story's about a boy who saved his mama from a fire, and Mr.
Weaver said I copied it.
- Did you? - No.
Said he wouldn't flunk me.
All I gotta do is let him touch my privates.
This is it.
Hi there.
Can I help you? Hello, ma'am.
I'm Ronnie.
This is my girl Raylynn.
Your car for sale think it'll make it to New Orleans? - Yeah I guarantee you it will.
- Well, all right.
Raylynn never had crayfish before.
We gonna change that.
Well, sounds good.
Come on in.
All right.
Oil changed every 3,000 miles.
My ex took very good care of that car before we gave it to our daughter.
Mom, we're out of hand lotion.
Uh, Maddie, this nice young couple will be buying the Malibu.
Oh, look at him.
I know his brother.
Growing up, I had a chicken got frostbite, - lost his foot.
- Aw, poor thing.
That's exactly what my mama said.
And she gets me to make a chicken foot out of rubber from an old refrigerator seal and duct tape it to his stump.
It was that next spring she died.
Never seen me all grown up.
Um, I'm sorry, but I'm sure she'd be pleased to see to see what a nice young boy she raised.
- You think? - I do.
Mom! No, Mom! No, stop! Stop, stop! Aah! Come on, get her bound up.
Help! No, Mommy - You know - Please, don't These two, they got me thinking of the farm where I grew up.
We go back there someday, get one of our own.
No With room for all of our babies.
- Help me, please! - Yeah, lots of 'em.
- Now get on with it.
- No Shh, shh, shh, shh, I know.
I know you're scared.
Listen, listen.
It's not gonna be okay.
Whoo! I'm excited.
Where them car keys? Okay, two or three? None, thanks.
- You love bacon.
- It's bad for the environment.
Huh yeah, but good for the mouth.
We have to leave early today.
They're taking my picture for the school newsletter.
I thought school pictures were last month.
Uh, It's just me.
I won an award.
For what? A painting I made in art class.
I won first place in the school district.
Well, that's fantastic, Tali.
I didn't even know you liked painting.
Me neither, but when we started painting, it was I don't know fun.
So can I see the painting? It's at school.
They hung it in the library.
All right, well, send me a picture.
I'm really proud of you, sweetie.
Thanks, Dad.
Bye, Grandpa.
Bye, Grandchild.
Did you know we have a junior Georgia O'Keeffe in the house? Tali? Oh, yeah.
It's a real nice painting, too.
I guess she must have got her talent from Angelyne.
Only thing you could draw is your gun.
CID threw us a couple of special additions to the list numbers 11 and 12, wanted for violent, in-progress crimes.
We got Ronnie Lee Bishop, 23, wanted for the murder of Jennifer Hargrove in Greensburg, PA this morning and the rape and abduction of her 19-year-old daughter, Madison.
The girl's still missing.
Second suspect is unidentified, but forensics at the scene said a handprint indicates it's probably a female.
Ronnie beat Ms.
Hargrove to death with a cast-iron chicken.
Hargrove's car 2006 Chevy is missing.
The car had been parked in a driveway - with a for sale sign.
- What's Bishop's history? He's been in and out of cuffs since he was 12.
Arrests for vandalism, two more for stalking women, both dismissed.
Last week he was arrested for attempted rape on a 17-year-old girl in West Virginia.
He made bail, and then he attempted to carjack a 40-year-old man in Ohio who fought him off.
Any partner on the carjacking or the attempted rape? Police reports say that he acted alone.
And failed.
0 for 2.
Well, he's 2 for 2 with the Hargrove family.
Difference is now he's got a female accomplice.
Who helped him rape and abduct a young woman.
Gotta wonder what's going through her head.
I'm thinking about what's going through his.
A low-level criminal gets pinched on an attempted rape a charge that looks like it might stick.
Soon as he gets bail, he escalates to carjacking, murder, rape, and kidnapping.
Maybe he thinks he's got nothing to lose.
- It's only gonna get worse.
- Till someone puts him down.
Bicycles were reported stolen out of the Westmoreland mall.
Video doorbell You pull the footage? We couldn't open up the victim's computer.
I'll get in.
Jennifer Hargrove was in the breakfast room.
That other blood pool belonged to her daughter.
Murder weapon came off the wall.
The rape attempt and carjacking What weapon did he use? The tire iron from the carjacking victim's car and scissors from the girl's backpack.
Weapons of opportunity.
He's impulsive.
This drag trail where does it go? This is where Bishop raped her.
Makeup wasn't drawn on the pillow.
Madison was probably wearing it, and Bishop pushed her face into the pillow.
That's a lot of makeup to wear.
I'm betting Ronnie painted her face.
It's a ritualized rape scenario.
Sexy dress, garish makeup, and a display to flaunt it.
Maybe not so disorganized after all.
Hey, Boss, got the footage from the doorbell.
Replay the approach to the door.
See the way she swings her left leg and plants her foot? She might have a traumatic brain injury.
Fast-forward to when they leave.
Ugh, disgusting.
He's enjoying this.
It's a game to him.
At least in a game, both sides know they're playing.
He knows he's being filmed.
I don't think he's impulsive or disorganized.
He knows exactly what he wants, and he improvises with whatever he has at hand.
He leaves clues not because he's disorganized but because he doesn't give a damn.
He might give a damn about this.
It's from Teen Trail.
They put trackers in cars for parents to keep an eye on their kids.
Jennifer Hargrove had one in her Malibu, but now that she was selling it, - she had 'em turn it off.
- Have 'em turn it back on.
Left the keys in the ignition.
Give 'em to me.
No takers on the canvass.
Nobody saw anything.
It's a high traffic area.
Bishop and his partner just blended in.
He picked the right place.
We got video of Bishop dropping the car.
- Oh, jeez.
- Come on, come on, show it to me.
Have anything else on Bishop? What about the camera at the dance studio? A decoy.
We have this view from the entrance of the bank.
Pause it.
Another second right there.
Freeze it.
Can I see that tablet for a second? You see that Subaru? It's heading in the same direction as Bishop and the girl.
It's got one person in there.
The driver here, two minutes later, exiting the same strip mall with three people in the car.
Run the plates.
Vogel, it's the FBI.
Open up, please.
Bishop's at it again.
I need a photo of Madison Hargrove and Bishop's attempted rape victim.
And the other one.
- Put it next to that picture.
- They could be sisters.
These women might have been random Wrong place, wrong time but they're not random to Bishop.
He's raping and killing the same person over and over.
Like "Groundhog Day" from hell.
An ex-girlfriend? A date who stood him up at prom? Any family we can talk to? His father left when Bishop was born.
His mother's whereabouts are unknown.
Bishop's like an empty cup in the wind.
If Bishop's obsessed with girls with a certain look, I doubt he'd leave it up to dumb luck to find them.
They must have something else in common.
Hello, sunshine.
Bishop's partner is Raylynn Parker, 19, from Clarksburg, West Virginia.
Let's hope she likes social media.
She's nothing like the girls he's targeting.
Mm, she might serve another purpose for Bishop.
Like what? Sex? Or maybe approval, an audience for his crimes.
No bank account or credit cards, no work history, no fixed address.
Oh, she's on someone else's social media.
Isn't this sweet? She's engaged.
Beau Parsons, Harrisville, West Virginia.
Guessing that snowflake had a longer lifespan than their engagement.
We met at horse therapy.
You and Raylynn? That's where you met? Camp for brain injury patients.
Beau had a stroke at 14 playing football.
Raylynn had car crash.
Killed her parents.
Were you still engaged when she ran off with Ronnie Bishop? We was in line at the Walmart.
Raylynn told a joke.
I didn't know it was funny, but the guy behind us laughed.
She couldn't take her eyes off him.
He said they'd known each other as kids.
She was gone the next morning.
"To have babies with him" she said.
I'm sorry to hear that, Beau.
That snowflake, that's in your photo.
She made it for me.
Was saving it to show our kids.
Well, don't need it now.
Beau, when you and Raylynn talked to Ronnie, did he tell you what his plans were or why he was going to Harrisville? No, he said he'd been staying in Ravenswood His mom.
Thank you.
It's been very helpful.
Football took some.
Raylynn took some.
But I can still hear the music.
Yeah, Ronnie was here two weeks ago.
- Stayed but two days.
- What was he doing? Just looking through that box of crap I've been keeping for him since I don't know when.
You mind if we take a look? Sure thing.
Here you go.
Knock yourself out.
Has Ronnie tried to call you the last few days? To talk about what? We ain't got nothing to say.
- You two have issues? - No.
I move around.
He moves around.
Maybe it has to do with your sex work.
- We've seen your record.
- So what? Ronnie's got nothing to bitch about.
I kept our heads covered and our bellies full.
You know why he'd keep that? To hang a key on? Why don't you ask him when you see him? I will.
Do you mind me asking When Ronnie was growing up, you saw clients at the house? Well, wasn't gonna meet no stranger in a motel.
What did you do with Ronnie? What was I supposed to do? Make an eight-year-old wait out in the street? That ain't safe.
You have great balance, Ms.
Thank you.
I was a dancer before that baby stretched me out.
- You mind if I take a photo? - No, go ahead.
I look good.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Mama has a friend coming over, so you all are gonna have to leave.
I think we're done.
Thank you.
Do you have the photos from the Jackie Vogel crime scene? What are you looking for? Here, right next to the closet Dance slippers.
Jackie Vogel's autopsy found a healed ankle fracture.
Madison Hargrove Healed metatarsal break in her right foot.
These are both dance injuries.
The strip mall where Bishop kidnapped Jackie Vogel had a dance studio.
Bishop's trolling dance studios, following their customers home? And dancers that remind him of her mother when she would lay on the makeup and turn tricks in front of him.
It's a form of sexual abuse, not to mention whatever the men his mother brought home might have done to him.
He's working out his anger.
All the rapes, murders, the makeup They're an attempt to regain control over a traumatic experience.
Why not just kill the person he has a beef with his mom? It's a compulsion.
He's probably not even aware of why he's doing it.
Somehow Raylynn fits his algorithm.
She has no record of arrest, average student.
The only thing I did find was this.
The car crash that killed her family when she was 13 during their annual trip to see the snow at Spruce Knob.
Her life was thrown into chaos, and her brain injury denied her the ability to deal with it.
Till Bishop came along and took charge of her.
Probably a mutually beneficial relationship.
He gives her a purpose, an exciting role to play, and she gives him an audience A non-judgmental, approving audience.
Bishop's all over the map.
Starts in West Virginia, goes to Ohio, back to West Virginia, then up to Pennsylvania.
No rhyme or reason.
Bishop's been trying to regain control of a time when he was a child, when he felt weak.
What if these places are from that same time? His mom lived the life of an itinerant sex worker.
That'd be hard to track.
Right, but she has a criminal record.
Maybe we can track her and Bishop through her arrests.
- Put that map up.
- One sec.
Look at that.
Bishop's committing crimes where his mother was arrested.
The only places he hasn't hit yet Clarksburg, West Virginia, and Marietta, Ohio.
Send alerts to state and local police.
Dance studios in the area are targets.
I don't know if I'm good enough.
Emma, sweetie, you have a God-given talent.
Trust him.
I'm just so nervous.
Some of those girls trained in New York.
If those girls were any good, they'd be dancing with the Rockettes.
Got a call back from the Clarksburg police.
A dance studio reports that one of their students missed a class this morning.
They can't get a hold of her.
Name of Emma Jennings.
I'm tossing the home address to your GPS.
A church? She lives with her grandfather.
He's the pastor.
We're on I-77, 15 minutes away.
Pastor Jennings.
Pastor Jennings.
It's okay.
We're the FBI.
You're safe now.
They took Emma, my my granddaughter.
They have our car.
Your granddaughter, Emma, what was she wearing? Uh, a a sweatshirt A green sweatshirt with a hood and gray pants.
They have our gun.
They have our gun.
I-I need to, uh Excuse me, I need to I got you.
I got you.
He kept asking about money, if the church had money.
I could barely scrape together $5.
Put gas in my car yesterday.
And I I'm sorry.
And I told him about God's forgiveness, but it just made him mad.
Emma's always telling me I can't save everybody, but I have to try.
- I have to try.
- I understand.
- I have to try.
- I understand.
You're gonna be all right, Pastor, okay? - You're with friends now.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Just give me a second, all right? Okay.
Get EMS here in a hurry.
Tell 'em to bring a rape kit.
Bishop has no boundaries.
Young women, old men.
The term is psychopathic pansexual sadist.
Anger might be fueling it, but I think Bishop feels an incredible sense of power, which compensates for the lack of power he felt watching his mother turn tricks.
So if the women represent his mother, maybe the pastor represents a man who hurt him.
But why not kill him? Maybe for Bishop, emasculating the pastor is worse than death.
How are you doing with this case? The rapes and murders are bad enough, but it's the pleasure that Bishop and Raylynn seem to take in it.
I get it.
It's upsetting as hell.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one.
The others might like to hear it too.
On the hit parade of places his mother was arrested, Marietta's the only place he hasn't hit.
State cops are throwing everything they have at Routes 50, 16, and 18.
They saturated the area within 40 miles of Marietta.
I got something I wanna say.
Sometimes this job feels like it asks more than you have to give Like this case.
Just know that whatever you're feeling, we're all feeling the same way.
We'll get through this together.
You're all doing good work.
Now, 5 bucks How much gas does that get you around here? Little under 2 gallons? Check gas stations for stolen, abandoned vehicles within 1 mile of Route 50.
That hurt? He asked you a question.
I need your help, baby.
What, are we gonna put makeup on her? Do you not understand your job? No, I understand.
I watch.
Mm, and you watchin' or are you talkin'? Well, are you almost done with her? We gotta get another one.
Keep moving like you said.
You're real mouthy for someone who don't get a say.
Why don't you be a sweetheart, keep an eye outside and make sure there's no one sniffing around.
Okay? Go on.
Gas tank's empty.
They might have carjacked someone to get out of Dodge.
Doesn't look like there's much traffic to carjack on this road.
What's going on here? Looks like a lot of people are not home.
People walked away from their houses, couldn't keep up with the mortgage.
Coal mining no saving it.
So they say.
Cut off all access to the neighborhood.
We got empty homes here.
Let's start a foot patrol going house to house.
And no flashlights.
And remember, he's armed.
61 Malcolm Circle.
Help! Help! Help! Stop, FBI! - Help! - Emma, stop! Stop, FBI! Help! Help! I got you.
You're safe.
It's Raylynn! Bishop still has the girl.
They're gone.
We had that sick bastard.
Yeah, but now we have something he wants.
I just living in the house.
Just me by myself.
We know that's not true, Raylynn.
You were with Ronnie and the girl he kidnapped.
You wore her clothes to trick us.
No, I was just by myself.
Did you and Ronnie have a plan to meet up later? I wore these clothes because I found them in the house, and I-I ran because I heard some noises, and I was scared.
We know your story, Raylynn.
You lost your family up on Spruce Knob.
You were laying in the snow until somebody came to help you.
You were left alone till Beau came into your life.
He's a good guy a little lost like this snowflake.
Like you.
But Ronnie, he's an exciting guy.
Take charge kind of man, huh? Right kind of man to have babies with.
He made you feel necessary.
This is what you inspired him to do.
He made you an accomplice to his crimes.
Y'all don't know nothing.
We know you're sitting here while he's out there with that girl.
Maybe you're not so necessary after all.
Huh? He sent you out to fool us.
She's the special one now.
You don't know.
He told me that he never met anyone like me, that I'm special.
I don't think you understand.
He took advantage of you.
He used you.
I'm real tired of people thinking I ain't understand.
I understand.
Life told me that I can't control nothin'.
I come to find that life was wrong.
Because, um, these people We controlled them.
Every last breath.
And I loved every damn minute.
Ronnie knows that, doesn't he? - That you love what he does.
- Yeah, he knows.
You give him permission to be his true self.
Was it like that when you were kids? Oh, I didn't know Ronnie when we were kids.
I met him when I was with Beau.
At the Walmart in Harrisville? Mm-hmm, he told Beau that I knew him from grade school, and I just went along with it because Ronnie, when he looked at me, it was, like, pow.
You're right, Raylynn.
We don't know anything.
We thought Ronnie was going to Harrisville looking for you.
Do you know what he was doing in Harrisville? No, he was looking for the Biscuit Man.
The Biscuit Man.
Who's the Biscuit Man? Somebody who hurt him.
But, like, a lot of people did.
You just don't know.
People are evil.
Hmm, do y'all have orange soda? Take the young lady for an orange soda.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.
So she went on a killing spree with someone she just met? Would it have been better if they'd known each other longer? Biscuit fix.
Ronnie kept this as a remembrance.
This Biscuit Man must have did a number on him.
Might have been looking for a little payback.
In 2002, the Biscuit Fix restaurant in Harrisville handed out promotional keychains to groceries and liquor stores.
Liquor stores? Ronnie's mother.
The Biscuit Man must be an old client.
Biscuit Man? I don't know any Biscuit Man.
If I do, I don't remember.
You see what it says? "Biscuit Fix.
" Maybe he left it behind.
They gave these out to liquor stores and groceries.
Yeah, groceries, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's him, um, Whitt Whitt Corn-something.
What's your son's connection to him? Connection? Ronnie never connected to anyone his entire life.
Whitt took care of us for a minute.
He tried to be a daddy to the boy Play catch, make him eat his broccoli, stuff like that.
Doesn't sound so bad.
No, it's fine.
Until he went after my First Amendment right.
Which is? Which is my right to do whatever I wanna do.
He told me I had to stop getting high.
But the final straw was he told me to go make him a pepperoni roll.
I told him to go sit on one, and he kicked us out.
No, more of the red stuff.
I'm sorry.
Ain't you seen how Raylynn painted me? Here.
Ah! What are you doing? Here.
Here you go.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah? - Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
I'm sorry honey, you're right.
I'll get clean.
I'll make some of those pepperoni rolls you like Lots of 'em every day.
Whatever my handsome man wants.
Please, just don't cut us out.
I told you not to look at me like that.
Come on, give me those nice eyes.
- Nicer.
- I'm trying.
Whitt Cornell owned a small grocery store in Harrisville from 1998 to 2018.
He now runs a fishing lure business out of his house.
He's divorced with grandkids in Florida.
And that's where he was last week when Ronnie was in Harrisville looking for him.
Got back to town yesterday, so maybe Bishop will circle back.
Let's give Whitt Cornell a service call.
Whitt gave Bishop a taste of what normal life was like, and then he took it away.
That's gotta hurt.
Yes? - Mr.
Whitt Cornell? - Yes.
This is Sheilah from Layered Wi-Fi.
Did I call you at a bad time? - Yes, ma'am.
- You have guests? Two guests? Yes.
We're offering subscribers in your area an upgrade to 300 megabytes per second at a special introductory rate.
To receive our offer That's him.
Let's go.
You let him answer? I couldn't stop him.
Why do I gotta keep telling you what to do? Get his wrists, I said.
Tight! Ronnie come on, now, Ronnie.
Come on, now, Ronnie.
Ronnie, Ronnie! That hurt, Whitt? Like being gutted? Like a little kid sitting on the sidewalk looking at the home he was just thrown out of.
Nah, I don't think you're getting it yet.
Yeah oh, now you're getting it.
Tie him up.
Take it around the back! We got a unit covering the back of the house and another unit housed across the street from the target.
Any line of sight on Bishop? Blinds are closed, so a sniper's out.
Got three heat signatures in the back room.
Bishop's clumped together with his hostages.
He'd put a bullet in them before we got through the door.
We need to cut him from the herd.
You getting anything? Got two cell signals coming from the house.
One's registered to Whitt Cornell, the other's a burner, probably Bishop's.
- Get him on the phone.
- Copy that.
Raylynn, baby? No, Mr.
Bishop, this is agent Jess LaCroix of the FBI.
We have the house surrounded.
I'd like to talk to you about finding a way out of there without anybody getting hurt.
Keep talking, FBI man.
First I need to know that everybody's okay Emma, Whitt, and of course, yourself.
Yeah, we're all in tip-top shape.
But, you come in here, Emma and Whitt, well, uh, they ain't gonna be so tip-top.
I understand you loud and clear.
You have my word we won't do anything to provoke you.
But you hurt them, and I won't be able to protect you.
That's okay.
It's not like anybody ever protected me my entire life.
I can see why you'd feel that way.
I met your mother.
Can't imagine you ever felt safe around her.
Hey, FBI man, I don't wanna talk about her.
I only met one person I think makes you feel safe.
Raylynn, she does that for you, doesn't she? Where is she? You got her locked up? What do you care, Ronnie, huh? You sent her out as a decoy so you could take off with Emma.
- Where is she? - You miss her? I think you might love Raylynn.
- No, it ain't love.
- It is.
You didn't know what you had until you tossed her out.
Now it's hard not having her around.
Listen, FBI man, you tell me where she is Or I'm gonna kill one of my hostages.
No Would you like to talk to her? You got her with you? Tell you what, Ronnie.
If I call you back on FaceTime so you can speak to Raylynn, what are you gonna do for me? All right, I'll give you the Biscuit Man.
But that's after I talk to Raylynn.
You call me back with her, or I'm gonna kill him.
Crosby, walk with me.
I want him to be able to see her, but under no circumstances do I want her to be able to see him.
If he thinks she's watching, he'll start killing those hostages.
I got you, boss.
Raylynn, I'm gonna give you a chance to talk to Ronnie.
I'd like you to encourage him to turn himself in.
You understand? - Baby? - Ronnie! I-I-I'm sorry that I mouthed off at you.
Baby, look what I got.
Get up.
It's the Biscuit Man! Well I can't see you, Ronnie.
I can't see him.
Wait, I can't I can't see him.
Hey, FBI man, she can't see me.
I can't see him.
You said I could see him.
We'll check the connection on our end.
Wait, Ronnie! Wait, you said I could see him! Y'all just took me from not mad to real mad.
Now I feel like hurting someone.
Hey, everything looks good on our end.
Must be something wrong with the camera on his phone.
- You said I could see him! - You're scammin' me.
Please! I'll bring Raylynn around the front so she can see you.
You go to the front room.
Wait, you She's in the vehicle in front.
You don't move.
He's moving away from the hostages.
Let's go.
Open the damn window so I know she can see me.
Raylynn! Ron Ronnie! Ronnie.
Drop the gun! Drop it now! Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie! I see you, Ronnie! Watch this, baby! No! Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie, no! No.
No! Ronnie Ronnie! Ronnie, no! What about right here next to Mom? I was thinking of her when I made it.
Works for me.
Yeah? Here you go.
Careful with it.
Hello? Hey, Dad! - Oh.
- How was work? Mm, it was fine.
I'm happy to be home.
Me too.
- So this is it, huh? - Yeah.
Looks even better in person.
Let's see what it looks like from over there.
- Perfect, yeah? - Yeah.
I have some pot pie left.
You must be tired.
Not anymore.
So tell me.
Where did you get the idea for this painting? Well, it's probably the most boring subject at school, and my desk is right by the window, so I decided to look out the window.
What are you doing - At school? - Dad, stop.
That's what you're doing? Huh?
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