FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e10 Episode Script


Open up! - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Open up! Hey, open the door! Open up! - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Open the door! - Hey, open up! - Open the door, Hayden.
Hayden! Hayden, open this door! - [GRUNTS.]
- Son of a bitch! - On the floor, Hayden.
Get down now! - Where is it, huh? - Lift that up.
Where is it? Answer him, traitor.
Oh, it looks serious.
Stay back.
We're working a case.
Well, Paulie, what a piece of crap you turned out to be.
You never disappoint, Irving, sitting out here on your ass while these guys do the hard work.
We got it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Hold it! Get him out.
Get him out.
- Hey! - Get him out! Come here, you son of a bitch.
- You're pathetic, Paulie.
- Open the door.
- Get him in.
You lead, I'll follow.
Damn it, Irving.
What are you doing? [SCOFFS.]
Ah, great.
Come on.
Come on.
- I'm gonna check this out.
- Let's go! Come on, you're already blocking traffic! [CAR HORNS HONKING.]
No, not me.
I was inside.
Stay in the car! What the hell? [UPBEAT HIP-HOP MUSIC.]
Ah, ah, ah, ah, pity poor immigrant Whose children are cold as ice These kids as cold as ice Kids as cold as ice Sleeping on the ground Tinfoil blankets wrapped around These kids cold as ice Kids cold as ice You see us out here We cold as ice You see us out here, we cold as ice That's really great, sweetie.
I really like the song that you chose.
When I was in that place in Georgia, I knew you'd come to find me, but those kids were so scared.
They had nobody.
Very powerful video.
Look, we posted it on Friday, and it's already trending.
We have so many followers.
She still has bad dreams.
I know.
Are you reading some of these comments? - "You're so 'hawt'.
" - [LAUGHS.]
It's probably just other kids.
Oh, this one's nice: "Go back to where you came from.
Maybe making her video public wasn't such a good idea.
But she's so proud of it.
I know.
So many nasty people out there with nasty ideas.
The Bureau's freaking out on this one.
Paul Hayden, one of our own counterintelligence agents, was arrested downtown last night on charges of spying for China.
He escaped, left one agent dead of unknown causes and another agent in the hospital.
What did he do for the Chinese? Gave intel on our investigations on their spies here.
The Chinese were able to pull their people before we could arrest them.
There's gotta be more to it to justify a $5 million reward.
Hayden, he broke some big case a few years ago, right? He ran the team that caught the Russian spy Alexei Vronsky 12 years ago.
From patriot to traitor in 12 years.
That's a long fall from grace.
Probably fueled by money problems, ego bad habits the Chinese used to blackmail him.
What's that on his jacket, vomit? Bingo; Agent Irving turned the corner, and 30 seconds later, he was dead.
Get me toxicology on him and that coffee mug right there.
Who's the lead agent at Counterintel? Ken Brown.
He was Hayden's partner until eight years ago.
That's gotta be tough for that guy.
Gotta be tough for everybody at Counterintel.
The best morale boost we can give them is catching Hayden yesterday.
Hayden kicked her head through the side window, left her with a broke skull and a brain hemorrhage.
I'm sorry about your partners.
We're here to help.
A $5 million reward, what's that about? A Hail Mary.
Hayden has the names of our moles in China Chinese nationals that work for us.
If the Chinese get hold of those names, those people are dead.
Hayden'll trade those names for a ticket to China.
We can't let that happen.
You were his partner, where would you find him? Eight years ago, I would have said at home with his wife or at church.
Now What happened eight years ago? Long story, but after we called the spy Alexei Vronsky, somebody decided that Russia wasn't a threat anymore, that China was where the resources should be spent.
How long you been watching Hayden? A month now.
For the last year, Every time the Bureau starts a case on a Chinese spy, they get called home.
We knew we had a mole; common thread was Hayden.
He caught him while he did a drop at a Chinese joint downtown.
And while you were watching him, you see any new faces, somebody he might run to? No, Paul was very disciplined, but I think even his wife, Jenny, knew something was going on.
How so? We have cameras in the house.
We caught her when Paul wasn't home, searching his study, the garage.
She knew something wasn't right.
Check the middle desk drawer, honey.
It's that wide, thin drawer where dudes always shove things at the back that they think we'll never find.
It is interesting where she's not looking: places you might hide a document or phone numbers.
Tox results on Agent Irving: death by cyanide poisoning.
Cyanide was also found in this coffee mug.
Report said that there was a scuffle between Irving and Hayden when they put him in his car.
Maybe that's when he slipped it into his coffee.
And Hayden just happened to have a vial of cyanide on him? Maybe, if he thought he was under surveillance.
What's curious is where he got it.
Cyanide glass capsules were part of the Russian spy-craft.
Maybe he took it from that Russian spy he caught as a trophy from the highlight of his career.
She just found something.
Looks like a bag of charcoal.
She got a problem with barbecue? Maybe a problem with carbon monoxide.
I'm not worried that Paul would hurt himself.
Why would you say that? Counterintel surveilled your house.
You were seen searching your garage and finding a bag of charcoal.
Well, he's tried it before, isn't that right? Burning charcoal to poison himself from carbon monoxide? Yes, five years ago.
I found him in the garage.
I'm a nurse.
I revived him.
He didn't wanna go to the hospital.
He was afraid he'd lose his job.
Did he talk about his reasons for the attempt? I knew.
It was the first anniversary of our son Davey's death.
He was hit by a car, riding his bicycle in front of the house.
We're very sorry.
Paul loved children.
We talked about another child, but I just couldn't.
God took Davey for a purpose.
It didn't seem right to just replace him.
What made you suspect he might try to hurt himself again? Uh, he was distant, staying up nights.
I never suspected he was spying.
Any money problems? Well, money's always been tight.
That comes with the job, right? Paul complained he didn't get the promotions he deserved.
We heard he wasn't happy with his reassignment to the East Asia section.
He said it felt like punishment.
Did he feel undervalued, you know, especially after the success of the whole Russia thing? That case was like a curse.
He filled those boxes with clippings about it.
Paul got the Director's Award and a meeting with the vice president.
We still struggled to pay the mortgage.
Looks like a moth embedded in amber.
It's pretty.
Was it Paul's? I don't know.
I've never seen it before.
There's a card from the Chinese church Saint Jane's in Flushing.
It's got Chinese handwriting.
You ever attend this church, Ms.
Hayden? No.
It's the name of our custodian, Ji Yong Fei, but I don't think it's his handwriting.
Can we talk to him? Yes.
He's in the sacristy.
He's been with us five years.
The church just sponsored his immigration application.
There he is.
Yong Fei.
These people are here from the FBI.
They'd like to talk to you.
Okay, okay.
I finish.
Sir, could you show me your hands and turn around slowly? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Jess! [COUGHS.]
Aw, God.
No, don't move.
Looks like a .
A peanut.
How 'bout him? He's alive.
You got him in the gut.
I guess he pooched his immigration interview.
No broken ribs.
Just a bruise the size of Rhode Island.
How's our Mr.
Ji? He's out of surgery.
He should be ready to talk.
It was a close call, bro.
What are you gonna tell Nelson and Marilou when they see you? - And Tali.
- I don't know.
I'll have to think about it.
Well, let me know 'cause they're gonna ask.
Hey, boss, gave us a good scare there.
- How you feeling? - I'm fine.
My vest worked.
That's too bad 'cause, you know, I'm next in line to run the team.
- No, seriously.
One day, Hana.
One day.
Take a look at the picture, Mr.
Paul Hayden knows you.
He had a card with your name on it from the church.
I don't know him.
I mind my own business.
I work in church.
Church people don't shoot federal agents.
He's scary guy.
I don't talk no more.
I want human rights lawyer.
I want Jerry Cohen! [SCOFFS.]
This guy ever been on your radar? Not that I know of.
We need access to Hayden's work files.
I'll see what I can do.
Glad you're still with us.
ERT found six pounds of fentanyl at Mr.
Ji's place.
The guy slings dope when he's not cleaning the church.
Maybe that's why he was so bouncy when we dropped in on him.
According to work files Counterintel sent over, Hayden did a workup on our Mr.
Ji two years ago on suspicion of being a Chinese mole.
Based on what? Ji was flashing a lot of cash, going to bars and strip clubs near military contractors in Brooklyn.
But Hayden concluded that Ji was just your run-of-the-mill dope dealer.
A confidential human source with contacts in Beijing confirmed that Ji was not a Chinese asset.
But Hayden kept the card with his important papers.
To throw us off the trail.
Ji's a decoy.
Sorry to barge in.
One of our Chinese assets was snatched off a Beijing street yesterday.
No one's heard from him.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We think Hayden gave them the name as a sample of what he has to offer.
It's gonna get worse.
We don't have time to pull our people out.
Hayden's buying time by wasting ours.
- We need to get ahead of him.
- Yeah, you're right.
He had a confidential human source he used to work with, someone with Beijing contacts.
That person might know how the Chinese plan to get Hayden out of the country.
Our confidential human sources are off limits.
I'm sorry.
Without knowing Chinese methods, we're flying blind.
This CHS could point us in the right direction.
Not my call.
We've been told, "Stay away from her.
Nobody told us.
Oh, my God! Look what you did to my jacket.
What, are you blind? You bumped into me.
Get out of the way.
You're not going anywhere until you pay for her dry cleaning.
I said, out of our way.
Oh, you got badges? We got badges too.
Listen, pal, I have a job to do, and you're in my way right now, okay? - I have VIP with - Sheryll Barnes from the FBI Fugitive Task Force.
We're looking for Paul Hayden.
We need your help.
I'm not allowed to talk to you.
He's already given them a name.
That person's missing and probably dead.
Listen, we need information on methods: the extraction, communications.
How do they talk to him? Give me your number.
- She's in my way - We're counting on you.
You know what, you need to learn to respect U.
- Screw you.
- She bumped into me.
- Yeah, she - Enjoy the donuts.
Bottom of the barrel.
I wouldn't pin my hopes on an informant.
I'm thinking about Hayden, the moment he knew he was caught.
He had a cyanide pill in his pocket.
Based on his previous suicide attempt, you'd think he'd just take it, kill himself, but he didn't.
Obviously thinks he has something to live for.
An exit plan to a tropical island with the money the Chinese paid him to betray his own country.
- Money we haven't found yet.
- But still looking for.
All right, exit plans I've got: kids and a cabin on a lake.
You mean, we're not gonna do this job forever and ever? A bathing suit and sailboat.
Couple of horses and a place in the mountains.
Okay, so Charlotte and I have talked about it: a restorative justice clinic for at-risk youth and grandkids.
It's from the informant.
"The Chinese are using a Linkedln account to communicate with Hayden.
Got it.
All right.
Looks like a regular business account for a sales manager at a Hong Kong chemical company.
Give me a sec.
All right, I'm in.
These chats are all in Chinese.
Crosby? All right, they're talking about a meet and setting up a bottleneck near the Prudential Center to weed out anyone following their agents.
In Newark.
That doesn't exactly narrow it down.
What side of the Prudential Center are they setting up the bottleneck? It says "Broad Street.
" Damn it, of course.
Washington Park on Broad Street.
That's where he caught his Russian spy.
That's where he's setting the meet with the Chinese.
He is thumbing his nose at the Bureau.
Yeah, you wanna run, like, a little more? Do, like, another round or so.
Okay, cool.
Got something, southeast corner.
Male Asian, NYU jacket, backpack.
I see him.
Give him room.
Let him lead us to Hayden.
Okay, cool I'll try on the cell, then.
It's fine.
I just figured you'd check your answering machine.
He made us.
- Where's Hayden? [SPEAKING CHINESE.]
He's invoking.
We're not gonna get anything out of him.
His student ID says he's 20.
Going on 35.
Most likely a fake.
Losartan and statins, 90-day supply.
That's what Hayden is taking.
It's for his trip.
The Chinese are providing all the amenities.
Albuterol for asthma.
Hayden has asthma? Not according to his file.
And progesterone.
I'm taking that's not in his file either.
Women take it for PMS.
He ain't going alone.
I haven't heard from Paul.
Why? Uh, is he all right? Where is he? You going somewhere, Ms.
Hayden? To my sister's in Raynham, get away from all the attention.
I can understand that.
You driving there tonight? Maybe tomorrow morning.
You don't mind if we give your sister a call to make sure she's expecting you? Ms.
Hayden, where are you going? - I told you - Your husband contacted you, didn't he, told you to get ready to leave? [FOREBODING MUSIC.]
I told him he should turn himself in, that all the good things that he's done for our country will count for something.
Do you have asthma, Ms.
Hayden? No.
- Do you take progesterone? - No, why? We think your husband's playing games with you, using you to distract us.
What games? I'm sorry to ask, but did you ever suspect Paul of having a mistress? No.
He's not that kind of man.
He's loyal.
So he's not coming for me? These are his mistakes, Ms.
Hayden, not yours.
We're gonna make sure he pays for them.
Counterintel already did a deep dive on Hayden.
If they didn't find a mistress They only watched him for a month.
Like they said, he's highly disciplined.
He knows how to cover his tracks.
Well, then there's this.
He didn't get it from his wife.
Probably not something he'd buy himself.
A gift from a girlfriend.
Who maybe the reason he didn't use the cyanide when he was caught.
What do you make of this? Starting about three years ago, Hayden was taking Ubers to this neighborhood in Bushwick.
Now there's different drop-offs and pick-ups but all within a few blocks of each other.
That went on a couple times a week until about a year ago.
And weirdly enough, one of the bars our church custodian, Mr.
Ji, frequented is in the same neighborhood.
Hayden was investigating Ji as a suspected Chinese mole, makes sense he'd follow him to that bar.
Except Hayden was going to this neighborhood months before he started investigating Ji.
So something else was drawing him there.
Drawing him to that bar where he crossed paths with Ji.
You both were at the same bar, the Esquire in Bushwick, every week for two years.
Gadarian, line five.
Gadarian, line five.
They say I go to jail for ten years for drugs.
What do I get if I help you? Oh, what you don't get is a bullet to the back of the head because we sent you back to China, how's that? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
One last time, Mr.
Did you see him at the bar? I did not go there to see man.
Why did you go there? [SPEAKS CHINESE.]
Who's Silkworm? Bartender, Chinese girl.
She had a silkworm tattoo on her arm.
Does this girl still work at the bar? She stopped a year ago.
She disappeared.
Okay? Okay for now.
Silkworms turn into moths, like the moth in that ring.
I'd say that'd have to be her.
The bar will have her Social Security number.
We can track her from there.
No, our messages were intercepted.
I'm lucky I wasn't caught.
It would be simpler without the extra baggage.
Always so stubborn.
And Beijing is always so impatient.
They'll get all the names, and we're set up like we agreed.
Yes, yes, but the old plan to extract you is not safe anymore.
There's a new arrangement.
The data's coming in now from CBP.
Zheng Ya Jie, AKA Cassie Zheng, entered the country from Taiwan six years ago on a student visa.
She got the green card in a lottery, degree in Communication from SUNY, jobs as a bartender and conversation partner for a Chinese language school.
Which doesn't explain how she paid $400,000 cash for a one-bedroom condo in Flushing last year.
Maybe it's where the money Hayden got from the Chinese went to.
Young, pretty girlfriend.
Guess that tops off Hayden's exit plan.
Does it seem thin to you? Considering the grief over his son, his job dissatisfaction, money and romance just don't seem enough.
Maybe for you.
By the way, you never told us what your exit plan was.
Yeah, I had a plan once.
Then I lost Angelyne.
I made a new plan, safe and predictable, and then a drug dealer put a slug in my chest.
I don't know.
I don't know about any plans.
Tali made a video about her experience in the detention center.
She posted it.
Some reactions made my hair stand on end.
I thought, "Take it down, don't put yourself out there.
" But I don't know.
Maybe Tali's right.
Maybe it's about putting yourself out there, you know? Doing the best you can, just taking it one day at a time.
That's her.
- Subject's on the move.
She's got a backpack.
Maybe this is it.
Maybe she's gonna meet up with Hayden.
She's doing her laundry.
It figures.
It's a laundromat.
If I was running off to China, doing my laundry wouldn't be at the top of my list.
Maybe we got this girl wrong, bro.
- We need to talk to her.
- And break cover? It's just a block away.
I got this.
Your dirty clothes.
- Tumble dry on low, por favor.
- Don't get used to this.
You gonna use this machine? Huh? No, I don't need it.
The machines on this side are much better.
They don't short you on the rinse cycle.
25 minutes of peace and music.
That's a cute tattoo.
Is it a cocoon? - Yes, for a silkworm.
- Oh.
I have a spider in a web.
Sorry, must be all the lint.
Damn, I thought I brought my inhaler.
You have asthma? [COUGHS.]
- Albuterol? - Uh-huh.
You have asthma too? No, but I have an inhaler.
- Thank you.
- Look who's here.
- Oh! [LAUGHS.]
Oh, did you have fun with ChaCha? They played so nice together.
That kid looks mixed.
He could be Hayden's son.
Found the son he lost, started a whole new family.
He didn't need this, not even once.
Here you go.
Who's a lucky boy? You're gonna get on a big plane to go see Grandma.
She's saying her and the kid are taking a plane tonight.
Her friend thinks she's going to Taiwan.
And that's about a baby's doctor's appointment, day after tomorrow.
The friend cancelled it, but our girl thinks she still might be here.
Sounds like maybe she's having second thoughts about running off to China with Hayden.
- Say, "bye.
" - Say, "bye.
" Say, "bye.
" Bye-bye.
He's so handsome.
- What's his name? - Eli.
It was his first birthday last month.
Hey, boss, Taiwan government confirms Cassie Zheng's passport is legit.
But they can't find any employment records for her in Taiwan or any record she ever attended school there, not even grammar school.
It's like she was born the day she got her passport five years ago.
I have to take him home to feed him.
I'll be back in 30 minutes.
Oh, I can watch your stuff.
- Oh.
- It's the least I can do.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Say, "bye-bye," Eli.
She's heading home.
The medication on that Chinese agent in the park blood pressure pills for Hayden, asthma inhaler for the baby, and progesterone presumably for the girlfriend, Cassie.
That's for PMS, right? Sounds right.
So does a 300-milligram dose every day sound right to you? - [COOS.]
- Oh.
- Oh.
The attendant gave me your address.
Your laundry was dry.
Oh, thank you.
Cassie Zheng, I'm Agent LaCroix.
We need to talk to you about Paul Hayden.
- Wha well, what happened? - He's trying to leave the country tonight, isn't he? And you're gonna help us stop him.
I love him.
He loves me.
He loves our son.
You're supposed to go with him, but you're afraid of what'll happen to you once you get to China.
The government in China, they don't like people from Taiwan.
That's not the reason you're afraid, is it, Cassie? The silkworm inside the cocoon, that's you, isn't it, becoming the person you were meant to be? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You're afraid because transgender people are not accepted in China.
They think we are mentally ill.
They might take your son away from you.
Not even Paul can protect you.
When Paul told me we had to go to China, I said, "yes," because of his safety.
Where are you supposed to meet him? I I don't know.
They will call and come pick me up.
I know that what Paul did is wrong, but we are a family.
But in China [COOS.]
I don't know what to do.
Please, help us.
I was Paul's conversation partner at the language school.
That's how we met.
We fell in love.
Does he know your status? But you've been with Paul almost three years.
Don't you trust him? I trust Paul, but I don't wanna lose him.
And the people around him, in the government, if they find out, they could take away my green card.
This beautiful boy, how did that happen? My sister came from Taiwan.
She was our surrogate.
I told Paul I was not fertile.
More than anything, Paul wanted a child.
Eli has our family's blood.
He has Paul's blood.
He's our son.
You don't have to convince us.
You said you didn't know he was selling secrets to the Chinese.
How do you think he paid for this apartment? When Eli was born, it was very hard.
There was no money.
But then Paul said he found a new business opportunity.
If I had known what he was really doing, I would have stopped him.
If he makes it to China and tells them what he knows, people will die.
We can't let that happen.
What will happen to him if he stays here? He'll go to prison.
Caller unknown.
Well, take a seat.
Put it on speaker.
Cassie, it's Paul.
I'm I'm so relieved to hear your voice.
They're sending someone to pick you up.
How's Eli? He misses you.
We'll be together soon.
Everything will be all right.
Paul, are you're sure this is the right thing? It has to be.
There's no choice.
Are you okay? Yes, uh, I'm just nervous.
I'll take care of you and Eli.
We'll have a good life.
I'll see you soon.
I love you.
I love you too, Paul.
Come in quickly.
Give me your phone.
You can get a better phone in China.
The Cross Bronx to New Jersey.
They're being careful.
What a healthy boy.
The most precious gift a woman can give a man is a son.
Where are we going? You'll see.
You have another phone? - No.
- Give me your bag.
What are you doing? You're transmitting.
Damn, they made her.
Knock out their cell phones now.
- Let's move in.
Move in.
Get out of the car! Move now! - Stupid girl.
- Hey, boss.
Yeah? Hayden and the Chinese are using WeChat to communicate, but they're hiding behind a half-dozen encrypted VPNs.
It's gonna take a while to break through.
So if you wanna find Hayden now, you gotta think of something else.
You mean something that's dear to his heart? Yeah.
Woo, how would you feel if we sent you back to China? No, I haven't been there in 45 years.
All my grandchildren are right here.
I thought so.
If you wanna stay here, you're gonna have to help us.
No, my son has pink eye.
He could lose his eye.
Find them a pharmacy.
There's medicine in China.
We're not waiting 16 hours.
Find them a pharmacy or our deal is off.
There's a 24-hour pharmacy on Dayton Road in Jamesburg, New Jersey.
There's an airfield five miles away, Black Pond Airport, privately owned for general aviation.
I have a federal warrant for the arrest of Paul Hayden.
I believe he's in that plane.
This plane is flagged under the People's Republic of China and not subject to searches or seizures.
Castille says to hold off, can't so much as lay a finger on them.
Paul Hayden! I have somebody who wants to talk to you.
Sweetheart, I'm here with Eli.
Please, we need to see you.
Eli needs to see his Papa.
Cassie! Run to me.
They won't stop you! She's not going anywhere.
Please, Paul, don't leave.
We'll never see each other again.
You won't see Eli grow up.
He needs you.
I need you.
If I stay, I'll be in prison.
Even if you're in prison, we can still be a family.
Forget her.
There are many pretty girls in China.
This one wasn't even born a woman.
What? What does he me what does he mean? I transitioned eight years ago in Taiwan.
Paul, this is me, the real me.
You've always known the real me.
Why didn't you tell me? I I was afraid afraid you'd stop seeing me as who I really am.
I'm sorry.
Cassie's the same person she was five minutes ago, Paul.
The same woman you fell in love with the mother of your child.
The woman who gave you something to live for.
And you risked everything for her, for your son Your good name, your oath, your liberty.
Don't walk away from that.
I know you know Paul.
There's nothing more precious than watching your child grow up.
The hell with it.
- Hey, Cassie! - Paul! [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING.]
- Stop right there! - It's far enough.
Right there, that's far enough! You're on American soil now! [SOMBER MUSIC.]
Got him.
He's clean.
I love you so much.
We won't abandon you.
We'll be there.
Let's go.
You saved a lot of people's lives today.
Thank you.
I love him more than anything.
But I chose this country for me, for our son.
I couldn't turn my back on it.
- [HUMS.]
Are you all right, Dad? Oh, it's nothing, sweetie.
Just a work thing.
I'll tell you about it later.
You know what I've been wanting to do all day? - Hmm? - I've been wanting to watch your video again.
- Play it for me? - Here you go.
But I want you to play the part where you're spinning in slow-mo.
Oh, okay.
- You got it? - Yeah.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, pity poor immigrant You have a big heart, sweetie.
Cold as ice, sleeping on the ground I love you, Dad.
I love you.

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