FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e11 Episode Script


1 If I knew putting a crib together would be this complicated, I would've paid more attention in my engineering class.
You just gotta have the right tools.
And you've got them.
I really appreciate your help with this, Gabe.
Between birthing classes and work squeezing me for OT Hey, don't let 'em take advantage of you.
You gotta fight 'em And sometimes, Atul, you gotta hit 'em in the head - so they take you seriously.
- Oh, I gotta go.
Amna's waiting for me.
- You're leaving it like this? - I'm sorry, man.
I'll come back tomorrow to finish it.
Amna's been dying for some pho gai lately, and I promised I'd take her out tonight.
I'm coming, Amna! You're a lucky man, Atul.
You're gonna have a family.
My dad will laugh in my face if I tell him we're getting married in a barn.
Not a barn barn A nice barn with little lights and a dance floor.
Yeah, come on, Tyler, you only get married once Or twice, in my case.
Jerry's right, sweetie.
It's our wedding.
Yeah, sweetie, I'm right on this.
It's either the barn or the doghouse.
Well, if you put it that way.
I just came in to baste the roast.
I wasn't even five minutes.
I'm sure she's fine.
Still no answer.
You didn't hear a car pull up or anything? No, but the kitchen fan was on.
Any chance Nelson came home early? No, I called him before you came back from the market.
He's still at the doctor's office.
Oh, God.
I shouldn't have left her outside by herself.
It's okay, Marilou.
It's not your fault.
Hey, Dad.
- Where were you? - What? Your grandma's been frantic for half an hour.
Why didn't you answer your phone? Well, I saw a hawk, and I thought it might have been a northern goshawk, so I That's not an excuse.
I've been trying to call you.
I turned off my phone.
I didn't want to scare the hawk.
The hawk What about your grandma? You know you're not supposed to run off without telling us.
I'm on my way.
I'm sorry.
You know better.
We'll talk about this when I get back, but until then, I'm sorry, but you're grounded.
What? This one's a fastball from CID.
Gabriel Clark, 27, a police officer from Morristown, New Jersey, shot two New Jersey state troopers last night in a diner along with the fiancée of one of the troopers.
How'd the shooting go down? Wits say Clark entered the diner in uniform, walked up to the troopers, and started shooting Head shots on all three.
No words exchanged, nothing.
Then he walked out.
Cold blooded execution.
And no effort to disguise himself.
Any history between Clark and the victims? None found.
All we have on Clark's personal life is he lives alone, no ex-wife, no kids.
Who was shot first? State trooper Tyler Kubiak.
The woman is his fiancée.
Kubiak's the furthest from the shooter.
Would've been easier to start with the other trooper.
Kubiak might have been the main target.
Start with him, then the fiancée.
Maybe his beef is with state police.
Might not be out of targets yet.
Clark has no history with state police.
He trained with Newark PD, didn't make it through probation, and then transferred to Morristown PD.
Big city to Mayberry Must have felt like a step down.
Cops don't just snap.
Newark PD might've detected some weakness in his personality.
Maybe that's why he never got through probation.
I'll reach out to them.
You say, "cops don't just snap.
" Is that supposed to make us feel better.
It makes me feel better about you.
What I'm trying to say is we're trained to measure our response.
We let the stress of the job accumulate, sometimes what comes out is depression Anger turned inward, suicide Or anger turned outward toward the public.
Officer Clark didn't just wake up yesterday and decide to shoot two state troopers.
We find out what's behind it, we find out his next move.
I don't know.
His fridge looks like it just stepped out of a showroom.
There's no leftovers, no moldy pizza.
Same deal with his laundry room.
No dirty clothes in the hamper, everything's polished to a shine.
Maybe he's a germophobe.
Clark emptied out his bank account two days ago - 3 grand.
- He planned this.
He ran a tight ship No bounced checks, always paid off his credit cards on time.
Probably lived his whole life between the hash lines like his choice of movies, old-time westerns "Shane," "Fort Apache" Good and bad with a hard line between the two.
Don't talk to me about westerns, bro.
"Veritas ante omnia.
" Truth before all.
Words to live by.
Hey, boss, Officer Hearn was just telling me our boy Clark has six civilian complaints in his file.
Yeah, he wrote a lot of traffic tickets.
I mean, he was just a hard-ass.
You could be on fire and go through a red light, and he'd escort you to the hospital, but first he'd write you that ticket.
Any beefs with state troopers? Not that I heard.
He never opened up to me or anybody else in the department.
- You know anything about this? - No.
He mentioned he had a girlfriend in Newark, and I took his word for it, but he never told me her name or showed me a photo, nothing.
Sir, that's our crib! I live across the street.
Gabe was helping me put it together.
I was over here yesterday, and God, I can't believe he finished it.
What do you mean? I had to take my wife out to dinner.
We were only halfway done.
It must have taken him hours to finish it.
You were close with Officer Clark? I don't know about close, but we moved in a year ago.
He was super friendly, plus we liked having a cop in the neighborhood.
- Made us feel safe.
- Perfect neighbor.
He talk about problems at work or with other cops? No, we talked about positive things like raising kids.
He wanted a family.
Did he have someone to have it with? Elise, his girlfriend from Newark.
I don't have a last name, but I have a photo.
He sent it to me to show Amna.
He said they were waiting for the right time to get married.
The right time How about never? I broke up with him four years ago when he was a cadet at the Newark Police Academy.
What happened? His moods were too hard to deal with.
Give us an example.
Well, it seems petty, but we were driving back from dinner.
We were arguing about the tip Gabe wasn't much of a tipper And he got pulled over for speeding.
Gabe told the cop he was in the academy, but the cop didn't care.
He wrote him up anyway? Gabe was furious.
He wouldn't admit that he was speeding, but he blamed me for getting him mad and making him drive too fast.
That was the end of it for me.
Interesting contradictions In Morristown, he's known for giving out a lot of traffic tickets.
One law for him, one law for everybody else.
But that was four years ago.
He's still telling people you're his girlfriend.
Oh, my God.
I mean, about six months after we broke up, I let him convince me to give him a second chance, but it never clicked.
Then, one day, he called me out of the blue.
He was taking a job in Morristown.
He asked me to go with him.
I told him I had just gotten engaged.
He begged me to reconsider.
He said he was ready to start a family with me.
I mean, Morristown with Gabe I told him no.
She's awake.
Excuse me.
Newark Police fired him.
His girlfriend dumped him.
He lost his chance of having a family.
And two years later, he kills a young trooper who's about to start a family.
I don't know if the two are connected, but they certainly rhyme.
What you got there, young man? It's okay, you're not in any trouble.
- Salted? - No.
Good job.
It's getting late.
You should head home.
Go on.
Paterson Police Department.
Hi, I don't know if it's an emergency.
I probably sound like an overprotective parent, but there's a homeless guy harassing a kid in Pennington Park near the pavilion.
Okay, we'll send someone to investigate.
Sir, I'm gonna need you to move along.
Head shot, point blank.
Officer Amy Campbell, three years on the Paterson PD.
She has two kids at home.
She was responding to a call about a vagrant.
Came in to the department's non-emergency line.
Calls aren't recorded or traced.
Number goes back to a burner This one.
It was found in that trash can over there.
Wit saw a cop in the park at the time of the call.
They picked Clark out of a six-pack.
Clark laid a trap.
Nobody heard the shot.
Couple of witnesses saw a vagrant heading out of the park in no hurry like a Sunday walk.
He did everything right Secluded area, dinnertime so the park was mostly empty, and a disguise that nobody would pay attention to.
He put a lot of effort into this.
You guys have to see this.
It's trending on Reddit.
My name is Officer Gabriel Clark of the Morristown Police Department.
I have a short statement to make.
We live in a world of lies Fake news, fake facts, dirty things made to look clean, phony pictures, leaders telling us up is down, and everywhere, people who are breaking their word.
Truth the most important thing in life is the truth.
Now, I've always told the truth, but they haven't.
I regret I have taken lives, and I regret I'll have to take more lives until they tell the truth.
Well, now, that's a declaration of war.
It's the metadata from Clark's video.
He uploaded it the morning before he killed the troopers and scheduled its release for today after he killed Campbell.
He has every step planned out.
Campbell was with Newark PD before she joined Paterson.
She quit Newark six months before Clark did.
They served there at the same time.
Doesn't mean he targeted her.
But if he knew her patrol schedule, he'd know she'd be the one to respond to the call.
All he'd need is a police scanner.
Let's go back over the troopers.
Look for any connection to Newark.
And I want everything on Clark's stint in Newark.
I regret I have taken lives, and I regret I'll have to take more lives until they tell the truth.
The truth, the truth I don't know what this has to do with us.
We gave the guy a fair shake.
Not everybody makes the cut.
Your probation report was thin on the reasons he left.
I didn't wanna submarine his chances of getting another job.
Clark was rigid, argumentative, everything's black and white.
You can't do the job with that attitude.
Better to bend so you don't break.
What was Clark's relationship with Officer Campbell? Just a fellow officer.
They didn't patrol together.
Amy was a pro.
But she left around the same time Clark did.
Paterson made her a better offer More benefits, more time with her kids.
She just had the rotten luck of getting in that bastard's way.
We're not so sure luck had anything to do with it.
They worked in the same precinct in Newark.
Yeah, well, with 200 other police officers.
I don't know what else I can tell you.
Thanks for your time, Lieutenant.
Yeah? Lieutenant Peroni seems a little too happy to kick his problem down the road to Morristown.
It would've been nice if he put a couple red flags in the probation report.
Text from Hana: "Trooper Kubiak's father is a paramedic in Newark Specifically, right in this precinct.
" All I know about Gabriel Clark is that he killed my son.
The sooner you catch him and send him to hell, the better.
We'll do just that with your help.
Clark grew up in Newark.
Is there any chance your son knew him? I don't see how.
Tyler grew up in Edison with his mother.
Maybe when he visited you? No, Tyler's a mellow kid.
He wouldn't be hanging with a guy like Clark.
Like Clark? Yeah, you know, a hard-ass.
Maybe you ran into Clark, Mr.
You work in his old precinct.
Take a good look at him.
Never seen him.
Makes me sick just to even look at him.
I understand.
For a guy you never met, you pretty much nailed him with hard-ass.
Kubiak, we think there is a personal reason Clark targeted your son.
It wasn't about Tyler.
It was about me.
Three years ago, I got called to a shooting involving the Newark PD.
It was a drug raid on a house.
A civilian inside the house was shot by the police.
Clark was part of the raid team? Yeah, I saw Clark arguing with another cop female cop.
He said, "They did it wrong.
They didn't ID themselves.
" They who? The other police officers? Yeah, I think so.
Looked like the other cops were upset with Clark.
Two weeks later, my boss tells me that the Newark PD is investigating the shooting and that I'm gonna be interviewed.
So he told me, "This is the PD circus.
The less you remember, the better.
" And what did he tell you to forget? That I overheard Clark arguing with the other cops.
So I lied.
I told their investigators that I didn't hear a thing.
Which probably contradicted what Clark said.
A few months later, he got fired.
Why didn't he come after me? Tyler didn't do a thing.
Clark probably killed Kubiak first so no one would guess what his game plan was.
Not to mention there's no worse punishment than losing your child.
That's not why Clark got fired.
Did Amy Campbell participate in the raid? Yes, there were a dozen police officers, but I'm telling you the raid had nothing to do with Clark getting fired.
Clark seems to think it does.
It's what's driving these killings.
Could you tell us what happened? Narco got a tip from a CI about a meth lab operating out of a house in the Ironbound District.
Team served a no-knock warrant, the occupant pulled a gun, we opened fire, and the guy died.
Drugs were found, no meth lab.
Clark was upset the officers didn't identify themselves? Clark just didn't hear the ID, but everyone else did.
That's what the investigation showed.
We need the report on the raid and the names of everyone involved.
Why, so you can waste your time interviewing them again? So we can protect them and their families.
They're targets now.
Then you better put a detail on my family 'cause I signed off on the raid.
There he is! He's on the move! Circle around the other side! Go! The dead man's widow said the cops didn't ID themselves.
Her husband thought it was a home invasion, pulled out a gun.
The drugs the cops found were 1/2 ounce of weed.
Their investigation isn't much Statements contradicting Clark, a couple of field reports.
Looks like they were in a rush to bury Clark's complaint.
Security cameras two blocks away caught Clark driving away.
The cops guarding the house threw 20-plus bullets his way.
No sign that they hit him.
Twenty shots? Who started the shooting? Cops.
No evidence Clark returned fire.
If I didn't know better, it'd look like they got orders to shoot on sight.
I found something.
Look at this.
It's from the police dispatch records.
Right before Frank Kubiak, the paramedic, was dispatched to the raid here at 484 South Drummond, another ambulance was dispatched to 484 North Drummond here.
That call was canceled.
That ambulance went to the wrong address.
Happens all the time with North/South streets.
Cops raided the house on South Drummond hoping to find a meth lab, found nothing.
I wonder what's on North Drummond.
Looks like a fire hit the place.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Sorry to bother you.
My friends and I are wondering what happened to that house next door.
That house blew up two years ago.
They were cooking drugs in the basement.
That's just terrible.
Thank you.
This is where the meth lab was.
The first ambulance was sent here.
The dispatcher would've used the address in the operations plan The actual address Newark PD got from the tip.
The ambulance got here, didn't find a raid in progress, so the call was canceled.
The second ambulance was sent to where the raid was on South Drummond.
Cops went to the wrong address.
We need to talk to you alone.
What can I do for you? You can start by telling the truth.
You raided the wrong house three years ago.
Now, you wait a minute.
Your mistake cost an innocent man his life.
That's why you deep-sixed Clark's complaint.
Too much digging around would've shown up your mistake.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I know this You impeded an FBI investigation and put people's lives at risk! Clark kills anybody else, it's on you! The FBI's initial investigation found evidence that the Newark Police raided the wrong address resulting in the death of the homeowner along with evidence of a cover-up by supervisory officers.
As a result, the FBI will conduct a full investigation into the Newark Police Department's handling of the Ironbound raid.
I'll now turn this over to Special Agent Jess LaCroix who conducted the initial investigation.
I'm addressing myself to former police officer Gabriel Clark.
Clark, I understand nobody listened when you said the Newark Police Department was hiding something.
Nobody listened when you said they lied.
Well, everybody's listening now.
We will find the truth, but I need you to turn yourself in.
I need your testimony to make it right.
Please call me.
The investigation's big news.
Trending heavily.
Editorials are piling on: "Are Vigilante Deaths the Price of Police Deception?" Isn't this adorable? Someone's crowdfunding for Clark's defense.
If it convinces him to surrender, I'll take it.
Think I found what triggered Clark.
The family of the homeowner who got killed? Their lawsuit got dismissed a week before Clark killed those troopers.
It's him.
Yeah, put him through.
This is Agent LaCroix.
Who am I speaking to? Officer Clark.
Good job turning over the rock, Agent LaCroix.
Wrong address, that was a new one on me.
It won't add up to anything without your testimony.
Well, you got more faith in the system than I do.
Listen, I have a message for you.
Stop looking for me.
You know I can't do that, but I'll do everything I can to make sure you get a fair hearing, and I can promise you the satisfaction of seeing the people who wronged you pay for their crimes.
I'm not that naive.
You're promising things that you can't deliver.
In your own way, you're corrupt.
I like my way better.
You mean killing people? It's more honest.
It's straightforward.
Truthful the truth is important to you, right? The further away you get from it, the more complicated things get.
Things are simple if you're pure, good, and serious, a friend of justice, and resolute in your devotion to duty.
I know those words.
He also said, "The best revenge is to be unlike those who injured you.
" People are more likely to quote the Kardashians than Roman philosophers.
How'd you come across Marcus Aurelius? I had a good coach.
We're done here.
Gabriel, wait, let's keep the line of communication open.
There's nothing I want from you.
How about a front row seat to the Ironbound investigation? I'll tell you what I know when I know it.
You can watch the heads roll.
Fine, but it won't stop me.
One step at a time.
I need a way to get in touch with you.
You like sudoku, right? You know the site SudokuStorm? - Sure.
- There's a message board.
When I have news, I'll post under Jessie Williams.
You can call me.
Got the burner number, but I couldn't get the location.
Good news is, we can trace where he bought the phone.
Four phones, huh? What would I do with four phones? Only got my two hands.
Clark, we have video of you buying four burner phones at a store on West Main three days before your son killed two state troopers.
Are you sure it's me? 'Cause I got a face God handed out like candy.
You're a clever fellow, Mr.
Clark, dodging our questions.
Hey, I just don't wanna lie to the FBI.
Well, look at this.
What we got here? Eh, nah, nah, nah, you give me that, huh? This is, what? At least 100 bucks.
Haven't even opened it yet.
Did Gabriel give you that for running that errand to the phone store? My son loves me.
He gave me that 'cause he's going away.
Going away with his buddy Marcus? Who? Marcus Aurelius.
That's a screwy name.
I never heard of him.
I'm sure you haven't, Mr.
You take care of that bottle.
There wasn't a single bottle of alcohol at Gabriel Clark's house.
He's one apple that fell as far away from the tree as possible.
Thank you.
I know Clark's an extreme example, but even with my daughter, Anais, I wonder what unintended lessons she's learning from me.
Probably, no matter what you do as a parent, you never really know what your kid's gonna turn out like.
I'm going through that with Tali.
My mom told me you grounded her.
Yeah, she wandered off without telling anyone and turned her phone off.
Aren't you the guy who told us when to hold the line and when to give a little? I guess I'm that guy.
Yeah, you're that guy, but now you don't have Angelyne to straighten you out That coach Clark mentioned, I wonder if he might still have an influence on him.
Maybe, if he's still around and we can find him.
Truth before all A motto, but for what? I ran it through the database.
Goose eggs.
Maybe some kind of law enforcement? A cop gave it to him? But which cop? When Newark investigated Clark's claim the police didn't identify themselves.
A lot of witnesses called him a liar.
Did anybody support him? I wrote a letter of support for Gabe.
I wish I could've testified in person, but my wife, Susan, was going through chemo, and I just couldn't take the time off.
Still, the testimony of a former police sergeant meant something.
Hm, not enough.
If I could've made the case for him in person, you know, convinced those people what a decent kid he was, I mean, none of this would have happened.
You taught him this? My old Sam Brown belt buckle.
I gave this to him when he turned 16 to remind him to work hard and be truthful.
He called you his coach.
Is that how you met? He played for you? No.
We lived down the street from where he grew up.
Please, sit.
Sit down.
I was the cop next door.
A lot of people came to me with their problems.
One day, I was working on my car, and this little kid walks up, says he's running away and can I help him.
Running away? Yeah, we met his father.
Then you know.
Gabe's mom had just died, and Ted couldn't see past his own sorry self.
We let Gabe stay the night.
We have two older girls, and they just spoiled Gabe.
After that, he came by every other day or so and followed me around.
Like a son.
Something like that.
It was nice to teach him things.
You taught him about the truth? Taught him it's the most important thing.
You know, I should have noticed.
Even as a kid, Gabe couldn't relax.
It was all or nothing with him.
Time wears away most people's sharp edges Not Gabe.
I should've made more of an effort to reach out, but Susan was dying, and I just Mr.
Higgins, you might be the only person he'd listen to right now.
We need to stop him.
We need to bring him in.
Would you be willing to try? Burner phone.
It's him.
You're on, Mr.
Hello? Ray, I got a message to call you.
Gabe, thank you for calling.
I'm so glad to hear your voice.
I didn't call you before because I wanted to keep you out of this, but if anyone can understand what I'm doing, you can.
Gabe, I know it comes from a good place, but it's not right.
I don't wanna see you hurt.
I couldn't take that.
Please, Gabe, stop all this.
Turn yourself in.
Don't you see what they did to me? They lied to me.
They lied about everything.
Truth is important, but you are taking this too far.
No, they took it too far.
They ruined me.
They ruined it with Elise.
They ruined my chance of having a family.
Please, Gabe I talked to Agent LaCroix.
He said if you turn yourself in Agent LaCroix? He says, "Bend so you don't break.
" But you keep bending, and one day, everything that you believe in, everything you stand for breaks.
You tell Agent LaCroix he can't protect everyone.
He hung up.
Oh, my God.
What have I done? It's not your fault, Mr.
Clark's right.
We can't protect everyone.
What he starts, he finishes Just like that baby crib.
We have another problem.
Someone inside the Newark PD is talking to Clark.
"Bend so you don't break.
" I never told Clark that.
But I did tell Lieutenant Peroni.
"Bend so you don't break.
" I told you that, and Clark repeated it to me word for word.
Explain that to me.
Spill it, Peroni.
I sent an email after Agent LaCroix left to Lieutenant DeSantis in 10th.
Show them the email.
It wasn't exactly complimentary.
I'll work through it with my therapist.
Let's see it.
"The feds are bigfooting us.
You'd love the guy they sent.
"He enlightened me with his FBI wisdom.
"'Bend so you don't break.
' "I'd like to see him bend with that 2 by 4 he's got stuck up his butt.
" I'd like to see that too.
What about this DeSantis? Never worked with Clark.
No relationship there.
- You mind? - Of course.
You got malware on your phone.
Clark's been reading your emails and your texts.
Your computer's probably infected too.
That's how he's keeping tabs on your department.
It'll take a minute to disinfect.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We don't know who Clark's next target is.
Maybe we could steer him to a target that we do know.
What was that? "Running, Gabriel's only making it worse.
" - What's wrong with that? - Syntax.
Subject, verb, object? Running isn't the subject.
Gabriel is the subject.
"Gabriel's making it worse by running.
" Isn't that how you'd say it, Mr.
Higgins? Yeah, I guess so.
Somewhere, your English teacher is pumping her fist "yeah.
" See? That was proper syntax.
I never lied to Gabe.
I don't feel good about doing it now.
I understand, Ray, but it's a lie that might save lives, including his.
Okay, I'm done.
- Mm-hmm, it's good.
- Cool? All right, I just have to add an email chain.
Good to go.
Let's hope the fish bites.
"As you know, I had a phone call "with Gabriel Clark yesterday.
It did not go well.
He's gone off the rails.
" "Gone off the rails.
" Come on, Ray.
"He's not the young man I once knew.
"Gabriel's making it worse by running.
I can only imagine what he'd do to me if he knew.
" "If I knew.
" If I knew what, Ray? What did you do? "Mr.
Higgins, thank you for agreeing "not to testify in person at Officer Clark's hearing.
"The Board understood that sending a letter "instead of appearing in person meant that even you, "Clark's mentor, didn't support his version of what happened at the Ironbound drug raid.
" No! No! Ray, you son of a bitch.
- Hello? - It's me.
- Are you all right, Gabe? - No.
This whole thing I'm tired.
I thought about what you said about taking things too far.
I'll surrender, but only to you someplace I choose.
Head east on Route 40.
I'll call you.
It's a trap.
He read the email.
He's not surrendering.
He's forcing our hand.
Not knowing the meeting place means there's no time to set backup.
We need a body double for Ray.
No, I'm going.
I can do this.
I was a cop.
Who knows what he'll do if I'm not there.
Please, Gabe's like my son.
You ride with me in your car.
Send up a bird.
Make sure they follow us.
Whatever happens, you stay in the car until I say so.
To be honest, I'm okay with however this goes down.
I'm not afraid to die.
- No, I don't believe that.
- No, really.
My girls are grown.
Without Susan, I can't seem to find my footing.
For a year after Angelyne died, I put out two coffee mugs every morning.
You lost your wife? We have a daughter.
She's 11.
Oh, yeah? I was working so hard, I missed that time when my girls were growing up.
Susan got it covered.
She'd set the rules.
She played bad cop; I got to play good cop.
I'm trying to play both sides.
It ain't easy.
You're probably doing a better job than you think.
Take the next exit at Buck Road.
You're close.
We're exiting, but follow cars, keep going.
Copy that.
I'm here.
You're coming up on a farmhouse on the right The one with a For Sale sign.
Turn in.
Farmhouse on Willow Grove Road.
Once we know where Gabe is, we'll get out of the opposite side of the car Keep a barrier between us and him.
Both of you get out of the car.
Ray, step to the house away from LaCroix.
Not until we see you first.
Ray, Ray, Ray, no! I'm right here, Gabe! Come on out and talk to me.
You know, I saw this place when I came to see you four years ago? It was for sale then too.
I thought it'd be a nice place for me and Elise to fix up, and we could raise a family.
But things change, like you, Ray.
You taught me to tell the truth, and then you went and lied.
You sold me out! I read the emails that you sent to Peroni! They weren't real, Gabe.
The FBI wrote them.
I didn't betray you.
He's telling the truth, Gabriel! We had to find a way to talk to you! I got nothing to say to you, LaCroix! Then listen to me, Gabriel! Peroni, all those cops who covered up what happened at the raid, they're all going down.
In position.
Glass on Clark on your signal.
- He copied.
- It's true, Gabe.
Everyone's gonna know you were right.
Well, where does that leave me? You didn't bend! You stayed true to yourself! Not many people can say that.
Takes courage! Truth before all! You lived it.
I killed for it.
It's time to surrender, Gabriel.
Please, Gabe, don't give them a reason to kill you.
Just give up.
I love you just like you were one of my own kids.
If you love me, then why did you lie to me? I didn't You taught me the foundational principle of my life.
If I told the truth, good things would happen! Well, I told the truth and look at me now! The truth destroyed my life! You set me up for failure.
- I'm done.
- Don't touch it! Drop the belt! Drop it! Gabe.
Gabe, Gabe, Gabe, Gabe! Put your hands on your head.
Yeah, you watch.
You look what you did to me.
Damn it.
Oh, my God, Gabe! Bring up EMS now and call a medevac! I'm gonna go with him.
He's got nobody else.
- You okay? - Just a few singed hairs.
I don't know who gets credit for this, but the city of Newark just settled with the family of the guy who was killed in the raid.
Good for them.
Too bad it took four lives to get it done.
Truth is a bitch.
Hey, Tali.
What you got there? Missy had kittens.
I think she's gonna be a great mom.
I bet she will.
You know, your mom used to think before she made a decision, any decision.
Not like us.
You didn't think before you decided to wander off, and I didn't think before I decided to ground you.
So, I was thinking, maybe we should try to be a little bit more like Mom.
Deal? Deal.
See 'em? Ah.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, sweetheart.
- Cute.
- Hi.

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