FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Ride or Die

1 Look at her.
Teeth capped, I'm sure.
You know, she's got the money.
She can afford to be that much - prettier than me.
- Oh, my God, please.
That bitch is all about the filters.
There's no way she's prettier than you.
I promise.
I promise.
You know, if you're lying, I'll have to kill you.
- Just to watch it bleed And it's so heavy Too heavy to hold I wash my cup Love with doubt [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
Ready? You know what they'd call you back in Sinaloa? Huh? Sicario de nacimiento.
- Sicario.
- Mm-hmm.
- Like my boy Benicio.
- What's the rest mean? Natural born, baby.
Natural born.
How about some bougie tacos? Remember that place by the PetSmart? - Oaxaca Flats.
- Love it, see you then.
Can't wait.
What the hell? [GASPS.]
Who's prettier now? [BREATHES HEAVILY.]
And the hawk wasn't moving.
It was just lying there, and then stupid Ross picked up a stick and poked it.
I tried to stop him, but all the boys just laughed.
And then Ross killed it.
That's terrible, sweetheart.
So cruel.
Do you want me to call their parents? No.
I made you some hot chocolate, sweetie.
Somebody needs to talk to this boy.
His behavior is really disturbing.
Maybe I should call the school.
- I don't know.
- [SIGHS.]
I have to go.
But I promise, soon as I get back, we'll take care of this.
I'll think of what to do.
I love you, sweetheart.
Love you too.
Connie Romano, 28, nursing student.
Just before hightailing out of the High Point Apartment parking garage in Hamilton, New Jersey.
Presumably in that 2012 Hyundai.
Melissa Alden, 30, pediatric shrink.
Found with a single 9mm bullet lodged in her skull.
Sadly for her, it wasn't a kill shot.
She survived the bullet, only to be stomped to death.
Witnesses? Just one functional security camera.
Caught an unidentified white male with a neck tattoo exiting a vehicle, carrying a gun, silencer attached.
A second unidentified party, likely female, - behind the wheel.
- Stomped to death? - Something personal.
- Local cops talked to Dr.
Alden's fiancé, a plastic surgeon.
Connie Romano is his ex-girlfriend - as of six months ago.
- I'm guessing Connie wasn't happy about his engagement to Melissa.
Connie was totally obsessed with Melissa.
Her cloud account's busting with photos of Melissa she hacked from the ex-fiancé's Facebook.
She paired them up with photos of her own with the fiancé from happier times.
Guess the guy has a type.
BOTH: Melissa's prettier.
They said it first.
Dumped for a more attractive, more successful version of yourself? Man, that's rough.
Luckily, most of us get over it.
CID have any evidence that Connie's fleeing - the jurisdiction? - She has a Sinaloa Cartel connection through her cousin, Ernesto Cruz.
When she was 16, Connie and Cruz were caught in Texas with 57 handguns in their car.
Cruz did eight years for gunrunning, - Connie got probation.
- So we're worried she might run to her Cartel friends across the border.
That's where I'd go.
Any excuse to get a good mole.
Get a beat on cousin Ernesto, put an agent on him.
It was all falling into place.
I had, uh, just got an offer from a practice in Oahu.
Um, Melissa had scored a job there.
We were gonna get married on the beach.
And we were weeks away.
I'm sorry, it's just she was so kind, she was the - We're very sorry, Dr.
- Never, in a million years, did I think Connie was capable of something like this.
I mean, our our breakup, it was it was amicable.
Amicable means nothing to somebody like Connie.
Have you spoken to her since you broke up? No, not since, um, she moved out.
Now, you told the police that you didn't recognize any of her accomplices in the surveillance photos.
Well, you couldn't see very much.
You dated her for two years.
She never mentioned having a connection to a Mexican cartel? No, she's not even Mexican.
This is a nightmare.
Look, am am I in danger? We'll post agents here and outside your home.
You know, Connie might have been stalking you without you being aware.
Do you remember any incidents or strangers coming to your office? Maybe.
Uh, a couple weeks ago, right after we posted our engagement.
I was at the coffee shop across the street from here, and this woman came up to me.
She was in a uniform.
A security guard.
And she said that she worked in Melissa's building, and that I had the right to know that Melissa entertained other men.
- Can you describe her? - Like, a hat, sunglasses, I think she was Latin, not too tall.
I didn't think much of it.
Look, maybe if I had taken it a little more seriously, I I could've I don't know, I Looks like a hurricane hit this place.
Keep hope alive.
Denial meets delusion.
Connie wouldn't see anything to deny or delude herself about.
To a psychopath, only their feelings matter.
Whatever the other person might feel never enters their calculus, except to manipulate.
"When a Father Leaves.
" Ever come across this in your classes? Not as required reading.
More mass market pop psychology.
Romano, this is Agent LaCroix.
- This is Connie's mom.
- Come in, Mrs.
I think somebody made a mistake.
- My daughter's not a bad person.
- Please take a seat.
If anybody made a mistake, we'll find out.
This is your first time in your daughter's apartment, isn't it? Well, between her work and her studies, Connie doesn't really have time to To take care of her own mother? When was the last time you saw her? Two months ago.
I asked her for help with my bills, she turned me down.
Where would she go if she was in trouble? I-I don't really know who's in her life these days.
- What about her father? - [LAUGHS.]
We haven't seen Mateo in 20 years.
Connie was eight when he left.
I raised her myself.
You've done a good job.
Well, except for that time in Texas.
Yeah, that was my mistake.
I sent her to El Paso to stay with my sister and her husband.
They have three daughters, and I thought it'd be good for her.
Instead, she hit it off with her cousin Ernesto.
- We've been trying to find him.
- Nobody knows where he is.
Just pulled this out of the laundry hamper.
Looks like someone tried to get a wine stain out.
No luck on the stain, but might fit the security guard who came up to Dr.
Matos, we were hoping you could give us some news about your daughter.
The security company said she hasn't been to work in three days.
Amber was supposed to pick up Zoe from my house on Monday.
She never showed, never called.
School starts in a week.
She wants to know where Mommy is.
If you don't know, why are you here? Your daughter's been implicated in a murder, along with this woman, Connie Romano.
- That's not possible.
- Her car was at the crime scene.
She's been identified as the person who harassed the victim's fiancé.
It's just not possible.
Amber tries to be a good mother.
She stayed in school, she got a good job.
We understand it's shocking.
That's why we need to find her.
Do you think she'd reach out to Zoe's father? No.
He was deported back to Guatemala three years ago.
How about friends or relatives? All our family is in Puerto Rico.
And friends, there's just that one.
You've met Connie.
Never met, but heard plenty.
Connie this, Connie that.
Every free moment, off she went.
- Leaving you to care for Zoe.
- Amber used to take Zoe along everywhere they went.
But more and more, it was, - "Mama, can you babysit?" - What do you think changed? Boyfriends, maybe? I never heard Amber talk about that.
Would you mind if we spoke to Zoe about her outings with Amber and Connie? If it helps you find my Amber.
Hi, baby, they wanna talk to you.
Hey, Zoe.
I'm Jess.
Do you mind if we talk for a minute? That's a nice house.
It's a school, in the trees.
Oh, I see.
That's a duck pond? - Very pretty.
- You can have it if you like.
Thank you.
I love it, thanks.
I'd like to talk to you about your mommy's friend Connie.
What was your favorite place you went together? Getting ice cream and cookie dough bowls - after going to the doctor's.
- To the doctor's? - Were you sick? - No.
- She was a feelings doctor.
- A feelings doctor? Let's see here.
- Is that her? - Dr.
Melissa! So you and Mommy and Connie went to Dr.
Melissa - to talk about your feelings? - Only Mommy.
We'd see Miss Connie after, at the ice cream store.
And did you meet any other of Connie's friends? - Maybe a boy? - There was Mommy's friend, the boy with the eye on his neck.
The boy with the eye on his neck? Can you draw that for me? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Get the nice and easy.
Dark mocha.
Oh, ice.
Don't forget the ice.
Machine's broken.
Hey, did you talk to your guy in Sinaloa? The plane's on its way from Juarez? - It's in the air as we speak.
- And you told them - how I took her out, right? - You didn't take her out.
I did.
Come on.
Otra vez hablando del cártel.
You can speak English, Marshall Mathers has left - the building.
- What happens when he finds out the Cartel isn't in the market for wannabe assassins - from South Jersey? - Don't worry about it.
- What is this for? - You never know.
Be prepared.
What, do you think that we can trust him? I know how we can find out.
The guy with the neck tattoo might have been a client - of Melissa's.
- With this tattoo, what he needs is a plastic surgeon.
Connie sent Amber and her daughter on recon missions to Melissa's office, maybe to get a fix on her schedule.
Or maybe just for the thrill of having the upper hand in a game Melissa didn't know she was playing.
This doesn't look good.
Oh, man.
The party never stops with Connie.
I don't know what she's got against fish.
She's just mean.
They targeted patient files H through O.
Tattoo boy probably stole his file so he couldn't be traced.
Check Melissa's patient billing accounts against the files in the drawer, see which ones are missing.
Somebody peed all over this desk.
I'm guessing Connie marked her turf? Amber's car was just found abandoned five miles - from the murder scene.
- Connie's running the show, - Amber's probably with her.
- Along with Tattoo Boy.
On a road trip to sunny Mexico.
Connie's got impulsive cruelty, disinhibition.
All the markers of a true psychopath.
If I was on the run with her, I'd fear for my own life.
Uh, Jared isn't here.
You can't just come in.
Read the warrant.
Your son has been identified as a suspect in the murder of Dr.
Melissa Alden.
But Jared loved Melissa.
He had seen her We know his story, Mrs.
We spoke to his probation officer.
Your lawyers kept Jared out of juvie hall for burglary last year on the condition of regular psych visits.
And reports of improvement, which Dr.
Alden refused to write.
Jared felt betrayed by her, isn't that correct? Jared had a momentary lapse in judgment.
Your son had another lapse in judgment this time, it cost Dr.
Alden her life.
Welcome to Jared's House of Narco-Horror.
Check out this playlist.
A love song to a drug dealer.
We got scales, baggies, and a pipe.
No weed, but this closet reeks of intent.
That's just for medicinal purposes.
Yeah? And what does this cure? Got cut PVC pipe, cotton wadding, duct tape, a drill.
- Everything you need to make a silencer.
Stop talking about our son like he's a degenerate killer.
- He's just a scared kid.
- You heard it in his voice.
You've spoken to him, haven't you? We've been in contact.
We text him on his burner phone, he calls it, and then, uh, he gets in touch with us when he can.
I don't have much time.
Yeah, we're getting you home, kiddo.
But you're gonna have to trust us.
Jared, this is Agent Jess LaCroix of the FBI.
I promised your parents I'd do everything I could to get you home safely.
- Do you hear me? - Uh-huh.
You're with Connie and Amber, is that correct? Yeah, they're around.
You're probably worried about what'll happen to you if you turn yourself in.
I give you my word you'll be treated with more leniency than Connie and Amber.
They're not the only ones that that I'm dealing with.
- You know? - If you're talking about the Sinaloa Cartel, we're ahead of that situation.
- You'll be protected.
- If I snitch on Connie, I'm done.
There's nowhere to hide.
What are you doing, man? A true narco does what he needs to survive.
He certainly wouldn't let a couple of half-cocked females call the shots on his life.
What size bag of ice you want? Biggest one you got, our machine's broken.
Jared? Take the offer and beat the rap.
We can be anywhere within five hours.
Meet me outside Cacciatori Pizza in Raleigh.
Couldn't get an exact location.
North Carolina, within 100 miles of Raleigh.
I got a lock on a Cacciatori in East Raleigh off the 440.
- Do you like it? - I'll put it right over here.
Look, I was gonna get Hey, yo, uh, I'm getting out of here.
I'm gonna grab some cold beers.
Make sure you put more pictures up What about some real relief? Like like, maybe a shower? [LAUGHS.]
I'm gonna get the beers first.
- You heard what the girl said.
- Mm.
It's your lucky day.
So I'll get the beers.
Do you guys mind if I join? You called your mommy? - [GASPS.]
- Jared's overdue by an hour.
- "You know what a 'hassa' is?" It's "Scarface" for a pig that doesn't fly straight.
- Jared lied to us.
- He was ready to deal.
Something's up.
On the call, he was buying a bag of ice.
He said, "Our machine is broken.
" Probably at a motel.
Like, for example, across the street.
Let's go bust some doors down.
Front desk ID'd Connie from the photos.
Room 230.
We got a body.
His parents' number.
Our boy got made.
Amber seduces, Connie executes.
- Quite a tag team.
- The license plate that was on Jared's car was just found in a parking lot in Emporia, Virginia.
They must've switched plates on the car.
I've been diving into the sisterhood of the traveling body count.
Amber's page is all BFF photos of her and Connie.
Swing over to Connie's page, and any photo of the two of them was tagged by Amber first.
That's a one-way girl crush.
So Amber's in love with Connie? - Or just wants to be Connie.
- Which no doubt feeds into Connie's narcissism.
What are those posts? Woodmont Preparatory School.
Some school Amber looked up for her kid.
Barnes, check this out.
The school in the trees.
And there's Zoe, headed to Woodmont with Mom and Connie.
I don't know how Amber would afford it on a security guard's salary.
Robbie Pierce, the plastic surgeon, he could afford it.
Maybe Connie promised to foot the bill if Amber helped her - get back with Robbie.
- By killing Melissa.
And lucky for Amber, Connie's not the only one who can make dreams come true.
No, you're bad luck to me.
Eight years of bad luck.
For a stunt you talked me into.
Gunrunning the hell were you thinking about? Money.
For me, for you.
- Please, Ernesto - Oh, no, don't call me that.
I'm Simon Reyes now.
I worked hard to leave Texas - and those people behind.
- The FBI's looking for me.
Oh, you'll weasel your way out, that's what you do.
Look, I didn't kill anybody.
He was my ex, the surgeon.
Why are you telling me this? That's my friend over there, and we're headed to Mexico.
- But we need somewhere safe to get to.
- You can help us.
Maybe you can get the word out to someone in Sinaloa.
- Yeah? - You crazy? That's not me.
I knew one guy down there.
I have money.
Little over a grand.
Come on.
There's a guy in Atlanta I met.
Used to run drugs for the Cartel.
I gotta call him first.
If he's cool, I'll call you.
But I'm taking this money.
Now get out of my bar.
- He's gonna help us.
- Oh, okay.
What were you looking at? Oh, uh, just shots of Zoe.
It's, you know, it's hard.
- I miss my daughter.
- But once we cross the border, - it'll be okay.
- I know, I just, um Just what? I'm I'm gonna use the bathroom.
Do you need to go? No? Okay, just give me a second.
Woodmont Prep, financial aid.
This is Kelly.
Yes, hi, um, I got a message regarding my daughter, Zoe Matos.
Oh, yes.
Thank you for calling back.
We have good news.
One of our new students with a full scholarship for next year had to withdraw because her family is leaving the country.
That leaves a spot open for another applicant.
Oh, my God.
Are you serious? Yes.
I see you were looking for a spot for next spring.
This would be for the fall.
Would that be a problem? No, no, it's that's not a problem.
We can definitely make that work.
It's not a problem at all.
We'll get Zoe in for a face-to-face tomorrow? Um Uh, can my mom bring her in? Afraid not.
We need parent signatures.
Oh, I'm out of town for work right now, - so I can't really make that.
- I can talk to my director.
Uh, maybe if you designate your mother as guardian, we can send a form.
Hang on a few minutes.
- Amber, we gotta go.
- I-I have to I have to go right now.
Um, please, please, please hold this spot for my daughter, so maybe she she's really a smart kid.
She really needs this right now, so let me let me just call you back.
All right, the signal's just outside Charlotte, near Old Monroe Road in Stallings.
It's on the move, heading south.
Get all local units on it.
Just come this way, agents.
We found it abandoned.
There's a phone left - on the passenger seat.
- It's the same make of Jared's car.
Different license plate.
Found the phone.
Looks like Amber's.
Connie left it to send us another message.
Hope it's not bad news for Amber.
A prescription for Connie.
Check out the prescribing doctor.
You wrote the prescription for Connie three days before Melissa died.
So much for your clean break.
Okay, before I was Connie's boyfriend, I was her doctor.
After we broke up, I couldn't abandon her medically, so, whatever, yes.
I wrote the prescription.
Then why not tell us? I mean, beside the optics of, uh, sleeping with your ex right before she executed - your fiancée.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa, yourself.
You double down on your lie and you make us check the video surveillance at your apartment building, the only way you'll see Hawaii is by postcard.
It was only the once.
After Connie found out about Hawaii, she came by to drop off a going-away present.
- I felt sorry for her.
- Pity sex, that's your excuse? This doesn't change anything, though.
I was still in love with Melissa.
I I was still leaving.
I told Connie as much.
You gave Connie hope.
You set her off.
Now you're gonna make it right.
You're not gonna talk to me? Connie? You're an idiot, Amber.
A scholarship from the sky? Do you know what you almost gave up with that call? They could've traced it, and seen our car.
- You're so lucky to be with me.
- Mm-hmm.
We're low.
What do you mean we're low? You said we had enough.
Well, 1,000 went to Ernesto, and another grand went to his guy in Atlanta, so we need cash.
I saw a motel nearby.
I'll negotiate a price to cover the room, okay? Okay, I'll wait here with our stuff.
All right, and don't worry about any rough stuff, all right? I still have the gun, so I'll be close by, okay? - Don't worry.
- Are you asking me to I'm not asking, Amber.
It's your fault that we had to give up the car.
Now it's your turn to make up for it.
- Please don't make me do this.
- Suck it up, Amber.
Let's go.
The Connie I know is far from perfect.
But I just don't believe she killed Melissa.
She's not evil.
Now, Melissa's patient, Jared Locke, he was the one with the grudge.
I-I think that Connie tried to stop him.
And now she's scared.
Robbie, if you could talk to Connie, what would you say? Stop running, Connie.
I think you know how I feel about you.
I will stand by you, I will get you a lawyer.
Just just reach out, any way you can.
It came in ten minutes ago to Robbie Pierce's Instagram.
Hey, you don't know me, but I know your girl Connie.
I saw you on TV.
I think I can help you get in touch with Connie, but it'll take some effort from you.
Paid effort.
Call me back.
You heard him.
Hit him back.
Set a meeting.
And drill his phone.
I want every message he sent in the last week.
- Can I help you? - You tell us.
- Dr.
Pierce couldn't make it.
- Son of a bitch.
We're not interested in putting you back in jail, Mr.
We want your cousin Connie.
- I don't know where she is - We've got you texting back and forth with her, on and on about getting a known - fugitive across the border.
- Bitch.
She's all about going to Mexico.
I told her I'll hook her up with a dude - who could make it happen.
- Cartel associate.
Yeah, who's been dead five years.
I was playing her, man.
The cartel stuff? I told Connie that when she was 16, to impress her.
I got no connects with the cartels.
You do now.
Esta la chica.
She's going.
Stay there.
Nine mil.
Looks like the murder weapon.
You're just making things worse for yourself, Amber.
Why don't you tell us where Connie is? [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER.]
Chesterfield Motel.
Front room is clear.
Oh, thank God! I really thought she was gonna - kill me this time.
- Who? Amber.
You know, she killed Melissa.
I saw her.
I tried to save her, I really did, but then Jared, he had a gun.
Okay, take it easy.
Take it easy.
You know, they forced me into the car, they said that I had to take them to Mexico.
After I sent the video, I just prayed - that someone would find me.
- What video is this? The one I posted to Facebook.
Did it not go through? My name is Connie Romano.
I'm being held against my will by Amber Matos.
She's in the next room, hooking up with some guy.
I'm in a motel somewhere in Georgia.
Please, please help me.
I did not kill Melissa Alden.
Amber Matos did.
And she killed Jared Locke.
And if somebody doesn't find me soon, I'm gonna be next.
Please contact the police and tell them that [GASPS.]
You buy it? She could've tied herself up.
Her plastic ties seemed a bit loose.
She could've slipped out whenever she wanted to.
I did not kill Melissa Alden.
Amber Matos did.
And she killed Jared Locke.
And if somebody doesn't find me soon, I'm gonna be next.
Please contact the Ms.
Matos, I advise you not to say anything.
Not even to deny what her friend said? It's obviously a self-serving statement - with no probative value.
- I wouldn't be so sure.
There's no evidence to suggest that Connie was anything but an interested bystander in the murder of Melissa Alden.
Amber had the murder weapon on her when we arrested her.
There's evidence Amber had a prior relationship with the shooter Jared Locke.
And evidence she was in the shower with Jared when he was killed.
A jury will likely find her guilty of both murders, while odds are Connie will walk.
Is that the backup plan, Amber? We find you at the park, and you take the blame for everything to save Connie? I need to talk to my client.
Let me give you something to talk about.
I'm sure Connie promised you that once she got back with Robbie, she'd hire the best lawyers.
I'm sure she promised you she'd use Robbie's money to get Zoe into Woodmont.
We spoke to Robbie.
It's not gonna happen.
Connie sold you a lie.
There's only one reason I'm here, and it's the choices I've made.
What about Zoe's choice? What about her choices? Huh? What do you think she'd choose? To go to a fancy school or to have her mother to hold her? Because if you do what Connie wants, you'll be out of her life forever.
I know Connie makes you feel special.
But she doesn't value you.
She uses you.
That's her nature.
She used you when she sent you to talk to Robbie.
She used you when she sent you to the park today.
This right here, your daughter.
This is all that matters.
It was me, I did everything.
It was me.
Between the video and Amber's statement, Connie could hang the jury.
With a half-decent lawyer, she can cut herself a pretty sweet deal.
While Amber does life for two murders.
- It's wrong.
- She thinks she's giving her child a chance at a better life.
Connie's lucky she found a weak person to even take the fall.
Psychopaths don't just prey on the weak.
Connie gave Amber what every human being wants a connection.
Sense of belonging.
It's very powerful.
Amber probably thinks the day she met Connie was the second best day of her life, and Connie won't let her forget it.
She needs a sycophant to control, to manipulate.
Otherwise her outsized sense of self would crumble.
The Monmouth County DA's office started the extradition process against Connie and Amber.
They're gonna have a mess on their hands.
Dig up all you can on Connie's father, the one that abandoned her when she was a kid.
We can't do it.
We can't just kick the can down the road.
We have to sort this out now.
We have to try.
First, let me say how relieved we are we got to you in time.
It must've been hell.
I'm just glad that someone finally heard me.
You have our full support.
Before we go on, we heard you didn't want a lawyer.
I don't need one.
I'm the victim here.
Well, you're certainly intelligent enough to know if you'd need one or not.
So, no lawyer? - No lawyer.
- Okay.
After all you've been through, is there anyone we can call for you? A friend? I heard what Robbie did, what he said on my behalf.
I'd like to see him.
Oh, well, nobody told you? Yes, I know it was you behind the interview.
But I could tell what he said, he meant.
No, no, no, no.
We scripted the whole thing.
Had to force Robbie to do it, actually.
Truth is, he said he wants to stay as far away from you as possible.
He's just scared.
I'm sure he'll get over it.
You say that because he had sex with you right before Melissa died? Yeah, he told us he felt sorry for you.
Pity sex is what he called it.
- Pity sex? - Mm.
- Yeah.
- Pity sex.
Maybe we could call somebody else.
Not your mother, we know there are complications there, but maybe your dad.
- I'm sorry, who? - Your father, Mateo.
Took us a while to find him.
He shortened his last name, anglicized his first.
He goes by the name - Matt Roman.
- Matt Roman.
We had to use his social to find him.
It's a nice looking family.
His second family.
Is that the first time you've seen his page? I never looked for it.
No, of course, there's nothing of interest to you here.
It's just him and his wife and his kids beautiful kids.
Not one picture of you, though.
Didn't your mother send him pictures of you growing up? How old were you when he abandoned you? - Eight.
- Eight years old.
So he really knew who he was leaving.
Were you at home when he left? You watch him drive away? [SCOFFS.]
I stopped caring a long time ago.
Yeah, I used to tell myself the same thing.
My dad's a real bastard too.
You try to kill off those feelings, but you can't.
It's kinda like when Robbie tried to go to Hawaii, and you did everything you could to stop him.
I told you.
That was all Amber.
I wouldn't rely too much on Amber.
Once she hears no one's paying for her daughter's school, she'll wise up.
We spoke to your father.
Told him his daughter was in trouble.
He was in a total panic.
What father wouldn't be? But he thought we were talking about Sara, your stepsister who's away at college.
And when we told him it was you in trouble, he couldn't wait to get off the phone.
He told us he had nothing to do with you.
But you and I both know he had everything to do with you.
Everything to do with your pain, everything to do with your anger.
I look at this picture At this piece of crap father And I think to myself I would do anything I could to wipe that self-satisfied smile off his face.
Hmm? Wouldn't you like to do that? I would.
It's not fair that he's gonna go on living his life without anybody knowing the chaos he left behind.
You think his wife, his kids know that he left you and your mother to struggle? You think they know that everything you did was because he made you do it? - He made you.
- Shut up, shut up, and get the hell out of my head.
It's not me in your head.
It's your father in your head.
Is that whose face you saw when you crushed Melissa's? Come on, Connie.
Put the blood on his hands.
Where it belongs.
Melissa died quick.
He doesn't deserve that much mercy.
If it was him instead of her, I would've taken my time.
You can tell him that when you talk to him.
I'm his daughter.
I'm his daughter.
And this is what I did.
And he should feel ashamed for hurting me.
- We got everything on tape.
- Now Jersey can have her.
Can you send me the number for that school? Maybe there's a program Amber's daughter can qualify for.
She had nothing to do with any of this.
Maybe she can have a soft landing.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi, sweetie.
I'm, uh, I'm almost finished with the bat box.
Looks good.
Hey, did you get the texts I sent you about that boy? Uh-huh.
But I worked it out.
I told Ross I didn't want to play with him anymore.
And then he apologized.
He said he felt bad about the hawk.
Well, that's good.
I thought when you told me about it, you wanted my help resolving it.
No, I was just upset.
- But thanks for listening.
- Sure.
Hot chocolate helped too.

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