FBI: Most Wanted (2020) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution will have you believe that Travis Russell is a calculated, vindictive man.
- A calculated, vicious man who - Hey! [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
Mm-hmm? - Where is he? - Next door.
You sure about that? I know you're new at this, but you need your client to actually be present in court.
- Don't worry about it.
- It's my job to worry.
Travis' trial is an hour, and I get a little uneasy when my 250K bailout starts ghosting me when he should be answering my calls.
Jackie, I have been checking on him all night.
Yeah? Well, let's go say hello.
Russell, open up! Room key.
Was I supposed to ask for one at check-in? Why don't you go make yourself a waffle in the lobby? Travis! Don't make me come through this door! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You didn't hear anything? - I was practicing my opening.
- Great.
Now we got 58 minutes to find this guy.
Oh, yeah.
It's good.
Hey, you need some help? Oh, no, no.
We're we're good, thanks.
- Give me the keys.
- What? I'm taking the car.
Give me the keys.
What the hell you are.
Madison, get in the car.
Oh, my God! Ben! [SCREAMING.]
Ben! Please! Please don't [SHRIEKS.]
Very nice, Tali.
Stay relaxed.
Okay, don't let him lope.
You're in control.
Ah, pick that shoulder up.
Don't let it drop.
Good! Very good.
You must be the dad.
Nelson and Marilou said you were picking Tali up.
I'm the dad.
Jess LaCroix.
Sarah Allen.
Tali's got a real knack for this, and she's kind too.
Your kid's a good one.
I'm thinking of keeping her.
That's probably a good idea.
Is this really her first time in the ring? Uh-huh.
I mean, she's been around horses most of her life, but with her grandfather.
She's a natural.
At home out there.
That's good to hear.
She's been having a tough time lately at school.
New school.
Trying to fit in.
New schools, new cities, it's like getting on a Tilt-A-Whirl.
You know, when everything in your life is out of whack, it's good idea to have something that's just yours and yours alone.
New cities, huh? How long you been in New York? What's today? Um, I guess it's been six months.
Where you coming from? New Mexico.
There's a new one, you know? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- So I've heard.
- Uh-huh.
Whatever talent Tali has, she got it from her mom's side of the family.
Your wife, right? Uh, Tali's mom.
Passed about four years ago.
I'm sorry.
I just, uh, saw the ring.
Oh, yeah.
Dad, check this out! You're doing great, honey.
Okay, okay, let's cool her down.
Let's take her back to the barn and untack her.
- What about you? - Hmm? What about me? You married or Um "or" is more like it.
- Oh.
Sorry, it's probably my work calling.
It's no problem.
It was nice meeting you.
Yeah, you too.
Guys! Hey! Is that what's her name? Yep, that's what's her name.
- You want the down-low? - We can talk to the PD.
Our fugitive is Travis Russell.
He's supposed to be in court today for the first day of his trial.
This is his lawyer here, George.
He skipped on me today, killed these two, took their gun, and their Camry.
Male victim is an off-duty cop, but guess you already know that 'cause they called in the big guns.
- What - Great question.
- And no.
- Here you go.
The car predates both the Bush administration and GPS technology.
So let's get rolling on that BOLO.
Are you a bounty hunter or a bail bondsman? Bondsperson.
I own my own shop, and I do both Hunt down people who leave me high and dry like Travis has.
Either way, you're not FBI.
We got this, Jackie.
- Uh - Thank you.
Back in the day, you know, that chick in the Bronx? Sorry, you can't.
The one who murdered her boyfriend and then their kid, not in that order.
How'd you find her? You located her.
After I bribed the hotel clerk to find out where she was camped out.
And that Clark Rockefeller wannabe who killed his wife and took all her money? How'd you bring him in? When you climbed in the back of his truck and rode home with him.
Guess that makes me an essential worker here.
You need me on this one, Jess.
Okay, how long has Travis been out on bail? Two weeks.
He was staying at a motel down the block with his lawyer, George, here, prepping for trial.
- So why'd he pull a Houdini? - No idea.
He's a divorcé and a security guard at a strip club.
Charge was homicide for the murder of a woman named Emily Holt.
- What was the motive? - Take your pick.
She was wealthy, single, eccentric, tried everything from psychics to acupuncture to find her soulmate.
If it was Travis, she would've stopped.
He was a stranger to her.
What was the State's case against him? They were trying for the home invasion gone wrong angle, but the evidence was circumstantial at best, and plus, Travis had no priors.
We had a great case.
Did Travis know that? I told him we had a good chance to win.
It makes no sense to me why he'd skip.
Why on the day of his trial, and then carjack and murder two complete strangers in a parking lot? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
All right.
Well, appreciate it.
So he's escalating.
Yeah, well, it's definitely gratuitous.
Some rage going on there.
Why don't you check in with the ex-wife, see if she has insight as to his state of mind? - I'll check on that motel room.
I'm going with you, Jesse.
I want this guy as much as you do.
What? It was locked.
I had to improvise.
So he was planning on dressing for court.
He left in a hurry.
I smell coffee.
Ah, ah, ah.
Chain of custody.
Be my guest.
You know, should you ever find yourself in a room with one of those, don't use it.
Number one way people make meth according to my clientele.
You think Travis was high on drugs? No.
It's just a word of warning.
He didn't just throw it at this TV.
He attacked it.
Well, it was full.
He was pissed.
He wasn't planning on skipping.
Something on that TV set him off.
Travis, listen to me! Travis, I swear! I don't know where she is.
I haven't seen her in months.
- Liar.
- Isn't she at the house? Ooh, I didn't think to check there.
You can have the money.
It's bad luck for you.
I don't want the money.
I wanna know where she is.
I'm telling you [GASPING.]
Where is she? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Where is she? [GAGS.]
I've been trying to wrap my head around the idea of Travis as a killer for the last six months, and now you're telling me he's killed two more people, and he's on the run from the FBI? This is not the man I married or divorced.
Did he have a temper? Any anger issues? No, but I do.
I have a short fuse.
And I shoplift.
You make me nervous.
But Travis would be stoked the FBI is here.
He loved cops.
Did he want to go into law enforcement? Failed out of the Academy in his first month.
And ended up working as a security guard at the strip club.
When we split he was a guard at a carpet warehouse.
They wouldn't give me a deal on wool when I moved in here.
Security guards don't make a lot of money.
- This is a nice place.
- Oh, I bought this on my own.
Is that why you two divorced? You wanted a better life? Travis doesn't aspire.
He's a rule follower.
He colors inside the lines.
Guy's a loser.
Okay, I'm on my way.
What's going on? We got two uniforms out front for your safety.
If Travis calls you, let me know.
Lennon Marsh, 29-year-old chiropractor.
Working from home since the pandemic hit.
Patient showed for an appointment, found him and called 911.
We had a BOLO on the Camry out front.
Yeah, that's why I called.
Your guy ditched it for the victim's silver Taurus.
BOLO roulette.
On it.
Sorry, you can't be in here.
Yeah, she's with us.
Your prints and DNA still on file? Yup, and I haven't cross-contaminated anything or anyone in ten years.
I won't touch a thing.
You recognize this guy? No.
And I did a deep dive into Travis' friends and family.
I don't get it.
My sources say that he was headed south after the diner shebang.
Security cameras from the diner back that up.
So why the detour to garrote this guy in Gardella Park? What is he, a doctor? Chiropractor.
So that's a no then.
- Hey, boss.
- Any luck on the connects between Travis and Lennon Marsh? There's no employment overlaps, no phone calls, no Facebook connections, nothing.
What about between the victims, Lennon Marsh and Emily Holt? Was she one of his patients? Well, that's HIPPA stuff, all confidential, but maybe.
- Let me see.
All right, I'm in her old bank accounts.
But no.
There's not a single payment to Lennon Marsh.
Jesse, check this out.
Lennon won the lottery.
Look at the date on the check.
This guy wins $50,000, and three days later, he's strangled to death? [KEYS CLACKING.]
Kenny, check out Emily Holt's account.
Yeah, I see it.
She got regular payments of $5,000 four times in the year before she was killed.
- From where? - Get this.
Place is called Empire Subscription Center, AKA Empire State Lotto.
Travis is going after lottery winners.
Sure looks like it.
Because of the Empire State Lottery, my son will be the first in our family to attend college.
It's like a dream.
The universe finally tilted my way.
I worried about our finances my whole life.
Now I get to start living it.
Lotto scratchers are sold at gas stations and bodegas.
Prizes range from one buck to 100,000 bucks.
Winners can receive lump sums or take annuity.
Which is what Emily Holt did with her $20,000, but there's no way Lennon had gotten his 50 grand in the three days since he won.
And nothing was stolen from either victim.
Well, what's the point of killing a lotto winner if you don't bag their winnings? Hmm.
Travis worked hard to live a normal life, a decent life, and was rewarded by getting bumped from the Police Academy and divorced from his wife.
I mean, these winners lucked into good fortune the same way Travis lucked out of it.
Making them perfect targets for his anger, not his greed.
Let's run down the list from Empire State Lotto.
I want profiles on every scratcher winner 20K and above for the past two years.
Any of them could be his next targets.
Do we still have someone posted on Travis' place? - Yes.
- Good.
Let them know we're on our way.
Let Jackie know too.
Personally, I like the whole "less is more" aesthetic.
I'd call it a dump.
How the hell did this guy bond out? Paid me 25K cash and offered this place up as collateral.
I told him if he skipped, he'd be homeless.
How'd he get the cash to pay you in the first place? Somebody must've helped him.
I'll start digging in three, two, one.
Looks like he spent most of his time channel surfing.
"NYPD Live," "Cops," "Law & Order.
" For a police officer who never was, these are his prized possessions.
Everything we know about Travis says he respects order, boundaries.
So how does a rule follower become a rule breaker? Well, that's the danger of a binary mindset.
The rules can change.
He's still coloring inside the lines, it's just that the lines are different now.
Travis has a garage.
- Kimberly Duncan? - I'm on break.
Unless you want the champagne room.
It's 200 up front.
I'm looking for Travis Russell.
- Never heard of him.
- Huh.
See, 'cause I figured you were the one who gave him 25K cash so he could buy a bail bond from me two weeks ago.
Oh, no.
Did he skip? 7:00 a.
this morning.
I haven't even had lunch, and he's already killed three people today.
Travis? He wouldn't do that.
Come on.
He was in jail on a murder charge.
- Have you seen him? - No.
I don't know where he is.
I swear.
The FBI, they're also looking for Travis, and they don't care if he lives or dies, and I'm sensing you do.
So what's going on? You two in love? It's not just that.
I mean, we were seeing each other and everything but What? He promised he would pay me back double.
How? I guess he was bagging some of the lotto winnings after all.
Dang, everything in this place costs more than my old apartment.
Except for that.
Thanks, boss.
Hey, I'm a winner.
Hmm, I just won 20,000 bucks.
Jackie, I'll have to call you back.
No problem.
Just thought you'd wanna know that Travis promised a stripper a $50,000 lottery scratcher in return for bailing him out, but you're busy.
Wait, you won 20K too? Travis isn't targeting winners.
He's hand picking them.
He's got this game rigged.
This wasn't part of the plan.
The big one was supposed to go to Kimberly, not Lennon! Travis, I know.
It's complicated.
Well, Flora, what the hell happened? I don't wanna discuss it over the phone.
- Let's meet up.
- Oh, now you want to meet up? I already went by your house, and I You stepped out of your comfort zone.
This is not you talking.
It's your fear.
- I can help you out of this.
- How? Meet me at 3:30.
I'll text you the address.
Travis? Fine.
I'll be there.
According to the papers, your store recently sold a scratcher worth 50K.
Pretty cool, huh? Mm-hmm.
Is this who bought it? Uh, I don't know.
I could check in the back.
My manager pulled down the security footage so he could hang the guy on our Wall of Winners.
- Sweet.
- Yeah.
- We'll wait.
- Okay.
So, we know the card was bought here.
It didn't come from Travis' garage because those scratchers are worth 20K.
Ah, I'd love to just have one of those.
So how's it going? It's going good.
- Going good? - Mm-hmm.
What does that mean? Going the same.
The same? Since when? Since yesterday? Since Angelyne died? Since before she died? Since I don't know.
It's been four years.
Don't you think Angelyne would want you to get back out there? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Work's not gonna love you back.
Trust me.
Is that why you're still alone? [LAUGHS.]
We're not talking about me.
We're talking about you.
So you seeing anybody? Jackie Come on, Jess.
It's time.
Yeah, so this is the dude who bought an Ultra Energy drink and one very lucky scratcher.
So Lennon did purchase the card at the store.
A scratcher, but not the winning one.
You see here? The serial number on the receipt - doesn't match the card.
- The receipt is an alibi.
It's proof that Lennon purchased a scratcher from a store.
It's to avoid suspicion.
Well, wouldn't the lotto have caught that? Well, not necessarily.
No reason to double check a serial number if the store was logged as the ticket's final destination.
So the scratcher was intercepted somewhere between manufacture and distribution.
Possibly, I'm not 100% sure how it works, but We need answers.
Come on.
Where's the Lotto headquartered? It's in Hartsdale.
There are four steps to the process: Production, quality control, distribution, and security.
Every point of human access has someone watching over their shoulder.
And you're in charge of all of that? Yes, cards are checked throughout the entire process.
And are they assigned a destination before or after that inspection? Before, usually, but Are the cards checked at random? Sometimes, but winning cards are always inspected.
Theoretically a bad apple could steal the winning tickets before they ever made it to the store.
Employees are searched at the beginning and end of every day.
And who searches the searchers? A breach would be extremely unlikely.
What's this all about? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
You recognize this guy? No.
Should I? He's a fugitive on a felony murder warrant.
We found a stash of winning tickets in his possession, and we believe that he's rigged your game.
Not possible.
Well, he couldn't get in here without proper credentials.
He wouldn't need them if he had a partner.
Someone who worked on the inside.
We'll need a list of all your employees, all of their background checks, and any recent absentees.
- Could you send that to me? - [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
- Crosby.
- Of course.
I'll get the office on it right now.
- Thank you.
- All right, got it, thanks.
Someone called the tip line.
Travis has been spotted.
It's so frustrating.
I got there in less than ten minutes, and Travis was gone.
- How'd the Unis lose him? - They never saw him.
Weren't there on the tip, just having lunch.
And he fled on foot.
Not much good a BOLO's gonna do us at this point.
Just got the employee list from Lotto HQ.
It's a short list of who didn't show up for work today.
Addison Swivers: Quality control.
And supervisor said they can't find her.
The question is whether Addison is running from him or to meet up with him.
What else do we know about her? Mmm, was looking it up.
42 years of age, no spouse, no kids.
Lives about 20 miles from the factory.
Been working there six years.
No write-ups.
No disciplinary action.
Part of her job as QC is to know which scratchers she'd be expecting when, who works security, which days.
So all she'd have to do is a quick slight of hand during inspections, conceal a scratcher in her bra, flirt with Larry at the front door, and then waltz straight out.
One ticket every once and a while.
No one would notice.
And if individual cards were picked at random as a means of QC, missing barcodes would be the norm.
And no cause for alarm.
They could've been running this scheme for years.
Uh, Jackie.
Thank you.
"Guess who was on the news this morning.
" There's a video attached.
Can you pull that up? If you scratch his back, maybe he'll scratch yours.
Lennon Marsh, a chiropractor out of Gardella Park, is this week's big winner from the Empire State Lotto.
That's what triggered him.
Travis saw Lennon with the check on TV.
That's why he decided to skip and go after him.
Far as we know, it was only one 50K ticket, right? - Mm-hmm.
- But didn't Jackie say Travis promised Kimberly the $50,000 winner - if she bailed him out? - Which she didn't get.
Because somebody took the power away from Travis.
Well, let's assume he and Addison are partners.
She steals the tickets, he picks the winners.
Okay, so what does Travis get out of that? Well, he can't cash all the winners himself, so he gives them to other people in exchange for a kickback.
- Which he splits with Addison? - Exactly.
And that explains how he could afford all those toys in that garage.
So now Travis is awaiting trial on homicide, Addison decides she's better off on her own.
- Pulls a power move.
- Right.
Give the scratchers Travis promised to Kimberly, the big money scratchers, to Lennon instead.
He sees it on the TV And knows he's been double-crossed.
Well, he would've been running a 50/50 operation.
Everything equal, everything fair.
She changed the game on him.
And he's out to return the favor.
We weren't wrong about Travis.
He respects rules above everything else, and Addison broke them.
Which makes this about revenge.
Hey, look at this.
Lennon was Addison's nephew.
Let's put an APB out on her right away.
All agencies, all counties.
We find Addison, we might find Travis.
Travis called me.
I played it cool, but it won't hold the dam for long.
Did he call you? My phone's off, and yours should be too.
I've been here alone all day.
What'd you bring me? Soda and a turkey wrap.
It's the best I could do.
Addison, what the hell is going on? We just need to stay calm.
Calm? Your nephew is dead.
Why the hell did you give the ticket to Lennon? Because I thought Travis would be in trial.
Lennon promised he'd sit on it until we could have Kimberly taken care of.
- Well, he didn't sit on it.
- Obviously.
And that was a mistake, which he's now paid for.
Do you not get what's going on here? Travis is furious, and I told him to meet me at the Burger Maze, so he's gonna think I set him up.
Which is why we have to stay one step ahead of him.
How can you be so calm? Because panicking isn't helping.
Travis is the wanted fugitive, not us.
Just stick with the plan and do your part.
Okay, so we'll meet tomorrow.
It's gonna be okay, Flora.
You just have to trust me.
Travis had no contact with the ex-wife.
The strip club hasn't seen him.
Local PD said there's no sign of Addison at her home.
Yeah, got it.
We just got a hit on our APB.
EMS responded to a 911 call at a motel in Pelham.
Manager said the victim is Addison Swivers.
Have Jackie meet us there.
Swivers? I'm Agent LaCroix.
Did Travis do this to you? [COUGHING.]
Who was that on the gurney? Addison Swivers.
We think she's working with Travis.
- Was Travis here? - We don't know yet.
Barnes and Jess: Don't touch that! Addison had no congenital history of seizures.
Extensive bruising was found on the abdomen.
Internal bleeding? If Travis hit her hard enough, sure.
That could cause a seizure, but she died within an hour.
I think there's something in that drink.
ME's rushing the tox screen.
Hey, surveillance video at the Burger Maze just landed.
Travis was there yesterday at 3:38 p.
, but that tip came in at 3:20 p.
Well, that couldn't have been an eyewitness.
Someone knew he'd be there.
And wanted him to get caught.
Do you have the audio from that call? Yeah.
Travis Russell, that fugitive, he's at the Burger Maze on North Avenue in Larchmont.
He just got here.
That sound like Addison? I don't know.
I don't have any recordings of her to match it against.
Well, who else would want to set him up? Another winner.
Somebody who didn't pay up.
Somebody's who's trying to protect themselves.
All right, give me a minute.
I'll run voice match.
It's like a dream.
The universe finally tilted my way.
I worried about our finances my whole life.
Now I get to start living it.
It feels like kismet, somehow.
Dude, I needed that money.
It's like the universe just tilted in my direction.
It rocks.
Plain and simple.
It was like a gift from above.
I couldn't believe I won.
Like, for once, the universe tilted in my direction.
Nothing's hitting.
"The universe tilted in my direction.
" Half the winners are saying this.
That's astrology talk.
Didn't Jackie say Emily Holt saw psychics? She did.
All right.
Numbers two, three, four, six, and eight.
Can we map those addresses? - Yeah.
It's in a two-mile radius all-told.
All right, pull up psychic shops in that area.
All right, there's three of them.
Chakra, Tarot, and Palm Readings, Quartz and Quest, and Futures by Flora.
Futures by Flora.
Right in the middle of that cluster.
Emily Holt.
She made 17 calls to them the month before she died.
- [GASPS.]
Travis! This doesn't look like the Burger Maze.
- I can explain.
- You set me up.
I would never.
Travis, it was Addison.
"Travis, you have to do something about Emily Holt.
"She's gonna turn us in.
"We'll protect you if it goes south.
"Travis, we can't bail you out.
We have a cash flow problem.
"Sure, Travis.
"We'll give Kimberly the 50K scratcher as payment.
Travis, it was Addison.
" Do you think I'm stupid? Of course not.
Travis, I'm telling you I spent five months in jail for us.
I could've taken a deal, turned you both in, exposed our entire operation.
I didn't do that.
Do you wanna know why? Because I believed you.
I believed you When you said we're a team.
No, don't! Maybe it's a three-person operation.
And how do they all know each other? Maybe they were clients of Flora.
Okay, so what's Flora's role? Well, who does a psychic do business with? The vulnerable, down on their luck.
People who need the universe to tilt their way.
People they can control, who they can put pressure on.
So it was Flora's job to pick the marks? - Why would they need her? - She's a cash-only business.
They could've easily laundered their cuts through her shop.
They actually had a good thing going.
Then why risk it all by killing Emily Holt? Maybe she didn't pay up.
Maybe she was gonna go to the cops.
And for Travis, that's the ultimate betrayal.
He killed to prove his loyalty and then he gets cut out of the whole operation all together.
He'd rather go scorched earth than return to a life of being a nobody.
He kills Lennon, he kills Addison - And Flora's next.
- I'll meet you there.
- No Flora.
- No Travis.
Well, if he had of killed her He would've left her body.
She's still alive.
PD's on their way.
Travis was out of transpo.
He must've taken Flora's.
Well, according to DMV records, she has a 2020 BMW registered in her name.
That's a nice car.
- Alcohol, Zoom, psychics.
In COVID, these businesses are booming.
Let's get a location on that BMW.
Jackie, what's up? I got a name for you.
Flora Matthews.
She's a psychic who was Who we believe Travis is holding hostage.
When I rolled up on her shop, he was speeding out of there.
When you what? I got a tip from one of Addison's coworkers.
Cost me 500 bucks.
So I hightailed it over to Flora's shop, and just when I got there, they took off in a brand-new BMW.
Wait a second.
You're following them? Just as fast as I can.
Where are you exactly? Headed southbound on the Hutch towards the Van Wyck.
I'll let Crosby know.
Listen to me, Jackie.
Do not approach Travis.
We're just a few miles back.
We're on our way.
Here comes the cavalry.
Travis, open the door, and come out with your hands up! You saved my life.
Step away from the vehicle.
Hey! Where's Travis? Jackie, stand down.
- He tried to kill me.
- Aw, give me a break, lady.
- Step away from the vehicle! - Inside's clear! It's Travis! It's Travis that you want.
Flora, on your knees and don't move.
Where is Travis? - Jackie, stand down! - Where is Travis? - Jackie, stand down! - Hey, hey! - Drop your weapon! - Drop the weapon! Drop it! Hands behind your back.
Don't move.
You know what I saw this morning? A coyote at dawn walking through the middle of the street.
It was your idea, wasn't it? All of it.
That coyote is you, prowling on your own.
You're heartbroken, and you've given up.
Too scared to try again.
Come on.
But time moves in one direction, just like that coyote.
There's a light waiting for you outside, but you have to make the choice to let it in.
Her escape plan.
Make the choice or it'll fester! Stop talking.
She's a pretty good psychic.
You might listen to her.
You all right? Yeah.
Come on.
Five minutes with her.
I still got 48 hours to find my skip.
You won't need it.
Aw, Travis.
That was really nice.
Watch that rhythm though.
It's not about speed.
Okay, slow him up a little bit.
Hello, hello.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going? Very good.
So I spent the first part of the lesson asking her if she'd like to ride English.
Uh, she is not interested.
She likes western.
There's a difference? - Really? - [CHUCKLES.]
Wow, okay.
Uh, so yes, there's, um, let's say rein position, hand position, body position, the tack on the horse, the events you ride, and the company you keep for starters.
So which one's cheaper? [LAUGHS.]
I'd say western.
That's the one with the, um, the - The handle on the saddle? - It's called a horn.
- The horn.
- Yeah.
I mean, that was close enough.
Look, I meant it when I said Tali's a natural.
She could absolutely qualify for futurities in a few years if she keeps at it.
I think she's a little young to be trading.
Hmm? What? No.
Not "futures.
" It's futurities.
- It's a competition circuit.
We race the barrels in a cloverleaf pattern, for a reason.
Anyway, hard work is important, but it's nothing without talent.
And a good teacher.
I hear you're an FBI agent.
I am.
Tali is very proud.
Where's your office? It's, um well, it's in the city.
But we're on the road a lot, you know? Chasing down bad guys.
Yeah, good for you.
What is it they say? Thank you for your service.
Or is that just the military? I don't know, but I'll take it.
I was thinking, um, I gotta take Tali home.
Um, I'm hungry.
I was wondering, have you had dinner? Oh, uh, well I mean, I was just thinking, if you're, you know, not busy or Just I'm I'm sorry, I can't.
That's okay.
I think I might wait in the car.
Yeah, could you let Tali know I'm out there? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, sure.

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